Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 25, 1963 · Page 7
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 25, 1963
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

ALTO^f Guevara on 'jj: !)$ Visit " *', By «H18 ASSOCIATED •'* ALGtfiftS (ft •«* cubafi chle! 'fetnesto 'Che Sue- " Guevara delegation headtk! by CoU4touari tiouttiedienne, Algerian fflemtef artd defense The delegation will Attetid;(*ele- IB Havana rMtkifig the of Prihie Mifttstef fide! Castro's fevolutiofiary hiove- rnetH, NEW YORK (AP)«A Washington state girt atid a Utah boy were natn&d Miss atid Mt, Teen-age Physical Fitn&fis Wednesday to fi -Daftce coiitest afldfliaWid by • EducatofB <A America. They fttt ClWfe CofbeH, 17, of Seattle, atid James D, Stokes, 14, of Sunset. MOLLVWOOO (AP) — Actress Anne Baxter and her husband, Australian t a n c h e t- Randolph Qalt, are buying a New Mexico their spokesman in Holly wood ftaid. the couple hit* been Uvirig of fiie tirM on Safer raftch ttoiih ol Sydney. Said thfl spohesmaii: "Anne has taken tiftt« out itf have a and now she wants to reactivate het career. But it's too expensive to commute between Australia and Hollywood;" BRUSSELS (At»)-Queen EHsa- heth of Belgium, grandmother oi reigning King Baudouin, observed Block Rmting* Protested CHICAGO (AP)-Crowds have formed for the second day around a home In a South Side i white neighborhood which has been sold her 87th birthday today in Brussels, to a Negro Police Wednesday ffight kept crowds ft block away fftim the home after nearly 100 .Jeering white persons gathered, the crowds and heavy police guard dispersed after three hours. No incidents were reported. The previous white owner, Wer- win Mirsch, moved out Wednesday, after an unruly crowd formed Tuesday night. A spokesman for the Chicago Commission on Human Relations said Mirsch moved out a week ahead of Schedule. No Negroes live within tffree 6r four blocks, the Commission spokesman said. Wednesday night's crowds formed shortly after the new tenant, a Negro minister, arrived to show the house to friends. Police said the minister or his brother intended to stay in the one-story brick home each night until his family moves in Saturday. One man was arrested outside the home Tuesday night alter he allegedly punched a policeman. Farm Roundup Income of Farmers Below A Year Ago n...Aim AT LOWEST OLAROIO COLOR FILM REG. 4.95 ''..,..*?] ,1) THRIFTY COUPON EH THRIFTY COUPON THRIFTY COUPON • •3.98 Val. CURITY DIAPERS THRIFTY COUPON THRIFTY COUPON . • EVENFLO Complete NURSER I » 25c Value ° ft ^ ***S^' f • With Coupon |J for At All Thrifty Drug Stores THRIFTY COUPON THRIFTY COUPON ADORN HAIR SPRAY ; DUO TRAVEL PACK i THRIFTY COUPON 59c ST. JOSEPH'S. ASPIRIN Bottle of 100 OOC With Coupon J^ At All Thrifty Drug Stores m mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm*amm THRIFTY COUPON 69c DENTURE CUP win, A A t Coupon At All Thrifty Drug Stores •••••••••• THRIFTY COUPON Phillips MILK of MAGNESIA 99eSixe 26 Ounce j ! * At All, Thrifty Drug Stores * ? At All Thrifty Drug Stores R SAVINGS AT THEIR GREATEST! With^ . 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A farm income situation report said the aggregate net farm in-, come realized from farming in the first half of 1963 was at the annual rate of $12.3 billion, down about 3 per cent from the like period last year. Net farm income is the amount left front marketing receipts and government payments after deducting production costs. On an individual farm basis, the department said there was little change from-a. year ago be; cause the number of farms had declined about the same percentage as the drop in total net income. Tile report said farmers had taken in more this year than last. But production costs had more than offset the increase in gross returns. It predicted that government payments to farmers for retiring crop land and for participating in other farm stabilization programs this year probably will be higher than last year's $1.7 billion. It said this year's wheat and feed grain programs—paying farmers to,idle a part of their land—are expected to cost slightly more thn $1.1 billion. The report said farm production costs during the first half of the year were at the annual rate of $28.5 billion or ^hald a .billion dollars more than a year earlier. Set AtBethaMb BETHALTO -,Th JethaIto/W»- man's Club-will sppfl&tf, the Visit of'the bloodmobile tieri) Friday, .Quota for the drive Is 125 pints. The unit will be set up froffii 1 to 6 p.m. in File gymnasltitti at the Bethalto Grade Schooli This will be, the first bloodftlO' bile visit to Bethalto. ' Doughnut Shop Only Problem For Winner GLEN ELLYN, 111. (AP) — There's a doughnut shop in Atlanta, Ga., that's a 'problem for Ignatius M. Stankovich of Glen Ellyn, a Chicago suburb. Stankovich, 76, a retired janitor, won the place- in a television game and doesn't know what 'to do with it. The prize consist of a fully equipped shop, leasehold and $10,000 in working capital. Stankovich's situation. was*- 1 described by one of his four Ions, John Stanko, 39. £ ' Stanko said his father is Hesitant about upsetting his \way' of his family i to WASHINGTON (AP)-The Kennedy administration is expected to appeal to the individual- states to set up pesticide control and regulatory programs that?would supplement' federal programs. " Agriculture .Department; officials say that in. a number of states pesticides are uncontrolled. Federal regulation applies only to those products, moving in. interstate commerce. Dfficials said' .that in most states, legislation would be necessary to provide'for regulation of those products moving wholly within, a state. WASHINGTON (AP)—The Ag riculture Department reported today that income-producing recreation enterprises were established by '9,816 land owners and operators cooperating with locally managed soil and water conservation life and uprooting move to Atlanta. , IV This means he may give,.-'up what could amount to •&• $20,000 yearly income from the : shop; Harry Winokur, president, of the firm that awarded, thesjrfize, said in *,. Norwood,' '..IVIass.Q^a s t week that the company!;!• ;j -—' J try to •• find a site-- closer. .6 Ellyn. '',, •'v-i.V . Stanko said his -father had Seen offered a franchise in'Des Moines, Iowa, .but "This would-still/mean moving from 'this area." Besides the sons, .Stankovich !:hasythree daughters' and more than 30 grandchildren. If 'Stankovich does not take the shop, Winokur said, the company will help him dispose of the iranchise. The problem here,-Winokur says, is that Stankovich/ may have to settle for less than 1 $10,000 cash as a down payment and wait for the remainder in, time districts .during the fiscal year ended 3une 30. The department said an additional 9,075 land owners are planning to set up similar enterprises this year. WASHINGTON (AP)—The Ag-j riculture Department says Secretary Orville L. Freeman has received approval from the Soviet Union for the dispatch of a team of American scientists to.,Russia to collect wild plants. Freeman and a group of department specialists are making a tour of Soviet and Eastern European agricultural areas. Before leaving, the secretary said he would seek permission to send plant specialists to the Soviet Union to look for germ plasm of horticultural plants, especially fruit and ornamentals, for use in breeding improved varieties in this country. The department said two department plant breeders will go to the Alma Ata region of the Soviet Union, probably in August and September, to carry out the search. The Americans will be allowed to spend 60 days in their hunt. In exchange, the Soviet Union is expected to send two grain sorghum specialists to the United States .for 30 days, and possibly two 'other' agricultural 1 ' specialists" for another 30 days. , payments. ent the Under the nation's flood control program, nearly 400 projects costing more than ?1 billion have been completed since 1936, These are claimed to have prevented ?11 billion in flood damages. Get the wax •'out of your ears With KERIO«DfODsl THR jp Ty DR UG Why did Stankovich contest? > " ; ; £••. ' "It's crazy; but I like giveaway shows and I write in for everything," he said. His .only previous contest prize was a stove 20 years ago. ':.: He won the shop two weeks ago on the program "The Price Is Right.'" Giri, 7, in Hospita|; Was Bitten by^ag? A dog bite eye of a seven-year-old;'.j stitched Wednesday at';St, f p Joseph's Hospital $here 'shejhas been a patient smce^ Tue|aay. Annette Gail St. Peters,;,;|&ugh- ter of Mr. and Mrs.' Ro'nata|JEu- gene St. Peters of 137'I^£K)l^JDr., suffered the wound .whj;iie>.'yj^flng in West Alton, Mo., ,Tuesia|fo. Chesterfield^ CHESTERFIELD i-. Mrs. 'Horace JJramley assisted',by Mrs.''Everett Adams will entertain members of the Dorcas So "" "' evening. •f Mr. and Mrs, Rollatld ., children of East Alton :$ere!|Sunday guests of his ipteji ,- v <« Wendell Dams and famil|. *$ " -Mr., and' IVIrs. ^'alph; fiajcr,;] family are vacationing in'Wspm- .. ..... .-.. J Mr. and Mrs. Marian HJlde- brant and family and Mr, : and Mrs. Marvin Sarginspn and -'sons have,returned from a vacation In the Ozarks. Relatives and friends here have learned of the death p{ fred. Sawtell of Springfield,'.'a"former resident of Chesterfieid.i'Hf was a son of the late Mr. and -Mrs.' Albert Sawtell and is survived by his wife Helen, and twin sister, Mrs, Fred Parkeis of Meadyllle, Pa. : I I I I I I I 1 SPECIAL COUPON • BONUS Top Value STAMPS WITH THIS COUPON AND $5.00 IN DRY CLEANING ONLY Coupon Expires Sat,, July 27,1963 !200 i i 1 I JI.EAMEBS. MONTICELLO PLAZA ONLY SPECIAL COUPON T

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