The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 25, 1966 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 25, 1966
Page 3
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MFC. CMPIOVMENT (JUNE) goaooo MFG. PAYROLL I96srf L jr ^\FV 1966 » (,32SOOO.OOQ(Bl PARTNEBU^ MARKH \*ttU£OF PRODUCT ^^^ NEW JOB OPPORTUNITIES " .v>SS* Algona, (la.) Upper DM Moim* TUESDAY, OCT. 25, 1966 PERSONALS MR. AND MRS. Andrew Reding spent last week at Marshall, Minn, visiting their daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lutz, Jr. While there the Redings celebrated their wedding anniversary and also purchased a Dodge Coronet from their son- in-law who has the dealership there. MRS. GENE FARRELL, Springfield, Mo., has been visiting her father, Francis A. Bunting, for several days. Mr. Bunting took her to Ft. Dodge Sunday where she boarded a plane MRS. MARY KAIN returned Friday evening after spending two weeks visiting her daughters, Mary, who is stationed at Ft. Lewis in Tacoma, Wash., and Eleanor, who resides in Portland, Ore. Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Kain drove to Minneapolis to meet the plane and brought Mrs. Kain back to Algona. Board Proceedings BOARD PROCEEDINGS TWENTY-FIRST DAY Sept. 1, 1966 REGULAR JUNE SESSION The Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment. Those present were John Rode, chairman, and Garry McDonald, Lawrence Newbrough, Charles Plathe and A. M. Kollasch. Absent: none. Motion by Kollasch and seconded by McDonald that report of Soldier Relief Comm. for the second quarter be approved. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. .Motion by Newbrough and seconded by McDonald that bond pf Alton M. Quintard, Supt. of Schools, for years 1966-68 be approved. Ayes: all. Nays: npne. Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough and seconded by McDonald that County Estimate expenditures for the year 1967 for the following be approved. ADC $34,392.00 BLIND AID 4,295.50 DISABLED AID. . . 2,108.50 Ayes: all. Nays; none. Motion tjarried. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Newbrough that Class "B" Beer Permit for Louis Schafer, Jr. be approved and Cigarette Permit be allowed for Louis Schafer, Jr. Ayes: all. Nays; none. Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough and seconded by McDonald that the County pay Medical Insurance in amount of $3 per month for both Amy Rohlin and 'George Dexter for July, Aug., Sept., & Oct. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough and seconded by McDonald that Kenneth & Rosetta Kern be hired as 2nd couple at Co. Home at a salary of $200 per month for each one effective September 15, '1966, Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Kollasch and seconded by Newbrough that shouldering contract be awarded to Everds Bros. Inc. Ayes, all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Newbrough and seconded by Kollasch that Class "B" Beer Permit be issued to Charles McVay, Jr. effective Oct. 15, 1966. Ayes: all. Nays:none. Motion carried. Motion by Kollasch and seconded by McDonald that application for Class "C"' Liquor Control License, submitted by Chas. McVay, Jr., Algona, be recommended effective Oct. 18, 1966. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. Motion by Kollasch and seconded by Plathe that taxes be reduced in the amount of $788.42 on Lots 1-2-3 Blk 7 O.P., Swea City & Personal Property owned by Adolph Mortenson. Ayes: all. Nays: none. Motion carried. It was motioned that payment of claims allowed at this meeting of the persons & firms listed immediately following be ratified, allowed and confirmed. POOR FUND Mary Copp, Rent: Ros« Hahle, 35.00. . j^ouis Wehrspan, Rent- Ines Lamb, 45.00. Louis Bartlett, Rent: Glen Parcel, 25.00. Home Federal Savings, Rent: Doris Culbertson, 41.00. Garry Funeral Home, Ambulance » Mathilda McFarlaiid, 16.50.' Bryan Flying Serv,, Ambulance: Lorraine Nemitz, 84.10. Leonard Warner, Mileage; Sara Smith, 14.10. Marvel Immerfall, Mileage Several, 39.25. Standard Oil, Fuel: John Govern, 32.29, Joe Rapp, 9,25, Town of Bancroft, Elec: Joe Rapp, 6.86. Algona Municipal Util., Elec.; Louis Lynk, 6.66. N, Cent, Pub. Serv., Gas: Louis Lynk, 15.00, Jos. M. Rooney, M, D., Medical: Percy Atkinson, 12.00; Clarence Zaugg, 44.00. Dr. R. K. Richardson, Medical : Mae McLean, 13.50; Audrey Frye, 27.00. Kersten Clinic, Medical: Carol Jensen, 200.00; Christine Hanson, 51.00. University Hospital, Medical: Paul Schneider, 36.50; Tim Mogler, 22.00; Steven Montgomery, 22.25; Cyrilla Sifert, 44.00; Clarence Zaugg, 143.25. St. Ann Hospital, Medical: Wm. Parcel, 11.00; Merle Newby, 231.10; Clarence Zaugg, 15.00; Vern Krull, 332.70; LeathaRe- de mske, 289.60; Louis Grams, 63.00. Rusk Drug, Medical: Audrey Frye, 24.50; Jim Walker, 1.25; Mae Ramus, 25.54; Tom Devine, 2.10. Holy Family Hosp., Medical: Clarence Nemmers, 243.35; Bertha Wohlers, 11.95; Frank Ditsworth, 9.68. i Drs. O'Brien, et al, Medical: « Louis Grams, 150.00. Memorial Hospital, Medical: Craig Ewoldt, 199.45. Medical X-Ray Center, Medical: Dale Jensen, 250.00. Dr. Jos. Schoofs, Glasses: Cathy Senenfelder, 26.00. Edw. Safranek, M. D., Medical: _Louis Grams, 60.00. C. V. Lindholm, Medical • Tom Nemmers, 150.00. Memorial Hosp., Medical: Ella Govern, 119.15; Craig Ewoldt, 120.00. Miller Pharmacy, Medical: June Jenkins, 24.75. Honsbruch Drug, Medical: Lucy Wessels, 23.30. Fareway Stores, Food: Donna Stevens, 40.00; Audrey Frye, 20.00; Glen Parcel, 40.00; Jerry Jergens, 20.00. Dunn's Sure Save, Food .-Richard Christenson, 40.00. Hood's Cash Store, Food: John Govern, 25.00; Byron Hauge, 40:00. East End Grocery, Food: Wm. Gustin, 20.00; Betty Kramer, 20.00. Tony's Food Market, Food: Bertha Busch, 15.00; Joe Rapp, 20.00. Busy Bee Groc., Food: June Jenkins, 10.00. Vogel's, Food: Bernard Leeper, 35.00. Jerry & Marty's, Food: Ines Lamb, 25.00, Mrs. Joe Miller, Clothing: Glen Parcel, 26.72. Alg. Good Sam. Home, Keep: Vena Schneider, 45.00; May Ramus, 165.02. Morgan Home, Keep; Paul Mulligan, 42.15; Lawrence Mulligan, 155.00. Payroll Fund, Poor Payroll 1,033.93 State of Iowa, ADC,,,,. 1,875,53 State of Iowa, Blind, , , , 221.75 State of Iowa, Emergency Relief 22.08 State of Iowa, Disabled.... 216.39 Rose Kraft, Co. Home Help 30.00 Leslie Denton, Co. Home Help 100.00 Algona Locker Plant, Rent, 12.00 Wendel Warwick, Mileage.. 34.00 Lindsay Soft Water, Supplies 79.50 N. W. Bell Tel., Tel 36.85 Keck, Inc., Freight 2.46 Mino Trucking, Freight.... 13.00 Honsbruch Drug, Medical 344.01 Dr. H. H. Murray, Medical.. 4.00 Dept. of Health, Education etc..Insurance. . 27.00 Fleet Tractor Store, Parts 8.36 Wayne Elbert, Pump Repair 5.00 Bowman's Small Engines, Repairs 1.75 Behr's Standard Service, Fuel and Repairs 16.45 Pete Jorgenson, Repairs... 10.00 Buscher Bros., Parts. ... 201.58 Algona Mach. Shop, Repairs 2.25 Laing's Plb. & Htg., Repairs 19.13 Arts-Way, Parts 31.20 Arwell, Inc., Spraying. . . . 11.45 Dept. of Pub. Safety, Equipment 55^88 Algona Locker, Butchering 120.20 Schwan's Ice Cream, Supplies 31.80 Consl. Coop. Creameries, Supplies 133.08 la. State Industries, Supplies 130.98 J. C. Penney Co., Supplies.. 11.58 Dick Grandgenett, Fuel.... 34.64 Gulf Oil Co., Fuel 107.57 Algona Produce, Feed.... 487.98 Coast-to-Coast, Supplies. 176.49 Drs. Shey & Gotten, Vet Fees 1,112.05 SEC. ROAD All Wheel Drive Co., Parts 1,294.17 Veco, Parts 33.66 Bowman's Small Engines, Parts 8.80 ' Standard Oil, Fuel 69.87 Standard Oil, Fuel 152.07 Great Plains Supply, Supplies 41.73 Kossuth Motor, Parts. . . . 18.84 Coop Oil Co., Fuel. 56.91 Standard Oil, Fuel. .... 283.91 N. W. Bell Tel., Tel 51.10 Cowan Corp., Supplies 1,131.12 Sunray DX Oil Co., Fuel 527 . 14 Gulf Oil Co., Fuel. . . . 1,107.19 Humboldt Concrete Prod., Supplies 6,269.68 Faber Construction Co., Pro]. 587 to 589 & 585 & 593 29,700.00 Elmer Dole Co., Pro]. #4 17,175.96 Everds Bros. Inc., Pro]. #569 (1) 19,714.46 Algona Mun. Util., Utilities 31.62 N. Cent. Pub. Serv., Gas 7.50 Elmer Dole Co., Pro]. #3 19,073.29 Elmer Dole Co., Pro]. 589,588, 58-V, . . .19,110,87 Payroll Fund, Sec. Rd. 20,998.51 Everds Bros. Inc., Patchwork. 4,322.77 Everds Bros. Inc., Final: Pro], 503, 553 & 566 23,750.88 Everds Bros. Inc., 1 Final;Proj. Seal Coats.. 3,530.05 Everds Bros. Inc. & Elmer Dole Co., Final; Pr°J- #5 2,723.48 Elmer Dole, Final; Pro]. #4 1,908,44 Welp & McCarten & P.M. Stone, Cover Agg. Final 1,800.15 Cook's Welders & Supplies, Supplies 899,25 Lee & McGuire, Dike. . , 858.50 Elmer Dole Co., Gravel Stockpile, 384,56 Joe H. Culbertson, Borrow Pit. 200.00 Arnold Motor, Parts. . . 352.68 Sieg-Ft. Dodge Co., Parts 266.80 Iowa Machinery & Supply Co., Parts 73.92 Fenton Lumber Co., Supplies 9.24 Snap-on-Tools, Supplies... 11.34 Vernon Pehrson, Clay.... 150.00 Central la. Tel. Co., Tel 23.39 Central la. Tel. Co., Tel 13.82 Central la. Tel. Co., Tel 27.40 N. Cent. Pub. Serv., Gas 13.50 Ledyard Lumber Co., Supplies 18.90 Blair Welding, Repairs. . . 17.38 A. M. Kollasch, Prepaid Bill 2.00 Paper, Calmenson & Co., Parts 144.30 Coast-to-Coast, Supplies. .. 4.67 Anderson Dry Goods, Supplies 1.96 Taylor Motor, j>arts 365.84 Lone Rock Coop. Tel., Tel 14.35 Town of West Bend, Elec. .. 1.25 Algona Welding Works, Repairs 32.40 Precision Lubricants Co., Supplies 277.46 John Thompson, Labor. .. 790.00 Greenberg Auto Supply, Parts 447.70 United Build. Center, Supplies 57.86 Adam Heiderscheldt, Labor. . . . '. 30.00 Vigdahl Hdwe., Supplies. ... 6.07 la. Pub. Serv. Co., Elec. ... 5.00 West la. Tel. Co., Tel. . . . 6.12 Mickey Ford Inc., Parts.. 138.80 Michael Todd & Co., Inc., Parts 931.92 Swaney Equip Co., Parts 2,129.41 Johnston Automotive, Parts 25.79 Elbert Chevrolet, Repairs. .22.09 la, Elec. Light & Pwr. Co., Elec 41.37 Farmers Coop. Soc., Supplies 6.59 Sankey Sand & Gravel Co., Supplies 133.20 Titonka Tel. Co., Tel. . . . 7.70 Town of Titonka, Elec. . . . 6.50 Interstate Power Co., Elec 100.00 Larry Youngwirth, Supplies 28.84 la. Elee. Light & Pwr., Elec. .2.32 Brown Supply Co., Parts.. 943.76 Premier Autoware Co., Parts 277.20 Elmore Concrete Prod. Co., Supplies 354.54 Hicklin G. M. Diesel Inc., Parts 155.85 Trupke Elec. Motor Serv,, Repairs 32.50 Nick Wagner, Repairs..... 25.20 BANGS FUND Dr. E. J. Capesius, Inspection. . . . 6.00 Dr. J. K. Hill, Inspection... 24.00 Dr. J. D. Rush, Inspection.. 29.50 Darrell W. Newlin, Indemnity. 12.50 STATE INSTITUTION FUND Ralph Lindhorst, Mileage 40.89 Oakdale Hosp., X-Ray 2.00 Dr. M. D. Enna, Medical... 41.71 Alma Leegard Home, Keep 100.00 la. Children's Home Soc., Keep 52.50 Helen Zaugg, Keep 115.00 L, A. Bascom, M, D., Medical 248.00 CONSERVATION COMM. FUND John R. Thompson, Labor 105.00 ROAD CLEARING FUND Chemco Co., Inc., Supplies . 98.50 Dick Grandgenett, Fuel. . 219.20 Standard Oil, Fuel 184,50 (Continued On Next Page)

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