Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 23, 1963 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 23, 1963
Page 12
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SHORT TRIP LAS,VEGAS, Nev. — Twice Floyd Patterson bounced off the canvas after being tagged by Heavyweight Champion Sonny Liston. He stayed neutral corner, this third time and Liston retained the title he took from Patterson in September, 1962. Referee Harry Krause, rieht, heads for Liston to guide him to (AP Wirephoto) JUNIOR BASEBALL In junior baseball action Monday in the 9-10-year old league, several games were played. The Athletics beat the Yankees, 4-3, with Walt Shewmaker hitting a homer and Manns a triple for the winners. Roger Bower had a double for the Yankees. -In other games, Northside beat the Beavers, 12-10, the Cardinals edged the Cubs, 6-4, the Falcons beat the Flyers, 7-3, the Bears whipped the Hurricanes, 5-1, the Astronauts blanked the Tigers, 100, the Reds nipped the Bandits, 5-4, the Hornets stung the Lions, 3-2, and the Eagles ripped the] Hawks, 17-5. ' Greg Horton had a double and single for Northside and Steve Williams hit a homer for the Beavers. Chris Slaughter-had a single and triple for the Cardinals and Dean Powell poled a triple for the Cubs. Dave Moore was the Falcons' winning pitcher with Tom Huebner hitting a triple. Roger Pace was the Bears' winner and hit a double. J. Goeken was the loser. Pat Morrissey hurled a no-hitter for the Astronauts. Mark Jehle and John Wallace hit homers and Tom DeMond had three doubles. Sam Scott hurled the win for the Reds and spanked a homer. Jim Marmino had a Bandit homer. Lon Kimbro had a homer and single and Steve Wilson had a double and single for the Hornets. Terry Carpenter tripled for the Lions. Oliver Ingram and John Yost had three hits each for the Eagles. Gerald Feldman had two hits for the Hawks. In the 11-12-year-old league, the Cubs mashed the Dodgers, 22-1, and the Tigers beat the Falcons, 8-4. Dan Conner was the Cubs' winner with Doug Mendenhall hitting a double and two singles. Gary Hagen was the Tiger winner with Danny Turner hitting a homer. Dan Morrissey had two doubles and Kevin Holden a homer and double for the Falcons. In the 13-14-year-old league, Northside trounced the Braves, 21-2, and the Redblrds beat the Hawks, 4-1. John Rain was the Northside winner with Harry Munson hitting a triple, double and two singles. Terry Webb was the Redbirds' winning pitcher and Ron Lewis cracked a double for the Hawks. In the lone 15-17-year-old game, the Cubs edged Hellrung, 4-3. Brent Gwillim was the winning pitcher. Jim Dix and Julius Brooks each had two hits. Steve Hageie hit a homer for Hellrung. and Outdoors with Harold Brand Duck Blind Regulations Illinois waterfowl rules and regulations including the building of duck blinds is being published as a legal notice by the Conservation Department on page 12 in tonight's Telegraph. Clip it out for -future 'reference. Waterfowl season dates and bag limits are yet to be set and probably, will .not be announced tor another month or so. Found Stowaways Some canary sounds developed in the control enclosure on an outboard cruiser owned by BUI Snyder, 301 Mather St., Sunday during a ride to Hardin with his wife and guests, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Ruyle. A little investigation uncovered some stowaways — three tiny hungry sparrows in .a nest. The sparrows remained unharmed and nest and all were placed in a tree near where the boat is berthed in the Alton Motorboat Club harbor. Many Bathers Bathing off sandy beaches, and in shallow water over sandbars is reaching a summer peak. More than 40 runabouts, cruisers and houseboats were observed anchored Sunday afternoon at the head of Portage Island where the waters are waist deep for hundreds of yards. Many other sandy bottom areas stretching another 25 miles or more on Alton Lake up to Winfield Dam also were crowded with boaters. The temperature of the water is now 84 degrees as reported at the Alton Water Company pumping station on Alton Lake. Boat Numbers Motorboat owners must check the expiration date on, their motorboat certificate of number, William T. Lodge, director of the Illin o i s Conservation Department warned recently. "About 100,000 certificates are due for renewal during the cal- ender year 1963," Lodge said. "As of now we have renewed only 50,- but had come untied. We were able to pull the boat and wade back towards where we had previously checked the anchor. It was: found on our first try by stepping upon it. From now on, we will double check all o u r knots. River Stepoffs As a remuider'veter an river men point out that .it is always safest to bath or swim on the upper end of a sandbar, or island. The stepoffs are always at the lower end. It is also a good idea to make younsters wear lifejack- ets when swimming in the river. We know from experience thai they can disappear so quickly. Authorities say never let a child play with a flotation toy that can carry them into-deeper water. Cards Begin Road Series At Milwaukee ST. LOUIS (AP)—The St. Louis Cardinals travel to Milwaukee today aware that the Braves have won all three games at County Stadium this season. The Cardinals, who clubbed the Houston Colts over the weekend for 24 runs and 44 hits, hope to win their first game this year in Milwaukee. The Cardinals will have Ray Sadecki (5-6) going against the Braves' Bob Hendjey, who has an identical record. After a bad slump, the Cardinals came to life last week anc won five out : of six games, including the three game sweep with the Colts. Hendley was one of a trio thai beat the Cardinals in the three losses in Milwaukee. The othei two were Denny Lemaster and Warren Spahn. Both Lemastei and Spahn are expected to face BOWLING BOWL ARENA Westerner Mixed Summer League Ladies: Belmont 203, 182 (512)'. Williams 189,177, Punn 188, Bren^ ner 187 (508) i Brown W, 176, Smith 181, Mitchell ISO, PurWn 17.4, Waytor 170, Anderson 170. Men: Bockhorst 226, Henesey 210, 181, 215 (606); PeWttt 209, Ruff 3Q9, Vsmey 209, Pl«on 204, Fie- orilli m, BoJJagd goo, Pixon 200. BOWL INN Weftem 'Mtepfl Lwgue Indies: Hanktna 2,12 (513); M. smith 1& 178 (510); Pyle 197, 183, Bryant 1?6. Men; grajj- 216, ^13, HanWna m Ul- ?rl6h 317, ftjomer M, Schmitt 205. Eddie Yost, third (we coach for the Washington Senators, holds Uie record tor it)t*t games ty an biseman kegjue third 000 of these, and about 30,000 more are delinquent. The fine for oprating a motorboat without a valid certificate of number is from $10 to $100, and the Conservation Department can cancel expired certificates, If a certificate is cancelled the boatowner must apply for a new one, and he will have to change the numbers on his boat hull to correspond with the new number." It isn't necessary tor a motorboat owner to wait until his certificate has expired before he can renew it, If renewed ahead of time the certificate will be dated 4three years ahead of the expiration date on the old certificate. Nearly Lost Anchor We don't like to tell on ourselves but we have ribbed many persons for becoming a nominee to the Boners Club and must confess we have been elibible many times. One of those times occurred Sunday afternoon when we anchored our boat in the shallow waters at the head of Portage Island. Aboard were our family and the Wade Ger&en family. We had tied the line to the anchor and Gergen dropped it overboard. After entering the waist deep water, we waded up to he anchor to check if it was holding firmly, it was. Some time law we noticed the boat drifting away and quickly grabbed the anchor line to hold it, The anchor line was not fastened the Cardinals on this trip. The Cardinals beat the Kansa City Athletics Monday night 4-3 in an exhibition game at Kansa City. Cardinals (4) KG (3) Player AB R H Player Flood 2 1 0 Tartabull Groat 300 Causey Maxviil l o l Lumps Muslal 3 o 0 Lau Shannon 000 Edwards c-Altman 201 Aluslk White 500 Charles Boyer 4 1 1 Harre'n Sawatski 3 1 1 Esseslan McCaryer 100 lovrlch 404 a-Clmoll 200 Willis Javier Kolb Washburn l 0 0 Pakrow Hump'reys ooo b-James ' ' ' Bauta Totals Cardinal! KC ABRH 4 0 3 1 4 0 3 0 1 0 4 0 4 0 3 1 3 1 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 33 4 9 Totals 1 23 45 « 78 » 32 3 R H « J 0 O'O « 1 t «—4 • l'20090000—3 8 FIGHT RESULTS By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS LAS VEGAS, Nev.— Sonny Us on, 215Vi>, St. Louis, knocked 01 Floyd Patterson, 194to, Scarsdal N.Y., 1. Llstoi) retained wor heavyweight title. SYPNEY, Australia - Jolwin Torres, 153, Paterson, N.J., oil pointed George Carroll, 155, Syd ney, 12, TORONTO-Colin Fraser, J4( Toronto, outpointed Charley Ke'ne 132, Syracuse, N.Y., 6. MONTREAL <- Joey Purell Trots ^ Rivieres, Que., stopp* Clement Sarra^n, Montreal, 4 Welterweights. ARTICLE VIH-^ AND 0 THE. ALLOCATION OF LlND SITES, HUNTER MAN- GEMENT, ANt) OTHER ANAGEMENT PROCED- RES ON WATERFOWL MAN- GEMENT (PUBLIC HUNT"(3) AREAS LOCATED IN HE MISSISSIPPI AND LOWR ILLINOIS RIVER POOLS 1 THROUGH 26 SUPERVISED V THE! DEPARTMENT OF ONSERVATION, IN ACCORDANCE WITH T^HE PROV1S- ONS OP SECTION 3.06 OF HE GAME CODE OF.THE TATE OF ILLINOIS, Definitions For the purpose of clarity, the o'llowihg definitions are offered nd will apply throughout this rder: Blind Site A position within 10 feet of Umbered stake where blind ay be constructed. Blind Builder Person who has been assign- d A blind site in accordance /1th the following procedures hd who builds and maintains he blind. Drawing Procedure by which blind tes are assigned on the Long iland Area and Qulncy Bay rea and by which unclaimed tnd sites are assigned on all ther waterfowl management BUnd Registration Card Card issued by Department nd tacked Inside each blind sting names and addresses of llnd builders. Completed Blind A blind with all framework nd siding constructed and In eadlness for use except for nal brushing or other camou- aglng. A. The following procedure . set forth for the location and sslgnment of blind sites: 1. Blind sites shall be mark•d with a numbered stake by Department. A central icck station will be maintaln- d on Stump Lake, Godar-Dla- ond Island, and Batchtown reas. 2. Persons having been as- gned blind sites in 1962 will e eligible for re-registration of ind sites for 1963, except on ie Long Island and Quincy Bay reas (Pool 21) where all blind tes will be assigned by draw- it- • 3. Blind builders having had . blind at the staked location in 962 will register by name and ddress the persons construct- g blinds for the 1963 season. ie dates for registration of ind sites in the various man- gement areas will be from ugust 16 through August 25 om 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. ach day in Pools 25 and 26 at ie Mississippi River Fish and 'aterfowl Management- Head- uarters located on State Route X), one-half mile east of Pere arquette State Park Lodge. otices to this effect will be an- ounced. Dates for registration of blind tes in Pools 16. through 24 will e August 23, 24 and 25, from 00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. each day. egistration will be at points to e designated later in public an- ouncements. Persons who did not build inds in 1962, and who wish to e eligible for the drawing for nclaimed blind sites (except on oag Island and Quincy Bay reas) must also register dur- ng the periods provided in the oregoing. Attendance at draw- ng is not required. On the Long. Island and Quiny Bay Areas, in Pool 21, blind tes for the 1963 season will be located by a drawing. Time nd place for the drawing will e publicly announced by the epartment of Conservation. egistrants must be over 16 ears of age and possess a 1962 '1963 Illinois hunting license. pplicants for blind sites must e present for registration and rawing. 4. Blinds must be completed y September 23, 1963. 5. Immediately following eptember 23, 1963, Department f Conservation personnel will nspect all blinds and blind tes. All sites on which blinds f an unsatisfactory quality ave been built will be reassign- d on a drawing basis. Such rawings will be conducted on he basis of registrations as reviously prescribed in the oregoing Item No. 3 and the rawing will be held on October 1963. All blinds reassigned must be completed, including rushing, one week in advance f the opening date of the 1963 vaterfowl season. 6. Only 1962 registrants shal e eligible for re-registration in 963. 7. Blinds must be construct ed large enough to accommo date four hunters, and provisions must be made to conceal a tandard 16' boat Blinds mus measure at least 4'x8' and be turdy enough to withstanc dally usage. Registered blind >uilders must maintain the >Hnd In good condition through uut the 1963 season. 8. Blinds must be construct sd within 10 feet of numbered stake. 9. Not more than three per sons shall be registered for as slgnment of any one blind site 10. Hunters shall be permit ed to register for one blin site only. 11. Blinds constructed o public lands or waters for th 1963 season on all waterfow management areas will be posl ed with a blind registratio to the area check station. 3. On all other publicly owned hUrttlnf areas where check •rtaildfts are «et operated, blind builders must occupy their blind* on«»half hour before the opening shooting hour each day. After this time unoccupied blinds will be available to any° n |.' IT IS UNLAWFUL: a. For any person to c'om* merelalize hunting right*, either directly or Indirectly; b. For any person to hunt, ar attempt to hunt, on any of the Waterfowl Management Areas, except from within a registered blind, and except between the hours of sunrise and 3:30 P.M., Central Standard Mine, or In accordance with ederal regulations, If more re- rlctive. On opening day, hours hall be from noon until sun- t, Central Standard Time. At reas on which there Is ft check atlon, no hunter shall be per- itted to check In for a blind ter 9:00 A.M., Central Standrd Time, of each hunting day; c. For more than four per- ns to occupy a blind; d. For any person to place a ck on a blind; e. For any person to move, r the purpose of hunting, om one blind to another on lose areas where check ata- ons are being operated; f. For any person to hunt om a registered blind with ss than 12 decoys; g. For any person to allow ecoys to remain out overnight to be left Inside blind in card supplied by the ment of Conservation Depart at th time of blind site registration Cards shall be posted by th blind completion date. B. The following rules an regulations are set forth for th methodical operation of the var ious waterfowl managemen areas. 1. On those areas where Department 'check station is be Ing operated (Batchtown, Stum Lake, and Godar-Piamond Is land), all hunters must repor to the check station, fill out th information card, and turn i their hunting licenses befor proceeding to blinds. Followin each day's hunt, or upon vaca ing blind, hunters must repor back to check station wlthl one hour. At this time duck bagged will be checked an hunting licenses returned. 2. Registered blind builder who desire to claim their bilnc must report one .hour before th opening shooting hour each da at the check station on each o the following areas; Batchtown Stump Lake, and Godar-Dla mond Island. Blinds not claim sd by this hour will be avail able for assignment on a draw Ing basis to hunters reporting ools 25 and 26 and In the uincy Bay Area (Pool 21). owever, a well concealed de- iy box may be In or adjacent i blind; h. For any person to engage fishing during the waterfowl ason, except on those areas roperly designated as - fishing tes (Area maps will be main- slgnment of any onl blthd. ,, g. Hunters shall 61 bermlttid t<3 register tot Sfii Wind Mte only; . "-.ji H. Blind! constructed oh public tends and 'waters for the 1963 season on all waterfowl management areas will be posted with a blind registration cafd supplied by the Department of CottsefVatloft at the time ftf blind site registration, Cards shall be posted by the blind completion date. _ 2. Hunting Refutation* i The following rules and regulation! arc set forth for the operation of the various waterfowl man* ngement arena* a. Blind builders must occupy their blinds by one-half hour before opening shooting hour. After this time unoccupied blinds will be available to one. 3, W 18 UNLAWFUL! a. For any person to commercialize hunting rights, cither directly or Indirectly; b. For any person to hunt, or attempt to hunt, except from within a registered blind; c. For any person under 16 years of age to hunt, or attempt to hunt, on any of these areas unless accompanied by parent, guardian, or an adult; d. For any person to cause open fires to be built on any of the public hunting areas (stoves or enclosed fire pots may be utilized); e. For any person'to'hunt with less than 12 decoys; f. For any person to hunt, or attempt to hunt, while under the influence of Intoxicating bever- ined at roperly reas); check stations to designate fishing i. For any person to engage in cull boat hunting within any f these areas; j. For any person to cause pen fires to be built (stoves or nclosed fire pots may be utll- ed); . k. For any person under 16 iars of age to hunt, or attempt hunt, unless accompanied by arent, guardian, or an adult; 1. For any hunting party to main In blinds after taking jeir daily bag limit of ducks. n check station areas all per- 3ns shall leave the blind and port within one hour to the heck station; m. 'For any person to hunt, • attempt to hunt, while under ie influence of intoxicating jverages. Bag limits and methods of aking waterfowl prescribed by ie Federal Government, U. S. epartment of the Interior, ureau of Sport Fisheries and /ildlife, unless State regula- ons are more restrictive. Violators of the foregoing revisions shall be subject to .e penalties prescribed under ection 56 of the Game Code of linois. The laws supplementing this dministrative Order are to be und in Chapter 61 of the Uli- ois Revised Statutes. WILLIAM T. LODGE, Director. DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION. PUBLIC NOTICE ARTICLE IX — RULES AND IEGULATIONS PERTAINING TO THE ALLOCATION OF LIND SITES, HUNTER MANAGEMENT, AND OTHER MANAGEMENT PROCEDURES )N PUBLIC WATERFOWL MANAGEMENT AREAS LO- 2ATED IN MISSISSIPPI RIV!R POOLS 12 THROUGH 14 UPERVISED BY THE DE- ARTMENT OF CONSERVA"ION, IN ACCORDANCE VITH THE PROVISIONS OF ECTION 3.06 OF THE GAME CODE OF THE STATE OF LLINOIS. Definitions For the purpose of clarity; tie following definitions are of- ered and will apply throughout his Order: Blind Site A position within 10 feet of umbered stake where blind may be constructed. Blind Builder Person who has been assigned a blind site as a result of the [rawing, and who builds and maintains the blind. Drawing Procedure by which blind iites are'assigned. BUnd Registration Card Card issued by Department and tacked Inside blind listing names and addresses of blind g. For more than 4 persons to occupy any blind at any one time. B. ALL OTHER ABB AS: 1. Persons having constructed blinds during 1962 are required to re-register with the Conservation Officer in that county and begin construction of their blinds between August 17 and August 26, 1963. Following August 26 and prior to September 9, al blind sites not previously claimed will be allocated by the local Conservation. Officer on a first come, first served basis All blinds'shall be completed by September -23, 1963. 2. Blinds shall be Jdentified by a Department of Conservation Registration Card fastened to the blind, giving, names and addresses of persons constructing such blind. Registration Cards will be issued^at the time of registration arid must be posted In blind by the blind completion date. • 3. IT IS,UNLAWFUL: a. For any person to construct or use any blind within 150 yards of any other blind. In the event two or more blinds are found to be closer than 150 yards, all such blinds will be declared illegal and none may be used until all have met the minimum spacing requirement; b. For any person to com mercialize hunting rights, blinds or privileges, either directly or indirectly; c. For any person to con struct or to register for more than one blind; d. For more than three hunt ers to register in any one blind e. For any person to hun from any location, except from within a blind; f. For any person to engage in soull boat hunting within any area posted as "Public Hunting Areas"; : g. For any person to cause fire to be built, during the wa terfowl season, on any of the areas designated as "Waterfow Management Areas", except in stoves or enclosed fire pots; h. For any person to take, o attempt to take, waterfowl ex cept during the shooting hour provided by Federal regulation issued by the U.S. Fish and Wild life Service; i. For any person to assume or be granted exclusive rights t£ any waterfowl hunting blinds except that the person construct ing a blind for hunting purpose will have the privilege to occupj such blind if .said person is pres ent and in said blind one-hal hour before the opening shootin hour of each hunting day (Afte such time, if blind is unoccupie by person that constructed any person may occupy sue blind and will be privileged t its use until the end of the shoo ing hours established pursuan to law for that day); j. For any person while un beverages to hunt, or attemp beveragets to hunt, or attemp to hunt. Violators of the above prov builders. Completed BUnd A blind with all framework and siding constructed and in readiness for use except for final brushing or other camouflag- ng. 3Und Construction and Alloca- *tion of Blind Sites: A. For the area known as Potters Marsh including river areas downstream to Lock and Dam No. 13. 1. The following procedure Is set forth for assignment of blind sites. / a. Blind sites shall be marked by a numbered stake by the Department of Conservation. b. Blind sites shall be allocated by an annual drawing. Time and place of this drawing shall be publicly announced by the Department. c. Blinds must be completed by September 23, 1963, Immediately following September 23, 1963, the Department of Conservation will Inspect all blinds and blind sites. All sites on which blinds of an unsatisfactory quality have been built will be reassigned. Original regls- trunts shall have until September 30, 1963, to remove salvage able materials. All blinds reassigned must be completed one week In advance of the opening date of the 1963 waterfowl season. d. Registrants for the draw* ing must be over 16 years of age and possess a 1962 or 1963 Illinois hunting license. Applt cants for blind sites must be present for registration and drawing. e; Blinds must be construct' ed within 10' of numbered stake and be large enough to accpnv modate from 2 tp 4 hynters and provisions must be made to con* ceal a standard 16' boat. Registered blind builders must maintain the blind in good con* dltlon throughout the 1813 sea son. f. Not more than three F ,, ,,,^» T ^ ,.,.,,„, -, wft - , r sons shall be registered for WI Marshall County, IMJnois. sions shall be subject to the pen alties prescribed under Sectio 56 of the Game Code of plinoi The laws supplementing th Administrative Order are to b found in Chapter 61 of the 111 nois Revised Statutes. WILLIAM >T. LODGE, Director Department Conservation. PUBLIC NOTICE ARTICLE X — REGULATION, PERTAINING TO THE UTILI ZATION OF STATE OWNED LANDS AND WATERS MAN AGED BY THE DEPART MENT OF CONSERVATlOIv AS PUBLIC WATERFOW: MANAGEMENT AREAS DEFINITIONS ? For the purpose ot clarity, th following definitions are offer ed and will apply throughou this Order; i Blind Site A position within 10 feet numbered stake where blin may be constructed. ' Blind Builder Person who has been assigned a blind site as a result of the drawing, and who builds and maintains the blind. Drawing Procedure by which blind sites are assigned. Blind Registration Card Card issued by Department and tacked inside blind listing names and addresses of blind builders. Completed Blind A blind with all framework and siding constructed and in readiness for use, except for final brusWng or other camow- '' 3, HUNTING REA tj&tated on west side of Httois ttiVefj north J»! Sparland, . AREA rtaihshalt 4. STAfcVJSO heated dft the t*ffbl above Starved Rock dam locks, LaSalle County, 1111- UlEA Located oOQHD side <* HflOi* a«d Ces Plaines Rivef, bove Dresden dfturt and locks ' ANNOUNCEMENTS LBQAL SE iWfidy-County f llllttbis. ,_ e! wiLt ebtJNW AREA o c a t e d en that feart oj he Bes ttaines Rivef above and elow Smith Bridge, Including rtlllsdale, Treat's Island and mlth. Bridge areas, Will Coun,. v,™~o LAKE AREA Part f Grass Lake Waterfowl Area, Lake County, Illinois, 8. SPRING LAKE AREA Located on south side of IJunow liver, southwest of PeKin, 'aaewell County, Illinois. 9. SANG-ANOis-KNAPi? ISLAND AREA (Portion in viclnt- y of old Sangamon channel and headway Lake, Including Duck lough).' BLIND CONSTRUCTION AND ALLOCATION OF BLIND smpftt ,_ _. A. Blind sites 6n each of hese areas will be determined y the Department and Marked y a numbered atake. B. The following procedure . sot forth for the assignment f blind sites and blind construcloli: •' '^ '•' ' 1. Blind sites will be allocat- d by a drawing. Time and >lace for the 'drawing will be rtiblicly announced by the pe- jartment of Conservation. . 2. Blinds must be completed iy September 23, 1963. Immedi- tely following September 23, 963, the Department of Con- ervation will inspect all blinds ind blind sites. All sites on which blinds of an unsatis- actory quality have been built rill be reassigned. All blinds eassigned must be completed, including brushing, one week in advance of the opening date of he 1963 waterfowl season. 3. Registrants, for the draw- ng, must be over 16 years of agl and possess a 1962 or 1963 Illinois hunting ; license. Appli- cants'for blind sites must be jresent for registration ana [rawing. , . 4. Blinds must" be constructed within 10' of numbered stake and be large enough- to accommodate four hunters and provi- ions must be made to conceal a standard 16' boat. Blinds must measure at least 4'x8' and >e sturdy enough to withstand daily usage. Registered blind Juilders must maintain the jlind in gctod condition through- jut the 1963 season. 5. Not more than three per- ons shall be registered for as- ignment of any one blind. 6. Hunters shall be permit- ed to register for one blind ite only. , 7. Blinds constructed on pubic lands and waters for the 1963 season on all waterfowl management areas will be posted'with a blind registration card supplied by the Department of Conservation at the time ot blind site registration. Cards shall be posted by the blind 'ompletion date. HUNTING REGULATIONS The -following rules and re- flations are set forth for the operation of. the various waterfowl management areas. _ A. A- check station will be maintained on the .Woodford County, Spring Lake, Sangancns- Knapp Island, and Marshall County Public Hunting Areas. All hunters using these areas must report to check station to 'ill out information cards and :o turn in hunting licenses before proceeding to blinds. Fol- owing each day's hunt, or upon vacating blind, hunters must report to check station within one lour. At this time ducks bagged will be checked and hunting icenses returned. • B. Blind builders hunting k on the Woodford County, Spring Lake, Sanganois-Knapp Island,and Marshall County Public Hunting Areas have until one hour before the opening shooting hour each day to report to check station and claim blind (after the foregoing .named hour, unoccupied blinds will be made available for assignment on a drawing basis). On the Sparland Area, Starved Rock Area, Grundy County Area, Will County Area,' and the Grass 11 POSTW 1963. Keftiiedy Plan Be'Stick' fly MAKLbW Police Quell Fight Crowd CAMDEN, N.J. (AP) -'About 600 fight fans, angered when told no standing room tickets would be sold for a televised screening of the Sonny Liston-Floyd Patterson heavyweight championship fight, rioted outside a local theater Monday night. Fourteen carloads of policemen converged on the theater -and broke up the crowd. No arrests were made and no injuries reported. Theater officials announced be* fore the fight started that all seats had been sold and no standing room tickets would be offered. Some in the crowd had been wait- Ing by the box office several hours. Peaches Smooth, Easily Wins Match LAKE BLUFF, HI. (AP) Peaches Bartkowlcz, the 14-year- old top seed from Hamtramck, Mich., Jbreezed through the first round of the Girls 1 16-and-under national tennis championships and faces Barbara Rollins of Springfield, Ohio, Tuesday. Miss Bartkowlcz led seven other seeded players through Monday's first round *'• when she downed Mary Ann Poiset, El Cajon, Calif., 6-4, 6-0. Miss Bartkowicz recently .won the 14-and- under national title and figures to do as well against • her f older opponents. . The third round in the tournament will be played Wednesday with the quarter-finals Thursday semifinals Friday and finals on Saturday. Fullbacks Sparkle In Montreal Win MONTREAL (AP) — Fullbacks George Dixon and Don Clark each scored touchdowns Monday night to power the Montreal Alouettes to a 17-14 victory over the Edmonton Eskimos in an exhibition Canadian pro football game. Johnny White, up from Houston of the American Football League, got two touchdowns for the Eskimos. MIDWEST LEAGUE By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Decatur 3, Cedar Rapids 2 Burlington 1, Wisconsin Rapids Fox Cities 6, Quincy 1 Dubuque 5, Clinton 4 Quad Cities 4, Waterloo 2 WASHINGTON (AP)-Presldcnt Kennedy says hl« plan for settling the railroad dispute \t Intended te avoid compulsory arbitration. But the net effect In large measure could Wind up belhi arbitration. Nevertheless, a« examination of the plan indicates it's a thought- out device for taking ttiuch of the steam out of the four-year long argument between the railroads and the unions. . Kennedy asked Congress Monday to pass a resolution giving the U-man Interstate Commerce Commission authority to go over the whole dispute and give rulings which would stay in effect for two years after they were made. ' The ICG's authority would last two years from the day Congress passed the resolution. During that time—If the unions or railroads didn't like a ruling and wanted to strike or shut down —the ICC could get a federal court injunction forbidding such action. Briefly this Is the background before looking at what Kennedy proposed: The railroads argue that/thanks to modern" Improvements, they could operate $600 million a year cheaper if they weren't saddled by thousands of Jobs they consider unnecessary. For example: dlesel engines have almost completely replaced steam locomotives. The railroads say that while firemen were needed on the steam locomotives, they are unnecessary on the diesels. So they want to eliminate about 35,000 firemen's jobs, about 10,000 right away, the rest over the years through retirement or death or quitting. In addition, they want to eliminate about 30,000 other jobs over a period of time. A presidential commission and a presidential board went along 0 Administrative Order are to be found in Chapter 61 of the Illinois Revised Statutes. WILLIAM T. LODGE, DIRECTOR DEPARTMENT CONSERVATION . , PUBLIC NOTICE The fallowing regulations op* ply to ttm Waterfowl Areas lis VST below r catecl on east side. of Lake Area in Lake County, blind builders must occupy their blinds by one-half hour before the opening shooting hour each day (after this time, unoccupied blinds will be available to anyone). C. IT IS UNLAWFUL: 1. For any person to commercialize hunting rights, either directly or indirectly; 2. For any person to hunt, or attempt to,.hunt, except from within a registered .blind; 3. For any person to take, or attempt to take, waterfowl on the Sparland, Starved Rock, Grundy County, Will County, and Grass Lake Public Hunting Areas, except in accordance with the shooting hours and other regulations announced by the Federal Fish and Wildlife Service, except that shooting hours on the Woodford County, Spring Lake, Sanganois-Knapp Island, and Marshall County Areas will be from sunrise to 12:00 Noon, Central Standard Time: except that on opening day, hours shall be from 12:00 Noon to sunset. 'Central Standard Time; 4. For any person under 16 years of age to hunt, or attempt to hunt, on any of these areas unless accompanied by parent, guardian, or an adult; 5. For any person to cause open fires to be bui)t on any of the public hunting areas • (Stoves or enclosed fire pots may be utilized); 6. For any person to hunt with less than Ji? decoys; 7. For «ny Mrpon to allow decoys to remain out overnight or to be left inside blind. How ever, a weli concealed decoy box may be in or adjacent to blind; 8. For any person to hunt, or attempt to hunt, while under the .influence ot • Intoxicating esj ... - ; or more than 4 to occupy aw bhnd at any one time. '.' '•"• " >•••.'• Violator? of ttw above pray). sions Bhall be Reject to the ..... ' " ARTICLE XI REGULA- penalties prescribed ynder geC5 lion 56 of tine Game Code of Illinois, The laws supplementing this TIONS APPLYING TO WILDLIFE REFUGES DESIGNATED ON ANDALUSIA ISLAND AREA, OQUAWKA AREA, PIKE STATION AREA, AND MIDDLETON ISLAND AREA ON THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER; AND GODAR SWAMP AREA, HURRICANE ISLAND, FOWLER LAKE, AND 12 MILE ISLAND AREA ON THE ILLINOIS RIVER The following regulations are set forth for the methodical management, of those previously designated wildlife refuges. 1. IT IS UNLAWFUL: A. For any person to take wild birds or wild animals or to possess firearms on any| of the foregoing named refuges, except squirrels may be taken from August 1 to August 31 on the Godar Swamp Refuge: B. For any person to fish or trespass on any of the foregoing named refuges from September 1; 1963, to March 31, 1964, except squirrels may 'be taken from August 1 to August 31 on the Godar Swamp Refuge; C. For any person -to construct or use a blind or attempt to hunt within 75 yards of the boundary of any of the foregoing named refuges, except as provided in Paragraphs A and B above; D. For any person to use firearms on the Mlddleton Island Area or to, in any manner. molest nesting birds on this area during the period from March 1 to September 1 of each year, However, this restriction. in no way is intended to supersede regulations for controlled waterfowl hunting as set forth )n Articles Vin and IX. The above rules and regular tions are. established for the purpose of making; public lands and waters available , to tbj general public under /a game management plan. Violators of the foregoing provisions shall be subject to the penaltlej pr«* soribedjiwier Section 18 sf Game Code 9! The laws Administrative T-A.-..M found In Chapter 61 of the Illinois Revised Statutes, with the idea of eliminating jobs. The Supreme Court upheld the right of the railroads to do the eliminating. The unions not only refused to agree, they threatened a strike if the railroads started job-cutting. They refused to let some outsider —an arbitrator— give a ruling that would be binding on 'unions and railroads. Congress, to prevent a strike, could compel the two sides to accept arbitration. This would be compulsory arbitration. That's a dirty word with American management and labor, and ''Congests doesn't like it, either. Still, Kennedy and Congress do not want a crippling strike. So Kennedy, to prevent it, came up with the device he suggested Monday. If Congress approves, there can be no strike for at least two years. But, while it is supposed to avoid compulsory arbitration, this is how it would work: As soon as Congress approves the resolution, as it probably will in some form, the ICC would be empowered to act in the case. It would have this authority for two years. Its main task would revolve around manpower and jobs. The two sides could file applications for. rulings. Once the ICC gave a ruling, it would stay in effect two years. This could happen: Right near the end of its two-year term the ICC might give a ruling which would have to stay in effect for two years afterward. This mean* the ruling would be in effect four years after Congress passed tht resolution, This seems far-fetched. Almost surely it won't happen but this will: As scon as the ICC is empowered to act, the railroads will dump all their job problems in ICC's lap to get action fast. The ICC is supposed to act within 120 days— or as soon thereafter as possible— after getting * it- quest for a ruling. If the ICC decided a number of firemen's jobs should be eliminated, then those jobs would be eliminated for two years, But right here it would seem from what Kennedy said, the railroads might not be saving a lot of money. From the way Kennedy phrased his message Monday it would appear that men _ whose jobs were abolished — or' most of them'- would be shifted to other Jobs or retrained for others, The railroads would have to keep paying them for some time. So.there wouldn't be big savings in a hurry, Kennedy said, citing the opinions of the presidential. commission and board;' "No one would be thrown out on the, street! and, while the railroads gradually modernized their operations, there would be little, if any,'loss to individual employes, " It could be concluded from thii suggestion that the ICC, right from toe start, would Hot have a completely free hand in eliminating jobs. At the ime time an oxamin* tton & Kennedys menage pretty clearly Indicate! the unions would have to ac«ept the ICG's ruling since tlwt commission cvuid get * court injunction tp prevent t At least the mom year period After Hie ICC ft? turnip the JCG; wwld t» wm ,4; t,

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