Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 22, 1963 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 22, 1963
Page 12
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EVENING JULtf A, 1968 Hurt at Hartford When Car Kite Pole HARtFORD - Lonnie Hargis, 26, of Belleville, Mich., was ser- imtsly injured at 1:55 a.m. today when his car struck a telephone {role tiear Hall's Service Station on beimnr Avenue. Police said Hargis, who was traveling north on Delmar at the time of the accident, apparently fell asleep at the wheel. He was en route to the home of his mother, Mrs Louise Creeling on West 'Walking Street, police reported. Hargis received severe head injuries and was removed to t h e Wood River Township Hospital. • The-car was heavily damaged. LIVERPOOL — A British wife gave birth to a baby on the way to a hospital. It was the fourth time she has borne child in an ambulance and the second time with the same ambulance driver. Parked Car Mil At Wood Hive* WOOD RIVER — An Alton woman. Lauretta G. Ozee, 29, of 4500 College Ave., was charged with careless driving early Sunday morning after her auto collided with a parked vehicle on Third Street. The parked car was moved about 35 feet, police said. The Ozee car was traveling sotitn on Third when it ran into the car in front of the home of the owner, Edward Scott. The driver complained of mouth injuries. RANGOON — Burma may extend her trade agreement with Japan. Save Up to $200.00 FEDDERS FLEX-A1RE FURNACES WITH FLEX-HERMETIC AIR CONDITIONING Save by installing: both units now! We have special prices on replacing your old fuel-enter with n motlcrn automatic Flcx-Aire Furnace with whole house air conditioning;. Enjoy nir cooled comfort during the hot summer months to come and warm, efficient gas heating this winter. NO DOWN PAYMENT! PAYMENTS AS LOW AS socoo 5 25 Per Month BRINGS YOU YEAR 'ROUND COMFORT! THE FEDDERS AIR CONDITIONING UNIT UNFOLDS, £ PERMITTING COOLING COIL TO FIT INTO FURNACE WARM AIR DUCT. EXCLUSIVE 5 YEAR WARRANTY COVERS ENTIRE REFRIGERANT CIRCUIT INCLUDING CONDENSER, FURNACE COIL AND TUBING! REMEMBER.THEREIS L PLENTY OF HOT, MUGGY WEATHER STILL TO COME.! HLT0H BOTTLED GAS CO. Heating and Air Conditioning Specialists ' Godfrey Road "We Sell Comfort" Phono 406-3461 Woman Sues East Alton For $10,000 EDWARDSVlLLE - A suit seek ing 510.000 damages was filed h Circuit Court today against 'lr Village of East Alton by Haze Surber, address not disclosed, a n result of an alleged fall on a Village sidewalk April 4. The suit alleges that the plain tiff was using a sidewalk in fron of a house at 204 Bond St., Eas Alton, when she sustained a se vere fall as a result of the brokei and cracked sidewalk. The plaintiff alleges that she incurred an extensive injury U her right knee. Later, on May 2£ the petition declared that th plaintiff suffered a severe fal when "the injured knee gave way as a result of the first acciden and she fell and badly fracture* her right ankle." The suit seeks $10,000 damage: as result of medical expenses fo the permanent injuries to hei right knee and ankle, the petition alleges. Piasa Indians In Wisconsin for Shotv Saturday Pi as a Indian Senior Baton- Drum Corps -of Alton will compete Saturday in the annual Wisconsin Spectacle of Music anc perform in the colorful and dramatic evening spectacle in t h e South Milwaukee High School stadium. Piasa Indian Corps will be strutting best in competition with some 500 other drum majors and drum majorettes in this import- iant event in the instrumental music world. Contests will be held Saturday morning in band, twirling, drum corps, and' drill team classifications in the high school stadium and in beautiful Grant Park, 300 acres of natural woodland maintained in South Milwaukee as part of the famous Milwaukee County Parks system. Piasa Indian Corps will participate with the other contestants in the three-mile Spectacle parade which will pass in review through the streets of South Milwaukee Saturday afternoon. Macoupin Official To Tour Europe CARLINVILLE — Macoupin County Superintendent of Schools Mike Makuh and his father, Conrad Makuk, left the past week froh Lambert St. Louis airport for New York, where they joined a group leaving by plane for a tour of Europe. Makuk and Hospital Notes Alton Menidi'iftl MEtMCAL Miss Margaret Benson, Washington Apts. Alan D. Thompson, Wood River. Mrs. Clara Debow, 440 Jefferson. Mrs. Daisy Fisher, Glen Carbon. William Jones, 914 Brown. Roy Grace, Bethalto. Mrs. Mildred Haley, Belhalto. Mrs. Deloris Goth, Bunker Hill. Mrs. Nellie O'Brien, 209 Miami. Mrs. Mary Claxton, 2011 Brown. Mrs. Frances Holbrook, Godfrey. Mrs. Sally Cooper, Webster Grove David Croctuart, East Alton. Wesley Bayles. Rte. 1, Alton. Mrs. Bess Dillow, Wood River. Robert Bosworth, Jerseyville. Mrs. Betty Borders, 30l Harriett. James Elledge, Wood River. Mrs. Loretta Petre, St. Louis. James Aldrich, 423 George. Barbara Harpole, 2914 Watalee. Mrs. Percle Mallory, Wood River. Mark Hatfield, West Alton, Mo. SURGICAL Lois Dale, Bethalto. Mrs. Carrie Mathis, Moro. Mrs. Nettie Fischer, Brighton. David, Cecil, and Kenneth File, 1230 Rodemeycr. Lee Taylor, 2116 Mills. Dclmar Bolt, Godfrey. Evan Hughs, Grafton. Alan Brady, Kane. Jay Walker, East Alton. Joseph Slinsky, East Alton. Mrs. Donna Streeper, 306 Hoffmeister. Robert Koenc, 110S Belle. Miss Ada Patton, 10 E. Delmar Mrs. Beverly Stout, East Alton. DISMISSALS Barbara Leady, 903a Rixon. Mrs. Carmen Sibley, Bethalto. M. Fred Wiegand, Jerseyville. Leslie Metz, Brighton. Jay Walker, East Alton. Bonnie Allen, 2201 Morning Star. Paul Galligos, Wood River. Mrs. Jewell Grable, Wood River. Mrs. Jamie Denton, Hartford. Mrs. Vivian Higgins, Bethalto. William Wyman, Brighton. Mrs. Ethel Pickerel, Jerseyville. Mrs. Allegra Leonard, O'Fallon. Michael Brimer, Wood River. Mrs. Grace Pittenger, Grafton. Robert Hudson, Brighton. Werner Soltermann, Medora. Mrs. Eliza Zillion, 744 Washington Russell Gibson, Godfrey. Mrs. Marjorie Kaufman, 618a Spring. ' Ralph Tonkinson, Godfrey. Sherman Hefner, Jerseyvilrle. Mrs. Beverly Roberson, Cottage Hills. Mrs. Alice Hellrung, Granite City Vfrs. Carrie Mathis, Moro. Floyd-'Robinson, Wood River. Mrs. lola Dunn, Jerseyville. Mrs. Shirley Hill, Cottage Hills. Billy Russell, Bethalto. David Bauser, 3512 Coronado. Vlichael Silveus, Cottage Hills. eanette Fritz, 1014 Adams. SdwarcT Cornelius, Dow. Clell Perbtka, Godfrey. VIrs. Sharon Seifrit, 628 Ninth. ,eraldine Henderson, Edwardsville. Mrs. Martha Lathrom, 403 Eighth VIrs. Zella Carpunky, East Alton. Hubert Devine, Brussels. VIrs. Shirlene Smith, East Alton. rtrs. Evelyn Toldon, Granite City Edward Jones, Dorchester. VIrs. Millie Cawthon, 1204 Coppinger Road. ^^ ris father expect to spent most of heir time in Poland and Russia. Makuh will assume another 'our-year term in August as coun- y superintendent of schools. * ' V fc "I f% FAMILY NIGHT! ^s\ \ v ? y/'j/. v • •*lgmr mm mm mm mi mm -mmmm- mm mm mm ALTON SHOP T9LL 9 P.M. £.»!£*: »M& :&$$& '^^^•_. I . : .,/0H*g3£ V&M are A & P Food Stores 411 Pinsa Biederman Furniture 202-304 Piasa Carson Jewelry 215 W. 3rd Franklin Union 300 E. Broadway Hurwirz Jewelers 212 W. 3rd J & R Auto Stores Spiegel Catalog Dusk 400 Belle Myers Brothers 3rd and Piasa Sts. Paul's Fabrics 214 W. 3rd Schaeffer's 108 W. 3rd Sears Roebuck Co. 305-23 I'iusu Slack Furniture 803 W. did Thrifty Drug 323 Hollo Thrift Hardware 000 H«!lu 'Jbs3SS*aSS2£i MONDAY PARKING METER Mrs. Barbara Lewis, Godfrey. Mrs. Ruth Rives, Bethalto. Wbotlitfver Towtisllin MEDICAL Frank Roe, 430 Job',' East Alton. Mrs. Marcella Grills, 111 Dooley. Ralph Howard, 447 Prospect. Jerry Kuehhcl, 644 Leslie. Sandra Buehlrnan, Godfrey. Mrs. Evelyn Hatten, 606 Stowcll. Mrs. Vertia Stunkel, 723, Condit. Mrs. Revn Royal, Hartford. George Snodgrass, Bethalto. Robert Jnrnagiri, Cottage Hills. Barbara Porter, Rte. 1, Alton. Jess Wheeler, Betholto. SURGICAL Patrick M. Grant, Piasa. Mrs. Ina Akers, East Alton. Mrs. Dorothy Settles, 748 Lincoln. Mrs. Loretta Staton, Hartford. DISMISSALS Mrs. Etta Adams, East Alton. Clinton Middleton, East Alton. Johnny Johnson, East Alton. Clifford Hammond, East Alton. Edward Harper, South Roxana. Mrs. Jessie Dlxon, Cottage Hills, James E. Bilger, Scottsville. Larry Reid, 333 Fifth. Mrs. Helen Clore, Cottage Hills. Jerry Knight, 1318 Miland. Mrs. Ida McDonald, Godfrey, Edward Scott, 643 Third. Dennis Walls, Roxana. Rosemary Nicholls, Granite City. Mrs. Sarah McMillen, 441 Tipton Mrs. Elva Mock, New Douglas St. Joseph's MEDICAL Mrs. Florence Ilch, Godfrey. Mrs. Alice Buggs, Edwardsville. Miss Arvella M. Cottingham, Clifton Terrace. Mrs. Leola Johnson, Godfrey. VVillard Marshall, Jerseyville. Mrs. Shirley Mavcs, Edwardsville Rudolph Hendrickson, 864 Washington. Mrs. Ida Varble. 2513 Amos. Mrs. Matilda Hazelton, 1010 Wescott. George Holmes, 1012 Fourth. Mrs. Janet Terpening, 1312 Alby. Mrs. Jacquelyn Wilson, 469 Sullivan, East Alton. Mrs. Geraldine Vernon, 212a Cherry. SURGICAL Mrs. Rebeca Dirksmeyer, Hardin Louis Carter, 407 East Drive, East Alton. George Chappell, 942 Pearl. Mrs. Mary Daily, 610 Edmond. Mrs. Irma Gross, S. Roxana. Mrs. Maria Galeaz, 321 Lorena, Wood River. Mrs. Mavis Hunt, Rte. 2, Godfrey Mrs. Florence R. Carmean, 2436 Mills. Chris Totora, 423 Anna, Wood River. Mrs. Eileen Crews, 2916 Buena Vista. DISMISSALS Mrs. Pansy Hamilton, East Alton Mrs. Charlotte Longwisch, Rte. 1, East Alton. Mrs. Jane Loraine, 1005 Alby. Mrs. Clotilda Owens, 2225 Main. Mrs. Nora Raut, Edwardsville. Miss Kathy Runge, Wood River. Mrs. Elizabeth Show, 18 E. Fifth. Mrs. Patricia Wittman, 212 Mounier. rlubert Wisnasky, East Alton. Mrs. Bonnie Boomershine, 630 Sheppard. Miss Vanessa Cotton, 1626 Market Charles Campbell, 1420 Fourth. Karen Cunningham, Hartford. •, Roy Crowder, Wood River. Mrs. Cecelia Clawson, Edwardsville. Becky Griesbaum, 212 E. 21st. William Mayberry, Edwardsville. Dr. Leo Konzen, Wood River. Thomas Sawyer, 3401 Robert. Delberta Wrestler, Jennings, Mo. Mrs. Debra Waggoner, Wood River. Mrs. Myra Zyph, East Alton. Addington'Hines, South Roxana. \ ' ' Jersey Community MEDICAL arrett Hagen, Meppen. Homer Bridgefprth, Jerseyville. Mrs. Sylvia Wilder, Pearl. Mrs. John Hartman, Hardin. Mrs. Robert To'nsor, Jerseyville. Miss ; Annette Odelehr, Brussels. Leon Talley, Jersey.ville. Cathy Dunham, Fieldon. DISMISSALS Mrs. .Elmer Campion, Jerseyville St, Louis Meatcutters OK Contract St. LOUIS (AP) -A new contract, calling for wage increases of $12 to $15.50 per week over a two-year span, was overwhelmingly approved Sunday by the members of St. Louis Local Matcutters. The vote was 1,085 in favor to 395 against. A spokesman for the union's board of trustees, who have headed the union since May 13, said the victory was a "Tangible sign of defeat" for ousted meatcutlei president Nicholas Blassie. The local's international Union removed Blassie and other local officers for alleged malpracyces in operating the union. The new contract, which replaces the old one that expired last January provided for Increases of $12 to $15.50 per week over the life of the contract, rectroactive pay and additional fringe benefits, including "rest periods" that will give them 37 \k hour work week. The trustee's spokesman said union members Will also receive additional sickness and accident benefits and insurance at no added cost. The new agreement will give all regular employes in service. and self-service markets a general increase of $6, effective Jan. 23, 1963. Head meatcutters and journeymen in service markets will receive an additional $2 weekly, effective July 22. On Jan. 26, 1964, regular em- ployes self-service markets and apprentices in service markets will receive another general increase of $6 a week. Head meat- cutters and journeymen will receive an additional $7.50 weekly. The contract, the spokesman said, also contains a no-work-on Sunday clause. In addition, the contract states," no meat product offered for sale on Sunday,".the spokesman said. Under the new contract the em- ploye's birthday will be a seventli paid holiday. Mrs. Delbert Mourning, Jerseyville. John Short, Jerseyville. Mrs. May Weeks, Jerseyville. Mrs. Mae Shortal, Jerseyville. Iverett Bauer, Jerseyville. St. Anthony's MEDICAL ' Mrs. Edith Fowler, 2955 Hillcrest Delberta Wrestler, Jennings, Mo. Sheree L. Suhre, Alhambra. ' Mrs. Bette Whitaker, Brighton. Oswald Rousseau, 1700 State. Harold Wainwright, Rte. 1, Jerseyville. Mrs. Dorothy Funkhouser, 3407 Fullerton. '' -••• • * • Charles. Carter, Rte, 2, Godfrey. Mrs. Mamie Higgins, 8 N. Main, Wood River. John Schoeberle, Florissant,' Mo. DISMISSALS Edward Amburg, Grafton. Mrs. Kathryn Battershell, Jerseyville. . Fred C. Hack, 435 Ninth. v Raymond Hamilton, 2206 Vaalley View Drive. Beauron Hastings, Rte. 1, Edwardsville. Mrs. Eva Holliday, Medora.. ' Georgiann Paynic, Wood River. Mrs. Karan White, Wood River. Marion Whitten, 236 W. Seventh. Mrs. Willie Greer, 2609 Powhatan Mrs. Addie Holman, 2609 Powhatan. Mrs. Floyd Bazzell, Godfrey. James Phelps, 3510 Hoover. Edward Palen, Godfrey. Mrs. Wanda Wilson, Grafton. Mrs. Essie Dale, Bethalto. .. Affaw Brazil Crowned Mhs Universe MfAMf BEACH, Fla. (AP)- Mlss Universe, shy 18-year-old leda Mafia Vargas of, had her first date for her coronation ball—a thronged formal affair with all the trappings of royalty. Wearing her jeweled crown and a white flodf-length ball gown, the black-haired Miss Universe acknowledged her 1,000 Well-wishers Sunday night with a polite "Thank you," the only English she knows. Her first dance in public—"in my whole life I think"—was with actor Dana Andrews. The actor, seated at the head table, escorted the 5-fooMi Miss Universe to the floor where an orchestra waited to play the "First Dance, the Dance of Miss Universe." teda's escort, Luis Menezes, 20, didn't show up in lime, so Andrews took over. "I'm a lousy dancer," he said afterward. Andrews speaks no Portuguese and loda speaks no English. "You might say it was awkward," said the actor, in Mi ami for a play. leda won her title Saturday night over 15 finalists chosen from a field of 92 shapely beauties. Aino Konva of Denmark was first vunncrup; Wlarlcne M Keown of Ireland, second; Ln- Laine Bennett of the Philippines, third, and Kim Myung-ja of Korea, fourth. J. M. Jones Firm, Super Value Merge CHAMPAIGN. 111. (AP) - The J.M. Jones Co., of Champaign has merged with Super Value Food Stores of Minneapolis, Minn. The Jones firm is a supply center for 102 Independent Grocer Alliance Stores. Super Value supplies 835 stores in 12 north central states. Terms of the merger, which was announced Sunday, included a stock-for-stock exchange but specific details were not announced. Winter CAPS and GLOVES For the Entire Family Regular $4.00 SWEATERS ROXANA VARIETY 2nd & Central Rt. Ill—Roxana Roxana Permit No. 1 Legion Won't Oust 40 & 8 In Indiana Bj> JAMteS. tt. I'OLK INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - The American Legion's slate conven lion Siiilday rigidly rejected i proposal that il cut its traditional ties with the white-only 40 & 8, bringing threat of picketing by Negro legionnaires nl future sessions. One white delegate called the Legion action "un-American and un-Chrlslinn." Herman Wonige, 81 -year-old former Jeffersonvillc ncwspapei publisher, told tho convention, challenge the 40 & 8 to tell mo that the Unknown Soldier in the tomb at Arlington Cemetery Is \vhlle, yellow or black or a Jew Catholic or Protestant." Shelbyville upholsterer Rtissel Bcnfield, newly elected grand chef de gare of the Indiana 40 ft 8, defended his organization's white male membership require ment, telling newsmen, "All the citizens of this country, regard less of race, color or creed, have the freedom to choose their own society," The legionnaire delegates, meeting only a few blocks from tho Legion's national headquarters here, shouted down the suggestior they divorce their association vlth the 40 & S in an overwhelm- ng voice vote. No trite sfiokte against the proposal In tho tjHet debate at the convention's closing session. George* Sawyer of the predominantly Negro Post 35!) In Richmond said a statewide commlttoo would be formed and promised! »\Ve will picket any conference or convention tho Indiana Department has as long as the department continues Its unholy asso- oinlion with tho 40 & 8." iMANCHESTEn - A young En- nllsh couple spent their honeymoon in separate hospitals after she broke a leg recently and he had an attack of appendicitis at their wedding reception, DEAF MAN PEBWCCTS MIDGET TRANSISTOR HEARING AID If you can hear people talk and' can't make out the words clearly then this will be yew answer. An extremely small bearing aid using a tiny en- crglzed unit has been perfected by a man who himself Is hard of hearing and has boon for over 20 years. With his new aid, even whispers are crystal clear and your closest friends will never know you hoar so perfectly. 1C Interested II Is suggested you write: HEARING, De'pt. DQ-22, P.O. Box 154, Florissant, Mo., you will receive full information at: no cost or obligation whatsoever.—Adv. HOME LOANS! For the lowest rates and the easiest terms, your best source for a loan to buy, build or remodel a home is Alton Savings. Hundreds of happy homeowners have had our help! If you need a loan, be sure to come here first. Dial HO 5-4483 SAVINGS & LOAN Association Alton, Illinois 620 East Third Street mow bJ-llHMIU -OVER 4 MILLION HAVE-SINCE 1898 • 300 E. BROADWAY • FREE STORESIDE PARKING • OPEN TIL 9 P.M., MONDAY, THURSDAY and FRIDAY NEW SHIPMENT OF MAGIC CHEF RANGES JUST ARRIVED...SAVE NOW! Here Is a Sample of Why We Sell So Many MAGIC CHEF RANGES MODEL 2030-1 ./ • . Put a touch of magic in your cooking: • High performance Uni-Bufners • No-drip top • White drip trays f, Oven heat control • Removable door seal • Slide-A-Mafic broiler • Smokeless broiler pan • Storage compartment NO MONEY DOWN Pnly $7 g Month Completely Air Conditioned 9 Alton, III., 300 E, Brow!way § E. St. UuU, 337 ColllnsvHIo f St. Louis, jjth & Franklin t Granite City, lOtli & Pehjiar t F«EE STQIIESIPE PARKING t - • We also have Magic Chef Ranges for only 51,08, • We have them with clocks • Thermal-eye burners, • All Chrome * Griddles and rolisseries whatever your f BUY NOW - PAY UTER! It's Easy to Buy at Franklin Union! No Money Down Mh*0.,

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