Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 22, 1963 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 22, 1963
Page 11
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, ittifctf 22, ALTON EVENING tGLBVWT 'Five Couples Say Vows in Weekend Ceremonies , s, PiW "''dlftotlmift of u. mcr ISS Nfflcy -tt Snhllnft of Blinker HH1, 'will hmiG.vwt.on tlifi NSW Englftwl states, | rt The coiifjle \vns twnftted In Enimfis LmtoSwift Church, Dor* s cy, snuircmy. . Tlio Rev. Reuben Bnerwald of f rliilty LWtheraji Chilreh hera rfi nd Hie wedding ceremony nt 7 p.nin nndf the couple received fHendfl In Onlzed Club. The bride Is the daughter of Mrs. EstHerjM. Suhllhg of 'Bunk- or Mill! '&na,Mf. Christians is Iho Ron'.bf/MfSi Martha Chris-, tlnns of Dorscy, Dnvld ft, Suhl-' iii K escorted" his sister to the nllnr. J . • The bridegroom's sister, Miss Milan Chrlsttnns of 8,1. Louis, sei'ved ns mulct of honor. Bridesmaids were Mrs. Pal Mullink nnd'Miss Janet Buns, hoili of.tiiihke/ Mill. Mr. ! Christians was ^attended by Doii. iCrlise ,of Morel; Robert .loiics pt tet-lghion; aiid David blelzel of Dorspy. French lace over n Sheath of perni de sole satin, A rhlne- slono nnd crystal crowtl held her butterfly veil, find she carried a cascade bouquet of white roses, slophahotls nnd Ivy. The women attendants appeared In street length dresses of pink nylon organza over taf- fota In princess styling. Their headpieces were made of matching material and trimmed with pearls. Their cascade bouquets were made of small field carnations. The, bride Is a graduate of Bunker lilll High School, and of Patricia Stevens Career College In Chicago. She wan formerly employed by the Palmer Hpuse, Chicago. fhe bridegroom, a 1.DM graduate of Edwardsvllle High School, Is an employe of Owens- lllhiois In Its Godfrey plant. 1 Tho couple will live at 723 Alby St. MeyMs-Albert INKS, CHRISTIANS Ann Landers MltS. MKVBUS MRS. BAGOKTT MRS. DAY Long family Has Reunion Descendants of the Grant Long family of the Brighton area attended a family reunion Sunday ns guests of Mr. and Mrs. Olcn Long of Alton. Sixty-seven persons were present for the event, given at Alton Boxboard picnic grounds in Godfrey. The eldest person present was Mrs. Lida Long of Brighton, and the youngest was Debbie Long, 2-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Keith Long of Alton. Here from Chicago for the reunion were Mrs. Thomas Phoenix, Ariz. The Phoenix William Petrolle and daughter; and Mr. and Mrs. Guy File. Other guests included Jack Ring of the Marine Corps based at Okinawa; Mr. and Mrs. Gus Ring of Detroit; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rands and daughter, and Mr. and Mrs. Sam Long of Phianix, Ariz. The Phoenix relatives were honored as the guests who came from the farthest distance. The wedding of Miss Karen Parker, daughter of Mrs. Estaleen Parker of Carrollton, and the late William Parker, and Dennis Carmody, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Carmody took place Saturday at 9 a.m. in the rectory of St. John's Catholic Church. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Louis Schlangen, assistant pastor of the church in the presence of only the immediate families. Their attendants were Miss Sherry Kirbach of Carrollton, and Robert Carmody of Belleville. w a ** * Following the wedding ft fait- fet luncheon was served fit tht home of the fcroom's pftreritg after which Mr., and Mrs. Cftr- mody left on a short weddlttR trip nnd upon their return they' will make thetf home in Carrollton. Mrs. Carmody is a 1962 graduate of the Carrollton Community Unit High School, end Is employed in the Davidson Bnifc Store. Mr. Carmody Is ft graduate of Carrollton Community Unit High School In .the class of iDfil, and Is employed by the Carrollton Bottling WorkB. Miss Palsy Albert,, daughter of Mr. an'd Mrs. Clarence R. Albert of Shlphian, became (he bride of? Don W. Meyers, son of Mr, • and Mrs. _ Elmer L. Meyers of 'Plalnvfew', at 3 p.m. Sunday. . / The ceremony \yns performed In Shipmhn' MctKodlst Church, find a reception followed in the church social room. Mrs. Robert Cairns of Brighton and Mrs. Judy Simmons of Cnrllnville were the bride's matron of honor and bridesmaid, respectively. Robert E. Meyers served as best man, and Leslie I. Albert of Brighton was groomsman. Dale Maxwell, vocalist, was accompanied by Mrs. Mary Lou Thomno, organist. The bride's dress was made of tiers of lace over satin, with a chapel train. She wore a Madonna veil of sillc illusion, nnd carried a white orchid on a Bible. Her attendants wore dresses of pink nylon organdy over snlin, and half hats of net. with bows. They carried colonial bouquets ot pink and while carnations. Mr. Meyers attended Cnrlih- villo High School, and is employed by Owens-Illinois. The bride atlcncled Southwestern High School. . On their return from a honeymoon in Wisconsin, the couple will live in Wood River. She Gave More Tha n Friendship Baggett-Waltrip Miss Edith Marie Wai trip became the bride of Ronald E. Baggett at 8 p.m. Saturday, in First Baptist Church of Roxana. The couple received friends In the chur'ch social rooms following the ceremony performed by the-Rev. Roy Gibbs. , , The'bride is the "daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Harold F. Wal- Irip, 119 E. Fifth'St., Roxana. Mr. and Mrs.,'Leonard R. Baggett of Caseyv'llle, 111., are parents of the bridegroom. The bride' was attended by Miss Cheryl Kombdnk of Caseyville; and Miss Carletta Wil- freth of-St.. Louis. , , ., Dale .M'olf," the,. bridegroom's cousin, was his best man; and Darrell Weldner. was grooms-, man. Mrs. Don Pruelt, organist, accompanied the soloist, Dean Lovell. A curved cummerbund and chapel Irain were tealured on the bride's peau 'de sole gown. A queen's crown held her veil, and she carried a cascade bouquet of pink roses and stephanotis with ivy. Her attendants' gowns were made of aqua organza over taffeta, and their flowers were white daisies arranged in baskets. / The former Miss Waltrip, a 1961 graduate of Roxana Community High School, is a second year student at, Deaconess Hospital School of Nursing, St. Louis. Mr, Briggett' has - attended Southern v Illinois V'Uniyersit.v at Carbondule, and is an employe of McDonnell Aircraft Corp. On their return •from a Honeymoon, the couple will, live in Caseyville. ' Day-Friemann First Baptist Church in East Alton was the scone of the wedding at 5 p.m. Saturday of Miss ,lo Ann Friomann and Kenneth L. Day, both of Peru, Ind. A wedding reception in the Wood River Moose Home followed the ceremony, performed by the Rev'. Thomas D. McDermnnd. The bride's parents are Mrs. Frances H. Friemann of Wood River, and George K. Friemann of East Alton. Mr. Day is the son or Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Day of Peru. Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Friemann, brother and sister-in-law of the bride, attended the couple. The bride wore a white street length silk dress and. hat, and a white orchid was attached to her Bible, Mrs. Friemann's costume was powder blue, and her flowers were white carna- tions. The bride attended Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, and is employed by Mis- siasonnwa Country Club. Mr. Day is employed by Peru Light & Power Co, The couple will honeymoon in Missouri, and will live at 423 Jackson Ave., Peru. The Rintouls Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rintoul, who wore married on June 15, received their friends at an open house Saturday in their new home at 1957 Brown St. Mrs. Rintoul is the former Miss Gloria Stupperich. • Serving at a bullet table were Mrs. Victor Rintoul and Mrs. Archie Stupperich, mothers of the bride anfl bridegroom. DlCAIt ANN: I'm a 16-year- old girl with a very guilty conscience. A few weeks ago I returned home from a trip. It was an all-night train ride and I sal up in the vista-dome. A very good-looking guy was sitting up there, too. I noticed, stf'him right away • * but pretended not to. Finally k -?he came over and asked if he could sit next to 'me. I said, I'm ashamed Ho tell you that ''after about an •i i ^•^•^••^ »>.<. Ann Landers, hour of conversation I let him kiss me. Altogether I would say he kissed me about 32 times. He got off tho train an hour earlier than I did and promised to write. So far I haven't heard from him. I am really a perfect lady and this is the first time I've ever done such a thing. Now I'm ashamed of myself because he probably thinks I'm a cheap pick-up. My firl friend says I shouldn't feel ashamed because I'm a very affectionate person by nature and this is my 'way of giving friendship. What, are your views? VISTA-DOME TRAVELER -•• DEAR VISTA: Use your dome, Girl, you gave a lot. more than friendship so don't lry, : to kid Old Granny Annie. A girl who puts such a cheap price tag on her kisses that she would hand them out to a stranger on a train can hardly be considered a lady. * * * *' DEAR ANN: I'm a grown woman who started to read your column for kicks. Now I find myself, like so many others, saying, "I never dreamed I'd be writing to Ann Landers." My husband's older brother was married several months ago. We were not able to attend the wedding because it was a long distance away and we had very little notice. From all we have heard, Howard married a lovely woman and we are delighted. Howard and his bride are coming to visit, us in August and I'm ashamed to admil I've been worrying about—of all things—how to greet her. Should I shake hands and say "We're so happy to have you in the family"? Or should I give her an affectionale kiss on the cheek? My husband says some people don't like to be too chummy at first meeting. What do you say? - —MRS. KNOW NOTHING DEAR MRS.: Don't decide until you meet. Then let your feelings guide you. If she's a reserved, standoffish type, you'll know immediately thai a friendly hand shake is sufficient. If she's affectionale and oulgoing you'll be comfortable about kissing her. * + * * DEAR ANN: For the third summer in a row our boss's wife has gone to visit her mother for a week. And, as he has done two years previously, he has brought his three bratty kids to the office every day because he can't get a sitter. I'm sure there's not enough money in the world to pay a girl to sit with Ihose savages. They are 11, 9 and 8 years old and totally undisciplined. The three of them run between the desks bumping into typewriter carriages, fighting, screaming, upsetting mail baskets and using the telephones. One of Ihem has lo be taken down Ihe hall to the bathroom every half hour. The boss has managed to book himself for business luncheons every day this week and we have been instructed to take them to lunch. It is our unanimous opinion that the boss is nuts, and we would like your advice on what to do about this.—UP TO HERE DEAR UP: The boss may well be nuts—but he's still the boss. The situation sounds hideous and each of you has the right to tell him so. But be prepared to leave because this may be the price you'll have to pay for speaking out. * * * * 5 Publishers Newspaper Syndicate GRAVEMANN EVERY TUESDAY IS CHILDREN'S DAY IN OUR STUDIO S- c-tu FREE Delivery ZIKE Pharmacy 627 E. Airline Dr. R.H. Dial CL 9-2263 ELM STREET PnKSBYTERIAN CHURCH HOME MADE ICE CREAM SOCIAL SATURDAY, JULY 27 Serving 5:30-8:30 • Ice Cream • Cake • Coffee or Soda Donation Also available — Hamburgers and Hot Dogs •THOROUGH SPOT REMOVAL SOFT, NATURAL PRESSING • TRUE COLOR CONTROL • NO DRYCLEANING ODOR • NO MISSING BUTTONS PHYSICIANS PRESCRIBE VACATIONS Most physicians feel that a change from the usual strains of everyday living conditions is very beneficial to a person's health. 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