Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 22, 1963 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 22, 1963
Page 9
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MONDAY, JULY 22,1063 Stain Gommijwion New Crime Body Set Up •ORTY ODD III. (Special)new la-member rinte crime cottimlsslbrt will goon be ready t8 ftinelloh. Sponsor* of the priaposAl say it gives the state "an jfideejUftte facility for the In- veatigatlan of organised crime." StfltB &«. ttobert Cflrifleld (ft. ,chief Senateauthof of legislation, said the commission Is empowered to subpoeim witnesses and documentary evidence, fimfihasiaed in the bill is R direction, to Inquire Into the rela* tlonshlp of crime with various units of government 3-. fidgaf Moa- vef, head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, has endorsed the proposal. State Hep. Anthony ScaHnno (t> the ONE place to call for money V the * ; minute you want it r -CoH Beneficial to get cash double-fast. Clean up leftover bills, close out time-payment accounts, taks cafe of expenses, you-name-it! The folks at Beneficial |ke to say "Yes!" Why not call... this very minute! BENEFICIAL • ; FINANCE SYSTEM - ; Cwn* $25 to $800— Loans life-Insured at low cort i Btneflcial Finance Co. of Chicago, Inc. I'' - •„<:.... -200STATE'ST., ALTON ' ' .','','fr»o'n«: HOward 2-9281 • Ask for the YES MANager . ' ; ''"'OfC(l' EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT— >HONE FOR HOUR* IAL C1NANC6 CO. ark Forest), ti>to wa* Ifl charge the'toll in the Mousd where It nssed, 145 to two, Mid In urging 8 approval: "We rnurt fight rime with modern weapons in it* jet agi Illinois 188(111 fight ng crime with cornstalks. Organ zed crlhie presents a greater treat to American society than 16 foreign threat of communism.' The commissioners, two o /horfi have already been named teps. George S. Brydla (R-Pro- hetslown) and Ed Lehman (ft Jast St. Louis), a former St Clair county sheriff will be dlvld d equally, six Democrats and Ix Republicans. A House amend ment freed appointments by th overnor from any restriction bj trlklng a provision which requlr d him to name "experts In crim nology." Expenses of the commission 1 nvestlgatlon will be financed bj in appropriation of $100,000, a re EVENING TELEGRAPH PAOi NIMft By Peg Braeken and Bed Lullj ftDd Youths Win at Jersey Fair JERSEYVILLE - The girl's bicycle given away at the Jersey County Fair was won by Colleen Moran of Medora and the boy's bike went to Harold Shane of Kane. The county horseshoe championship was won by Richard Barry of Kane. The egg throw- Ing contest was won by Mr. and Mrs. Finis Schultz of Jerseyville, throwing the egg about 10 feet before missing and breaking the "Since when did a nightcap mean hot milk?" ductlon from an original provision calling for $200,000. Under Uie new law members will be known as "commissioners" who'will receive no compensation but shall be reimbursed for necessary expenses. The commission ,1s empowered to PRESCRIPTIONS AT HARMACY are • CAREFULLY PREPARED • SENSIBLY PRICED • DELIVERED FREE Alton's Most Modern Pharmacy 2510 State St. — Nbrth Alton — Dial HO 5-5313 FREE PARKING NEXT TO STORE ire and fix the salary of an ex- cullve director. The new law states the Intent of hn General Assembly In creating he crime commission Is "to set p adequate facilities foV Investl- •attrig and establishing facts and joneral background relating to organized crimes, and to individual crimes Insofar as they have a jearlng on organized crime ... so long as the crime affects pubic safety, peace, health, morals, welfare and justice of the State." Would Advise Two other purposes outlined in .he law would require the commission to ."evaluate the extent crime exists law en force- egg. in Soy's foot race, winners In three divisions were Allen Camerer, Tom Estell and Emmett Shafer; Girls foot race, Ginger Gettlngs, Barbara Green and Dotty Allen. Boys wheelbarrow race Terry Hansen and Vincent Wlttman; Bill Cox and Tom Estell ! Mural Goode and Terry Johnlsee; Girls' wheelbarrow race Judy Arnold and Ronda Niemeycr; Back to back race, Pete Raftis and Emmett Shafer, Mark Plstorius and Rick Davis; JoAnn Darr and Linda Stuller. Ball rolling Girls race, Janie Charow; Boys sack race, Philip Kallal, David Stumpe, Jack Thomas, Emmett Shafer; Girls sack race, Judy Arnold, Elaine boys. Randy bilks, Unny Richey, Larry Stacker,- Emmett Sha* fer. Foot race, ftickey Winters. Cuts Cheek In Accident JERSEYVILLE—David Smith, 2, son of Mr. and Mrs. George .1. Smith of Medora was brought to the Jersey Community Hospital at 9 p.m. Friday. At home she ran Into the side of a pickup truck and lacerated the lower right cheek. The wound was sutured. Continue* to Improve JERSEYVILLE - Allen J. Green, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Green continues to improve at his home in Jerseyvllle following heart surgery which he underwent at the Children's Hospital In St. Louis. Announce Birth of Girl JERSEYVILLE — Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Schell of Jerseyville are announcing the birth of a girl at 9:45 p.m. Thursday July 18 at the Jersey Community Hospital. This Is the eleventh child of the couple. The baby is a granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Gibbons of Godfrey, and she weighed 5 pounds 6 ounces at birth. Prior to her marriage Mrs Schell was Miss Agnes Gibbons. Parents of Daughter JERSEYVILLE — A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Rober Tonsor of Jerseyville at 12:22 a.m Saturday at the Jersey Commun ity Hospital. The baby weighed pounds 7 ounces. She is a grand to which organized and the degree of ment agencies in dealing with it" and to advise the legilsative, judicial and administrative agencies "to the end they may better perform their respective functions in preserving the public safety." Representative Scariano said during the House discussion on tlie commission proposal that there is no single agency in Illinois which can cope with organized crime. Listed as voting against the bill were Reps. Clarence G. Hall (R-Catlin) and Leo Pfefler (D-Champaign). The Senate previously had approved it unanimously. Enactment climaxed 12 years of effort by law enforce- Roberts; Boys bike race, David Beiermann; Softball throwing, ment groups. A factor in Assembly approval was the slaying last Spring of Chicago Alderman Benjamin Lewis as well as a series of bombings and arson fires in large Cook county retaurants. Associates with Canfield in sponsoring creation of the commission included Sens. Harris W. Fawell (R-Naperville); Richard R. Larson (R-Galesburg); John Gilbert (R-Cabondale); and Robert Coulson (R-Waukeg an). Model Quantities Limited fora limited time only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joh Skinner of Fieldon and Mrs. Celi Tonsor of Jerseyville. Before he marriage Mrs. Tonsor was Mis Bernice Skinner. Other children of the couple are: Cynthia 13, Joan 12, Patti 11, J. R., 10, Phillip 8 and Chrintina 4. Former Resident Visiting JERSEYVILLE — Mrs. James Laurie and daughter, Joan, of Louisville, Ky., are visiting the lormer's sister, Mrs. Carrie Windie in Jerseyville. Mrs. Laurie was formerly Miss Irene England of Jerseyville. 570 TRUI CAPACITY RAT1NOI AH Cookrator eoollna eapaeltlti mrtlflcd by National Electrical Manufacture Atioclatlon, LARGER SIZES 8600 BTtl, 110 Volt ..................... 10,000 BTU, 110 Volt .................... 16,500 BTU, 220 Volt Supply Limited at these prices! Oilier Moilels up to 30,000 BTU ' $198 228 288 . 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