Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 22, 1963 · Page 7
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 22, 1963
Page 7
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•MONDAY, JULY 22, 1963 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH 1>A®1J StfVJBN Livestock At East ,% Louis NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, Til. (AP) - (USDA) - HORS 7,000; harrows nnd gilts 1-2 100-240 1b .1S.40-75| mixed 1-3 1f)0-250 ib 19.00-00; ftmnll Iota 2-3 30ft u> 18.DOJ 1-2 550-170 Ib ]fi.25-l8.00; sow* 1-3 2t&-380 Ib 10:50-17.25; 350-460 II) l8.25-1fi.50; 500-025 Ib 13.25-14.25; hoftfs 10.7(5-1-1.00. Cattle 8,800; mlves 300; slmigh- let's Steers few lots choice 950-1,050 Ib 25.00-50; mixed Rood nnd choice 24.25-2'l.BO; good 2,1.0024.00; Slrttightcr hnlfol-s fmv small lota ftvorngn to high choice 800950 Ib 24.25-50; good nnd low choic(! 22.00-23.50; cows utility niid cbnimei'clnl 13.50-15.00| cnti- nor nnd culler 11.0043.50; bulls utility and good 16.50-18.50; good nnd choice venters 23.00-2fi.00; Htundnrd low good 19.00-23.00; cull and Utility. 15.00-19.00; good and choice slaughter calvos 19,0023.00. Sheep 1,000; spring Inmbs roost good and choice 80-1.10 Ib 18.5020.50; choice nnd prime 85-105 Ib 20.50-21,00; utility Jiml good 15,0018.00; slaughter ewes cull to good HUNGRY CHOW MI51N? ON THE MENU , EVERY NITE! SpbrJ Clothes We/come/ Serving in Riviera or Hilltop MOTOII Tues., Wed. lurtl Tluirs. Fflittiirn Family L'rlcns All Sents 25c MATIMOK Continuous from I p.m. Every Wednesday TUBS., WED., T11URS. Two Kxcltiiig I<'(Mituros DISNEY'S HXYLEY MILLS' 1$ Selected Siocfa Following arc today's 1:30 p.m. rnjotn tlons of 12 New York Stock Exchange Issues research has Indicated at-e widely heW In the Alton area, ns supplied to the Telegraph by Nmvlirml, Cook fe Co., from Us Alton office. (The New York Exchange closes at 2:30 p.m. (Alton lime), so these ire not the closing quotations): AT&T lin%, Gen. Motors 67%, Granite Clly Steel 26'/4, Olln Malhieson 38%, Owens-Illinois 81%, Shell Oil 44, Sinclair 42%, Socony 68%, Slandard Oil (Ind.) r )7%, Standard (N.T) 68%, U. S. Steel 44%, Sears 86, rices 'At St. Louis ST. LOUIS (AP) - ERRS and Ive poultry: EKg fi i consumer grades, A large )6-:)7, A medium 27-2!), A small 17-18, B large 28-29, Wholesale grades, standard 27-28, unclnssl- 'ied farm run 24-24%, checks 1821. Hens, heavy 12-13, light over 5 bs 9-10, under 5 Ibs 7-8; com- nordal broilers and fryers 16-17. shorn •i.OO. the \VlND Tues. at 8:15 p.m. Wed. 2:50, 0:00, 8:20 p.m. BOB HOPE Millie Vitale (Color) "SEVEN. LITTLE FOYS" Tues. at 7:15 p.m. Wed. 1:00, 4:80,,7:80 p.m. EDINBURGH - Friends and neighbors of a British soldier who was killed In notion during World iVnr II have decided to set up a nonunion! in his home town. 4.50-5.25; largely around COMMUNITY PLAYERS "THE WOULD BE GENTLEMAN" A bump-fly in two note JULY 25, 27 & 28 8:»() P.M. ill (Jin ROUND HOUSE Wood Kivc.r For reservations Tir.l(Kl;s fiOc Cull OL 4-8(180 j TARLIGHT COLLEGE AVENUE, ALTON, ILL. BOX UFIMCG OPENS AT 7:00 TONITE & TUESDAY THE MOST TITANIC MONSTERS OF ALL TIME CLASH HEAD-OH! Mil IECK praicnU 2nd MH "THIS INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN" Color Cortoons-Frcc Playground Children Admitted Free BEL*AIR AMMICAl 66(1 M' '« DID ST.LOUIS RO. CL1-2II4 ORANT WIUIAMS • RANPY STUARL LAST 2 NITES! ==31 Bob HOP6 Anita PLUS! Cartoon Festival IOPEN 7:00 — STAKT DUSIC| SUMMERTIME FUNTIME E ^ E g YTU ^ DAY 1:3 ° DOOUS ^u-JH -y^TTin 35c FOR \ EVERYONE! OPEN GRAND TS f %XnKrtv*fZoF TUESDAY MATINEE ONLY— 1:30 -KIDDIE SUMMER FUN SHOW " /Veil;* of Grain* Prices Weak Generally CHrCAGO (AP)-Trfldlnj? In Ju- r futures contracts ended today ith prices generally weak nnd II other months mostly lower on le Board of Trnde, July corn was down four cents r more at tho finish nnd soy calls a cent or more. Trading those deliveries censed at noon nd activity was never more than toderale In other contracts the emainder of the day. Cnrlot receipls were estimated 1: wheat 166 cars, corn 291, oats 8, rye 1, barley 25, soybeans 27. CHICAGO (AP)— Wheat No 1 cd 1.83%;. No 1 hard 1.94%-95%; o 1 yellow hard 1.05%; No 3 ellow hard 1.94V&. Corn No 2 yel- ow 1.32-33^. Oats No .1 heavy mixed 65; No 1 while 67; No hite 67. Soybeans No 2 yellow Prev close Prices on 16 Mutual Funds Following is a list of 16 mutual nvesl merit fund stock quotations rovlded to the Telegraph by ewhnrd, Cook Co., through ttfl Hon office. These stocks are elected on the basis of their nles and ownership In the area. The quotations are yesterday's losing. Ashed. 8.64 15.00 14.43 11.92 3.G7 9.28 17.11 15.16 10.R1 Keystone K-2 .... 5.11 5.58 Keystone S-4 .... 4.12 4.50 Mass. Tr 14.52 15.87 Mass. Grth. -... 8.03 8.78 Nation W. Sec. .. 22.30 2-1.22 Nat. Inves 15.03 16.25 Tevev. El 7.31 7.97 Soybean oil 8%b. • High Low Close Wheat ul ep 3ec rtar Any 1964 ul ep Corn ul ep ec fltir /Iny Oats ul ep )ec tor y Rye ul ep tor toy 1.79%1.78V4 1.78</« 1.78% 1.81% 1.79% 1.80 1.81% 1.87% 1.85% 1,86 1.87>4 1.90% 1.88% 1.89'/4 1.9fl<4 1.83% 1.80% 1.81 Vz 1.83 1,52% 1.50% 1,52 1.54% 1.52 1.53% 1.31 1.26 1.26% 1.23% 1.22'/L 1.52% 1.54 1.30% 1.23% 1.14% 1.14 1.1.4 1.14% 1.17V., 1.1.6% 1.16% 1.17'/ 2 1.19% l.mVt 1.19% 1,19% .64 .65 .68% .70 .69% .62% .64% .67% .69'4 .69% .62% .64% .67% .69% .69% .63% .6514 .68% .70 .69% 1.25 1.23 1.23% 1..24Vi 1.26% 1.26 1.2614 1.26'/a 1.32% 1.32% 1.32% 1.327s 1.31% 1.31 1.31% 1.32 Soybeans Ul 2.59% 2.57J/4 2.58% 2.59% .ug 2.60 2.58% 2.58% 2.60% ep 2.56% 2.55% 2.55% 2.57% 2.56 2.54% 2.54% 2.56% an 2.59%. 2.57% 2.58% 2.60 War 2.61% 2.60% 2.60% 2.62% Way 2.63% 2.62% 2.62% 2.64% To Give College Tests at SIU EDWARDSVILLE, — Souther.! llinois University will administe eats under the American Collegi Program Saturday al the Alton attendance center, it was report ed today. Scheduled to begin at 8 a.m the tests will be administered i Auditorium 200 and Annex A 10 arid 'jWill continue until noon. The tests are required by stu dents first entering the universit BE YOUR OWN BOSS INVESTIGATE DIVERSIFIED FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITIES AN ETHICAL APPROACH TO FINANCIAL 'SUCCESS. • FREE BULLETIN • B. F. HAMEL, Area Director 108 Dowey Drive Collinsville, III. 345-0032 Affil. Fund 7.98 Broad SI 13.9H Bullock 13.16 Qiplt; Shrs 10.88 Divid Shrs 3.34 Fid. Cap 8.54 Fid. Fund 15.83 Fid. Tr 13.95 Fund Inv 9.R8 News of Stocks Rails Pace Late Decline NEW YORK (AP)-Rails paced i slock market decline late this Tternoon following news that 'resident Kennedy had proposed mt the railroad labor dispule be eferred lo Ihe Interstate Commerce Commission for disposi- ion. Trading was modernle. Volume for the day was esli- nated at 3.5 million shares com- >ared with 3.36 million Friday. Losses of key slocks went from ructions lo a point or more as slight early decline deepened. Du Pont dropped more than 4. Union Pacific was a 2-poinl loser. General Motors, Ford, .Tones & ..aughlin, and Johns-Manville all dropped about a point or more. International Harvester and Lock- leed fell about 2 apiece. Earlier in the session, Canadian issues and other foreign stocks rallied In a mixed market on news of a Washington decision to soften the Kennedy proposals for laxing of Americans on purchases of foreign securities. Rails became more actively traded as the proposal for settlement of the rail dispute became public. New York Central was ofl learly a point. Down fractionally were Illinois Central, Pennsylvan- a Railroad, and Southern Pacific. IBM dropped about 3, Polaroid, U.S. Smelting, Control Data and Electronic Associates about 2 apiece. Several Canadian Issues advanced in a mixed American Stock Exchange list. Corporate and U.S. government bonds were mixed. MANCHESTER — An English rector and author of mystery books is moving into a stable because he says he is unable to keep up his 17 room home under the present income tax structure. OSLO — A Norwegian banker predicls a new economic boom. and are used to examine general knowledge and ability in mathe- malics, social science, natural science and English. Results are used to guide the SIU staff in assigning studenls in university courses, presenting scholarship awards and student counseling. So roal you'll ted you're aotuiilly i re. with Ilio l¥ , driver! CORNEL JEM ." WILDE-WALLACE THE MOST EXCITING RACING | STORY * EVER FILMED! tECHNICOlOR* YOUR FAVORITE CARTOON CHARACTER PLUS 5 BIG SURPRISES! OVER 2 MRS, OF FUN! INTERNATpNAUY ACCLAIMED HIT l < ll " n ' OpPnlilB filiuwu 8 CoinloitablyCOO/. WILDEY FRENCH VILLAGE JQxoluilve OWN YOUR SHARE OF AMERICAN BUSINESS Have you considered the idea of having a second addition to the income from your job? Millions of American families have a second income from Common Stocks or Bonds. Serving Alton Investors for Over.31 Years » NEWHARD, COOK 5? Co,, MIMBIRS NEW YORK STOCK R^CHANOK Ml Flrrt Nftttoiwl Bank Bldf,—AHo» FhOMl HO. 8-8531 EUOBNB B. SHULTS JOHN E. GREENWOOD Resident Manager Rcgiiurcd Repreientativ* : Our Of/ice Is Open Saturday Mornings If you can hear but don't understand, Sonotone would like to help yog. Whether you wear a hearing aid or not, let us give you a free audiometric hearing analysis in the privacy of our office or your home, LEARN ABOUT OUR NEW HEARING AIDS • latest All-iivEar * Smart Eyeglass Models f Midget Behlnd-Ear Models f 6-Translstor Models for' Pifficult Lossei t loiy M»tenlng with AVC Our n»W n>9d«U ore the tmallest, llghtajt/most convenient hearing olds powlble through Spnotbne research, Let Ui help you enjoy good hearing again, Budget prices, too, M«nm|«%M««%fe|B'9 THE TRUSTEDUAMP IN SONCJTO Wfc ICniR HEARING FOR 31 YEARS JOHN LEANDER BroftUwny OF ALTON J'liouo WO 2-6720 Telegraph Reports News of Business^ Industry in Area FlipjH) DcBigtiiii^ BaliHina Pi'ojnct VVillinin L. I'1ip|io of Alton has been commissioned to design an eight tinil one bedroom efficiency apartment building on the Grand Bahama island, largest of the Bahama group. Flipno will leave Tuesday for the Bahamas to make a feasibility study for the project. The eight- acre site, with beach frontage, is owned by Dr. J. llurnctt, MD, of KiHm-ood, Mo. Plippo said the project will include a lounge, dining facilities, snack and gift shop, swimming pool and recreational facilities. He said thai; the developer hopes to interest corporations in leasing executive units for meetings and conferences. Slandard Declares Dividend Directors of Standard Oil Company (Indiana) Wednesday declared a regular quarterly dividend of 50 cents on each share of capital stock, to be paid on Sept. 10, to stockholders of record at the close of business on Aug. 8, 1963. This is an increase of five cents a share, from 45 cents a share, which has been the regular quarterly dividend rate since February, 1962. At that time, Indiana Standard increased the regular quarterly dividend rate to 45 cents a share, from 35 cents a share, to distribute the amounts of quarterly dividends more evenly through the year. McBrien Elected to Board Nelsom K. McBrien, vice president and secretary of Millers' Mutual was elected to the board of directors to fill the unexpired term of C. D.' Kellen- bergcr recently. McBrien was also elected to the executive committee of the company. McBrien has been associated with the Millers' Mutual since July 1983. He is manager of the Property Insurance Claims Department. Also elected to the board of directors was Mr. Harold K. Stafford, vice president and sales manager, who will fill the unnxpired term of Mr. A. J. Koenigsmark. Stafford joined the Millers' Mutual staff in January 1926 shortly after graduating from the University of Illinois. He is a native Alton ian and Mrs. Stafford is the former Anna Jungk. The Staffords have resided in Decatur, Illinois, for a number of years. Blu-Dell Changes Ownership Richey's Blu-Dell Restaurant in North Alton, formerly owned by Harry Richey, has been sold to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Shaw, who live at 2140 Wyckoff St. Richey, who has managed the Blu-Dell for four years, vvill devote his time now to his other restaurant, Richey's Cafe, at 621 E. Broadway. Building Contracts Rise F. W. Dodge Corporation reports that May contracts for future building were 40 per cent above the May 1962 level in the metropolitan St. Louis area. The dollar volume of total building contracts — nonresidential plus residential — amounted to $54,815,000, according to Dodge district manager, Carl G. Momberg. Contracts for nonresidential building amounted to $24,518,000, up 17 per cent compared to the year earlier level for the metropolitan area consisting of Jefferson, St. Louis and St. Charles counties in Missouri; Madison and St. Clair counties in Illinois. Volkswagen on Vacation Assembly lines at Volkswagen's car and truck plants in Wolfsburg and Hanover, Germany, came to a stop lost Saturday as the company's 78,000 workers began their annual three-week paid vacation. Wolfsburg, home of the VW company, took on the appearance of a modern "ghost town" as thousands of employes and their families drove away on vacation trips to all parts of Europe. When the factories reopen Aug. 5, the plants will begin producing 1964 model VWs, still looking virtually the same as all the other Volkswagens built since the end of 1945. Oliu Broadens Line Completion of a two-year, multi-million-dollar program to broaden the aluminum sheet and plate product line of its big aluminum rolling mill at Cannibal, Ohio, and to increase its capacity has been announced by Olin Mathieson Chemical Corp. "The new mill facilities were added to enable us to keep pace with the growing and changing demands of our aluminum-using customers," said Milton L. Herzog, corporate vice president and general manager of the metals division. The program also increased the plant's production capacity. It is now 15,000,000 pounds of rolled aluminum products a month at a normal product mix. The capacity formerly was about 10,000,000 pounds. Chrysler Auto Sales Rise The sale of Plymouth, Valiant, Chrysler and Imperial cars in this area continues at a fast pace as dealers move into the-second half of a big automobile year, according to P. G. Haselroth, St. Louis regional manager of the Chrysler-Plymouth Division. Sales in the St. Louis region came to 1,282, an increase of 42.9 per cent over June last year. The St. Louis region includes eastern Missouri, southern Illinois, southern Indiana and western Kentucky. Retail deliveries in tho St. Louis region for the first 9 months of the model year, October, 1962 through June, 19(53, totaled 11,990 units, a 40.7 per cent increase over the first nine months of 1962. AMOCO's New Facilities Plans to build new facilities that vvill double production of the American Oil Co. Chemicals Corp. plant at Joliet have been announced by P. Craig Livesay, company president. The present plant is designed to manufacture AMOCO DMT (dimethyl lereplithalate), AMOCO TPA (tere- phthallc acid), AMOCO IPA-95 (isophthalic acid), and AMOCO PAN (phthalic anhydride). These chemicals are raw materials for polyester synthetic fibers, alkyd paints, and fiber glass reinforced plastics. Open New Headquarters The American Opinion Library has opened new quarters at 801 J2, 6th St. Last week flags from 10 Communist satellite countries wore on display in observance of Captive* Nations Week. The flags wore made by Mrs, Was Kberhurdt. Poutiuc Provides Cur The 19153 Pontiac that carried Carolyn Smitheo, Miss Alton of 1968, to Aurora for the Miss Illinois Pageant last week was provided by Quality Pontiac:, 801 E, Broadway in Alton. ; Godfrey Shell Service Expuuds Godfrey Shell Sorvico, war Montlcollo Shopping Ciwtcr o«i Godfrey Ud,, which is owned and oporatiul by K«u Frtodllno, is completing an ex- nansiou and remodeling project. Additional garage facilities have been added, and additional pumps have been Installed. The inside will be completely redecorated, For Your Information Did You Know . . * . Our southern Illinois peach crop was almost completely frozen out, how- *v*r, wft'v* just finished a fair supply of Arkansas Peaches In our stores. During the next few weeks, watch our advertisements for North A South Carolina and New Jersey Peaches, A good local crop of Tomatoes Ii now coming In and should be at their peak for canning in about 2 or 3 weeks. We Reserve The Right To Limit 3 pounds down Ib. Fresh Small. Meaty Ideal for Barbecue Large Bologna Pork Sausage Polish Sausage Beef Liver Hunter's Serve with Sauerkraut Red Ripe • Juicy • Fine Flavor MELONS "IABIE TESTED" FROZEN 08E-IOA" FROHN HASHED 6KOWN Ii. CUT CORN POTATOES C, W, SALT HUG ORANGE DRINK \ 01 IODIHO 4 X 0 ' 49c 2 £,•;: 336 »£ 1Q« 3 <*•«• SI <r Mil W I

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