Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 20, 1963 · Page 13
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 13

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 20, 1963
Page 13
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, «JLV 50,1963 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH U y, ft (AIM!) a, UMO* «;lt*) 4, fan (UK,, j Saturday Evening TV Digest 8 Death Valley Dayi 11 Omifttfy Show 6:25-4 KMOX-TV ICdllnHnl 6:30-2 Gallant Men (R) 4 Ltit3>"t)e8l Comedy Hour (ft) 5 Sam Benedict (ft) 7iBO—2 ttootettflriny 4 The defenders (R) 5 Joey Bishop (R) , 11 ftlverboat gino—2 Lawrence Welk 5 Movie — "Decision Be- 1 fore Dawn" (1952) Hildegarde Nelf, Gary Merrill, Richard Basehart . 8i30~4 Have Gun ** Will el (R) 1] Wrestling OiOO-2 Fight of the Week 4 Special! Miss Universe Beauty Pageant 3:45—2 Mnke That Spare 10!(W-2 Movie - "The Beast of Hollow Mountain" (1956) Patricia Medina, Guy Madison 11 All Star Bowling 10:215—5 News 10:30-4 News 5 Weather 10:35-6 Movie - "Three Sailors & a Girl" (IBM) Jane Powell, Jack E. Leonard 10:40^4 Weather 10:45-4 Movie - "The Vanquish ed" (1953) Jan Sterling, John Payne iiiOfl—11 Chtick Norman's Party 11:30—2 Movie — "the Gunflght er" (1950) Helen Westcott, Gregory Peck 11:55—4 Frankly Speaking 12iOO—11 News 12:35-5 News 12:40-5 Movie - "Dillinger" (1945) Anrte Jeffreys, Lawrence Tiettiey 12:55—4 News & Religion lioo—2 News & Sports 1:05—2 Mahalla Jackson 2:10—5 Weather R Denote* REPEAT , PROGRAM Sunday,, July 21 Religion & News 7-15-4 Big Picture 7:45—4 Christophers giOO—4 Camera Three 5 Film 8:20—2 Mahalla Jackson 8:25—2 News Break 8:30—2 Religious Reporter 4 Faith of Our Fathers b Hour c' St. Francis 8:45-2 Faith for Today 11 Newsreels 9! 00—4 Lamp Unto My Feet 5 Metropolitan Church 11 Gospel Time 9:15—2 Message of Rabbi 9:30—2 Fisher Family 4 Look Up & Live 5 This is the Lite 11 Revival Hour 10:00—2 Herald of Truth ' 4 Montage 5 Frontiers of Faith 11 Documentary 10:30—2 The Answer 4 Way of Life 5 Industry on Parade 11 Frontiers of Science 10:45—5 Americans at Work 11:00—2 Catholic Mass 14 Insight ' 5 Film 11 For Your Information 11:30—2 Scared Heart 4 Washington Report 5 Lone Ranger (R) 11 News in Review 11:45—2 Ask a Priest Noon—2 Viewpoint 4 Movie — "Objective Burma". (1945) Errol Flynn, William Prince 5 Family Theater 11 Oral Roberts 12:30—2 Pro & Con 5 Movie — See Sat., 10:35 p.m,, Ch. 5 11 Rev. Bceney 1:00—2 News Spotlight 11 Report: Cunningham 1:30—2 Issues & Answers 11 Church of Christ 2:00-2 Movie — "The Last Bridge" (1954) Maria Schell, Bernard Wicki 4 International Hour 11 Jet Jackson 2:30—5 It's a Great Life (R) 11 All Star Bowling 3:00—4 Communism: Myth vs. Reality 5 Amos 'n Andy (R) 3:30—2 Take Two 4 Special: PGA Golf Tourney 5 Life of Riley (R) 11 Conte Presents 4:00—2 Major Adams, Trail- master (R) • 5 Ripcord (R) 4:30-5 Bullwinkle 11 Movie — "Beware of Spooks." (1939) Mary Carlisle, : Joe E. Brown 5:00—2 True Adventure 4 20th Century (R) 5 Meet the Press — Gov. Albert D. Rosellini (D., Wash.) & Gov. Fan-is Bryant 5:30—2 Aquannuts (R) 4 Mr. Ed (R) 5 Sea Hunt (R) SUNDAY EVENING 6:00—4 Lassie (R) 5 Ensign O'Toole (R) 11 Safari 6:30—2 Jetsons (R) 4 Dennis the Menace (R) 5 Disney's World "The Magnificent -Rebel" (Part II) (R) 7tOO—2 Jane Wyman (R) THE BIBLE SPEAKS TO YOU Sunday 8)80 A.M.-KSD-550 KO Chli week's Chrntl^n Science Program > "Ovorcoming Discord At Horn* And At Work" •4 Ed Sullivan (R) 7:30—2 Movie — "Inherit Hie Wind" (19BO) Spencer Tracy, Fredric March 5 Car f>4 (R) 11 Broken Arrow (R) x 8! 00—4 Real McCoys (R) 5 Bonanza (R) 11 Roller Derby 8:30-4 G.E. True (R) 0100-4 Candid Camera (R) 5 Show of Week (R) .11 Movie — "I've Always Loved You" (1946) Catherine , McLeocl, Phillip Dorn 9:30-2 S|)«!diil - "A Vanishing Breed: Portrait of a Country Editor" (R) 4 What's My Line 10:00—2 Movie — "Paths of Glory" (1957) Ralph Meeker, Kirk Douglas 10 11 25-4 :30-4 4 5 News 10-5 Weather m-4 New* R Mpvie -.— "Lillian Russell" (1940) Alice Faye, Ed ward Arnold Weather Movie.- "Magnificent Roughnecks" (1956) Jack Carson, Mickey Rooney 20—11 Movie — "Duke of Chicago" (1948) Audrey Long, Tom Brown 30— 2 News & Sports 35—2 Mahalia Jackson 00—4 Movie — "The Bride Goes Wild" (1947) June Allyson, Van Johnson 15-5 News 30-11 News :40—11 Newsreels & Religion 40—4 News & Religion R Denotes REPEAT PROGRAM Monday Daytime, July 22 5:'15—4 Give Us This Day 5:50—4 News: Tom flrooks 6:00—4 Town and Country 6:30-4 P.S. 4 7:00—4 Morning Scene 5 Today: Hugn Downs 7:30—4 News: Carmichael 7:40—4 World of Mr. Zoom 8:00—2 Mahalia Jackson 4 Capt. Kangaroo 8:05—2 Farm Report 8:10—2 News 8:15—2 Meet Your Military 8:30—2 Medical Profile 8:45—2 Cartoons 9:00—^ Calendar 5 Say When 9:15—2 King & Odie 9:25—5 NBC News: Newman 9:30—2 Romper Room 4 I Love Lucy (R) 5 Play Your Hunch 10:00—4 The McCoys (R) 5 Price is Right 10:30—2 Seven Keys 4 Pete & Gladys (R) 5 Concentration 11:00—2 Tennessee Ernie 4 Love of Life 5 1st Impression 11:25—4 CBS News: Reasoner 11:30—2 Father Knows Best (R) 4 Search for Tomorrow 5 Truth or Consequences 11:45—4 Guiding Light 11:55—5 NBC News: Scherer Noon—2 General Hospital 4 News-Weather: Roby 5 News: Jim Burke 11 Newsreels 12:05—4 My Little Margie (R) Charlotte Peters 12:15—11 Modern Almanac 12:30—2 Divorce Court 4 As World Turns 11 Jack LaLanne 1:00—4 Password 5 People Will Talk 11 Movie — See Sun., 11:20 p.m., Ch. 11' 1:25—5 News: Kalber 1:30—2 Jane Wymah (R) 4 House Party 5 The Doctors 3:00—2 Queen for a Day 4 To Tell the Truth 5 Loretta Young, (R) 2:15—11 Movie: See Sun., 9 p.m. Ch. 11. 2:25—4' News: Edwards Who Do You Trust? Edge of Night You Don't Say American Bandstand Secret Storm Match Game News: Vanocur Discovery '63 Millionaire (R) Make Room for Daddy 2:30—2 4 5 3:00—2 4 5 3:25-5 3:30-2 4 5 (R) 3:55—2 4:00—2 4 5 American Newsstand Day in Court SS Popeye Wrangler Club 11 Three Stooges (R) 4:25—2 Movie — "The Storm Rider" (1957) Mala Posvers, Scott Brady. 4:30—4 Movie — "Lassie Come Home" (1943) Roddy McDowall, Donald Crisp 5:00—5 Range Rider (R) 11 Mickey Mouse Club (R) FEDDERS AIR CONDITIONERS PRICE SLASH Invtntory Immedlor* Dtlivery For Free Uitimates on Vour Coaling Need*, CALL! BRIDGEWATER TV & APPLIANCE 122 SOUTH CENTRAL ROXANA, ILL CU 4-0924 5:30—5 Sea Hunt (R) 11 Huckleberry Hound 5:55—4 Sports: Carmlchaer Baltimore Park Will Integrate BALTIMORE (AP)-An 11-year battle by Negroes for admission o Gwynn Oak Amusement Park will end Aug. 28 when owners lower racial barriers at the suburban Baltimore park and picnic grounds. Agreement in the dispute was reached late Friday night, only lours before integrationists had planned to resume mass dem- sonstrations. Under the agreement, the park owners, James, David and Arthur Price, promised to end racial discrimination at Gwynn Oak Aug. 28 and to drop all" charges against about 380 persons arrested in demonstrations July 4 and 7. In return, the ad hoc committee set up for the sole purpose of integrating the 68-acre park agreed to stop demonstrations immediately. National attention was fqcusec on the park during the July demonstrations when many clergymen of Jewish, Protestant .and Catholic faiths were arrested and charged with violating a Maryland trespass law. The settlement was arranged )y Baltimore County Executive Spiro T. Agnew in telephone ne- ;otiations Friday with both sides arid with the County Human Re ations Commission. He said the agreement was a verbal one "under which the good faitli of the ad hoc committee, the Price brothers and the people ol Baltimore County are laid on the line." He pledged the power of the county administration to "see that this experiment does work." Man Kills Wife, Self In Flora FLORA, 111, (AP) - A rural Flora man took his life late Friday after killing his wife anc severely beating a step-daughter stale police said. State police said they founc James Lusc, 42, dead of self- inflicted shotgun wounds whet they broke into the Luce trailei on a country road three miles north of Flora, in Southern Illi nois. .Also found dead of sholgur wounds was Mrs. Clara Luse, 50 wife of James. Luse's step-daughter, Lawana Taylor, 15, told authorities she fled the trailer after Luse triec to shoot her. This occurred, she said, after he beat her and then shot her mother. The girl hailed a passing motorist who notified state police and Clay County sheriff's police State police said they didn 1 Ask'HaseV TV Show Integration HOLLYWOOD (AP) «-' Negro leaders have picked "Hazel" as lie first Hollywood television series they want integrated, the program stars Shirley Booth as a rambunctious maid. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People made no demands that the cast be Integrated. But it wants the technical staff to include at least one Negro. If demands aren't met, the NAACP said Friday, It will consider economic sanctions against the show's sponsor—the Ford Moor Company. William Dozler, vice president n charge of production at Screen jcms, the studio which makes "Hazel" said that the technicians used are provided by the Hollywood craft unions under a union-shop agreement. "If they choose to send us a Negro technician," said Dozer, "We will be very pleased." Said James Tolbert, president of the NAACP Hollywood-Beverly Hills chapter: "If the person pay- ng the bills says, 'I want a Ne- ;ro in that crew,' it will happen," Herbert Hill, national labor secretary of the NAACP, told a news conference here that "we have no i)ias against Ford." He said "Ha- xcl" was chosen because its production crew lor the 1964-65 season hadn't yet been selected. At the same meeting Hill told of some of the demands given both labor an management officials by the NAACP. Hill said the Negroes are demanding that Hollywood change "stereotyped patterns of the past" and show Negroes in roles as professional people in the same manner they are shown in roles as menial laborers; NAACP spokesmen said they ivere satisfied with the opening legotiations. They said the studio and union representatives accepted the Negro demands "without rancor." The demands also were reported :o include requests that Negroes be used in television commercials and that there be at least one Negro in a regular role in each television series. Other reported demands were. In theatrical films, for each nine non-Negroes employed in the cast, one Negro must be employed. The figure was based on [he estimate that 20 million Ne_roes comprise one-ninth of the nation's 180 million population. Negroes also should be given one-ninth representation on movie technical crews/ Establishment of a civil rights grievance committee to give Negroes an opportunity to seek redress without fear of retaliation by a union or employer. Organization of apprenticeship programs to train Negroes for all types of jobs in the industry. Vaiiier Infant Dies; Rites Monday Private funeral services for the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. G. Kenneth .Vanier of 2830 Hillcrest Ave., will be conducted Monday at Burke Funeral Home. The baby was pronounced dead at birth at 5:54 a.m. today in Alton Memorial Hospital. Survivors in addition to his par- jnts are a brother, Michael Gavin, 2, his maternal grandmother, Mrs. Mary Baker, East Alton, and paternal grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. George Vanier, Harrisburg, Pa. McBride Interment H, J, MEISENHEIMER Harold John Meisenheimer, i9, of 822 Condit St., died early his morning. He had been in fail- ng health since February and when his condition took an un- 'Xpected turn for the worse he was taken lo Alton Memorial Hos- )ilal where he was pronounced lead at 2:55 a.m. An operator in the forming flow Icparlmenl of Owens Illinois, Mr. Vdeisenheimer had been employed jy the company for 32 years. He was a member of Local 95, Glass Bottle Blowers Association, and belonged lo Onized Club and o College Avenue Presbyterian Church. A life-long resident of Alton- 3odfrey area, he was born April , 1904, in Godfrey. His parents were the-late Mr. and Mrs. John . Meisenheimer. He was married to the former ouise Bauer, April 27, 1927, at Carlinville. Surviving in addition to his wife are four daughters, Mrs. Glen Sackett and Mrs. Larry King, Alton; Mrs. Robert G. Clayton, Bethallo, rand Mrs. Fredrick A. mith, El Paso, Tex., a son, Harold L., Alton; two brothers, Hen•y and John, Alton; two sisters, VIrs. Syl Kritzer and Mrs. Harry Maul, Alton, and eight grandchildren. A son, Michael, a sister, Mrs. Leila Vatole, and a brother, Slmer, died previously. The body is at Smith Funeral lome, Alton, where services will be conducted Tuesday at 10 a.m. )y the Rev. Henry Moore, pastor of College Avenue Presbyterian Ihurch. Burial will be in Rose- awn Memory Gardens. Visitation hours at the funeral lome will be after 7 p.m. Sunday. In St Joseph's Funeral services for Mrs. Edna McBride, wife of Harold McBride, of 3414 Milton Drive, w.ere conducted at 1:30' p.m. Friday in Staten Chapel by the Rev. <Fath- ;r Vincent 'Worland, who also of- Iciated at committal rites in St. Joseph's Cemetery. Pallbearers were Robert Schr- ;ier, Oliver McAfoos, Virgil Hook, Charles Hatcher, Earl Miller, and Frank Miller Jr. EDWARI?SVILLE — One area resident was admitted Friday to St. Joseph's Hospital, Highland, and two patients were discharged. Sam Vadalabene, 64 Circle Drive, was admitted. Discharged were: Mrs. Emily Mateyka, 618 Thomas; Miss Donna Yates, 223 North Buchanan, Machine Not Reliable LONDON—The new fully automated parcel sorter purchased by Britain's postal system has broken down so often that workers say they would rather use the quicker and surer method of sorting packages by hand. immediately know what started the quarrel that led to the shoot Ings. HIGH SCHOOL ArHOM&IJV'SJ>AJW v ._, , BuniJ CUrU {LA WVdt^M^ 3f.f?Y«. ttuH W«rlo" QHfw, Np'j NWITCQWI. FiQrUiam, MQ. Phqn» SHerwood H9M. Send mi your frtf Ol-peg» high ichool Nemi ..»,,, ifcftf _. limmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Obituaries Meisenheimer he is survived by three brothers and three sisters: Frederick, Jr., Edwin, Mrs. Michael Troeckler, Mrs. Leo Grcbel and Miss Blanche Harlung, all of Edwardsvillo and Adolph of Cascyville Township. He was a member of SI. Boniface Church, where a requiem mass will be read at 9 a.m. Monday. Friends may call after 2 p.m. Sunday at the Pletcher Funeral Home, where the Rosary will be recited at 8 p.m. Burial will bo in Calvary Cemetery. Morales Mrs. Bessie Morales, wife of Joseph R. Morales of 1803 Oakwood Road, died at 6 a.m. lodny in Alton Memorial Hospital. She had been ill for one month and entered the hospital two days ago. One of 11 children, Mrs. Mo- ralcs was bom July 13, 1899, at Williamsburg, Mo., to the late Mr. and Mrs. Frank Quails. Nine sisters and a brother died previously. She was married May 7, 1924 at DesMoines, Iowa, to Joseph R. Morales. They have lived in Alton for 20 years. In addition to her husband she is survived by (wo daughters, Mrs. Juanila Richards, and Mrs. Dorothy Knight, Alton, and one grandchild. Funeral services will be conducted Monday at 9 a.m. in Gent Chapel. Burial will be in SI. Patrick's Cemetery. Visitation hours at the chapel will be after 2 p.m. Sunday. The Rosary will be recited Sunday at 8 p.m. John H. liyor, a retired carpenter, died it 3 p.m. Friday in Cnrlinville Area Hospital. He was 81. A son of the late Mr. and Mrs. ohn Thyer, ho was born Oct. 3, 881, in Bunker Hill Township. Four sisters, Misses Kate, Marha, and Mabel Thyer, Woodburn, dnd Mrs. Edith Steinrauf, East Alon, and H brother, A. R. Thyor Sr., survive him. His parents, hree sisters and a brother, died previously. The Rev. C. M, Miller will con- luct funeral riles Monday at 2 p.m. in Jacoby-Wlse Funeral fome. Burial will he in Woodburn Cemetery. Friends may visit the funeral lome after 3 p.m. Sunday. Badifian Temple CARROLLTON — Mrs. Lillian Barnett Badman, wife of Frank Badman of near Winchester, died Friday at 6 p.m. She had undergone surgery two weeks ago and was convalescing at her home fol lowing the operation when she suffered a heart attack. A former resident of Carroll- on, Mrs. Badman was born July 1, 1900, in Greene County. Her parents were the late Mr. anc Mrs. Jefferson Barnett. Surviving beside her husband are a son, Earl, Winchester; foui daughters, Mrs. Mary Welch, Palmyra, Mo., Mrs. Martha Pile Wood River; Mrs. Lucy Welsh and Mrs. Elsie Mae Reuter, Win Chester; and a sister, Mrs. Arthur Palmer, St. Louis. Funeral rites will be conducted Sunday at 2 p.m. in Woodcock Funeral Home, Winchester. Visitation hours will be p.m. today. Funeral services for Mrs. Adrienne May Temple, wife of J. H. Temple of 622 Anderson St., will be conducted Sunday at 2:30 p.m. in Union Church, New Canton. Pending time of the funeral the body will be at Lock Funeral Home, Barry, 111., where friends may call. Mrs. Temple, 59, died Thursday in St. Joseph's Hospital, Alton. She was born Feb. -1, 1904, at New Canton, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank McCleery. She was married in 1921 at Hannibal, Mo., to J. H. Temple. They had .ived in Alton for 27 years. While at New Canton Mrs. Temple affiliated with the Christian Church and Royal Neigh- aors Lodge. Surviving beside her husband are a son, Duane, Laurel, Mont, a brother, Alfred, New Canton; three sisters, Mrs. Bessie Orr, New Canton; Mrs. Ina Stout, Gary, Ind,, and Mrs, Letha Blackorby, Barry, and six ;randchildren, including Shirley Temple, who made her home with her grandmohter. Williams Mrs. Emma Williams, sister of 0. I. Williams of Alton, died Thursday at her home in Eldo:'ado, i In addition to her brother, she is survived by a son, Don, a former Alton resident. Her husband, J, 0. Williams, died previously. Burial was today in Douglas Cemetery. Hartung EDWARDSVILLE — Leonard Melvin Hartung, 61, of 136 Springer Ave., an uncle of Police Chief John Harlung, died at 7:25 p.m. Friday. Born Oct. 29, 1901, at Edwards ville, a son of the late Frederic and Johanna Liedel Hartung Sr., AI/TON Harold John Meiseuhelnior Services 10 a.m. Tuesday Funeral Home after Malone Ben Malone, 70, of 236 Virginia Ave., East Alton, a retired carpenter, and World War I veteran, died at 2:28 a.m. today n John Cochran Veterans Hospital St. Louis, where he hac aeen a patient for one week. Two weeks ago Mr. Malone suffered loss of the tips of two fingers in a power mower accident. At that time he was given emergency treatment at a hospital. Mr. Malone had lived at Winchester before moving to East Alton 20 years ago and the body las been returned there for funeral services and burial. Rites will be conducted Monday at 2 p.m. in Cunningham Funeral Home. Visitation hour; at the funeral home will be after 2 p.m. Sunday. A native of Glasgow, 111., Mr WTalone was born May 19, 1893. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Elsie Malone; a son, Edward, Cottage daughter, Mrs. Hills, Eileen and a Wilner Jacksonville; six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Lambros In failing health for foui years, Louis Lambros, a re- Lired farmer, died Friday at 3:15 p.m. at his home, Boy Scout Lane, Godfrey. Mr. Lambros had lived on the 3odfrey area farm for 40 years aut had been retired for 20 years. He was born in Greece, July 12, 1883, and came to the United Slates in 1906. His wife, Mary died March 12, 1963. A stepson, Edward F. Noble with whom he made his home six grandchildren, and 11 greff- randehildren survive. Funeral services will be conducted Monday at 2 p.m. in Gent Chnpel by the Rev. C. A. Cox, ,Vood Rivet-. Burial will be in Jpper Alton Comelcry. Visitation hours at (he chapel will be afler 2 p.m. Sunday. Tltyer BUNKER HILL Stoner Richard Allen Sloncr, month- old-son of Mr. and Mrs. David Sloncr of 1009 2nd St., Bethalto died at 8:0-1 p.m. Friday in St Joseph's Hospital. The baby was born June 12, 19(i3. Surviving beside his parents are a brother, Larry; his paterna grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Lee Stoner, Brighton, and materna! grandfather, Joseph Tolle, Godfrey. The body is at Streeper Funeral Home pending funeral arrange' ments. Rogers Burial in Bethalto Cemetery Following services at 10:3C a.m. today in Streeper Funeral Home the body of Mi's. Maiinda Rogers, wife of A. T. Rogers, was taken to Bethalto for interment in Bethalto City Cemetery. The Rev. W. Freeman Privett, pastor of Cherry Street Baptist Church, officiated at rites. Pallbearers were Carl Hering, Cleve Logan, James Lyons Lloyd Norman, Harold Simmons and Leland Thomasson. Grandsons Carry Baldwin Casket j Grandsons were pallbearers a funeral rites this afternoon for Al bert L. Baldwin of 2453 Seminary a retired Union Electric employe Services in Gent Chapel at p.m .were conducted by the Rev J. W. Jordan, pastor of Firs Christian Church. Burial was in Upper Alton Cemetery. Pallbearers were Albert, Leo and Paul Baldwin, John Northcul Jr., Andrew Lee Northcutt anc Floyd Stevens Jr. Requiem Mass for Robert J. Shirack A Requier High Mass, with the Rev. Father Schmidt as celebrant was sung at 10 a.m. Friday in St Michael's Church, Beltrees, foi Robert J. Shirack, 28. Father Schmidt also officiatec at committal.riles in St. Patrick't, Cemetery, Alton. Pallbearers were Wayne Wester- lioldt, Ralph Rowden, Dick Burch Jack Martin, Robert Baker, and James Zike. Perkiiisoii Burial In Alton Cemetery A Requiem High Mass was sung at 11 a.m. Friday in St. Patrick'. 1 Church for Emil S. Perkinson, 80 Rte. 1, Jerseyville. The Rev. Father Frank Westhoff was celebrant of the Mass and officiated at committal rite:in Alton Cemetery. Pallbearers were Victor Breit wciser, Emory Cooper, Harok Cairns, George Novolny, E. G Buckshot, and Leroy Emmons. Shealian Interment In Alton Cemetery Following services at 3 p.m. to day in Gent Chapel the body o Mrs. Deborah Sheahan, was' takei to Alton Cemetery for interment. The Rev. John Henderson, pas tor of Main Street Methodis Church, officiated at the rites. Mrs. Sheahan, the wife of Di Edwin Sheahan, died Thursday. LOUIS LAMBROS Services 2 p.m. Monday in the Chapel. Rev. C, A, Cox officiating, Burial in Upper Alton Cemetery, In state at the Chapel after 2 p.m. Sunday. BESSIE MORALES Services 9 a.m. Monday in. the Chapel. Burial In St, Patrick's "Cemetery. In state at the Chapel after 2 p.m. Sunday Rosary recited at 8:15 p.m. Sunday. Funeral Home CORE Halts Marches At Chicago o CHICAGO (AP) — Demonstra- ions against the Chicago Board f Education protesting the city's wishborhood policy of school at- ondanco have been halted by the onRfPSs of Racial Equality. The director of nine days of !OIlE-s|)onsored demonstrations, he Uev. B. Elton Cox, of High D oint, N.C., said Friday night thai 10 has called them off until at east Wednesday. Thn Rev. Mr. Cox mnde the innotincrmpnl during a h r i n I lemonstration involving about 200 jcrsons nulside (he board's down own offices. A sit-in in the office of Clair M. toddowig, board president, led to he arrest of eight persons Thurs- iay. Those arrested, charged with rpspass and disorderly conduct, vere granted jury trials Friday nd released on $200 bond, Tria was sol for Aug. 21. Thp chairman of the Chicago CORK chapter, meanwhile, an nounced a sit-in for Monday in the office of Mayor Richard J. Daley Natural Causes Found in Deaths Verdicts of deaths by natura causes were returned by coroner's uries at inquests conducted Fri day night by Deputy Corone Thomas Burk into the deaths o Raymond A. Fuess, St. Louis jowler, and George Russell Riley vho lost his life in a fire at his lome, 608 Porter St., July 11. Death of Fuess was due to a cerebral hemorrhage, the jury ound, and Riley died of asphyx ation by carbon monoxide poison ng. ANNOUNCEMENTS CARD OF THANKS I 20 —AGNES NOWASKI—We would like to thank all those who were so kind during our recent bereave ment, especially: St. Anthony's Sisters St. nurses, clergy, Mark! Funeral Home, friends, neighbors those who sent cards, flowers or helped in any way. .The Nowaskl Family. 3 IN LOVING MEMORY 3 — 20 -— —— IN LOVING MEMORY of Augus Finke Sr., who passed away i years ago, July 21, 1955. Just a thought of sweet remem brance, Just a memory sad and true. Just the love and sweet devotion Of those who think of you. Sadly missed by, Daughter, Son and Daughter-in-law. 8 MONUMENTS — CEM. LOTS 6 — 20 4 GRAVE LOT—Roselawn Memorj Gardens, $325. 259-1286. PERSONALS 7 7 _ 7/27 ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS — Help for the problem drinkers. Men and women. HO 5-1612. 7 — 7-20 LICENSED DETECTIVE — Lega photography. W. E. Burt, 200r Washington Ave.. Alton, 465-7350. 7 _ TF — TU — TH — SAT RENT Cameras, projectors, accessories. FOSTER'S DRUG STORE Alton's Photo Center. HO 5-2585 230 East Broadway. Alton 7 — 7/25/63 TRY DIADAX TABLETS — (form erly Dex-A-Dlet). New name, sam formula, only 98c. Honke Phar macy. 9 SOCIETIES and LODGES 9 — 20 ALTON-WOOD RIVER Sportsmen Club and Duck and Goose Hunters Association of Illinois are calling a special joint meeting of all mem bers at the club house on Godfrey Road, Monday. July 22, to discus a special Fall activity. MEL RUSHING, Preslden y _ 20 — FRANKLIN LODGE No. 25 AF & AM — Open installation of officers Saturday evening July 20th, 8 p.m For members, their families & friends. Clarence J. Smith, W.M 10 LOST—STRAYED—STOLEN 10 — 27 LOST—Dog, medium size, shor hair, long tail. Yellow, tan & white Reward. CL 4-8349. 10 — 20 LOST—White collie with black spots Broadway area. 465-9628. ANNOUNCEMENTS 0 LOST—! __ .,- MM***. »* triever wftarlnjt silvif 1, Bftthalto. Call BU 4 o — jo — ' ' ' " "': "".'*"',?'' -Brown jsftpef HHcje. cpfltain- ins blue w*b strap utttata Ihodontla. HO 2-8844. lot or- 2,1 NOTICES CARS WASHED A timed & dusted on Inildc, 18, Ph. 4-367.1 ........^.^ FREE 'WASTEPAPER PICK UP«At vour home, also commercial accounts. 465.3021. Alten W«»ti Paper Co. | _ tP —WED A SAf", ;f . .™:*!". GET YOUR CAMERA NOW AND PAY LATER AT POSTER'S DRUS STORE, 230 E. Broadway, Alton 'RIVATE CONFtDBNTfAL INVES- TIGATIONS—Dowtistate investing lion Service. 618-AT S-9I5B. LIC. * Bonded. Owner, D, A. Landfifl. FOR' YOUR CONVENfBNCE You can place your classified d, classified kill of classified corrections 24 hours a day, SPEAK SLOWLY ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH NIGHT CLASSIFIED NUMBER HO 5-6611 5 P.M. TO 8 A.M. CALL HO 5-6511 DAYTIME 465-6641 HINTS ON USING ELEC- . TRONIC AD TAKER: 1. GIVE YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER. (Spell your name out). BE SURE TO STATE THE NUMBER OF DAYS YOU DESIRE YOUR AD TO BE PUBLISHED. (IF YOU DO NOT TELL US WE WILL AUTOMATICALLY RUN THREE DAYS). 3. Speak slowly and distinctly. 4. Remember, this is a mechanical device. It will answer your call and give you recorded instructions on what to do, but other than that cannot answer any questions. RIDERS 11A 11A — 26- RIDERS—To St. Louis from Wood River. Roxana or Hartford. 7:45 to 4:30. CL 4-5300. EMPLOYMENT 17 HELP WANTED — MALE 17 — 20 — CREDIT MANAGER MUST BE EXPERIENCED With retail installment accounts & collections. Good opportunity. Steady position. Write Box 1040 care of Telegraph. 17 — 22 • HELP WAN'.'ED—Business manager and bookkeeper for old established concern. Man preferred. Excellent salary and working conditions. Write Box 1100, care Alton Telegraph. 17 _ 24 PERMANENT OPENING—For first class body mechanic. Only first class need apply. Write Box 1050, care Telegraph. 18 HELP WANTED — FEMALE 18 — 22 BABYSITTER — For 2 children. North Alton. Call HO 2-0284 between 5-8 p.m. . 18 — 20 S MEDICAL SECRETARY—Must be experienced. Speed typing required. Apply Mrs. N. Brown, Administrative Assistant Alton Memorial. HO 5-4411. 18 — 20 MIDDLE-AGE LADY — Care for 3 children. Must stay. CL 4-5876. 18 — 23 — TWO—Licensed practical nurses and one part time licensed practical nurse for 9-month academic year. Write Monticello College, Godfrey, 111., or call 466-3755. 18 — 23 — WAITRESS WANTED—Apply in person or call HO 6-0382. 11 a.m.-evening, Clifton Terrace Inn. 18 — 20 WANTED — Babysitter. 465-1243. 18 — 22 — — WANTED — Babysitter wanted to stay in my home. References, 585-4933. 18 — 23 — WANTED — Experienced waitress. Vlcari's Dining Room. Godfrey, Call 466-0128. After 4, 466-4829, 18 — 25 — WANTED—Carhops, waitresses. Apply Riverside Drive-In or Sunshine Coffee Shop. 19A SALESLADIES 19A — 8-3-63 TOY DEMONSTRATORS — Show the finest toys, books and gamei at toy parties. We have discount prices on many of the Items we carry. See the BEST. See TOY CHEST. Write Box 1070 care of Alton Telegraph. ANNOUNCEMENTS ANNOUNCEMENTS Diesel Equipment Users SHELL DIESELENE Has n clear amber color thai reflects its high level ol purity, Your high priced Diesel equipment Is limply protucteU with this high grade fuel. We invite you to give it a trlul. Your Shell Products Jobber LANGEN OIL COMPANY Phone: 254-3876 MAIN STREET NURSING HOME 1216 Main Street, Alton, Illinois Semi-private roprm available for both malo and female. 24 hour nursing care by professional regli- terod and licensed practical nurses, Opening under new management of. Mr, at)d Mn. James Myrick and Mr, and Mn, Bruce V/ttt, txpeo ienced owners and operators of well established Caseyville Nursing Home, Qaseyville, IlllnpU, PHONE 465-1332 0odor on call W his. day ,

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