Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 20, 1963 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 20, 1963
Page 12
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ft- » JULY §0,1963 » *. M 8AVID OltAtffS fiy John Otillen /ABOUT.&4MILY. PROfitftMS ]CULVERfc.He'S (SN'f OONB SOON, JHJ.fet-M'3 SeftlOUS TROUBLE. DONMOOC5D DO 1O HELP THE YIDU INSIDE THMT KERKY DRAKE By Alfred Andrlola LIMLE EVE FtfOM "0OOT5*TODD, S&r. DRAKE/... ... .AND IT SUCKS IN WAV BOTH OF tHBs US TO CALL Ofl THE MY MIND THAT THEl?e IS SOMETHING.. UNUSUAL BOOTS' MARRIED? ./ ..ABOUT HIS WIFE/ DEAP MAN'S tWO COMPANIONS, JOHNNY? By George Sixta FLASH GORDON By Dan Barry Decorate hankies, scnrfs, cases, cloths— add a touch or make embroidery prominent. motifs, varied stitches, designs. Heirloom luxury for linens, Pattern 621: transfer 42 motifs I%x8 to l&xlMi inches; directions. Thirty-five cents In c.oliiN for this pattern — add 15 cents for each pullorn for first-class mall- Ing and special bundling. Scud to'Lmirn Wheeler, cnro of Alton Telegraph, 8(1, NecdlocraH Dept., P. O. Box 101, Old Chelsea Station, New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly Pattern Number, Name, Address and Zone. Newest rage— smocked accessories plus 208 exciting needlecraft designs in our new 1963 Needlecraft Catalog — just out! Fashions, furnishings to crochet, knit, sew, weave, embroider, quilt. Plus free pattern. Send 25 cents now. CERTAINLY. \ THAT JUST f- PROVES MY h ROINT- CALL THAT SMART? ~- HE THINKS EVERYOME SHOULD STICK TO HIS OWM SPECiALTY. SEE THAT? RIVETS IS A REAL SAAART DOG/ IF THE TIME POLICE ARE MONITORING THIS... I'M RUINEP.' CONTRARY TO RUMOR, THE MEN IS NOT AN ALIEN AT ML... BUT A FRISNDIY, CIVILIZED MAN FROM KI6HT HERE OH- EARTH' HI6 'SPACESHIP'13 A T/ME- MACH/ffE FROM THE ANO HE'S GOIHQ TO TEtt US HOW THIS AMAZING TIME-HOPPER OF HIS WORKS...AREN'T YOU, EQON* ANPSENTtEMEN/ AS PROMISED /HclOOT'ENTERPRISES IS BRINSING YOU THE FIRST HANP MStPE STOR/ OP THE AWSTERIOUS AtlEN SHIP ANP IT3 PILOT' .. I-I'LL TRY, \ SIR! THE BEBRYS By Carl Grubert JOHNNY HAZARD By Frank Robbins DONT WORRY ABOUT ME, OL' BUDDY. " AND VOLJD BETTER GET BECAUSE I'D RATHER PLAY WITH ANY KIND OF A LOSER THAN .WITH A WINNER/ A5SUREPLY EET IS EXCELLENT PROGRESS, SI6NORE KANE,,, WHEN ONE THEENKS THAT OTHER 5IPE OF BUT ONE ROES NOT WIN BETS 5CALINS THE SK7E IPJOT? WHY ELSE. PD 1 HIRE THE BEST SUIPE? NOW,,, /WOVE' EEF YOU JOIN ME, SISNORE,,, VDU WEEL SEE WHAT ASTOUNPS EVEN SEASONED CLIMBER LIKE ALFREPO.' I WARN YOU PETE I HATE A POOR LOSER.' THE CUMBERS'HAZARPOU6 ASCENT OF A SHEER B "° USHT Skinny Skimmer PRINTED PATTERN WHY STOP HERE, MOUNTAIN TAKES BUT ONE CAY/ ALFKEPO? 06HT HUNPREP FEET IN THREE PAYS,,, TWO HUNPREC7 TO SO — LET'S TOP IT OFF NOW/ 4836 SIZES 10-18 5TAKTINS NEXT WEEK'/ *MlUK-UNEP ffSST!" By Carl Anderson THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith tell Me SIR BAGBY By R. and B. Hackney I'M WORRIED ABOUT BASBV SINCE THE TRIAL HE'S CLOSED HIMSELF OFF FROM I'VE TRIED TO TALK "TO HIM-1 CANT GET ANV RESPONSE. I'M BEGINNING TO WONDER IF HE5 EVEN sued a proclamation In 313 A.D. giving the. Christians freedom By A. LEOKUBf What Are the Catacombs? Win the Britannica Junior 15- of worship, they no longer need volume encyclopedia for school and home. Send your questions, time, as a result, they were all name, age, address to "Tell Me Why! care'of this paper. In workmen accidentally uncover- case of duplicate questions, the chapels, and many more new author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: ones were found: Phyllis Lewellen, 13, Pryor, Oklahoma. Now the catacombs are care- PROFESSOR PHUMBLE By Bill Yates WHAT DO YOU THINK THIS/9, COGS WORTH —A QUIZ. SHOW A few miles outside the city / NEVER MIND THE V HINTS—X > WANT STRAIGHT ANSWERS THE ANSWER BEGINS WITH'V'ANP RHYMES of Rome, there are underground WITH CAPSULE. Coffee break, Trudy?" DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney JISL l VVOVV/PIDI SCORCH HER< , ©OT THE LA6T WORD/TOOi/ THINK I'LL CALL AND SEE; IP IT TALJSHT HER A LESSON/, A LESSON/J^-^^gpLiL/N > ~~-*-VTlSH E ' J S AS HOT-] \ > TeMP£KEiO \ ^ C^AgypUAgefJ .m«rlHUdl»Kk»T«»»gnft»aal»,' F* you said.ft. 1 • ..but why? W^M^^S^Ms^^^ "JAILBIRD" While an English culprit would spend time in the stocks, where he'd be pelted with eggs and rocks, on the Continent it was customary to place prisoners in cages w pended off the ground, And since they resembled birds in cages, it became common to speak of them as JAILBIRDS, 7-*9 Okf Stotyfr True Life Adventures KSUSH THE ; BJ5KK1JSS, vaults and passages which have been cut into the rock., They are called the catacombs. In this place, the dead were buried/ in early times. Narrow hallways, three to five feet wide, have been cut in the soft rock, Along the side of these halls, on several levels, are rows of holes or niches which are the graves of the dead. Off the main halls are rooms for burials and larger chapels where the early Christians held their services. The catacombs have had a long and strange history. Among the earliest people to use the catacombs for burial •were the Jewish people of Rome, They were the :-ock tombs of Palestine, and so :hey chose to bury their dead n the rock near the city. After them Iho Christians dug out new catacombs for burial ilaces and added chapels where hey could worship. At first, the Chr)sUan8 were able to use hese catacombs simply by puy- ng a fee, such as any burial society would pay, But when he great persecution of the Christians in Rome began, all his was changed. Christians were hunted and put in prison. The dark passages of the atacombs were safe, but even here the Christians' enemies earched for them. Everyone ;now (he old entrances to the preserved, and people can come to see how the early Christians suffered to preserve their religion. * * * '• FUN TIME The Riddle Box 1. What has a foot on each end and one in the middle? 2, In what way is a bashful man like a sidewalk? p. A truck driver went down a one-way street the wrong way but the policeman who saw him didn't give him a ticket, Why? Answers 1. A yardstick. 2. He goes up to the door but doesn't go in. 3. The driver was walking. * * * DID YOU KNOW? Jet away from sultry weather in a skimmer that's Jet-swift sewing. Three main parts, requires little fabric—light on budget, you! Printed Pattern 4836: Misses' Sizes 10, 12, 14,. 16, 18. Size 16 requires 3 yards 35-inch fabric. Thlrty.flvo cents, coins, for thl» pattern — add 15 cents (or each pattern (or ' first-class mailing and Kpeolal handling. Send to Anno Adams, care of Alton Telegraph, 177, Pattern Dept., 843 W. 17th St., New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly Name, Address, Zone, Size, and Stylo Number. PATTERN FREE! Mall coupon Inside new Fall-Winter Pattern Catalog, ready now! Over 300 design ideas, all sizes. Send 50 cents for Catalog. y atagpmbs, so the Christians locked them up and cut new, ecret openings, They tunneled hrough the sand quarries and pcned new exits. When Emperor Constantino !«• 4 Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy is one of the youngest "First " we've ever had. 'Do you who was the youngest? Jt was Julia Gardner, second wife of the tenth president' of the* United States, John Tyler. The, married President Tyler at the i age of twenty-fowl * * f Answer to yesterday's Pu?zie Box: The Forty-Niners (49 R's) .Win the Britannica World Atl^s, or Yuarbopk of Events. Send your riddles, jokes to: Addles, Jokes, "Tell Me Why!" Today's winner is: Pamela Fishel, 10, Mechanics* bltfg, Pa. SAVED TWO LIVES CLEVELAND, Tenn. UR - Two long-distance truck drivers for a stove manufacturing firm (Magic Chef) are credited with saving the lives of a man and wife in a Jrash flood on an Alabama highway, Robert T. Dill, 36, of Cleveland and Charles McNaab, 34, of Athens, Tenn., were praised Jn a letter to company officials from Ernest Thunnan. Thurman said ho and his wife were trapped in a flash flood which swirled around their car on U.S. Highway 11 near Fort Payne, AJa. "My wife and I could easily have lost our lives," wrote Thurman, "The water kept rising until it covered our lights which he had used to .signal for help,'! Just when things looked blackest, Thurman wrote, MsNabbiand Dill drove along and took Mr. and Mrs. Thurman to safety, The floow daters qonttoeo: to rise, be wot?, completely Emerging the car, The median age of married men is nearly 45 years,.averaging three and a half years older than their wives, ; . The average piece of first-clas* mail Is now handled nine or W times,

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