Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 18, 1963 · Page 36
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 36

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 18, 1963
Page 36
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH At St. Ldtiis LOUIS (AP) - Eggs and llVfe poultry: ^S8^i Consumer grades, A large 33-34, A medium 25-26, A small 1?«18, 8 large 27-28, wholesale gratles, standards 26-27, unclassified, farm run 23^-24'/ 2 , checks Hens, heavy 12-13, light over 5 Ibs 9-10, under 5 Ibs 7-8; commer- Cftil btoilers and fryers 16^-17. Air Conditioned Family trices Thursday! All Scats 25c Tonight nl 7.'25 p.m. "'"Lou Costello In "The 30-Foot Bride of Candy Reck" Tonight at 8:45 p.m. Vincent Price in "The Raven" 4 CARTOONS! Shown at 7 p.m. FRI., SAT., SUN. TONY CURTIS Colleen Miller, Arthur Kennedy "Rawhide Years" Fri., Sat., at 7:13 p.m. Great Action in Color! Big Stars hi... Frl, Sat., at 8:40 p.m. NPMS o/ Stocks New Note of Uncertainty NEW YORK (AP;'— President Kennedy's request to Congress for a new tax on American purchases of long-term foreign securities injected a new note of uncertainty and the slock market erased an advance and lapsed into irreu- arity late this afternoon. Volume for the day was esti- iiatod at 3.4 million shares compared with 3.9.") million Wednesday. Gains and losses of most key Blocks ranged from fractions to : point or so. The Kennedy request came just s stock had weathered the latest report from the Securities and Exchange Commission, calling for some drastic changes in trading procedures. The market was rising irregularly after overcoming initial uncertainly. The international oils seemed particularly affected. Royal Dutch dropped a couple of points. Texaco and Jersey Standard lost frac- Pfices ott 16 Mutual Funds Following is a list of 16 mutual investment fund stock quotations provided to the Telegraph by Newhard, Cook Co., through its Alton office. These stocks are selected on the basis of their sales and ownership in the area. The quotations are yesterday's closing. Issue. Bid. Asked. Affil. Fund 8.03 8,68 Broad St 1-1.06 15.20 Bullock 13.25 14.52 Capit. Shrs 10.97 12.02 Divid Shrs 3.3R 3.69 Fid. Cap S.fil FU(! Fid. Fund " 15.98 17.28 Fid. Tr 1-1.11 15.34 Fund Inv 9.75 10.(VS Keystone K-2 5.15 5.63 Keystone S-4 4.17 4.56 Mass. Tr 14.56 16.0! Mass. Grth 8.10 8.85 Nation W. Sec. .. 22.49 24.33 Nat. Inves 15.14 16.33 Tcvev. El 7.38 8.04 tions. Fractional losses were shown by Bethlehem. Jones & Laighlin. Sears Roebuck. Caterpillar, International Hiirvcslor, Eastman Kodak, American Smelting, Pan American World Airways, Merck and Pfizer. International Nickel was down about a point and Du Pont more than thai. Polaroid held a 2-point gain. U.S. Smelting and Electronic Associates were up about a point each. Xerox was ahead more than a point. Prices on the American Stock Exchange remained irregularly Higher. TONITE Thru TUES TONITE Thru TUES. BobHOPG Anita EKbBfg Patrol f tamo MJ MED CQ ASIBti 1 <m. SINATRA HARVEY JS'ifl LEIGH CRMDiDRTE" PLUS! Cartoon Festival 12 Selected Stocks Following arc today's 1:30 p.m. quotations of 12 New York Stock Exchange issues research h;is indicated are widely held in the Alton area, a.s supplied to the Telegraph by Newhard. Cook Widow Leaves Estate To Greenville Hospital News of Grains Prices Are Steady, Weak CHICAGO (AP)—Except for a little firmness in soybeans and old crop corn, the grain futures market was steady to weak today in mixed and slow transactions on the Board of Trade. S|«?culators provided nearly all the support for soybeans. Exporters bought wheat andj A U(lm| , Memorial Hospital, corn early but the orders were j named after her late husband. II quickly filled and trade was qiliel (opened in October of I960. thereafter. Carlo! receipts were estimated Co., from its Alton office. (TheiSep New York Exchange closes at|Dc f; OPEN 7:00 — START DUSK| NOW AT THESE 3 THEATERS! GRAND & WILDEY Open 7:15 — Feature 8:00 WITH 4* INTERNATIONAL STARSI SEE ' Special Popular Prices! 'Comfortably COOL WILDEY FRENCH VILLAGE YOUR FRIENDLY DRIVE-IN —ROUTE 50 at 157— 2:30 p.m. (Alton time), so these are not the closing quotations): AT&T 120%, Gen. Motors 69's, Granite City Steel 26%, Olin Mathieson 40%, Owens-Ill. 83^, Shell Oil 44y 2 , Sinclair Oil 44%, Socony 69*4, Standard Oil (Ind.) 5914, Standard (NJ) 68%, U. S. Steel 46%, Sears 87%. Livestock Prices AI East St. Louis NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. (AP) — (USDA) — Hogs 7,500; barrows and gilts 1-2 190-240 Ibs 18.75-19.00; about 110 head at 19.15; 1-3 170-190 Ib 17.50-18.50; 1-2 150-170 Ib 16.00-17.50; 120-150 Ib 275-350 Ib 350-400 Ib 15.00-16.25; 400-500 Ib 13.75-15.00; 500-625 Ib. 13.00-75; few down lo 12.75; boars 10.50-13.50. Cattle 1,000; calves 150; steers choice near .1,125 Ib 25.75; feu at: wheat 131 ears, corn 154, n;its 2-1, rye none 1 , barley 10. soybeans 9. CHICAGO (AP) — Wheat No 1 mi 1.84 a 4-85; No 2 red 1.84?i-85: No 1 yellow hard 1.96%-?4. Corn No 1 yellow 1.33?i; No 3 yellow .32: No -I yellow 1.28?;. Oats No 1 extra heavy white GS^-GO 1 :!; No 2 extra heavy white 69'/a. Soybeans No 2 yellow 2.60U. Soybean oil 8%b-9a. CHICAGO (API— I'rev. High (|Lmvq Close close 1.80-' S l.79 s s 1.79 3 s 1.797's 1.83 1.82 1.82% 1.82'.;. 1.89! s 1.88% l.SSVi 1.88% 1.92U 1.911s 1.91!-! 1.91?i Wheat Jul ST. LOUIS (AP)—A will on file in St, Louis Probate Court reveals that the widow of a former St. Louis streetcar cotkluctor left the bulk of her sizeable estate to a Greenville, 111., hospital. She is Mrs. Mary Utlaut, who died of cancer Sunday in Lulhern Hospital in St. Louis at the age of 82. The hospital, only one in Bond County, 111., is the 42-bed Edward The executor of the estate said run "in excess of S200,- Showers Don^t Break Heat Wave U.V TIIK ASSOCIATED PRESS Thiindcrshowers have brought no appreciable break in Illinois' hot weather. Temperatures today ngnin mounted into the upper 80s, and forecasters said (hoy may roach 96 in Southern Illinois, despite Wednesday's rains. A few areas got fairly heavy rain Wednesday, including Vnn- dalia 1.7G inches and Belleville 1.17. Moline recorded a little more than a quarter inch. Other weather stations generally had less than .10. The St. Louis area was hottest Wednesday with an aflernoon peak of 93. Vandalia and Paducah had 91s, Belleville 90. Overnight Mat- May 1964 Jul Sep Corn Jul Sep 1.86% 1.85Vi 1.86 1.57% l.SG'.i 1.56'/ a l.STi 1.59 ] / 2 LSSii 1.58'i 1.59 1.30 1.29 1.29% 1.29',4 1.24 1.2314 1.24 1.23V2 1.1514 1.14% 1.15 1.15»,8 l.lS'/s 1.17'/ 2 1.17% 1.17% 1.20% 1.19% 1.19% 1.20'/ 2 13.00-16.25; sows 1-3 16.25-75; few 17.00; .65 .66 .68% .70% .70>s .66 .68% .70% .70li .65U .66% .69'/ 2 .71V 8 .70% Open Friday 6:45 FRIDAY SAT. & SUN. GREAT HITS Together In Color! SHOWN FRIDAY 9:05 PAKAVISION • METROCOLOR ', A HmtO-COUlWN.HAVBi RiIiM r ORLD'SJjREATSTORY OF FRIENDSHIP ANDFURY» MQ ," DAMON AND PYTHIAS jiUIHK-UinKniNEASTMANCOLOR SHOWN 7:25 COLOR CARTOON KOXANA, ILL. THURS.—FRL—SAT. Continuous from 7 p.m. Sunday Continuous from 1 p.m. No Parking Problems Ph. CL 4-6618 or CL 4-7271 Tonite-Fri.-Sat.-Sun. Anthony Quimi, Silvanu Mangano, Arthur Kennedy "BARABBAS" COLOR — 8:37 Voices of Judy Garland, Robert Goulet, Bed Buttons "GAY PURREE" Color. AH Animated 7:06 Selected Shorts Dec Mai- May Oats Jul Sep Dec Mai- May Rye Jul Sep Dec ' Mai- May — Soybeans Jul 2.59Vs 2,5714 2.5914 2.58 Aug 2.60% 2.58% 2.60^ 2.5894 Sep 2.58^ 2.56^ 2.58% 2.56 Nov 2.5S ] ,4 2.55 2.58% 2.55U Jan 2.61% 2.59 2.61Vs 2.58% Mar 2.64 2.6H4 2.64 2.61 Mar 2.66 2.63% 2.66 2.62% .65% .66% .69% .71 ',s .70% 1.26 1.2894 1.28U 1.28% 1.28% 1.31% 1.31 1 ,4 1.31V 2 l.ZlVs 1.35 1.34 1.34% 1.34% 1.33 1.3314 ii xvil 000." Cost of tho hospital was $l,:iHO.- (XX). Mrs. Utlaut gave sonic S300.- 000 to start the drive. Federal funds amounted to $205,000 and the rest was contributed by Bond County residents, mostly in small amounts. Utlaut, a streetcar conductor in St. Louis for 41 years, was born near Greenville. Hie Utlaut's only child. Elmer, died in 1949 of multiple sclerosis at the age of 45. But, with the nid of his mother, he had made'temperatures hold above 70 on MPMT MX AMP. t M a fortune in real estate. Chicago's lakefront and along the! INU STATION Mrs. Utlaufs will provides fonOhio River. [DIVISION D - SANITARY AN $42,000 in specific bequests to rel- ANNOUNCEMENTS LEGAL NOTICES Legal — 18 25 NOTICE OP PUBLIC HEARING FEDERAL AID ROUTE 164 GREENE COUNTY In accordance with the requlr merits of the Federal Aid Hlghwa Act of 1958, a Public Heating w be held on Tuesday, July 30, 1963 10:30 n.m. In the Flrehouse In Gree field. Illinois, to discuss the pr posed location of Federal Aid Ron 164 (Marked United States Route 6 In Greene County between Illlno Route 108 and Chestnut Street Greenfield. This Improvement w remove existing deficient horizon! and vertical alignments, and provlc a 24' wide pavement with 10' ear ' shoulder!), and necessary Incident Items lo accomplish the propose cross-section. A location mnp showing the pr posed Improvements Is available fi examination at the office of the D vision of Highways, 0300 St. Cla Avenue, French Village, Hast I.ouls. Illinois, All Interested pnrllcs nre Invite to bo present or represented nl II above time and place, Includlt representatives of Federal, Slat County, and Municipal agencies, i well as civic groups and proper owners. Any person desiring lo make statement, for or against the pro cct. will be given an opportunity do so. Oral statements will be heard at recorded, but for the accuracy the record, nil Important facts an arguments should be submitted writing In quadruplicate. \VM. S. KRAUSE District Engineer Illinois Division of Highway East St. Louis, Illinois. Legal — 18 25 8-1 NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS VILLAGE OF EAST ALTON, ILLINOIS SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT ' PUMPING STATION, SANITARY AND STORM SEWERS DIVISION A — SEWAGE TREAT atives in St. Louis and Greenville. The rest goes to the hospital. Public Aid Rolls Drop In May Union Station Holdup Nets Gunman $641 choice 950-1,150 Ib 25.00-50; good to choice 22.50-25.00; heifers load choice 850 Ib 24.00; good and choice largely 22.00-23.50; small near 800 Ib 23.75; bulls utility 16.50-18.50; good and choice veal- ers 23.00-27.00; good and choice calves 18.00-23.00. >vw\*»*v******vw**v***w FFRIED GHSGKEN SUPPER Meaclowbrook Volunteer Fire Department Saturday, July 20 Served from 13 noon to 8 p.m. PLACE Meadowbrook Fire House Adults $1.35 Children OOc ST. LOUIS (AP) - A man j walked through the arowd of peo- iple waiting for trains at Union Station Wednesday and into the 1 Credit Union Office, held up a SPRINGFIELD. 111.. (Special) |clerk for S6-IL and walked out again through the crowd. The clerk, Larman Shaneyfelt, 31, of Cahokia, 111., said (lie man first identified himself as a railroad employe and asked to make a loan. Then he shut the door to the office, pulled a revolver and ordered Shaneyfelt to fill a black bag with the money. Shaneyfelt was ordered to lie down on the floor for two minutes as the bandit walked out. flllllllllllllllCIVIC MEMORIAL I AIRPORT RESTAURANT FRIDAY NIGHT SPECIAL II Fresh River CATFISHS INCLUDES FRENCH FRIES, SALAD. ROLLS AND BUTTER. Joyce and Bob Mclntyre — operators, Phone CL 9-3502 illllllllilllllillllllfllOPEN TIL NOW thru I ROUTE 140. COLUGE AVt. • ALTON. IU1NOI5 .-* 1 ' TUES. BOX OFI-'ICE OI'ENS AT 7:00. PHON1- MO ''-.11)^1 THE MOST TITANIC MONSTERS OF ALL TIME CLASH HEAD-ON! UvKongHiiriiiEiitin Train to Ctstnjrtloal twUDt't RadlMcttn Ftem tart Ott bun Cltto! Cn| Kont butt Ott ANeaatalnikM fiefcttttottk Deny JiU fran tht prewnl?* — SfcflW w. * s»t.' Color Cflrtoonii wiu KOGtKS, Jit. ui/UII H UtDIY/tnC' AUIIEtH O'SOLLWAH WILU HLKIIAbL Children Admitted FIREMEN'S PICNIC _ Al — PRAIRIETOWN GIVEN BY Prairietown Volunteer Firemen Saturday Evening—Sunday Afternoon and Evening JULY 20 and 21 •£ Free dancing both nights Saturday — Walt Schleiner and Orchestra Sunday — Donald OstrowsUy and Orchestra if Frank Chlibec's Old Time German Band ^ Both nights featuring Otto Steinbachs CONCESSIONS REFRESHMENTS - In May there was a drop in the public aid rolls of 12,329 persons from the previous month and 23.096 from a year ago, according lo a report released today by Hai-old O. Swank, executive secretary of the Illinois Public Aid Commission. The drop during the month was confined chiefly lo General Assistance and Aid to Dependent Children. Swank said the May decline brought the public aid rolls down to 430,183 recipients as compared with 442,512 the previous month and 453,279 in May 1962. Public aid expenditures in May totaled $24,288,447; the previous month expenditures amounted to $24,692,650; and in May 1962, $25,990,934. These totals include payment for burials, foster care for ADC children x-emoved from unsuitable homes, and care for the medically indigent in Chicago and Cicero. Aid to Dependent Children rolls fell by 5,703 persons or 2.1 per cent in May, the first decline since October 1962. Of this reduction four-fifths or 4,667 recipients were in downstate counties. In May, for the third successive month, General Assistance rolls declined, this time by 6,305 persons or 8.7 per cent. The rate of the May decline in Downstate counties was more than double the Cook County i-ate—12.3 per cent downslate LONDON—A firm of auto re- pariers has decided to present each employe who remains for six months with a new car. STORM WATER SEWER PROVEMENTS Sealed proposals will be receive nl the office of the Village Clerk East Alton, Illinois In the Mimic pal Building until 2:00 p.m., CDS' on August 15, 1983 for the constru tion of a sewage treatment plan and sanitary and storm water 1m provements. Inslrucllona to bidders, form proposals, plans, specifications an form of contract may be examine at the office of Sheppard, Morgan I Schwaab, 215 Market Slreet, Allon Illinois. Copies may be obtalne from the office of the engineers, up on dep6slt of $20.00. The ainoun of the deposit for one set of docu ments will be refunded lo each part submitting a bid to the Village fo the Improvements described herein upi~n return of the plans and doo ments In good condition within le (10) days after the letting. A bid bond, cashier's check, or certified check made payable to th order of the Village of East Altoi Illinois, in the amount of Ten Pe Cent of the gross amount o ANNOUNCEMENTS LEGAL NOTICES LEGAL — IS SPECIAL!! Fish Sandwiches DELICIOUS PERCH FILETS While They Last! 25c EACH for $ 1.00 as compared with 5.7 per cent in Cook County. Disability Assistance declined for the second successive month —this time by 231 persons, of which more than 80 per cent of the decrease occurred in Cook County where, at the present time, 73 per cent of the disabled recipients live. During the past 12 months Disability Assistance rolls ruse by 1,309 persons or 4.9 per cent. Blind Assistance rolls of 2,792 persons in May were 13 Jess than previous month when the caseload was 2,805. The Old Age Assistance rolls continued their downward trend in May by a decline of 345 recipients. During the past 12 months the number of Old Age Assistance recipients decreased by 4,258 persons or 6.4 per cent. 3 Americans In Viet Nam Die in Ambush SAIGON, Viet Nam (AP)— Three Americans— two Special Forces ceptains and a sergeant— were killed in a Viet Cong ambush today while they were distributing medical supplies to villagers in Communist-infested Binh Long Province, 70 miles north of Saigon. Three Vietnamese men on the mission were wounded. Reports received by U.S. mill- TREASURY DEPARTMENT, IN TERNAL REVENUE SERVICE: O July 1, 1963, one 1955 Ford Sedan Serial No. M5MC 165335. with a cessorles, was seized In Madlso County, Illinois, for violation of U.S.C., Chapter 11. Any perso claiming an interest in said pro perty may file a petition for mission or mitigation of forfeiture or file a claim and deliver a $250.0 cost bond, with the undersigned o or before July 31, 1963; otherwls the property will be forfeited an disposed of according to law Walter E, Boerger, Acting Super visor In Charge, Alcohol and Tobac co Tax, P. O. Box 1144, Chicago Illinois. Legal — 18 25 8-1 —; NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice Is hereby given to all per sons that the first-Monday in Sep tember, 1363 is the Claim Date in th estate of G. F. BURNS a/k/ GEORGE FRANKLIN BURNS, De ceased, pending in the Probate Cour of Madison County, Illinois, an that claims may be filed against th said estate on or before said dat without Issuance of summons. Dated this llth day of July, 1963 ROBERT E. BURNS, Executor. Attest: DALE HILT, Probate Clerk. George M. Berry. Attorney. Legal — 18 25 8-1 NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice is hereby given to all per sons that the first Monday In Sep tember, 1063 is the Claim Date in th estate of JOHN H. HELLRUNG, De ceased, pending in the Probat Court of Madison County. Illinois and that claims may be filed agalns the said estate on or before salt date with Issuance of summons: Dated this llth day of July. 1963 FRANCES A. HELLRUNG ' Executrix. Attest: DALE HILT Probate Clerk Thomas & Mottaz, Attorneys Legal — 18 25 8-1 NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice Is hereby given to all pei sons that the First Monday In Sep (ember, 19G3 is the Claim Date In th estate of ORPHA M. MYERS. De censed, pending In the Probat Court of Madison County, Illinois and that claims may be filed agalns the said estate on or before sale date without issuance of summons Dated this llth day of July, 1963 CARL J. MYERS, Executor. Attest: DALE HILT Probate Clerk Thomas & Mottaz, Attorneys Legal — 18 MADISON COUNTY ZONING ORDINANCE BOARD OF APPEALS NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Notice Is hereby given that th above named Board or Appeals, es tabllshed under the Madison County Zonlns Ordinance, will hold a Pub lie Hea;ins on the 2nd day of Aug list lan.'i, at the time and place be low noted for the purpose of hear Ins arsuments for and/or agalns the following proposed changes In the above ordinance. At 10:00 A.M. on Petition o Charles Nelson, owner of record, to re/,one the following described prop erty from R-3 (One Family Resl deuce District) to R-4 (One Family Residence District). A tract of land In the Southwes Ouarter (SW'/O of the Northwes Quarter (NW</4> of Section 25. Town ship 6 North, Range Ten (10) Wes of the Third Principal Meridian more particularly described as foj lows: Commencing at a stone In the center of the Road at the Southwes corner of (he Northwest Quarter (NWH) of Section 25: thence North _____ „ ..,_ tary authorities here said the Redl° f section a the line dividing Sections 2! mid 26 Twenty (20) feet lo the North llnp of the Roadway running along (he East uncl West Center line DON'T FORGET TO TRY AN ORANGE OR LIME ICEE. . .THE NEW SOFT DRINK! WIMPY'S DRIVE IN GODFREY ROAD, GODFREY Phone 466*3613 for Carry Outs guerrillas opened up with a burst of small arms fire from the roadside. The Vietnamese driver of a jeep leading the three-vehicle convoy and another Vietnamese were hit by the first burst. Automatic weapons fire raked the other two vehicles and a grenade exploded in the second jeep, killing the American sergeant, fatally wounding the two U.S. captains and critically wounding another Vietnamese. Security forces In the convoy returned the fire and the Viet Cong withdrew. Their number or casualties were unknown. Names of the American victims were withheld. (he North line of said Roadway. Ten Hundred Seventy-six (1070) feet to a stone set In the North line of said Roadwav; thence Northerly parallel to the West lino of said section, Three Hundred-Eluhty (380) feet to a stone: thence West parallel to the North line of said Roadway Two hundred Fifty-eight (258) feet; thence South parallel lo the West line ol said Section, three Hundred Eighty (380) feat to the North line of said Roadwav. thence Easterly along the North line of said Roadway Two Hundred Flfty-F.laht (258) feet to the Dolnt of beginning. Excepting there- from a tract of land belonging to Ronald E. Bock. Sr. and Vera .1. Bock by Warranty Deed dated Pe- comber 7. iflSfl, and recorded In the Recorder's Office of Madison County. Illinois. In Book 1076. Page 440. This property Is located on North side of Humbert Road near 5409 Humbert Road. The Hearing will be held at site described above. Madison County Zoning Bourd of Appeals per HARRY TAAKE. Chairman 16th of July, 1963 the bid, must be deposited by enc bidder with his bid as guarante that In case the contract Is awarde to him, he will, within ten (10) das thereafter, upon receipt of wrltte notice of award, execute such con tract and furnish a satisfactory con tract bond. Upon failure to do so, h shall forfeit the deposit not as penalty, but as liquidated damages and acceptance of Ihe bid will b contingent upon the fulfillment o this requirement by the bidder. Th checks or bid bonds of all exceptln the three (3) lowest formal bidder will be returned within ten (10) day after the opening of bids, and th remaining checks or bid bonds wl" be returned within three (3) day from the date on which the execut ed contract and the required boiv liave been finally approved by th Village of East Alton. The successful bidder will be re quired to pay all laborers, workme and mechanics performing work un der this contract, not less than th current prevailing rate of wages a has been determined by the Wag Determination decision of the Secre tary of Labor which Is on file in th office of the Village Clerk. All proposals must be made o forms furnished by the Engineer. The Village Board reserves th right to waive or not to waive an Irregularities in the bids and to re Ject any or all bids and to deter mine which Is the lowest and bes bid or combination of bids for th improvements. By Order of the Village Board o the Village of East Alton. Illinois. CHARLES A. VANPRETER, President of the Village Boan CARD OF THANKS 2 2 — 18 LESLIE DURHAM & SANDRA DAVIS—We would like to thank a those who were so kind during ou recent bereavement, especially Smith Funeral Home, Rev. Hoi llngshad. singers. pallbearers those who sent cards, flowers, foo or assisted In any way. The Durham -Family. 18 IN LOVING MEMORY ,1 3 IN LOVING MEMORY of our dea daughter, Sandra Maul, who passe away July 18, 1962. In our hearts your memory lingers Sweetly tender, fond and true. There Is not a day dear daughter That we do not think of you. Sadly missed by, Father, Mother & Sister; 5 FUNERAL DIRECTORS 5—18 FUNERAL FLORAL ARRANGE MENTS—$5 & up. Rexroat Flowers 466-3789. 2712 Godfrey Road. « MONUMENTS — CEM. LOTS 6 — 20 ••• 4 GRAVE LOT—Roselawn Memory Gardens, $325. 259-1286. PERSONALS 7 — 7/27 ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS — Help for Ihe problem drinkers. Men anc women. HO 5-1612. 7 — 7-20- LICENSED DETECTIVE — Lega photography. W. E. Burt, 2006 Washington Ave., Alton, 465-7350. 7 — TF — TU — TH — SAT RENT Cameras, protectors, accessories. FOSTER'S DRUG STORE Alton's Photo Center, HO 5-2585 230 East Broadway, Alton 7—18 8-15 9-19 TAVERNS—Triple money back 1 Rlesen Clear Glass Is not the bes bar, back bar, bottle, mirror, table and glass cleaner for less, CROWN — HO 5-5503 7 — 7/25/63 TRY DIADAX TABLETS — (form erly Dex-A-Dlet). New name, same formula, only BSc. Honke Pharmacy. 8 RUMMAGE A PASTRY SALES 8 — 18 RUMMAGE SALE—Given by the Church of God In Christ, 1100 Hoi land Ave., Friday, July 19, at 12 noon & Saturday morning. 8 — JB RUMMAGE SALE—Bake sale. 1714 Washington Ave. 8:30 a.m. Sat., July 20. 1st General Baptist Church, Meadowbrook. SOCIETIES and LODGES 9 — 20- FRANKLIN LODGE No, 25 AF & AM — Open installation of officers. Saturday evening July 20th, 8 p.m. For members, their families & friends. Clarence J. Smith, W.M. 0 LOST—STRAYED—STOLEN 0 — 30 -OST—Brown paper sack, contain Ing blue web strap needed for or thodontla. HO 2-6644. 0 — 19 LOST—Near Brighton, brown boxer, collar, named '"Toble." HO 2-6460. 8.15- NOTICES I REE WASTEPAPER PICK UP- At your home, also commercial iiccounts. 465-3621, Alton Waste Paper Co. SOT1CE — From this duy forward, j will no longer be responsible for any debts contracted by anyone other than myself. Dated this 12th day of July, 1963. Robert G. Ulery BOX 9 Hardln, ill, 1 - 8-20 R1VATE CONFIDENTIAL INVES- T1GAT10NS—Downstate Investigation Service. 618-AT 8-8165. Lie. & Bonded. Owner, D. A. Lander*. ANNOUNCEMENTS II . NOTICES M ^ fp . • -•'•- ••• FOR Y6UR You can blaee yeur clatiifie ad, clarified kill or claiiifie correcHons 14 heuri a day, SPEAK SLOWLY ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH NI6HT CLASSIFIED NUMBER HO 5-651! 5 P.M. TO 8 A.M. CALL HO 5-65 1 1 DAYTIME 465-664! HINTS ON USING ELEC. TRONIC AD TAKER: 1. GIVE YOUR NAME AH: ADDRESS AND PHON! NUMBER. (Spell your nam out). 2. BE SURE TO STATE TH NUMBER OF DAYS YOU DESIRE YOUR AD TO BE PUBLISHED. (IF YOU DO NOT TELL US W WILL AUTOMATICALL RUN THREE DAYS). 3. Speak slowly and distinctly •1. Remember, this is a median leal device. It will answe your call and give you re corded instructions on wha to do, but other than tha cannot answer any questions I1A 11A 18 IUDERS RIDERS WANTED — From Alto or Wood River to Downtown S Louis, hours 7:30 to 4:15. Ca CL 4-4426 after 5 p.m. EDUCATIONAL 12A INSTRUCTIONS 12A — TF Mon. thru Frl. I. B. M. KEY PUNCH — Burroughs, N.C.R. Bookkeeping Machine ST. LOUIS SCHOOL OF AUTOMATION (As Seen on TV) 6427 Hamplon, 508 N. Grand CALL COLLECT FL I-1 197 or OL 2-5454 EMPLOYMENT 17 HELP WANTED — MALE 17 — 20 CREDIT MANAGER MUST BE EXPERIENCED Wit retail installment accounts & col lections. Good opporUmity. Sleady position. Write Box 1040 care o Telegraph 17 — 24 PERMANENT OPENING—For fin class body mechanic. Only firs class need apply. Write Box 1050 care Telegraph. 18 HELP WANTED — FEMALE 8 — 18 -—— —— BAR MAID WANTED — 8 E. Per guson, Wod River. Inquire betwee 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. 8 — 20 COMPANION—For elderly lady, b day. 017 Liberty. HO 2-2166. IS — Ifl LADY—To stay with elderly lad living alone. HO 5-2633. 18 — 20 MEDICAL SECRETARY—Must b>_ experienced. Speed ' typing requlr ed. Apply Mrs. N. Brown, Admlnl strative Assistant Alton Memorla: HO 5-4411. 18 — 18 MIDDLE-AGE LADY — Care for children. Must stay. CL 4-5876. 8 — 23 TWO—Licensed practical nurses an one part time licensed practice nurse for fl-month academic yeai Write Montlcello College, Godfrey 111., or call 466-3755. 8—19 WANTED—Mlddleaged or elderl lady for light housework. Stay Dial CL 9-3747. 8 — 20 WANTED — Babysitter. 465-1243. " — 25 WANTED—Carhops, waitresses. Ap ply Riverside Drive-In or Sunshln Coffee Shop. 8—19 WAITRESSES AND STEAM TABLE — Neat, courteous. Permanen position. 4:30 to 8:30 and some da work. Call HO 2-5036 for appoint ment. 9 HELP WTD., Male A Female 0 — 18 AUTO MECHANIC—Must have own tools, carpenter trainee, clerlca trainee, sales representatives. Ste nograpners, vari-typist, bookkeepe & figure clerk, • both must type American Employment, 726 E Broadway. BA 9A IS SALESLADIES LADIES FOR telephone and re search work from our local office $1.20 per hour to start. Ladles ap plying must be over 21, and be able to work 4 to 6 hours dally Experience helpful. For persona Interview write Box 980, In can Alton Evening Telegraph, giving name, age, address, and telephon number. 0 SALESMEN .0 — 10 DO NOT READ THIS! Unless you are willing to work; Our company Is desirous of placlnj, a local man to represent us In Madison County. Must have pns sales experience. Starting pay, $125 weekly, Hospltallzatlon, Insurance, retirement plan & company profit-sharing plan. All this if you can qualify. Phone 254-0720, 8:30-10 n.m. 0 — 20 FURNITURE STORE — Needs ex perlenced salesman and general as ststant, Write stating quallflca tlons, age, experience to Box 000 In care Alton Evening Telegraph. D — 19 PART TIME MEN 2.25 an hour. 3 evenings, V4 day Saturday. 21 or over. Call 465-2879 0 — TF ALEMAN WANTED ~ New anc used cars. No experience neces sary. Age 25-35. See Ed Black Trotier Motor Co., Wood River ^L 4-3811, 0 — 20 ALESMAN—To sell the beautiful uncomparable Muntz TV. Apply Reliable Radio Service, 2841 East Broadway, Alton. 0—18 STEADY LEAPS ' you've done any selling, or talked .0 anyone who has, you know that iOTt of the problem In selling Is 'PROSPECTING". Our system eliminates this problem entirely We provide S to 7 "DEFINITE 1 appointments each and every working day for each salesman This Is no "GET RICH QUICK 1 deal, but earnings from $123 to *200 weekly for an honest wee^s work. If you have a car, neat appearance; and are not afraid to talk to people who have made an appointment to see you, write for lersonul Interview to AP. 2926 ••forth Oakland Avenue, Decatur, •lllnols. SITUATIONS \VTD.~MALE ARPENTER WORK - Paintin repair work, custodian work. 14 'ears experience. CL 4-0474. -•20 GI—Desiring to return to S1U this all needs employment now mid art time employment during school 'ear. Phone 465-8189. SITUATIONS w ^w 0/0 "^w^w ABY. SITTERS' iL|ll.l. m . lll(lf!"II»UplOTMHIMV REGISTRY w w Call HO 8-3JOJ, (pr eompetent. dependable people »o care for cjjll- Iren or elderly fhuMni, In your torn*.. , Jtttffjji jjjjj3 "EMPLOYMENT 1 SITUATIONS IWTD.-FEMALB Tuesday, ' IRONI'NOS DONE — w my home. CL .<-4l37. IRONtNO BONE AT MY HOME - ReTsonnble. Experienced, can «lva references, Phone HO 2-4235^ 22 — 17 18 ft 23 24 28 28 — - "'"• ' ...... IRONINGS WANTED-FrOfl glCk-UP At delivery. Reference. HO 5-B94Q. WA"NtE»— trpnlfiM In Jfovt hdm«. Restnurnnt kitchen work of W»lt- rewind. CL4-IBBO. ......... WILL CARE FOR CHILD— By or part-tlmfl. CL 4-0876. WILL 2 CA^E For children. 4654011 WILL DO TYPING — In my horns. DU 4-4012. 22—21 ....... WOMAN— Will care for nick, elderly and mothers With babies. Dial HO 2-9175. FINANCIAL 23 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES 23 — 20 "~ COMMERCIAL TRACT—On Bypass CO & 40, well situated in conjunction with new Highways 270 & 181. local for motel, servce stallion and com- tnunlty shopping center, well sen all or part. Cash or will consider trnde. Robert Douglas Realty Co,, 3941 Pnrk Lane, Granite City. HI. TRlangle 7-:i8()fl. 23 — 7/27 " IF YOU CAN SELL, have $1,BOO to Invest, want to earn $1,000 or more per mo. and cash awards & premiums to give attendants and dealers for selling; write box 790, care Alton Telegraph. Be sure to give your phone number. Experleced Drl-Pcwr Distributor will Interview you regrirdlns distribution of Drl-Powr Automotive products. 23 — 20 MOTEL «t RESTAURANT — 12 modern units. Large living .quarters with attached contemporary restaurant. The excellent highway location In the Granite City area, provides ample space for future expansion. Price Is commensurate to Income and terms will be arranged for a qualified buyer. By owners. Contact Robert; Douglas, TRIanglo 7-3006. 23 — 20 SKATER'S PARADISE — Highland, Illinois. For details call H. P. Miner. Phone Grant Fork, OR 5-2382. Also -I bedroom modern house. 5 acres of ground. Large frontage on new city lake. Located on school bus route lo parochial and public. PERSONAL SERVICE Mfl DRUNSMAKINCi- TAILORING 30 — 7/30 DRESSMAKING—Alterations, pants cuffed. Reasonable. References. In my home. CL 4--I034. 31 LAUNDERING 31 — 8/3 FAMILY IRONINGS WANTED — And men's bundles, reasonable, experienced. HO 5-5259. 31 — 18 MEN'S LAUNDRY — References, Reasonable 254-5045. BUSINESS SERVICE 12 III»S. ANNdl'NCtMENTS 32 _ 20- CARPENTER — Home Improvement of any' kind. Free estimates. Call CL 4-1708 or HO 5-7818. 32 — 8-I5-B3 CHURCH'S FURNITURE REPAIRING—REFINISHING TV, Appliances Serviced. 15 years experience. CL fl-9829. 32 — TF PARTS 4 SERVICE — Washing Machines and Vacuum Cleaners, 838 E. 7th — HO 2-4423 MIDDLECOFF'S FACTORY AUTHORIZED HOOVER CLEANER SERVICE 32 — 8-10-63 POWER LAWN MOWERS REPAIRED — SHARPENED Authorized Toro Service Complete stock Toro, Lawn-Boy mowers, rldliiR mowers, garden tillers. Used mowers. STOBBS TIRE SALES 3523 College. HO 2-7326 32 — 7-26 SWIMMING POOLS Do It yourself kits, or Installed. Concrete, flberglas, redwood. Round splash pools. Any price range, Financing. Chemicals & pool equipment. DUGGER-BAILEY. Inc. . DU 4-4682 CL 4-2860 33 U'JILDING — CONTRACTING 33 — 23 : A-l CARPENTER REPAIRS — Additions, roofing, tile, blocks, patch plastering, painting. Reasonable. 462-2Q01. J3 — 8-20 _ BOB WOOD—Basement waterproof. Ing and cement work of all kinds. 466-2407. 33 — 24 . : CARPENTER REPAIR, block lay. Ing, concrete work, plumbing, new homes, painting. HO 5-2436, 33 — 8-12 CARPENTER WORK — Patch plastering, roof repair, plumbing work, blocks laid and cement work. Also Interior and exterior painting. Call Charles Stormer. 466-1437. 33 — 8/8 CARPENTER WORK — Repairing, remodeling, roofing, siding. No Job too small. Estlmales. 254-2303. 33 — 8/17/63 —— . CONRETE WORK OF ALL KINDS— Walls, floors, walks, porches, etc. Free estimates, HO 5-1290, HO 2-3483 Anytime. 13 - 24 : DRIVEWAY AND YARD LEVELING — Also weeds mowed with tractor rotary mower. 259-1567. 33 — 25 . : 3LECTRICAL HOUSE WIRING — Painting, carpentry, contracting. Free estimates, HO 5-7991 13 — s/io : 3UTTERING — Roofing, painting, odd jobs, repairs. Reasonable. Prompt service. 254-3640. 14 DECORATING 4 — 8/12/03 BEST IN DECORATING — Paint- Ing Interior and exterior. Paper hanging and removal. Free estimates. Reasonable prices. 466-1134 34 — 7/27 — 7-AINTING, PLASTERING—Removing wallpaper. No Job too small. Free estimates. 466-2852, 462.0657. 4 — 7/31 ~—' PLASTERING PAINTING. Wallpaper removhw. Work guaranteed. Free estimates. Alton, East Alton. Wood River. 254*8189. 8 FURNIVURE WORK B *•• 8/D WINCHESTER'S CUSTOM RE-UP- BOLSTERING - 132 E. Elm. Ph. 7 HEATING A PLUMBING 7 r— 25 GAS & OIL FURNACES — All ?iV?S s °, { Plwniblng & repair work, Wllkenlng Plumbing & Heating 485-3232. 1641 Washington. jt HOME BUILDING 8BKVICB 0 •"• 7/30 ——»^——OTMMMMM.W •l CARPENTERS — Improvement of homes, old or new. Siding, roof- Ing, repairs, painting, etc. Free jMtlmates. HQ B-70flI or CL 0.6100; ' _ 7s f 0ORAqB — MOVING ; roe Estimate Call HO 2-8240 PRES ELCHER ON 1018 LINES ,„, RENTALS . ROOMS l^CONDITJONED ROOM - for fni'L"?i"fl"' lle ? 1 lo bath and phone. pm H0 8 ' 37 M »'ter AOE PENSIONER a h w-swr

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