The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 20, 1966 · Page 18
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 18

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 20, 1966
Page 18
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WASHINGTON Merry-Go-Round UfTiiS TO TNI EDITOR WASHINGTON - President Johnson's trip to the Far East is one of the most important ever made by a U. S. President, to himself and to the world. Not only does the success of his entire administration hang In the balance, because of the impact of the Viet Nam war is having on domestic affairs, but so does the peace of the world. Lyndon Johnson is different now from what he was when he visited this part of the world as Vice President, and even when he conferred with Premier Ky in Hawaii last year. As Vice President he was impressed by the propaganda of President Diem, the little dictator who had been Imposed on the Vietnamese by Cardinal Spellman and Madison Avenue publicity, and who rode so roughshod over the people that it led to chaos. Even a year ago he swallowed the propaganda of Premier Ky, who once flew as a French pilot against his own people and is hated for this in North Viet Nam and not loved in the South. But now Lyndon Johnson has better understanding of the complexities In the Far East, and he will be better prepared to talk turkey with the leaders he will. meet at Manila and other capitals' he will visit. Even In Australia and New Zealand he will find U. S. policy In Viet Nam less popular. The people of these two countries do not support It as much as their governments. In the Philippines he will find his fine welcome marred by smoldering resentment over the fact the government Is sending 2,000 Filipino engineers to Viet Nam. In Singapore he will discover that, although the population is more than one-half Chinese, there Is little threat from Chinese communists. Communism has been halted by constructive programs -new schools, water systems, health programs - under a government -'that pays' attention to the needs of the people. In Thailand he will find the U. S. is bolstering one of the most corrupt governments in the world, headed by one of the wealthiest monarchs in the world. When this writer attended the wedding of King Constantino of Greece, he reported at the time that the Empress of Thailand exhibited more jewels than any of the other dozen queens present. Yet many of the Thai people live in miserable poverty- as they do in Viet Nam. And the President will discover that Premier Thanom is boiling mad over the desire of Sen. Ful- brlght to find out what the U. S. is doing in Thailand. This is not only the reflection of the theory of the divine right of kings to do as they wish, but a sign that Thanom has no conception of the right of the people of a democracy to know what their government is doing and why. Note - One indication of President Johnson's new attitude toward the Far East is the fact he will not stop at Formosa to see Generalissimo Chiang- Kai- shek. We have spent billions in Formosa to preserve Chiang's government and block the spread of the Chinese communists. But when Chiang was asked to send troops trained and equipped by the U. S. to help in Viet Nam, he refused. President Johnson's deliberate snub of Chiang will not only serve as a warning to other Far Eastern leaders, but may foreshadow a change In the U. S. policy of barring Red China from a seat in the United Nations. - TALK WITH GROMYKO While the President is seeking to find new approaches to peace on Us trip, he is hoping his recent talk with Foreign Minister Gromyko of Russia will be bringing simultaneous pressure on North Viet Nam to open truce talks. Johnson made It clear to Gromyko that if the present U. S. peace offensive again falls to produce results, U may lead to a full-scale military offensive. The President has told his advisers bluntly that he does not intend to allow the present stalemate to continue indefinitely; he will risk bringing Red China into the war il that becomes necessary, Gromyko as usual was non- conTmittal. He made no promises that Russia would do anything DREW PEARSON to try to end the war. But he will report the President's views to the Kremlin, and Soviet leaders soon may have to decide whether a full rupture with Red China over Viet Nam would be more harmful to Russian Interests than the growing risk of World War m. - o - - SNUBBING THE GENERAL Lyndon Johnson is touching the capitals of most friendly countries. Significantly, however, he is flying right over Formosa, the country which we have nursed for 20 years as an Independent Chinese government and on which we have spent billions. Every other distinguished American has stopped at Taipeh, capital of Formosa, ranging from Vice President Nixon to Adlal Stevenson and John Foster Dulles. Hitherto, no Important American would have thought of skipping a call on Chiang Kai- shek in Formosa, especially since it Is a long flight from the Philippines north to Okinawa. However, LBJ is snubbing the Generalissimo just the same, 'and thereby hangs a very important story. Chiang Kai-shek has flatly refused to supply any troops to help the United States in the Viet Nam War. His government did so'at a time when the draft boards have been ordered to examine married men in the 26 to 35 year age bracket, when President Johnson Is suffering all sorts of political setbacks because of the war, and when the U. S. budget to pay for the war has escalated to record figures. Furthermore, the UnitedStates has spent more than $5 billion equiplng, arming and backstopping the Formosan army and Its government. It has also Irked some of our best allies, such as the Canadians, the Italians and the British, by barring the Chinese communists, partly to save a prize'place on the U. N. Security Council for the Chinese Nationalist government of Formosa. - o - -THE CHINA LOBBY- And, for some 20 years we have bowed to the China lobby, one of the most potent unseen influences in government, while it spent millions on propaganda, and on political campaign contributions to Senators to make sure we continued our annual appropriation to Formosa. Sens. Styles Bridges of New Hamp shire, Republican, and Pat Mc- GLAD TO HEAR FROM YOU I October 4, 1966 Mr, Russ Waller Upper Des Moines Algona, Iowa The enclosed clipping is getting a little stale, but after clipping it from our local paper we became involved with all of the wonderful details of a wedding in the family— during which time everything else ground to a halt. This item on our local J. C. High School team was clipped from the paper directly after we had received the U. D. issue that had the picture of Algona's High School team that won state honors in 1925. The thought ran through my mind that those players of 1925 would sure love Jefferson City if for no other reason because of the tremendous record that is being set with every game that they play; to date, 71 consecutive wins t Dates back to 1958. The boys also play larger schools from the areas of K.C., St. Louis & two tough ones from the Springfield area. Steve Akre played his first game (8th grade 1) in Rolla the other night - where J. C. suited 3 full 8th grade teams » and they walked off with a 40 to 0 win. So perhaps, if this be any indication, the record could go on for some time. It wasn't my intent to'get this letter so wrapped up with J. C. football. The picture of the 1925 group was timely, I hope that it may help inspire the present team in regards to a good season. Incidently, the picture from the U.D.M was also clipped from the paper and forwarded to the brother, a 1927 graduate. He undoubtedly knew the group better than I knew them. Sincerely, Don. E. Akre Jefferson, City, Mo. Carran of Nevada, Democrat, were the men who parceled out this China lobby money to various 'political candidates. Their argument jv was. ,th$t ,the , Formosan army'"someday' would ngtyt, to'- abolish communism from the' Chinese mainland. However, when the United States notified Chiang Kai-shek that now was the time it needed military support to stop the expansion of Chinese communism, his son, young Chiang, said no. Formosan troops, he made it clear, were not going to get bogged down In a jungle war which might last indefinitely. - o - -DEMOCRATS SHORT ON CASH- Aside from peace in Viet Nam, ON DOUBLE COMPANION MARKERS I MARKERS AS LO WAS 00 ALGONA MONUMENT COMPANY DOWNTOWN . AIGONA, IOWA from H/srORK'S SCRAPBOQK DATES AND EVENTS FROM YESTERYEARS Cnplaln KHHIe Rlckcnhackcr di«sippcnrod In plane on flight, October 21. 1f»42. Sum HoiKtiin of Virginia «,;>>• elected fir*t president of the Republic of Tevnv OttoJu-r 22. IS.Ifi. The F.rie Canal between I'lira and Rome, \,Y. opened for navigation, October 23. 1819. British troop* broke the Axis line at F.I Alameln. October 23. 1942. A natlon-wtdc 40-hour wage law became effective. October 24. 1938. The tlrst trademark was registered In the fnlted State*, Ottober 25. 1870. A washing machine with rotary action was patented by H.F,. Smith. October 26. 1858. The Now York subway opened, October 27, 1904. a Vice Presidential mansion. She finally agreed, however, to move into an apartment near the Capitol. "We've lost a home," she told friends, "but gained an elevator." IRVINGTON! By Margutrlta Haytt THURSDAY, OCT. 20, 1966 Algono (|q.) Upp« f Dt« The group has been expanded from its traditional 35 members to Include a second piano accompanist, a guitarist, and eight more singers for Iowa City performances, according to Director Mike Livingston. David Reid of Algona has been chosen as a bass in the group. He is a senior, majoring in Journalism. SNAIL Buena Vista college, Stofifo Lake, was presented with ft snail shell believed to be orar 1,000 years old. Bob Petit found th« shell while superintendent ol a construction crew In Sotttti Dakota. The snail shell Wai found 51 feet undeground. what President Johnson needs more than anything else on the political front is a new Democratic National Chairman. John Bailey, the glowering, cigar-smoking Connecticut old- timer who now heads the Democratic Committee, has been spending his time riding back and forth between Hartford and Washington in an airplane owned by Jetlines and lobbying for this company. Bailey has used his political influence to help the pipeline get favorable tax rulings and right- of-way clearances when he should have been raising money for the Democratic party. Today Republicans have five times more money to spend on Congressional elections than the Democrats. For example, here is what Republicans are spending to elect new Congressmen next month: The Republican Boosters club has receipts of $1,200,000. The Republican Congressional Committee has more than $1,000,000. They have already poured $100,000 into California to elect MONUMENT SALE MOVING TO NEW LOCATION ACROSS FROM WEIDENHOFF EAST ON HIGHWAY 18 SAVE - SAVE UPTO*175°° ON FAMILY AND COMPANION MONUMENT UP TO *75°° Republican Congressmen and $40,000 into Iowa. Meanwhile, Congressman Teno Roncalio of Wyoming, running for the Senate, hasn't received a single, solitary dollar frpm any Democratic committee. - o - - WASHINGTON BRIEFS- Ambassador Goldberg has told friends he would like to quit the United Nations and return to practicing law. However, President Johnson Is considering asking Goldberg to take over the difficult job of Attorney General .... It was a direct call from the White House that ended the Head Start program for Negro children in Mississippi. The real issue was not inefficiency but the fact that $6 million of federal funds was going to Mississippi without the old Democratic bosses having anything to say about spending it .... Muriel Humphrey, the Vice President's wife, has quietly resisted efforts to move them into Claude Fowler returned home Friday evening, after spending a month at Pine River, Minn., with his brother Emmet and family. The Floyd Col well's visited Sunday p.m., with Mrs. Florence Colwell and her brother Claude. Mrs. Marie Frank! is spending this week with relatives In and near Waterloo, Iowa. Mrs. Estella Selp and her daughter Mrs. Wm. Batt, Jr., spent several days this week at the home of relatives in northern Minnesota. Mrs. Harry Thilges is at home now after a few weeks at St, Ann's hospital. She is recovering satisfactorily and her sisters are with her for an extended visit. Mr. and Mrs. John Dole spent the weekend at Ames. Algonan Is An Old Gold Singer IOWA CITY, IOWA - Forty- five members have been selected this year for the Old Gold Singers, University of Iowa singing group which entertains Midwestern audiences In personal appearances and on radio and television broadcasts. NOW IN MINNEAPOLIS Nationally Famous HYATT 100(16 Where Old-world Innketpinf Hospitality It Rivived I Mjiuhini: \ou CM.T irmigineil. lAcrything you expect is pi-iuiilod for sour complete enjosmenl ;irul comfort at I1 ic M \V Ih.itt I ovl.uc • l.aiyo Decorator-Designed I \\\\\\\ Koomv King-Si/c Be\lv Individually Room- Contmllcd Ve;ir-Aruund "as you like it" Temperature. Direci-Di.ilint; telephones. Newest TV ,md Radio. Fxcel- lent hood. Coffee Shop. KeiUiurani. Cockluit Lounge. Northwest's Hnest Automatic Howling i 32 lanes), Billiard Lounge. . N' Shopping Cenlors. Sports Attractions and Theaters. Minutes in Downtown - - L.isilv Accessible to International Airpori aid Metropolitan Stadium. for HtMnttloni, Win. Writ* or Phont 612-M4-3601 or Contact Tour Ntinit Hyatt Io4|t, Hyatt Chalat Motal, or Hyatt Houa* Hold. HYATT vooqe thi HYATT LODGE 8625 Wayiata llvd. (Hwy. 12) Minnfipolli, ; Minn. 55426 | FREE WMe lur Cold BrciHuK to Do jflO $<•; >n Minneapolis Acton Kim GtNtftU MILLS .MAIN OPriCCJ r ir <•, STAtE AROUND THE TOWN ft COUNTRY ERNIE WILLIAMS JOHN DEERE ... a most trusted name in farm equipment . . . located on U.S. Highway 18, just at the east edge of Algona. "Service that Satisfies" is not Just our slogan, it's a guarantee. For tractors, implements or parts, we can assure you of the finest. You're welcome to drop in anytime. We'll be glad to demonstrate our equipment, and we'll be more than glad to answer any questions you may have. Remember, "You're a neighbor, not a stranger" at ERNIE WILLIAMS JOHN DEERE. Meet Arthur Gade Of Algona Our Country Neighbor this week is Arthur Gade, who has been on the same 160 acre farm, which he owns, three miles south and 1 1/2 miles west of Algona for the past 33 years. In fact, that's all but one of his 34 years farming. Mr. Gade is the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Herman Gade and he was born at Whittemore. He has 43 acres of corn, 50 acres of beans and 30 acres of pasture this year and raises no livestock. A member of the Farm Bureau, he says his favorite work on the place is combining and harvesting, He has one hobby, hunting, which he does on his own place, but not very often. He has three brothers, Arnold, William and Lorenz, in the Whittemore area and two sisters, Meta (Mrs. Tom Dunphy) and Elfreda (Mrs. Ted Meyer), living in that area, also. Mrs. Gade is the former Lillian Bierstedt, daughter of Fred Bierstedt and the late Mrs. Bierstedt. Her father lives at Whittemore and she was born in that area. The Gades were married at Fairville. She is a member of a rural ladies' club and her hobby is sewing. The Gades have four daughters, Helen (Mrs. Duane Lleb), Lone Rock, Dorothy (Mrs. Gerald Peterson), Ledyard, Eunice (Mrs. Ralph Wickman), Springfield, Va., and Lucille at home and seven grandchildren. (UDM Polaroid Flashfoto) Joe Bradley Equipment Sooth Hotel Al|«u Farm Machinery — Trucks — TirM MMMT-lUltta AUU'CtMlMlt • OMC Truck* rifMlWM TIM* PhttM SM44I1 Buscher Brothers Impl. Minneapolis Molliw - KtllyRym - N«w Idea Farm Machinery N. Mate ft. PhoMttMUl Ernie Williams John Peer* Farm Machinery IOTH QUALITY t SERVICE Located e a 11 of Algona oa highway 18. Phone 293-3361 Irons Heating & Plumbing "Completely'Equipped To Serve You Completely" OM «» en Winr lytttmi C«m»l*l* riMlu'M Photic W5-3K40 AI.GONA Algona Implement Co. Your Friendly International Harveifcr FARM EQUIPMENT MOTOR TKUCKI Salei A ServJct ,' v

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