Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 17, 1963 · Page 19
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 19

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 17, 1963
Page 19
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EVENING WEDNESDAY, JULY17,1963 Belmsky Will Report To Hawaii - Finally B,v CttAitLfcS MAHRtl Associated Press SpoMs Writer LOS ANGELES (AP) - Ma- toflHans showed they svefe ready for statehood. Now corrtes the larger question: Are they ready for Bo Belinsky? fielinsky, like statehood, is coming to the Islands a little late. The Los Angeles Angels tried to option thb unpredictable pitcher to their Hawaii farm club in the Pacific Coast League on 'May 25, and he is just now making arrangements to report. Word reaching the mainland indicates Havvaiians found waiting for Belinsky somewhat more endurable than wailing to get. into the Union. But if it was easy for them, it was expensive for Bo. When the 26-year-old left-hander refused to report to Hawaii, the Angels placed him on the disqualified list, cutting him off the payroll. Bellnsky's $15,000 salary, paid over a S'/i-monlh season, works out to about $90 a day. Since he won't' get back on the payroll until he starts pitching again, and _sim:e it probably will take him at least 10 days to get in playing condition, his vacation is likely to cost him more than $5,000. Belinsky had a 1-7 record and a 6.39 earned-run average when the Angels cut him — one year and CHECK THIS LIST Glen Allison Ray Bluth Buddy Bomar Ed Bourdase Bill Bunetta Don Carter Bob Chase Vern Downing Buzz Fazio Billy G Tom Hennessey George Howard Earl Johnson Andy Marzich Morrie Oppenheim Bill Pace Carmen Salvino Jim Schroeder Harry Smith Dick Weber Billy Welu Wayne Zahn Jim St. John Al Savas Bob Strampe ALL OF THESE GREAT BOWLERS PLUS MANY OTHERS WILL BE ON HAND AT BOWL HAVEN JULY 18 TO JULY 21 Thurs.—Practice—Noon Thurs.,—Pro Am.—6-11 p.m. Fri.—Qualify—11 a.m.-4:30 Fri.—Qualify—5 p.m.-ll Sat.—Same as Fri. Sunday Finals—1-5 p.m. Sunday Finals—7-11 p.m. PLENTY OF SEATING SPACE (bleachers added) YOU CAN BOWL WITH ONE OF THESE STARS FOR YOUR PARTNER IN THE PRO-AM Call BOWL HAVEN for details $50.00 ENTRY FEE 20 days after he first achieved wide public notice by pitching a no-hitler against the Baltimore Orioles. At the lime the Angeles gave Belinsky his separation papers, he was engaged to Miss Mamie Van Doren of the movies. The word was liiat they were to co-star in n pirnlc film, giving Belinsky a chance to dazzle moviegoers with southpaw swordsmanship. But their off-screen romance dissolved before Belinsky learned which end of the sword to hold and Bo added the movies, to the list of industries in which he was unemployed. Monday morning, Belinsky turned up at the office of Angel General Manager Fred Haney. "He said he wanted to play baseball again," Haney told a re porter later. "Too bad he didn't decide to go to Hawaii when we first tried to send him. He might be back here now." Belinsky could not be reached after his meeting with Haney. GOLFING NOTES The event of the ladies-at Lockhaven Country Club Tuesday was the blind bogey. Mrs. Robert Elliot and Mrs. Matt Stern tied for the IS hole championship flight. Mrs. W. J. Lomax won the first flight. In nine-hole competition Mrs Harvey Reilley won the championship flight, Mrs. William Sundin the first flight, and Mrs. Gilbert Helmkamp, .Mrs. Richard Rook and Mi-s. Al Barnerd tied for the second flight title. ? ,.-.„. .-^--^,-a.^ = ? r .^- g ^.^-..a i )jja£i=ea—ajjja^ai^aa&akaiaaaaaaaiaiaai^^ j-^^^tf iSMfetwMMj^ * Saves 4th Game in 5 Days BOWUNG Bj THE ASSOCtAf Jot) FHESS National League Baiting (200 at bats)—T. Da- Vis, Los Angeles, .331; Groat, St. Louis, .324. R uns _While, St. Louis, 69; H. Aaron, Milwaukee, 67. Runs batted in—H. Aaron, Milwaukee, 71; Santo, Chicago, and White, St. Louis, 65. Hits-Groat, St. Louis, 121; Pinson, Cincinnati, and White, St. Louis, 118. Doubles—Groat, St. Louis, 26; Pinson, Cincinnati, 25. Triples—Pinson, Cincinnati, 12; White, St. Louis, 7. Home runs — McCovey, San Francisco, 28; H. Aaron, Milwaukee, 26. Stolen bases — Pinson, Cincinnati, 24; Robinson, Cincinnati, 21. Pitching (Eight decisions)— Koufax, Los Angeles, 16-3, .842; Maloney, Cincinnati, 14-3, .824. Strikeouts—Koufax, Los Angeles, 170; Drysdale, Los Angeles, 151. American League Batting' (200 at bats) — Yas- trzemski, Boston, .337; Malzone, Boston, .324. Runs — Allison, Minnesota, 65; Yastrzemski, Boston, 55. Runs batted in .— Wagner, Los Angeles, and Allison, Minnesota, 60. Hits—Yastrzemski and Malzone, Boston, 111. Doubles — Yastrzemski, Boston, 26; Versalles, 'Minnesota, 22. Triples — Hinton, Washington, 10; Versalles, Minnesota, 8. Home runs—Allison, Minnesota, 22; Killebrew, Minnesota, 21. Stolen bases — Aparicio, Baltimore, 25; Wood, Detroit, and Hinton, Washington, 17. Pitching (Eight decisions)—Radatz, Boston, 10-1, .909; Ford, New York, 14-3, .824. Strikeouts — Bunning, Detroit, 121; Pizarro, Chicago, 117. THESE LOW PRICES ONLY THROUGH SATURDAY ...HURRY/ BUY4.. NYLON COMMANDER 220 bunt with THUCK4IIIE TOUGH Super-Syn Rubber! 15-MONTH GUARANTEE A, GUARANTEE YOU CAN TRUST! Against'blowauts, cuts, breaks caused byroad hazards encountered »in normal 'driving nationwide, If a tire is so damage?) beyond repair, you get full allowance for remaining tread against the purchase of a re'' placement at current retail list price. 1 only 9.69 2 only $ 19 3 only 4 only 19 28 *37 JMtSfr, MOUNTING »6.70-15 black tube-type, plus tax and one tire off your car for each tire you buy. WHITEWALL,5 ANP OTHER SIZES LOW PRICED, TOOI CHECK THESE SPECIAL LOW PRICES AT ANY OF THESE DEALERS B.F.Goo B.EGoodrich ALTON-440 E. iBQAPWAY ~ DIAL HO 5-77S4 GRANITE CITY r.33rd & MADISON - DIAL 6L 8-7123 ACME ,« t Mixed Men - Scheckley 203, Kelly 213, Waggoner 222, Arkabauer 205 Hood 205. Women — Waggoner 173, Watsker 173, Astroth 189, 192, Purdy 167, Lillian Purdy 166, Stephens 166. HOWL AttfiNA files, tallies Kogel 170, Hauversburk 169, Blevtns 186, Kastlng 195, It2 (510), Todaro 168, Mikoft 202 (506), Me- Donough 166, McCoy 166, Zeller 183, Grant 178, 181. Tuea. Men Jouett 221, Sheets 206, Plagei 203, Miller 201, Adklns 190, Koge' 196, Jamison 186, Parish 176. Jr. Bowling Boys Cox 206, Forrester 185, Krotz 183, Fleming 180, Poston 171, Hand 171, Plopper 166, Caskey 165, Die tel 163. Jr. Howling Girls Her 139, Buiford 131, Stable- heber 126, Dietel 113, Redd 100. Western Mixed Women — Brown 167, Ambrac< 166, Whitlock 166, Autery 164, Wil Mams 159. Men — Teakert 227 Davis 217, Dixon 213, V. Dixon 211, Smith 206. Floyd Doesn't Expect to Lose By BOB MYEKS Associated Press Sports Writer LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP) - It wouldn't be fair to say that when Floyd Patterson packed his bags to come to Las Vegas to fight Sonny Liston, he came prepared for defeat. The ex-world heavyweight champion says he has an equal chance with Liston to regain the title in their Monday night fight. But in the words of Patterson himself,, he did bring along his famous .disguise of a false beard and moustache in the event he loses "bad." Boxing fans throughout the world were startled, if not astounded, last. September when the fallen champion, hurrying from the scene of his one-round knockout to Liston in Chicago, was discovered driving to his New York home alone and lonely, wearing this weird beard and moustache. Today, Patterson said he has the same masquerade here. He didn't reveal it; he simply confirmed it, as if putting a false beard and moustache in his gear was just like bringing along an extra pair of socks. "Yes, I have the beard .and moustache; I'm not ashamed of it," Floyd said. Was it because in the event lie loses, he wouldn't want to be bothered by people, by autograph hunters? "No, not that. But — and I don't think I will lose, or lose bad like before. But if I did, I would put it on because I would be ashamed of myself. I w,ould have let my friends down. I would want to cover my face." No one asked, perhaps in charity to the ex-champion, if he had a premonition of defeat before the first Liston fight, since he has said he brought the disguise be fore that fight. Patterson made it clear, however, as far as he was concerned, he does not anticipate defeat in the return bout — or at least such a quick rout of 'two minutes, six seconds. "My 'chances are just as good as his," he declared. Patteron was bitter in rebuking intimations that he was suddenly seized with fear and froze in the first Liston fight. Sports Menu WEDNESDAY Alton Lakers and Wood River Royals at Decatur for Women's Illinois Amateur Softball Association State Tournament. THURSDAY Alton PBA Open practice sessions at Bowl Haven in afternoon, Alton Open Pro-Am Tourna. ment at 6:30 p.m. FRIDAY First squad of 48 pros bowl in Alton Open at Bowl Haven (11 a.m. to 5 p.m.) Second squad bowls from 6 p.m to 11:30 p.m. SATURDAY Same as Friday at Bow Haven; cut to 16 bowlers. City Golf Tourney. SUNDAY Two eight-game sets Sunday afternoon (1 o'clock) in Alton open. Finals between 7 and 11 Sunday night. City Golf Tourney. All Regulars Ready For Packer Training GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP^The last of the regulars pujlecl the training camp of the Nations Football League champion Green Bay Packers Tuesday night an < immediately began taking thej physicals. The examinations mean thq veterans and rookies alike will be gin full scale drills today. The Packers meet the College All Stars in Chicago Aug. 2. i CHICAGO (AP)—The surprising! Chicago Cubs are still kicking up heir heels and the main spur Is none other than Lindy McDanlel, a religious young Wan with tremendous pitching ability. It takes more than simply a prayer to anchor a major league pitching staff. In McDanlel's case t Is a rubber arm with the ability to respond when called upon. For the fourth, time in five days, McDaniel'lumbered in from the bullpen Tuesday and saved another game for the Cubs who boast the best earned run average — 2.70 ~ in the major leagues. This time McDanlel came on in the ninth inning of a l r O game against Milwaukee. There were two out and a man on base, McDaniel threw six pitches and struck out the dangerous Hank Aaron to preserve the triumph So far this season, McDanlel acquired along with Lm-ry Jack son from St. Louis last winter has appeared in 32 games, HP has Ive victories nnd 1-1 of the 1" saves credited to Cub relief pitch- irs. "I don't know how long I can <ecp It up without proper rest," said McDaniel who now has been the anchor man on three conv blned Cub shutouts. "As long as 1 don't haVe a sore nrrti, I think 1 can keep pitching." Head Coach Bob Kennedy said he wanted to give MrDanlel a rest Tuesday. "I Inld him that would be fine but I would be ready In the ninth Inning If we got into a lam," said McDanlel. ^ "I don't-know If; I could have pitched another inning, 'flic real test is to Warm up, cool off and then try to pitch again." McDanlel, voted the top reliel pitcher in 1960, has a 2.35 earned run average and receives nothing but praise from the rest of the Cub staff. Bob Buhl had a no-hitter goinj, for 6 2-3 Innings svhen Hank Aaron doubled in the seventh,. Buhl re Ired Ihr- nexl batter nnd lhen| 'iclded to Don Klslon. "The heat got me," sold Buhl, 'and Kennedy khew II. That's why 1 went out. Sure, if t still Imd « no-hlller going I'd like to hnw tried in the eighth until something happened but I was really woozy. Kennedy said "Buhl didn't have to tell me he was through. 1 could see that. His eyeballs wore In the back of his head. Would I leave him in there if he had a no-hitter going? Honestly, t don't know, But his energy" was gone. "1 didn't want to use McDanlel again but I had no choice. I brought in Dick Lcmay lo pitch to two lefthanders in the ninth nnd had to get him out when Aaron came up. I saw Lindy warming up so that was II. I'd like lo say I'm a genius but 1 can't. Lindy did the job again." The Cubs and Braves mighi still he playing if it hadn't beei for Ken Hubbs 1 home run in the fifth inning, the first hit off Bob Sadowskl and only one of three w Ihe Cubs, Dick Borlell singled wire after Hubbs' homrr, his sav- •nth of the yrmr. The Cubs will send Glen Hobble (4-8) against Milwaukee's Hank ^seller (1-2) today. The Chicago While Sox had n chance to take over second place and gain '/£ game oh Hie rained- out New York Yankees. But southpaw Claude Osleen of Washing- Ion had other Ideas and hurled a 3-1, four-hit victory over the Sox. ,1imn Plznrro suffered his fifth loss against 11 victories when the Senators scored three Unearned runs in Ihe second Inning. The; Sox had taken a 1-0 lead in the first inning. With two oul in the second, Larry Osbbrno singled, Chuck Cottier lilt n pop foul which Camilo Carreon dropped for an error. Cottier then walked, Osl'een singled home I hi) lying run nnd Marv Breeding tripled In the other two runs. Dave DeBussclierc (0-21 goes for the Sox tonight against Bonnie Daniels (3-4). i AUTO featuring OJ*V tw !'»S.V^T™^ w lKt*' 1 ' V V>*'X y> •*?• ^ i." r , -f •* ff ' ^ 1 ...these tires are so good they're OIIARJIKf TEED better than any other-tin..! -Sold and Serviced from Coast to Coast .,,/ Cordovan "Jet" Tires are built for us by one of the world s two largest tire makers. . . they're the finest tire on the road ... -,mm*mm GUARANTEED in-WRITING to give you specified miles of JET TIRES service-see and compare them for yourself ... 1 ... Can't tost you more than the specified low cost per WOO Miles! ...The best tire built costs you less per WOO Miles of safe driving! ... Don't settle for less than the best... and that's Cordovan JET...! 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