Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 16, 1963 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 16, 1963
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

ALfON JSVEfrilNG PAGE TWELVE Bt John Oflifett Mntj>hj Cftslg MeSSel NICEO'YDUTO r 30 MUCH FUM &8MG WtfM fcTOWN SHE LOVES IOCS, LITTLE EVE By Alfred Attdriola KERRY DRAKE WE DIDN'T so THROUSH HIS POCK-ETS/ THE MEDICAL EXAMINER WASN'T TOO HAPPV ABOUT OUf? TAMN6 HIM OUT OF THE BOOTH, EVEN/ ANY IDENTIRCATloN lHAt'S THE BOOTH ALL RIGHT, 'WAS STALLED ABOUT UR BLOCKS AWAY/ FLASH GORDON By Dan Barry YOU HEARD THE TELKAST, ZARKOVf THEY WANT A STATEMENT ABOUT 7HE ALIEN. THERE'S BV THEN YOU'LL BE SAFELY HOME IN THE FUTURE, ESON.' IN PAYMENT FOR TH KNOWLEPSE YOU'VE GIVEN U CALL FOR TDU PR. ZARKOV CASH /V\eLOOT. FINANCIER JOHNNY HAZARD By Frank Robbins BUT THE SHOT HAS ALEKTEP JOHNNY, ANE RNPIN& K/KI'5 HIPIN6 PtACE.AWTE LETS lOOSEl MY HUNCH WAS RISHT.' KIKI'SHOLEPUPON , THAT RUSTIN& TOR,,/ ear HIMSELF AN ARMOR ',,/eOTTA6ETOVEK E,,,TURN IT INTO A STEEL COFFIN' THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith SIR BAGBY By R. and B. Hackney CHEEK UP/ AT LEAST YOU'RE OUT OF JAIL. ISN'T ^x NO-I THAT YOUR ) RECOGNIZE IT-. HORSE ?J T><AT HOR5E "^^ _ ^BELONGS TO THE ^\ ROVAL HAIRDRESSER. THE SHORT, PAT ONEf NO, THE TALL, DARK ONE, OH WELL- THAT'S A HORSE OP A DIFFERENT CURLER, PROFESSOR PHUMBLE By'Bill Yates PHUMBLE &LEIV UP THE BLOCKHOUSE AGAIN! HE3UST CAN'T DO ANYTHING R/GHT' ONE THIN© YOU HAVE HE ALWAYS TRIES TO LOOK AT THE BRIGHT SIDE/ 7 7-16 DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney ('SHE'S SOINGTOEiAKE UKJCADOMALD, SAVS ITfe EASIEf?/ JGTOSAKE) iNALD.'.. J""*^ lASIEjgQ SWEU./ ^ THAT'S WHAT !• WAS .HORNS/ 3^ UNCA TO CUPS OF CAKE FLOUR, A POUND OF BUTTER,TWO CUPS OF SU(SAR?... you said ft \ • * • but why? RIVETS By George Stxte I REAUy ENJOV THESB WALKS WITH YQU, OLD PAL/ / , A QUIBT / STROLL'WITH YOU EASES 1 THE TENSION \OFTHE DAY. WHEN I'M WITH V<XI I RELAX, TH6 PROBLEMS ;r HAve DISAPPEAR. WITHOUT SAVING A WORP SOW STAN&IUG AND SYMPATHY. YOUR tOVfi AMD YOUR ^ FAITH IN MB SAWS' UMM/STAKABiy FROM YOUK EYES. IF X DIPH'T HAVS A DOLLAR I WOULD STILL ee RICH.' THE BERRYS By Carl Grnbert LUCKY I DIDNT HAVE TIME TO THINK OF ANYTHING RDR TAILS/ What a mascot! Love at first sight when tots to teen-agers see Uiis shaggy clog. Penny-savor gift takes one 4- ounce skein of worsted, pins contrast for cars. Foundation-,- two pillow-like pieces. Pattern 1505: directions 15-inch dog. Thirty-five ctmts lit coins for this puitorn — add 15 cents for ouch pattern for first-class nmll- ing; anil Hpecliil luiiHlllng. Send to l,iiiira Whtwlor, can; of Alton Telegraph, ««,'Neeilleornft I)epl., 1', 6. Box 1(11, Old Ohelson Sl«- tloii, Now York 11, N. V. Print plainly Pattern Number, Nume, Address and /one,. Newest rage—smocked accessories plus 'JOS exciting needlecraft designs in our new IflGH Neediecrafl Catalog — just out! Fashions, furnishings to crochet, knit, sew, weave, embroider, quilt. Plus free pattern. Send 25 cents now. Tops Plus Shorts PRINTED PATTERN 4643 SIZES 2-TO HENRY By Carl Anderson I HAVE TWO SINGLE , SEATS, DOWN FRONT* 7.16 TRUDY tell Me "I got tired of trying to figure out what to make at mealtime." True Life Adventures ROVAl- FAMIL-Y "DUFFW Usually o novice in fhe gome of golf, this once referred /o the racket of peddling cheap or worth' /ess goods as smuggled merchandise, and there' fore o great bargain. Such garbage was known as "duff" from an old term for "eoMnterfeJf;" and 1b9 sharpy peddling them was known as a DUFFER, . BATD-EMBNTB OP \ TH)S 1OO-VBAK- By A: .LEOKUM What Is Heat? Win the Britannica Junior 15- volume encyclopedia for school and home. Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: Michael Morgan, 9, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. When you touch something hot with your finger, you suffer'pain. But what is it that you actually feel! Why does a hot piece of Iron make you feel pain! In other words, what is heat? Scientists say that heat is the endless motion of the smallest, invisible parts of objects, the atoms and the molecules. For example, in the air atoms and molecules are able to move about freely. These particles may move rapidly or slowly. If they move rapidly, we say the temperature of the air is high or that the air is hot. But if they move slowly, as on a cold day, we feel the air to be cool. In liquids and solids, the atoms and molecules cannot move so freely. But rapid motion is still taking place. In a block of hot iron, the atoms vibrate very rapidly. So when you touch your finger to a hot piece of iron, what you feel as pain is the sudden and violent motion imparted to the molecules in your skin when they come near the fast-moving particles of the Iron! It's hard for us to believe when we look at objects that their moK ecules are In constant motion but this is so. W you looked at a tiny particle of matter in water under a microscope, you would see it being knocked around by millions of invisible jostling molecules. Ev« en in melting ice, oxygen molecules moves with ft. speed of about 1,400 feet per second! So if all this motion is going on, heat is a form of energy. Energy is the ability to do work, that is, to produce motion. And it is the energy of expanding manses of molecules (hat turns the wheels of industry. Heat and tempej-ature.are not the same tiling. Since heat is a form of energy, the heat which a body contains depends on the energy of motion of its atoms and molecules. Quantity of heat is measured in "calories." But the temperature of a body is a measurement of the level or "degree" to which the heat energy in that body brings it. FUN TIME The Riddle Bo.v 1. Why did the lady go outside with her purse open? 2. What stands still but sometimes runs? 3. What did Franklin say when he discovered electricity in lightning? Answers 1. She expected some change in the weather. 2. Your nose. 3. Nothing, he was too shocked. EXTRA PRIZE! YOU FINISH IT You may win a Britannica World Atlas plus a Britannica Yearbook for finishing this drawing. Originality and imagination count. Use this drawing, or copy it any size, Important; entries must be addressed "Drawing," Tell Me Why, and give your naine, age, and address. Win the Britannica World Atlas or Yearbook of Events; Send your riddles, jokes to: Hld< dies, Jokes, "Tell Me Why!" To* day's winner is; Marie Glenn, Houston, Tex BE PREPARED ' ! <AP—A group of new Girl Scouts, after being introduced to the mysteries of first Aid, underwent an examination. "What would you do if a small child swallowed the door key"? the instructor asked one child, "I guew," she reasoned, "J'd climb In through the window," Three beginner-easy tops plus shorts—they lake little time, little fabric and give a child lots of outfits! Sew three matched sets in white and sunshine-bright cottons. Printed Pattern 4643: Children's Sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. See pattern for yardages. Fifty cents In coins for Hils pattern — add 15 cents for each pattern for first-class mailing and special dandling. Send tn Anno Adams, caro of Alton Telegraph, 177, Puttom Dept., 243 W. J7lli St., New York 11, N. V, Print plainly Niuvio, , Address, Zone, Size, and Stylo Number. PATTERN FREE! Mail coupon inside new Fall-Winter Pattern Catalog,-ready now!' Over 300 design ideas, all sizes. Send 50 cents for Catalog. 2NP GENERATION BUSINESS MIDLAND, Tex. (/P) — The Friday boys arc still poundin 1 leather in this cattle country. Ever since .World War I members of the Friday family have been making hoots and saddles for,cowbpys and ranchers In the area. There were eight brothers In the Friday family, and, ; seven of them got into the family business, owned by Trumajl Friday. Truman learned •tomreg from the various saddlojffiSdvs employed by his fajHlgfand -'figures hq must haVigtepasfed 'about Jl.QOO wortjypfyrleather in the process," $S#?he 'does'>not work' patterns,-^ just grabs a tooling bit and,mallet and free-hands the design. He recalls that the Friday* once made 23 pair* of boots for Gene Autry »nd they turned out more than 190 Sam Brown Belts and holsters for Midland police* men. They also take pride In the hojisters and belts they for Texas Rangers,

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