Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 13, 1963 · Page 5
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 13, 1963
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JULY 13,19G3 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH :——-—«....^,, In the Image of God ILLUSTRATED SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON » MM Aft**. ment meeting. Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints—5th and Lorena, Wood River. 9:30 Church school. 10:55 Sermon hy Clarence Archibald. No evening service. Faith Lutheran—Godfrey. Paul R. Schroeder, pastor. 8:15 a.m. Worship. Communion. 9:30 a.m. Sunday school. 10:45 Worship. Trinity Lutheran—Blair at Maple. Reuben C. Bnerwald, pastor, 8:15 a.m. Holy Communion. 9:30 Sunday school. 10:30 Worship. Messiah Lutheran — Milton Rd. Carl HilRondorf, pastor. 9:15 a.m. Sunday school. 8 and 10:30 a.m. Divine worship. Rev. W. 0 Farm, Garden and Livestock Awards Made at Greene Fair CARROLLfON — The judging i ion ot all breeds was owned by was completed Wednesday night at Greene County Fair, which closed Friday, and the first place winnings which were not announced 'Iliursday are being announced today. Winners of first place ratings in the Farm and Garden depart- and Rov. William E. I ment were as follows: Woller, speakers. St. Paul's Lutheran- "tn 12den, In the east," God created a garden of perfection. In the garden grew all kinds of lovely and nourish' Ing trees ami plants, including the tree of life.—Genesis 2:8-9, In this garden God placed the man He had created, to till It. He was to eat freely of every free except, that, "of the knowledge of good and evil." —Genesis 2:15-17. The Lord also gave the man dominion None of these was a proper helper over all the beasts of the field and for man, so God caused him to sleep birds of the air, bringing them before while he formed woman from one of him to let him mime t.hem,- 2:10-20. -Genesis his ribs.—Genesis 2:20-22. GOLDKN TEXT: Psalm 8:4-5. In the Image of God THE PREEMINENT IMPORTANCE AND DIGNITY OF MAN, AS REVEALED IN THE GENESIS ACCOUNT OF HIS CREATION Scripture—Genesis 1—2. Ry N. 8PE1CU .10N158 In this second of two lessons on the first two chapters of the Bible, we shall concentrate' on the creation of man. This is the final act of God's creative work, and this fact in itself gives man a dominant place in the universe. Furthermore, there is more space assigned to the account of I his creation in Genesis than to any other single product of God's creation. Man is the only creation made in God's image, the only one Into which God breathes His Osvn breath. God also specifically gives man dominion over the earth. This image of God is sometimes misinterpreted to mean that man is made in form like God's. We must remember that God is Spirit, without form; the image is one of Eden has long been a subject of conjecture. Of the four rivers mentioned, the Hlddekel and Plmit seem to have been identified correctly as the Tigris and Euphrates. The land of Gush appears to be Elhlopia. The Pishon and Glhon rivers and the land of Havilah, however, have not been identified with any certainty at all. Since the time of Philo Ju- rlneus, the Garden of Eden has also been subject to allegorical interpretation. Origin considered Eden heaven, with the trees as angels and the rivers as wisdom. Martin Luther taught that Eden was guarded by angels from discovery until after the flood destroyed all traces ot it, Emanucl Swedenborg taught that It represented the sate ot innocence. (The (Sullen GOLDEN TEXT What is man that Thou art mindful of him, and the son of man that thou dost, care for him? Yet Thou hast made him little less than God, and dost crown him with glory and honor."— Psalm 8:4-5. personality or essence of being. The image was marred in man's fall, and restored through Christ. Because of our likeness to God, we have the possibility ot communion and understanding with Him. God's command to man was two-fold; he was to multiply and to have dominion over his world. The word "replenish" does not mean, of course, that a race had existed previously, but that man was to fill the earth. In the two chapters assigned here, we find two accounts of man's creation — the first, the brief statement in Genesis 1:27, and the second, the more detailed account: in Genesis 2:7, 18-25. In this graphic account, man is molded from the very dust of the earth, providing him with sufficiently humble origin that he should never forget: that it is only due to God's grace that he maintains any position of importance. The location of the Garden of Note that in this garden man was given work to do — a blessing —and the intelligence with which to do it. He was also told God's purpose for him, in replenishing the earth. He was also given God's first direct commandment — to eat of every tree except of the knowledge of good and evil. This knowledge of good and evil would not come from the tree itself but from man's disobedience to God's command. The Sabbath was Instituted (Genesis 2:1-6) not because God was tired, but because His work was finished. The word "woman" means literally "Wife-man." Note (hat she was not made from his head, nor his feel, but from his side—to be equal with him, not above or below. We also note God's mona- gamous purpose and realize the supreme devotion with which a man and wife are meant to cling to each other. Based on Copyrighted oulllnes produced oy the Division of Christian Education, National Council of Churches of Christ In the U.S.A., and used by permission. Distributed by King Features Syndicate. Sunday Church Services ASSEMBLY OF GOD North Side Assembly of God— 4836. Alby. Eugene Cope, pastor. 9:30 a.m. Sunday school. 10:45 Morning worship. 6:30 p.m. Christ's Ambassadors. 7:30 Evangelistic service. Milton Assembly of God—Come In Place. David McGarvey, pastor. 9:45 Sunday school. 11 a.m. Worship. 7 p.m. Evangelistic service. Forest Mission Assembly of God—5th and Forest Drive, Forest Home. Louie Estes, pastor. 9:30 a.m. Sunday school. 11 a.m. Morning worship. 7:30 p.m. Evangelistic service, First Assembly of God—78 E Jennings, Wood Bucher, pastor. River. E. R. 9:30 a.m. Sunday school. 10:45 Morning worship. 6:30 p.m. Youth service. 7:30 Evangelistic service. Cottage Hills First Assembly of God—20 Harvel Court. Maurice Burgund, pastor. 9:30 a.m. Sunday school, 10:45 Morning worship. 6:30 p.m. CAs. 7:30 Evening service. BAPTIST Bethany Baptist-4712 Alby St. Robert L. Ross, pastor. 9:30 a.m. Sunday school. 10:30 Morning worship, 6;30 p.m. BTU. 7:30 Evening worship. Whiteluw Avenue Baptist—Wood River. Arba A. Capron, pastor. 9:30 a.m. Sunday school. 10:45 Morning worship. 6:30 p.m. BTU. 7:30 Evening worship. Calvary Southern Baptist—1422 Washington. Howard Todd Taylor, pastor. 8:30 and 10:35 a.m. Worship services. 9:30 Sunday school 6:30 p.m. BTU. 7:30 Evening worship. Wood River First Baptist-300 !. Lorena. W. C. Burk, pastor ):30 a.m. Sunday school. 8:15 and 10:30 Morning worship services. "Moods and Attitudes." 6:30 BYF. 7:30 Evening worship. "A Bicycle and Two Prayers." Main Street Baptist—509 Main 3cn A. Bohn, pastor. 9:30 a.m Sunday school. 10:40 Morning worship. Communion. 6:30 BYF 7:30 Gospel hour. East Alton First Baptist—411 and Bowman. Thomas D. Me Dermand, pastor. 8:30 and 10:30 Morning worship. 9:40 Church school. 6:00 p.m. BTU. 7 p.m Evening worship. •• First Baptist—College at John son. Orrin M. Anderson, pastor 3:25 a.m. Church school. 10:30 Morning worship. 7:30 Evening worship. Wood River Missionary Baptist Odd Fellows Hall, 29a Ferguson Leo Candler, pastor, 9:45 a.m Sunday school, 10:45. Morning worship. 7 p.m. BTC, 8 p.m. Eve- CENTRAL AND MADISON CHURCH OF CHRIST , WOP«) River Churchei of Christ are happy to preient THE STORY THAT LIVES FOREVER each Sunday after, noon at Ii30 p.m,—-KPLR- TV, Channel II, Thl* week's program de. voted to jongi by the chorus. Be sure to watch and listen to hymn$ that satisfy the *oul. Wayne T, Hail, Mlniiter Qhvuh" ning worship. Meadowbrook First Baptist— p.m. Preaching and Communion. Church of Christ—Stale at Marguerite, Wood River. 10 a.m. Bible study. 11 a.m. Exhortation. 11:30 Communion. 8 p.m. Exhortation. Church of Christ — 37 Harvel, Cottage Hills. 10 a.m. Bible study. 11 a.m. Exhortation. 11:30 Communion and Fellowship. 7 p.m. Exhortation. Church of Christ—Godfrey Civic Center. 9:45 a.m. Bible study. 10:40 ii.m. Communion. Preaching by Brother Ray Harrawood. 7:30 p.m. Preaching and Conr munion. Church of Christ—1123 Central 10 a.m. Bible study. 11 a.m Preaching. 11:30 Communion 7:30 Preaching and Communion. Church of Christ—Buckmasler toad. 10 ii.m. Scripture read ng. 11 a.m. Communion anc ireaching. 3 p.m. Singing anc ermon by R. M. Moore. 3oach. Wood River. R. W. Meyer, slor. 8 a.m. Holy Commun- on. 9:15 Sunday school. 10:30 Morning worship. Berea Lutheran — Greene and 3okl strents. Reuben C. Bap.r- wald, vacancy pastor. 8:30 a.m. Morning worship. 9:45 a.m. Sunday school. "Creation of Eve" "VVIliit is man that Thou arc mindful of him, and the son of man Hint Thou dost euro for him? 4 Vet Thou huvst mnde him little less tlinn God, and dost crown him with glory and honor." —Psalm 8:4-5. Ivy Heights Church of God- Rock Hill and Belk Park roads— C. E. Cox, pastor. 9:30 a.m. Church school. 10:30 Morning vorship. 6:30 p.m. Youth serv- CR. 7:30 Evening worship. Meadowbrook First Church of od—Maple Drive at Elm. M. H. -lounchell, minister. 9:30 Morn- ng worship. 10:45 Sunday school. 6:30 p.m. YF. 7:30 Evening worship. Ilinton Woodfin, pastor. 9:30 a.m. Sunday school, vorship. 7 p.m, 10:30 Morning BTU. 8 p.m. Evening worship. Upper Alton Baptist—College i Seminary. Robert J. Cochran, master. 9:30 a.m. Church school. .0:40 Morning worship. Eldon Dittemore, guest. Faculty student discussion in Peck Hall. Twing Memorial—1253 Ninth. William I. Stoeckel, pastor. 9:30 Church school. 10:30 Morning worship. "Practicing Christian Freedom." North Alton Baptist—2245 Stale St. J. E. Camp, pastor. 9:30 a.m. Sunday school. 10:45 Morning worship. 6:30 p.m. BTU. 7:30 Evening worship. East Side Baptist—3418 College. Sam Dunham, pastor. 9:30 Sunday school. 10:30 Morning worship. 6:30 BTU. 7:30 Evening worship. Victory General Baptist — 2730 Viewland. George S. Moore, pas tor. 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Worship services, school. 10 a.m. Sunday Sanford Avenue Baptist — 2636 Sanford. John Lineberry, minister. 9:30 a.m. Sunday school 10:30 Morning worship. Sermon: "God's Glory in Salvation." 6:30 Youth meetings. 7:30 Gospel nour. Evangelist James McElyea, juest speaker. Forest Homes Baptist—4th and Stanley Road. Rev. Jay Hollingshad pastor. 9:30 a.m. Sunday school. 10:30 Morning worship. 7 p.m. BTU. 8 p.m. Evening worship. Cherry Street Baptist—6th and Cherry St. W. Freeman Privett, minister. 9 a.m. Church school. 10:10 a.m. Morning worship. "Taking the Bitterness Out of Life." 6:30 BYF. 7:30 Worship "The Fleshpots of Egypt." First Gen. Baptist Church of Meadowbrook—Jack Smith, pastor. Sunday school 9:45 a.m. Midmorning worship 11 a.m. Evening worship 7:30 p.m. CATHOLIC St. Matthew's—1110 Milton Rd Msgr. William Croke, pastor Rev. John Stewart, assistant Masses at 6, 8:30, 9:30, 10:30 and 11:30. St. Kevin's—Rosewood Heights Rev. Frank J. O'Hara, pastor Masses at7:30, 9:30 and 11 a.m SS. Peter & Paul's—721 State Msgr. J. J. Haggerty, pastor Revs. Richard Peradotto and Peter Bertoldo, assistants. Sun day Masses at 5:45, 7:30, 9, 10:30 and 11:30 a.m.. i St. Patrick's—5th and' Central Rev. John J. Crosson, pastor Revs. David Peters and Frank CHURCH OF CHRIST GODFREY, ILL, MEETING AT THE PRESENT TIME AT GODFREY CIVIC CENTER BIBLE STUDY • • 9:45 A.M. WORSHIP SERVICE 10:45 A.M. EVENING SERVICE 7:30 P.M. WEDNESDAY EVENING BIBLE STUDY ... 7;30 P.M. Christian Science Services Firet Church oi Christ, Scientist 533 East Tenth St. —All Are Welcome Sunday Service 11 A.M. Wednesday Evening Testimony Meeting 8 P.M. Sunday School 11 A.M. Nursery Open Muring I&oji Service Heading Room, 100 Kast Brouduuy Open P«lly tixcept Sunday & Holiday* (rum U to 4:30 P.M. VesthoH, assistants. Sunday lasses at 5:45, 7:30, 8:45, 10, nd 11:15. St. Amhrose—St. Ambrose Dr., Godfrey. Rev. A. E. Robinson, jastor. Rev. Walter M. Weerts, ssislant. Masses at 5:45, 7:30, 9, 0:15, and 11:30. St. Mary's—Fourth and Henry. VIsgr. James A. Suddes, pastor. Revs. Vincent Worland and Rich- ird Niebrugge, assistant pastors. Vlacses at 5:45, 7:30, 8:30, 9:30, 10:30, and 11:30. CHRISTIAN Bethalto First Christian—Highway 140 East. Jack Allbee, inin sler. 9:15 Morning worship 'The Recovered Joy." 10:15 a.m Bible school. 7 p.m. Evening service. "The Greatest Thing ir the World." First Christian—760 Washing :on. J. W. Jordan, minister. 9:30 3ible school. 10:30 Morning wor ship. 10:45 Lord's Supper. 6:30 Berean Bible class. 7:30 Eve ling worship. First Church of Christ—2nd at L,orena, Wood River. E. Porter Sstes, minister. 9:30 a.m. Bible school. 10:30 Morning worship 'The Like Precious Faith." 7:30 Evangelistic hour. "God's Presence Fills the House." CHRISTIAN SCIENCE First Church of Christ, Scien ist—533 East Tenth St., Alton First Church of Christ, Scientist 217 N. Ninth St., Wood River First Church of Christ, Scientist Slsah. Alton has 'Sunday serv ce and Sunday school at 11 a.m Wood River has Sunday service at 11 a.m. and Sunday school a 9:30 a.m, Elsah has Sunday service and Sunday school a 11:15 a.m. The subject of Les son-Sermon in all Churches o Christ Scientist on Sunday July 14, will be: "Sacrament.' lolden text: "The bread of God is He which cpmeth down from Heaven, and giveth life unto tli ,vorld." John 6:33. -3rd nnd 1WKE METHODIST Free Methodist — Hillcrejl and Sering. K. P. Mayhcw, pastor. ):30 Sunday school. 10:30 Morning worship. 7 p.m. FMY. 7:30 Evangelistic service. METHODIST Main Street Methodist — 1400 Main. John Henderson, minister, 9:30 a.m. Church school. 8:30 and 10:40 Morning worship. 5:45 MYF. 7 p.m. Evening worship. Wood River First Methodist- Sixth at Lorena. Edwin H. Grant, pastor. 9:30 a.m. Sunday school. 10:40 Morning worship. "Simple Living in Complex Days." 6 p.m. Ynulh planning session. 7 p.m. livening sorvife. "Open-Eyed Religion." First Methodist—6lh at Market. Robert 11. Simpson, pastor. 9:30 Church school. 10:10 Morning CHURCH OF GOD First Church of God—65 Elm. 1. F. Brown, pastor. 9:30 a.m. Church school. 10:30 Morning vorship. YF. 1 p.m. Worship. 8:15 worship. Dr. E er. East Alton M. Dycus, speak- First Methodist— 3rd and Kent. Jack D. Travelstead, minister. 9:30 a.m. Church school. 10:30 Morning worship. 6:00 Family Fellowship 7:30 Evening service. Grace Methodist—7th & Henry St. F. Glenn Creek, pastor. 9:30 a.m. Church school. 10:30 Morn-1 ing worship. Homer Voiles, j speaker. NAZARENE Rosewood Heights Church of Corn, Mrs. James Hartman, OiiTolllon, two; Mrs. Charles Thaxlon, Greenfield, one; Agnes Schmidt, Kane, one; Mrs. Rollie Huylo, Rockbridge, one; Mrs. Raymond Mears Greenfield, one. Small Grains and Seed, Opal Bnlfles, Greenfield, four; Fred Hartman, Carrollton, three; Bill ICdwards, Rockbridgo, one; Harold Tendick. Rockbridge, one. Eggs, Agnes Schmidt, Kane, me, and Emeline Crotchelt. Kane, me. Hay, Darrell Whillock, Carroll- on, two; Emclinn Crotchetl. Kane, inn; Fred Hfirtman, Carrollton, four. Root crops nnd vegetables, laymond Scoggins, Carroll- Ion, two; Richard Whitlock, Carrollton, two; Christy Carter, Hillview, one; Hilda Schnettgoecke, Carrollton, eight; Opal Baldes, Greenfield, five; Goldie Moore, Jerseyville, one; Mrs. Raymond Mears, Greenfield, four; Tommy Shafer, Carrolllon, two; Mrs. Rollie Ruyle. Rockbridge, three; James Stevens, Greenfield, two; Agnes Schmidt, Kane, one; Alice Hartman, Carrollton, two; and Hurold Tendick, Rockbridge, two. Garden Display, Hilda Sclinett- goecke, Carrollton, one; Agnes Schmidt, Kane, one; Opal Baldes, Greenfield, one. Winners of first place ratings in the livestock departments are as follows: Livestock Exhibits Beef Cattle. Herefords, Diesel- Marvin Tuetkin of Jerseyville. Sheep. Montadale, Jane Lawson, of Murrayville, six; Joy Dunseth, Modesto, four; Bonnie McBride, New Athens, two. Cottswold, Beverly McCann, De- c-ahir, five; Homer Truesman. Decatur, five; Jim Hampton, Windsor, three. Cheviots, W. D. Ross, Greenfield, ten; Sue Walker, Armington, two; John L. Huston of Rose- vllle, one. Hampshires, Tom Melzer, Carlot, eight; Donald Ramsdell, Franklin Grove, one; Bill Walters, Arminglon, three. Oxfords, Butcher Bros., Roodhouse, four; John Pennock, Pittsfield, 7; John Krell, Pittsfield, two. Shropshires, John L. Huston, Rospville, six; Donald B. Dubes, Loami, seven. Soulhdowns, James H. Nixon, Stockport, Iowa, throe; John L Huston, Roseville, 7; Ri chare Hampton, Windsor, one; Sally Miller, Carlot,one and DorisKoer per, Geneso, one. Suffolks, Stanley Heitz, Mans field, ten; Robert Lehman, Gir ard, two; Ann Walker of Arming ton, one. E> R. Gutiey* Of Cfirrolllon Wed 25 Years CARROLLTON — Mr. flhd Mrs. 5. R. Guffey, who were married 15 years ago today will be guests if honor at a family dinner In lamsey Sunday at the home of Mrs. Guffey's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. John Bergin. Guffey, son of Homer Guffey of Findlay and the late Mrs. Gitf- 'ey and Miss Elizabeth Neely, laughter of Roy Neely of Mam- soy and the late Mrs. Neely, were married in a Catholic Church in Ramsey by the late Rev. E. Foser. During their married life 3uffey has been engaged in the grocery business, serving as a trouble shooter for the Kroger Grocery Co. for 13 years and In 37 different stores. He also managed Super Markets while living in California and was the manager of the Alfeld Market here until it was sold. He is now planning to open a doughnut shop here next week on Fifth Street in the building former oc- Dorsets. Doris Koerper. Genc-|cupled by Carter's Restaurant THE CHURCH OF GOD OF PROPHECY Church of God of Prophecy— 716 Harrison, Glendale Gardens. Martha Wittmaier, pastor. 10 a.m. CHURCH OF CHRIST Church of Christ—3402 Franor. 10 a.m. Bible study. 11 a.m. Mutual Edification. 11:30 The Lord's Supper. 7:30 p.m. Exhortation. Church of Christ—Central and Madison, Wood River. 9:45 Bible study. 10:40 Preaching by Wayne T. Hall. 11:30 Communion. 7:30 Sunday school. 11 a.m. Worship. :45 Evening service. CONGREGATIONAL Church of the Redeemer—Sixth and Henry. Robert Chatfield temper, pastor. 9:30 a.m. Church school. 10 a.m. Morning worship. 'Releasing Our Inner Tensions." 6:30 p.m. PF. Godfrey Community Congregational—Godfrey Road. Frank B. McDuflee, minister. 8:45 a.m. Sunday school. 10 a.m. Morning worship. Melville Union Congregational- Route 100. Joseph Fast, pastor. 9:30 Sunday school. 10:40 Morn-) ing worship. Series: "Unlouch-j ables." 5:30 Youth meeting. 7:30 Christian Endeavor program. EPISCOPAL St. Paul's—Third and Market. John M. Young, Rector. 9:15 a.m. Morning prayer. 9:30 Holy Eucharist with hymns. Trinity Chapel—State at Mildred. 8 a.m. Holy Communion. St. Gabriel's—Whitelaw north of Edwardsville Rd., Wood River. James Pearson, vicar. 8:30 a.m. Holy Eucharist. 9:30 Coffee hour. EVANGELICAL & REFORMED (United Church of Christ) St. John's—Sixth and Penning, Wood River. E. Eugene Smith, pastor. 9 a.m. Church school. 9 and 10:10 a.m. Morning worship. Alton Evangelical Church—8th and Henry. Charles L. Stevens, pastor. 9 a.m. Sunday school. 8 and 10 a.m. Morning worship. Meditation: "Thy Kingdom Come." St. John's United Church of Christ — Midway. Ronald C. Christiansen, pastor. 9 a.m. Sunday school. 10:10 Worship. JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES Alton Kingdom Hall—2400 Locust. 3 p.m. Public talk: "Death— A Doorway to What?" By 0. Foote. 4:15 \Vatchtower study: "Willingly Expand Your Ministry." LATTER DAY SAINTS The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon)— State and Elble, Wood River. Bishop, Ronald L. Guthrie. 8:30 a.m. ~ ' --•-!--- the Nazarene—Airline and Bei-t. C. Neil Strait, minister. 9:30 a.m. Sunday school. 10:35 Morning worship. 6:45 Youth service. 7:30 Evangelistic service. NON-DENOMINATIONAL Faith Community Church—Located: Humbert Road at Bartlett ,ane. Robert Dunn, pastor, pro- temp. 9:30 a.m. Sunday school. 10:30 Morning worship. 7:30 p.m. Evening worship. Berean Bible Church—3047 Alby. Leroy P. Dority, pastor. 9:30 Sunday school. 10:40 Morning worship. "The Christian's Armour." PRESBYTERIAN (Evangelical) Bible Presbyterian—11 McArthur Drive, Cottage Hills. A. R. Fields, pastor. 9:30 a.m. Sunday school. 10:30 Morning worship. Bible ship. 6:30 p.m. Youth group study. 7:30 Evening wor- PRESBYTBRIAN (United) First Presbyterian-^th at Lor=ma Ave.. Wood River. Manley L Mace, minister. 9:30 a.m. Church school. 10:45 Morning worship. 'What Difference Does Christian- ty Make?" Zion Presbyterian—Fosterburg. Andrew McMuller), pastor. 9:30 Morning worship. "Stirring the lagle's Nest." 10:40 a.m. Church school. 6:30 p.m. Jr. UPY. Salem Presbyterian—Seminary Road. Andrew McMullen, pas- or. 10 a.m. Sunday school. 1 a.m. Morning worship. "Stir- •ing the Eagle's Nest." 6:30 p.m. UPY. College Avenue Presbyterian- College and Clawson. Henry 0. Moore, minister. 9:30 Church school. 8:15 and 10:45 Morning vorship. "The Plumb-line." Twelfth Street Presbyterian— "506 E. 12th. Paul S. Krebs, pas- or. 9 a.m. Church school. 10 a.m. Morning worship. "Joy In Our Trials and Troubles." First Presbyterian-^th at Alby. tortley Priesthood meeting. 10:30 Sunday school. 5 p.m. Sacra- Christian Science Services First Church of Christ, Scientist 217 North Ninth St.—Wood River Sunday Service 11 A.M. Wednesday Evening Testimony Meeting 8 P.M. Sunday School 9:30 A.M. Reading Room, 217 North Ninth St. Open on Tuesday mul Thursday Afternoons from 2 to 4 p.m. «. LUTHERAN of the Greater Alton Area Welcome You To Worship Tomorrow We Sponsor Diul-A-Pr»yer HO 8-0003 Radio KFUO—"The Gospel Voice"—850 k.c, "This If The Life"—Sundays 9s30 a.m., Ch. 5 "The Lutheran Hour'S-.Sundays 2:30 p.m., KFUQ 7 a.m. KWK 1380 10:15 p.m, KSD 550 For In/ormutlon on the nearest Lutheran Church call HO 5-3833 or write 517 Marsh St., Alton, ill. horst Farms, Quincy, won 12 and owner the champion male and female; Robert Brachebusch of Divernon, one; Harry Sinclair, Jerseyville, one; Bruce Burg- schneider, New Berlin, two; Douglas Morris of Aledo, one. Polled Herefords, A. A. Henke and son of Moro, three; Roger Webb of Waggoner, nine and owned the champion male and female. Danny Baker of Auburn, two; Bruce Bergschneider, New Berlin, two; David Reznick of Hettick, one. Angus, A. D. Ruyle, Roodhouse, two and owned the champion male; Laverne Tuetkin, Jerseyville, four; Gary Rahe, Bluffs, three; Reznicek Farms, Hettick, two; Bob Wock, Jerseyville, one and owned the champion female; Mike Wock, Jerseyville, two; A D. Wock, Jerseyville, one; Pat ty Ross, Greenfield, one. ' Shorthorns and polled short horns, Kallal and Darr, Jersey ville, three; Larry Moore, Me dora, six and owned the champ so, five; Jerry Walters. Armington, seven; Robert Lehman, Girard, ono. Corriedale, Nixon & Crawford, Slockport, Iowa, two; James E. Yantis, Findlay, eight; James K. Trotter, Roseville, two; Robert Hohmer, Girard, one. Lincoln, Beverly McCann, Decatur, seven; Homer Truesner, Decatur, six; Robert Lehman of Girard owned the grand champion fat lamb over all breeds. Suim; Department Swine, Berkshire, Stephen K. ion male; Ronald Murphy, Virginia, two; Glenn Mangold, Auburn, one; Ronnie Riffey of Virden, two. The grand champion steer of all breeds was owned by Bruce Bergschneider of New Berlin and the Reserve Grand Champ- Ralph Lynn, ministers. 8:30 and 10:45 Morning worship services. "Church and State." 9:30 and 10:45 Church school. Elm Street Presbyterian—Elm and Gerson. C. H. Collisson. pastor. 9:30 and 11 a.m. Church school. 8:30 and 11 a.m. Worship. "The Psalms." TID3 SALVATION ARMY The Salvation Army—418 East Broadway. Capt. Leon E. Turner Jr., officer in charge. 9:30 Sunday school. 10:45 Morning Holiness service. 6 p.m. Teen time. 7:30 Salvation service. First Baptist Church College anfl Johnson Streets Alton, Illinois ORIUN M. AJVDERSON, Pastor 9:25 a.m. Sunday Church School 10:30 a.m. MornliiB Worship Messuite: "The Dynamic Christ" 7:30 p.m. Evening Worship Message: "In the Beginning". Ordinance of Baptism Alr-Condilloned Nursery maintained during both services. Ample Parking fni Everyone. liangeltcal ^•1^ ^^ • • • • n f+ • • CHURCH Eighth and Henry Streets CHARLES L STEVENS, Pastor CHURCH SCHOOL 9 A.M. MORNING WORSHIP 8 and 10 A.M. Sermon: "Thy Kingdom Come" 10:80 to 11 Broadcast Over WOKZ Nursery Service /or Church School and Church EVERYONE WELCOME > - *«' Webel of Piltsfield, seven; David Lewis of Virden, one; Allen Lash, Butler, eight; Leo and Carol Day of Jerseyville, two. Hampshire, Kendall Starkweather, Hettick, seven; Ronnie Riffey, Virden, one; Steve Morris, Aledo, two; Jason Starkweather, Hettick, five; Roger Rutherford, Virden, one and Sarah Phillips and son, Virden, one. Spotted Poland China, Dennis Woods, Carlinville, four; Larry Joe Durham. Griggsville, four: David Woods, Carlinville, two; Ricky Caruthers, Waverly, seven. Chester White, Walter Caruthers, Waverly, ten; Mildred Bryant, Murrayville, eight. Duroc Jersey, George Elliott, Jerseyville, eight; Dean Barnett, Roodhouse, three; Gary Orris Jacksonville, two; Jim Shanks Kane, one; E'mmett Bagent Pittsfield, three; Carol Rawe Carrollton, one. ' Black Poiand China, Gordon AI-, ten, Carlinville. three; L a r r y Jones, Winchester, two; Gar y Allen, Carlinville, ten; Donald Ballard, Carrollton, one. Landrace, George Woods, Chesterfield, 13; Terry Brockmeyer, Harvel, three. Yorkshire, Jim Woods, Chesterfield, five; Donald Ballard, Carrollton, one; David Woods, car- linville, two; Jim Wedekind, Raymond, one; Ronnie Walpole, Jacksonville, three; Jean Woods, Clies- The Guffeys are the parents of our children, Roger, Stephen, Anna Maria and Phillip. Roger Guf- 'cy graduated this spring from he Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and Is leaving July 31 to become a member of the Naval Air Corps stationed at Pensacola, Fla. Carrollton Notes CARROLLTON—A marriage license was issued July 11 in the of/ice of Richard McLane, county clerk, to Lyle Winters and Miss Mary Ann Hopkins, both of Roodhouse. Mr. and Mrs. James Midkiff left Saturday to remain over Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Miller of Goshen, Ind. The two men were friends when both were in the service during World War II. Ross Reynolds of Plant City, Fla., is visiting relatives in the Carrollton area for a few days. Miss Bridget Dunphy, Miss Maureen Dunphy and Chris Dunphy, all of Alton, are spending a few days with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles King. Miss Jewel Wagener, who is employed in the office of B oy d VIemorial Hospital, will return to work Monday from a two-week vacation. Miss Donna Vorhis, also employed in the hospital office, will begin her two weeks vacation Monday. Men of Song at Tabernacle Sunday The Men of Song from Springfield, Mo., will be guests at the Alton Gospel Tabernacle, 512 Spring St., Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m., according to the Rev. C. L. Gruver, pastor. Following the musical program one team member will present a gospel message. tcrfield, three; Russell Whitlow, Hillsboro, two. Come to The Congregational Church Of The Redeemer on Henry Street at Sixth in Alton SUNDAY SERVICES: 9:30 A.M. — Church School Classes 10:00 A.M. — Service of Worship Sermon, "Releasing Our Inner Tension*" Robert Chatfield Kemper, Pastor CHERRY STREET BAPTIST CHURCH Sixth and Cherry Streets VV. FKI5EMAN PRIVETT, Minister 9:00 A.M. CHURCH SCHOOL 10:10 A.M. WORSHIP Message—"TAKING THE BITTERNESS OUT OF LIFE" 6:30 P.M. YOUTH FELLOWSHIPS 7:30 P.M. WORSHIP Message—"THE FLESHPOTS OF EGYPT" This Friendly Church Invites You FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Onrnur of Fourth unit Alh.v Streets, Alton, Illinois CORTLEY HUGH BURROUGHS A. RALPH LYNN MINISTERS HGI,V CQMMUWON MORNING WORSHIP—8i80 uiul 10)46 AM. THE SERMON: "Clwrch uml State" Dr. Cortloy Uurrouy.h» THE ANTHEM (8:30 mul 10:46) "ho, («od IN Hero" Tho Summer Choir THE tJHUKCH SCHOOL—»:80 *UKl 10«46 A4I, A cordial Invitation is extended to all our aervlcet. Parcnti are Invited to u<« the nursery In the Education Pulldtng. 9:30 A.M. 10:30 A.M. 6:00 P.M. 7:00 P.M. BIBLE SCHOOL Classes for all the family In air conditioned rooms WORSHIP SERVICE Rev. Daniel Zimmerman, Missionary to Africa, Guest Speaker TRAINING UNION EVENING SERVICE The film entitled "Tlio Niger Nomad" will be .shown by Rev. Zimmerman along with the message for the evening. A lime farewell svlll be had for them. ot BROWN STREET BAPTIST OHUROH Nursery 3126 Drown Street, Gaylord S, Hamilton, Pastor WOUSHH 1 lit tlu> HiWItj o( ItullnoM WARMTH ot frloutUblii tind the COOLNESS of uir-ooniWIoulin. WELCOME Arnpl* Parting

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