Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 13, 1963 · Page 3
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 3

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 13, 1963
Page 3
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SAfURBAV, JULY 13,1963 ALTON EVENING fELEGRAPtt SAttE Carpentier Ready To Start His Try By DON to. OtlAMlHCUtAlN Teloffrniili Oorfpftpomlent SPRINGFIELD, 111. (Special) — Political fireworks will bo allot off nt East Moline, Aug, 4, when Secretary of Slate Charles F. Cnrpcntier mokes his scheduled announcement for the Illinois Rcrmbllcnri gubernatorial nomination. The Cnrpenller-for-Governor committee says it; will be "a real old fashioned rally, complete With bands, banners and a live elephant." Dr. W. C. Sloele, committee chairman, said the rally "started out as a hometown testimonial by Carpentlor's friends, but Interest has been so great that 'Carpentier Day 1 Is turning Into a rally of Illinois Republicans, It looks ns If most, of the top Republicans plan to be here, There will be motor caravans of Republican delegations from many parts of the state.' Because of the expected many motorcades and buses Stcele and the Rock Island County Re publican Central Committee have acquired more than 25 acres of parking space >ln the vicinity of the high school where the rally will be staged. Two big party wheels sure to be present are State Senate President Pro Tom Arthur J. Bidwill, and Supreme Court, Justice Ray I. Kllngbiol, East; Moline. Senator Bidwill was a scat- mate in the Illinois Senate with Carpenlier during the Secretary's 13 years of Senate service, and both with two other Senators shared a comfortably^ sized bachelor's home in Springfield's residential district. Justice Kllnbiel' like Carpentier, a former East; Moline Mayor, and a lite-time friend of the Secretary, will introduce Carpentier at the rally. Mr. GOI The Secretary's vote-getting strength in the 1956 and 1960 state elections has earned him the label "Mister Republican.' In 1956 he was reelected to a second term by 606,270 votes second only to Dwight Eisen bower's vote for President; tlia year. In I960, he dropped to t plurality of 384,916 but was the only Republican to win in an otherwise Democratic state sweep. A strong "shot in the arm' for Carpentier's .candidacy wai the announcement last; week bj House Speaker John W. Lewi Marshall, that he is going to at tend the East Moline rally. Ask ed if that meant he was in th secretary's corner for the Re publican gubernatorial nomina tion, the Speaker grinned an said: "Well, I am not goin there just for the ride." Meanwhile another GOP cand date for Governor, Charles I- Percy of Kenilworth. 48, (Coo County), wealthy industrialist o leave of absence from his pos tion as chairman of the boar if directors for Bell and ttowell, nc., Chicago, manufacturers of ihotogrnphic equipment, Is rrink- ng "political hay" downslate. le has a long list of county 'airs on his agenda and was nisy last week at several. One fair where his entourage stopped the week before was the Western Illinois Fair at Grlggs- vllle In Pike County where he had exhibit 'space. Not far away was a slate exhibit, sponsored >y Secretary Carpentier, a trailer which was used to display services Carpentler's'office supplies. Office employes were available to serve persons wanting a driver license or data regarding motor vehicle laws. Candidate Percy was accompanied on his visits to Grlggs- vllle, Carbondale, Metropolis, and Melvin (Ford County), Rushvlllc (Schuyler) and other counties, by members of his family, eight teenage musicians and three campaign helpers. Campaign helpers photographed exhibit visitors and placed the pictures next to a photograph of Percy and a 'Percy campaign card saying "pulling together for Illinois." Handy Man At Metropolis where he launch- el his clownstate campaign arller this 'month. Percy met ylth Republican'leaders at the rtassac County courthouse, spent art of the day shaking hands nd attended a "get acquainted inner." He regretted Gov. Otto <erner's intention to veto a late cigarette tax increase to elp finance expansion of state arks. Half of the funds from the ax would have been used for ark expansion with the other alf going into the state trea- ury general revenue fund. It vould have raised $13 million mnually but Kerner said he vas vetoing it "to hold the line gainst new or increased taxes." t was the only lax increase bill passed by the recent general issembly. The proposal had as ils chief iponsor, Sen. Gordon Kerr (R- Brookport) who said the revenue 'ould have helped expand re- reational area in Southern Illinois state parks. Percy was accompanied at Metropolis by Senator Kerr. The Governor in Celling a recent press conference le would veto the bill admitted, liow.ever, it was a "good idea" but reminded be was pledged against new or increased state taxes. Another major possibility for GOP governor is Cook County Republican Chairman Hayes Robertson, Flossmoor, who is making" like a candidate. He envisions at least three candidates, saying "it won't be only Carpentier and Percy. And that's for sure." Robertson, a former state senator, made a strong bid for Republican governor against former Gov. William G. Stratton in 1960. An Extra Service City Will Haul Cut Grass If It Is Put in Container Grass on Alton lawns has boon setting a now high record for growth this yenr, hut the city refuse collection service is conlin- ulng to nid householders by moving thoir cuttings to the city dump. 'There's nothing in the Alton refuse collection ordinance to provide that the city collect grass cuttings or leaves," said Sanitation Supt. Leo Fitxgerald, "but, with one restriction the sanitation department is giving this extra service. "The pick-up crews cannot pick Up loose grass, but cuttings and leaves will be taken providing they are placed in containers for ready loading into the collection grucks." Grass cuttings will be picked up providing they are set out at the street curbs or other places in alleys where householders' garbage is picked up in the weekly collections, said Fitzgerald. "However, the cuttings must be in cans or baskets, paper sacks OPP AT AIRPORT Ernes! L, Opp points out to student, Jo Ann DeGcrlia, that an airplane should be thoroughly checked before take off. Here Miss DeGerlia, a Monti- cello College student who lives in East Alton, checks to see if there is enough oil in the airplane's engine. Bethalto Schools Music Director Takes to Air leges in the area, set up a complete By L. ALLEN KLOPE Telegraph Staff Writer Ernest L. Opp. director of music in the Bethalto schools for the past nine years, has set aside his baton and taken to the To Study State's Economic Future OPP WITH'MUSIC air. Opp this week accepted a position as administrator of the flight department for Walston Aviation, Inc., at Civic Memorial Airport. The 39 - year - old educator learned to fly while teaching social studies in the Havana, 111., schools, where he was employed four years. After moving to Bethalto, 'Pinkie,' as he is called by friends, earned his commercial flying license and instructor's rating. It was during his flight test for his instructors permit tha' he became interested in stun flying, and has pursued it as a ground school course, which teaches the finer points of navigating. This summer will be devoted to approaching schools and col- offering to course' for which students can gel credit. Since getting his private license at the Canton Airport 13 years ago, Opp has purchased or traded for seven different airplanes, including a seaplane and an Army training plane, which he uses in his slunl flying. He now has Iwo left which he plans to sell. Flying A Sideline For the past four years Opp has taught persons to fly as a sideline to his teaching job. This past year he conducted-a class in flying at Civic Memorial High School, where 15 students participated. Also, for three years Opp conducted a charter flying service out of Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., on weekends. or disposable containers, ready for quick loading," said Fitzgerald. "The truck men will not take grass or lenvos left in loose piles on the ground." Fitzgerald said his department has had many inquiries about collection of grass cuttings this year. The volume is greater than ever before, and it has been necessary to emphasize the rule that loose grass cannot be collected. The extra service, unprovided by ordinance, can be maintained, he said, only if the householders cooperate by observing the rule sol to make the grass colleclion possible. Dog Population 1,700 in Alton Alton's licensed dog population now stands at 1,700, only about 450 under last year's total 2,147. During the last two weeks, records at Ihe city treasurer's office show, 330 dog licenses were issued. SPECIALS JULY 14 - 1-5 P.M. ONLY! GULF SUPREME SAE 10-20-30 MOTOR OIL 2-GAL CAN - LIMIT TWO Opp is married and has four children. He received his BS in education from Western Illinois The grand total to date covers 1,544 male or sterilized dogs, and 156 female dogs. Thus only about nine per cent of the licensed dogs are females. City Treasurer M. 0. Elliott'-, June report to city council, last Wednesday, showed lolal receipts lo Ihe city for that month on clog licenses amounted to $2,454. Hurt in Cliute Hop Off TV Set A 4-year-old Edwardsville boy, playing paratrooper, jumped off the television set at home and broke two bones of his left fool — because his chute didn't open. Patrick McLean, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert McLean, 532 Hillsboro Ave., was treated at St. Joseph's Hospital. Patrick used a towel as a parachute* but it didn't catch the wind. The boy was released after the fool was placed in a casl. University and did graduate work at U. of I. He has been active in community affairs, as vice president of the Rotary Club, program chairman for Civic Aviation Assn., and a member of the Masonic Lodge, Bethalto Education Assn., Illinois Education Assn., and the Antique Aircraft Assn. Opp, who has had a deep interest in education and has been complimented by many of his Child Rolls Out of Bed, Breaks Clavicle Richard Lloyd, 2V 2 , rolled out of bed Thursday night and fractured his left collar bone when he struck the floor. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Earle Lloyd, 3314 Mayfield Ave The boy was treated at St. Jos eph's Hospital. PLASTIC - 100% VINYL ARDEN $1 71 75 FEET - 5-YEAR GUARANTEE LADIES' COTTON, DENIM SOLIDS, PRINTS-SIZES 10-18 HI-BACK WEB $P1 GREEN - YELLOW - BLUE Ernest Opp plays a trombone in the classroom at Civic Memorial High School. He has put away his horn and baton. Falls Off Toy Horse Jeffery Hanlon, 2, cut his forehead Friday when he was thrown lo the ground by a horse — a toy horse. Jeffery was taken to SI. Joseph's Hospital where stitches were taken lo close the cut and tlien he was relcased.The boy is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hanlon, 126 Dooley Dr. Mrs. Hanlon said she had taken her three children to Haskell Park CHICAGO — (Special) — Gov. Olio Kerner loday announced approval of a grant of $642,000 by tthe U.S. Housing and H o m e Finance Agency for a two-year study of Illinois' potential for economic growth. The study will be administered by the Illinois Board of Economic Development, according to Gov. Kerner, ho is chairman of Hie board. Purpose of the suudy is to determine the physical, economic and human resources of the state, as well as its needs, so that state government can more ef- Iccllvcly plan its services to the 10,081,158 people it represents. All of Illinois' 1,200 communities and 102 counties will be covered in the survey. The grant will be of a matching nature with the slate's share being in the form of services of employes already engaged In planning work, or who it is anticipated will soon be engaged In such work. Details of the two-year study were disclosed at a news conference held by Gov. Kerner in his Chicago office. Illinois is the fifth state of obtain HHFA funds for a comprehensive statewide study under the Federal Urban Planning Assistance Program, The Illinois study will have two major goals. First, it will provide the first objective analysis of the health and prospective health of the Illinois economy. Second, It will provMe a scientific basis for coordination of the slate's water resources, The economic analysis will make It possible to Indicate those industries in Illinois which hoW the most promise tor futme growth. 'and those industries and markets, which' governmant ac- on at the stutp «"d local level could develop most successfully. delineate those BCD- Burned by Acid E. L. Crawford, 44, was listed in "fair" condition after he was burned with sulphuric acid at the Shell Oil Co. Wood River Refin cry Friday afternoon. i-Ie was admitled lo Alton Memorial Hospital at 1:45 p.m. Crawford lives at 120 W. 4th St., Roxana. where Jeffery climbed aboard Ihe horse swing and Ihen fell. lobby ever since. Flight School At Walston, Opp will set up a omplete flight school, which vill include everything from jas'' 1 . flying fundamentals to a colleagues, said: "111 sure miss those kids at school, but you never know, some of them might want to learn to fly some day and I'll be able lo leach Ihem again. Plans World Trip LIMA — A magician in Peru ha announced lhat he will mak himself appear in a cloud o smoke on Ihe other side of the world. can expect economic growth those which are likely to Somlo diiflcuUfee, and attempt to discover the reasons o In economic "Once we acquire this basic economic information," Gov. Kerner said, "we will be betler able lo anticipate population changes, since population grows or declines primarily in response to opportunities for making a living, Only svith Ihis kind of specific knowledge can state government intelligently assess what kind of state facililies and services will be most needed — and where." The economic analysis will in- 1 elude a description of the general structure of the Illinois economy — income, employment, value of production, price levels — with specific reference to sub-areas of the stale. Specific reference will also bu made lo the structure and econom ic health of all key sectors of Ihe stale economy •— manufacturing, conslruction, relall trade, wholesale trade, finance and Insurance, agriculture, services, transporlatipn and communication, mining and government, Kerner explalned.Thls information will then be related to an an sis of the income levels and buying patterns of Illinois' popula- lion, both general and with spec Kio reference to the demand foi goods and services in these key sectors. Also included in the economic analysis will bo population stud ies that describe the character isttcs of the Illinois labor forci — sex, age,-"we, occupationa skills and geographical distribu lion — with projections lor the fu lure on both a statewide and sub regional basis. These projections will take int consideration an analysis of na tlonal growth prospects and wha proportion of this growth can b expected to take place tn th Mldwfst, particularly Illinois. Th Illinois Governor pointed out tn« changes in eectprs q( 'the nationa economy were occurring would continue to occur, and tha these ahftW^ -W^Uld &JJ e # Jar sectors Jn e> stole or reglona economy« , • -.« MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY JULY 15-16-17 ANY "4 GARMENTS TI it graph Want Adi Cleaned mid Trussed SUITS AND 2-PIECE DRESSES COUNT AS ONE GARMENT. SUEDES AND FORMALS NOT INCLUDED Our Greatest Portrait Offer! Days Only Mon., July 15 Thru Sat., July 20 TRY OUR QUALITY SHIRT SERVICE BOX STORAGE PLUS REGULAR CLEANING CHARGE TWO CONVENIENT LOCATIONS; MONTICELLO PLAZA GODFREY, ILLINOIS EASTGATE PLAZA EAST ALTON, ILLINOIS TUBULAR BRASS STAND HI-FI OR TV WITH RECORD HOLDER BRIGHT, COLORFUL AGATE PLAYGROUND OR POOL ll'xH"Portraits are taken at Sears by nationally advertised Pictureland® Studio* ...specialists in photographing children .. • and have beon awarded the Parent** Commendation Seal. by PARENTS' MAGAZINE BR1GGS & STRATTON 20" GUT LAWN $ MOWER SELF PROPELLED - 3 FAMOUS WALTER WILLIAMS ORANGE 1"7c SLICES Jg | Ib. SOFT - CHEWY - DELICIOUS Ii;i4 Bust Vignette Portrait <: 6 beautiful camera studies are taken of your child, From the best pose of your choice, we Will make you a lovely bust Vignette Portrait as shown abo^e . , , unmounted, suitable for framing. You get all this for only., . 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