Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 12, 1963 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 12, 1963
Page 6
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PAGE SIX ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH DAVItJ OitANE By Cfelg WWGOO&MORMWa EU66M, W)U VOU EXCUSE ]VVHv; OF COURSE, MfiS, ME NOW ? Jf 1 M DONG /CMN6-. I DON'T SOME UUNDRY. ^TO IkTeRRUPT ICU. H- HELLO, MAY L. WAV i COM6 IN ? MY HEALTH WAS MAY COME IN,.. VIRGINIA IS MAKING 50^1060 TEA* KERRY BRAKE By Alfred Andriola /Tsuess IT ~V7ou' ve SOTSUCHA^V *!., I THINK so/. Biff HANSEP IF i CAN I WAS ONLY A >, FUNNY LOOK ON YOUR ) FIGURE OUT WHAT/ ' JOHNNY SAYS,.. / FLOODEP CAR- ) FACE/.. IS SOMEtHNS- V BURATOR,^^! WRONG?j PERT! YOU CAN RAY ME FOR A SBRVKJE CALL, JOHNNY/ I HAPPENED 1O STEP ON THE STARTER MO..ZMGOL IT CAU6HT RISHT AWAY/ HEX/WHAT 61VES? MY CAR te RUNNING.' mo BOLf By John Gullet! Miifphy WITH TIMB OPF FORflOO HElL SE OUT 1NECC3 A NEW« LITTLE EVE By Jolltn FLASH GORDON By Dan Barry CAN I? I PtANTEP A spy-eye' IN ZARKOV'S LAB- TO SCOOP THE MARK6T/ HE COMES' UP WITH SOMETHING NEW IN SCIENCE. I /WEST BEFORE IT COMES OUT/ BUTW/S ] SO WE IS THE J INVEST IN BIGSEST ~\ TIME-MACHINES? SCOOP vau CAN use THIS TIME-TRAVELER, MR.MclOOT? IDIOT/ I AM ENCIRCLEP BY HISH-PAIP - IDIOTS.' V THINKf IP I OWNED THAT GADGET, HOW LON6 BEFORE AIL OF WALL STREET WOULD BELONS TO CASH MctOOT?// RIVETS By George Slxta JOHNNY HAZARD By Frank Robbins MAC*,,, FIRING AT SOMEONE.' COVER YOUR ERSTWHILE BRIPEGROOM, MINNA,,,I'M ALMOST AFRAIP TO CHECK THIS OUT,,, THE "SOMEONE" IS A TERRIFIED KIK/ FLEEINS- FOR HIS PEAITLY PURSUER CLOSES THE SAP, HE HEADS TOWARD THE WATER FRONT./ THEN THERE IS ONLY THE SEA,,, OR ME/ W6LL HAVE TO FIND SOWS MOR6.WOOD IF WE WANT TO K66P THIS FIR6 GOINS. I LL LOOK DOWM BEACH THIS THE BERRYS By Carl Grubert HOW ABOUT} r 1 GREAT/ I'LL . A LITTLE M LET YOU KNOW TWILIGHT) S SOON AS i GOLP v-' LAY THE PET£?J (GROUND -^ ^- WORK/ ^> THE SMITH FAMELY By Mr. and Mrs. ,George Smith UUWE. <SOVftE.TW\VAa GOOP COYAK, ^V-OYV A WOH^RV UOH VAK <£H3<?e£R.. ruu on -TWE. *=K3« <3OOC> TO E* BieGcK8cMmbCT.AJmjSmla.te. 7-15 ' '} HI, SWEETIE/ I BUMPED INTO BOB JUST NOW.... HI,.DEAR/ HOW ABOUT A MOVIE TONIGHT? FINE/ WELL HAVE AN EARLY DINNER AND TAKE OFF/ WELL* HENRY By Carl Anderson SHI BAGBY By R. and B. Hackney WHO WON THE GAME OARI— P TRUDY WELL— I ^ FINE. I GUESS THE ^ WANT TO PROSECUTION / SET THIS RESTS- / CK5E OVER'. I HAVE TO TAKE UP THE AAATTER OF MCNULTY VERSUS WIMPLE- IT SEEMS \ HAS > BEEN TAKING j ADVANTAGE OF S WIMFtEJ/ WHO IS ) I SEE-THE OLD CON GAME THEY/ PLAY ON ^ WDOWSAND ORPHANS NO-THE OLD SOLF SAME THEY FlAY ON TUESDAYS AND FRIDAY PROFESSOR PHUMBLE WHAT'S SO GREAT ABOUTA PHI BETA KAPPA KEY? LOTS d PEOPLE HAVE'EM] By Bill Yates v i rn-*TVN n-/iN««.y J2^ ..BUT WITH AN OAK LEAF CLUSTER. •7-71 ,1-12 DONALD DUCK LOOK/ PAISX JUST ear RESCUED/ By Walt Disney OH PEAK/ My WHOLE BEFORE ME WHILE I \VAS UNDER;/ ALL OP IT EXCEPT THAT THE SUMMER' I TAUGHT you said ft! ...but why? © Khf Fnluin SynJkiH. Inc., I #3. We'll J n( iui inttvti frRtDAy^V >2, j.903 Embroidered Map ess The entire United Stales, Alaska and Hawaii—a fine decoration to embroider. Flosvers of the 50 states—a large map in colorful embroidery. Pattern 953: transfer mainland 16x26 inches, two new states; directions. Thirty-five ccnls In coins for this pattern — mid 15 cents for uiich piittcrii for first-class mulling and special handling. Send to hniirit \Vhooler, euro of Alton Telegraph, (Hi, Needlo.crafl Kept., P.O.'Box 1(11, Old Chclson Station, New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly Pattern Number, Name, and Address. , Newest rage—smockerl accessories plus 208 exciting needlecraft designs in our new 1963 Needlecraft Catalog — just out:! Fashions, furnishings to crochet, knit, sew, weave, embroider, quilt. Plus free pattern. Send 25 cents now. Separates in Time PRINTED PATTERN Veil Me 'But, Trudy, all I said was, 'You ought to let the spaghetti boil a little longer'!" fikfStatyfr True Life Adventures WINTER WILES KJuNQW MK.FOX THE FROZEN FONT?,,. "HUSSY" The phrase HUSSY In the 20's was synonymous with flapper, party girl, or a real live one ...a gal not backward about coming forward, But it is actually nothing more reckless than an abbreviated English term for "housewife" of the I800's. Slim SHE SWIMS TO HEK SHEL.TE'K )N A NEAKBV BANK. By A. LEOKUM Who Made the First Ice Cream? Win the Britarinica Junior 15- volume encyclopedia for school and home. Send your questions, name, age address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: J. Scott Hoffler, 12, Washington, D.C. If you were to visit a foreign country and see the people eating ice cream, you'd probably think: they got the.idea from us in the United States! We sort of think of ice cream as being typically American. Well, it's true that the people of the United Stales are the greatest users of ice cream—but ice cream did not originate in the United States, The great Venetian explorer Marco Polo is credited with bringing the idea of ice cream back to Italy from the Orient. So it looks like the Chinese mare the first ice cream in the world and the first country in •he western world to enjoy it was Italy. From Italy the idea was carried :o France and then to all parts of :he world, including the Unitec States. The first wholesale factory 'or the manufacture of ice cream was started in Baltimore, Maty and, Jn 1851. But the real de velopment of ice cream and the ce cream business did not occui until after 1900. The basis of all ice cream is cream, milk or milk solids, sugar and sometime eggs. Vanilla, choc- ypical proportion of incredientb and nuts are'added as flavors. The pytical proportionof ingredients s about 80 to 85 per cent cream and milk products, 15 per cent ugar, from % to 4Vi per cent avoriiig and about 3/10 per cent tabilizer. The small amount of stablizer s used in order to keep the ice ream nice and smooth and to revent the formation of coarse ce crystals. Pure food gelatine usually used for this purpose. ents except the flavors. The mix is pasteurized. It is also homogenized (the milk fat globules are broken up) to keep the cream from churning into butter. The mix is held at low temperatures a short while to increase smoothness, then it, is frozen. The flavors are added at this time. Then it is put into containers and placed in hardening rooms at low temperatures for at least four hours — and then it's ready to be shipped to dealers. 4619 SIZES \1Vi~Wh FUN TIME The Chuckle Box Husband: You call that a hat? My dear, I'll never stop laughing! Wife: Oh yes you will, and I'll tell you when: the bill arrives tomorrow. First, Egyptian: What was that lady I saw you with last night? Second Egyptian: That was no lady. That was my mummy. Tim Science Box Cool fashion harmony! Compose a clever dress look with separates, or vary the tempo by blending solid and print. Printed Pattern 4619: Half Sizes 14i/ 2l 16%, 18>/ a , 20%, 22V a , 24%. Size 16% blouse takes 1% yards 35-inch; skirt 1% yards. Fifty, cents In coins tor Ihtei pattern — add 15 cents for each puttc-m for flrst r cluss mulling 1 and' special handling. Sond to Anne I Adams, care of Alton Telegraph, ' 177, Pattern Dcpt., JMS yy. !t7Ui When ice cream is manufactyr- d the basic "mix" is macie by utting together all the uigredi- Molecules are alwys in motion —even when you think something is still. Here's how to prove it. Fill a glass with water and Jet it stand all day absolutely still. Fill a medicine dropper with ink. Wipe [he outside so there's no ink on it. Lower the dropper gently into the ivaler without squeezing it. Alter an hour, you'll see the ink beginning to spread because the water molecules and ink molecules are moving! ' Answer to yesterday's wprd, 'uzzje: Wear/Pear, Beat, Boot. <. ., . ht... Now York U, N. Y, Print plainly Numo, Address, Size and style Number. Just out! 304 design ideas plus coupon for free pattern-any one you choose in new Spring-Summer Pattern Catalog. Send 50 cents now. Win the BritanuJca worJ4 Atlas or yearbook of Hull Must Be 'Broken In' NEW YORK (AP) - Symphony Conductor Joseph Krips says lots of music will eventually adjust the acoustics of Lincoln Center's new Philharmonic Hajl, "It hag to be broken % with a lot of playing," comments the Viennese maestro. "It is'just like a new violin or piano, " v Melodic reverberations, explains Krlps, eventually impart certain quail- .ies to building materials better han fine engineering ad- justmenls. WOKS MUSJfiUM FRANKFORT, Ky. «, _ A new museum has been dedicated '-at Blue Lick* BttUlefield State Park n Northern Kentucky. It w »ter at- u mestodon Until the mia%1800s w5 • our . r|4dlf8, Joker to;, RJdidlfls, Me Why|» Today's wjnnw j|- Amqlia, U, Al-

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