Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 11, 1963 · Page 27
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 27

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 11, 1963
Page 27
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPtt How Thick Do You Like Hamburgers? ALL PURPOSE CAKE ALL-PURPOSE CAKE'resembles pound cake and is wonderful to serve on a rainy day with comforting ihot tea or on a torrid afternoon with ice-cold refresh- fug lemonade. : Terms of French Origin Of ten Adapted to Food ", By EDITH M. BARBER TMany culinary terms are of Drench origin but they have become well-known in the English vocabulary. For instance, there is, "saut'e" which has but one meaning. That is to brown in a small amount of fat. • Another term is marinade, the noun form, and marinate, the v.erb, which designates the treatment of food in a spicy liquid. This not only seasons but may slightly tenderize it. No, one English word has that double meaning. In 'this country,we have such a plentiful supply \ of fine quality beef that we are inclined. to use steak and oven roasts more often .than pot roasts. We may be missing some epicurean treats which spices and herbs and the .marinade supply. It: is worthwhile to experiment occasionally. T h e family may surprise you by-developing an interest in meats other than the standard cuts. SAUT'EEW SOFT-SHELLED i: " CRABS : ";_ , ' ; Wash crabs under running water until free from sand. Force shells open by wedging a strong sharp knife at the tail end. Remove spongy substance which is found between the shell and the body and in the center of the body and apron, and 1 wash under run nlng water again. Saut'e in ho butter in a heavy frying pan ovei allow heat until lightly browned on both sides. Add more butter when necessary. Serve hot will lemon butter or almond butlei sauce or with tartare sauce. Allj 1 or 2 crabs per serving. SAUT'EED MINUTE STEAK .Heat heavy frying pan unti sizzling hot and add 1 tablespooi butter or bacon fat. Sear minut steaks quickly on both sides, low er heat and cook 2 minutes on ^ach side. Cook 2 to 3 minutes onger if well-done steak is de- ired. Remove to hot platter, pread with softened butter, and prinkled with salt and pepper. Allow 1 steak, Vt to %-inch thick, per serving. Custard Is Good Food For Protein By EDITH M. BABBEB Is appetite safe to depend on 'for good meal planning? The answer to this is "not always," whether it is that of a house- cee'per or that of the children. In hot weather that of the farmer may flag while that of the young people may be even larger ."than usual because of more active play during vacation. They may be content to satisfy their hunger by raiding the cookie jar thoroughly. \ This may result in lack of appetite for dinner and they must be urged to eat a well-planned meal-at which are offered meat and vegetables. They will seldom refuse dessert. It may be a good idea to choose a baked custard or a soft custard as a sauce for fruit., Then there will at least be some of the needed protein. (© 1963, General Features Corp.) By Eftittt HI. MttBfctt bo you like hamburgers thlcl or Ihlfl? Generally the former at preferred and when they are made at home It Is possible to suit everyone. At a roadside stand at which we may stop for a shack, we usually have to take what Is offered. While there are a few who like the meat lightly seasoned, just enough to accent the flavor, others like a dash of cayenile pepper or tabasco. If you like onions you may like to top the cooked cakes with a slice or two of sweet onion. A relish such as piccalilli of a slice or two of dill pickle Is also a good accomplishment as are a few sweet or sour gherkins. As you probably know, gherkins are small cucumbers. GIANT BURGERS 1 pound ground beef 1 teaspoon monosodlum glutamate , teaspoon salt teaspoon pepper 4 hamburger buns Mustard Pickle relish Onion slices Catsup Sliced stuffed olives Break up meat, with fork in mixing bowl. Sprinkle with the seasonings; toss gently with fork. •Shape into 4 large patties. < Pan- broil or broil to desired degree of doneness. Or cook to desired doneness on outdoor grill which has been lined with heavy-duty aluminum foil. Place on hamburger bun; layer remaining ingredients in order given, on top of each hamburger. Yield: 4 servings. VARIATION Serve burgers with creamed fried onions or mushrooms that may have been previously prepared. Super Shop JL. ''•-.-.'• '" • 5 FOOD STORES Member A-G Stores Associated Grocers Company of St, Louis, Mo, Mayrose Choice Beef Round Steak First Cuts Mayrose Choice Beef FANCY CENTER CUTS Mayiose Lb, 89c Small— Meaty Pike's Peak Roast Sirloin Tip Roast Spareribs 79 C Lb. 89 C Lb. 49 C Lb. Picnic Fixin's—Fresh Ever fill frankfurters with sticks of cheddar cheese and wrap with bacon before broiling?-Extra good! MILNOT Choice of Many Kinds Of Oranges By EDITH M. BARBER There are many members of the orange family. The best known are Valencias or Navels. They may be large or small. They have several things in common, however. They are all golden in color, round in shape and full of juice. All oranges have at least one seed. Some have many, although most of these have been eliminated by cultivation. When I .visited a Florida grove, I learned that some of the growers in the interest of flavor really preferred the fruit that has not been so highly refined. Although most of us have adopted the orange-juice habit, service of the halved fruit prepared as we generally do grapefruit is liked by many. SELECTION OF ORANGES Select firm, heavy fruit. Oranges with thin skins contain more juice. Seedless oranges are best for serving- in segments or slices. Wash, dry, and chill fruit. Prepare juice or serve in halves, segments, or slices. Store in covered container in refrigerator. Note: If vegetable coloring has been added to the skin, that fact will be marked on the orange, and such coloring is harmless. ORANGE SEGMENTS Wash and dry fruit. Pare with sharp knife, cutting into pulp as closely as possible on inside of thin white membrane. Remove pulp in section by cutting down on either side of dividing membrane. Remove seeds. Chill and serve plain or sweetened in salads or fruit cups. Making tomato and beef sauce for spaghetti? Always brown the beef before adding the tomatoes and other ingredients. Fresh As Spring! COTTAGE CHEESE ICE CREAM HALF GAL. MWWnW»H»H1>WWW»»WW%»%W»MW»* 69 Special Fri, 9 Sat,, July 12th and 13th 3 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS |l|« *fl4atm ftt * I t"1 " " - ' _ . ••* MM Al.11«. AJrilno Dr., OPEN 10 A.M. to 10 P,M, C LEG QUARTERS BREAST QUARTERS Krey's Hostess BACON 2 99c ASSORTED COLD CUTS. 59c Gold Medal FLOUR 5 39 Food King PORK & BEANS... C with $1.50 in other purchases! A/G Brand Shortening 3 P -5? Chicken of the Sea—Chunk Style Tuna ALL BRANDS —King <£ Filter CIGARETTES $ 2.35 Regular $2.25 For Dishes Cat's A.G. Superette Brighton, 111. Phone FRontier 2-3437 College Ave. A.G. Market 3124 College Ave., Alton Dial HO 5-6109 The Country Store Brighton, III. Open 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.—Frl. & Sat. 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Open Sunday 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Dial 372-3892 Elm Street A.G. Market Elm and Alby Sts., Alton Dial HO 2-6012 Floyd's A.G. Market 3rd and Penning; Wood River, Dl. Closed Wednesdays Goldman's A.G. Market 1324 Highland Alton Dial HO 5-8622 We Deliver NeuhdUS A.G. Market 201 Shamrock St., East Alton 111. Dial CL 4-5214 Uptown A.G. Market 2324 Humbert Alton, 111. Phone HO 5-1211 Rain's A.G. Food Mart 222 East Elm Alton, III. Dial HO 2-0522 Smitty's A.G. Market 720 Edwardsvllle Road Woofl River, HI. Open Sundays and Holidays Third St. A.G. Market 120 East Third East, Alton, III. CL 4-4511 Betty Crocker White-Yellow-Devilsiood Cake Mixes 3-1 Pillsbury or Ballard Biscuits 2'-19° Sunshine FROZEN FOODS! They're New! Delicious! Ideal for Parties! Teen Rite (Snack Size) • SAUSAGE 1TF TF O AND IMmMmCM CHEESE . . Hi Ho Crackers•- 29 All Flavors! AG Brand Realemon LEMONADE BIRDSEYE FRENCH FRIES Thirsty? Try This Cooler! ^^_ ' ^tf^^^ I^^^^H^^H^^^Bi^^^^P^^^B^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^l^^^^^'^^^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^"^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ™ ^™ Ice Cream Charcoal Briquets 2(U 99 Half Gal. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables North Twin Pops ^59 , «™ • i Your,Choice/ Luscious California Ready To Eat! Plump, Juicy NECTARINES . , . *JQG or Large Thompion IPi SEEDLESS CRAPES . Washington Slate DELICIOUS APPLES. . 2 '39c Large Golden Ripe BANANAS . . y, S, WP. I CaJi/ornia Hed POTATOES . . . .10-590 • •

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