Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 11, 1963 · Page 25
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 25

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 11, 1963
Page 25
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-"»-"•"—»"". Y, JULY 11, 1363' ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE Who's btJon fishing? The wife of this this! Then maybe—just maybe—-she's fisherman probably objected to being a the fisherman—with fish-line commott- "flsh-widow" while hubby enjoyed the ly known as purse-string at the local trout streams of the great outdoors— super market!) Whatever way the fish but she's bound to think it wits worth it is caught, a fry's not a fish fry unless when he brings home a catch such as It's barbecue-style, and then—it's great! Grilled Fish Will Please Friends Who May Drop In Ity 1CIMTII M. KAKI5UK It is always delightful lo have old friends drop in for a visit, even if: It is short. These were on their way to their summer camp in the Adirondacks. When ll expressed surprise that they were going so early, they informed me DUKE BAKERY 810 Henry—Dliil MO 2-2022 FRESH BAKED GOODS DAILY We Specialize in Wedding and Parry Cakes that was trout: season! As they are real fishermen, they surely know. T am not one myself, but I should be glad lo share their catch, particularly when it is grilled over glowing coals as a real fish fry must be. There is no hide-bound rule that the fish must, be caught: by the members of the family or friends. 11 is usually possible lo purchase good fresh fish during the latter part of the week and frozen fillets wjll do. Over an open fire, fish takes on a special flavor which may be accented by herb butter and condiments. MILNOT I'ISII 2 pounds fish fillets or .slenk Salt Paprika •s cup melted butler £ teaspoon Tabasco Cut fillets into serving-s i /. t •leres or leave whole. Sprinkle Ish with salt and paprika. Plao whole fillets or serving pieces anc steaks on Individual pieces o iluminum foil; bring up sides o foil. Combine butter and Tabai co; pour over fish. Secure foi tightly. Place on grill 4 inche from heat. Grill 8-10 minutes, o until moist and easily flaked wit i fork. Serve with lime or lemoi wedges. Zest Added To Baked Alaska n.v tomtit M, \Vlio hlvenled Biikes Alaska? It vns probably an American clic: is most of the Fronch feel dial 11 s unnecessary to dramatize fine txxl. In tills country, however •rslmiranl patrons were really mpresscd when (hoy were served Inked Ice Cream. II seemed to be miraculous to invo Hie ice cream come to the ublc, uninellcd. Now, however ivn even lint) it possible lo prepare his dessert In the home kitchen The meringue lopping is n gooc irotoclor. Instead of the cake base we night use at Ibis lime of yeat small fresh pineapples now. in the rwi'kel. Each one may be cu engllnvlsc and will make I w o good portions for a company des sort. FKIOSH I'INKAI'I'LE ItAKKI) ALASKA 2 small ripe pineapples '/a cup sliced fresh strawberries 2 tablespoons sugar 1. pint vanilla ice cream Meringue Allowing l ,'it pineapple per serv ng, cut it in half lengthwise. Do Curry Delicious Flavoring for Broiled Hamburgers B.v M. BARfiEU Curry Is distinguished among pices and herbs in that It lends tself by name to special dishes as a trademark. Who Would ev- r think of using any other seasoning in that way? We probably owe this discov- ;ry lo the English who colonized Spring Gives Us Creamed Onion Dish it.v liiHTii M. itAititKit One or DIP firsl products from i home garden Ls the young onion or in more polite language, the scallion. Even those of us who avoid these flavorful vegetables in raw form can seldom resist them when they liayc just begun lo mature. Those who love them are quite | likely to insist they are so mild In flavor thai they will not supply us on the side the onion breath that we all try to avoid. How appealing they are to onion lovers j with just plain bread and butler. When we do fall for them we hope that no unexpected guests will arrive because even when mild they are quite likely to ad India and first learned to know and like curry so much thai when they returned to their homeland, they continued their preference. At first they found It hard to readjust lo the bland English cooking and were delighted to introduce a new product to Hie stay-at-homes. Eventually they became interested In finding out what a dash of this spice would do for the flavoring of a standard combination of foods. Remember that curry has a distinctive flavor and must be used discreetly, but it is a good "pepper-up" of certain sauces and soups. Curried 1 pounds ground lean lamb Onion salt Garlic salt (optional) \'4 cup softened butter or margarine 'a lo :! 4 leaspoon curry powder 5 hamburger buns Shape unseasoned ground lamb inlo .'i-inch patties, Sprinkle both sides with the seasoning salts. Place In a folding wire broiler. Grill over hot bed of charcoal or umlei broiler, until brown (15 to 20 minutest, turning to brown both sides. In Iho meantime, combine butter or margarine with curry powder and spread generously on both sides of the patties. Serve between warm hamburger buns. Yield: 5 patlies. AH'dlum Cream Satire 2 tablespoons butter 1 tablespoons flour '/ 2 leaspooit SftH V* to '/a teaspoon curry powder 1 cup milk Melt butter in small sattcepnn and stir in flour find seasonings, When well blended, add milk slowly, stirring constantly over low heat until mixture thickens and boils. Use as foundation tor creamed or scalloped dishes. Yield: 1 cup sauce. 198:), ticnornl Features Corp.) 'iot remove lops but cut Ihrougl he leaves when dividing I h e pine apple. Cut around I he pineappl with a sharp knife or a grape fruit knife *•.'•< inch from the edg to loosen meal from the shcl Discard core. Cut remaining pine apple into thin wtrlges. 'Com bin wedges with strawberries and sugar and let slar.J 30 minutes. Fill shells with alternating layers of fruit and ice civivn. Cover with a thick layer of meringue. Place under broiler 1 to 2 minutes or until top is lightly browned. Wrap green pineapple tops in foil ?.o prevent drying. Yield: 'I servings. MEIMNGUIC 2 egg whites M cup sugar Beat egg whites until they form soft peaks. Gradually beat in sugar, a tablespoon n| a lime. Yield: Sufficient meringue for 4 pineapple halves. verlise their presence. When seal- lions arc cooked they really have a delicate flavor, especially when sUrred inlo- a cream sauce. For this, part of the liquid in which they have been cooked may be substituted for part of the milk. Creamed .Scullions (Young Onions) 3 bunches scallions 2 cups thin cream sauce Wash scallions, remove root ends and any willed green shoots. Cut in Hnch pieces, cook in large amount of boiling salted water about 10 minutes, until tender. Drain, ajid combine with thin cream sauce. Yield: 6 servings. Melt a quarter cup of butter, acid a couple of tablespoons of minced parsley or fresh dill and pour over a pound of sliced hot cooked new potatoes with their skins removed. Meat Loaf Scores High as Popular Summer Meat Dish By EDITH M. 1JAKH13K Meat loaf, probably scores next lo hamburger as a popular choice for summer meals. Perhaps in the'estimation of the cook it may come firsl as, made by a large vecipe, it can be served hot for one meal and cold for several others. Once opon a time veal was often used alone, but today we are likely to use a combination of meats. One of the favorite recipes uses ground beef with a small amount AMAZING OFFER Just by buying Silver Dust blue detergent you can build complete sets of .AiS WORTH 29< handy t> o; luicc glass insult Regular size Silver Dust. "Bl -If • New Libbey "Silver Leaf" design on a satin-etch background • Graceful classic shape • Your choice of 3 popular sizes • Certified retail values up to 494 • Easy to collect as many as you want WORTH 39< All-purpose 12-oz tumbler Inside Giant sue lip MeiwTi WORTH 49< A Luxury Libbey Glass... Yours inside every box without spending an extra nickel! Truly a "never before" offer! A chance to own lovely Libbey glasses in exclusive "Silver Leaf" design just by buying new improved Silver Dust blue detergent. And it's so easy to colled complete sets. Perfect for parlies and everyday use. Whnl's more, instructions for ordering pitcher, sugar-anil- creamer, other matching pieces are on every Silver Dust box, And new Silver Dust gels your wash whiter than ever... n wash so white you know it's clean. So for whiter washes and lovely Libbey glasses get new Silver Dust blue. Save lOtf. HURRY I REDEEM INTRODUCTORY COUPON BELOW tttt * * t* t * ***** ********************* Take this LEVER COUPON to your store SAVE 100 when you buy any of New Improved SILVER DU§T To the Pcaltri Vou >rt nutHorlMd to »ci Hi our •lent lot Un redemption of Dili coupon, W» will N- ImbuH* you (01 Iht i«w value or Ihli coupon or, II coupon c«ll> (or fr» rn«rclun4Uv, wo wjllrelmuurw j-ou for »hf frtt loedt, plut 3» for |i»n«Uni. pro. vltltd Wit you •milht «m«unior Imve complin) with Utt Unnf ol our coupon after » »lit»<l livluw. Any flllwr* (o tlUorej HUM ltrm» ih.ll not b» uncnicM » tvilvfr at MIV of Ui« condition!. Term* ol nit coupon off»riThi< coupon u good wUy wrap ntfeuntdliy you from • coiuumtr It unvt el PUrciMlni •peclCed |inn4. Tu« coauimtr l"lu»t My to* Mitt u» Involrtd, ThU coupon li nan. •ullmitilf, Involcti proving purch»M» o( lumolint >iwi ol our tiniwli lo cover couponi prt>«nt«> »>Ui{ |i» »AO\»II HJ«"i r»<)U««l »na («llun> to do K) "»y «l «li«wil> COUDOIII will not t>« bonortU >nit wilt (if »°W U Pttwnltt! lliratifh ouulilt urncl»i, broktri er | Wl»« Mt porreUII autrtbulori o; our roti; •-" - ' -T-.I.. - f ^y w» topr«Mn( If Kir imlftrt ?««PI»«ny, l«» Uli« Clinton, |o*»j 00BT~" 19'0'0'Di Any-otht r «99 'opnttltHtt t frflMd __ r»"»v»vi« Vi'itVi v*»»111»§ 11 M i * 111111 * *»* t Silver DUST Julti glut in Rtgulir ili« IJ-si, tvmtlir In Qltit till Itweii 196UI ll Kill It* of ground salt pork. It is seasoned with minced onion and catsup. Strips of bacon are laid over the top. In addition a U mato sauce will be an accompaniament. It was a treat when one of my friends from Pennsylvania duplicated the first veal loaf will 1 which I became acquainted. It is delicate both in flavor and in texture and is served with a mushroom sauce. MEAT IMAV 2 pounds chopped hpef Vi pound chopped ball pork 2 eggs, slightly beuten 1 cup milk '.'> tablespoons huiter, melted 3 tablespoons catsup % teaspoon pepper 1. tablespoon salt 1 medium-sized onion, minced 1 cup soft: bread crumbs 3 strips bacon Mix meat with sligl-tly beaten eggs, milk, butter, cal-sup, seasonings, onion, and bread crumbs. Shape in loaf or pack in greasnd 8 x 4-inch loaf pan. Cover with strips of bacon and bake in moderate oven (375 decrees) 45 minutes, until well browned. Serve with tomato sauce 01 mushroom sauce. Yield: 8 to 10 servings. Note: Ground pork and veal may be substituted for half the beef. VEAL LOAF, BAUIMiN I'/i pounds lean veal, finely ground \» cup cracker urumbs 3 eggs Vis stick melted by tier or margarine ] cup half and half Seasonings to taste Mix ingredients in order given. Bake in loaf inn lor 1 J ,2 to 'i hours in moderate oven C.!5U de grees). Prepared Baby Foods Needed For Balance IJy KD1TII M. IIAKUKK j Few of us realize how far thisj country has progressed in I h e j health field until we look at statistics. Often we consider theso dull but our eyes are opened when j our attention is called to the! fact that modern euro during pregnancy and through the first years after a child's birth have brought spectacular results. There is a new realization that although milk is u nearly perfect food, other nutrients a r e needed and that the early introduction of vegetables and fruits Is important to a baby. This is not a difficult matter now since so many sieved foods are available in almost any store. These are particularly welcomed by the busy mother who once was obliged to spend much time cooking and sieving. OURFOOD VALUES' SUGAR BOLOGNA l,imil 5 LI)S. With .in.50 or More Purchusc Excluding Cigtirettes ALBY.....AIton OPEN FRIDAY NIGHTS TILL 9 P.M. LEMONADE BABY FOODS . BOOK MATCHES TOMATO SOUP (i ()/.. Can HEINZ or GERBER'S STRAINED * OHIO 50 PAR CAMPBELL DISCOUNT ON ALL CAR WAXES AND CLEANERS SIMONIZ OR J-WAX CAPRI LIQUID 7 • DETERGENT 22 Oz. Btl. 29 • CHARCOAL - A Lb . ftft • BRIQUETS.. 20 ^ 99' • FOLGER'S • COFFEE . . 79 89 GOLD MEDAL FLOUR With $1,50 or More Purchase Next time you arc making garlic- Bread, add a little grated Parmesan cheese lo the butter- garljc mixture you are using for the • NEW! 14 OZ. INSTANT \ MAXWELL HOUSE • KUKIO! Al'OTUICCAHV JAH I'AK I INSTANT SANKA , , GRADE "A" MEDIUM Guaranteed Fresh : EGGS 14 Oz. Jar 1 5-oz, 99c Betty Crocker's Cake Mixes 3- $ 1°° GOLDEN RIPE •! i 1 ». * HI f)f FROZEN FRIES • 2 Bag 29 • • • tmmmmmmmmm U, S, NO. 1 POTATOES 10 • 49c FANCY HOME GROWN CORN (to. AOc Bars **&* California Seedless GRAPES 2 u, 35° ff ' v V X « . 4...V ,Vtt ,

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