Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 11, 1963 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 11, 1963
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

ALTON EVENW3 TELEGftAM* East St, Louis City ttflii jplekeied Today EAgf, If, LOtilg, Hi. (AP) three fiasl St. Louis political fig- tires led about 150 Negroes to the City Mall today bmtestittg what they SHid was Mdal discrimination iii city government. the Sign-carrying pickets charged that Mayor Alvitt G. Fields condoned discrirniiiatoi-y hiriftg practices at City Hall, the demonstration was organized by a group called "The Civil Rights Committee." ALGIERS — A shortage in the toltrcllasing power of Algerian business is reported. NAGOYA — A rise in foreign investment is reported in Japan. OOWNTOWN STEP LADDERS RJKG. NOW 4 FT. Wooden 5.85 4.39 6 Ft. Wooden 13.50 10.13 6 Ft. Aluminum 7.40 5.55 All Other Sizes ..25% OFF WALLPAPER Over 100 Patterns OQ« SINGLE <39C ROLL Some As Low As 29c PLASTIC TILE ODDS & ENDS 50/0 OFF TREWAX I'ASTE, NON-SLIP LIQUID, FLOOR, CLEANER 25% 0 OFF SPECIAL CLEARANCE OF PAINT DISCONTINUED COLORS, UNCLAIMED OR MISMATCHED COLORS, SHOP-WORN. ETC. EXCEPTIONAL BUYS! CAO/ UP TO Ow /O OFF MANY OTHER ITEMS UP TO 50% OFF Woofl Putty, CrncU FiJIei, Walipapet Remover, Plastic Tile Spreaders, Rug Shampoo, Tools, Pumice Stone, Whiting, Wood ' Bleach, Mortito Weather Stripping-, Assorted Artist Supplies, etc. THE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS CO. 202 STATE ST. DOWNTOWN ALTON 110 2-6123 TWO-WAY RADIO PURCHASE DISCUSSED Officers of Hit;-Downtown Alton, Inc. looU at two-way radio outfit they propose to purchase for William Fay, the night watchman downtown. It will place him in contact with the police sta- tion set-up tor instant communication. Left, Dewey Ward, president of D.AI. Robert Goulding and W. V. Met/gcr of the committee, and Fay. Rachels Boss Questioned in Gan-g Slaying ! on Cleveland's East Side, and that I Birns was taken to the sheriffs' office for questioning. I The meeting, arranged in a tele- ' phonr call from Birns to Koccvar, took place on the street, Kocevar CLEVELAND (AP) - Alex (Shondor) Birns. Cleveland i tick- els figure sought for questioning in the gangland-stple killing of investment promoter Mervin L. Gold, surrendered to authorities today. John Kocevar, executive officer in the Cuyahoga County sheriff's department, said the racketeer, 58, met him and Sheriff James J. McGettrick in Garfield Heights, Police .have a number of t|ius lions to ask Birns about the slaying of Gold, who had linked Birns to his twisted financial dealings. As if he had anticipated his fate. Gold, 33, twice convicted on fraud charges, had left with hi: wife an affidavit with instructions to turn it over to authorities If he met with foul play. The affidavit said stolen Canadian bonds Gold posted as col- days only during our Frigidaire Quota Sale! of the I i I This is the best of the Best Buys-The refrigerator that will give ybu jmpr'e for your money than any other we know. And for the next few days/w|!f|#fteririg you an even bigger value in order to make the sales quota we've; set. 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Indicated acreage for ma.1'>r tl- inois crops: Com for grain—8.&49,OUO acres for harvest; 78 bushels per aci-e and production of 690,^2,000 bushels. Winter wheat - 1,733,000 acres for harvest; 37 bushels per acn and production of 64,195.000 bush istigtlfttt BfcftUN — German schools ate dropping English and starting to els. Onts—1,414,000 acres for har vest; 33 buslwls |X!f acre anc production of $-1,942,000 bushels. Soybeans —.acreage grown fo nil purposes—5,1)76,000. lirltnln K'rst ULAN BATOR - Britain ha become the first Western counlr, to esttihlish diplomatic relation with Outer Mongolia. each Front-It »s a angunge. secondary Egyptians like their coffee with sweet. Rent Electric Carpet Shampotter FOR ONLY $1 - . Much of the kind of Haiti Is loo prospective havests were liidlcal.|sloepJor_habUalloii Save big with this easy to use do It yourself" equipment. You 1 oe amazed with the new look of your carpeting. Available at THRIFTY DRUG STORES for loans at two Clevelanc banks were given to him as security on a loan by Blrns. The FBI wants to question Birns about the stolen bonds. Gold's body was found stuffed in the trunk of his car in suburban Solon Monday night. The bones in his hands had been broken, he had been strangled and three shots were fired into his head and one into his back. Raps Viet Nam Press Relations By MALCOLM W. BROWNE SAIGON, Viet Nam (AP)~U.S. Ambassador Frederick E. Nolting returned from Washington to his post in South Viet Nam today and delivered a strongly, worded statement supporting freedom of religion and press coverage. Nolting said the United States will continue to support Viet Nam 'in its struggle to rid iaself of Viet Cong (Communist) agres- sion." But, in his strongest implied criticism of President Ngo Dinh Diem's government, Nolting said .he United States "stands for and supports freedom of religion lor all people." The United States "also, stands for an open society in which, among other things, there is opportunity for the press to report I events without hindrance." . | Nolting's comment on freedom of religion was occasioned by the continuing conflict between the government and Buddhist leaders who claim Diem's Catholic-dominated regime is repressing the exercise of their religion. U.S. officials fear the dispute will detiorate into civil war mat could open the way for a Communist takeover. The ambassadpr's comment on freedom of the press was prompted by an incident in Saigon Sunday, in which Vietnamese secret police roughed up foreign newsmen covering a Buddhist memorial service. The newsmen sent a cable of protest to President Kennedy. ChurcliGroup Issues New Rights Policy DENVER (AP) — The General Synod of the United Church of Christ modified a recommended policy statement saying that United States citizens have a right to advocate "alternative political and economic systems" and then drove for the final adjournment today of its week-long meeting. As revised, the statement >n "the relation of government to freedom and walfare"' urges me church's two million members "to work through their governments at all levels. . .to sale- guard the right of freedom jf | expression as guaranteed in the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States, including the right, wihin consi tut Ions tl limits, to express opposition of commendation to oui- government or to advocate peaceful change 01 to alternative political and eco- monic system without being in timaled or harassed." As originally presented by the church's Council for Christian So cial Action, the provision urged the church members "to work through their governments at all levels. . .to safeguard Ihe right of freedom of expression as guaranteed in the First Amendment, including the constitutional right to express opposition to our government or to advocate- adterna- tivo political and economic sys terns without being intimidated or harassed by legislative or oilier instrumentalities of government." The revision was made, at Ihe direction of. the synod, by the Committee on Pronouncements. It was adopted late Wednesday by 700 delegates by standing vote. DUBLIN -r- An Irish musician has been arrested for trying to sell forgeries of Brahms' SAVE on everyday needs NOW...FROM REXALL RESEARCH...A PERFECT TAN NO MATTER HOW YOUR SKIN TAKES THE SUN! 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