Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 10, 1963 · Page 14
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 10, 1963
Page 14
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WB»Nfig»A¥, MAX 16, 1963 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPri WEDNESDAY, JULV 10,1963 ' Marshaw, Arizona's Main Street (and only street) meanders through low, rolling hills with homes and shacks scattered alongside. The government would Hhe for the 70 persons in Harshaw to move elsewhere because the town, founded in the 1880's, is squatting in the Coronado National Forest, Town Is a Squatter In National Forest TUCSON, Ariz. UP) — Harshaw is a ghost town that won't die. Frustrated U S. Forest Service officials wish it would. Because the town has no business being where it is — in the middle of the Coronado National Forest The 70 inhabitants — all that remain of a rip-roaring mining community of 2,000 — don't own the land on which they live and can't buy it. They just ignore the government. After all, some of them lived in Harshaw long before there was a Forest Service. For more than 50 years government officials tried to pretend that Harshaw didn't exist, not even showing it on the map of the Coronado Forest. Now they wouuld like to do something about it, but aren't sure where they should begin. Harshaw is about seven miles from the .wee Santa Cruz County village of Patagonia between Tucson and the Mexican border. When the town was born in the 1880s, the many producing silver mines in the area could have given the residents the legal right to gain title to their land. They didn't do it. Land was cheap. There was lots of it.j Why go to the bother? No Legal Deeds So there isn't a legal deed to the land in the whole community. Once Harshaw had 30 saloons, several breweries, two or three and then found a rich silver mine that carried his name. Now Harshaw — with the exception of the Hogan and the old James Finley houses — is largely a hodge-podge of collapsed adobe buildings, wrecked cars and tin-roofed shacks from which the paint peeled years ago. There is a small-well-maintained Roman Catholic Church and a school. Both are squatters too, being built on federal government land. The lack of a title to the land on which Santa Cruz County has built a school was explained by a county official this way: "Harshaw has had three other schools on this site. I suppose everybody thought the town should continue to have a school." Forest Service Dilemma So the Forest Service is haunted by a ghost town that shouldn't be — but is. , Coronado supervisor Clyde Doran said, "We are not going to bulldoze Harshaw down. "But we would like to get rid of the old, junked cars and the rubbish and the rats' nests that Belly is Serious Matter TOKYO (At 3 ) - When a Japan cse gentleman (ells you "The bug in my belly are restless" h means "I'm not fully satisfied.' If he says "My abdomen wil decide" he means "I'll make u my mind." Prime Minister Hayato Ikedt told a news conference recentl; "Let us hold our stomach firm er." He meant "Let us not ge excited." The reason is that in Japan the most vital part of the anatomy s the stomach, abdomen or bellj — known simply as "hara." It he essence of the human body ike the heart or head In Western countries. As a result the Japanese take special care of the stomach, fully protecting it from the elements of nature. Many Japanese wear a belly >and or stomach wrap-around — usually of cotton in the summer and of wool in the winter. The stomach band also serves as a secret wallet space for men and sort of girdle or corse or women. Emphasis on protecting the sto- rmch begins at birth and ends vith death. The "hara" takes on an abstract meaning because the Jap- snese attach ritualistic import- nee to the mid-riff. It can also mean mind, courage, power, ef- iciency, conscience, intention, anc ther spiritual functions Thus a "man of stomach" — a very common Japanese -ixpres- 3 ion — doesn't indicate a man jossessing an extraordinary belly ul means a man of will-power, ourage or strength. "Big sto nnch" means broadnunded o r ul! of understanding. A "black stomach" means a dishonest man or someone who cannot be trusted; a "clean abdomen" _ an honest man or a person with a clear conscience; "the stomach is made" — a person with definite ideas or principles: and "without stomach" — a person with no courage or will or are masquerading as houses. j literally a man without any guts. "These shacks do not have! Although the Japanese have yet hotels, and dance halls, boarding houses, and stores and shops run by Americans, Mexicans and Chinese. Ore trains pulled by 15 anc 16 mules rumbled through the town day and night on then way from the mines to the now- vanished railroad loading station of Crettenden. Mrs. Elizabeth Hogan, who lives in a well-biult and well- maintained home, is now in her late 70s but was born in Harshaw. She remembers the raiding renegate Apache Geronimo "In time of Indian trouble, the women and children would take refuge in a big old stone house and stay there all night. The men stayed up around fires outside. "That old Geronimo, he just went in and out of here. The Indians would come through here a lot, just rambling through. But I never knew them to molest anyone in town." Harshaw Found Mine Harshaw was named after David Tecumseh Harshaw who was stationed in Tucson in 1862 with the First Regiment of Infantry of the California Column. As soon as he was mustered out of the Army he came back to Arizona, carved out a ranch in the San Pedro Valley, any historical significance. They ust stand there as an invitation for any out-of-work family to move in and set up housekeeping in the National Forest." Now the Forest Service is trying to work out a land exchange for the town or special use permits for the residents. The special use permits would give the residents who do not to explain what started "hara- kiri" _ honorable death by dis- embolewment — it is possible the traditional custom came naturally since the abdomen for a Samurai warrior was the most vital target in which one plunged his sword when atoning a mistake. have any land to exchange the right to occupy their homes until they die. The homes could not be passed on to their heirs. In the land exchange deal, the Forest Service would ex- change land in Harshaw for land not in the National Forest. Most of the residents just go on ignoring the whole business, confident they will continue to live where they have always Jived on both sides of Harshaw Creek in the Patagonia Mountains. British Royal China Hot Seller in Africa CAPETOWN, South Africa (AP) — Ardent South African Republicans have been snapping up choice pieces of royal china which has >een sold with the permission of Britain's Queen Elizabeth. The china — 17,000 pieces of it, each bearing the royal crest — vas withdrawn from use in official residences when South Africa became a republic in 1961 When it was decided to dispose of it, the Queen's permission was ought through the South African ambassador in London. The Queen agreed on condition that the col- .ection was sold privately. A dining hall in the old Union rlotel in Capetown was converted for the private sale and more lhan 100 groups of china, ranging from plates of all sizes to finger bowls, were displayed. Buyers included a steady stream of cabinet ministers, senators, MPs, heads of government departments and Parliamentary officials. Several thousand pieces were sent to museums throughout South Africa. The pieces, some of them more than 150 years old, were sold at their original value. A public works official who cataloged the china, said: ' "I would place its value at 40,000 rands (?56,000) but if it was sold on the open market it could fetch a few hundred thousand rands. Magnificent soup toureens were sold at 7.40 rands ($10.40) and paper-thin china cups were priced at 70 rands (about $1). THE ONLY TWO BOOKS A BRIDE NEEDS TO START HER NEW LIFE llen (this is for the kitchen. .. you get it in a book store for * $4.50) .-\Sl U'-. i,i i-.v:u '< V-i: Kk SN it KM H iU (this is for the whole get it from us for FREE) Early American Not for You? 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