Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 9, 1963 · Page 5
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 9, 1963
Page 5
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TUESDAY, JULY, 9, 1963 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAQft WV® Hospital Notes Wood River Mrs. Alleo -Drenrmn, 850 Lorenn. Mrn. Lulu Wilbum, 104 Herman, East Alton. Rnlph Valdes, 407 Sullivan, Eiwl Alton. Herbert Elliott, (510 First. James Lauchner, .155 Shnmrock, Ensl Alton. Miss Shirley Green, 30!) Lorena. Mrs. Wllma VVetliitiRton, Godfrey. Marilyn Kny Meyers, -110 Job, East Alton. Mrs. Margaret Isaacs, Roxann. John Woodward, .'135 Lorena. Sheree L. Woolen, Bethalto. Mrs. Hilda nrndstraw, 1110 Putnam, Alton. James C. Chancy, 122 Virginia, East Alton. John Piiilll, 3108 TnnnMe, Alton. DISMISSALS Mrs. Mae Jones, Oklahoma City. Jon Dunham, Springfield. Mrs. LaVerne Gusewelle, Rle. 2, Edwardsvillen. Mrs. Lula Wllburn, East Allon. Richard, Janet, Mrs. Norma and Daniel Stearns, Memphis, Tenn. Abe Rnmsoy Jr., .'1523 Osi'iir. Hnrold T. Jours, KiG Ai.-lon. • Si. Anthony's MNDIOAI, Bennle Todnro, '2S11 Broarhvav. Frederick Marks, 627 E. I^orena, Woofl River. Mrs. Isabel BuHlngton, 476 California, Easl Alton. Gregory Rarton, Edwnrdsville. Mrs. Catherine Meyer, 620 State. Mrs. Josephine Vnlole, 3700 Coro- nndo. Irn Metheny, 538 Evans, Wood River. Alex Bratlnn. 1110 Mllnor. Raymond Ewell, Edwnrdsville. Mrs. Theresa Hertman, Jersey- DISMISSALS Joseph Arnold, Graffon. Monte Brltts. 1123 Harrison. Herbert Elliott, Wood River. Dorothy Galligos, 3481 Broadway Mrs. Yvonne llarlow, 2123. Holland. Orelchen IJeber, Edwardsvlllo. Mrs. Theresa Meyers, Wood River Mrs. Joyce Pllger, 1117 Fifth. Mrs. Vera Romo, 3450 Fullerlon. Mrs. Elizabeth ShegoR, 1038 Tre- moiil. Joe Sinclair, 74 Sullivan. Alfred Smith, Godfrey. Mrs. Nancy SpriiiKman, Rte. 3, Jerseyvllle. Mrs. Kay Terpenlng, 1312 Alby. Mrs. Helen Winslade, Brighton. Mrs. Kay Oberlander, Dow. l.oi'oy Bordeaux Jr., 3400 Lincoln. Allon Memorial MI'IDIOAl, Mrs. Eleanor Brown, Godfrey. | Ml . s Lnuisp Kp ,| V {n/ , A)by Mrs. Wanda Wilson, Graflon. R ,,j, 01 . Manley, 2422 Main.' Mrs. Rose Hollimmi, 2300.Lincoln John McCredle, 282 Seventh, Wood Rivei\ Miss Linda Cnpps, 440 N. Fifth. Wood River. Clifford Rain, 221 W. Elm. Mrs. Myrtle Nolle, Hlllvlow, III. Mras. Eli/.abeth Scbmil/er, 3402 Lincoln. Mrs. Virginia Hartman, 1215 Logan. Mrs. Nellie Mount, 318 Broadway. DISMISSALS Larry Davis, Wood River. Mrs. Belly Marti. Edwardsville. Marguerite ,lun, 1702 Liberty. Mrs. Anne Sanclholhe, SI. Louis. William Williams, 2108 Kenwood Larry Phillips, Rle. 2, Edwardsville. John Couse, 1852 Evergreen. Si. Joseph's MKDIOAL Mrs. Lena Newnom, 110!) Pearl. Miss Donna Beck, Rle. 1, Allon. Dean Redman, Rte. 2, Godfrey. James Williams, 811 E. Fifth.' Mrs. Louise Wright, 5 E. 17lh. Mrs. Bonnie Boomershine, 630 Slieppard. Mrs. Julinin Gilbert, 325 Dooley. Mrs. Mary Ervin, 90 Sullivan. SURGICAL Mrs. Knthryn Lopez, Godfrey. Bradley Lock. Elsah. Mrs. Jamie Denlon, Hartford. Fa ye Blackwood, Easl Alton. Norman Sehuetz, Brighton. Ruth Healer, Godfrey. Glen Myers. Bunker Hill. Mrs. Jennie Dixon, 2203 Ridge. SUKOICAL Jimmie Grover, 2401 Central. Mrs. Dorothy Ridder, 3021 Kernwood. Donald McDaniel, Hartford. Mrs. Eva Hunter, Jerseyville. Ray Crawford, Wood River. Mrs. Elsie Sheets, 3217 Edsall. Miss Sarah Oliver, 2005 Residence. Mrs. Mildred RobeVls, Easl Alton Mrs. Barbara Lewis, Godfrey. Mrs. Millie Cawlhon, .12004 Coppi nger Road. Mrs. Nellie Karris, Hartford. Mrs. Joyce Sullivan, Bethalto.' Mrs. Clara DoBow, 440 Jefferson Barbara Anderson, Roxana. Sue Coffman. Ensl Alton. Lester Large, Bunker Hill. Mrs. Jessie Springgate, 3104 Forest Drive. DISMISSALS Mi's. Doris Morss, Moro. Mrs. Naidene Johns, 200 Alben. Mrs. Patricia Ralston, 3110 Bur- Ion. Stanley Sprague, East Alton. AT LAST! A NO-MESS NO-DRIP AAAY TO ADD COLOR TO YOUR HAIR! color foam* HAIR COLORING RINSE AND CONDITIONER fostpush a button—and it foams on! Lets you add color to your hair almost M easily as you change your make-up. Natural- looking highlights are yoursin minutw-and they last shampoo after shampoo! Color Foam leaves hair silky-toft, too-blends |Q gray effectively, 10 Now being leatured at all S THRIFTY DRUG STORES Align Area's Poirattics Headquarters Marian Taylor Wrilm Story About Filch fcnWARDSVTLLE - An artidp on HIP first EnRllshmnn lo mnke (j trip lo tndin nnrl rplnm. wrillfn hy Mnrion Taylor, nssocinto pro- fpssor of English nl Eflwnrrls- vllln's SIU rnmpiis, will fipppnr in n forthcoming ISSIIP of "Tlio Shnkpfippnfo Qnnrlprly." Thp iiKlclp, "Me Ihnl Dirt (ho ftoard." cioncptuq Rnlph Filch M583-1fiOfi), Ixindon mpr- nncl Enfilniid's pionopi' lo to the far E n s I. Referred to in Shnkesponrp's "Mnchoth," "Tigor" was Ihp mmu- of HIP ship on which Filch made his voyngn. Mrs. Taylor's article wns or- iRitmlly wrlltcn while shn was a Fulhright lecturer in India in ]!Kil-(i2. Author of a number of published works on Shakespeare, children's verse and adull plays, Mrs. Taylor's short works appear regularly in monthly magazines in this country and two of her hooks have been published in England. Mrs. Taylor resides al 54!) Nevada, East Alton. FORTY ODD By Peg Bracken and Rod Lull Greenfield GREENFIELD — The monthly business meeting of First Baptist Church will be held at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday followed, by choir rehearsal at 8:30. Mrs. C. O. Fesler of Harvey and her son and daughlrr-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Fesler and three children of San Francisco, Calif . were tjuesls of Byron Hill Graf toil WSCS lo Mr<>! Thursday The WSCS of the Church will meet GRAFTON M e I h n d i s t Thursday at the country home of Mrs. diaries Pellikan. A politick dinner will be served at noon. Pnhlnmnfc Itoliirn Home GRAFTON - Mr. and M r s. Grnfton Jr. ami family and with friends Diehard Pohlman nnd children; Armed Forces GRAFTON — Mr. and Mrs. Charles Godfrey and children who have lieen residing at the home of his mother, Mrs. Anna Godfrey, moved last week to their residence at Clifton Terrace. Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey and family recently returned from Japan where he served for four years with the Bridegroom Gowns for Wedding ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP)-FCr- ris Mage, prospective bridegroom, is ignoring the superstition bnn- ning a pre-wedding peek nt the bridal gowti. lingo has designed and Is making the gown for his hrlde-lo-be, May Ferris of Rochester. scheduled for The Aug. here during the weekend. Angela Gtistinc.daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Don (Justine, is spending this week with her grandpar- enls, Mr. and Mrs. Homer in Granite City. reurnerl home Sunday from Mar- Mrs. Karl Pittenger entered Al- jlon where they were guests of Iheitnn Memorial Hospital Sunday 'latter's , am ! ' sist <"' . Mr. and Mrs William Newton. I Wednesday morning. m ' ITbey were accompanied by Miss 1 Mr. and Mrs Roscoe I marriage is ilO. ; Mage also Is making the gowns for the six bridal attendants. Baxter .n IU.W«M»J.|Milr.« "And Now, Mo Proud Beauty!! Ft. Russell Unit To Meet Thursday EDWARDSVILLK -- The VL Russell unit of Madison County Homemakers Extension Association will meet. Thursday at 8 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Nor- Ave. Mrs. will he co- lesson, "Color Piasa Birds 4-H Club Has Project Day SIPMAN— Piasa Birds 4-H Agriculture Club had ils annual "project day" Saturday and ;i pol- luck dinner was setved al noon to 42 p e r s o n s at the Baptist Church dining room. During a business meeting Tuesday July 23 was set for a lour of the Chevrolet plaiil al SI. Louis and a bakery in Granite City. Those planning to make the trip are lo meet at 9 a.m. at the Piasa Baptist Church. In the afternoon members and their parents loured eight farms und inspected 12 projects. Talks were given by Terry Smith, Steven Gwillim and Mark Golike. Plans were made to attend I h e Macoupin County Fair. Some will spend the week while o I h e r members will exhibit on July 16, --- • -— |4-H day only, material for' making are being given! Honor,-.,! at Shower I SHIPMAN — Mrs. Larry Main I was honored al the Harmony ;Community Club meeting on Sat- lurday night with a shower. She is Ihe former Miss Suzanne Bunt before her marriage last month. Hostesses were: Mrs. John Edwards, Mrs. David Suhling, Mrs. Henry Mills, Mrs. Paul Cox, Mrs. Earl Shelton, Mrs. Frank Maness, mutt Sehmill, (i25 Home Mrs. Robert Hans and Jennie Cooper hostesses. Major Coordination in Home Furnishings," will be presented by Mrs. Ray Werls and Mrs. Paul l-loepke. Unit officers will be Installed al a meeling and a 4-H Glut) demonstration will be presented. BEIRUT"- Raw biscuit free entry into Lebanese ports. Mary Susan Born, East Alton. Mary Jo Crouch, East Allon. ndon Bell, Chnulauqua. Lewis Nance, Michael. Willis dishing. 5215 Humbert. Lowell Lain, Wood River. Melba Wndlow, 14 W. Elm. Randy Gerdes, Rle. 1, Alton. Mrs. Elaine Witt, Bethalto. Eldrrd I Shirley Newton, who has bepnhave returned borne from Omaha, Ivisiling ;il the Pohlman home for 'Neb. where they visited three M '' "."1 ^ rS :, Bl T' P HaVPn _r, nd|11 " 1 P" sl »w° wepl « '«•"'*« "I Ihe home of their son Knterliilns nl I'icnlc ;;ind daughter-in-law, Capt and GRAKTON — Miss Freda Frei-lMrs. George B. Baxter and family. Mrs. Lamoine Dahbs and dauuh- 1 tor. Mary Lou o f Houston, Tex.J arrived Saturday for a visit ;it the I LEOPOLDVILLE — Severn! inew pi-oducls are due for Intro- idiiction this year in the Congo. family left Sunday for a vacation I trip to the western slates. Mrs. James Pettit of Oklahoma; man entertained at a picnic din- City. Okla.. is visiting in the home inn' at her home Saturday Guests ELDRKD — Mr. and M r s. Ous Beehdoldt of Alton visited Sun- visited day with his mother. Beehdoldt. jof her sislcr, Mrs. Maurice L. |Melvin. Mrs. Melvin, Mrs. Peltit, Mrs. .John Vandaveer, and Mrs. B; ,lty of Phoenix, Ariz. wlth Mrs . Arnold Tendick Mrs. Cecil in r ( ,,.|invillp Sunday. were Sfc. and Mrs. Ray E. Freeman and son, of Augusta, Ga.; Mr. and Mrs. Milton Albert and i home of her mother. Mrs. Hose| sons, Mrs. Edna Albert and Alvin Erke of St. Louis; Mrs. Lena Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wise, who Mr. and Mrs. Donald Artroek i r( , S j<j p j n Hawaii. ! Luck and Mrs. Alton; Mrs. Mark Slalon. and other relatives. are spending entertained several guests Sntur- SPVtJ| . ;i | wpeks wi ,i, ner s , s i e r, day evening honoring their niece, I MI . S Kplim ., h Cummins and fam- Chei-yl Cusler. on her ninth birth- ily ;ln(i with hp| . piiron |. Si Mr . and Bradshaw ofj Frniman charles Freiman of Graflon. Oriil'tou Notes GRAKTON - Mrs. M i M n i d;iv and Mr. and Mrs. R o b e r ; Mr.s. Lee Prat her of Die Thomas and son of R e a d i n g,. v j|| p v j ( .i n j| V Mass. 01 her guests were Mr. and ,,,,„,,, (ind ' Nancy inn, t| au gh- Mrs. Donnld Custer and family of |prs of Ml . (llu| Ml . iS Bvron Ilin Alton; Florin Cusler of S h i p-,„,.<, fll , pndinK , hp DuQuoin Music man; Mrs. Opal King and Mrs. > Camp |his WOL , k Ali( , p Hin hus Pearl Adcock of Carrolllon; Mr. ll)WM ,,,| rlul j in , t |, ( > Baptist Church and Mrs. Wayne Custer and fam-j,.. imp ;ll Lakt , eioomington. Nairn of Brussels was ;i Athens-1Saturday ;i the home of Martha Sheridan. •OLSON OAK COLLKCTKn I SAN KRINCISCO (APi - \\ 'cure for poison oak'' A nursery ualhers it frotn Ihe! San Francisco Water Department's 1 verdant San Mateo Water slK'd for 1 'medical laboratories Iryini: to! guest Mrs. DISCOUNT! lot of LntlleV Shoes, values to $5.00 — nil heels, all sizes, but not in nil styles. Pair WESTERN SHOE STORES 804-Ofl E, Broadway develop run". ;iiul preventives ily and Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Adcock and family. and Mrs. J. Russell Shields | spent Sunday with his brother-in- Weckend guests at Ihc William!law and sislcr. Mr. and Mrs. John Mrs. Carolyn Osborne, 705 Fair- Mrs. William Burns, Mrs. Marshall Halliday and Mrs. viow - iDoughlv. Mrs. Bobbie Kueker, Bethalto. \ Miles Sabin, Wood River. August Franke, Godfrey. Vernon Jersey Community 'MEDICAL Max Tale, Jerseyville. Mrs. Charles Kraushaar, Fieldon Mrs. Gail Schwarz, Alton. Mrs. Herbert Ennis, Grafton. Mrs. Mae Sbortal, Jerseyville. Paul Smith, Jerseyville. SURGICAL Charles Kinder, Golden Eagle. Judy Chipmnn. Jerseyville. DISMISSALS Mrs. William Wari.x. Alton. Rev. John Lillard, Jerseyville. George Reeves, Michael. Revival Services SHIPMAN — Harmony Baptist Church will have a revival service from July 15-20 beginning at 8 p.m. daily v The Rev. William Loaf man of Modesto will be evangelist. Cottage prayer meeting will be held prior to the meetings. On Wednesday evening it will be at the church and on Friday the group will meet at the Vernon Doughty home. Sliipman Notes SHIPMAN — Miss Mary Alice Schaefer, Miss Sharon Lambeth and Miss Patty Alward, students al Illinois Normal University, spent the July 4 holiday at their Ivors home wrc: Mrs. Bernice Reiss, Miss Thelma Ruyle and Jerry Rule all of Peoria. Saturday evening Mr. and Mrs. Ivers and their guests were supper Ficker and Mr. and Mrs. John Shields Ficker and family in Slaunton. They were accompanied home by Rhonda Shields of Wood River who is spending this supper guests of Mr. and Mrs. j week with her grandparents. Harold Ruyle in Allon. Mrs. Charles Burroughs is a Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and I patient in Boyd Memorial Hos- Mrs. Harry Holford were: Mr. and Mrs. Romalne Tate and family of Lomax; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Holford and son of Carrollton; Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Holford, Chester Camerer and Tommy Shaw. Keith and Kevin Jones spent the weekend with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Jones of Bellview. Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Flatt visited Sunday al Otterville al the homes and returned to school on Sunday. James Laffey spent the weekend in Elkhart with his sister, Mrs. Teresa Lee. Carrollton. Mrs. Eleanore Mitchell, who spent several days with her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sousley. in Webster home of Mr. and Mrs. Don Gowin. Dennis Gowin accompanied jlhem home for aw eeks visit. Mrs. Peter McCadden and daughter, Laura of Carbondale. spent the past week with Mr. and Mrs. Harlin Helton and Mr. and Mrs. Peter McCadden Sr., of Carrollton. Mr. and Mrs. Rollin Benner and daughters of Alton and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Benner and daughter of Jacksonville were weekend guests at the James Benner home. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wat son < and daughter. Donna, spent the weekend at Bagnell Dam. They were accompanied home by their son, Ronald, who spent the past week at Gimp Red Bud, Kaiser, Mo. TOKYO—Japanese technicians will serve as instructors in several Algerian industries. Groves, Mo. following arm surgery at Deaconess Hospital. SI Louis. accompanied her daughter, Mrs. Don R. Plumb to Ihe Plumh home in Bellendorf, Iowa, where she will remain fnr two weeks. Airman Jerry Spencer has re- TOO MANY BILLS?: If you are unable to pay your payments, debts, or bills ^ when due, arrange payments you can now afford re- • gardless of how much or how many you owe. H ONE PLACE TO PAY NOT A LOAN COMPANY £ See or Call J| ALTON BUDGET PLAN Bonded and Licensed. 309 RIDGE PHONE HO 5-2911 turned to the Naval Norfolk. after Air Station, spending a leave with bis parents, Mr. and Mrs. Olhel Spencer. OVER 20,000 IN USE! CUSTOM DESIGNED TO MEET EVERY BUILDING REQUIREMENT Our modem, low-cost method of steel construction makes virtually any *lz« building available for any type of business. Fast too, for erection time is measured in days and weeks Instead of months. Any type building material such as glass, masonry or tile can be utilized lor a custom appearance. And It will cost you about 25% less than conventional construction. Every building is warranted for 5 years and can be financed for up to 10 years. Call todayl R & R SALES INC, 7SG Park Dr. Alton HO 5-880G America's "professional buyers" agree... ** »••, •» ii.. IL I fHr-^ in the big Robert Hall SUMMER DRESS CLEARANCE regu/ar// 5.89 to 7.89 MISSES • JUNIORS • HALF SIZES • Sheaths, shifts, full skirted fashions • Shlrtdresses and Jacket dress styles • Cool cottons, smart linen-like rayons • Cotton blends and many easy-care fabrics • Huge selection of solid colors and prints to 49 OUR ENTIRE STOCK OF REG. 1.89 SUMMER BLOUSES EalngUUJS •.^^, _ B The men who buy car« for business fleots are professionals with a sharp eye for value. That's why so many of them specify Oldsmohile. In fact, latest available registrations show Oldsmobile fleet sales np more than 40%! Reason; Oldsmobile'a reputation for exceptional "built-in" reliability. Reason; Oldsmobile's Rocket performance and economy—a Dynamic 88 topped its field in this year's Mobil Economy Run, Reason: Oldsmobile's traditionally high resale value—one of the highest in the industry. Come to think of it, aren't these the attributes you want in your next new car? Misses' Sizes 2<° $ 3 • our own exclusive Jane Hunter* • combed cottons, cotton blends • solid colors and smart prints SPECIAL GROUP OF Reg. 3.89 & 4.89 SUMMER SKIRTS Misses' Sizes 2» $ 5 2,88 each/ as ticketed • pleated Arnel**, cotton flare* • wrapt, uilotlet, straight llnei • white*, pattelt, bright (dor* . C«/«nf i HEM'S WHY YOU SAVI AT ROBERT HALL • W* 1*11 (or caih only) • Thtft or* no cr»dil chaig*«l • W* hov» no crtdlt loit«il • Y»g tav* bt«av«( w* iav«l „_,. SALES.R.POPHN' AT YOUR LOCAL AUTHORIZED QLDSMOBILE QUALITY DEALER'S I STOP IN NOWI A/r-cendJffonod for your chopping comfort./ WALZ MOTOR CO. RAY MOTOR CO. 1000 E, Broadway, Alton Edwardsville Rd. at Whitelaw Ave., Wood River •TVNI IN "VARIBTY •AK0INI"«NIW WUJICAt SHOW STARRING KEEFi WASSEltE-TUESDAY NIOHTS-C8S.TV1— I 2821 Godfrey Road (Route 67) Just North of Delmar Ave. at the New Beltllne Highway

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