Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 8, 1965 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 8, 1965
Page 10
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ADVANCE THU.R$0AV> APftll 8, Nj»i«HiH*rt'Vt rim i i H "INK in my VEIN " By MARIAN INMAN *l-H'rMril4.1"H.H"Hi.HnH-^ The sun shining, even though it looks down upon piles of snow, moves us to dream of Arbor day and planting fields find gardens. Everybody ought to plant something, a tree, a bush, or a flower. It adds to the richness of life. Watching it gfo\v brings an interest in nature, in the sun and the rain. John Greenleaf Whittier, In his Song of Harvest, said, "Give fools their gold, and knaves their power; Let fortunes bobble and fall; Who sows a field, or trains a flower, Or plants a tree, is more than all." And here is a little warning, not a scare about Tetanus. Health authorities suggest thai, if you are a home gardener you should check with your physician on your protection against Tetanus, widely known as "lockjaw." There are only a few hundred cases a year of the disease, which is Contracted through break? in the skin such as scratches or punclures, but the fatality rate is high. Immunization shots give complete protection. The farm vacation program prpqresfces, 'The first pamphlet listing Iowa vacation farms Is being distributed and another one is being planned as the state's farm vacation program rolls along, , More than 200 Town, farm families have requested information on onerating a tourist business as a'sideline to their regular farming activities.. Over .10 have rotnrned questio'nnaires which are; tise.d "ak 'the'basis for the listing being miblished and distributed/by the 'lowa Development Commission. The procrram was,-deviled, -fast fall by the Iowa Farm Vacation Council at'the'request of Governor Harold E. Hughes. Gene Hoffman, state .director for the Farmers Honie Administration, is chairman of .the council. There »r« so manv, serious hapoenings in today's world and while we can't just layqh and shruq them away, we can l--oah a hit And get,a better oersnective of our re- soonsibiliti"*. Artrtl. beainnrnq"'with April Pool's dav, n«h«"rs in Nflt ! on»l Lai'ah We*k. It is snonsored bv the Nation*' Association of G»g Writers . Its Avowed purpose: "To put o smile on the map of America." . Thomas Orlvle. one said. '.'Laughter is the cipher-key wherewith we decipher the whole man." "Lauoh. *nd the world, lauohs with you; Weep, and ye-1 w»«n i>lon«. For thi sad old earth must borrow Its mirth, it has troubles enough of its own." Ella Wheeler Wilcox. Anril and vouth are ajmost svnonymous. so it is fitting that Aun'1 is dedicated to the welfare of the children of America. National Baby Week, Bovs and Girl? Week, Sneik- erf from the manv fine yoyth grouns draw attention to the potentialities and Drqhlems of. voiith: emphasizing .home. pHi'vh pnri .cphnnl and the work of youth-sorving agencies in the development of boys and girls. , Ji'*t th« o»h«r day I r«wd about the 'Puro|« Thread 5h«n,' in ria r |f«Hii rn . 'California; a community business whose profits will pot them a library. The article goes on ..t".S""- "If Y?"' r * ?,y r '?,W "!f.l', w §V ah«,Ht the'n»m*» for ! thff «hpn. v*»n'M i«»rn, th»t «rr<»rdjnfl »o Ep'etntus (» Greek i»hJ |n «obh«>r\ it'« th« ivirnl* thread that oiv-* a touch of brilliance to a Greek tunic." CUrkfbjJjo'f (Fri«ndf of the, l;lh ra rv oroirn* k»s ind^d orodurfd » ou'rnln'thre^n'of hr ; i{i»n<:e .in thi? «mal| cgirnmufity, (population 2.180). Whatever th»v mir»ht hav«"worked'for. a t^en e^nter, or » *wimm«nn pool, th«ir surrei's'storv vunnlrf b<i the same because it was sparked with a purple thread. Tb's made me think how yerv- imnortant a nurple thread of ^rillionre is needed \n OUT da'lv lives and it is our resnonsibilitv to weave it It's $*»"n^rple thread of love of God. nf our fellow i-nnni ,o,f oi;r farniVes 'and. pur hpjnjes. It's the effort we make helping ^thtcornrni,{n^tv affairs! oiir in- fnroci in nnr eov°rnr"P n t, in ^o'liiv: srhools our yo.Mth crouis. It's the lanph the pniiie:., f^fj;, H^e;(tftfld of kindness, It's nravelv meeting our trouWesV'it)5._4!\io^i 1 [l6 r ^fi-'na"nv times. It's lovin? and ln'i«hine. it'sToati^np'n good book. niant'iTur a feed, listening to the son" of ,a,'hird. It's our attitude, it's how we do it that weaves the brilliance of the purple thread. Sprinq is a cleanino up time, a refurbishinfl time, A oood time to shake out our leadership tunics And add torn* fresh thread* of brilliance, Our Ijyes can have purple threads of brilliance if we will it so. ' I iust locked mv door'and I tyad'to take a look outdoors. The snow that mei»oH i s jce! lipw/aVd looVs dark and wintrv in the cold lipht of the moon'hut I won't he lonely For withotit winter we would not give snrine the wl'come we do and she is out there, shivering a v Wt'.'Hs true, but I know she will annear one qf theso davs in all hor "nrlng array smiline and PSV and wo'l) forrot the' storms of winter and evervthing t'red and old and sad. Pur hearts will boor her sweet thunder, • Never lose an opportunity of seelnq anything that is beautiful, for he»utv U G«d's handwriting -. a ways«d<» s»crament. Wolcome it In tyff¥ fair face, in every fair sky, in every flower, and thank God for it as a cup of blessing. Emerson. . -~_ ^H" ^*W^P^. _. F«vorU» F»4d it«rt or Super Market ANPERSON • ERICK50N DAIRY CO Two Lone Rock girls named to Girls' State Lone Rock — Janet, daughter of the Ralph Ilammcrstroms, JANET HAMMERSTROM has been selected by the Kerr- Hamrncrstrom Legion, Auxiliary as delegate to Havvkeyc Girls' State at Cedar Palls, June 13-19. She is a junior at Scntral and is active in band, annual staff, F.T.A. and also active in youth fellowship of the Presbyterian church. Alternate delegate is Judy Kraft, daughter of the Clarence Krafts. She is a junior at Sentral and is active in girl's glee of Mrs. Boris Hoist,, Algona, Sun* day at the Presbyterian' church. The Harvey Raths Were also guests of the Ifotsts. Mrs. Roger Jensen^ was given a belated birthday party Saturday at A. A. Krueger's. Quests included Mrs. Prank tlaig, Mrs. Roy Jensen, Mrs. Willis Cotton, Mrs. Erich Seegebafth, Tena Jensen, Mrs. E. A. Lee, Mrs. Melford Mitchell and Mrs. Jess Blanchard. Mrs. Pauline McGuire, Algona, was a Sunday guest at E. A. Lee's. JUDY KRAFT club, mixed chorus, F.T.A. and is qlso on the annual staff. She is a member of the church choir and active in youth fellowship in the Presbyterian church. Angus Cotton tells of life in West Indies Lone Rock — Angus Cotton returned recently from a three weeks vacation trip by air to some Of the islands of the West Indies. He visited Willemstad, Curacao, Netherlands (Dutch) West Indies, Caracas, Vertzuela, South America, Portau Prince, Trinidad, British West Indies, Scarborough, Tobago, British West IndieSi Bridgetown, Sam Lords' Castle, Barados, Fort Royal, Point a Pitre, Guadeloupe, French West Indies. The West Indies is a crescent- shaped chain of islands bordered on one side by the Caribbean Sea and on the other by the Atlantic Ocean and extends from Puerto Rico on, the east to South America on the west. Temperatures are never below 70 or above 90 degrees. The West Indies are more than just unique tropical islandjs. Each island has its own distinct history, with relics of the past when they were sought after prizes by many nations of the old world. * On most, the comfortable traditions of England prevail. On the French islands "Joie de vivre" is the spirit. In Trinidad, where the east did meet the west, are mosques, Hindu temples, and sari-clad women. There is also an island half Dutch and half French; an island where the people speak with an Irish brogue; and' smother where French and English influence have produced an entirely new culture. The African influence is evidenced not only because of their color (all are negroid) but also by their calypsos. their steel bands and limbo ^^Aoc'-J-i!" out-., t ;!;r.<. • Mi-.H;.•:." l Sunday guests- at Wallace man's. Algpna, for the third birthday of .their niece Diane Erdman. The Otto Youngwirths, LuVerne, Were also guests. Mrs. Cliff Anfinson and Mrs. Olive, Erdman were callers in Clarion March 31. : Ardith Eden, Minneapolis, spent the weekend at the parental Ben Eden's. She attended the shower for Cherann Bernau April 2 at-the Methodist church; The Art Beenkens and Lane attended the voice recital of 'aula Adex at Waldorf college, Forest City, Tuesday. The Youth Group of the Evangelical Free church will be hosts to groups from Upper Flat, Clear Lake and Britt churches at a sunrise service.and break- fast April 18. '- " r Sherryl Harr spent the weekend hi Whlttemofe With'her sister, Mrs. Harlan Leininger. A vacation church school iji- stitute will be held April 20 at the Cleat Lake Methodist church. Several local teachers plan to attend. The Wilfred Loebigs had their 500 club Sunday. The Bill Loe- bigSj Ft. Dodge, were guests. Prize winners were the Merle Losses and Jack Lickteigs; The A. N. Richtsmeiefs went to Minneapolis to visit at their son Vincent's and other . relatives. Mrs. Richtsmeier had leg surgery at St. Mary's hospital. Advertise in the Advance — largest PAID cireulationl CALL... 5-3234 FOR EXPERT AND EFFICIENT Plumbing & Heating • Fast Service •Competitive Rates FUNK Dependable ; & Heating i! | South Dodge Algona. ; | Linda Ramus, at beauty school at Fairmont, spent the weekend with her parents the Leo Ramus- es. The six weeks old daughter of the John Ramuses, Garner, who was very sick with pneumonia, is at home now after a week in the hospital at Belmond. Roscoe Schultz, Milwaukee, Wis., left Tuesday after a week at the parental Frederick Schultz's. The A. A. Kruegers were Sunday guests at Frederick Schultz's. The last card party of the season sponsored by the Auxiliary will be held April 8. Happy Homemaker's club met Wednesday with Mrs, Andrew Thomson. The Dale Wegen<?rs have a girl born March 28, 7 Ibs. 2 oz., and named Pamela Deann. Fred Wegener, Algona, and the Harvey Rath, Algona, are the grandparents. The Clinton Raths, Maurice Weisbrods, and Dale 'Wegeners attended the baptism of the ba>y dahcesf Probably the most colorful time on the islands is the two days preceding Ash Vfednesday. People assemble on the larger islands and there are parades of the many queens representing the various islands/Also steel band contests for the champion of the year. Wesley Mrs. Viola Studer The Legion met Saturday the Legion hall. The 8th district conference will be held at Carroll April 25, Several from here plan to attend. The LeRoy Grandganetts, Jack YHzUww 8 and Clarence Been, kens went to Minneapolis, Sat urday for the Ice Follies am Cinerama, They returned Sun day evening in dense fog. The David Youngwirths were MOW Finest Lawns! AMERICA'S FINEST RIDING MOWER Test-rlje « « • test-mow the' Emperor, Yown 9n «**> ttmvf> Uwn care's easier, faster with Ari^ns EMPEROR! Choice of 4 h-ps, Pf § h.p, mpjdels, ?§ ¥ er |?" r9tary mower. Rear-mpunted fnglne for gre^Ur tr§ction *» easily climbs 70% grades. Insta-Hitch attachments to do 12 big year 'rgynd Qird-N-Yard ctoffi, UneWillfd fer prgven pfr^ formance, depfn^|ti|il§, r - AUQONA FLOUR i FiiO (59- WiSLpY WiSLiY AUTO CO. FENTON WHIiROP IMPtEMiNT COLU VERNE TOM CARROLL GARAGE SIXTON KIRSCHBAUM GARAGi cttttiitiittttlltlfttttttftttttttiitittittti CARPET HEADQUARTERS — Of North Central Iowa — Carrying in Stock — The Most Complete Selection of Carpeting in This Area SEE OUR DISPLAYS NOW I BJU8TROM' FURNITURE IMMAMfMMMMMMMftMMMWMMfl Bulk Wagon Service Fuel Oil and Gas Free Premiums With Gat Purchases at our station. You'll Like It! VIKING OIL Roy Stoffel, Mgr. N. Main St. BUILDING NEEDS OF ALL KINDS • Lower Prices • MILLER Lumber Co. East State at C. &N.W. Tracks Dial 295-2536 Our 40th Year in the Furniture Business L1NDE IMPLEMENT CO. Farm Equipment • Allis Chalmers • Gehl a) New Idea "Ser\lng Northern Iowa A Southern.Minnesota for the oast 28 Years — 1937 to 1965". BRown 24601 Swea City ona TAYLOR IMPLEMENT • Behlcn Buildings. • Kewanee Discs. • Case Farm Machinery "The Be* of Everything" Phone 295-24*> Algona BEN mm Building Contraotar All Types Building Cabinet Work 22 South Heckart, Algona Dial 295-2160 Pleat* cill after 6:00 p.m. 1 I: Experience, quality merchandise, fair prices and pleasant surround. f""? . . 7 ing — these are the things you look for when doing business and these are the things you'll find at BJUSTROM FURNITURE IN ALGONA. The firm, started back in 1925 by R, 0, Bjustrom, is now in its 40th year of successful business 1 in Algona, There are many ether things you get at Bjustrom's too. Such as free delivery in their dust-proof vans. Your orders «r« delivered straight to your door within this area by experienced movers, And at Bjustrom'f too you'll find ftsy credit terms. Terms to fit your budget is the slogan htrt, Spread ovtr month*, it makes buying a pteasyre, You also get "direct-from-fac^ory" purchetft *t ijustrom's which saves you mort fflfne) V by tlim.injtUtf tN l«i«kHfHMm. Thert are many othtr Bjuitrom strvicei, Such as the free parHinej lot at the rear of the *ter», whore «u«tofneri ctn park thfir car* without worry of parking moters. GRAIN STORAGE CASH BUYERS OF All GRAINS OARGILL, INC. Pale Kleingartner Manager Whtn you art thinking of fwrnityrt generations of Ko**,vth folk* have found thit to fit business. think of Bjustrom's, Three i< • mighty fine TOP QUALITY PRINTING AT THE ADVANCE Kossuth County Advance Algona MOVING-STORAGE ORATING Wt Move Household Good* Anywhere — Fully Insured Furniture § Machinery Storage In Clean, Modern Warehouse Moving POST fterffi Dial 2952275 MUM READY MIX CONCRETE Saves I § Better Job PHONI m*m IOWA (Ftrmtiiv 8»«dy Mji Ceocrttt Iowa State Bank At«Qna'» Hpme-owned Sink 'BBSBBBHJB^W T^ffWHPlPPffSPffSSP ^^S59"P^ t f Mtmbjr of FPIC f Mtmb«r of Ftdf rtl System UftJiayScftWitir OP ALGONA

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