Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 5, 1963 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 5, 1963
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

'~if4* PAGE SIX ALfON EVENING Hospital Notes Alton Memorial Mrs. Minnie Segar, Granite CHy Mrs. Ethelyh Rench, 2418 Bloom St. themas Metcalfe, Godfrey. Mrs. Frances Bridgeman, 2713 FelUwood. SURGICAL £>avid Batchelor, 3661 Western. Ansel Taylor, 2220 dawson. Glenfl Rhine, Medora. Mrs. Jteela Garrido, 4500 College. George Noble, Eldred. Miss Diana Pryor, East St. Louis Miss Patricia Roach, Alton. Brenda Rutledge, Brighton. Sharon Rutledge, Brighton. i,lnda Rutledge, Brighton. Lowell C. Lain, Wood River. Randy Gerdes, Alton, Rte. 1. Mrs. Sadie Campbell, Dow. Henry Schreiner, Staunton. Mrs. Carol Ogle, East Alton. DISMISSALS George Noble, Eldred. Susan Peters, Dow. Ruth Woods, 1701 Nelson. Mrs. Evelyn Ruppel, Dorsey. Mrs. Millie Nasello, 2631 Plain view. Mrs. Hazel Morton, East Alton Miss Diana Pryor, East St. Louis Mrs. Elizabeth Blanton, 3312 Fermvood. Pauline Westerhold, 3019 Edwards. Roy Grace, Bethalto. Ethel Medhurst.,5015 Terry. Albert Kasslng, Bethalto. Daniel Desmet, 1408 Central. David dearwater, 1209 State. Michael Ming, 2011 Slate. Mrs. Gay Huber, Moro. Edna Ruth Stoye, 1106 Beau mont. Mrs. Gladys Emery, Bethalto. Geraldine Henderson, Edwardsville. Martha Edwards, 2309 Amelia. Mrs. Grace Barker, Godfrey. Mrs. Gayle Kohler, 256 W. 19th. Bruce Beatty, Jerseyville. Mark Beatty, Jerseyville. Mrs. Lela Steinberg, Pleasant Hill. Mrs. Leila Johnson, Alton. John Moreland, Jerseyville. Mrs. Dovie Freeman, 2708 Amelia. Kyle Crow, Godfrey. Mrs. Luvenia Hunt, 1036 Union. Earl Ziegler, Godfrey. Mrs. Hope Bartlett, Jerseyville. Miss Ola Whorl, 1021 E. 4th. Paul Southard, Edwardsville. Rev. John Lillard, Jerseyville. Charles Maguire, 1120 Douglas. Mrs. Ida Foster, East Alton. Jeffrey Zimmer, Washington. Joseph Valdez, 600 Sheppard. St. Joseph's MEDICAL Mrs. Barbara Romine, 611 E. Fifth. Mrs. Alice McCormick, 1918 Main. . Miss Gretchen L. Lieber, Rte. 2, Edwardsville. Mrs. Marie Jansma, 504 State, , Wood River. 'Mrs. Angelina Maronie, 601 Washington. Robert J. Anthony, 936 Tremont. SURGICAL Jack McFarland, 317 Don-is. Reid G. Boyle, Edwardsville. Miss Dorothy Galligos, 3481- E. Broadway. Leroy A. Bordeaux Jr., 3400 STOP WISHING .. START DRIVING! Got a "pocketful of dreams" about a newer car but lack the ready cash to match? Look Into a low cost Auto Loan from us. Action ^will be fast: Convenient terms! PHONE HO 3-9314 OB SEE KENNEY KIX)OS MIDSTATES FINANCE CO. 811 Ridge, near Broadway Lincoln. Miss Rita D. Roark, 1005 Pearl. Richard Clark, 2920 Buena Vista. Miss Lorraine Heigert, Rte. 2, STauhtoh. Mrs. Nina L. Ugo, 312 Sanborne. Maurice Zimmerman, 415 Cobb, East Alton. Mrs. Ruth T. Head, Wood River. DISMISSALS Marion G. Barnett, 758 Birch, East Alton. Stephen Benjey, Bethalto. Mrs. Elsie L. Wilkins, 3160 Paul. Kieth G. Boyer, Godfrey. Mrs. Carmella Barcelano, 125 E. Elm. Mrs. Ora M. Boyles, Brighton. Mrs. Lena R. Greer, 1139 Lorena, Wood River. Mrs. Ida Gfenzebach, 140 S. 9th, Wood River. Andrew Kotschar, 2817 Residence. Mrs, Theono D. Lalikes, 632 Oakwood. Mrs. Anglina Maronie, 601 Washington. Mrs. Beverly G. Moore, Godfrey. Mrs. Eileen R. Rathgeb, Rte. 1, St. James, Mo. Miss Dawn G. Stirilz. Godfrey. Mrs. Nancy D. Stover, 253 Dooley. Mrs. Geraldine L. Suhre, Bethalto. Mrs. Mary Vesely, Godfrey. Kenneth Williamson, Brighton. John F. Winkelmeier, St. Louis, Mo. St. Anthony's MEDICAL Arthur Koch, 1213 Liberty. Mrs. Mary M. Day, 417 Prospect. Kelly Wood, 610 Whittier, Wood River. Miss Barbara M. Gremer, Rte. 2, Edwa.rdsville. DISMISSALS Mrs. Rose Bono, 219 McClure. Louis F. Hesse, Rte. 1, Godfrey. Eugene J. Reilley, Hartford. Claud Sauls, Godfrey. Gerald Miller, Bethalto, Craig Allen Davis, South Roxana. Wood River Township MEDICAL 1 Mrs. Bertha M. Shehorn, Bunker Hill. George A. Crawford, 306 Main, East Alton. Lindell Dee Park, West Alton, Mo. Rollen R. Welch, Bethalto. Galen Clifford Smith, 146 East Alton, East Alton. Mrs. Mae Jones, Oklahoma City, Okla. ..i Mrs. Nellie Giilela'rid, Cottage Hills. SURGICAL Mrs. Elizabeth E/Hoehn, 281 West Haller Drive, East Alton. Samuel Edward Crosnoe, 101 S. Center, East Alton. Abe Ramsey, 3523 Oscar, Alton. Clarence L. Foster, Cottage Hills. Mrs. Bessie M. Wilson, 243 Edwards. Deborah Lynn Adams, 688 Halloran. DISMISSALS Miss Linda J. Hennessey, 102 Twelfth. Mrs. Elva C. Mock, Rte. 1, New Douglas. Mrs. Betty J. Surman, St. Louis. Mrs. Evelyn O. Mandrell, 1350 Harrison. Mrs. Sharon Lee Koranick, Bunker Hill. Mrs. Dorothy E. Carlton, 237 'Central. Shelby J. Murray, 135 Goulding, East Alton. Samuel Edward Crosnoe, 101 S. Center, East Alton. Ricky Lynn Han-op, 200 Ohio, East Alton. John E. Wellington, Rte. 4, Godfrey. Mrs, Theresa Klader, 419 North Wood River. Mrs. Margo Lawrence, Rte. 1, Alton. Mrs. Joann Price, Dorsey. Mrs. Joanne Clark, Cottage Hills Carol Anne Waters, 335 Penning. Alfred C. Alcom Jr., Bethalto. Mrs. Eudora Boyer, 1127 Union, Alton. Mrs. Rosie E. Young, Cottage Hills. Frank W. Jones, Hartford. Roy L. Lewis, 320*6 Goulding, East Alton. Randy L. Harrison, 245 Thirteenth. Jersey Community MEDICAL Mrs. Dale Darr, Medora. Mrs. Emma Halemeyer, Brussels. Richard Branhan, Fieldon. Mrs. Kenneth Surgeon, Hardin. William Gates, Fieldon. DISMISSALS Louis Noble, Dow. Rockefeller To Continue Campaigning By MMES MARt,OW Associated Press News Analyst WASHINGTON (AP)-This will be President Kennedy's third and hottest summer in the White House. Five things come to mind: 1. He has talks, through his representatives, coming tip in . 10 days with the British and Russians in Moscow on a nuclear test ban. 2. He still has to get his program through a tardy Congress. 3. He still has to get his civil rights program through. 4. Negroes are planning a massive Washington demonstration to convince Congress they want the civil rights program. 5. He has to do everything else that goes with his job and prob ably some unexpected things. There was little optimism about the test ban talks until this week when in East Germany Soviet Premier Khrushchev seemed to hint he might agree to a ban on atmospheric and underwater tests. But he didn't include a bar on underground tests. It there was optimism over thif it got diluted because on a second look Washington wasn't sure he said he'd agree to a test ban if it were linked with a nonaggres- sion pact. Kennedy doesn't know at this point, and neither does anyone else, what's going to happen to hi civil rights program or whethei the struggle and 111 will engendered by that will hurt the rest of his program for the year. He has to fight for it although he showed no signs of suggesting it until Negroes around the country, showed by their demands for equality that they wanted action. He had done little to antagonize the Southern Democrats whose help he needs for his general program in Congress and whose votes he may need when he tries for re-election in 1964. But Negroes and Southern Democrats will both be watching how much he fights for civil rights. He'll be adroit, indeed, if he comes out of this fight without antagonizing one side or the other. But just about the time the fight in Congress is supposed to be reaching a peak on civil rights —at the end of August—Negroes plan their great demonstration. It is not being called a march on Washington but a march in Washington and the announced purpose is to have a peaceful demonstration. But the number of participants is now being talked of as 100,000 or 150,000. With that many people taking part—plus the thousands who will be watching them, including some not sympathetic to the Negroes at all—both Kennedy and the police department can only hope that trouble doesn't start. And, adding to his problem, there are mixed views as to whether the demonstrations, in .ended to show the Negroes' determination to get. equality, will hurt them in Congress. Meanwhile, demonstrations in other cities between now and then, all of them unpredictable as to outcome, will be building up to the big show here in August. No' one knows better than Ken nedy that the way he handles al this could help him tremendously or hurt him terribly in his desire for a second term. FIRST-QUALITY EYEGLASSES EXAMINATION, LENS AND FRAMES, COMPLETE ONLY 9 Bifocals $5 more CONTACT LENSES MONEV BACK $if f\/\ GUARANTEE A WW Prescription Sunglasses Same Low Price! CROWN OPTICAL SERVICE Glasses Dispensed on the Prescription of DR. ROBERT U HANDELMAN Illinois Registered Optometrist 406 E. BROADWAY — ALTON — 468-7611 OPEN MONDAY & FRIDAY UNTIL 9 P.M. Judge Monroe Grants 3 Divorces EDWARDSVILLE — Two divorces were granted earlier in the week after hearings in Circuit Court. Margaret L. Barzoff was granted a divorce by Circuit Judge James O. Monroe Jr. from Peter Barzoff on grounds of desertion. Mary Louise Miller of Alton obtained a divorce from William Leon Miller on grounds' of cruelty. In a decree filed Wednesday, after a prior hearing, Norman Jean Dillow of East Alton was granted a divorce from Robert A. Dillow and obtained custody of the couple's four children. "STOCKHOLM—Two trade fairs are planned in Sweden later on this year and early next. Burglars Loot Hoot Beer Stand At Edwardsville EDWARDSV1LLE — Local police cruising in prow] cars discovered an attempted break-In at 5 a.m. Thursday at Rohrkaste's Dairy at 1003 N. Main St., and a burglary 25 minutes later at the Northside Root Beer stand on Rte. 159 at the northwest city limits, operated by former alderman Gerald Kllngel. Officers reported they saw a youth running through the area near the dairy and upon investigation found a pry bar on the north side of the dairy building. A door had been forded open. '-•. ';•'.-.'. At the root beer stand they found a screen had been pried from a window. Missing, Klltigel reported later, was $3 cash, nine Glittf cli Services Announced at Kane KANE - Dr. U.S. Randall wilt speak on "And Pctef" at the 10:16 a.m. service Sunday at the Baptist Church. At 7 p.m. he will speak on "There Was a Man." Sunday school at the Methodist Church Will convene at 9:30 a.m. and the Rev. Hilton Longberry will speak at 10:35 a.m. the M¥F will meet at 6:30. Church school at the Church of Christ will be at 10 a.m. and morning worship at 10:15. Class ^entertained KANE—Members of the Amoma Class of the Baptist Church were entertained Tuesday night at the home of Mrs. Ivan Shackelford. Co-hostesses were Mrs. Warren Greene and Mrs. C. W. Devenliig. packages, of cigarettes', two cigars and three packages of medicine. The thieves also had served themselves. a malted milk and two root beers. Magasim EDDY OlLMOfcE (AP)--A British fash ioti rhagaitne today stepp^l tip its Campaign to persuade President Kennedy to wear a hat aiiS ipoihl- edly asked him how' a haUess man can properly greet a lady. 1 "Mow does the President acknowledge such an encounter?" asked Bailor and Cutter in. an ed Devotionals were by Mrs. ing and Mrs. E. Wellef. Kane Notes KANE — Mis's May Fenity was an overnight guest Monday of her brotheivaJid sIsteMn-law, Mr arid Mrs^aut- Fenlty, White Hall,' , , ; ',? Mrs. H. F. ^r|ch aiid Mrs. Paul Carlton attended a party Tuesday at tlie,home of Mrs. William Reif, Carrollton. itotiai. which the editor said he sending to theijWHHfi.Motise, Tailor and Cutter 'is recognized here as art arbiter of good taste In men's clothing and, in some cases, men's manners. Speculating on how. Kennedy greets ladjes, the inagazinfe sug- gesled he might do it with: A brief and courteous bow. A hearty handshake. A blad-crushing slap on the back. "Or," added the magazine, "that peculiarly American greeting-the flat palm,.of the hand sliding- upwards ahd outwards across the greeter's face and the cheerful injuctlon, 'HI'm" The magazine said none of these would do—especially if the President greeted someone such as Queen Elizabeth W—and suggested: "The deft touch of a raised hat, Wely pinched between t)uimb and forefinger and held for a hesitant moment over the wearer's hean, would bring a bright spark of gallantry to those modern dip- Youth Fined $25 For ItitdScicrtUdft, WOOD RIVER — Alvln Franks, 20, Box 493, South Roxana was arrested at 12:58 a.m. today at Sixth and Edwardsville Road on a charge of drunk and disorderly conduct. Me was later fined $25 and costs by Police Magistrate 0. W. Vernor after pleading guilty to the charge which stemitied from an Incident at the Spotlight Drlve-tn on Edwafdsville Road. ALGIERS — Several foreign firms plan to open In Algeria. lomntic moves which seem to have lost so much of their old world glamor in the cut-rent rush for time-saving practicalities." Choice Lets tor Sole IN BBSAWTIlrWL NEW SPRIHGHAVEN SUBDIVISION For Detail* 8, - '-*"—*—•" BRUSSELS r A BclKlafl mifl«t has weft teu? tof d »M««m«MM^L'»» Nded a New Roof? or You 1Mb? G*» ilMf &MMt MW. Chiiiii *4*4 many were! Call HO S-8fitl for FREE tCstlnmto SCUM lidobuclt and Co. flfffl Plttsit, Alton, til. f ••*•««•*••••**»***** Mrs. Harry Wilcox, Grafton. Mrs. Louis Gress, Hardin. Linda Chappee, Carrollton. Robert Manning, Jerseyville. Charles Menzie, Jerseyville. FEDDERS Air Conditioners From "Carton to Cooling" in 77 Seconds! WE HAVE AU MODELS IN STOCK READY FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION! Budget Priced from... 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Agooa-,«a«W««»taSe^vpn|^^ ^ fy^^c^^*^^*!^*^-*- .^!^M^»MikiiMmySBSI^S * X&&3*%>&&%;&•••<''''<••>''><'*" — J-'I'^WA^W*-' "» ^ rrt* Hi-way Special 1 ires 27-Month Guarantee Fu ,14,Ply Nylon, 6.70x15 Tube-TypeBlackwall, Plus Tax tic Trade-in Required Tubeless Blackwalls^ Size 6.70x15 7.10x15 7.60x16 No Trade-in Price, Etwh Plus Tax "2L95 28.95 25.95 No Traae-in Price, Pairs Plus Tax 31.60 "~~35^6 39.60 Size 7.50x14 "7.10x15 8.00x1^ 7.60x15 8.50x14 Price, Ea«h Plus .tax 23.95 25.95 37.95 85.60 43.60 NO MONEY DOWN on Sears Easy Payment Plan Free ALLSTATE Tire Mounting TIME SERVICE GUARANTEE If tire- faili during the monthly guarantee period, we will, it our option, either repair it without cost or in exchange (or the old (ire, give yon * new tire or • refund, charging only for the period oi ownership. AH «djn*tin«nt* nude by retail *tpret lire prorated «t the regular retail price plu» Federal Excite Tax, lea* trade-in, at the time of return. 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