Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 3, 1963 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1963
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

ALTON EVENING Hie Metal Will Be f < ••• * • * Used by Men on Moon Trip AM*. (AP) - When g«e& to the ittooti, he may do it Wfftptfed to hdtitrtetftllic metal. 'Aftd that same paradox! Cal-SWiholltig substance may ena bfe him to ttseflter Uie atmosphere wftliout buttling upon the flew material is the erea^ tion of Dr. Carl S. Marvel, a University of Arizona researcher an<3 nationally known chemist. The substance, technically called; "polytiehiimldaiole," Is a syn* thtStlc combittatlon of carbon* hy- drbgen and 'nitrogen. : Although Dr. Marvel said the material is not a metal in any sense of the word, "someone hung that name (nonmetallic metal) on it, and It's stuck." Its advantages over" other materials: It can withstand temperatures higher .than. 1,000 .degrees Fahrenheit under space conditions, higher than any other plastic type material and most metals, Is stronger than steel; and Is light weight. Dr. Marvel says some other materials, such as graphite, can withstand higher temperatures but are nearly impossible to work with structurally. Metals such as steel or aluminum, or even the extremely lightweight beryllium, are much heavier than the new material. The combination could prove the key to protecting space flight equipment from extremes of temperature and other damaging forces without the necessity of using metal alloys. Eventually, the material could find its way into anything from protective clothing for firemen or steel mill workers to race car tires'or ironing board covers. Presently considered uses include protective coatings for rockets, space, capsules, missiles, radar antennea, and perhaps supersonic jet aircraft. .As Glue A California firm, Telepomput- ing Corp. of Los Angelesi also plans to make available a type of glue composed of Dr. Marvel's substance. Using the trade name "Imidite," the material is to come in paste, liquid and'other forms. This material then may be used for joining structural parts of where even welding might not hold. Namco Research and Development in San Diego, a division of Telecomputing, created the glue form of the material under a research grant from the U.S. Air Force. Narmco reported that when two pieces of stainless steel were glued together with the new synthetic, and then pulled apart, it often was the steel rather then the glue which came apart. This could mean faster, more efficient, more economical, and, above all, safer assembly of aircraft and spacecraft than can be accomplished with present methods. At the moment, Dr. Marvel says, nobody knows how much the material will cost to manufacture. "It has never been made in sufficient quantity to ? determine a price," he said, but added : that price would probably be., a minor factor if the substance lives up to expectations and hopes. Currently, the glue must be applied under a pressure of 200 pounds per square inch, in a temperature ranging up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. While this limits its uses to situations where the pressure and DR. CARL s. MARVEL heat can be applied, further work could eventually remove that obstacle. If application is simplified and the glue proves economical, you may someday be able to glue the fenders back on your car after the little woman takes a drive. On a higher plane, future spacemen may simply glue patches across holes if meteors penetrate the skin of a spacecraft. The possibility of uses for both the structural material and t h e adhesive form extends nearly as far in the opposite direction: it could mean increased safety for submarines, and possibly enable scientists to bore toward the center of what they believe to be the boiling-metal-hot core of the earth. Looking for Rubber Dr. Marvel began his research while at the University of Illinois. He said he was actually looking for a heat-stable rubber, but switched his tactics to make a heat-stable plastic instead. Dr. Maryel held out little hope of ever making any money on his creation. He said the University of Illinois Foundation has applied for a patent and would own the material if the patent is granted, because that's where he was when he got the idea. DO YOU KNOW V| WHY SO MANY PEOPLE SAVE AT OUR BANK? BECAUSE IT HELPS THEM BUILD THEIR FINANCIAL FUTURE! HERE'S HOW . . . A BANK LIKE OURS CAN BE YOUR "FINANCIAL PARTNER" When you do all your banking —checking, saving, and borrowing—at one Full Service Bank such as ours, you'll soon realize "we know you at the bank. And you'll find that we are ready to help you grow financially In a dozen different ways — with advice on how to manage your Income— credit references —a good credit rating. Most Important, we can help vou by lending you money at low bank rates for any useful purpose. 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