Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 3, 1963 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1963
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

3, ALtOM EVENING TELEGRAPH Retiring Highway Employes Remember Good Old Days ._ ill. (Special)— Retirement Of some key personnel In the Illinois Slate Highways Division, effective Inst month and Ifils month, will terminate ea- reefs of stain employes some of whom worked for the state 40 yours or morn. They span a long ern In state road construction and Include some employes whose salary range went over the $15,000 figure. W. N. Dutelle, Springfield, who Is retiring as chief of the. Bureau of Local Meads and City Streets, began his career In highway work nl Ihe Paris district office as n Junior engineer in Ifllfl, and M. K. Llngle, Springfield, retiring as a traffic engineer, bus been on the state payroll almost continuously for '10 years. Another veteran Is Carl M. Wahl, district engineer at Springfield for the pa .si 20 years. Wahl began his highway work for the stale more than 40 years ago. The retirements are In line wilh a recently adopted policy of the Division lo require lop personnel to relinquish posls on attaining G5 years of ago. Retirement is not mandatory, those reaching Ihe fi5 year mark having Ihe privilege of stepping down lo positions of less importance and loss Income. SiilislaiillMl Pension* However, wilh Iheir long tenure of stale service and the state's liberal retirement plan the retiring-, engineers are assured of substantial pensions for the remainder of their lives, some of whom will gel. payments of close to $10,000 a year. When engineers sought employment with the stale Division of Highways in the early 20's they usually were hired as junior engineers and the monthly pay was around the $125 mark. But over the years the salaries of these engineers has been increased gradually to the point where some are now drawing ns much as $1,300 monthly or more. The big jump in salaries came with the inauguration of the Federal Aid Interstate program in Illinois after its approval by Con- gross In 1956. Top engineers were hard to find and Industry wns bidding against some of the states for the services of seasoned men. The Interstate construction program more Ibnti tcipled the size of the ordinary Illinois highway building program starting, wilh the year 19!)7, und the federal government which Is financing 90 per con of Ihe Inl erst ate program is responsible for enriching the funds available for stale highway work. Road building has changed over the years oven though the basic fundamcnlals of engineering have r e m a i n e d unchanged. Dulelle likes to recall that when he went to work in the eastern Illinois tlls- Iric with headquarters at Paris In thn early 20's small d u m p (nicks loaded with cinders or shale were important lo Ihe road building and maintenance picture. The first pavements wore very narrow in width because the vehicles of the day were not built for speed. As faster automobiles came on the scene engineers found thai they could make highways safer by making t h c m wider. Over Ihe years as Ihe nuirthor of automobiles soared from a few thousand into Ihe millions the problems of .constructing safer highways has engaged the attention of engineers more than any oilier phase of the highway industry. Divided HlghwiiyN In recent years the construction of divided lane highways with limited access control has been encouraged as a means of providing, safer, faster and less expensive transaction. Limited access control is a feature of modern expressways and the interstate system. Without encountering cross traffic or intersections at grade motorists using the modern expressways find them the safest thing yet. New Safely Features Meanwhile, highway engineers are wrestling with ideas of adding new features to the safety of modern roads. New crops of engineers are being graduated by colleges across he nation. But Industry leaders maintain that (here Is need for additional sludenls In the Held of nglneering in Ihe state and nation to keep up wilh future demands for their set-vices. In Illinois, Ihe slate Division of Highways not only seeks to recruit outstanding graduates from engineering colleges but makes special technical programs available for high school graduates who do not Intend lo continue in college, Two classes of high school graduates arc nosv undci going training at the Unlversi y of Illinois Cham paign - U r b a n a and Chicago branches. They are paid for attending classes and when they complete I raining on Scpl. 1, these youths will be employed as technical as sislanls in the Division of Highways throughout the stale. Their starling salary will ho $325 a m o n t b almost three limes t h c starling rale for engineers in 1920. FOURTH TDRNI'IKIS LOUISVILLE l/P) — Kentucky has boon in Ibo turnpike business- loss than a decade but is prepar ing lo build its fourlh loll road It would run Ihe state's invest men! to more than $250 million ii pay-as-you-ride highways. Kentucky has 220 miles of turn pikes in use or under construction, financed by revenue bonds. The Kentucky Turnpike has approved the Cenlral Kentucky Turnpike, a 70-mile link missing in an east-to-west chain of modern roads crossing most of the slate. WHATEVER YOU DO . . to do your use Pfrelanls PAINTS 101 W. BBOADWAV DOWNTOWN ALTON $1.00 VALUES Bliiclt or White LADIES TENNIS SHOES HIGH HEEL SHOES Values to $7.99 nog. sou BOXER SHORTS Sizes 10 to 18 Aiul 88 to 44 GIRLS CABANA BLOUSE SHORT Sivsos 2 to 8 Boys' or Girls' Shorts 54c CHECK OVU VNADVEBTISED CLEARANCE SPECIALS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY! SUPER DISCOUNT CENTER CORNER OF WASHINGTON & COLLEGE NJOY THE WISE TO MAKE A COMPARISON TEST!! Wafer Sliced U.S. CHOICE BEEF CHUCK STEAKS 1C 39 Lb. STRICTLY FRESH GROUND BEEF 3 - $ 1 FIRST CUT BEEF CHUCK ROAST 33 C Lb. VERY LEAN GROUND CHUCK $129 2 - $ 1 CHOPPED HAM . ..,>. 59c SLICED ALL MEAT BOLOGNA 2 S1 FULLY COOKED BONELESS ROLLED HAMS 3-4-Lb. Avg. 69 Lb. HUNTER'S WHOLE, FRESH Pork Loins $349 E , MICKELBERRY'S FULLY COOKED HAMS Whole 15-Lb. Avq. 49 Lb. RATH'S NO, ONE SKINLESS WIENERS Lbs. Home-Made SLICED B-B-Q HAM-69* MAYROSE SLAB BACON 29' Lb. NICE TO B-B-Q SPARE RIBS 3-4-Lb. Lb. FRESH DRESSED FRYING CHICKENS 23 Lb. OSCAR MAYER SLICED BACON 3 - $ 1 • HUNTER'S UflCUCDQ 0 lb tSlLIlLlBd iii-t SKIN-ON tray ALL MEAT SMALL BOLOGNA M .29 Roll Pure White LBS. MEADOW GOLD'S WHOLE GRADE "A" MILK 3 Half Gals. MEADOW GOLD'S GRADE "A" GURN-Z-GOLD 4 Half Gals. MEADOW GOLD'S LEMONADE ORANGE or GRAPE DRINKS 4 r MEADOW GOLD'S SUNNY FLAKE BUTTERMILK BUY I QT. GET I QT. KRKK 2 - 25° FROM NEARBY FARMS MEDIUM • GRADE C EGGS 3 STRICTLY FRESH LARGE SIZE BREAD 2/39c Loaves 1 Charcoal IQUET* Maull's Spicy B-B-Q Sauce - T 9 »ET B-B-Q Sauoe - 39 Haase's > Stuffed Manzanilla OLIVE No. 10 Size Bottle 39* OLD JUDGE IRRADIATED COFFEE Limit 5 Lbs. NO LIMIT 69c 59' Lb. DINING GAR ROBUST COFFEE NO LIMIT 59' Lb. WISHBONE TRUE VALUE COFFEE Lb. 49' MANHATTAN INSTANT COFFEE Bottle O'FALLON Many Delicious Flavors ICE CREAM Genuine! Not Imitation! Half Gal. Reg. 59c 49' WELGHADE GRAPE DRINK 4 Quart Tins STA-RITE STIX OLEO .6 L s l PURE VEGETABLE BLOCK OLEO .6*. 95* Allnut Peanut Butter . 3 Lbs. WISHMORE I PI I ICQ Q 20-ox. Decor. $1 APPLE BASE U El-Lit O 0 Tumblers I VERY FINEST!! B VERY FINEST!! CALIFORNIA SEEDLESS HI-G ORANGE • GRAPE ORANGE.PINEAPPLE PINEAPPLE GRAPEFRUIT DRINKS 3 "r 89 C DILL o KOSHER HAMBURGER CHIP PICKLES 3 £ $ 1 MILNOT $4.75 • Case of 48 IDEM PET MILK — or CARNATION $6.95 Case of 48 45" STRONGHEAR?c 4 4?., J 0&95* ROXEY DOG FOOD i 0 Reg. $ 1 10 Tins I • $3.45 Case of 48 U.S. NUMBER ONE!! GRADE "A" NEW! RED! 25 ROUND Potatoes "303" SWT. POTATOES "303" W.K. CORN 12 OZ. CATSUP "303" Early June PEAS Musselman's APPLE SAUCE "303" TOMATOES SAVE// 6 18cEa. $ if $3.95 Case of 24 J, "300" CR. STYLE CORN "300" GREEN BEANS "300" SHELLOUTS "303" SPINACH "303" PEAS & CARROTS MIX OR MATCH SAVE// 7 15cEa. $ <f $3.25 Case of 24 L "300" KRAUT • "303" BEETS "300" KIDNEY BEANS • "300" MIXED VEGETABLES "300" BUTTER BEANS • "300" GR. & WHITE LIMAS "303" MUSTARD or TURNIP GREENS ; , "300" GREEN BEANS & POTATOES >'\ "300" WHITE POTATOES SAVEII MIX or O 15c Ea - $ 4 $2.95 Case MATCH O Tins J, of 24 PORK & BEANS • SPAGHETTI • HOMINY RED BEANS • CHILI BEANS • NAVIES NORTHERNS • BLACKEYE PEAS SHOESTRING POTATOES BABY BUTTER BEANS • PINTO BEANS GREEN BEANS — 300 SIZE TINS SAVE// MIX or «fl f\ 2/25c $ if MATCH JLU Tins 1 &l •V: $2,35 Cast of 24 VERY FINEST!! VINE RIPE!! VERY FINEST!! Cantaloupes 3 KING SIZE OPEN DAILY 9iOQ A.M. 'TIL 6:00 P,M, t FRIPAY5 9;QO A.M. 'TIL 9;00 P,M, t Payroll Checks Cashed Frw With Ord«r« Over $5,00 t NO PERSONAL CHECKS t Quality So Nice At Such A COTTAGE HILLS

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