Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 2, 1963 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 2, 1963
Page 18
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Retiring President Adenauer Sees Need For tL S.-Europe Unity EDItOR'S NOTE — John M. ttlghtower, Pulitzer Prize-winning AP diplomatic reporter in Washington who accompanied the press party with President Kennedy, Was granted an exclusive interview with Chancellor Konrad Ad enauer of West Germany. Here is his story, By JOHN M. HIGHTOWER BONN, Germany (AP) — Clinti cellor Konrad Adenauer of West Germany, speaking between meet ings With President Kennedy and President Charles de Gaulle o France, said Tuesday Europeat Unity "must develop in close part nership" with the United States At the same time, he defended the new friendship treaty between France and Germany, saying reconciliation of the traditional enemies "is the prerequisite for any form of European cooperation." Adenauer expressed these ant other views in an exclusive inter view with The Associated Press He also surveyed briefly his 1' critical years as Chancellor o West Germany and summarized the accomplishment which obvl ously has given him the most satisfaction. "A backward look at the past period of German political life in my opinion," Adenauer said "shows the greatest achievement in the time that lies behind us to have been the re-integration of the Federal Republic into the community of free nations." To Retire At 87, Adenauer is preparing to retire, and turn over the government to Deputy Chancellor Ludwig Erhard, 66. But Adenauer does not look forward to idle days at his home across the Rhine, in Rhoendorf, or his vacation retreat on Lake Como in Italy. He plans to write his memoirs, and he is ready to travel for his country if the new administration wants him to do so. The interview took place in the Palais Schaumburg, where a week ago Adenauer conferred on Atlantic policy problems with President Kennedy. There he will receive De Gaulle Thursday for the first round of talks prescribed under the new French-German pact, which calls for regular. consultation between Bonn and Paris. The interview was based on written questions submitted in advance, Written answers were authorized for quotation. The in formal exchanges in which he amplified his views were off the record. The talk covered relations between the Western powers and the Soviet Union, Adenauer's conferences with Kennedy, his forth coming meeting with De Gaulle, and his own plans. Expanding on the written replies, his comments left no doubt that he is a friend and admirer of De Gaulle and that he was well pleased with his talks with Kennedy. It his reactions appear contradictory, it can be said that he does not sec them that way. Adenauer is convinced, as Kennedy also has said publicly, that De Gaulle is committed to the essentials of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and that no discussions over policy will break the basic commitment. Here are questions and answers spelling out Adenauer's views: Q. Since you and President de Gaulle signed a treaty early this year setting up a special relationship between Germany and France there lias been some apprehension in the United States and other Western countries that this relationship might develop contrary to the wider interests of the Atlantic Alliance. What is the purpose of the treaty? Treaty A. If you are to be able to evaluate the German-French treaty rightly, you must see what preceded it in the way of conflicts between France and Germany over the course of centuries. You must see, in addition, that France and Germany are threatened to the same degree by the Soviet Union. The treaty ends a conflict that has stretched over 400 years. It is that fact which gives the treaty its place in history. Since the beginning of our political activity in the Federal Republic, it has been our intention to establish a lasting friendship between Germany and France, and to prevent situations in which the twq countries once more could be played off against one another. Both nations today present a firm bulwark against the threat to Europe from the East. This friendship, too, is the prerequisite for any form of European cooper- ation. German-French friendship is th6 guarantee of peace in Europe. That is a factor of great significance to the United States. For, as President Kennedy saic here in Bonn, the United States was involved in both world wars because Germany and France faced each other as foes. I am absolutely convinced that this treaty will work out not only to the benefit of both peoples, but also to the benefit of all Europe, and of the peace of the world. So far as the content of the treaty is concerned, in a certain sense it constitutes a model ol the content of a treaty which could introduce the first phase of a political community of Europeans. Q. Mr. Chancellor, you have guided German destinies through a remarkable recovery from the disastrous heritage of Naziism and war into a new historical era. What accomplishment do you con sider most significant, most fundamentally important, during this decisive period? Rclntcgratlnn A. A backward look at the past period of German political life in my opinion shows the greatest achievement in the time that lies behind us to have been the reintegration of the Federal Republic into the community of free nations. The German people feel gratitude and friendship toward their allies and have made this feeling highly tangible. Q. For several years U.S. leaders have been concerned about the dangers of a nuclear arms race among the Allies, fearing that if France developed a nuclear force a demand for such a force would arise also in Germany and perhaps in other NATO nations. Do you regard this as a serious problem? Do you feel that a multilateral arrangement, providing for joint ownership and control of nuclear weapons, affords a permanent alternative to national forces? A. The Federal Republic seeks no national control over atomic weapons. Our government has welcomed the project for a multilateral naval force armed with medium-range rockets. Within the realm of our capabil ities sve are ready to take part in this international project. I do not Vacation School At Fidelity Closes FIDELITY — Daily vacation school, which has been in progress at the Baptist Church, closed Sunday night with a short program. Following the program, there was a display of the hand work and refreshments were served. Mrs. Hugh W. Moore Sr., Was superintendent and teachers and helpers were Mrs. Cathern Moore, Miss Margaret Rodell, the Misses Jackie and Laura Rich, Mrs. Joe Moore, Mrs. Dale Moore and Mrs. Robert Yocom. Mrs. John Rodell was in charge of the refreshments. There were thirty- two enrolled. 41! Club FIDELITY — The Fidelity Busy Bees 4-H club will have an achievement program Friday afternoon at the hall. Coffee Hits Economy BRASILIA — Reduced coffee production is reported to be upsetting Brazil's economic plans. believe that other NATO nations will follow the example of France. Q. Another issue which troubles Allied relations is that of trade between the European Common Market countries and countries like the United States and Britain which are outside the market. Does Germany's long-range interest lie in lowering tariffs, or does it lie in a protective system of duties and quotas? A. The Federal Republic, within the framework of the European Economic Community, all along has supported a lowering of the community's external tariffs in respect of other trading partners. It is very much in the German interest that this policy of lowering the European Economic Community's common external tariffs is continued. A period of adjustment and transition is, of course, necessary. In addition, the American trade and tariff policy must react appropriately to this policy. Q. Do you feel that future political development among the nations of the Western world will move toward some kind of super- national organization either in Europe or in the Atlantic community? A, A European political and economic unification will come about, but along the way we must have patience. I should like to re call that a few weeks ago the parliaments (in Bonn and Paris) ratified the Franco-German treaty which is one of the most important prerequisits for European political cooperation. In other further work for Europe, we should proceed not dogmatically but pragmatically. Tuesday Evening TV Digest Wednesday Daytime* Ju (R) Denotes REPEAT program KfVt (ABO) *, HMO* (CBS) 4, KSO (KtiO) 8, KtLtt 11 Economy Hinging On Steel By SAM DAWSON Al 1 Business News Analyst NEW YORK (AP)-Just how low steel output dips this month and next may be the measure of the summer's economy. It can spell the difference between slowdown and slump in in dustrial output. And it can reveal how strong, or how shaky, is the business revival that pepped up the final months of spring. Earliest reports show a sharp dropping off in new orders for steel following the recent labor pact and the end of any strike threat. But the reports are tempered surprisingly enough with the word that the dip in demand is considerably less than expected. Hopeful Even more hopeful is the indication that steel use is continuing at a good clip. The customers may be dipping heavily into inventories already built up., but they are using them up faster than many hoped just a short time back. And because of this perhaps, some of the major buyers of steel have been tapering off their orders rather than halting them altogether. • If the heavy consumption of steel continues among major users—the auto makers, construction industry, appliance makers and the like—the economy may really have caught its second wind for a sizable upward climb, rather than just taking a false spurt before declining into a slump as a few pessimists still fc-ar. The July figures on steel are bound to be low by recent standards—the question is how low. Output Compared with output equal to 85 per cent of unofficial capacity as of a month ago, tonnage is expected to slip to 60 per cent Some of this would have happened without ary labor pact. Spreading vacation periods among steel-using industries always cut fl}flft-2 4 5 New* 11 Three Stooges (ft) 6:10-4 5 Weather 6:15-2 dty Camera & Weather 4 News: Cronklte 5 HuntSey-ftrthMey 11 Rocky & his Friends 6:30—2 Combat (R) 4 Special — The President in Italy 5 Laramle (ft) U People Are Funny liDo-4 Lloyd Bridges (R) 11 Best of Groucho (R) 7:30—2 Hawaiian Eye, (R) 4 Talent Scouts 5 Empire (R) 9 P.S. 4 11 Conte Presents (R) 8:00—9 What's New? 8:30—2 Untouchables (R) 4 Picture This 5 Dick Powell (R) 9 Perspectives 11 Speed Spectacular 9:00—4 Keefe Brasselle 11 Movie - "Ladies in Retirement" (1941) Ida Lupino, Louts Hayward 9:30—2 Special — Focus on America 5 Special — JFK European Trip 9 Dido & Aeneas 10:00—2 4 5 News 9 Face of Sweden 10:10-2 4 b Weather 10:15—2 Steve Allen 4 Eye on St. Louis 5 Johnny Carson 10:30—4 Movie — "The First Texan" (1956) Felicia Fan-, Joel McCrea 10:55r-H Movie — "Call of the Yukon" (1938) Beverly Roberts, Richard Arlen 11:15—2 Dragnet (R) 12:00—4 Movie — "Marx Broth ers at the Circus" (1939) Marx Brothers, Eve Arden 5 Tonight in St. Louis 12:15—2 News & Sports 12:30-5 11 News 12:35—5 Almanac 12:40—5 Weather 11 Newsreels & Religion 1:35—4 News & Religion shipments in July and August. If steel consumption holds up well after the vacation shutdown; are over, a slow climb back in mill output can still give the in dustry the 105-million ton production it hopes for all of 1963. About CO million of this was produced in the first six months. Admittedly a fair part of the tonnage was due to build up of stocks while steel labor .and management were still dickering over terms of a union agreement. S:4»-4 Give Us This bay 5:5tM News: Tom Brooks esffM Towtt and Coufitty 6:30-4 P.S. 4 ?iOO—4 Mofnuig Scene 5 Today: Hugh Downs 7:30—4 News: Carmlchael 7:40-4 World of Mr. Zoom 8:00—2 Mahalia Jackson 4 Cnpt. Kangaroo 8:05—2 Farm Report 8:10—2 News 8:15—2 Camera Two 8:30—2 Community Album 8:45—2 Cartoons 9:00—4 Calendar 5 Say When 9:15-2 King & Odle 9:25—5 NBC News: Newman 9:30—2 Romper Room 4 1 Love Lucy (R) 5 Play Your Hunch 10:00—4 The McCoys (R) 5 Price Is Right 10:30—2 Seveii Keys 4 Pete & Gladys (R) 5 Concentration 11:00—2 Tennessee Ernie 4 Love of Life 5 1st Impression U:25*-4 News: Reasofler 11:30-2 Father Knows Best (R) 4 Search for Totttottw* 5 Truth of Consequences 11:45-4 Guiding Light 11:55-5 NBC News: Schefef Noon—2 General Hospital 4 News-Weather: Rohy 5 News: Jim Burke 11 Yesterday's NewsteeU 12:05-4 My Little Margie (R> 5 Charlotte Peters 12:15—11 Modern Almanac 12:30—2 Divorce Court 4 As World Turns U Jack LaLanne liOO—4 Password 5 People Will Talk 11 Movie — See Tues., 10:55 p.m. Ch. 11 1:25-5 News: Kalber 1:30—2 Jane Wyman (R) 4 House Parly 5 The Doctors 2:00—2 Queen for a Day 4 To Tell the Truth 5 Lorelta Young (R) 2:15-11 Movie - See Tucs., p.m., Ch. 11 2:28—4 News: 2-30-2 Who Do ¥ou fttistf '4 Edge of Night 5 Yoti Don't Say 8:00—2 American Bandstand 4 Secret Storm 5 Match Game 3:25-5 News: VattocUf 3:30—2 Discovery '63 ( 4 Millionaire (R) 5 Make Room for Daddy (R) , . 3:55—2 American Bandstand 4!<HV-2 Dny in Court 4 SS Popeye 5 Wrannlnt Club 11 Three Stooges (R) •1:25—2 News 4:30—2 Girl Talk 4 Movie — "Tavzan Escapes" (W36) Maiireen O'Sullivan, Johnny .Welssmullef BJOO—2 superman (R) 5 Range Rider (R) 11 Mickey Mouse Club (R) 5:30-2 Highway Patrol (R) 5 Sea Hunt (R) 11 Deputy Dawg COLD AIR PLENTY OF HOT DAYS AHEAD! 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