Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 2, 1963 · Page 15
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 15

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 2, 1963
Page 15
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Wrong Address Listed For ttew Auto Firm WOOD ttlVEft — In announcing the sale o! the tedrlck Butck-Ponllsfc agency to Marty r Monday, the telegraph Inadvertently listed the wrong location for the firm. The firm Is located at 473 N.. Wood River Ave., arid NOT at the intersection of Edwards- Vllle ftoad and Whlte 1 aw Ave. Herr, formerly associated with the McMacktrt Bulck Agency of olllhsvllle, has appointed Bill rewltt of Alton as vice presl- ent and sales manager. The new firm Will be known s the tterr Pontlac-Bulck tic, ANNOUNCEMENTS II II — 6 NOTiei-9 BLADE k SCOOP WORK — Driveways, yard leveling with tractor, Paul Melsenhelmef. 259-1567 RIDERS 1IA DRtvTNO TO DENVER July 5th or Bth — Will take 1 or 2 riders. References. CL 9-3153. 1IA BUSINGS SERVICE .12 BUS. ANNOUNCEMENTS A A ft A'A _ . .. , ...-_ -_ ll _ ..._ u . ,1 i l | fri SWIMMING POOLS Do It yourself kits, or Installed. Coil crete. flberglas, redwood. Round splash pools. Any price range. Financing, chemicals * pool equip- meflt 'OUGGER-BAlLEY, Inc. DU 4-4662 CL 4-2860 32 — 10 WANTED — Ride to McDonnell, Building 101. 7:30 to 4 p.m. shift. Vicinity of Wodd River & Alton. DU 4-9577. ROCKING ON THE RIVER ROAD Rock surface of tiro new section of the river road leveling it. Between Elsah and Chautauqua and Graf- botween Lockhaven and Elsah is proceeding. Trucks ton work is also being done, and some sand pumping here haul crushed rock as road base. Compactors are will be started soon for more road base. Says She Was Forced to Be A Prostitute SPRINGFIELD, III. (AP) 1-year-old woman who describe as an Irish alien has tes Research Precedes High Court Rulings By .IAMBS MAUI.OW Prwm News Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) - Supreme Court Justice William J. Brennan Jr. writes in longhand and then scrubs what he writes, even if it takes months, as il did In his recent opinion on the school prayer case. In an interview Breniwn, 57, gave a rare insight into a justice at work behind the doors ot the court's marble palace. The cltort he put into tMs one opinion, which he didn'l have to write, Illustrates the vitality of the present court and the dedication ol u justice to his job. On this opinion alone ho researched and write, when lie could, for over three months to produce Ti pages with more than ^10 footnotes and references ranging over history, the philosophy of separation of church and state and much besides. He worked in his office weekdays with his two law clerks, doing evtrything in longhand because he is no good at dictation, and at home at night, writing on an old card table, or on Sunday at his olfice with his clerks. Final Touch Brennan added his final loucl on Juno 16, the day before the court gave its decision prohibiting Bible' reading and recital of the Lord's Prayer as required exercises in public schools. On that last day he Inserted "es- nenri&lly" in an important sentence. He found it in a book of synonyms which he keeps beside his desk and uses constantly in search of the exact word. H<5 said of his writing and rewriting: "I always try to say what I have to say in words that can be understood. This takes an awful lufof scrubbing." Meanwhile he had to 60 all his other work: examining cases, researching them, hearing lawyers' Ttistice Charles Evans Hughes (1930-11) and Justice Louis D. Bvundeis. Hughes made endless drafts. Brandeis revised dozens of imos, Bvarideis had helped sfeer the court away from rigid dependence on legal precedents in decisions. To make them informed decisions he urged "consideration of the contemporary conditions, social, industrial and political." Brcnnan's kinship with Brandeis showed in the references he us«>d to support his and the court's reasoning against public school prayers. HuHoarch In the research he had the help of, his two law clerks, Robert O'Neil and Richard Posner, both under 30 and, like Brennan, graduates of the Harvard Law School. They took over a big room on an upper floor of the court building and covered shelves and n long table ,with all they cculd gather from the Supreme Court Library, the Library of Congress and even university la\v school libraries. The Brennan research included not only previous court decisions but ranged over articles in law reviews, statements and opinions of previous justices, individual book-length shidies of the problem f separation of state and church, he constitutions of India, Japan nd the German Republic of 1922, ames Madison's historic protest gainst religion in Virginia chools, the views of Patrick Heny and Thomas Jefferson, Amerian history, studies of the Consti- ution, studies of conflicting liber- ies, the Jewish Yearbook, an Episcopalian and a Catholic maga- ine, Look magazine, a report on lie appointment of chaplains in tate legislatures, an essay on Roger Williams' contribution to he American tradition, an expla- SIU Study Of Caseyville Completed EDWARDSVILLE — A municipality equipped properly for its task is a reflection of the well- tooled and no-fooled citizenry, according to SIU Professor Seymour Mann ( who Monday, evening presented a report to the board of trustees of Caseyville on a five- month study of the community, prepared by Mann and Gordon E. Olson of SIU's public administration and metropolitan affairs program. "It has been our intent," Mann said, "to provide a structure of organization and a system of operation that will easily adjust to a growing Caseyville. We have tried to provide a system that wil work not only now, but wil anti cipate what is necessary in the way of organization structure and managerial tools to handle future problems." * The Caseyville board took the re port under consideration ant board president, Sterling Mayfield indicated that copies of the repor are available at the local library SchaeferResigns From, Unit W arguments on them, deciding them and writing opinions on some of them, In the 1962-63 term just ended he wrote 23 opinions, none ol them fewer than 10 pages, for a tola' of 511 pages, plus footnotes and references. When a majority of Ihe nine justices reaches a decision, one of them is assigned to write it. This is the official decision which alone has the effect of law. Any othei justice can write » concurring 01 dissenting opinion lo explain his own reasoning. This is extra and is not required. Prayer Ciwe In the school prayer case Jus tice Tom Clark was assigned to write the decision of the courts eight-man majority, which in eluded Brennan. Clark did it In 23 pages, a to n lot of research, but his refer ences, explaining how the decision was arrived at, mostly cited pre vious court opinions. Brennan went beyond that for reasons r- gave In his concurring opinion"The Importance of the 1st and the deep conviction with whkn" views on both sides are held seem to mo to justify detail ing at some length my reasons fo joining the court's judgment and opinion." Ukc the other „„,.,. . Ysensitive'to the crltlcltm to , court suffered for a similar deel slon in a 1962 school prayer case Bur this did not deter him or them and the criticism this yow w only a triukto flompwri w «" Mvst justices have to swea ove their writing, as Brennan did, i leasl on major opinions. Ther may be <*eepU°ns W» Jufjo Oliver WejxJeil Holm* <U«W8 who could <* glistening ulroo over a weekend, at hume. But for every Holmes tti probably have been 20 like 3ren tptn Chlp School Board EDWARDSVILLE Rober EDUCATIONAL I2A INSTRUCTIONS License Issued lo Double «0» Tavern EDWARDSVILLE - A county quor license was Issued today to . Elizabeth Tudor of Edwards- Ille for operation of the Double O" Tavern at 927 Hlllsboro Ave., ust outside the northeast limits «t le county seat. The tavern, fomerly known as le While Kitchen, had been op- rated until recently under a ounty permit issued to Laura 3'Conncll. Mrs. Tudor, the new iroprietor, was issued a license iy County Liquor Commissioner larold Landoll upon paymenl of he $150 license fee for the remaining half of the calendar year. GIRLS — YOUNG LADIES TRAVEL CAREERS 18-35 Florida, California, Hawaii. Free to relocate. Must be single, neat appearing, enjoy people. Recent high school graduates accepted. Parents welcome on Interview. CALL DEAN HOWELL ALTON 462-5705 Or write for free aptl-testf'.ret ARC Careers—Box 0141. Lambert St. Louis Airport (45) Mo. I2A — TF Mon. thru Frl. I, B/M. 1ST UPHOLSTERING ._. CLASS WORKMANSHIP — guaranteed. Emorv F. Church, — 465-3.191. WEtJDS MOWED WITH TRACTOR' — Yard work, driveways, sewers, septlcJ dug, repaired. •*462-3165. RENTALS APARTMENT*' - 2 >FLATS «« 45 ~ " EXTRA NIC! ROSEWOOP HTS. — 3 roottt bflctc apt., ceramic tile bath, blreh c»bl nets, ground floor. Good ftelfthbor hood, $65. CL 9-197B. 45 — TF RENTALS «• 83 H'JILDiNO — CONTRACTING 33 — BA-l CARPENTER REPAtRS — Addition*, concrete porches, roofing, alum. siding. Pnlntlng, reasonable. 4B2-2BOI. 33 - 7/16. 'BOB WOOD—Basement waterproofing and cement work of all kinds. 466-2407. 33 - 7-8 EXTRA NICE —. 3 room »lf conditioned apt. in Rosewood Hejtmi. stove and refrigerator, Dasher, di-yer furnished. Plenty cablneti, closet space. $75 monthly. •"- *• 466-2261. ____ i __—j—- POn RENT — 1 room*, 01J Murn- bolt Court. 45 — FOR fttSj house. $65 4«6-»7l6. ferTrMt, st., ««« I *"8*W _____— -8 rBfliiL farfll«nM h. pfMjnt *** — MODERN — 5 room apt. for rent. HO 8-9583, after 4:30 HO 5-1353. 45 — 9 NEWLYWEDS—Attractive 3 rooms, private entrance, heat, water, air- conditioner furnished. CL 4-6909. 45 - 2 — 3 i32i n, ««. , m. M«X THUMB. HO 2- RdSEVvoott HBtoHfa — aw. ti« defiwoed! 4 roortU, breeMwayinn »«fa*e, v«fy nice, newly a«o«L*>ed, Sit omftttc wMhfct, drysf, TV deep freeze, large ""-^ *"" monthly. CL 9-171B, KEY PUNCH — Burroughs, N.C.R. Bookkeeping Machines ST. LOUIS SCHOOL OF AUTOMATION (As Seen on TV) 6427 Hampton, 508 N. Orand CALL COLLECT PL 1*1197 or OL 2-5454 CARPENTER WORK — Patch plas terlng, roof repair, . blocks laid and cement plumbing work, jent worn. Also Interior and exterior painting. Call Charles Stormer. 466-1437. 33 — 10 CONCRETE WORK OF ALL KINDS — Walls, floors, walks, porches, etc. Free estimates. HO 5-1290. HO 2-3483 any time. 33 — lo EMPLOYMENT ELECTRICAL HOUSE-WIRING — Painting, carpentry, contracting. Free estimates. HO 5-79BI. 33 — 3 NEAR ROXANA THEATRE 3 ROOMS and bath, tiled floors, cabinets, gas stove, otherwise unfurnished. Hot water heat. First floor, private entrance, nice. $45. Open 143 E. Third. HO 2-6757 late evenings. 45 -. TF NORTH ALTON — 5-Ruom — lit Class — Private front and back entrance. Heat and water furnished. No small children. Dial HO 2-005S or HO 2-0315. $90.00. 45 — 10 ROSEWOOD HTS. 4 room at tached garage. Beautiful yard, ground floor. 259-1995. 45 - TF M BUSINESS PLACES Rfi _--, *Tff -f':----'.-- •'•.." -'••"•"" t -------- ..... .-**...-.-..-. COMMERCIAL SPACI FOR LEASE Montlcello Plaza Shopping .C«j}»r-- 40'xDO', air-conditioned, suitable for lewelry. furniture, am>llane«i, cml- HALE m. Uast Alton — CL 4-BttB M WANTED TO RENT 54 — 10 ELECTRICAL WIRING—Range Installation, air conditioners, meter service, house wiring. DU 4-9288. TUNIS — Tunis will adjust tax rate on all explosives. ANNOUNCEMENTS 18 HELP WANTED — FEMALE 18 — 2 BOOKKEEPER—Clerk-typist, figure clerk, stenoRrnphers, waitresses. AMERICAN EMPLOYMENT 726 E, Broadway 18 — 5 WANTED — Babysitter. Apply 237 S. 9th, Wood River. For shiftwork- er, 18 — 2 WANTED — Responsible babysitter. Must stay. 4G6-300M. 18 — .') WANTED — Middle age lady for baby silting and light housework. Must stay. 466-2300. 18 — 14 DECORATING 34 _ 7-4-63 BEST IN DECORATING—Painting, Interior and exterior. (Paper harm- Inn and removal. Free estimates. Reasonable prices. 466-1134. 34 —. 7/27 SEE THESE BEAUTIFUL 1, 2, 3, Bedrooms, (3 bedrooms Includes l'/ 2 baths), stove, refrigerator furnished. Most convenient. Shown dally. 8:12 Washington 462-8632. 45 ^ TP *•*•*+****************•** WANTED — By August 1st—.Modern 3 bedroom home, References exchanged. Call 289-6234 trier 4:30, WA"NTED TO RENT OR BUY — 3 or 4 bedroom home In East Alton. Call 462-2045 If no answer call CL 3-2411. REAL ESTATE SALE PAINTING, PLASTERING—Removing wallpaper, No job too small. Free OsStlmates. 466-2852, 462-9657. 34 _ 7/3| . — PLASTERING PAINTING. Wallpaper removing. Work guaranteed. Free estimates. Alton, East Alton. Wood River. 254-8189. SEVERAL APARTMENTS AND HOUSES Available for Immediate occupancy in Alton. For further Information CALL 462-9263 Or Evenings 462-8680 * * * * * * * * ********************** 45 — 3 56 BUSINESS PROPERTY 56 — 7/31 wlion of the 14th Amendment at he time of its ratification in 1868, an 1853 report of a Senate com- Tiitlee, studies of the First Amendment, an examination of Oliver Cromwell's mandate to the Catholics of Ireland, psychological studies, the action of a Boston school committee in 1789, and a ot more. Roxuiiu Group a I Junior High Camp ROXANA — The Rev. and Mrs. Allen Dace, Wlnn Allison, Dick Farthing and Mrs. Marilyn Faslg of the Church of the Mazarene spent the past week at the Junior High camp at Nazarene Acres near Springfield, Mrs. Faslg served as camp nurse. Koxmm , . ROXANA — Mrs. Victor (Bud) Aeklin Jr., and daughter, Sherry Lynn, of Phoenix, Ariz., is visiting her parents-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Acklin of 312 Walnut St. AcWin will- return" Sept. 1 from Germany where he is on duty with the military police. Allen Cornine, son of Mr, and Mrs. Walter Cornine of 227 Elm St., has returned alter spending the past two weeks with the Air. flrce Reserve at Mllllngton Naval Airlorce Base at Memphis, Term Wood River Fire Committees Named , J. Schaefer, serving his sixt year on the Edwardsville Com munity Unit District Board o Education, announced Monday he is resigning to move with his family to Cleveland, Ohio. Schaefer, who served one year as board president and two years as president pro-tern, is employed at Dow Chemical plant in Madison. He is being transferred to the firm's Cleveland plant and expects to leave here July 15. Schaefer has been a resident of Edwardsville the past 14 years, The Unit 7 Board of Education may^arrie a successor to Schaefer to serve out the year. Mrs. Schaefer is program services administrator at River Bluffs Girl Scout Council headquarters here. Plan Celebration At Edwardsville EDWARDSVILLE — The American Legion has announced plans for the annual Fourth of July eel ebration at the Legion Park, Ed wardsville, beginning at 4 p.m. Program for the day will include rides for the children, a band concert by the Edwardsville Municipal Band, at 7 p.m. with i fireworks display In- the evening Hot sandwiches and drinks wil ified against Larry Eddington o South Bend, Ind., in a whit ilavery trial. Martha Barbour, told a U.S District Court jury Monday tha Eddington had urged her to hi come a prostirite in Quincy, HI ind had beaten her when sh ried to quit. The government contends dington placed her in a house i Quincy operated by Ruth Lehn another witness in the trial. Eddington, 26, is charged with transportating a woman across state lines for immoral purposes and conspiring to keep an alien in a house of r restitution without reporting to federal authorities. Miss Barbour testified she entered the Quincy house May 30, 1961, with the understanding she vvuld stay one week. She told the jury Eddington beat her when she tried to leave She said Eddington received her earnings and she was given only room and board and some pocket money Miss Lehne testified she is.the operator of a house of pvo&'itu- i in Quinsy and has known Eddington aboui two years. But she denied Eddington brought Miss Barboar to her huisu or that she ever paid him any of the money the girl earned there. Resigns Post at LEGAL NOTICES LC8 NOTICE *OF CIVIL SERVICE EXAMINATION Promotional written examination for the position of Captain for the Alton Fire Department will be held Tuesday. July 23, 1963, at 9:00 A M Ellglbles must contact Civil Service Office, City Hall, by 3:00 P.M. July 19, 1963. Civil Service Commission Don Koppenhaver, Chairman LEGAL — 28 — 7-2 — 9-63 NOTICE OF CIVIL SERVICE EXAMINATION Promotional written examination for the position of Assistant Fire Chief for the Alton Fire Department will be held Tuesday July 16. 1963 at 9:00 a.m. Ellglbles must contact Civil Service Office, Room 204A, City Hall, by 3:00 p.m., July in 19R3 CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION Don Koppenhaver, Chairman WANTED — Full time tap and ballet teacher. Call CL 4-1431. 18 — 3 WANTED _ Babysitter, morning 465-1869. Call In 30 FURNITURE WORK 36 — 7-5 WINCHESTER'S CUSTOM RE-UPHOLSTERING—132 E. Elm. Ph. 4G2-8235. UPPER ALTON — 4 room upstairs apt., newly decorated. Adults only 254-0900 or HO 2-7162. 45 — TF WILSHIRE COLONIAL APTS. Alr-condltloned, spacious, 1 and 2 bedrooms, drapes, range, refrigerator, disposal, choice location. Yoder. CL 4-9113. 38 HOME BUILDING SERV1CB 18 — .7/30 19 HELP WTD., Male & Female 13 _ 2 WANTED — Stenographers-Experienced; Automobile Mechanic-Journeyman or Apprentice; Furnace Serviceman-Cleaner • Experienced; Waitresses-Fry Cooks-Experienced; Journeyman Automobile Body Repairman; Journeyman Machinists- Machine Shop Experience; Jour neyman Electricians; Housekeeper Motherless Home-Stay. APPLY IN PERSON ILLINOIS STATE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE, 1719 Washington Ave., Alton. No Fee Charged. S FUNERAI DIRECTORS FUNERALFLORAL ARRANGEMENTS—$5 & up. Rexroat Flowers. 466-3789. 2712 Godfrey Road. PERSONALS 7 ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS — Help for the problem drinkers. Men and women. HO 5-1612. 7-20 A-l CARPENTERS — Improvement of homes, old or new. Siding, roof- Ing, repairs, painting, etc. Free estimates. HO 5-7991 or CL 9-6190. STORAGE — MOVING 40 40 — 7-1D Free Estimate Call HO 2-8240 PRES BELCHER Agent For VON DER AHE VAN LINES World Wide Movers 1018 Elliott Ave., Alton. 111. 46 FURNISHED APARTMENTS 46 — 5 2 ROOM — Furnished apartment, clean, comfortable, nice location, HO 2-3332. 46 — 8-6 2 ROOMS — Utilities furnished. $12 weekly. 302 E. 13th. 48 — 5 2 ROOM FURNISHED APT. — In Wood River. Utilities furnished. 58 weekly. 462-9877. 46 — 5 SnLE&MEN LICENSED DETECTIVE — Legal photography. W. E. Hurt ,2006 Washington Ave,, Alton, 465-7350. 7 _ TF — TU — TH - SAT RENT Cameras, projectors, accessories, FOSTER'S DRUG STORE Alton's Photo Center, HO 5-2585 230 East Broadway. Alton 7 — 7/25/63 TRY DIADAX TABLETS — (formerly Dex-A-Dtet); New name, same formula, only 98c. Honke Pharmacy. 20 20 — 3 r_, INSURANCE A~uENCY OPENING 2 men for sales and service. Age 24-44. Benefits Include hospltaliza- tlon, life Insurance and retirement. $433 starting pay. Write box 8fiO, care Alton Telegraph, giving education, work background, etc. 20 — 2 $90-5100 TO START — Married man, over 21 with car & high school back ground. Must be neat appearing & have good work record. Start Immediately on ready made route. Mr. Roberts. Fuller Brush representative. CL 9-6889 after 8 p.m. 20 — 2 ORDER TAKER ESTABLISHED ROUTE — Year around job — no pressure selling— no night work — $90. from 1st week — progressive advancement to management. Married, 21-40. Call 259-1672 after 7 p.m. only. RENTALS 41 SLEEPING ROOMS _ 7/5/63 2 ROOM — Downstairs efficiency. Private bath, utilities furnished. East Alton. Adults, $60. 466-3001. 46 — 9 2-ROOM & KITCHENETTE—Private bath, all utilities. Adults. $65. HO 5-2720. 46 — TF Exceptional Busine« Lot EAST ALTON—Main highway. Convenient to offices, stores, schools, federal apt. development, banks & post office. 113 ft. fronting on St. Louis Ave. at Colliding. Ideal for shops, drive-in, oflces, filling station, etc. Owner retiring. Price reduced to $19.500 for quick sale. CL 4-5212 From 9 to 5 56 — 'i. • • PREHN CO. BETHALTO WOOD RIVER — Corner Whltelaw and Beach — Commercial building suitable for Doctor-Dentist-Lawyer- Beauty Shop, Neighborhood market. etc. Ample off street parking. PREHN CO. BETHALTO DU 4-9465 87 FARMS and LAND 57 — 4 FOR SALE — 20-acre farm; 4-rm.. forced air heat, full basement, hot and cold water. Garage. Barn. Large chlckcnhouse. Utility »hed. 2 miles from Glllesple, State Highway 138. $16.000. nillesple 835-4743. 57 — 12 10 ACRES — 3-room semi-modern home. Suitable for building onto. Other buildings. Fruit and strawberries. Large yard and play area. Northwest Brighton. -78,900 Medora 729-5043. CLEAN MODERN SLEEPING ROOM FOR MEN — 900 Main. 4G2-8G!)3. 41 — 2 2 ROOM—Nicely furnished apts. All utilities paid. HO 5-7331. 4B _ 10 ROOM FURNISHED ROOM FOR RENT In refined home. 1700 State. HO 2-8227. Strictly modern. 161 Loiena, Wood River. DU 4-3451. 6 _ TF — ROOM EFFICIENCY — Down 41 8-9 ROOM — 2 blocks from downtown Wood River. Private entrance. Dial CL 4-3947. 41 — 3 town location. $60 month. Estate Exchange, 462-9797. 6 — 9 21 SITUATIONS WTD. — MALE 21—9 CARPENTER WORK — Painting repair work, custodian work. 14Va years experience. CL 4-0474. 21—3 SLEEPING ROOM FOR RENT at 401 Alby. HO 2-6507. 41 — 5 ROOMS — Bath, private en trance, utilities furnished. 208 Illinois Ave.. East Alton. CL 9-1977 46 — 10- SLEEPING ROOM — Private bath, Wood River. CL 9-1059. 41—5 SLEEPING ROOMS — For 2 employed gentlemen or ladles in re fined home, Dial 466-3810. 41 — 3 SLEEPING ROOM — Also basemen apt., on busline. 1030 Union. — — HO 2-5970, ROOM and BOARD APT. — Real 3 ROOM FURNISHED APT. — Clean, modern, private. S60 month with utilities. HO 2-1427. 46 _ 6 4 ROOM — Furnished, air condl tloned, garage, $75 monthly. — — CL 4-5535. 630 Lorena, Wood River 46 — 3 LOIS FOR SALE 2-5-8-10-12- 58 8 BEAUTIFUL — Extra large corner lot. Wood River area. Reduced. CL 9-1555. 8 — 1-2-6 • FOR SALE — One of the nicast lots In Belmont, HO 2-6719. . 8 — TF —— Godfrey Area—Large Suburban Lots OO-ft. frontage and over. $850 to $1050. Call 466-0091. SI 59 — HOUSES FOR SALE R SOCIETIES and LODGES 9 — 2 — —— Protestant Home EAST ALTON — Mrs. Marie Coontz has resigned her duties as ood supervisor at General Protestant Home for Children in St. ,ouis County to become assistant manager of the Wilshire Restaurant. Mrs. Coontz is the former owner of the Village Coffee Shop in East be available at t,he park and the Legion golf course will be opei all day. ,OST — Boston bull dog. Named •Tony". Black with white face i chest. Wearing Jewel collar with .OST — Retainer (brace for teeth) Alton. Undsey Bouillon EAST ALTON — The Lindsey eunion was held in Rock Spring Park in Alton Sunday. Included in the guests were Mr. and Mrs. Marion Reed and son of Korea. Other guests were jresent from Kansas City, Mo., East St, Louis, Edwardsville, Al on and East Alton. 5 From Ed-wardsville Admitted to Hospital EDWARDSVILLE—Five area residents were admitted Monday to St. Joseph's Hospital, Highland, and one patient was dls charged. Admitted were: Thomas Taber, 601 Hlllsboro; James Eilers Rte. 4; Mrs, Hazel Gilmore 425 Buchanan; Mrs. Delia Welch, 1605 North Main; Miss Sylvia Matlock, 314 Wolf. Miss Jan a Ingram, 1325 Franklin, was discharged, LOST — Box containing 2 dresses left In phone booth In bus station, on Front St. Call HO 5-9110, 0 — 3 EdwardsvUle Pastor Says Church Declines WOOD RIVW- rnann, president of the Wood River FJre Department, has officially announced cprnjUee chairman for the tothgwiUng year. Committees and the new chair. men |re: Fjre John Barach! Purchasing Committee, George Grove; «nd Membership • Gathering losses in the South' ern Illinois Methodist Church were pointed out Monday by the Rev. James Nettleton. pastor of First Methodift qhuroh, Ed- wardsvUJe. LJ As chairman of the Southern Illinois Conference board, evangelism, the Rev. Nettletsm urged ministers to "try some' thing different to reverse the trend.')' The Rev, Nettleton said that 181 of the 464 ohuroiioH in the last y»»f did not re IASA LODGE No. 27, A.F. If A.M. Stated meeting Tuesday, July 2, Visiting brethren wel- LEO L. LARSH. W.M. 7:30 p.m. come. — 2 iiLTON CHAPTER NO. 775 OES — Stated meeting, Wednesday, July 3, 7:45 p.m. Not formal. 0 LOST—STRAYED—STOLEN 0 — 2 . — ,OST — Blue Parakeet; white head. Sweetie", 466-0051. 0 — 5 North Alton vicinity. Wood River tag ward. CL 4-1172. 0 — 2 Arables tag. Re YARD WORK — Lawn mowing by experienced man. Has tools. 462-3289. 22 SITUATIONS WTD.—FEMALE 22 — 8/5 BABY SITTERS' REGISTRY — Call HO 5-3101 for competent, dependable people to care for children or elderly shut-Ins, In your home. 22 — 2 BABYSITTING — Wanted In the Bethalto area. DU 4-8425. 22 — 10 IRONINGS WANTED — Free pickup & delivery. References. Dial HO 5-5949. 22 — 5 IRONINGS WANTED — Also will shorten dress & skirt hems. Dial HO 2-5935. 22 — 2 WANTED — Ironings, mending, babysitting, by day. CL 4-1560. FINANCIAL M BUSINFSS OPPORTUNITIES 23 10 at Gillesple Lake. CL 4-8470, 0 — 2 Reward. Call PARTY RECEIVED PURSE BY MISTAKE at High Hat Saturday; call CL 4-4032 after 5:30 p.m. I — TP NOTICES ceive a single member on profession of faith and that 151 o the 181 churches'did not receive a single new member. t The report was made at a day-long orientation meeting at Mt. Vernon for 50 new Methodist mlnisteri and their wivei, Bishop Ejwln Edgar Volgt, who presided, urged the new minister* to become "pastor prophet and, priest" srA<J ngt FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE You can place your classified d, classified kill or classified corrections 24 hours a day. SPEAK SLOWLY ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH NIGHT CLASSIFIED NUMBER HO 5-6511 5 P.M. TO 8 A.M. CALL HO 5-6511 DAYTIME 465-6641 HINTS ON USING ELECTRONIC AD TAKER: 1, GIVE YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER. (Spell your name out). 2, BE SURE TO STATE THE NUMBER OF DAYS YOU DESIRE YOUR AD TO BE PUBLISHED, (IF YOU DO NOT TELL US WE WILL AUTOMATICALLY RUN THREE .DAYS), 3, Speak slowly and distinctly. 4, Remember, this is a rnechan- ioal device, Jt will answer your call and give you recorded instructions on what to do, but other than that cannot answer a,ny questions DRIVE - IN RESTAURANT FOR SALE — All new equipment. Also attached living quarters. Okawville, 111. CHestnut 3-5211. 23 — 7/27 • IF YOU CAN SELL, have $1,500 to Invest, want to earn $1,000 or more per mo. and cash awards & premiums to give attendants and dealers for selllnBi write box 790. care Alton Telegraph. Be sure to give your phone number. Experieced Drl-Powr Distributor will Interview you regarding distribution of Drl-Powr Automotive products. 23 — 5 FILLING STATION FOR RENT — Phillips 66. Broadway & Bozza. 1 bay, grease hoist. Reasonbale rent. 465-4241. 8 to 5 P.m. 23 — 10 — FOR SALE — Small restaurant, doing a very good business, air conditioned, very nice equipment, price reasonable, Write box 800 in care of the Alton Evening Telegraph, 23 — 7/2 . FOR SALE—One of Alton's better restaurants and lounges, Fixtures, property Included. Box 1130, care Alton Telegraph, 23 — 7/5 42 42 — 6 GENTLEMEN ON PENSION — Room and meals. Call HO 2-4865. ALL MODERN — 3 room apt. Pr vate entrance and bath. Adult only. No pets. 2722 Grandvlew. 40 — (i FURNISHED 2 ROOM APTS. — utilities paid neat, clean, semiprivate baths 55 mo. to see call— 259-1722. 46 — 7-3- BY OWNER—1254 State. Newly redecorated 5 room house, large bath and pantry, all new aluminum storm windows, carpet, drapes, new air conditioner included. $7800. 465-1041. 59 — TF ——— ********************** 42A WTD. ROOM * BOARD 42A — 3 WANTED — Rom and board, elderly lady. Healthy, references, congenial. Would consider other arrangement with elderly lady, such as staying night. 417 Prospect, Alton, III. Box 358. 43 HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS 43—2 MIDDLETOWN TWO — 3 Room & bath, furnished apt. Ideal for couple or single person. Private front & rear entrance. Water furnished. Downstairs $72.50 Upstairs $62.50 46 CLEM NOLL AGENCY HO 5-6621 8-2- 1 SLEEPING ROOM and 2 one- room efficiencies, with utilities. Close to glass works . . . Call HO 5-5949. IS APARTMENTS — FLAT* 45 — 13 1-5, 1-3 ROOM APTS — For rent. Excellent locations. 254-3842 ' or 462-0955. 45 — 2 2 BEDROOM APT. Gardens. 254-3400. 45 — 5 — Glendale 3 ROOM APARTMENT — Private bath. Heat, water, sewer furnished. $70. HO 2-3979. 45 — 5 3 ROOM UNFURNISHED APT. — Private bath, heat, water furnished. Adults only. Phone HO 2-1775, 2922 College. 45 — 10 3 ROOMS — Ground floor. Private entrance. Gas heat. Electric stove. Refrigerator. Venetian blinds. Adults. $45. East Alton. CL 4-6988. 45 - TF 3 ROOMS—Upper Alton. Heat St water furnished. $45. Real Estate Exchange. 402-979", 45 — MAJOR BRAND Service Station In Edwardsville for lease, Gallonnge rental. Small Investment, 650-1273, PERSONAL SERVICE .in DRESSMAKING—TAILORING 30 — 3 ALTERATIONS — In my homes. Hems of any kinds, $1.50. Dial 254-6518. 30 — 7/30 DRESSMAKING—Alterations, pants cuffed, Reasonable. References. In my home. CL 4-4034. ,11 LAUNDERING 31 — 8/3 3 LARGE ROOMS, bath, close to St. Joseph's, very nice, no children, utilities furnished. Robert Nelson, Dow, III., or phone Grafton ST 6-3667. 45 — 7/2 3 LARGE ROOMS and bath, unfurnished. Upstairs. 539 E. 6th, Call 259-2633 after 5 p.m. 45 — 8/5/63 3 ROOM MODERN — Private entrance, heat and water furnished. Adults. 465-7951 after 5. 45 — 13 3 ROOMS & BATH — Extra nice, heat, water furnished, $50 month ly. Located H08i/ a E, 4th. Apply 462-7673 after 7 p.m. 45 — 2- worry too much about the size or procedure* or the Methodist Church. FAMILY IRONINGS WANTED — And men's bundles, reasonable, experienced. HO 8-8259. 3'/a ROOM UNFURNISHED APT.— For Rent. Private entrance, newly decorated. CL 4-2664 after 5 p.m. Acton 'Ave. Wood River. 45 _ 5 — 4 ROOMS — Alr-condltloned, garage, basement, screened porch, HWF, heat, water furnished. 466-3575 or HO 5-6438. 45 — 8/5 4 ROOM — 1 bedroom apartment, nicely decorated, private bath and entrance, exceptionally clean, dignified. No pets. Adults. 723 Alby. •ID _ 5 . 6 ROOM DUPLEX — 1224 State SI.. Alton. 3 bedroom, private bath. $75 month plus utilities. — HO 2-2424. 45 — 7-3- MOTEL APARTMENTS TV. telephone. Air-conditioned. By SEVERAL APARTMENTS AND HOUSES available for Immediate occupancy In Alton. For further Information Or CALL 462-9263 Evenings 462-8680 day or week. Near Hartford. CL 4-6224. 46 — 9 Industries. NICELY FURNISHED EFFICIENCY — First floor, all private. 1011 State St., Alton, $65 monthly. — CL 9-3619 for appointment. 46 — 5 ROSEWOOD HTS. — 3 rooms, furnished. Newly decorated. 77 Bert. CL 9-1652. 46 — 3 ROXANA — 2 room, private bath and entrance, utilities furnished. Adults. CL 4-6802. 46 — 7/3/63 TRAILER — 4 rooms and bath. Nicely furnished. Utilities. Garage. Adults. References required. 3423 Glllham. 47 HOUSES FUR REN1 47 — 3 4-ROOM MODERN — Gas HO 5-7925. 47 — 5 heat. 4 ROOM HOUSE — Close to St. Mary's, gas heat, $80 monthly. Apply 502 E. 5th St. 47 — 5 4 ROOM HOUSE — 628 Sheppard. HO 2-2024. 47 _ 7/2 — — 4-ROOM MODERN HOUSE — 1227 Rodemeyer. Apply next door. 47 — 2 5 ROOM FRAME HOUSE — 2 bed rooms. Living, dining and kitchen, $60 month. At 148 Lakeside St., East Alton, 254-2054. 47 — 5 ********************** 59 — 7-11 — HUMBERT HTS. — 4 and 5 room bricks. Small down payment and trades. HO 2-7787. If no answer. CL 4-7520. 59 — 8-2 FOR SALE — Modern 6 room house, stoker heat. $7,450. — HO 5-2602, HO 2-2867. 4 9 ROOM BLOCK HOUSE IN HARTFORD — Fenced back yard, Prlc* $6000. 254-1570. 5U — 6 — —— BY OWNER — 6-room house; alum, siding. Close to school and Eastgate Full basement. $9,700. CL 4-246S. 59 — 8/5 ~ FOR SALE BY OWNER — 3-room modern, partly furnished, basement, nice lot. 254-6678, 465-8583. 59 _ 3 IF YOU HAVE $600 I can sell you a 6 room all modern house, full Insulated, gas heat, full basement, garage, nice size rooms, nice neighborhood, close to East Jr. High, beautiful knotty pine kitchen, for only $12,600. Call CURTIS CAMPBELL, HO 2-4568, Glazebrook Agency. 69 — 7-19 FIVE ROOM AIR - CONDITIONED HOUSE for rent at 1118 Milton Rd. Near business, churches, schools. Inquire at 1120 Milton Road. 47 — 8/5/63 ——— 5 ROOM BRICK — All modern, gas heat, basement garage, glass and screened porches, large yard. 3000 Broadway. Rent $90, HO 5-6579. 47 — 6 5-ROOM HOUSE — Walking dls- BUSINESS SERVICE :|2 HIIS. ANNOUNCEMRNTS 12 7/3 j M - - 'i —r--- FURNACE CLEANING — HO 2-0125 30 2 — FULLY EQUIPPED SWIMMING POOL with safety features; reasonably priced, Immediate construction. Call Ken Jaeger, HO 5-S593, Ext. 306, or 315-0011, coHlnsvllle. 32 - TF ACTON APTS. 37 E. ACTON — Wood River. 4 room apt. Heat and water furnished. Inquire Apt. 7. CL 4-2862. 45 _ TF tance of glassworks, 47 — 6 HO 2-8633. 6 ROOM BRICK — Basement, 2 baths, Upper Alton. $15 per month. Call after 5, HO 5-1526. 47 — 2 6-ROOM BRICK — 3 bedrooms. Living room, dining room and hull carpeted. All electric kitchen, attached garage, full basement. Godfrey area. Call after 6 p.m. 4fifi-1137. 47 — 3 BETHALTO — 4 rooms, hath, oil heater. $55 monthly. 60U Longfellow. HO 2-1808. 47 - 8 FOR SALE OR RENT — New 3 bedroom house. All modern, 1 ml. south Fosterburg. CL 9-1953. 47 — 2 HOUSE FOR RENT AIR CONDITIONED 1-2-3 Bedroom Apartments-New Low Rental. Display Apartment Open Mr. ELCHERD 462-2065 8-10 ».m.. 7-9 p.m, WASHINGTON MANOR COURT APT. Ing, East Alton, CL 4-6207, 47-3 180 Gould PARTS & SERVICE Washing Machines and Vacuum Cleaners. 838 E. 7th — HO 2-4423 MJDDLECOFF'S FACTORY AUTHORIZED HOOVER CLEANER SERVICE 32 - UL& POWER LAY/N MOWERS REPAIRED '— SHARPENED ALL MAKES Authorized. Tew Service Complete AVwfc Toro. Uwn-Boy 45 ATTRACTIVE 4 ROOM APT. ~ 1st floor, newly redecorated, walking distance of upper Alton, 466-2495 after 5 p.m. 48 — 8 APARTMENT — 4 rooms and bath. Heat and water furnished. Private entrance. North Alton. Call 406-0519. 45 — 8/8/83 IMMEDIATE POSSESSION — Almost new :i bedrooms, l^i baths. Living, dining, kitchen. Full basement. Carport. Fully carpeted. Built-in range, stove, garbage disposal. Gas heat. Close to schools. Off Brown St. Now subdivision. $135 per month. Phone 465-9255. 47-5 FOR SALE BY OWNER—Apartment house. Good Income. HO 2-2867. 621 Liberty. 59 — 7/2 — ROXANA — 4-room modern. Basement garage, oil heat, alum, siding and sash. CL 4-7563 after 5 p.m. 59 — 7/25 • MIDDLETOWN — Choice location. Lovely older home or 2 complete apartments. $29,000. HO 2-S844. 59 — 2 — 6 WANTED IMMEDIATELY — For cash buyer In Cottage Hills or Bethalto — a 4-5 room house, under $8,000. Call Fred E. Thompson Agency. 254-5514. 59 — 6 ' '•• PRICE REDUCED — 5 room*, 8 yrs. old. East Alton schools. Like new. Features too numerous lo mention In ad. Very reasonable. CL 4-9673. 59 _ 5 •— INCOME PROPERTY — $180 monthly. Reasonable offer accepted. By owner. HO 2-3979, 59 _ 3 _ 5 — 6 —11 — 13 — 13 3 BEDROOM MODERN — Large rooms, attached garage on 2 acres. Price $11,500. 661 E. Warren, Bunker Hill. 685-4634. 59 — 6 — • " ,"' '—-" US GERSON •— Brick, 3 bedroom home, HWF, plastered walls, cabinets on one wall. Full walk-out basement, outside garage, Nice shrubbery. HO 2-4547. 59 — 9 —. i. 4 ROOM FRAME — Partitioned basement. Carpeted living room. Air conditioner. Close to Roxana school CL 4-9719 after 5 p.m. $9,000. 59 _ 2 . ROSEWOOD HTS. — Attractive 2 bedroom home, enclosed pat n, basement, 2 extra lots, $13,300. Dial 259-2302. 59 — TF . .1 . —-«- STOREYLAND HOMES TRADE-IN SPECIALS -Al/TQN ' ' 2104 Orchurd*-4 rooms. OnlyJ6 ( B«i| IMMEDIATE POSSESSION — 4- room homo. Spacious yard with beautiful shrubs. Garage. Full basement. All cedar closets. HWF, Other features too numerous to mention. On Sanford Ave. $85 1313 Central—S room*. On, 237 Ladd St,—S rooms. On .BOO ,0,600 Monthly, 47 — 3 Phone 469-9288. AXTQN-QPDFPBY PEMOCRATIC CLUB -• MeeU wenesday evenlmi, July a at Mln«r«l Springe Hotfl. 7«IV * I P.m. STOBB5 TIRE SALES 3828 CoJteiJ. HQ 3-7838 REPAIRING & REMODELING ofini, siding, addition*. « s tlmat«, »n»w f r BEAUTIFUL— Unfurnished 4 room apt. Garage. Alr-condltloned. clusive location, HO 8-8426. " Ex- Heat, CLEAN 3 ROOM, APT. — wuter furnished, 495-3«6. 45 _ 3 — i , .. . EAST ALTON — 3 room all modern, convenient location, private entrance, CL 4-6391. fNTlRtT GROUND FLQQH ~ 4 rooms, modern, a tsU»»ed In porch- lea, basement, nai heal, «ur«qe, ' nice y«rd. 25a-(M37, 216 9th ST.. WOOD RIVER — No utilities furnished. 4 rooms, basement. $ss monthly. 250-1868. 47 — 425 EVANS, WOOD RIVER •*• No utilities furnished, 3 ropmi, basement, garage. W. 389-1808. U _ KURN1SHPP HQUSPf 5 "ROOM FULLY. FUMmSHED Howae. fenced backyard, "•""— gojnpletely redecorated, 4' 48 — a 3 ROOMS, »ll modern. TUB bai and Wwer. N.ifir 1 " '" "~ ( Close to thojpPlni A Ion, Phone cf. 4-785 furnish* or, East A I ROSEWOOP HBICHT6 Inwood Lane— 4 vooma, H' ac C*WOOD RIVER , ' 139 Eaton -r 4 roomi; newly decorated .................. ... I7.WO BRIGHTON NEW 3 BEDROOMS WITH AND WITHOUT OABAQB STOREYLAND MQMBS, Inc. mint.

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