Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 1, 1963 · Page 27
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 27

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 1, 1963
Page 27
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MONDAY, 3VLV 1, 1663 ALTON EVENING OR&INANCE NO. 647" AN t ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. 828, PASSED ON JULY t, tWlt. BE »t OROAtNftD BY THE CITY, COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF WOOD HfVER, ILLINOIS. AS FOLLOWS: SUCTION I. Thflt, Ordinance NO. 928, noised on July 2, 10fi2, and entitled: "AN ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOR TUB ISSUANCE OF SEVEN HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS ($700.000) WATER REVENUE BONDS' OF THE CITY OF woob RIVER. MADISON COUNTY, ILLINOIS, FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEFRAYING PART OF THE COST OP IMPROVING AND EXTENDING THE WATER SYSTEM OF SAID CITY, PAYABLE SOLELY FROM THE REVE' NUES OP SAID SYSTEM; PRESCRIBING THE FORM AND DETAILS OP SAID BONDS; PRO- VIDINO FOR THE COLLECTION OF REVENUES FROM SAID SYSTEM SUFFICIENT FOR THE PURPOSE, OF PAYING THE COST OF THE OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE THEREOF: PROVIDING AN ADEQUATE DEPRECIATION FUND THEREFOR; PROVIDING FOR THE PAYMENT OF SAID BONDS, BOTH AS TO PRlN- CIPAL AND INTEREST, AND FURTHER PROVIDING FOR THE SEGREGATION AND DISTRIBUTION OF SAID REVENUES" bfi and the sntne la hereby amended by striking therefrom wherever It appears, the reference to Article 11, Division lao of the Illinois Municipal Code, and substituting there- for Article 11, Division 12fl of the Illinois Municipal Code of 1001. Such a reference appears In Section 2, In the form of bond contained In Section 0, and In Section n. SECTION 2. That «ald Ordinance No, 028 bo further amended by Striking therefrom Section B thereof mid enacting In lieu thereof a new section to be numbered Section G and to read as follows: SECTION 8: That for the purpose of paying part of the cost of constructing improvements and extensions to. the waterworks system of said City there shnll bo and are hereby authorized und directed to be Issued and delivered Waterworks Revenue Bonds of the City of Wood River, Madison County, Illinois, In the aggregate amount of Seven Hundred Thousand Dollars ($700,000). Said bonds shnll have all the qualities of negotiable Instruments under the Laws of the State of Illinois; Said bonds shall be dated the first day. of July, 1063; Said bonds shall be numbered from One (1) to Seven Hundred (700), both Inclusive; Said bonds shall be In the denomination of One Thousand Dollars ($1,000) each; Said bonds shall bear Interest at Ih* rate! pftr annum herein- nfllft* set out from thl dale thereof until the principal thereof, respectively, shall hav* biefl fully paid, payable 6ft the first dny of May and the first day of November In 6ftch yeftf. .bo- fllhnfni on the 1 first diiy of May. 1964. Interest to accrue on and prior . to maturity shall be evidenced by appropriate coupons to be attached to each of laid bonds; Salt! bonds shall be payable In lawful money bf the Unitid Stale* of America at the Mercantile trust Company, In the City of St. Loull, State of Missouri; Said bonds shall mature as here- Inbelow set out; bonds numbered One (i) to Pour Hundred Eighty (480), both Inclusive, shall mature without option of prior payment, but any or all of bonds numbered Four Hundred Eighty-one (481) to Seven Hundred (700), both inclusive, shall be callable for payment erlor to their maturity, as hereinbe- low provided, on the respective dates herelnbelow set out Opposite Hi6 numbers of such bonds, or on any Interest payment date occurring after- such dates; Any bonds called for payment prior to their maturity shall be called In the Inverse order of their numbers and shall be paid nt par plus accrued Interest. Notice of the call of nny bond shall be given as follows: If the bond so called be then registered as to principal as herein provided, then notice of Its call ahall be given by registered mall to tho registered owner. Such notice, addressed to the registered owner, shall be deposited In the United Slates mall, postage prepaid, at least thirty (30) days before the redemption date and such notice shall be fully sufficient. If the bonds so called be not registered, then notice of tho call thereof shall he published at least once and nt least thirty (30) days, but not more than one hundred eighty (180) days before the redemption date In a financial newspaper published In the City of New York, State of New York, or In the City of Chicago, State of Illinois, and such notice shall be fully auf- flclent. The City Council declares that The Bond Buyer, now published In the City of New York and The Wall Street Journal, Midwest Edition, now published In the City of Chicago, are financial newspapers, but this declaration shall not restrict the publication of the notice of call to those newspapers; Interest shall cease on any bond so called from the redemption date, provided that provision shall have 1 been made for Its payment on that date. BOND 1 lo 6 lo M to IB to 36 to 56 lo 81 to 10G to 131 to 161 to 191 to 221 to 261 to 301 to 341 to 386 to 431 to 481 to 531 to 581 lo 636 to NUMBERS 5, Incl. 10, Incl. 15, Incl. 35, Incl. 55. Incl. 80, Incl. 105, Inci. 130. Incl. 160, Incl. 100, Incl. 220, Incl. 260, Incl. 300, Incl. 340, Incl. 385, Incl. 430, Incl. 480, Incl. 530, Incl. 580, Incl. 635, Incl. 700, Incl INTEREST RATE 3 y,% 4% {% AMOUNT $ 5,000 5.000 5,000 20,000 20,000 25,000 25,000 25,000 30,000 30,000 30,000 40,000 40,000 40,000 45,000 45,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 55,000 65,000 MATURITY (May 1) 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1069 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1080 1981 1982 1983 1984 FIRST CALL DATE Bonds 481 to 700 are callable on May 1 In the years below set out, or on any Interest p a y- menl date thereafter. 1980 1979 1978 1977 SECTION 3. That said bonds shall be printed In substantially the form set out In Ordinance No. 928, with such corrections and changes as are made necessary by this amending ordinance. SECTION 4. That said Ordinance No. 928 be further emended by striking therefrom Section 11 thereof and enacting In lieu thereof a new •Action to be numbered Section 11 and to read as follows: SECTION 11. That from and after the delivery of any bonds Issued under the provisions of this ordinance, the waterworks system of the City shall be operated on a fiscal year corresponding with the fiscal year for other matters of the City, which now begins on May 1 and ends on April 30. All revenues derived from the operation of Ihe waterworks system shall be deposited in a separate fund and In a separate bank account to be designated as the "Water Revenue Fund" and a sufficient amount thereof shall be used only (1) to pay the cost of operation and maintenance of the system, (2) to provide an adequate depreciation fund, and (3) lo pay the principal of and the Interest on all revenue bonds of said City which may be Issued under Article 11, Division 129 of Ihe ' Illinois Municipal Code of 1061; and such funds shall be at all times sufficient for the above purpose. SECTION 5. That said Ordinance No. 928 be further amended by striking therefrom Section 12 thereof and enacting In lieu thereof a new section to be numbered Section 12 and to read as follows: SECTION 12. That sums In the Water Revenue fund shall be set aside for, allocated to, and credited to the following separate apcounts, whlcli are hereby created In said Fund, by tho financial officer of the City of Wood River, without further direction of or action by the City Council or other authority of said City. Such allocations and credits shall be mode monthly on the first business day of each month as long as any of the bonds authorized hereby, or the coupons attached thereto, shall remain outstanding and unpaid, (a) Into an account to be designated the "Waterworks System Operation and Maintenance Account" sums sufficient to provide for the payment of reasonable expenses of operation and reasonable',expenses of maintenance of said system In good repair and working order during the next succeeding month. (b) Into an account designated "The Waterworks Improvement . and Extension Revenue Bonds Redemption Account" there shall be credited each month sums at least equal to one-sixth (1/6) of the amount of Interest that will come due on all bonds then outstanding on the next Interest For the twelve months ending April 30 Principal 1064 $ 5,000 1065 5,000 1066 5,000 1067 20.000 1908 20,000 106B 25,000 . 1970 28,000 ' 1 1071 25,000 1072 . 30,000 1973 30,000 1974 30,000 1976 40,000 1076 40,000 1977 40,000 1978 45,000 1879 , 45,000 1980 60,000 1981 50,000 1982 50,000 1983 . 65,000 1984 65,000 SECTION 7. That said Ordinance No, 928, be further amended by striking therefrom Section 15 thereof ana enacting In lieu thereof a new section to be numbered Sec(Ion IB and to read as follows; SECTION 16. Prior to the al. location of the revenues of the • waterworks system to the several accounts provided by Section 12 hereof, such revenues lhall be deposited as received with a bank to be designated by . the City Council, Such bank •hull be a member of the Fed• era) pepovlt Insurance Corpor§ tlon. After the allocations and eposlts required by Section 12 have been mg4e. sujns In the WaWrwgfki System ' operation and Maintenance Account and the waftrwprka System Depreol, •lion Account may continue/ }o b>< deposited with such a bank (signaled. By. the. City Council. payment date occurring after the date of such credit, plus one- twelfth (1/12) of the amount of principal that will come due on said bonds on the then next maturity date occurring after the date of such credit. Sums in this Account shall be used only for the payment of the principal of and the Interest on the bonds authorized hereby, as the same shall come due. Sums in this Account shall be remitted monthly to the Mercantile Trust Company. St. Louis. Missouri. (c) Into an account designated the "Waterworks Revenue Bonds Reserve Account" the month sum of Four Hundred Dollars ($400) until such time as there shall be accumulated in said Account the sum of Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000). Should said Re serve Account be thereafter depleted for any reason, including payments made from such Account for principal and Interest, It restored by additional payments to be made thereto. Said Reserve Account shall be used solely and only for the pay menl of bonds authorized here by. Sums In tills Account shall not be used to pay bonds called for redemption prior to maturity unless all bonds are then retired. Sums In this Account .shall be remitted monthly to the Mercantile Trust Company, St. Louis, Missouri. (d) Into an account to be designated the "Waterworks System Depreciation Account" the monthly amount of Four Hun dred ' Dollars ($400) until such time as there shall be accumu lated the sum of Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000). Said Depreciation Account shall be used only for the purpose of creating and maintaining an adequate reserve for depreciation of said system or for any unusual or extraordinary repairs or replacements. Sums in the Depreciation Account shall be used to pay bonds payable solely from the revenues of the waterworks system, or the Interest thereon, If necesary to prevent or cure a default. (e) Into an account to be des Ignated tho "Waterworks Sur plus Account" all surplus reve nuos shall be credited. Funds In this Account shall be used only for waterworks purposes, In eluding the retirement of bonds payable solely from the reve nues of tho waterworks. SECTION 6, , That said Ordinance No. 928 be further amended by striking therefrom Section 13 thereof and enacting In lieu thereof a new section to be numbered Section 13 and to read as follows: SECTION 13. That the amounts to be set aside for the payment of the bonds authorized hereby and credited to the "Waterworks Improvement and Extension Revenue Bonds Re demptlon Account" are declared to be as follows: M<r tne wai?rwor«s R« v , en !J e Bpnili Reierve Account ihsll bf Interest $19.125.00 22,775.00 22,600.00 22,426.00 21,725,00 21,025,00 20,160,00 '19,337.60 18,525.00 17,650.00 16,575.00 16,600.00 14,300,00 13,000.00 11,700.00 10,237.50 8,775.00 7,160,00 5,625.00 3,900.00 3,112.60 Total $24.125.00 27,775.00 27,600.00 42,425.00 41,725.00 46,025.00 45,150,00 44,337.50 48,525.00 47,550.00 40.575.00 55,600,00 54,300.00 53,000,00 50,700.00 55,237,50 58,775,00 57.150.00 55.525.00 58,900.00 67,112,50 deposited with and held as de ppsltary by the Mercantile Trust Company, the paying agent designated (or the bonds authorized hereby. The financial officer of the City shall forthwith upon the first business day of each month (as provided by Section 12) re mlt to said depositary all sums required by Section 12 to be deposited and held In said last mentioned accounts. In making the jremittanee for the mpnth Immediately preced Ing any Interest or maturity pay ment date, {he customary fees pf the paying agent for Its services and responsibilities shall be Included, Thi said depositary Is hereby authorUed ana directed to pay from the funds on deposit with U all bojidf, and coupons uu- thorljea hereby as they may be presented to It for payment us lliey coma due or as they may have beeu culled for payment prior to maturity, The euld depositary l» further authorised and COMPLETE STEELWORKERS COURSE These three members of Steehvork- ers Local 3643 Friday completed a week-long summer school course at the University of Illinois. They are from left, Robert Dossett of Bethalto, and Cletns Kcene and Robert J. McGIasson, both of Alton. Aldermen Invited to Officials 5 Conference Members of Alton's aldernmnlc city council will have opportunity to attend a conference at Springfield July 19 and 20 which has been arranged by Illinois Municipal League for the benefit of newly-elected city and village officials. The object of the conference, an innovation by the League, is lo acquaint officials new to mu- licipal service with their powers, duties, and responsibilities, and to give them an up-to-date briefing on municipal law, municipal financing, and city council procedures. Eight Have No Experience Notice of the meeting, arranged by the Muny League president, J. Clayton Pooler, mayor DeKalb, was received today .by City Clerk Paul Price, who will refer it to the city council at its July 10 session. It is expected a numbgr of the council members will desire to attend the conference. Eight of the aldermen elected last April have had no previous council experience. First address at the conference "July 19, will be by'Thomas A. Matthews of Chicago, the League's legal consultant on powers and duties of city officials. Matthews is Alton's legal consultant in its still unfinished i project for revision of the city's 46-year-old ordinance code. Many Topics Covered Other topics for the conference directed to pay, upon a proper warrant, check, or order of the City, the purchase price of securities purchased by the City for Ihe Waterworks Revenue Bond Reserve Account. SECTION 8. The said Ordinance No. 928 be further amended by striking therefrom Section 20 thereof and enacting In lieu thereof a new section to be numbered Section 20 and to read as follows: SECTION 20. That from and afler Ihe Issuance of the bonds aulhorlzed hereby, no addlllonal bonds shall be issued or obligations Incurred by said City which are In whole or in part payable from or chargeable lo the revenues derived or to be derived from the operation and maintenance of said system, ex cept on compliance with one of the following conditions: I. That revenues derived from the opernllon of Ihe walerworks system for the fiscal year then next preceding of the City shall be equal to the sum of Ihe following: (a) The expenses of operallon and maintenance of said system Incurred during such fiscal year; Plus (b) 135% of the combined highest amount which thereafter shall become due In any one fiscal year as principal of and as Interest on all bonds or other obligations then outstanding and the bonds or other obligations then to be Issued;.,in which case additional bonds or other obligations may be issued on a parity with the bonds authorized hereby; Or II. Unless such additional bonds or other obligations are in all re spects junior and subordinate to the bonds authorized hereby and subject and subordinate to the provisions of the sections here of requiring certain payments lo be made Into the accounts therein established;,- provided, however, that Interest on such Jun lor and subordinate bonds may bo paid prior to the making of the credits or allocations required by Section 12, paragraphs (c) and (d), and that the principal thereof mny be paid out of Surplus Account, SECTION 9.. That, except as amended by this ordinance, said Ordinance No. 828 shall remain in full force and effect, SECTION 10. That this ordinance shall be published In The journal, a newspaper published' and of general circulation In the City Of Wood River, und shall go' Into effect as provided by law, Passed this 27th day of June, 1963, and deposited and filed In the office of the City Clerk this 27th day of June, 1963. to be pesented by recognized authorities, include sources of municipal income, appropriations and tax levies, and council procedures and such subjects as municipal social security, and fire and police pension plans. Notices of the conference point out that .while the program is designed particularly for newly- elected officials it will include up- to-date information that should be of great interest to officials with prior service. Meditation Techniques Under Study By SAM DAWSON AP Business News Analyst NEW YORK (AP)-Getting the boss and employes to talk the same language—and believe what the other says—is being attacked on; several fronts. -Mutual suspicion and seemingly irreconcilable aims are stumbling blocks in this year's testing of the collective bargaining technique. One approach is the continuing negotiating committee such as has just scored a success in the steel industry—a labor pact without the shadow of a strike deadline. Another is the public mediator —the third man who listens to both sides' conflicting views of the other's demands and goals and seeks to reconcile them in the public's interest. And still another, tired with notable success in at least one instance in Britain, is for an outsider to talk to workers individually and in groups, and to company officials, too. The object is to change old notions of what's what and explain how new rules will profit each side in'today's changing business climate. A leading problem is that union leaders and members are convinced executives are reactionaries, while management thinks labor is only bent on making trouble and grabbing all it can. Productivity, for uxample, means one thing to management and another to most employes. For the boss greater productivity means turning out more goods at lower per unit cost. To most workers it means firing someone or cutting out well-paid overtime. Job security, to the worker, Is preventing layoffs when new machines are bought, To management it may mean featherbedding or retaining workers who don't do much work any more. The hassle over firemen on diesel locomotives is a much publicized current example. Or job security can mean to workers shorter weeks, while management aught prefer fewer on the payrolls and overtop when orders call for it. Workers think they know what's wrong in the plant. And management is sure that it alone really knows. Knowledgeable outsiders sometimes can see that both are wrong. And with luck and hard digging they can get both to give ground so that both can profit. VOTE) SYLVIA REDDEN City Clerk YEAS; 6 • ; NAYS; 0 ApflrovefJ'. this ?7tu day of June, 1903. .-•-*. • • PAUL R, .LOURBN, 1 • Mayor Attest; SYLVIA REDDEN CJty Clerk PUBLICATION NOTICE In the City Court of AHon, Madl son County, Illinois; CHARLES E CASTLE. Plaintiff, vs. JE ASTLE. Defendant, Petlllon to Modify Decree, Chancery No, 7918 Votlce Is hereby given JEAh CASTLE. Defendant herein to be erved by publication, lhat th ibove suit is pending and lhal de ault may be enlered against you herein on or afler July 26, 1963. ARMBRUSTER & DIAZ Attorneys for Plaintiff (s) FELIX T. BOSCHERT Clerk of the City Court of Alton, Madison County, Illlonl: Legal — I- - 8 - 15 - 63 NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice is hereby given lo al persons that tile First Monday ir AUGUST, 1963 is the Claim Dat n the estate of EDNA G. MARKLE Deceased, pending In the Probat Court of Madison County, Illinois and thai claims may be filed agalns Ihe said eslate on or before sal dale wilhout issuance of summons Baled this 25th day of JUNE 1963. ELSIE MARKLE SHEET; Executrix. Atlest: DALE HILT Probale Clerk RALPH T. SMITH Allorney Legal — 1-8-15-63 HENS I'AV OFF SAND SPRINGS, Okla. (AP) Charlie Neal is a .farmer with a two-acre farm. He may be one of the biggest little farmers in Uie business, at a time when the small farm is dying.. Neul and his wife are in the egg business, They have aboul 7,000 laying hens, with 5,200 of them currently in production. Ne4i started 10 years ago with 350 hens and gradually expandec his operation until now his in vestment totals nearly $10,000 an ucre-rcountlng his washing, can dling and cooling equipment in addition to housing for the hens. THEY'D NEVEll CALL THEMSELVESELDEKS LAKESIDE PARK, Ky. ((51) — \ married couples' class at Lake iide Presbyterian Church recen! y discussed whether wome hould be permitted to serve a elders of the church. "ff they ever are," one mal suggested, "they'll have to chang .he title from 'elders' to "young ers.' " Want things? Watch the Want Ad; ANNOUNCEMENTS LEGAL NOTICES LEGAL — 24 — 7-1 — 8 • PUBLICATION NOTICE In the Circuit Court of Madlso County, Illinois; ROBERT NAYLOR Plaintiff, vs. PATSY NAYLOR. De "endant, Complaint for Divorce Chancery No. 63-C-405. Notice i lereby given PATSY NAYLOR, De 'endant herein to be served by pub icatlon, that the above suit Is pend ng and that default may be en tered against you Ihereln on or afte August 1, 1963. (s) WILLARD V. PORTELL Clerk of the Circuit Court o Madison County, Illinois ARMBRUSTER & DIAZ Attorneys for Plaintiff CARD OF THANKS MAYTIE V. DAWSON — We WOUl like to thank our many friends relatives and neighbors, the pas tors, congregations of first Metho dist Church, St. Paul's Methodls Church, who were so kind durln our recent bereavement. Also th pallbearers, Marks Mortuary, an all those who sent cards, flowers food, or assisted In any way. T!)e family. 6 MONUMENTS —CEM. LOTS e — 1-3-5 . :— 4-GRAVE CEMETERY LOT—Rose lawn Memory Gardens, $325. 259-1286. PERSONATE 7 — 7/27 ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS — Help for the problem drinkers, Men an women. HO 5-1612. 7 — 7-20- ICENSED DETECTIVE — Lego photography. W. E. Burl. 200 Washington Ave., Alton. 465-7350. 7 — 7/25/63 TRY DIADAX TABLETS — (form erly Dex-A-Dlet). New name, sam formula, only 98c. Honke Phar macy. ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE You can place your classifiec ad, classified kill or classifiec corrections 24 hours a day. SPEAK SLOWLY ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH NIGHT CLASSIFIED NUMBER HO 5-6511 5 P.M, TO 8 A.M. CALL HO S-65II DAYTIME 465-6641 HINTS ON USING ELEC. TRONIC AD TAKER: 1, GIVE YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS AND P1IONL NUMBER, (Spell your nann out). 2. BE SURE TO STATE THE NUMBER pF DAYS YOU DESIRE YOUR AD TO BE PUBLISHED. (IF YOU DO NOT TELL US WE WILL AUTOMATICAL!, RUN THREE DAYS), 3; Speak slowly and distinctly 4. Remember, this is a median Jcal device. It will answe your cul( and give you re covdea 1 instructions on wha to do, but other than tha cannot answer any questions ANNOUNCEMENTS SOCIETIES t nd LODGES ODD RIVER LODGE NO 1062 A.M. & P.M. — Monday, July 1, practice. Visiting brethren welcome. Howeil K. Barnett, W.M. 13 ^OR SALE— on* of Alton's better restaurant!! and lounges. Fixtures, property Included, Box 1130. care Alton Telegraph. 13 - - 7/5 LOST*»STRAYED—STOLEN 0 — 2 OST — Blue Parakeet; white head. "Sweetie". North Alton vicinity. 466-0051. 2 — Box containing 2 dresses left In phone booth In bus station, on Front St. Call HO 5-9110. 1 ,OST — One basket of clothes In dryer at Montlcello laundromat. 466-2874. Reward. NOTICES 1 LTON-GODFREY DEMOCRATIC LUB — Meets Wenesday evening, July 3 at Mineral Springs Hotel 8 p.m. 1 — & 3LADE & SCOOP WORK — Drive, ways, yard leveling with tractor, Paul Melsehhelmer. 259-1567 RIDERS IA 1A — 3 DRIVING TO DENVER July 5th or 6lh — Will take 1 or 2 riders. References. CL 9-3153. 1A — 1 UDE TO SHELL OIL — and ride to downtown St. Louis location 8tl St, near Henry Alton. Call 254-7418 after 5. IA — 1 VANTED — 1 or 2 passengers to share expenses to San Francisco Leave July 12-15. Must have refer ences. Write Box 830 c/o Alton Telegraph. FINANCIAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES yV SA __ _ BRAND Service Station in Edwardsvllle for lease. Gallonage rental. Small Investment. 656-1273. 23 — 1 — ' - WANTED — Rom and board, elderly lady. Healthy, reference*, congenial. Would consider other arrangement with elderly lady. such as staying night. 417 Prospect, Alton, ill. Alton NEEDS a Little Pigs Barbecue House. Cer tlfled profit statements show that you can net more than $12, 000 per year by properly operating your own business. More than 1.000 units being opened In this country alone. Company training and asMslancr guaran teed. About $6,000 cash will handle, only $2.950 down. Send name, address and phone number to Little Pigs of America, 1715 Slerlck Bldg., Memphis, Tennessee 23 — 1 MAN OR WOMAN PART TIME TOY ROUTE VERY SMALL STARTING CAPITAL GOOD INCOME OPERATE PROM HOME SEVERAL CHOICE TERRITORIES AVAILABLE SOON ALTON East Allon Edwardsville Greenville plus several and also Wood River Hartford Lllchfleld other areas EDUCATIONAL 2A 'NSTRUCTIONS 2A — 7/2 • — GIRLS — YOUNG LADIES TRAVEL CAREERS 18-35 Florida, California, Hawaii. Free to relocate. Must be single, neat appearing, enjoy people. Recent high school graduates accepted. Parents welcome on interview. CALL DEAN HOWELL ALTON 462-5705 Or write for free apti-test. Jet Aee Careers—Box 6141, Lambert St. Louis Airport (45) Mo. 12A — TF Mon. thru Frl. I. B. M. KEY PUNCH — Burroughs, N.C.R. Bookkeeping Machines ST. LOUIS SCHOOL OF AUTOMATION (As Seen on TV) 6427 Hampton, 508 N. Grand CALL COLLECT FL I-I 197 or OL 2-5454 EMPLOYMENT 17 HELP WANTED — MALE 17 — 1- EXPERIENCE — Grocery clerk wanted. Write Box 840 Care Tele graph. 17A EMPLOYMENT SERVICES 7A — 1 ALASKA, Overseas, U.S. Job Infor matlon. High Pay. Wrlle Globe Appllcallon Service, Box 864, Ballimore 3, Maryland. 17A — 24 - 1 - 8 - 15 - 22 FOREIGN EMPLOYMENT INFOR MATION — Conslruclion, other work projects. Good paying over seas jobs with extras, travel ex pense. Write only: Foreign Service Bureau, Dept. 348, Bradenlon Beach, Florida. 18 HELP WANTED — FEMALE 18 — 2 BOOKKEEPER—Clerk-typist, figure clerk, stenographers, waitresses. AMERICAN EMPLOYMENT 726 E. Broadway 18 — 1 CURB GIRLS WANTED — Apply Spotlight Drive-In, 1490 Edwards vllle Rd., after 6 p.m. 18—1 EXPERIENCED HAIRDRESSER — Write qualiflcalions to Frances Shea, 415 Allon St., Alton. 18 — 1 LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSE— For day shift. Must have experl ence, reliable, references. Apply Main St. Nursing Home, 1216 Main St., between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. 18 — 1 WANTED—Nurses aids. Experience preferred. Apply Main St. Nursing Home, 1216 Main St.. between a.m. and 3 p.m 18 — 2 WANTED — Responsible babysitter Must stay. 466-3003. 18 — 3 WANTED — Babysitter. morning 465-1869. Call In 19 HELP WTD., Male A Female 19 — 1 WANTED — Secretarles-Experienc ed; Automobile Mechanic-Journey man or Apprentice Furnace Serv Iceman—Cleaner — Experience Re quired; Journeyman Automobile Body Repairman; Journeyman Machinists-Machine Shop Experl ence; Journeyman Electricians; Housekeeper — Motherless Home Stay; ' Licensed Practical Nurse APPLY IN PERSON ILLINOIS STATE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE, 1719 Washington Ave., Alton. NO FEE CHARGED. I9A SALESLADIES 19A — 1 HRISTIAN WOMAN NEEDED — Full or part-lime — llfellme se curlty. Experience Sunday School, ministry helpful. Earn $100 weekly and up. No competition. Wrlle John Rudln Co., 22 Wesl Madison St., Chicago 2, 111. 19A — 7— 1/15/27 — 8-12-26 CHRISTMAS CARDS — BUSINESS AND PERSONAL. EARN REALLY BIG COMMISSIONS selling medium and high-priced cards with cus tomer's name Imprinted. Free Sample Album. Process Corp. (Our 42nd Year). 3450 So. 54th Avenue Dept. GP-7, Chicago 50, 111. SALESMEN 20 20 — INSURANCE AGENCY OPENING 2 men for sales and service. Age 24-44. Benefits Include hospitalize tlon, life Insurance and retire, ment. $433 starting pay. Write box 8fiO. cure Allon Telegraph, giving education, work background, etc. 20 — 1-15-29 WANTED AT ONCE — Dealer In Pt. Alton, Dewey Park or Godfrey and Brighton. Many families need ing Rawlelgh Products. You can earn $50 weekly part time — or $100 and up full time. Write Rawlelgh, Dept. ILG 690-112, Free port, III, 21 SITUATIONS WTD. — MALE 21—3 YARD WORK — Lawn mowing by experienced man. Has tools, 462-3289. 22 SITUATIONS WTD.—FEMALE 22 — 8/5 BABY SITTERS' REGISTRY — Call HO 5-3101 for competent, de pendable people to cere for children or elderly shut-ins, In your home. 22 — 2 BABYSITTING — Wanted In the Bethalto area. DU 4-8425. 22 — 1 HOUSEWORK OR BABY SITTING —wanted, hours 8 to 5 dally. Write Box 850 Care Telegraph. 22 — 1 TEENAGER — Desires babysitting Jobs: East Alton-Wood River area anytime, HO 2-3092. 22 — 2 WANTED — Ironings, mending babysitting, by day, CL 4-1560. 22 — 1 WANTED — General housework bj the day. Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. HO 5-1039, FINANCIAL n BUSINFS9 OPPORTUNITIES 23 — 7/27 ... U..I..I1H jj. . ..... IF YOU CAN SELL, have $1,500 to Invest, want to earn $1,000 or more per mo, and cash awards & premiums to give attendants and dealers for selling; write box 790, care Alton Telegraph. Be sure to give your phone number Experleced Drl-Pcwr Distributor will Interview you regarding dts trlbutlon of Drl-Powr Automotive products. We will appoint a sincere man or woman to establish and service a number of sensational self-service "TOY SHOP" Displays located In markets, drug, vnrlely stores, etc You must replace loys each week and collecl money. REQUIRES ONLY FEW HOURS EACH WEEK This Is nol a job bul a chance lo get Inlo somelhlng you may have always wauled — a business o your own. One lhat can be handlec In spare time and still leave roon for full time expansion. NOT A GET-RICH SCHEME If you have a desire to bette yourself — if sober, honest, ani really sincere, have a car an< $298 (minimum required), appl at once, glvinn complete delall aboul yourself, phone number. All- mall or wire: TOY MERCHANDISING CORP. 34-10 58111 Slrcel Woodsldc 77, New York PERSONAL SERVICE •JO DRESSMAKING—TAILORING 30 — 7/30 DRESSMAKING—Alterations, pant cuffed. Reasonable. References. I my home. CL 4-4034. 31 LAUNDERING 31 — 8/3 FAMILY IRONINGS WANTED — And men's bundles, reasonable, ex perienced. HO 5-5259^ BUSINESS SERVICE BUS. ANNOUNCEMENTS — 7/3 f&NTALS 2A WTO. ROOM A BOARD « FUftNISHED voob 1 DRIVES r 3 room 1 fuffiMMd Wt. 2fld floor. bfleV ft~" evenings CL 4-77' 43 HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS 3—2 SLEEPING ROOM and 2, one room efficiencies, with utilities. 17 I1OUSBS PUR KBNT IT - ft • i '. n i i 3 BEDROOM - 4 Mlddletown. Apply close to glass works HO 5-5949, Call APAR1MKNTS• /7/18 ROOM APT. — 554to E. Broadway. Call HO 5-9347 before 5. 15 -TF ROOMS—Upper Alton. Heat A wa ter furnished. $46. Real Estate Ex Change. 452-979'. 45 — 7/2 LARGE ROOMS and bath, unfurnished. Upstairs. 539 E, 6th. Call 259-2633 after 5 p.m. 45 — I 1 ROOMS — Tile floors, Cabinets, gas heal. CL 4-9632. 45 — 8/5/63 i ROOM MODERN — Private en trance, heat and water furnished Adults. 465-7951 afler 5. 45 — 13 ROOMS & BATH — Extra nice heat, waler furnished, $50 month ly. Located 1408'i E. 4th. Apply 462-7073 afler 7 p.m 45 _ 2 3\> ROOM UNFURNISHED APT.— For Rent. Private enlrance, newly decoraled. CL 4-2664 after 5 p.m Acton Ave. Wood River. 45 _ g/5 4 ROOM — 1 bedroom apartment nicely decorated, private bath am entrance, exceptionally clean, dlgnl fled. No pets. Adults. 723 Alby. 45 — 7-25 4 ROOM APT.—Heat »nd water fur nlshed, second floor. State Street Call HO 5-9347 or HO 2-0323. 45 — RENTALS lfr«. Jktt Jtt«. at 841 Wash_ 4-ROOM MODERN — Oa» he«t. HO 5-7925, 47 ^. 5 i - • -• , • i ...... - r -r- •• • j --~--~4 ROOM HOUSfi — 4 Ci6ie W St. Mary's, gas heat, ISO monthly. Apply 502 E. 5th St. V ROON1S AND BATH — nice for young couple, water furnished. CL 4-5674, 404 Washington, East Alton. 47 _ 7/2 • — •" ..... — — 4-ROOM MODERN HOUSE «- 1227 Rodemeyer. Apply next door. 47 _ g/5/63 6 ROOM DUPLEX — 1224 State St., Alton. 3 bedroom, private bath, $75 month plus utilities — HO 2-2424. 40 — 7-3 ACTON ARTS. 37 E ACTON — Wood River 4 room apt. Heat and water furnished. Inquire Apt 7. CL 4-2862. 45 _ TF AIR CONDITIONED 1-2-3 Bedroom Apartments-New Low Rental. Display Apartment Open Mr. ELCHERD 462-2065 8-10 a.m.. 7-9 p.m. WASHINGTON MANOR COURT APT. — 2 5 ROOM BRICK — All mod«ffl, «fl» heat, basement garage, glass nml screened porches, large yard.. :iooo Broadway. Rent $90. HO 5-6979. 47 — 2 ___— ; B-ROOM BRICK —• 3 bedrooms. Living room, dining room and hall carpeted. All electric kitchen, attached garage, full basement. Godfrey area. Call after 8 p.m. 466-1137. 47 — 3 _____ HE1HALTO — 4 rooms, bath, oil heater. $55 monthly. 609 Longfellow. HO 2-1808. 47 — 1 1 . FOR RENT OR SALE — 8 room frame house, 2 bedroom, dining room, livlngroom and kitchen. No basement. All modern. 148 Lakeside. East Alton. 47 — 8-63 FOR SALE OR RENT — New 3 bedroom house. All modern, I ml. south Fosterburg. CL 9-1953. 47 — 2 : HOUSE FOR RENT — 189 Gould- Ing, East Alton. CL 4-8207. 7 — I NORTH ALTON 608 LINCOLN — 1 bl. So. of State: 4 room Brick; utility room, no basement; gas heat: Rent $7J mo. ON HIGHWAY 100 — IV, miles west of State St.; 4 room frame; basement; oil heat; rent $75 mo. Hessenflow. Realtor CL 4-3893, evenings CL 4-7748 47 — 3 216 Dth ST., WOOD RIVER — No utilities furnished, 4 rooms, basement. $55 monthly. 259-1868. 47 — 3 425 EVANS. WOOD RIVER — No utilities furnished, 3 rooms, basement, garage, $55. 259-1868. 45 ATTRACTIVE 4 ROOM APT. 466-2455 1st floor, newly redecorated, walking dlslance of upper Alton after 5 p.m. 45 — 8/5/63 BEAUTIFUL—Unfurnished 4 room apt. Garage. Air-conditioned. Exclusive location. HO 5-5426. 45 — 3 — EAST ALTON — 3 room all modern convenient location, private en trance. CL 4-6291. 45 — 5 ENTIRE GROUND FLOOR — 4 rooms, modern, 2 glassed in porch es. basement, gas heat, garage nice yard. 259-6437. 45 — TF — - — -EXTRA NICE — 3 room air con ditioned apt. in Rosewood Heights stove and refrigerator, washer dryer furnished. Plenty cabinets closet space. 466-2261. 45 — 4 . $75 monthly. — — 32 F\IRNACE CLEANING — HO 2-0125 TOLLY EQUIPPED SWIMMING POOL with safety features: reasonably priced, Immediate construction. Call Ken Jaeger, HO 5-5593. Ext. 306, or 345-0011, Collinsville. 32 TF ————. PARTS & SERVICE — Washing Machines and Vacuum Cleaners. 838 E. 7th — HO 2-4423 MIDDLECOFF'S FACTORY AUTHORIZED HOOVER CLEANER SERVICE 32 POVVER LAWN MOWERS REPAIRED — SHARPENED ALL MAKES . Authorized Tore Service Complete stock Toro, Lawn-Boy mowers, riding mowers, garden tillers. Used mowers. STOBBS TIRE SALES 3525 College. HO 2-7326 — 7-26 FOR RENT — 2 rooms. 911 Hum bolt Court. 45 — 9 32 SWIMMING POOLS Do It yourself klls, or Inslalled. Concrete, flberglas, redwood. Round splash pools. Any price range. Fl nanclng. Chemicals & pool equip ment. DUGGER-BAILEY, Inc. DU 4-4662 CL 4-2860 32 — 7/12 REPAIRING & REMODELING Roofing, siding, additions, estimates. DU 4-9089—no answer CL 4-2303. 32 — 8/1 WEEDS MOWED WITH TRACTOR — Yard work, driveways, sewers, septics dug, repaired. — 462-3165. 33 B'JILDING — CONTRACTING 33 — 6- A-l CARPENTER REPAIRS — Ad dlllons, concrete porches, roofing, alum, siding. Painting, reasonable. 462-2901. 33 — 7/16 BOB WOOD—Basement waterproof- Ins and cement work of all kinds. 466-2407. 33 — 7-8 CARPENTER WORK — Patch plas terlng, roof repair, plumbing work, blocks laid and cement work. Also Interior and exterior painting. Call Charles Stormer. 466-1437. 33—3 ELECTRICAL WIRING—Range in stallatlon, air conditioners, meter service, house wiring. DU 4-9288. 33 — 1 ELECTRICAL HOUSE-WIRING — Painting, carpentry, contracting. Free estimates. HO 5-7991. •M DECORATING 34 — 7.4.53 BEST IN DECORATING—Painting, Interior and exterior. Paper hang- Ing and removal. Free estimates. Reasonable prices. 466-1134. 34 — 7/27 PAINTING, PLASTERING—Removing wallpaper. No Job too small. Free estimates. 466-2852, 462-9657. 34 — 7/31 PLASTERING PAINTING. Wallpaper removing. Work guaranteed. Free estimates. Alton, East Alton, Wood River. 254-8189. FURNITURE WORK 7-5 16 36 — WINCHESTER'S CUSTOM RE-UP HOLSTERING— 132 462-8235. E. Elm. Ph. 38 HOME BUILDING SERVICE 38 — 7/30 A-l CARPENTERS — Improvement of homes, old or new. Siding, roof Ing. repairs,' painting, etc. Free estimates. HO 5-7991 or CL 9-6190. 40 STORAGE — MOVING 40 — 7-19 Free Esllmate Call HO 2-8240 PRES BELCHER Agent For VON DER AHE .VAN LINES World Wide Movers 1018 Elliott Ave., Alton, 111. RENTALS 41 SLEEPING ROOMS 41 — 7/5/63 CLEAN MODERN SLEEPING ROOM FOR MEN — 300 Main. 462-8653. 41—3 _ ___ , DOUBLE - SINGLE ROOMS — Refrigerator on each floor. TV room, ill Hawthorne, Hartford. 41—3 ONE LARGE ROOM — For 1 or 2, has refrigerator. 820 Alby. — — HO 2-2309. 41—2 ROOM FOR RENT In refined home. 1700 State, 41—3 HO 2-8227. SLEEPING ROOM FOR RENT Ht 401 Alby. HO 2-6507. SLEEPING ROOMS — For 2 env ployed gentlemen or ladies in fa- fined home. Dial 406-3810. 41—3 SLEEPING ROOM — Also basement apt., on busline, 1030 Union, — — HO 2-5970. _ 6 ROOM and BOARD GENTLEMEN ON PENSION — Room ana meals. Call HO 2-4863, MODERN — 5 room apt. for rent. HO 5-9563. after 4:30 HO 5-1353. 45 — 1 MODERN CLEAN 3 ROOM APT. — $60 month. HO 5-3080 or HO 2-5948 45 — 9 — NEWLYWEDS—Attraclive 3 rooms private entrance, heat, water, air conditioner furnished. CL 4-6909. 45 - 2 NEAR ROXANA THEATRE ROOMS and bath, tiled floors cabinets, gas stove, otherwise un furnished. Hot water heat. Firs floor, private entrance, nice. $45 Open 143 E. Third. HO 2-675 r late evenings. 45 — TF NORTH ALTON — 5-Room — Is Class — Private front and back er trance. Heat and water furnlshec No small children. Dial HO 2-005 or HO 2-0315. $90.00. 45 — TF FURNISHED HOUSES 48 48 3 ROOMS, all modern. Tile bath and shower. Nicely furnished. Close to shopping center, East Alton. Phone CL 4-7500. 48 — 3 : ALL MODERN — 3 room furnished house for rent. Very clean. 308 Cobb St., East Alton. 254-1581. 48 — 2 FOR RENT — 5 room furnished house, $65 per month. Phone — — 466-9710. 48 — 8 : ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS — 259 Lln- denwood; 4 rooms, breezeway and garage, very nice, newly decorated, automatic washer, dryer, TV, deep freeze, large yard. $125 monthly. CL 9-1715, DU 4-8675. 50 BUSINESS PLACES 50 — TF COMMERCIAL SPACE FOR LEASE Montlcello Plaza Shopping Center— 40'x90', alr-condltloned, suitable for lewelry. furniture, appliances, children's shop, Western Auto type store. This fine location available Immediately. WALTER A. HALE JR.,' Realtor East Alton — CL 4-5115 REAL ESTATE SALE 56 BUSINESS PROPERTY 56 — 7/31 1 SEE THESE BEAUTIFUL 1, 2. 3 Bedrooms, (3 bedrooms Include \'/i bathsi. stove, refrigerator furnished. Most convenient. Shown daily. 832 Washington 468-8632. 45 - TP SEVERAL APARTMENTS AND HOUSES Available for immediate occupancy in Alton. For furlher informallon. CALL 462-9263 Or Evenings 462-8680 **********•*•+*********+ 45 — 3 UPPER ALTON — 4 room upstairs apt., newly decoraled. Adults only. 254-0900 or HO 2-7162. 45 — TF CHOICE BUILDING LOTS — Low down payments. $25 mo. Adams Development Co. 466-1331. 58 — Thurs., Fri., Sat. til Aug. 8 — 2 LOTS — 120 ft. frontage. 270 ft deep. FR 2-3331. 58 — 1-2-6 — FOR SALE — One of the nicest lots In Belmont. HO 2-6719: 58 — TF : Godfrey Area—Large Suburban Lots 100-ft. frontage and over. $850 to $1050. Call 466-0091. WiLSHIRE COLONIAL API'S. Alr-condltloned, spacious, 1 and 2 bedrooms, drapes, range, refrigerator, disposal, choice location. Yoder. CL 4-9113. 48 FURNISHED APARTMENTS 46 — 5 2 ROOM — Downstairs efficiency. Privale bath, ulllilles furnished. Easl Allon. Adulls, $60. 466-3001. 46 — 9 2-ROOM & KITCHENETTE—Prl- vale bath, all utilities. Adults. $65. HO 5-2720. 46 — 1 2 BEDROOM APT. — Glendale Gardens. 254-8068. 46 — TF 2 ROOM—Nicely furnished apts. All Ulllllies paid. HO 5-7331. 46 - TF 1' ROOM EFFICIENCY — Downtown location. $60 month. Real Eslate Exchange, 462-9797. 46 — 3 3 CLEAN — Large, modern nicely furnished cool rooms, prlvale yard and washing machine. I baby accepted, CL 9-2533. 46 — 9 3 ROOMS — Bath, private entrance, utilities furnished. 208 Illinois Ave.. Easl Allon. CL 9-1977. 46 — 6 4 ROOM — Furnished, air condl- Honed, garage, $75 monthly. — — CL 4-5535. 630 Lorena, Wood River. 46 — 3 ALL MODERN — 3 room apt. Pri- vale enlrance Grandvlew. 46 — n ... . and balh. 2722 FURNISHED 2 ROOM APTS. — utilities paid neat, clean, semiprivate baths 55 mo. to see call— 259-1722. 46 — 7-6- 1ST. FLOOR EFFICIENCY — Private entrance. Vatlo. $11.75 weekly. $45 mo. HO 2-7793. 46 — 7-3 MIDDLETOWN TWO — 3 Room & bath, furnished apt. Ideal for couple or single person. Private front & rear entrance. Water furnished. Downstairs $72.50 Upstairs $62.50 CLEM NOLL AGENCY HO 5-6621 46 — 8-2. MOTEL APARTMENTS TV, telephone, Alr-condltloned. By day or week. Near industries. Hartford. CL 4-6224. 46—9 NICELY FURNISHED EFFICIENCY — First floor, all private. 1011 Slate St., Alton, $65 monthly. — CL 0-3619 for appointment. 46 - NEWLYWEDS Large living room, bedroom, kitchen, private bath & entrance, rugs and drapes, hot water heat, all utilities. Close-In on Henry St. $65. 110 5-5855. 46 — 8-2. NORTH ALTON — 3 Room furnished . Private entrance 466-2712 after 6 p.m. 48 — 3 & bath, ROXANA — 2 room, private b«th and entrance, utilities furnished. Adults. CL 4-6802, 46 — 1 — •, —• . . .-— —r- ROXANA — 4 rooms, first floor, private belli and entrance. Carpeted. Adult). 264-7074 or 258-2868. 46 - 7/3/63 • * ~ TRA1LER — 4 rooms and balh, Nicely furnished. Utilities. Oarage. Adults, References required. 34$) Gllllmm. Head Telegaph Want Ads Dully m Exceptional Business Lot EAST ALTON—Main highway. Con- venlent to offices, stores, schools, federal apt. development, banks & post office. 113 ft. fronting on St. Louis Ave. at Goulding. Ideal for shops, drive-In, oflces, filling station, etc. Owner retiring. Price reduced to $19,500 for quick sale. CL 4-5212 From 9 to 5 58 LOIS FOR SALE 58 _ TF 51 HOUSES FOR SALE 59 — 5 BY OWNER—1254 State. Newly redecorated 5 room house, large bath and pantry, all new aluminum storm windows, carpet, drapes, new air conditioner included. $7800. 465-1041. 59 — TF SEVERAL APARTMENTS AND HOUSES available for immediate occupancy in Alton. For further Information Or CALL 462-9263 Evenings 462-8680 * * * * * * * *: ********************** 59 — 1 -4 ROOM HOUSE— Outlying sheds. garage, city water, electricity. One acre ground. Near fishing 'lake. See Morris Grandone, Wllsonvllle, 111, Phone 217-835-4788. 59 — 7-11 HUMBERT HTS, — 4 and 5 room bricks. Small down payment and trades. HO 2-7787. If no answer. CL 4-7520. 59 — 7-1 FOR SALE BY OWNER — AU. U7. between Godfrey Sc Jerseyvllle. One acre. Spacious 5 rooms, 1M) baths, plastered, HWF, tile In kitchen and bath, birch cabinets in kitchen with bullMn oven & burners. Large closets, radiant heat, tiled basement. Garage, Phone Jer- seyvllle 2916-R2. 59 _ 1 TO SETTLE AN ESTATE — 5 room modern brick bungalow, some antique furniture also modern electric stove, bids will be taken open on display. Tuesday July 2, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. at 219 Michigan Ave., Alton. 59 -, 8-2 FOR SALE — Modern 6 room house, stoker heat, $7,450, — HO 5-2602, HO 2-2867. 59 — I - BETHALTO 112 WILIAMS -, New 2 bedroom brick, attache garage, close 10 school & business. DU 4-6344. 59 — 7/2 4 ROOM BLOCK HOUSE IN HARTFORD — Fenced back yard. Price $6000. 254-1570. 5U — 6 --BY OWNER — (i-rooin house; uliim, siding. Close to school und Bust- gate. Full basement. $!),700, CL 4-24US. 59 — 8/5 - • - — FOR SALE BY OWNER — 3-rooiil modern, portly furnished, basement, nice lot. 254-0078, 4B5-H583. 59 — 3 - - - — — IF YOU HAVE: $eoo i can sell you u U room all modern house, full Insulated, gas heat, full basement, garage, nice sine rooms, nice newh- borhond, close to East Jr, Jlmh. beautiful knotty pine kitchen, for only $12,600. Call CURTIS CAMPBELL. HO 2-4908, GliuobroQk Agency. 69 — 27-7/1/83 ... ...... ....N.. ........... ..«.! ..... NORTH ALTON 2664 OLIVE PLACE — 4 1 /?room frame, Living rporrii 2 bedroom}, dinotfp, kltch»n, bath. HWF, Full oil hot air furnace. Large fenced rear yard. Priced $11,700 FRANK WICKENHAU.5I& A5E.NCY HO 14021 After 6 HO 2-7263

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