Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 1, 1963 · Page 21
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 21

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, July 1, 1963
Page 21
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Page 21 article text (OCR)

, JULY 1,1963 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Jersey Blood Drive Falls Short Goal - Only 62 pints of blood wore collected by the Red Cross bloodmoblle unit Frl- dny at its final visit for the yeat in Jersey County. This was less than half the quota of 136 pints assigned for this visit. The Unit was in operation at the Methodist Church from 1 to 6 p.m. Eight persons were rejected for medical reasons and five first lime donors were among the contributors. Thirty-eight pints of blood received were specified as replacements for persons who had received blood through the Jersey County blood program. James Nlmerick earned a four gallon pin at this visit. This is the fourth person in Jersey County to receive a four-gallon award. Former recipients Were Kenneth Brayshaw, Mrs. Bessie Taylor and Don Martin. Three gallon pins were award- w- ** 'f- ed to Mrs. Eleanor fiaffial ol Elsah and Neil Franklin of Jersey- vllle. Two Ballon pins were fe- cclved by Mrs. Helen Brakevllle and Mrs. Gertrude Isringhouseh, and one gallon pins were earned by Mrs. Clarence Boner and George Challans. Mrs. Paul Rlchey, chairman of the Blood Program for the Jersey County Chapter, announced that the next visit of the Unit Will be Sept. 6, which begins a new year for the local Blood program. Boeing Develops New Rain Repellanl SEATTLE (AP) — The Booing Co. announced today the develop mont of rain repelling llqulc which it says greatly Improves visibility through the windshields of jet airliners. DIETSCHY'S MARKET Phono HO (5-8024 FKKE DELIVERY 600 KIUGE PRICES GOOD FOR ALL WEEK SPARE RIBS 2W to 8 Lb. Sides—Lh. Fresh DRESSED FRYERS Whole Lb. EGGO HOMO MILK 3 ^ $100 Gills. I LEAN GROUND BEEF CHUCK . • 59c End Out; /IB* A PORK CHOPS . . Lb. 13U Boneless, Rolled CR* VEAL ROAST .. Lb. U*H» Sliced Square RQ«t Tray Pack FRYERS Boneless CUBED BEEF .. Lean Pork CUTLETS Lb 33c Lb 69c T,, 49c PORK STEAKS Loan for Barbecue Lb. KREY MELLO BACON . .2 .'J; 1 : 89c FRESH GROUND HAMBURGER 2- 95c ALL-STAR LEMONADE MIX * ,», 29c Smoked PORK CHOPS Lb 79G CANADIAN BACON .... SldlllCNS WIENERS 49c Largo Grade A EGGS . ........ Doz. Sliced Boiled HAM 49c Mixed LUNCH MEATS— Lb. 49c CORN BEEF HASH Armour ,16 Oz. Can 39c DEL MONTE PINEAPPLE AND GRAPEFRUIT JUICE « Oz. Cans Hamburger Sliced DILL PICKLES ..... . Q t 29c AG GRAPEFRUIT SECTIONS . 2 < : ;'l 55c Armour's O JTT- Vienna SHUS. . . * cans "I • V ARMOUR J|Q A TREET Can *•»*« Del Monto Peas • 9Q* » ntl rin.rrnfa .... film £ww Kcllogg's 0 1 ~ RICE-KRJSPIES, Box fc 1 C A-G Lb. JJC- COFFEE Tin VWW French Fried 300 «7- ONIONS Can fc 1 w KLEENEX TOWELS Colored <• for 2, r 4lc LARGE PAPER PLATES 10 in 49c Fancy, Solid Pack WHITE TUNA L° nz 37c New Green COOKING APPLES Lbs. 35c Large 90* RED PLUMS ... Lb. fcww New Red I A RC A POTATOES IU Lbs. UUG Large Jumbo *\ CO. A CANTALOUPES fc Tor 05JC Now Green C- CABBAGE Lb. tPw Green A 1 0 *» ONIONS ....«• Bchs. I9C Freestone • Q OQ* PEACHES.... O Lbs. Mto WATERMELONS, LARGE 22 to 25 Lb. Avg. 89c HOMEGROWN TOMATOES 2 Lbs, 49c Hospital Notm Mrs. JDorothy Hardbeck, Ed- St. MKtttGAt, Miss Lucille Edwards, 1915 Piflsa. Mrs. Melissa feeler, Hnfdfn. Mrs. Margaret Jenkins, 3722 Grnndvlew. Mtes ton! Lafferty, 638 Fifth. Miss fcawri Stlrltz, Godfrey. Mrs. Constance Schmld, Eighth, Wood RIVer. 141 Mrs. ir'ny Tokening, 1312 Alby. Mrs. Gladys Carter, 737 Market. C. Truman liulse, Edvvardsville. SUttGlCAL Mrs, Shirley Lovell, 211 boerr, East Alton. Marion G. Burnett, 758 Birch, East Alton. Mrs. Violet ftoblnson, 166 East Alton Avc., East Alton. Mrs. Mildred Weishaupt, 32ti Deneen. Edward Lehr, Mardln. Mrs. Mary Thornton, 1128 Verntc Mrs. Grace McCord, 1214 Florence. Mrs. Edna Brown, 3057 Alby. DISMISSALS Mrs. Karen Barnett, East Alton. Mark Bcrkel, 2510 Francis. Klcth Blocher, Edwardsville. Mrs, Ruth Brlstow, 404 W. 4th. Mrs. Fannie Bryant, 1929 Terrace Mrs. Linda Carter, 1026 Broadway John Dickerson, 215 Dorris. Karen Fitzgerald, 1322 E. 4th. Mrs. Gcorgctta Flutt, Cottage Hills. Carl P. Franke, Batchtown. Mrs. Doris Hunter, 540 Ninth. Alvin McCarty, Quincy. Phyllis Percival, 849 McKinley. Mrs. Florence Reid, 3126 Western Mrs. Margaret Sawyer, E. Alton. Mrs, Carol Schneider, E. Alton. Mrs. Effie Scott, Edwardsville. Mrs. Vera Thompson, 2449 Mills. David Wiltman, 3315 Humbert. Mrs, Mildred Wolf, Wood River. Mrs. Macie Ogle, St. Charles, Mo. Ray Seago, 1422 E. Fourth. Thurman Jefferson, 1387 Easton. Richard Bauser, 3802 Oscar. Mrs. Jacqueline Bell, 1808 !Maupin Mrs. Emma Blair, 731 Silver. Mrs. Adah Cope, 806 Alby. Mrs. Janice Dabbs, 828 Hawley. Elbert Dixon, Rte. 4, Godfrey. Mrs. Hazel Gleeser, EdwardsviJIe Henry Held, Brussels. Joe Holloman, 1419 Clay. Mrs. Lois Knopp, Gillespie. Mrs. Margaret Kolk, Roxana. Mrs. Shirley Liesen, East Alton. Norman Malone, 110 E. 13th. W. M. Mayberry, Edwardsville. Mrs. Grace O'Connell, Gillespie. John O'Neill, South Roxana. Joan Poindexter, 1903 Gross. James Poore, Kampsyille. Jean Price, 2618 Amelia. Kenneth Travis, 2316 Central. Mrs. Lee Viernum, 321 E. Eighth. Mrs. Mildred Ward, 3180 Paul. Mrs. Janice Wendle, 2906 Crawford. Dennis Kavanaugh, Godfrey. Jersey Community MEDICAL Mrs. James Walsh, Jerseyville. John Williams, Kane. Mrs. Louis Gress, Hardin. Mrs.' Minor Gowin, Grafton. Allen Draper, Jerseyville. DISMISSALS Frank Armstrong, Jerseyville. Mrs. Francis Cummings, Kane. Mrs. John Hillen, Brussels. Mrs. Margaret Holterfield, Hardin. Gertrude Belvef,. Wood River. Penny Strotid, 1705 Alby. = Sheldon Prltchafd, East AHofi. William Darkliis, Godfrey. DISMISSALS Mrs. Alberta Emery, Bunker Hill. tffs. Venice Byrnes, 3717 Western tfrs. Lena Markham, Grafton. vlrs. Sarah Graham, 707 Hehry, Vtrs. Mary Callahan, Graf toil. 3everly Mason, Alton. Mrs. Beverly Robot-son, Cottage Hills. Teanette Glenn, 3515 Bloomer. Mrs. Mary Manns, Bethalto. Mrs. Dorothy Johnson, S. Roxana Floyd HuffslUller, 904 Wallace. Mrs. Joann Harbison, Betholto. Paul Wolfe, 2623 Plalnview. Chris Moore, 1501 Rodgers. Mrs. Caroline Stllwell, 811 Chou- Alton Memorial .MEDICAL Leslie Guthrie, Bethalto. Gayla Klopmeier, Bunker Hill. Erwin Meyer, Dorsey. Larry Ballard, Carrollton. Frank Harris, 920 Burns. Roy Grace, Bethalto. Jeffrey Zimmer, Washington. Mrs. Marion Wliitamore, 2750 Hillcrest. Maude Younger, Godfrey. Grace Barker, Godfrey. Carol Hancock, 309 Elm. Susan Peters, Rte. 1, Dow. SURGICAL Miss Roberta Gayan, 2520 Delia Albert Fosha, 3725 Berkeley. Edwin Bratten, Livingston. June Shaw, 1111 Riley. Clara Peipert, 918 W. Ninth. Eilene Roth, Wood River. Mrs, Hope Bartlett, Jerseyville. 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Janet Yeanvood, 524 Belle. Mrs. Caroline Kiel, Meppen. Alex Lacout, 408 S. Main, Wood River. Mrs. Betty Marti, Edwardsville. Claud Sauls, Godfrey. Mrs. Lillian Schriber, East Alton. Claud Sturglll, Rte. 1, MOT-O. DISMISSALS Mrs. Luretta Cole, 556 Highland. Fred Dublo, Seminary Road. Mrs. Sally Held, 1504 Fourth. Miss Gretta Petitt, 282 S. Ninth, Wood Rivear. Mrs. Marian Whltamore, 2750a Hillcrest. Mrs. Se]ma McFern, 1914 Belle. Mrs. Pauline Nolte, 442 Sixth. Arthur Miget, 1153 Beaumont. Mrs. Viola Poehler, Godfrey. Mrs. Emily Smith, Wood River. Leonard Booher, 2264 Winter. Dock Brown, 2350 Lincoln. Woorl Rivel 4 Township MI5D10AL Mrs. Francos Evoy, Bethnlto. Lionel Martin, 503 Central. Mrs. Naomi Latham, 169 East Alton Ave., East Alton. William Phillips II, Hartford. Edward Plztnger, 509 Wood River, Robert Arnold, 718 Cardol, East Alton. Shelby Murray, 135 Goulding, East Alton. Linda Hennessey, 102 Twelfth. SUftOtoAL Dennis Abrams, Cottage Hills. 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