Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 27, 1963 · Page 30
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 30

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1963
Page 30
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I'AGE THIRTY ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, JUNE 27, 1963 Hospital Notes St. Joseph's MEDICAL Mis. Nollir Cnrrnll, Oodfrpy .1,-micr Dahhs. S2S Ha'wloy Mrs. Mary Lnstor. Wood River Mrs. Janr, Dow Hrlrn Goodrich. S21 Alliy Mrs. Carolyn Crane, Alton Lona Gibson, 2811 Residence ,», ,.,, i. ,. ~ — • i *-" "« VTIIJ.-SUIJ, *.iu.i (Xti-Munii.:*-, 1 !\li>s Jill C-nidill. 1] Magnolia.I\Villiam Eilors Nr\v Douelas K;isl Alton ' Carson. 20S Knst Wood River Township Mrs. Alice' M. Pickerel. Ulfi \Vil-i,. ,. MKJHCAL Nairn. \\nod River !' AI !" S - Alar - v L - Courtoise. Cottage Lloyd William*. 525 Miami !-,,,- „ Miss Ann D Heynnlds. 570 Leslie rs ' ] '* nyf o "™*- Hartford \\'odrl River Roliinson. James- Simpson. 3111 Belle 1 ' Mr? Henry 11. Kiditrr. ftto. 1 Alhain- hni' Mark A. Herkel. 25in Francis Jonathan Mills. Godfrey Mark F,. Miller. 121 Ohio, East Mrs. K. Fayr Mrs. Klsio'.J. porl, Mo. Frank \\'. Jours. Hartford Loiiiso Ann Quiglry. (i'26 Frrgu- son \\'ootlro\v \V. Jours. Hartford Mrs. Maude L. Jones. Hartford Sl'KGICAI. .., Steven Roherl Untrrhrink, Rte. Alton j Moro John H. ONell. South Roxana j DISMISSALS Lawrence Rprvrs (Jr.nfton | Mvs . Rnsip E \ boerr. 325 East Frank M. Head Kdwardsvillr Airline Drive. East Alton Mrs. Kmma K. Helens. GodfreyM rs . .M,., r j r Mikloski. 1914 Wash- msMISSALS iiiRlon. Alton John Barrillpanx. Ute. 1. Brighton ;Rrrnda Faye Ragsdale. 607 Mrs. Linda C'oncli. Cottage Hills Brookwood Drive. F.ast Alton Mrs. Jewell Means. Wl K. 8th jVivki Lynn Melone, 1015 Madi- Mrs. Lillie M. Armstrong. 21'l.v son Shaw .Mrs. Lucille Olive Carr. 31?, Oak Mrs. Mildred Anslon, Graftonj Drive. East Alton Mrs. Lottie M. Williams. 611 North Drive. East Alton Mrs. Maude L. Jones, Hartford Finis Lee Jr., Eldorado, Ark. Mrs. Helen Louise Carr, Rte. L Alton Miss Nola Ann Thompson, Roxana Robert K. Brown, 1013 Wallace Mrs. Shirley Cowgill, 3621 Thomas Douglas Flcshman Jr., 250 Madison LcRoy Gaines, 522 Old St. Louis Rd, Wood River Mrs. Donna J. Gibbs. Roxana James Greer, 2509 Main Mrs. Rene Allen, 196 Lindemvood Drive, East Alton Mrs. Edna P. Stewart, <109 East Madison Mrs. Mnrcella K. Leritz, 902 Lorenn. Wood River Mrs. Maureen Pars, 911 Logan Mrs. Audrey Peeeher. G7G Acton, Wood River John P. pintz. on E. Fourth Jersey Community Mrs. Theresa Schultx. 37L'0 Coro- "MEDICAL ." ad " „. , „., „ ,, 'Mrs. Josephine Ruyle, Pearl Mrs. Ora Unison, -'12 Colliding j Mrs. Roger Pruitt, Jorseyville Jr,ast Alton j Linda Chappcc. Carrollton ' | Paul Staley, Jerseyville i Frank Armstrong, Jerseyville • SURGICAL Ann Goetze, Meppen c, . , ot. Anthony S MFD1CM * Mrs. Catherine Gibbons. Rte 1 ~, os( ' , A " n 9° el ? C ' Mo !l!' Brighton - 1 '| Cheryl Burch. Jerseyville Shawn E. Perrin, Roxana ,. ,, DISMISSALS Mrs. Mae Shortal. Jerseyville Mrs. Edward Duggan, Jerseyville Mrs. Viola Poehler, Godfrey Mrs. Susan H. Waters. Rte. 1 Godfrey Mrs. Melba J. Franke, Godfrey Mrs. Rose Bono, 219 McClure ' DISMISSALS Mrs. Delia H. Wagenfeldt, Rte. 1. Bethalto Mrs. Sadie Hazel, 56 Halleck. Edwardsville Mrs. Mary Brooks. Shipman man Sally Anne Schoeberle. Brighton Miss Ola M. Whorl, 1021 E. -1th William T. Carson, 208 East Broadway Rita Marie Corona, 634 East 16th Mrs. Catherine Maguire, 1301 Clawson Mrs. Judith A. Plummcr, 606 Fifth, East Alton Alton Memorial MEDICAL Edward Jones, Dorchester Ruby Downey, Jerseyville Evelyn Hand, 625 Leonard Jewell Means, 437 East 8th Luvenia Hunt. 1036 Union Harold Meisenheimer, 333 Condit Mrs. Beulah Drum, Granite City Elpha Williams, 606 Belle SURGICAL Rhonda Galliher, Moro David Clearwaler. 1209 State John Wright, Godfrey Rose Best, 2632 Watalee Peggy Woodman, 1015 Easton Raymond Stoye, 2102 Amelia Iris Gregones, 1100 Washington John Perrin. Roxana Harold Heeren, East Alton Mrs. Marie Lisenbee, Jerseyville DISMISSALS Mrs. Mary Logan, 2306 Birch St. Mary Withers, Cottage Hills Mrs. Evelyn Almeter, 1008 McKinley Mrs. Lucille Alford, Edwardville Charles Roumfola, 202 McClure Edward Thomas, St. Louis John Chontofalsky, 1130 E. Sixth Mrs. Lizzie Summers, Hartford Thomas King, Wood River Mrs. Rita Slayton, 5384 Humbert Brenda Gilbert, Bunker Hill Mrs. Mary Doak. 4814 Wickmor Mrs. Joyce Bennett, Bunker Hill Mrs. Shirley Brush, Bunker Hill Mrs. Mary Snider, Fieldon Wood River Women Install Mrs. Frieman WOOD RIVER—Mrs. Harold Friemann was installed senior regent of Women of the Moose in open ceremonies conducted in the Moose Lodge Hall Wednesday. Mrs. Harold Tant was seated as junior graduate regent; Miss Pat Cross, junior regent; Mrs. Nell Cross, chaplain; Mrs. Lena Sly, recorder; Mrs. Clarence Hert. treasurer; and Mrs. Fred Abner, guide. Installing officers were Mrs. James Crouch and Mrs. John Sly, past regents, assisted by Jack Pentland, past Moose governor. Barney Hale was pianist. The new officers will assume their duties July 1. Indonesia Outlaws 'Key, Vital' Strikes JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — President Sukarno's government has outlawed strikes in "key and vital" industries, apparently in an attempt to prevent Communist- dominated labor unions from paralyzing Indonesia's limping economy. The presidential decree was announced Wednesday. The word meander comes from the winding Maeander River of western Asia. DIETSCHY'S MARKET Phone HO 5-6624—FREE DELIVERY—500 RIDGE ROUNTSTEAKS S ib . 75c Choice Cutslb. SIRLOIN STEAKS Pin Bone Ib. Choice Cutslb. PORK CHOPS END CUTS, Ib. 39c CENTER M- CUTS, Ib. IKJC HAMBURGER FRESH GROUND. HUNTER SHOWBOAT BACON ... .Ih. SPARE- 49c 49c . Lean Ixiose 2 jbs. PORK SAUSAGK.... BOXELESS STEW BEEF . . LEAN GROUND" VEAL . . . . . CHUCK POT KOAST Ib 69c 65c Ib. PORK CUTLEJ1 39c LEAN, BOXEI.KSS ....... ]|j. 49c HUNTER HAM- SHANK End, Ib. BUTT Enfl, Ib. 1 49c CENTER Slices, Ib. CUT-UP FRYERS— Backs..Ib. l2'/ic Wings. .Ib. 39c Legs Ib. 49c Breast Ib. 59c BEEF CHUCK Canadian Ib. LARGE SLICED BOLOGNA . . . . . Jb. Crc-uni Cottage LEAN GKOtLND Ib. Pennant Thick Sliced" H A ?9:* Luir L-* J_ b !L. Old Fashioned t*f~ O3C 40A •t«»U 65c 39ft ANGEL FOOD CAKES UVICK .......... tit. LARGE 39c Size A-C ICE CREAM a VEG. BEEF SOUP SPAGHETTI Flavors.... Campbell Gal for FRANCO- WHIP ..... mi^^J A(; PRUNE" !'!,[ .MS, Lart-o Can. CHICKEN BROTH ...... cans 57c A AC« 4 cans 00 C SVRl.'P, large can 3-Lll. CAN 1 SPRV C-OZ." INSTANT FOLGEU'S 29C 59 C EfiC 29c 23c 79c 89c CHEF BOY-AR-DEE CHILI 2 S? 65c ORANGE or R OplII|RiiPDi_i^ i™ 39c OREO SANDWICH COOKIES . ,': 47c WASHED POTATOES Instant Hag 10 Ibs. Nf\v POTATOES RKI) CALII PLl'.MS ... SEKDLK8S GRAPES Ih. Ib. 55c 29c Lnrjsc Green PEPPKKS ... T'resh I.urije !crCl T MIJEKS Solid New iCAHIUGK Ih. 2 NEW GREEN COOKING APPLES 25c 20c 21 c 6c 3 Ibs. 35c for HOME GROWN TOMATOES 2 Ibs, 45c CALIFORNIA—EXTRA FANCY NECTARINES Large Crisp — Cello Pkgs. Fresh Carrots Fancy Golden Bantam Corn . . California — Thin Skinned Lemons ... 5, ir , 29c Sunkist; — California Oranges .... California—Vine liipencd, Jumbo Size Cantaloupes . . . Chamiin Brand — White NAPKINS . . . . DO*. 49c 89c TOM-BOY Flavor-Plus 2 ™**- 19C Lef ' s P uf renl FREEDOM in this Independence Day. Let's plan light meals with the least amount of fuss. Let's pack a picnic hamper and head for the open country.. .No cooking over a hot stove.. .No dirty dishes to wash.. .just freedom for Mom from kitchen chores and fun for all in the great outdoors. These low cost quality foods will fit right into the plan. 60 in Pkg. Delicious Blond of Pineapple and O ran KG 44 <*• 89" Heifetz Brand PINE-ORA DlfllfI CO rlUIVLLO FRESH KOSHER OR POLISH » #:•$•: Brooks Brand CATSUP Nabisco Oreo Creams or Fig Newtons Each.. Country Brand Margarine IQc Kraft American or Pimento Deluxe Slices 2 12-Oz. PkBS. Plllsbury — Glazed Doughnuts J3'/j-OZ. Roll Pork is Weal for Holiday Barbecue — Get These Values! Rib Center PORK CHOPS!* FIUST CUT PORK CHOPS Ib. 45c WHOLE LOIN OR RIB HALF Pork Loin . . . 49c TASTY MEATY Hollywood Ribs . 59c PORK LOIN Boneless Roast FINE FOR STUFFING Pocket Chops , 89c 69c Supreme Kitchen Rich l'/i Ib. Vanilla Cremes, 9Vi-oz Eton Fudge, 16-oz. Fig Bars, 19-oz. Society Creajns, Sugar Giants. Each 39 C Per-Rltz Banana, Lemon Chocolate or Coconut Cream Cream Pies i4'/2 Oz. Pkg. Tom-Boy Frozen Beef Patties 3 8-Oz. <t 1 Pkgs. 3* 1 Flav-R-Pac Frozen Crinkle Cut or French Fries 3 2-Lb. $1 Bags - 1 REYNOLD'S BROILING FOIL .Roll 39* Flav-R-Pac FROZEN FORDHOOK UNAS 2 'C 53 C CUT CORN 39 C T/2 Lb. Pkg. LUNCHEON MEATS—ARMOUR'S TREET FLAVOR-KIST SALTINES HUNTER OR KREY—16 to 20 Lb. Average—Whole or Shank Half FULLY COOKED HAMS - 49 7 Lb. Average FULL SHANK PORTION Lb. 33' 5 Lb. Average BUTT PORTION Lb. 43 i c c Whole OF Half Gourmet or Quick Carve Hams . . 89c Rath Biackhawk — Smoked, Fully Cooked, Boneless Canned Hams .8 Ibs. 6.29 Lb. 31 HUNTER'S—FANCY THRIFTY SKINLESS WIENERS.... 2! 70 Pkg. I \J c Values wodh iclebioting PURITY—LARGE 9-INCH—WHITE PAPER 40 in PLATES Serve Chilled—Delicious and Refreshing 39 C Hawaiian PUNCH 3 4* O,. Cans Van Camp's PORK and BEANS 2 - 25 C Maud's Regular or Smokey BAR-B-Q SAUCE 2 24 Oz. BHs. BLUE-WHITE BLEACH 27 C Redeem Coupon on Page 29 for Added lOc Savings! No Outing Complete Without SHOESTRING POTATOES . • *W ^VM •!••«£ ^» Will HIV KOBEY 3 70 «- $ Cans * 60z. Pkg. REAL-KILL BUG KILLER 69 C YOUR CHOICE OF GRINDS—FOLGER'S COFFEE (LIMIT ONE WITH COUPON) FOLGER'S INSTANT "f A* COFFEE & Oz. / «7 6 Pint Btl. JOYFUL BRAND SALAD HEINZ HOT DOG RELISH 25 C DRESSING. (LIMIT ONE WITH COUPON) Qi. Jar 29 G 11'/4 Ol. Size FLAV-R-PAC FROZEN BOYS and GIRLS! YOUR LOCAL TOM-BOY STORE Is Giving Away Free Passes to STARTS THURSDAY JULY 4 at the I Walt Disney GRAND THEATER Register Now at the FRISKIES DISPLAY in Your Tom-Boy Store GET YOUR Authentic "Savage Sam" Indian Chief Headdress. See details in store LEMONAD (LIMIT THREE WITH COUPON) 6-oz, Cans 29 C if IDEAL FOR TOASTED SANDWICHES or SAUCES—KRAFT'S VELVEETA. ILIMIT ONE WITH COUPON) ••••••••••••••••••• TOM«IOY COUPON FOLSER'S COFFEE &89« LIMIT 1 Ciin with coupon and liurchiisu of $1.50 or more ex- I'ludliiK fresh milk products, and tobacco. Limit 1 (.'oupoii Per Fumlb' MUMH JOYFUt SALAD DRESSING __„ 29' LIMIT 1 Jur with coupon and purchase of $1,50 or more ex- cludliui fresh milk products, and tobacco Limit ) Coupon Tor Fumlly

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