The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 18, 1966 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 18, 1966
Page 11
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WASHINGTON Merry-Go-Ronnd WASHINGTON - During the summer a young Negro named Stokely Carmichael became leader of SNCC, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. He not only abandoned its policy of "non-violence" but coined the slogan "black power." Carmichael was born in the West Indies. But despite the fact that he was not an American citizen, he came to New York and got all the benefits of an American education, including college. Then last summer he championed black power and the principle of violence. Suddenly, as if in answer, riots broke out in big cities all over the nation, and simultaneously the progress Negroes had been making all over the nation began to go backward. With it the political chances of white men who had championed the Negro also began to go backward. - o - -TWO CHANGE POSITIONS President Johnson and ex- President Eisenhower have now completely reversed themselves on the war in Viet Nam — in the opposite direction - and their reversal could affect our involvement in World War ffl. To get the background for what may appear to be a rash statement, you have to go back 12 years to 1954 when an ex-general named Eisenhower was President; a tall, gangling Texan named Johnson was Senate Majority Leader; and when some of the men around the White House, led by John Foster Dulles and Vice President Nixon, were trying to involve us in the French war against Viet Nam, then called Indochina. Their argument progressed so far that, on April 16,1954, Vice •President Nixon, thinking he and Dulles had won, leaked to the American Society of Newspaper Editors the startling warning that U. S. ground troops would have to be sent to Indochina. One American editor promptly left the meeting and phoned the editor of the London Telegraph, who broke the news. That news leak, plus the influence of the Texas Majority Leader, probably kept a Republican President from getting us totally involved in Viet Nam. For, first of all, public reaction was vigorously against involvement. Second, Sen. Johnson was both vigorously and vocally against involvement. So Eisenhower immediately retreated. As a military man he had always been opposed to involvement. Once he told me, "I will never get American boys BREW PEARSON bogged down on the swampland of the Asian continent.' 1 - o- - LBJ IN REVERSE Thus the position of both Eisenhower and Johnson in 1954 was against involvement in a Viet Nam war. Go forward ten years to 1964. Johnson, elected over Goldwater in that year, began to reverse his previous 1954 position. Right up until the November election, Johnson continued to oppose escalating the war. On Sept. 25, 1964, he said: "There are those who want to go north and escalate the war. We don't want to get involved with a nation of 700 million people and get bogged down in a land war in Asia." Again, on Sept. 28, he said: "There are those who say we ought to go north to drop bombs. We are not going north. We are not going south. We are going to continue to get them (the South Vietnamese) to continue to save their own freedom. We are not going to send American boys." A few weeks after the election Johnson started such a complete reversal of this policy that Barry Goldwater, speaking at the Gridiron Club dinner in the spring of 1965, wisecracked: "Remember me? Pm that trigger-happy SOB that said we should bomb North Viet Nam.' At about the time of Johnson's reversal, the Republican Policy Committee of the Senate, as reported in this column March 9, 1965, decided on the following strategy: give Johnson 100 per cent support for the Viet Nam war and be in the position of criticising him at the next election for not winning. As the next election now approaches, this is exactly what the Republicans are doing. Nixon was the first to accuse Johnson of not going far enough to win. Then came Eisenhower himself with a complete reversal of his previous policy. First, in a filmed educational TV interview, he said he had been ready to use the A-bomb in Korea, and implied it should be used in Viet Nam. A few days later in Chicago, Dee criti- cised the Johnson no-win policy and clearly implied that he would use the A-bomb. Since then he made another reversal and said that wasn't exactly what he meant. Whether Eisenhower's statement was prompted by the GOP campaign strategy is not too important. The important fact is that it coincided with the most sincere and sweeping peace &m&tt'f&ff$ft?ffKi£ :•:« -of eou/iA<&/ strategy ever pot forward by Lyndon Johnson. For the President, having reversed the anti-war position he took as Senate Majority Leader, has now come around to that position once again. Having put a total of around 400,000 men in both Viet Nam and Thailand, he has now learned the hard way that Ike was right at first when he warned against letting American troops get bogged down in the swampland of the Asian continent. - o- - LBJ»S PEACE PROPOSALS To end that involvement, Johnson has now put toward—through Ambassador Arthur Goldberg in the U. N. - the following conciliatory peace proposals: 1. Stop bombing North Viet Nam. 2. Agree to a phased withdrawal of American troops from South Viet Nam. 3. Scrap American bases. 4. Accept a coalition government for South Viet Nam, including the Viet Cong, or any other type of government the people want to choose. I am convinced that the President is completely sincere in making these proposals. But because this is such a complete reversal of his previous position, Republican critics are sure to jump on it as a no-win policy. And if the Russians, who count most in being able to pressure North Viet Nam into peace, don't buy the package immediately, the no-win criticism and the solemn statements of Gen. Eisenhower may upset the entire peace applecart. And if President Johnson listens first to Nixon, then to Eisenhower, and takes what they hold up as the easy way out, it will, first, drive Russia and China back into each other's arms; second, play into the hands of Mao Tse-tung, who once said: "China is the only country in the world which can withstand atomic war and still have 300,000,000 people left." NAVY HONORS Seaman Apprentice Barry Yates was recently awarded two major honors. Barry, 'son of Mr. and Mrs. Fay Yates, Randolph, was presented a certificate of award for his participation in the Interservice Sports pro- Algeria^ (la.) Upp«r DM MelrMt TUESDAY, OCT. 18, 1966 gram and an award for reviving a Coast Guard trainee who collapsed after a class in swimming. Barry is at Cape May U.S. Coast Guard Training Center. While minister to France, Thomas Jefferson studied French cuisine and wrote a cook book for use in the kitchen at Monticello. Shatterproof Flexible Long-Lasting — 36 Iruht* wieS«— Protect! wolli behind itovei linki, tablet. Chair Covert, Garment Bogt, Shower Curtain* Storm Ooort and Window!, Porch Barn, Poultry and Hog Houl* Window!. CUT WITH SHEARS & TACK ON-EASYTOSEAL OR SEW COAST TO COAST STORES Ed Wolf, Owner Algona Those who know MINNEAPOLIS Know ; ~ ISA MOTOR HOTEL For Convenience.. I For Friendliness.. [like Atmosphere.. . For Luxury Accommodations .. For Budget Rates ... 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