Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 26, 1963 · Page 13
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 13

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1963
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

PAGE FOURTEEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH WEDNESDAY, JUNE 26,1963 Camp Easter Seal for Handicapped in Final Week 5-" Some of the 3S handicapped children enrolled at Camp Easter Seal have fun in the pool at Monticello College with help of brothers from the Oblate Fathers Novitiate who come at the rate of eight per day to assist at the annual camp. The two-week event is sponsored by the Junior Service League. Judy Buffington is pool director. Social Briefs New BSP Chapter Organizes Miss Sharon Oliver was installed president of a new Beta Sigma Phi chapter, Phi Gamma Sigma, during a ritual in Hotel Stratford Tuesday evening. Mrs. Charlene Enlow, international BSP staff representative from Kansas City, instituted the chapter at the meeting, and initiated its members. Serving with Miss Oliver in Phi Gamma Sigma are Miss Mary Kay Bucher, vice president; Miss Jean Osterman, co- vice-president; Miss Gayle Worden, treasurer; Miss Carolyn Ash, recording secretary; and Miss Jeane Georges, corresponding secretary. All officers were installed by the international representative. Members of the new chapter, the ninth BSP chapter in this area, are the Misses Sharon Lee Sorbie, Cheryl Garry, Cheryl Ramage, Toi Sue Holloway, Rosemary Hildebrand, Caren Currins, Sharon Kimbro, Janice Godar, Madelyn Franklin, Carol Mathews, Merrilee Austin, Marilyn Howe, Tina De- Sherlia, Joan Robinson, Janis Pinkerton, Vicki Sheff, Anna Ball, Lura Davis, Cathy Pellegrino, Linda Hardwick, Nancy Schneider, Rosemary Whittle- man, Jacqueline Rickey and JoAnn Rickey. Mrs. Enlow also inducted new members into Phi Gamma Mu chapter. They were the Misses Carole Stauffer, Mary DeMum- brun, Sandra Arnold, Barbara Harper, Diane Sackman and Lura Davis. Rainbow Members of Alton Assembly, Order of Rainbow for Girls, will leave tonight for Chicago to attend the 32nd annual session of the grand assembly of the International Order of Rainbow for Girls of Illinois. The session is to be held in the Conrad Hilton Hotel Thursday through Sunday. Attending from here will be the Misses Glenda Mary, Martha Ruckman, Jean Zimmerman, Linda Jenkins, Ginger Graul, Gayvon Robertson, Carla Vinyard, Jeanne Hinderhan, Beverly Curtis, Vickie Waggoner, Jacqueline Churchill, and Marilyn Smith. Chaperones for the group will be Mrs. William H. Stofft, mother advisor of the group; Mrs. Wesley Hinderhan, Mrs. George Lammers and Mrs. Walter Zimmerman. The Greens Mr. and Mrs. Orion Green and daughter, Glenda, of 308 Lamport St. have returned from a visit of two weeks in Florida. They visited in West Pfilm Beach with Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Schindewolf and daughter, MISS SHARON OLIVER and made stops in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Mrs. Schindewolf is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Green. The Fergusons Mr. and Mrs. Lyle L. Ferguson, former Alton residents now living in Manhattan Beach, Calif., are expected to arrive Friday for a visit of two weeks with their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Thuerkoff in Meadowbrook. They will also visit with Mr. Ferguson's mother and sisters, Mrs. Ella Ferguson, Miss Florence Ferguson and Mrs. Grace McMillan, in Wood River. Junior Betas The junior chapter of Beta Gamma Upsilon discussed plans for summer events (luring its meeting Tuesday evening in the home of Miss Kay Bierbaum 277 Herbert St. A rush party is planned for Tuesday in Mineral Springs Hotel. Other events will be a trip on the Steamer Admiral Sunday, and a bake sale at Wegener's Food Store on Saturday. Visit in Godfrey Mrs. Paul Trovilllon of Brownfield, 111., is visiting her sister. Mrs. Gertrude Thomas, at the home of Mrs. C. 0. Schenk, 12 Duval Drive, Godfrey. Also guests in the Schenk home are Mr. and Mrs. Herman Thompson and children, Stephen, Michael, Patty, Martha, and Terry, of Peoria. Churches BAPTIST Edna Chambers Circle of the Cherry Street Baptist Church will meet at noon Thursday in the church for potluck luncheon, with drink and dessert furnished by the circle. Mrs. Lawrence Douglas is chairman. * * * Xi Boy Scout Troop 21 of St. John Baptist Church will sponsor a picnic in Salu Park Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Chairmen for the event are J. S. Boiling, institutional representative of the troop; and Jackie Alexander, scoutmaster. Proceeds will be used to send .scouts of the church troop to summer camp. The picnic is open to the public. Bob Bower, speech therapist at the Easter Seal Treatment Center, joins a group of dance students at the camp on the Monticello campus where he is serving as recreation director this summer. The camp is entirely staffed by volunteers, and includes classes in art, ceramics, and dramatics in addition to dance. Miss Elizabeth Halpin is in charge of dance classes; Mrs. Louis Charney, ceramics; and Miss Jill Price, art. At right is Mrs. Elvis Lamm, Junior Service League member. Rides in pony-drawn carts are among treats provided for children at the camp who come from Madison and surrounding counties. Various church groups put on cook-outs for the children, under the direction of Mrs. Eugene Sims. Ann Landers A Sudden Attack of Paternity <" :., ,, .,,uv~-^* The Family wife back. Doctors Discuss Dandruff A Lovelier You Spindly Leg Problem — Swim Suits Sportswear for July 4th -&f...i-' PAULENE'S MONTJCEU.O PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER Phone 486-3821 QUICK CLEAN CENTER Plaza — East Alton Opun » to 8 Man. thru Sat. 12 to « P.M. Sunday Budget Dry Cleaning (11.00 dig.) Chlldren's-JnfaiHs Wear l-'cuturlng Stereo & HI-J'I Itccord Players. All the latest records & Pop 45's Ml West 4th St, "Downtown Alton's Only Musjp Shop" . From American Medical Assn. In the past 10 years a number of shampoos have been developed that seem to counteract dandruff somewhat better than conventional shampoos. These products appear to be able to delay the more noticeable dandruff symptoms for five to seven days and a once- a-week washing is often sufficient to control the problem. Some of these shampoos containing colloidal sulfur, and a new formula containing diodo- hydroxyquinoline, seem to have some effectiveness for some people. Certain special rinses, containing quarternary ammonium compounds, appear to be even more effective. Most rinses must be diluted and are used following regular shampooing. For best results, both the shampoos aand the rinses should be allowed to remain on the scalp for two to five minutes. A shampoo containing zinc 2-pyridinethiol 1-oxide, currently being sold in some areas, does not require a soaking period and initial studies appear to indicate that it is as effective as the best of the rinses. Any good conventional shampoo can provide some control over dandruff flaking since the scalp is cleansed and the dandruff washed out. But quite often the symptoms return a few days later and frequent shampooing has a drying effect which also causes flaking. Although there has never been satisfactory evidence that dandruff is caused by microorganisms, some manufacturers have tried to develop a treatment based on the theory that dandruff is infectious. These products have been either of just borderline usefulness, or not effective at all. Flaking of the scalp is a more or less normal condition. If dandruff symptoms become severe or persist, a physician should be consulted. the Beaded Sweater from 29.99 . . . of course EASTGATE PLAZA Open daily till 9 p.m. By MARY SUE MILLER A lovely writes: My legs are spindly, although I am not otherwise thin. Maybe a bit too heavy. Please tell me what the ideal leg measurements are and how to get them. For all my lovelies with the spindly problem, this advice: You can be lightweight, middleweight or heavyweight, and still be plagued by thin legs. So diet obviously is not the answer. Dieting would not go amiss, however, if your general appearance could benefit from a gain or loss in pounds. Be that as it may, the only sure means to a legline build-up is spot-increasing exercise. Such workouts develop strong muscles which, in turn, mold and hold flesh in curvier contours. An excellent routine follows: Stand with feet six inches apart, toes pointing ahead and hands on hips. Rise onto balls of feet and twist torso to right; by bending knees, very slowly sink toward floor as far as possible and then slowly come erect. Relax and repeat, turning torso to left. Alternating, perform 20 times. As for ideal leg measurements, they are based on one's height. The chart below shows the breakdown: Height-5' to 5'3" . . . Thigh- cheating on the tape measure Height—5'4" to 5'6" . . . Thigh— 19"; Calf - 13"; Ankle 8". Height—5'7" to 5'8" . . . Thigh— 19'/ 2 "; Calf-13%"; Ankle- 8>/ 2 " Note: If your frame is small, subtract one inch from the charted measurements; if large, add one inch. Be accurate; creating on the tape measure gets you nowhere. Q Publishers Newspaper Syndicate Recent Weddings Announced ESTES-WILLARD Mr. and Mrs. Jim Estes, who were married on June 6, are residing on Dry Street in East Alton. The bride is the former Miss Carolyn Sue Willard. The Rev. W. Freeman Privett performed the marriage ceremony in Cherry Street Baptist Church. The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Arthur Willard of 1716 Feldwisch Ave., and the late Mr. Willard. She is a 1963 graduate of Alton High School. Mr. Estes is the foster-son of Mr. and Mrs. John Hartley of East Alton. He is an em- ploye of the Alton Playground & Recreation Commission. Bailey Marriage Marie and L. E. (Bob) Bailey were reunited in marriage on June 25 at 7 p.m. in the Upper Alton Baptist Church by the pastor, Rev. Robert J. Cochran. Attendants were the couple's children, Thomas Lee Nance, Paula and Kathy Bailey. DEAR ANN: This will sound terrible but I'm really a very nice guy. I want my fourth I've had one marriage since Peg I Sand now I know for sure that . number four is xthe girl for me. I am 42, ma- 1 ture, and have - been around 'enough to know the score. I am not stuck with Ann Landers, any alimony raps because all my ex-wives remarried. All my kids have been adopted by their step-fathers so I have never been hooked for child support either. The problem is that Peg's husband is a big shot and he might give me some trouble. He and Peg never had kids of their own and he is crazy about the boys. I haven't seen them in seven years but I hear the kids are very handsome—like me. I'm sure Peg still loves me and that I could be a good father to the boys. I realize now I should have stuck with them. Do you think I have a chance? —BEN A ROUND DEAR BEN: Chance for what? A fat lip? Your sudden attack of paternity gets me right here, Pal. Your timing is cockeyed and I have only one recommendation: Get yourself good and lost and leave this family alone. * * * * DEAR ANN: I would just love to get my hands on that girl from Minneapolis who said all fellows who wear white socks are yokels. Did it ever occur to her that some men must wear white socks — following doctors' orders? My husband is one of those unfortunate guys who is allergic to the dye in men's socks. His feet used to break out in a terrible rash and the itching drove him crazy. It took quite a long time before he was able to track down the cause of his trouble. Since he has worn only white socks he hasn't had any problem. So please tell that big-mouth up there in Minneapolis it's unfair to judge people by the color of their socks. I don't like the looks of white socks either, but it's better than bandages.—NOT COLOR BLIND DEAR NOT COLOR BLIND: I was surprised at the number of wives who wrote as you did to say their husbands wore white socks because of feet problems. Others wrote to say they like the looks of white socks, and whose business is it anyway? * * # * DEAR ANN: I am 26, have been married for five years and have two darling youngsters. My problem is not serious but I want to handle it with care because it involves my youngest sister. Sharon is 17 and graduated from high school a couple of weeks ago. She is a very pretty girl and an unabashed flirt. She has been batting her eyes at my husband since she was 13. I always considered her behavior more adolescent than damaging. My husband ignored her aggressiveness until recently when he said, "Your little sister is boy-crazy and I hope she outgrows it soon." Last night Sharon brought her graduation pictures over. She had a large one framed for my husband's office—those were her instructions. On it she wrote, "To Jess, with all my love forever and ever." My husband does not want to take the picture to his office but he is afraid of hurting her feelings. What is your advice? —L. L. S. DEAR L.L.S.: The inscription disqualifies the picture from display anywhere. Keep it in the drawer. And if your sister- inquires about it, Jess should tell her why it's not in his office. * * * * Confidential to HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: Don't waste another minute on this dead, dead subject. 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