Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 26, 1963 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1963
Page 9
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PAGE TEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH WEDNESDAY, JUNE 26, 1963 Unemployment Story Cutbacks, Industry Shifts Are Hardest on the Older Employes Public opinion reporter Samuel Lubell has just completed a 23-city tour gathering material to analyze the unemployment problem. In today's article he discusses the relocation of industries and the effect on employes. Tense Nerves Block Bowels Your colon has nerves that control regularity. When you arc tense or nervous, normal bowel impulses may be blocked—and you become constipated. New COLONAID tablets relieve this misery with a new principle—a unique colonic nerve stimulant plus special bulking action as recommended by many doctors. Result? COLONAID puts your colon back to work—gently relieves constipation overnight. You feel great! Get clinically-proved COLONAID today. Introductory size 43* B.v SAMUEL LUBELL "I lost my job when t h e Thresher went down." The 24-year-old clerk in Boston wpnt on to explain that Ws company had been making valves for ntii-lear submarines. When t h e Thresher sank last April, the Defense Department cancelled some of its contracts which "just about put our company out of business." Fortunately accidents like the Thresher tragedy occur only rarely but the remark of this unemployed clerk does illustrate t h e new element of job instability that has been injected into the economy by the heavy dependence on government spending. Military weapons, by their nature, lack a continuous market. Once government requirements are filled, employment tends to be cut off abruptly. Whib Boeing SAVE! SAVE! Ladies' and Misses 4.95 to 9.95 FLATS FAMOUS LABELS 1.99 All Others $1.00 to S2.99 Sizes and Colors In Lot LADIES! WEDGE AND STACKED HEELS Nationally Advertised * • Ties • Casuals 12.93 sellers. 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This ceaseless reshuffling of de- fence contracts is just one example of I he double-edge nature of economic' growth. Sometimes officials in Washington talk of stimulating the economy as if it were a simple exercise in political arithmetic, merely adding so many new jobs to those already in existence. But economic growth also complicates the problems of unemployment. First, the technological changes that accompany growth cut down the number of people needed to perform the same work, which swells the demand for more jobs. Since 1950, for example, more than two million farm work- pa ny moved its electronic testing to the West Coast where the defense contracts are." "If you look for work in a big place," he complained, "they tell you its costs too much in fringe benefits to hire older men. If you go to a small outfit they offer you a lousy $1.75 an hour. "My wife makes more than ers have been displaced. Then, these changes, while cre- [ating new jobs in one place, often eliminate jobs elsewhere. In particular, economic growth seems to generate a stubborn, hard-core type of unemployment. Of all the unemployed interviewed in my 23-city survey, nearly 15 per cent had been pushed out of the economy by varied aspects of economic growth. Some had seen their jobs eliminated by the closing of factories and the moving of work elsewhere; others by shifts in defense contracts, automation, or cost-cutting changes in work processes. Nearly 40 per cent of these workers, mainly white-collar and professional people, talked confidently of finding new jobs. Some already had such jobs lined up. But another third had been drawing unemployment compensation for four months or longer and seemed doomed to remain jobless for some time to come. "I've got that fity-year mark in my hair," replied one Brooklyn welder when asked why he was finding it so difficult to climb back into the economy. Other complained, "Companies won't pay the extra insurance for an older man. After forty you might as well drop dead." Sill others faced the painful choice of accepting a drastic reduction in pay. A 46-year-old skilled mechanic had been let out after 15 years with a Chicago testing laboratory when "the corn- thai," he added bitterly. Some of the unemployed have had to forget their trade and take "anything that is offered." Often these are only spare, short-time jobs which bring a man back to the unemployment line year after year. In short, after the grinding down to fit available jobs is completed,some of the workers who have been displaced from t h e economy never manage to get back in. This steady addition to t h e hard-core unemployed, when coupled with the generally slow creation of new jobs, explains the carpet company. He used to be in the office checking rugs. Now he works in terrific heat and is on his feet all the time." At the Amsterdam employment center the younger people! of leaving town. The older work"we my ers were have our staying because homes here" or You Can Count on Us . Quality Costs No More at Sears SEARS ROEBUCK AND CO 3 DAYS ONLY Buttonholes Sew any size, buttonholes with amazing speed, ease. CABINET INCLUDED Choose walnut or fruitwood veneers. why after each recent recession unemployment has been left at a higher level than before. Where whole communities have been thrust out of the economy the adjusting process becomes even more prolonged. Ten years have passed since the upstate New York community of Amsterdam was plunged into despair by the announcement that its carpetmaking factories —virtually the only local industry — were moving much of their work to the South. One housewife offered this capsule summary of where Amsterdam stood now. "We're no longer a one-industry town," she said. "Lots of smaller industries have moved in. But they're still all bad-paying sweatshops. 'The women work, but most of the men stay at home. Things are no better for them." "My own husband is in a Fiberglas factory," she went on. "He's making a lot less than he did in KENMORE Console Zig- Zag Sewing Machine i Sews zigzag and straight-stitch i Embroiders, monograms, mends i Sews on buttons, bastes, darns Bobbin winder shuts oft when lull Choice of two console finishes FREE SEWING LESSONS NO MONEY DOWN Chop at Sear* and Sav« 1 t' itUfactlon Guaranteed or Your Mono/ Back SEARS 809 Piasa, Alton Phone HO 5-5511 Greene to Select Pork Queen CARROLLTON-For the first time in the history of the Greene County Fair, a Greene County "Pork Queen" will be named this year at 10 a.m. on July 6. The judging will be at the Greene County Farm Bureau hall. The contest is sponsored by the Greene County Swine Improvement Association and the winner will be sent to the state contest during the Illinois State Fair. Roland Schild, is the chairman of the queen contest and the final date for entering the contest is 5 p.rn. July 5. Entry blanks are available at the Greene County Extension office. Candidates must be single and between 16 and 20 years old as of Nov. 1, 1963. They must live on a farm where pork is produced or be the daughter of parents actively engaged in swine production. Each contestant will be required to present an oral essay of five minutes or less, on a subject involving pork, its use or the pork industry. Judging will be based on beauty, personality and poise and contestants should appear in dress-up cJothes but not in formals. The winner will reign during the Greene County Fair. Girls interested should notify Roland Schild, Carrollton, William Elmore Jr., Rockbridge, or Warren Wagner of Greenfield. To Go to California CARROLLTON — Mr. and Mrs. Danny Boirum and daughter plan .o leave Monday for San Diego, California, where they will reside until December when Boirum will receive his discharge from t h e U.S. Navy after serving four years. Boirum has been spending a leave here with his wife and daughter who have spent some months here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dawdy, while he was overseas, They will be accompanied to California by their mothers, Mrs. Paul Dawdy of Currollton and Mrs. Vivian Boirum of White Hall who will spend two sveeks at the Boirum home. Hospital Notes CARROU.TON — Mrs. Beulah Holtswarth of Eldred was admitted to Boyd Memorial Hospital Monday as a medical patient. Ad- mited Monday for surgery was Mrs. Willa Meek of White Hall. Carrollton Night Police Kewigns CARROLLTON - Ray Beck- lam, who has been employed as night policeman in Carrollton since Feb. 1, 1963, has resigned, effec- ive Monday, July 1. Beckham McDonnell Aircraft Corp. in St. ms accepted a position with the Louis and will begin work there July 1. wife has a job" or "there's work every now and then in nearby towns." One construction worker re marked, "You read about a com ing boom. But how could a boon get in here?" Others among the unemployed voiced a common cry, "We need a big company to come in here and employ men." This yearning for employment with "a big company" echoes the feelings expressed by younger workers across the whole country and whose special problems were discussed in yesterday's article. Actually these younger workers and depressed communities such as Amsterdam share the same plight. Both have been largely walled out of the economy — the younger workers by high seniority barriers, the depressed communities by the lack of a mainstream industry through which they can receive the needed transfusion of vigor from the rest -f the economy. TOMORROW — How good are the unemployment figures? Plan ToUr for i Cattlemen of Greene County CARROLLTON — Greene county cattlemen have been invited to go on tour to Wyoming Aug. 8 9 and 10 to look at replacement beef cattle. The tour is sponsored by the Greene County Agricultural Extension Council. Twelve farmers have already signed for the trip which will be made by car and the expected cost per person is between $75 and $100 and this will include car expense, lodging and food. Child Injured CARROLLTON - Karen Tretter, five-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Tretter of St. Louis, is a patient in the Children's Hospital in St. Louis as the result of a leg fracture which she suffered Sunday when struck by a car in front of her home. The child's mother is the former Meta McCadden of this city. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Jung and Mr. and Mrs. P. G. McCadden of this city went to St. Louis Monday evening and were guests at the Tretter home. Carrollton Notes CARROLLTON — Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Camerer of this city and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stearns of Alton returned home Saturday from a weeks vacation in Colorado. Miss Reva Dawdy and Randy Dawdy will go to Pekin Sunday and Frank Tate of Mt. Vernon spent Monday with Williams' sister, Mrs. T. G. Roady Sr. , Mr. and Mrs. John L. Baker and family left Friday to return to their home in Columbia, S.C., after spending a week with Baker's mother, Mrs. John Baker. One out of every 100 Greeks is convicted each year for minor crimes, mostly non-payment of debt. :o spend two weeks with their uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bacon. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Robertson of Fort Meyers, Fla., were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Chares Sackman at the home of Mrs. L. E. Raper. Quintin Williams of St. Louis You sure will TAN (sure won't burn) with SEA & SKI PS«0 & Ski Co., Dlv. 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