Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 26, 1963 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1963
Page 2
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PAGE TWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Untlf WEDNESDAY, JUNE 26, 1963 3,661 Spent in Last Years on County Ji frO FORtCAST Uw FAIR AJSD WARM Building Shown Not Neglected Scattered showers and thunder- Lakes area and in parts of the Pacific storms arc expected Wednesday night northwest. It will be cooler hi the up on the southeast coast, in the western per Lakes region and in the upper Mis- Gulf area, portions of the upper Great sissippi valley. (AP \Virephoto Map) Looks into the Face of A Horse at His Window David Arst, 2-117 Gayle Ave.j geraniums. <vas sure he saw a horse in hisj "Hey, get out of there." Arst yard early Tuesday morning, but at 3 a.m. and dazed with sleep it i EDWARDSVILLE - William: I Bryant, chairman of the Madison j i County board of Supervisors Jail 'Committee 1 , cited figures today 'that showed a total of S53,fi61.26 has been spent the past 3 1 - years to keep the county jail in operating condition. Alton and vicinity — Fair andi Bryant, who submitted the fig- warm through Thursday. HighjUres at a meeting today wilh Thursday 90 to 93. Low tonight'County Board Chairman Harold WeatherForecast upper 60s. could have been a nightmare "!' sure that was a horse out there," he said to his wife. "I'm sure it was . . ." Padding across the room with sleep in his eyes, Arst looked out the front window last night and into the face of a horse standing in the yard. The horse was about to eat Mrs. Arst's newly planted shouted at the animal, and it ran away, down the street. Later, after Mr. and Mrs. Arst decided that if Arst hadn't dreamed up the horse it must be the property of C. R. Wright, an administrative assistant for the Alton School District. _ = __ They were correct. Wright, who high is 86-90, the nromal low Extended Forecast Southern Illinois — Tempera- 2-5 degrees tures will above the average seasonal normals for the next five days with only minor day to day changes. The normal lives in the neighborhood, said the animal escaped from a lot through an insecure gate. 64-69. Precipitation will average less than .25 inch in scattered Landolt, said the cost items were compiled to show the jail has not been neglected. Several Madison County grand juries have been critical of conditions at the county jail and recently a recommendation was made to explore the possibility of erecting a new county penal building with separate quarters as a holdover for juvenile offenders. "Only one side of the story has been presented so far," Bryant showers early next week. Council Will Act on Its First Ordinance The first ordinance to be enacted by Alton's new aldermanic council since it took office nearly two months ago is scheduled for adoption tonight. It's something of a record. The initial legislative measure is an ordinance amending the annual appropriation ordinance enacted last March by the former 5-member manager-type council. The amending ordinance makes various adjustments in the allocation of funds, and would add an estimated $121,000 to the total budget. No Tax Increase The increases in appropria- Presbytery Acts For Integration said following today's committee 'conference. "We'd just lige every one to know that the jail committee is doing everything we can to keep up the jail with the limited funds available." ! Bryant added that the commit- j tee was cognizant of need for further improvements and corrective measures. "We are going to meet with the Sheriff and go through the jail, checking for defective! locks and anything else that needs repairing and will have the work done as funds are available," Bryant said. Alton Presbytery moved Tuesday to positive action on the Presbyterian General Assembly's recent pronouncements regarding integration. -Meeting at Collinsville the Presbytery approved appointment of the Rev. Walter Mehl of Edwardsville as member of a synod com..... ...^_^,.. J ... ^ HfJ .^, ,„-, mission on Church and Society, tions however, will require no dealing with the integration prob- increases in the city taxes, according to City W. Hoefert. "Additions to Counsellor J. the budget," said Hoefert, "will be financed from sources of city revenue other than from taxation", he said. Amendment of the appropriations may require some later adjustments in the municipal tax levy . ordinance, Hoefert added. But these adjustments will require no increases in the tax rates required by the already adopted levy ordinance. Municipal appropriations must be completed within the first quarter of the fiscal year of the municipality, and tonight's meeting will be the last regular session of the council at lem, and heard described the work of St. Louis Presbytery in dial direction. Presbyterian churches have been open to non-whites, it was pointed out during the discussion—but rough guess by some speakers was that there were no non-white members in Alton Presbytery. Formulate Plans The Rev. Mehl reported on synod action last week to call a meeting of its church and state committee for early fall to take up formulation of the integration plans. Earlier in the meeting Ray Boden, director for the city ministry of St. Louis Presbytery, described how that organization was proceeding with the program of serving the urban area, where Negro ». c£utcLi a^aai v ' \st LUC ^uunuii at —° —-— «-. .^^..* «.. ~«, ., which any changes in the budget I population was heavy. are legally possible. Two Others Two other ordinances, ordered drawn by the council, are ready for introduction tonight. One would authorize a lease by the city to Junior Service League of the former I. T. Railroad depot at the foot of Piasa Si. The other would vacate a narrow strip on the west side of Humbert Street between Claire avenue and the Beltline. The two ordinances ratify actions previously made by council resolutions. Ask To Vacate AJley Filed for presentation tonight is a petition from Shell Oil Co. asking vacation of an alley to the north of its service station at the northeast corner of Main Mild Broadsvay. Shell asks the alley vacation so that a "bluff" to the rear of its service station may be removed, and, with the alley, afford it space for an addition to services it offers patrons. The corporation's petition states that the other property owners on the alley. Radonics - Alton Inc., and Mike Mikoff Sr. have given approval to the vacating project. Nolsu Ht Drive-In R. H. Kornegay of 803 Roe- dale Ave. has addressed to the council a complaint of noise at Block's drive-in at lOiiO Milton Road attributed largely to late committee. Dr. Burroughs pointed out the Illinois Synod had joined two other denominations, the Christian Church Disciples and the United Church of Christ in planning a unified ministry to college students throughout the state. Already the three denominations have been instrumental in establishing nine centers downstate and eight in the Chicago area. Facilities in these centers, including that at S1U, will be financed on a revenue basis, supported by all denominations using them. They are open to all denominations: Protestant and Catholic. MehJ to Supervise Rev. Mehl has been designated as chairman of the interdenominational commission supervising the Edwardsville SIU center. Speaking for all four commissioners to last month's General Assembly of the United Presbyterian Church in the U. S. A., held at Des Moines, Paul S. Cousley of the Alton First Church gave a 30-minute report on proceedings there. PINCKNEYVILLE — Officers lead : confessed slayer Ronald W. Metzger, The list of expenditures for jail I Belleville, up railroad tracks after his repairs and maintenance produced I capture Tuesday in a farm shed south- by Bryant showed $4,047 spent! through December, 1959 for cell doors, cots and tables for the jail. Major expense items for I960! included $14,805 for new plumbing and plumbing repairs, $3,065.60 for painting and $1,888.96 for concrete work. In 1961 expenditures for plumb- METZGER RECAPTURED west of Pinckneyville. Metzger sawed his way free of the Perry County Jail early Tuesday. (AP Wirephoto). East Germans Plan Show for Khrushchev By GEORGE BOULTWOOD BERLIN (AP) — The East German Communists are trying t drum up a big show for Soviet Premier Khrushchev's visit t< East Berlin Friday in a bid t< match President Kennedy's recep tion in West Berlin. Berlin experts predicted that for Khrushchev's seventh visit Sast Berliners would heed a Com munist appeal to "decorat louses, streets, squares and fac ories with the red flags of the working class," but would do so sullenly. The East German Communis party organ, Neues Deutschland nade a front page appeal to Easl Berliners to give their traditiona lospitality "to our great friend.' It ran interviews with the mayor, a mechanic and a sales girl extolling Khrushchev's visit The East German radio also broadcast interviews and com mentaries to whip up interest. The Soviet premier sivited East Berlin only last January' and no one expected him to return so soon. But East German Communist leader Walter Ulbricht's 70th birthday on Sunday presented Khrushchev with a reason. Waits For Suimy Day for Suicide ing totaled $6,519.32 and $2,663.42 represented the outlay for needed electrical repairs and new wiring. Only major item of 1962 expenditures was $1,306.09 for maintenance and miscellaneous repairs. Of the $6,221.32 spent thus far in 1963 on the county jail building, $637.05 was for maintenance and miscellaneous repairs, $797.65 for painting and repaper- ing the interior of the Sheriff's living quarters, $2,166.85 for plumbing work under tenure of former Sheriff Musso, and the following items for remodeling and equipping the jail office since Sheriff Barney Fraundorf assumed office: steel door for an inner door of the office, $196; remodeling work, $2,325, and office furniture, $735.82. Other improvements under way of proposed include resurfacing of a driveway and parking lot at the rear of the jail prop- Local Thief Gets Life for Murder Pinckneyville youths tion. Twoiural were seized and questioned in escape by use of hacksaw blades furnished him. He said that in some cases, to effect integration in the urban churches in Negro areas, it had been found possible to bring white members in from outlying areas. Opened to Negroes An East St. Louis pastor, the Rev. Arthur Smith, who is stated clerk for the presbytery, said his church building was made open to the concentrated Negro population surrounding it, and he himself spent much time meeting with their organizations as church host? He expressed regret, however, at the absence, so far, of Negro representatives in the worship ot ' 1 services there. Center at SIU Plans for the student religious center at the Southern Illinois University campus at Edwardsville are nearing completion, according to Ur. Cortley Burroughs, Alton First Church pastor, who is chairman of Illinois Synod's Unit ed campus Christian lile ministry evening activities of juveniles congregating at the drive-in The complaint says, "Major offenders are juveniles, who remain after curfey hour." / ed Is corrective action by police. An accompanying report from the police department states close check on the drive-in is maintained with special atten tion to devermining if juveniles there are violating the city our- few hours. Presbytei-y authorized procedure erty, and replacement or repairs by a special administrative com-U° defective locks on cell doors. Serving on the jail committee with Chairman Bryant are Clifford Krug, Godfrey; Pete Perica, mission to dissolve the the Woodburn Presbyterian Church and assume title to its building. The commission's report cited a recent action by the congregation, which had termed itself Presbyterian (unrelated'), in voting to secede from the United Presbyterian denomination. $265 Tools Stolen Two electric impact wrenches, /alued at $265, were reported stolen from Sid's Auto Clinic, 2637 E. Broadway, Tuesday. Sidney Johnson said one of the wrench- was valued at $125 and Alton; Jay Maurer, Venice and Roland McCune, Wood River. Mayor Finds Own Ticket in Cleanup WELLSVILLE, N.Y. (AP) — Mayor Robert Gardner and his police chief cleaned out the police files on unpaid parking tickets Tuesday. They found 176 unpaid tickets. One ticket, two years old, belonged to the mayor. He paid a Wife Claims Actor Husband Beat Her LOS ANGELES (AP) — The bride of actor James Craig claims he beat her. Jane Valentine, 29, sued for divorce Tuesday, asking for $500 monthly support and a restraining order preventing him from annoying her or disposing of assets pending a hearing. Craig, 51, and Miss Valentine were married last March 17 and separated June 21, her Superior Court complaint said. Drive-In Theft An undetermined amount of change was taken from vending machines at the Riverside Drive- in in Riverside Park in a burglary reported Tuesday morning. A jukebox, pinball machine and cigarette machine were pried open and the money removed. PINCKNEYVILLE, 111. W) — Ronald Willard Metzger has been sentenced to 100-125 years in prison for the murder of a service station worker. Officials said he could be eligible for parole in 20 years. Metzger admitted last March to Alton police that he had stolen merchandise from an Alton radio store, admitted shoplifting at several Alton stores, to robbing Wood River-East Alton area gas stations and a half-dozen robberies and a series of burglaries in Southern Illinois. Metzger, 20, of Belleville sawed out of Perry County Jail a few hours before he was to have appeared in Circuit Court for sentencing Tuesday. He was apprehended at an abandoned farm five miles from Pinckneyville. The former Southern Illinois University student pleaded guilty earlier this month to the Feb. 25 shooting of Leo Johnson of Coello, ivho died while struggling with the man robbing his service sta- GUATEMALA (AP) - Jose Lucas Carney waited for a sunny lay to leap 150 feet to his death >om the Belice bridge outside the Juatemalayan capital Tuesday. Carney, an unemployed handyman, left this note: "This accident was to take place June 22 at 5 p.m. But it was raining, so postponed it until today. Goodbye, friends." $30,000 Award in Food Case A verdict for $30,000 — the maximum permlssable by law — has been returned by an Alton city court trial jury in favor of Mrs. Vorene E. Gerson as administra- :rbc of the estate of her deceased husband, Emll J. Gerson, and against Tri-City Grocery Co. The damage suit for benefit of lerson's estate was based on averments that he became ill after eating four wieners purchased at an Alton store of the defendant company, and that as a result he suffered physical damage to his heart which subsequently resulted in his death. The wieners were allegedly eaten Dec. 17, 3961 when Gerson was a resident, near Elsah, on Godfrey, Route 2. His death occurred about three months later on March 26, 1962. It was testified that Mrs. Gerson and a daughter also were made ill by partaking of the wieners. Heirs-at-law of Gerson were listed as his widow, and three minor children, Elaine, Gary, and Lois. Trial of the suit began Monday and was given to the jury about 5 p.m. yesterday. The verdict, returned sealed at 8:20 p.m. was opened and entered by Judge I. H. Streeper after court convened at 9:30 a.m. today. Called to jury trial today was a suit based on the use of a soap powder. The case is that of Mrs. Helen libbs of Alton against Proctor 6 Gamble Manufacturing Co, and the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. Mrs. Gibbs charged in her :omplaint that on Feb. 8, 1960 she bought a box of soap powder manufactured by Proctor & Gamble at an Alton A&P store and that as a result of Is use she suffered a severe ash on both hands, was forced o sell her restaurant, and her laming capacity was impaired. She averred that there was mplied warranty of the product by the defendants for the purpose she was to use it for. negli- d that that there was gence on their part. 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