Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 25, 1963 · Page 7
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 25, 1963
Page 7
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TUESDAY, JUNE 25, 1963 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE SEVEN Young Modems Actor Seeking a Brainy Wife By VtVtAtf UROWN AP Newsfcfttures Writer Typical of modem young men who are getting more difficult to please, even as they protest they aren't, is 21-year-old actor Tommy Kirk. Just listen to Tommy try to prove that some young bachelors coitldn't care less whether a girl can darn socks, wash clothes or even cook. "I don't want somebody running around with her feet all bound up, bowing and scraping," he explains. "I want my wife to be so intelligent that there is nothing that I can do or say that she hasn't foreseen." But who will do those little ol' chores like feeding a big bruiser like Tommy? "Who cares," he says. "You can always get somebody to do those things." What He Wants Tommy knows what kind of girl he'd like. Exactly. Summed up. she'd: Look like Gainsborough's painting "Pinky." Be serene, humble and patient as Brutus' wife. As intelligent as Circe. (He had to go to Greek mythology for that one.) And, naturally, he knows she doesn't exist. He doesn't expect to find her. But he doesn't think he'll be miserable if he doesn't. "I'll probably wind up marrying the girl next door," he SILVER SPECIALS iSSi GUARANIttD SIIVIRPIATI by ONFIOA LTD Silvcumilln BO-PIECE SERVICE FOR 8 • KnlVM, • rofki, I Salad £ ••rki, I Soup Spaoni, 1 Mtar Knlf *, 1 Sugar Spa«n. Mandtom* lorg* w«*4 cbtrt with mahogany _Jnhli, beautifully lined. We Give Eagle Stamps of OnticU LM. "Charge Accounts Welcome" 316 Belle St. Dial 462-2722 says. "Maybe somebody even in show business.'' But then he qualifies that. . . "All the things 1 hate in people are personified in show business people. They can be vulgar, ugly, terrible, even when they have all that is beautiful and hopeful. And I don't set myself apart. I have these faults," he says. He's Seeking Perfection But restless Tommy searches for perfection because "perfection would never bore me. Repetition bores me." (Like having a girl cook dinner every night). Tommy knows he is the outspoken, soul-probing, melancholy type typical of his generation. He has just finished two movies, "Savage Sam" and "Merlyn Jones." and knows he'll make a new one soon, "but the wardrobe girl will know I'm going to be in something before I do." he says. "I won't know until they tell me to pick up the airline ticket." fie wants to go on the Broadway stage. "It's the last remaining contact with an audience for a personal triumph," he says. "You fall or succeed mat way. I had a little taste of it in California. I have something and I want to give it in the best possible way." His career in his hobby. He doesn't approve of people who are scared of life, burying themselves in an occupation where they have no contact with other people." "Tf nothing else but because T am a ham, I want to be in contact with the world," he says. He doesn't approve of people like Albert Schweitzer, who "withdraw from the ring, sit back in an isolated spot and make dispassionate comments about mankind." Tommy feels it is right to criticize only if you are one of the mob. Cooking Cues Nowadays recipes often call for catchup and chili sauce, ta- basco and Worcestershire plus soy sauce, so it's a good idea to have these on your kitchen seasoning shelves. Advice to Homemakers What to Do Till Sitter Comes By ELENORB Z. FOX Associated Press WARREN, Pa. (AP) - One of the most formidable problems to beset suburbia is the dilemma of the babysitter. After the initial trial and torment of paying for the ad in the newspaper, the countless phone calls or letters in answer and the interviews with and without the children, perhaps you have settled for a kindly, grandmotherly type who assures you she will do her best. Naturally, the children adore her, since anyone even faintly reminescent of Grandma rates tops in their book. Then begins the series of traumatic experiences from which you may never recover. Time to Ponder Monday dawns, bright and early, tt is Club Day, Wash Day and also Cleaning-up-after-the- weekend Day. The alarm rings at 7 and you rise up. cheerful and fresh. Then you give the children their breakfast and ponder. If you're like me, there is only one of the bright-eyed darlings to be entrusted to the local school system, and that for a half a day only. The other two are underfoot. After consigning the children to the playroom (if you're lucky enough to have one) and the first batch of laundry to the washer, you are able to sit down to that second cup of coffee and reflect on the day's strategy. Burst of Energy It will be really necessary to give the house a thorough cleaning: after all. you don't want to have that lived-in look with the sitter coming. The kitchen floor will have to be swept at least, and the windows on the storm doors will have to be washed. . . Suddenly you notice it's 10:30 and nothing done! The whirlwind energy displayed by the housewife on sitter- day would do a vitamin manufacturer's heart good. At least, floor's swept, the furniture shining, the clothes neatly folded and put away. Our heroine prepares lunch for the family. Oldest son is now home from school and is proceeding to strew the hall and bedroom with assorted clothes, boots, scarves and mittens. Husband is due for his 20-minute lunch "hour" and the soup has begun to boil over on the stove. Worked Out System Lunch having been consumed in this congenial and restful atmosphere, it is now time to stash the dishes in the dishwasher COli joy of possession) and begin to dress for the Club. In our town Club means HAT and also GLOVES The system I've worked out by trial, tribulation and error is to begin by getting half-dressed, then, wearing a housecoat, wash the children and supervise their changing clothes. It is necessary, it seems, for them to be spotless when the sitter arrives so that they will make a favorable impression on the good woman. Then you hand them each a library book (coloring books at this point would be plain foolhardy) and begin to dress yourself. When SHE Arrives What happens is that two minutes later, you find the children standing around, supervising YOU. About half way through your makeup, or just when you have one eye half-lined, the doorbell announces the Long-Awaited One. The children go flying to answer and you are allowed Seams to Me to finish' lining the other eye alone. The pleasant, motherly creature belowstairs assures you in a hearty bellow that "everything will be just fine." and mentally you go over the checklist: house cleaned, floor swept, too bad I didn't get the windows cleaned, cookies for the boys on the countertop. ten and tranquilizers handy for the sitter. . . Then you can put on your hal and stagger off to your meeting, exhausted from the effort, but confident that you have lost neither caste nor face. Every week you vow that it will be different: that you'll assert your rights as an individual, instead of kowtowing to status and every week . . . Excuse me, I've got to mop the kitchen. The sitter's due in an hour. . . Slashed Opening Should Be Bound for Strength Now more appealing than ever... The Temptation of BEAUTYREST Rugs and Upholstery cleaned the safe way! Duraclean "flower fres/i" cleaning NO soaking, no shrinking! NO ruinous scrubbing I jColors come alive! t for FREE estimate I call 466-3093 DURACLEAN Rug & Upholstery Cleaners By PATRICIA SCOTT A slashed neck opening can be very weak, so bind it to insure strength as well as protection from splitting. Remember that, markings should be on the wrong side of the garment (described belowl so that the bias piece for binding will be - placed on exactly the right spot. Be sure not to slash before you start. 1. Mark length of slash exactly where slash should be. Mark two parallel lines Vi inch on either side as in Figure A. Cut a true bias piece IVa inches wide and Vi to one-inch longer than actual slash. 2. Baste the strip to the right side of the garment along the slash marking (Figure B). With wrong side of the garment up, machine stitch along the outside markings, adding stitching across bottom end as in Figure C. 3. Slash along center slash marking through garment and bias strip to within % inch of slash end. From end of cut slash, cut to each corner as shown in Figure D. 4. From the right side of the garment, fold the bias strip over the seam allowance to the wrong side of the garment and baste to garment keeping width of each even as in Figure E. 5. Press binding on wrong side along the neck edge and seamline. Trim binding to V& inch and baste. Using slant stitches, hem folded edges to the garment and press lightly. Don't press from the right side because you will flatten the binding. 6. Remove the basting and press lightly so that the binding edges are not flattened. 7. To finish the end. have right side of garment up. Fold the garment back so you see a little triangular tab at the end of the slash. Stitch across this triangle on the original stitching line, as shown in Figure F. This finished end is similar to the way you finish the ends of bound buttonholes. You must make slaylines be- c. GO AHEAD, give in. Take a few moments away from ihose unending home-making tasks and let Beaut/rest refresh you for your busy hours yet to come. You'll soon discover the wonderful rest that can be yours, just by pausing everyday for what we like to call the fteautyrest hour. BEAUTYREST, the mattress where comfort begins and backache ends. Because Beautyrest has separate back-supporting springs that push up under the small of your back, you enjoy tree body-fitting comfort. 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"plan-a-rcom" uniti five you any arrangement you want with •itra-rooray ghelves adjustable to mo»t any , . height desired. All unit* finished in warm iriM* ten or walnut wood grain. V^JUUW^,, •*••! T^. S r »1<M I tin $7.95 $8.95 $9.95 $16.95 $19.95 For a Complete Selection of COSCO Products Charge It or Buy On Convenient Time Payments Free Parking At Rear Entrance 627 E. Iroadway Alton Jacoby's Since 1883 fore the slash is made. The center line is a guide for the slash. The two parallel lines on either side of it and the line across the bottom end will keep the slash from stretching, keep it from fraying, and can be used as guide lines for stitching on the bias strip and the trinnguhir tab. Miss Scott is always glad to hear from her readers, and whenever possible will use their questions in her column, but because of the great volume of mail received daily, .she cannot answer individual letters. Patricia Scott has prepared a booklet, "How to Alter Your Dress Patterns." which gives complete instructions for altering so that finished garments will fit perfectly. For your copy of this guide to correct fitting, write to Patricia Scott in care of Alton Telegraph, enclosing a long, self addressed, stamped envelope and 25 cents in coin to to cover costs of printing and handling. © Publishers Newspaper Syndicate Bom to: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Vellisan, F.ast St. Louis, n son. Gregory, tirst child. FvirUn. M<-'ni>->ri,il Hospital. Brllrvilio. Mrs. Vrl- ligan is the former Joan Cresswell of Alton. Mntnrnn! grandparents arc !\Ir. and Mrs. Robert Cresswcl! of Arcadia, Mo., formerly of Alton. The ha by. born by C e s a r e n n section, wpighed fi pounds. 11 ounces. A.8.C. Rnlpti Page and Mrs. Pfltje. M son. first child, 6 , pounds. 10 ounces. Monday. Spokane. Wash. Mrs. Page if , th? former Beverly Gehrke. | daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam j Gehrke. 152 Amherst St.. Cot- | tage Hills. Paternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Page of Forest Homes. Mr. and Mrs. TV. L. Bowman, 443 Wood River Ave., East Alton, a son. Randy Lee, 6 pounds. 7 ounces. 1:52 p.m., Monday, St. Joseph's Hospital. Elder children. Mary. 12. Jackie, 10. Michele. 8. and Mark, 7. Mr. and Mrs. Billy O. Miller, 110 St. Joseph's Drive, Godfrey, a son. 6 pounds, 0 ounces. 6:26 a.m. Monday. St. Joseph's Hospital. Elder children, Elizabeth Ann, 9. and Billie D. Miller Jr., S. Mr. and Mrs. TCrnesl Strickland, 1002 N. Main St.. Ed- wardsv'ille. a daughter, 6 pounds and 14 ounces, 1:54 a.m., Monday. St. Joseph's Hospital. Elder child. Ricky, 3V 2 . Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brown, 2116 Orchard Blvd., a daughter. Linda Sun, 7 pounds and 2 ounces, 10:33 a.m., Monday. Alton Memorial Hospital. Elder child, Nadean, 2" 2 . Mr. and Mrs. John Hill, 2715 Residence St., a son, Dale Wayne, 7 pounds, 14 ounces, 11:45 a.m. Monday, Alton Memorial Hospital. Elder children, Vickie S, Rickey 6. Debra 5. ! Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Roberson, 143 Maple St., Cottage Hills, j a son. Gregory Wayne, first i child, 5 pounds, 16 ounces, 1:15 a.m., today, Alton Memorial Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. MyrI MeEvers, 3001 Fermvood Ave., a son, 7:41 p.m., Monday, Alton Memorial Hospital. Youth Congress Is Set The 16th setting of the True Church House of Prayer to All Nations' youth congress will convene at the church Sunday and extend through July 7. it is announced by Elder Fred . Woodrird. host pastor. Official's i day will be observed July 7 with Bishop J. E. Williams in charge. National presidents' day will be observed on opening day, ! and baptisms will be adminis- ' tered at the closing. Devotional services will be conducted Monday through Wednesday: and programs July 5 and 6. Mother M. Riley will be in charge of needle and art work on July 4. The official staff for Hie event | will include Andrew McCoy as j program chairman: Elder I very ! mgram. conductor: Mrs. Clara : Lee. secretary: and Mrs. Ruby Rohison. master of ceremonies. ' Elder W. K. Robisou will bo in charge of baptisms, and will be assisted by a St. Louis elder. ; Mind Your Manners \ When two buses have passed __ you, it's not cricket to take out your irritation on the driver who finally stops. FROM Follow the Compass IN COMFORTABLE, CAREFREE BERMUDA KULOTTES SOLIDS PLAIDS Perfect Bermuda length. Hemmed bottoms. Talon side zipper, Sizes: 6-16, 5-15 5" ... of course EASTGATE PLAZA Open daily till 9 p.m. Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily You sure will TAN (sure won't burn) with SEA & SKI 8 ie» 4, iKI Co , Oiv. BoUnj Inouklrm. Inc., Nino, Nevada Sea & Ski's unique aun filter was perfected by the Desert Research Institute. It lets iu more tanning rays than its uoarest competitor, blocks out most burning rays. That's why millions tan best with Sea & Ski. 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