Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 17, 1959 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, January 17, 1959
Page 4
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JS^VA/ • ,?'•&{••' ,' *«'-, %-!%',»»:• ,•: ' -.j .1 BIGGEST KICK OF . > ! - « ,0,11 ,Y e a ,g « f UauVie Benedict foe ,,the " ' , 6f'52rrurdefVeharflei Gil 'ssplfrt' ~*nln'a^to'--"'ec'iairrt >hls fartch- which 'Tjftt'i, i :bi<SH>',"-i1ii*«id. by 'a 'powerful * by 'a 'power ' * .'ch pUr VI '- "' '.'Btlrke' tendered a gesture to- Inward-*cordiality, ."Glad to hear «.' <matters'"have. cleared up for you, W don't nimd,,saying t t never dW 'J£3hThk lv you,ha:d,'ahything to do with ^that'-Cress Lucas 1 affair." f-V'vThe/ sardonic glint in Yeagtr's r*''eyes*. .deepened. "You slunild"' h.ave fv 1 dimbed up on your .hind' legs a "&' yeEr'ago and 1 announced 1 that. It '"T might''' have * helped a'lot, then." 'J,. Moving to 'leave',', he, gathered up V his "gear and' found 'himself agair "••' ''meeting Laurie's gla'npel The" an(• gei; w 'stiir'flared'in"her eyes, hut ' '-'-i(v'»it'-was,"being curtained by a you -The same-liar as al^ny!*.' The taunting grin ; oh, ! Briclt Hands broad*,' freckled fade »l\t< fcne'dr' "Youlve learned bad, habits while away, V e",a g c r, Talk rig strong,' i mean. You're gauntc'd I down isom<2, too. From running far 'and fast, maybe" I "Maybe/ You notice, though Where I sland now — right buck on .Summit Prairie, And, While we're noticing this and that, it's plaih to'. s,ec you've bien living high*. 'Enjoying ''goqd times, eh Bridk — getting fat off what yot stole" from 'better men',' This "mocking observation hi sharply home, for .the decided be glnru'ngs 'of a paunch huhg nu over Rand's belt. Rand's gri fadjd cprnpleieV. ,,' - ', . "-Y.QU,", ,.he . snid heavily, V'ar making! a good start toward an - . O f- reproachful" tears. t '<j , jGruffness , climbed into Yeager' "' . vt'-~ i'Sorry," .he . said, "Sorry. ,' * < Laurie." But when a dog's been *'t kicked around r en6ugh, lie Rets t\ie '^"snarling habit." . ' 'tv«; JjHe--« went cjut, - pausing • on the t>-~»-store porch, ' 'eves pinched- and } r f*"'dark against the glare of the sun' C'VAnger was i n ft m,. all of it.at other chunk of trouble, Yeager Now if..\yas-.Gil Yc.ager'S! turn .1 laugh which .itiockcd. "-You, spun just like Klint Hyatt, Brick.' " A plan that had been in anc out of Yeager's mind sever times, now quickened to solid r solve. The element of danger it w'as, strong, for it meant' puttin everything on the line, and if failed it could >b'e his ^uick finis on Summit Prairie. Yet it ,was >' tal that h-5 ^ro've sometKine,^,to al . -himself. That black temper again. " '-"Burke^Benedict had"neyer -done *?" Him*!ahy, w~rong,^ and'J" he ,had ,no *!i*rjus"t j cause-.to hit oui,«with, caustic f s~arcasm*-the'way he'-did.-Too, hs ! > iriight^rfave' known~that 'a" slap at i ,. ,~~w ± .. certaAn™}p ^'Vt "Laurie. ' always—been, very 'J_S , had •• Burke» * jtiajjr 1 e"" B enedic t. ' '• "" "~"'"'"" ~"* ' and „ hoofs*"alohg' the -street—jecketi .Yeager from-.his i 4 "" dark 'mood of self-reproach. Four L'',men-'carne^ riding, 'one slightly in , r. aclvancV of the rest. This one •'< worelh'is hat pushed • back, and ',£* beneath "the" upturned brim his .' >f hair. showed rusty rod. Sighting > 'Yeager,. he threw a swift-word * "^'across _his" shoulder to 'his^cqm- -r^pahidnsV'then spun .his*.horse—to a I-* trampling ^halt at the, hitch rail. ''"^'Ji'Well, "well!" he drawled jeer men. And svhat better time'-anc place than right here' and righ now where marly could listen a Observe . He spat in, the dust between Rand and himself, his lips curling." It was a' deliberate thing, carrying, 'the broadest of cpn- •temptuous insult. His words fell bitingly. * . "Brick — you always did have a tiig, loose mouth. I've often | wondered if your backbone was as wide as y.oiir talk. I'm still wqndering 1 ." The redhead stared, al him, as though measuring' him and trying to gues? his purpos.e, Yea£Q.r spat in the dust again. "Waiting, Brick. And. s.tiil wondering. Ho,w wide — and what color" t --f • hijnself. They, told me you'. . '"*'. ' up'.again. I wonder why .'Would it i5 u^"Tb^"tb\sKoot" i *ariother ,man' in'the ^.t/x-i'backUi,, . Hope S ^ t ^^JT-%*-,- J . fc».m-. /. . . - Yeager gave the Bedhead a long, ^ *' copl, stare,' Here iu front of him Si'\r f '«sat-the man,who", more than any f ''•• -other,'' was responsible for> the -past ^".Vvea'r.-.ol" misery and desperation ' J5*(* i _i .""* _*l^.._ V. f> »-^4*»V»i»^ Ci»/»V> fl ^ ^ , and 'fugitive hardship. Such as " Hyatt and Ollie Ladd and Emmetf'and the,' venal, dis- oMdr.Tudge"' Elias t flackmur g->«.«",a -merely implemented whatthis i k i- : U'7Tian"-had'"Schemed and put in mo- 'V-r~~tibriTTh§y had been the puppets '' fellow ihe one who hurt . S r » (w ^.niariipulated the -strings. '.'J •— 'H"Brick," Yeager • said evenly, Abruptly a savagely deepening anger rushed t h 1^0 u g !h. Brick Rand's heavy cheeks, and Yeager saw" that he had succee'ded in his imrnediate objective, which was to taTint Rand into a corner he couldn't afforcl to back 1 9Ut of. Rand sa't' very still in" his saddle, j leaning" forward, his hot, pale eyes intent. 1 " Once more Gil Yeager used the spurs.. "I've heard it said you were a real-" bucko boy, Brick.' What's the matter, gone soft" The other r,j d e r s, who had heard and observed all, were beginning to stir impatiently. Finally one of them spoke up harshly. "He's asking for it, Brick. Either you take him — or I ,will!" Rand gave- no sign of having haven't Changed a bit, hav t e Hoaor.ary Degree for Carl Sandburg EAST ORANGE, N.J.' CAP) -• Poet 'Carl Sandburg wfll come to Up^ala College next Tiles-lay In receive an honorary degree conferred on him by the school—10 years ago. College .President Dr. >Evald B. Lawson said the unpredictable .80- j ear-old poet "called him at midnight Thursday and said he has decided to' accept the doctor of letters degree. heard. live, breaking growl in his throaK "Come down here out!' Yeager laid aside his armful of gear, dropped off the Jporeh, ducked under the hitch rail and stoo4- waiting. ''Bight with you, Brick. Let's see you get out of that saddle!" Continued) i Candidate in Senatorial Dist. LITTLE ROCK CAP.)—Dr. J. E ! Smith of Rey^no today- filed as a candidate for the 17th Senatoiial District seat left vacant by the recent, death of Dt H H of Pocahontas, •" Dr. Smith filed his coyupt prac; tices pledge with Societal y State C. G." Hall Gov. Orval E. Faubus: yesterday set Jan. 26^ as the date foi a special election to choose a- senatqj from the r clis,tj-ict which includes Randolph,' : "' : Fulton, Shaip and Lawrence counties Reyno is in Randolph Cbunty. Dr. Smith, 69, served in the 'Arkansas House in 1931, 1033'," 1 1935 and 1939/and .in the state Senate in 1945 'arid',19,47, ' - - MppeDefeats iGuernsey in Dpubieheader l Hope senior girls ahd Junior Varsity boys won a pair of basketball "games last night in Jones Field ..House by taking Guernsey. U Judy Ratoliff hit 27 points and '•Joyce Vines 15 as the girls won ,,R1-30. Linda Brislow was high for I'-Guernscy with 14, Jeanette Dang- iherly 'made 0 and Jo 'Hosier 7. TOope led at the quarters 18-6, 31- and 42-23. The badycats had -.,o f'G, 13 FT and 7 fouls. ^Guernsey ,,'hlt \2 from the field,. G .free ones -.Rand"' committed 12 fouls. Arnette and Calhoun grabbed 13 points apiece as the Hope Junior Varsity'team edged out-a 38-33 victory. Foster of Guernsey was high for the night with 2,1. Hope had 17 field goals, only 4 free tosses and. made 12 fouls. GUe rnsey hit 12 frpm the field, '9 free ones and 9 fouls. "•Officials were Pierce and For- l guson. f '•><• — ! Spring Hill Takes Three From (Sqrldnd """• Coach Billy Mitchell's Spring Hil cagers took a triplehcader last night from Garland City. Sue Har vel hit for 17 points to pace the Junior girls in a 2445 win, Jerry Noll made 6 for .Garland. Sherry Collins looped in 15 and j Linda Galloway 14 to share scoring honors as Spring: Hill senior girls picked up a 32-22 victory. Nix made 18 fgr the losers. Spring Hill senior boys took gn i easy one 50-20 as Bobby Tompkins hsacked 18' and Terrell Townsend to. Philyam made 5 for Garland. \ Officials were Delton Calhoun Funeral Directors Ambulan6e"« Service Burial Association OAKCREST FtMtiHAL tiOMfc 'PR,7'2123 20-im-c Wonted fro Buy ... peas of Seed store. ait kinds. Hare's 7-tf G'ROO»RY store or service station or combination. Either in, city or Neighborhood location. Write Box K, c/o Hope Star. Hope Ark, ' ; ;,,.', , «•<»* ALUMINUM,, screens; doors,,"storm Windows, * weafhef * stripping, <,In* suiatlon,,- rooting, a.whjngs,, gut* tering, "ornamental/raning.. Free estimates. Andy Andrews! Phone 7-5867. " ' > tf 3' SMALL tracts oMatid near ( to\Vrt suitable ^f6V -chicken <tatms( 80 acres timber land' two, mites put Ralph Of Foreman, Ark, ,566 Saunders or 'Phone 7-4001. , 19-tf 51 OLDS four door, A4 'Condition NeW tires, radio and heater 1 / $491 Will arrange financing., Call 7 2487. iBOJS D'A'RC posts at my farm near Oakhaven. L. J. Hampton PR '7-4932. 1 , , ^-OH advohet -But over the ,».elephoh« lion occ6u'nls allowed with -. Is s aowe i -. the dccourit Is paybbje Is rertdered. ' Up to \6 to Nufribef 51 WoWs »o 15 50.. to 25 24 *fl 30 31 to 35 36 to 40 41 »o 45 6n,e Day ,45 -.40.. .75, ,90 ,1.05 t.20- '1,35 three Days .90 1,20 1,50 ,1,90 ,2.10 2.40 270 • Six Days 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 to 50 l.SO. CLXSS.IFI.ED DISPLAY One M&rtth 4.50 6,00 7,50 9,00 10.SA 12.S) 13.50 15.00 't! 1 tlnje 3 times 6 times 80c pel 65c "per Inch 55c per inch The schedule'of Solunar Periods, as printed-below, has, been taken from John Alden« Knight's Solunar Tables! P.Ian . your days so that you wtU be fishing in good territory or-hunting in, good cover during these times, If yoU-wJsh, to find, the best^sport that,each day has to The Major Periods are shown In boldface type. These begin at the times shown and last' for an hour 12 ROOM Duplex. Immediate possession. Price $500.'00 Call "Mrs, .Futrell, PR 7-347L ^^ MNING room, suit in excellent ondition. Call after 6 p.m. Phone -2943. lo-3tc ftatefe Q'-iQiG^ ,obOve* are ( \,fof v cop* sacutlve insertions. Irreaulaf or,skit dote""Als* will ! '»ake tlie J Orte-day, rate. All doily classified advertising copy wllkbe'IateepteoVuntll S P.m., for the (allowing day. Ulilca oiiuwi* M..— and a half or two hours thereafter. The Minor Periods, shown ir regular type, are of somewha shorter duration. A. M. P.M. Minor lyialpr Minor Malo Saturday 11:50 5:35 5:55 Sunday 12:05 6:20 Monday 12:50 7:10 Tuesday 1:40 8:00 Wednes 2:30 8:50 &fiJD&POT refrigerator, practically, now, has frox.qn l food cqm- parf, * ogg', raclj:, ' butter cpoler, vegctatolo crispcr, door shelves. Will sell cheap. 'Also, good used gas ,r,ange, Singer sewing mo- , chine, treadle, tjnpe and (bedroom suite, all at- bargain prices. Call Donal Parker, Prospect 7-3431. o C ny d obi r ed f io'na'b| l e" U adverTising sub- m "lrfltl'o1s, ot one or more letters, groups offiauros, surh as house or telephone nurohers count a sone word. The Hope Star ylll not be resppn- slb e for errors in Wont Ads unless errors, ore callH' to"our o*»frtt!6n after FIRST inwHon of ad and then forCONLY, the ONE incorrect- Insertmn. •7-3431 ON'E RCA "Whirlpool Air Conditioner, one ton "unit. 3 years old'. 220 Volts. One Frigidairc Imperial electric clothes drier. 220 volts 4 months old. $150. .Call 7-4580. 16 - 3t P Thursday 3:25 9:.45 Friday 4:20..10:40 Saturday 5:15 11:30 Sunday 6:05 12:35 .6:40 1:25 7:30 2:15 8:20 3:05 9:15 4:00 10:10 4:55 11:05 5:45 11:55 6:35 12:20 NIEW 2 bedroom home. Tile bath. Central heal on shady lot. By owner. Call PR 7-3485. 16-tf $--and Jdmes Blackw.ood. Basketball PRESS ,-Rand 'cursed, it ,was an erup * f-B» T« *• * j * —- By THE ASSOCIATE College Texas A&M 7,3, Texas 29 Bayloi 46, Rice 45 .Ozark's 73, Henderson 59 Southem State 79, Harding U4 3tate Teachers * 65, Ouaehita 58 Giamoling CLa.7 71, /Arkansa 1956 GUSHMAiN Eagle. Good condition. See Larry Garrctt 6r call 7-5578 after'6 p. m. 17,-3tp Notice Community Either Hick* Phone 7-4678 or 7^474 WE Buy - W« Sell - W« Rwt HEAL ESTATE '" *' R t). PRAKIKLIIjI COMPAin A', f'. Deloney, Man»»«r Howard Collier; 'Sklwman IT-' AM&N 69 High Scho! North Little Ro'ck 54, Pine Bluff 38 •Blythevillc 41, Hot Springs 38 *Fort Smith 68, Sheridan 30. Conway 34," Catholic' High 32 'Smackovcr 68, "Arkadelphia, 55 ,. MAIL-IK CLASSIFIED! AD ORDER ^"fhe Q^ck and Inexpensive Wqy-T? Do Business INSTRUGTIONS: Put your Classified Ad Words in Squares Below * one word to the square, Put the number oi days you want your Ad tq run in square a* bottom, Then figure your cost. It was the, opening day of the: pheasant spqson, and we*ha,d parked or car .beside the highway, directly behind anothpr cqr .from Nf. of Doyi Ad U To Run Hire*j Bow YOH Figwr§ Yowr Total Cost.,, l Timt 3 Tim§,$ $ Times €>n§ Month 41 -W ISO- which two hvin.te.rs wer^ unloading' th?ir gear.' Their 'd,og, a big pointer, romped joyfully through the high grass of an adjoining years old ahd hunting alone, had a deer taken'from him by a pearly i$C flye, men from, the coal regions. miserable lousiness goes on eve- in these' mpuntains. Not Calendar Of Events TK'e "Melody Five Spiritual Singers of Magnolia, Ark,, will appear at Mt. Zion C. M. E. Church Sunday, January 18, at 7 p. m.'This program is being sponsored toy the Stewardess Board. The public is'cordially invited, to attend.':}" The Southwest District Congress Choir will'appear at Blevins Training School, Blevins, Ark., Sunday, January 18, a't 7:30 p. m. The public is cordially invited to attend. Obituary .,, . Funeral , services for Curtis Towers w,|U be held at Providence Baptisi Church, Azpr Community, Sunday, January 18, at 1 p, m. Burial in Pr.ovidence Cemetery with Hicks ^uperal Home, Inc., in charge; , Cliburn Criticizes Junior Chamber BIBMTNGHAM. Aln. (AP| Pianist VVan CUburn, who refused to break a f eoncnrt ensatfompnt MOVING? Long Distance'Gail Cot lect 582. rr«« Eitimatet, ' Rates. Have V»n§-— ^111 -Trav.fl PRESCOTT TKAI?§FK|I .* . ! STORAGE CO. PRESCQTT,. ARKAMSAf BARHAM Bjothers 'Hou^e. Ito ers. Insured^ and'free «stima1 Write "Barham ' Brothers <• Ca e, Arkansas. ' " ' 21-1.Mo. Ho>pe 5tar Stor of Hope 1899; .Presi 19Z7 Consolidated. Januory 18, Published ovqry, weekday afternoon by , STAR'P.UBUS Y HING co., 'it,? C'.. E." Palmer, 'President -'Alex: H; Wash'bu'rn, Sccy-Trei." , ."Jot.The'.Star'.Building 212-14 South V/qlnut Street CJ, H^pe, Arkansas Alex. H. V/oshburn, Editor & Publishei Paul H,'. Jonos, Managing Editor Donal Parker, Advertising Mgr. George W. Hosmer, Mceh. -Supt. Entered as second doss* matter at the Post Office at Hope, Arkonjot, under the Act of ^arch 3, 1897. Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations Subscription hotas (poyoble In Clf odvanca) By,' cornier lo Hope and neighboring towns , — Per year By mall in Hempstead. Nevoda, For Rent LOCAL trailqrs. Byers Gull Service, Call Day or Night. 7 : 9955, 8-lmoc LaFayette, Howard and tles ~ " ' One month ..... , ..... . Thre«T'm'onth» Six r«9n,»hi ,.•-••.••' One year . All other. 'mall — One month Three "m,qnthj Six months. ......... , Ont'yeor ............ , ..... , Coun- 1.15 3.50 6.50 3.90 7.«0 15160 Wonted Hope Star route open for boys 12 years and over. Apply at Hope Star Office. 1,6,02 Sterlrk Texas (LOCAL a,'gent to sell the famous Whitq Cross plan iss.ued by Bankers Life'and Casually Co, Leads furnished. Write P.O. Box 5550 or Phone TE 6-9343, Camden, Ark. 1-mO'C - . ijlways, however, does the offend- receivo an award as ono of field, working off some of hisW » • ^ • y^ t lion's outstanding accumulated steam,. Suddenly he T fe pfUl1 ' VVMIt * •'* . . -_ , . _i l ( J ! Alj Not') Advertising •eprosentatlvet: Arkansas Dallies, Ine,, 1,6,02 St BWfl. Memphis 1 2, T»'nn.! 503 T •BaWk-BTdg:, r Dallos \.\ »«q« 36 Michigan :Av B .,.Chcaao 1, III.; 60- E - 42nd St., New York I?, N. Y.; 1763 Penobscot Blag., D^»'t ?-, M'eh., Terminal B|clg., Okluioino City ?") Okla. ' ' Member of, Tt|« Aw«lqteif frtft: The Associated Press, is entitled exclusively to the use for republ cation of all the local news printed In this newspaper, as well as al| AP news dispatches. • Lost <l Oil HJVf 1 Il.'f) S uui-»ieuj' j «"j? ••"•--! '-- — --» - . J , L uniY uvo years ago a Inend of Icizort ' ttic U*S, Junior Cnavnooj came elpwn on a fiopd soli4 P oint 4mine a'doctQr in'his mid Wies. of Commerce Thursday "«™ . .—- i*. i _ « __ _ jl _— ^ _< lt._llB ' ' _ .'' ' .' i __>lt_ _ <"tl!!.....« iimn «Tlf/ar»\(1 CTA17 HXN'ESE CHOW, In vicinity, of ( 'Hey!" exclaimed one of the motels, bird.' "That dog has found a "•No hurry," replied his friend, •He'll hold it until we Ret there," Then from the other side of the field I saw two hunters aoproacJv, ns. They weren't walking; in£ stead thev came, across, the field at a dead rurj. Off past" the' pointt" .._ „— ,., me dog they went and out flushed*, young and active, and the _ i_; — -t— _«„-.!,• «n**»4 n*. .T5(-i+K mivio Ir^cntr V»r» Vl n rl nn nVianGB in , Knocked down a la.pge buck with a 4ell plated heaft ?hqt. The buck tumbled into sorne heavy brush so the doctor walked over to tic his tag on .his prixe, When he reached the deer, there was another tying his tag to the buck's neck. Naturally an ajcgu,m.ent ensued, The other m^n was a big fellow, a bi^ ringneck rooster. Both guns cracked and down cam.e ttye 'bird, One of the m,en picked it in?, s'tuffr ed it into tii§ coat an4 'h^ n of them walked off across the field ... , ._,_ __f knew he had no chance in a fight. "Well," he said, ."seeing as how I shot that deer, I might as well •Hill him good m\$ dqad." Whereupon, he proceeded'to ernpty his tnem iwauveq PII auyuas viic ucm UH U "> " c v* ^*.*.-—-~~- ,- "" ': ' once more without so mvch as' anl gun into the carcass, destroying -.j kv_ n V«,',l r la» rrhunna 'ot fVioiiilot JllhOllt eVBTV bit Of USa'DlB ovter-lhe-shoiil^er gla.n$'s '&t the do^'s owner. I looked" at my frien^'^ h<? ( r ed an<J shook hjj hea,d. "Standard .*. — * __ J..«J.* !«" t^rt»n ( vs»i*»te M Via cnirl procedure' in he said, j«^ „„„> every bit of us able meat.' What was )eft was pot worth •taking home, Result — n pleasant • spoiled and a beautifu) toig "This territory, attracts, a . unsavory crew from Wq pth^ej- ,._,. of the mountain. Jf yqur d^g goes on point', make sure you get there,' first," • •' - * ' p'uck wasted, ^ This same - ajbsence of sports, shows up all too often siniier Pat because Cliburn was interviewed Vw th«' BirminRham Post-TiernUI after hl-4 arrival'in advance of his cnpast!' ment with th<? Birmingham Symphony Saturday night. The .Jaycges, .who re,ypked tneir award and nam.ed ' " "" Bnnne in Cliiburn's . Cliburn said ho could not bo present for the awards ceremony m '"'Thov had uht^Hor motives," id Clibuvn, f *l feel thnt award is jnynlitlsitofi bcrause onv award sub.igpt to pevgonal appenr- ances presuppose^ thsVt you Kavo not been,Yf»lug^ for your aQCpm plishments," ' {j:i- < . . *** " •A*^ 5 ' • a House Worming h/)u§e-hyn waters, . 'Eime was, ^streams 'became crowded, that a husbpnd per •* • ''avvv-pt*i0 '< fc< *'M**r*' *'*«*Tii-T —"i r *, - •,Only last fall there was a rather' man who was fishing a poo} could serious' altercation in the ' coynty Mely consider that pool to 'be in which we live over a ringneck »'his" foj* as long as he wished III -\V4fJlUIt WC MV^ "TV* « « ms,Hvs«-*$ -*'- 7~" "' — rooster'.'^? H was related, this-is'' to fish it. Not sp today! what happened. Hupte? A, walkd" Now when a fellow is fish ng . -_.'-_ • • jij-u j>i..^u-j 41— f ,o cnVinnl r>f vising tl'OUl It IS cidfid to insp,e,et the. hp«se whp.r all the cars were ,pVHe4. They entered, Wijndqred thro.u? the ctQWdqd living ronm- auci a across "a' field, flyshed the (a school of rising trout it is not iuncqmmon to have newcomers il crowd in " ! ~ 1 '* >-—'•»« hlm =nm». roostey and shot The rooster k<?R* «•>, B-,V«I< «»—*-1 --- -•*•• ., . ,,„ ing Hunter 8, who shot and killed times so close that the the bird. 'Punter A, a Iff^pr ang Icome, entangled, Remo" stronger - man/ game over 'ariafUseless with this type claimed the ^bird, t^ing ij ay^Knian The reply usually Is . from Huntw ».' **dw> f »e incontrovertible stote- liunter B, afte? warning t,hf ^W?"^ , V ° U 9W er fellow what to expect if he dldfcrick!" not drop the bir4 pumped a ]o«d Over the years, the _ sojvjtion._ot of hijgh seed si^es |nto the 1 Hunter A. Result' — arrest, ,..,,,- pital. jail, lawsuit and much, mugh. j trouble and pain, all over o/ie r^tte, ! neck rooster. S* Pennsylvania^ as you know, is. a great deer state, Ouf house is the'deer couptry and afeouV ^a v me thjat i$ ^UU .. last 'found th,en\selY9S fape with a man Jo thP kitqUen "Are you ths salesman" husband asked. fac "Why, No," . -ay<yi, "I llv^ fefe a hou§fi 5 \v8snyag," ha_yin Stewart Teed Re w a rd . Co, , Call, 7-3362. 15>3tp | Services „. uif renoytt* "jjiuST ojd'lntt- tress. We speclalli* U) pr*iturl< red Innersprlng, • . , COBB T^ATTR.Zj^ 8HQF, , • 712 Weft $th, Phon? .1-^9, > '. ton) fore" bu.yijji$ of, Sales and Service?'?)?, L, 1. Booth,, f' . CO, SPATES FLORIST 308 So, Spruce • PROMPT DELIVERY ^ Phone 7-2426 AH Hours B ROACH - HUGHES INSURANCE Auto • f in • Llf« • 101 E', 3rd, . -popu, ArK A 74M1 GOOD bargains, Puy, sell, „ or refinlsh y'owr turnitwre" at WT shop, pauJ'Ottdney, Washington, POWER SftWiTOSfl JQy removal o? trees, MTORS 'BP4 ptg, F,pr estimate cgli 140,52, 3Q4 TO BUY Pint Pu!pvyo9p by TfMck c«t in'Ww* of othor HAROI-P HIHDRIX BR 7-4agl . , vice, Contact 'Cy, Arka^sgs, us for your cost. No deductible on firg. ARM 1 B.UREA.V OF.PIC 620 W. 3rd. 'Ph,onp I-37A6 MATT»I5SIS Urtullt »!i.MM« Int? ., Qni Pay Mrvlw Death ) Hie Pit** UAUIIUCU a luaw <wi,».» •••- ^--.-, ., ." ~ seed si*es |nto 'the leg of tbJ? sorry state of affairs .seems -•• - ' ,tp be to take the line oi le^st re- 120 of the bi in the .-«- -- j -. - -- '. rt jl rt -i 1.. .Stance. TO become ero^rPMed jn Argument not oply is incon- but spoils tfee of the iy. Best to leave dispute^ a l" e a s „ game to the other fey.ow (who 4 gter a,ll, must derive bu,t l^tto ,, -satisfaction m living with, hjmselj) bjjrned to tha within a radius of 2.00 imAes my desk. This bw»«n| st all sorts of hupters, anymg the un4es&a:b|e5, J3,e?r |teaT tak^ig over another man's kill, — i« not . soa Piffe , _S_tate) . is s>oi jand find new and undisturbed con PINE ,_,,_, ... elderly Negro, mqj> death when flue d house where he )iv<?4 today. He was idpn^f^cd as Wiy W«,Y, i-bout 85. Cause of the fire was undetermined. Clan's, ; ' the, ' ,, city Jj5 its °-t Pin,c Bluff. the Golden Rule In sports ' i has just about bjjefl dis ,„ Perhaps we wo,uJ4 b« wise i with ,- f -..., winter W«' I e a n - T - Rppi-esentatiye. Start earning substantial incpme jmmedjate)y- Rcpresent Avon in a Convenient neiighborhopc} territory, W- 4 — ! you. Openings in ROJS Township (MoJJgb ari4 I , , Redland Township CMcOijsfeiH) and DeRoanp Township.. P a r necessary- Write Avon', '&Q# 371 Hot Springs, Ark. fiLiye di.rp,cttoflS to home. ' ' ' 14 * 4tD Hcrndon-Corneliui Fyniwl Hemt and lurlal Ambulanct Stnrkt v Air Phone PR 7^5570 WAITRESS. after two a. . in, "rg,diura piu-ch?§ed . _ _ ' r a hyauf ed f,«^,. ^ WtWA-n- S>f tfef .JNWBiWB. l^ft^ J?|^ T 7 ife* to IOCAL MOVING and HAUUNG AU» PACKING iCRATIHO • ft fit

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