Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 17, 1959 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, January 17, 1959
Page 2
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HOP I SfAft, P E , ETY' ',)) \^ P*Hflne 7-3431 Between 8 A.M, ahd 4 Tourist * * f-^ dentinued'' ^rorrt ' Otift No, S'.bf \VSGS/of First Methoj£stiClit.trch' : wlll meet Mon- I.... ,19, a tv? 130-p. m, in the "of *Mrs>*Vic*>Henderson wlfh dathei'lhe ,Johes 'as co-host*^P Mrs, 0. F, Llayd-Hostess to Bible'Class The ,' ''annual OES banquet honor' "i* "worthy^ ,gifarrd matron, M'assey.-'Will ,be held in the ...;• private'Mitiifig-ffoaml:'of v the Dia- f^'m^nd tft Ca'fe'Monday, J.ari. 19 at' bers jare'sen |S8r30?p!;!m.'lWHh' Mope; Bradley and j Jack' King. ' ""• •-'-- • co-hostesses, ilmmcdi- * banquet a mect- Se, .held in *the k Masonic U Tickets for, the-'bancjuet may 2" purchased-by,',: contacting Miss I Ekcit'Porter'" dr Lena" Marymnn. tV" ' "" ~ ' ' The Builder^ Bible Class of the First fiaptist- Ohurch met Tuesday night in tho'-home of'Mrs. O. F» Lloyd With Mrs 1 . Alice Roach as Co* hostess. Mrsi W. M. Schooley, president presided over the meeting and introduced •" Mrs, Jack King, who brought/- a 'most inspiring devo- a delicious and St: Paul's'Outside the walls, In'.oth'er mifiiafifrfe-settings, you- Will find Lllfte'Jerusalem, the iWfy Lahd and Hafigfhg Gordons of fin- byloh, One of the most recent works ts-th-d World's'Pence Church tit Hiroshima^ J.tpnnMhc Lcuiilh« Tower of Pisa Will be ready this summer. Children take special delight In the Bavarian : dastle and seettos from th'd life'of toftsel and Oielpl, aS well as "Noah's' Ark and thu Tower'of Babel. Mare Italian Influence Continue wes?t (U.S. 278) lo Dou ble Springs where 'you ,watch tor signs to Alabama's Nnlural Bridge, pre'sent and one guest, Mrs. ^'ffp*,rriV> in the home of Mrs. J. *•'••«*•"*- '-'llOd S.- Elm Street. M. Continued From Page One criticism, or just poor judgment may have been the <-Oot of theS» bitter attacks. If the State iDepartmen tseerng -in -theAlight of Castries ;prese»nt arch of sandstone bove the bottom of the canyon, To the north Is' Florence, broad' avenucd, tree-shaded monument to its Italian designer and at nearby Tuscumbia Is Helen Keller's birthplace, the tiny Ivy Green cottage once part of a huge plantation,' • From Florence, State 2 loads to flun'tsvUle and picturesque MOntO Sano (Mountain of Health) State Park, But for ,evim more spectacular Scenery continue to Fort Payiie and OeSoto State Pdrk atop Lookout* Mountain. Here is an incredible **""•• l.'H, | * Wv,a A * ;'• Small Device .... ... — The has'achieved a fit{' ' ijftdkthfcffigh iff'develop;. went of a small atomic device for production of "'eleelrleity;; ^. •• The White Mouse 'announced the spectacular development)"* & major 1 achloVefndht' h'y' Energy Commission, official Wewsmen were (fold of, ll • President Elsenhower had conferred With John A. Me Conn, thi« A.&C- chairman. / ' " ; , * AEC .'officials, displaying- a mod* el at a neWs conference, said the device - is .capabfii empowering the' instruments in -a t satellite.' for •i** 'ilpdled'al-ouna with since >f entered high school, at '13 very' ^ L t j y he seems lo pre f e t confident of myself H and anxious , fitter gliihnd is doing move to , enjoy , § eve/y social- advantage S sw iih that,eamy alorttf.*! began ,dat to* g *«*J ' m-e. .im» nc right >Hvay and one oL my 'dates was 'a boy With a bad reputation, I' ignored, tni gossif), ,,abotU7mni arid,' ',e&nlmulngf in; hftf, > sjelf-eoin fidert'eV,' was sure -I Could hahdw titty, situation,' ,Of course I 5 coUldn'U ThdVboy Was seriously. • Involved with 'the iaw.and'.the stories hbout me, .^although ..completely-UntrUe* gathere'd ..momentum. ',1 soon" ifotlnd that the' only boys Interested' ih'md i were^a ,fe\v * older? ones' ,Who -'only 'wanted my "coopei f .Yti6n,"> l .They" '' "" Wa{ can 1 do? she does with tirts' very much, JOdelyn Dear, J/bcelyni It's , not a Mood tihg »to Dec6me- to6 dependent on orte .friend' for a 'long period « years. You've come to expect tms ohe 'girl' to" be available at PlJ ' that should Americaiv .Legion Auxiliary ."^ wiU meet at 7:30 p.m., %/*\Tues'day,'JsJn-. 20 at-the home of Cecil'Weaver, 214. S. Spruce '-Mrsy-Rachel. Edmiaston as ^co-hostess. Mrs. Victor Cobb ISfrtfferiW-tcKa'rgeV of- the pro'gra m sPSiiylV •Defense^!'""'" V* f .'..-/ rnbassado'r's-Sunday School Sam performance—to have 'been .hasty' vista'of wild flower beauty and rug in,-granting him recognition,•' at ' -• * • •' " ' ._..:_.. least this country, had been Atf f ready made self-conscious* about [its' dealings with I.ntin American "dictators. .- One of .tht reasons given ..last 1 spring Cor the stoning J and spit-' ting inflicted ,on Vice President Richard M. Nixon-.during his Latin American tour, was the complaint this country, had played .much too ,cozy .with" La'tin Afneri- "can"dictators, , ,' , ' . , , • In August .President" Eisenhower" sent his brother,'Dr.,Milt'on Eiseji- hower, pVesiderit" of L JOhns" Hdp-* kins University,, to Latin America to look '"over the situation and report on .how this country, could uri- ^prove its relations. Dr. Bisenhower took months' preparing that report. He sent it to the President, Dec. 27. just a for" at ( least' a~ year,. They i said it' would . take 1,450, , r junds",-,of'batteries ,to produce the* {elect'ric'a'l energy'the , new device 1 • caii', power,;without batteries. 1,-,'1'hc! device gener'ates heat, U3' t ing" a , radio Isotope—polonium irt. ithls' case' ^~ ^rtrf 1 V»n« nrt mrt\Jllnl? • sarts., ? with -the largest gorge east .of the Rockies — Little River" "Canyon ' nn'd its 120 foot mountain top waterfall. /~ 'Skyline Beauty j Leaviahg this area,, you drive south'through Anniston.to Tallade- gaj- center of the Ta'lladegas National Forest, Area, .Northeast of tha city,',are .Cheaha State, Park and Sky>vay Motorway, an 80-mile'drive along the" crest of the mountain. Your camera'wiu" find good use as you« v climb the stone observation tower on Ch'eaha Mo'untain, highest point in the state. ' l Talladega and nearby Sylacauga, southern ond of the Skvway Motorway have some of the finest marblo On board for a cruise^rip Is this neat check with'Empire waistline. It's in a cotton knit,by A amac; has a small white col ar.-By GA1LE DUGAS, NBA Women's Editor. ._ Mrs.-Claud Cox ; W. M. U. Circle 2 i Eight members of ,Circle,! 2 of the W. M. U. of the.First Baptist Church met on Monday afternoon in the home of Mrs. Claud C6x for the regular meeting. 'Mrs. Al Plyler, chairman, iopen- ed the meeting with •scripture irom which ,come "Finest White few days before Castro threw, ouui Marble in the World." and used Batista. for such-buildings as the Lincoln qxiarries 'in the world. You are wi-1- readlngs> Prapcl . was offered by come to wntch these operations i M Mptt | n Rnhinson. The ! intro- Among other things Dr. Eisen; hower urged a stiffer policy toward Latin American diitatoTs by; Memorial, U.S. Supreme Court in Washington and the Al Jolson Sh'rihel' suggesting that while the" Unite"d • /AnOtrler Magic'Circle lie'? south K, "PLUS ••?•-• BOWERY, BOYS BATTALION 11:00 p. iri. . Starts; Sunaay "~ p * f Grortdrfaddy Big Super ^A'g 9- ^Jft t * t«^T*- ' f * * M. I ^ * esterns with, a (sreaf Sta rs! Jeon Simmons 'i*»"f 3*4^ * *x *wk v • * •. * r " Corrol Baker Gharlton Helton Burl ives - QNNTRY" News & Cartoon States should embrace democrat'-- ic regimes it should^give dictators' only "a formal handshake'.'" _ ^ On Jan. 7, six days after" Batista fled, the United States, gave ! Castro's provisional' government' recognition. - ' \ • -'„ This fast "action may c'ome under questioning, in Congress—particularly ^if relations with Castrp > grow Worse—since'' it' 1 was taken' "before 1 there 5r was-.full time to" see* how the Castro wfnd filew. of Birmingham, via U.S. 11 to Tuscaloosa, home 'of the University of Alabama arid one of the areat cen- ters'of learning and collesiate football ;to'the'South. Dominating Its ca'mpus. are the,;" stately Denny Chimes, friendly reminder of a pre- sfdent,rwho.' r ih the early days of the school knew ea'ch student personally and by name. , .„ ,, --Indian .Attra'ction t Sixteen miles south ' is ; historic Mound^State Park. .The arcHeologi- carmuseum there ahyays is throng- .ed -with visiting classes and those interested* in the* life" of ancient Indians'. Mrs. Mettie Robinson. The :introduction to the new study ; book "Ways of Witnessing" was jgiven by Mrs. J. M, Ingram. The hostess served a 1 dessert course, at the close of the meeting. The" device so tar has be'en test'- d only' on the'ground. But AKC" fficials made It clear that it could e'put into satellites shortly. They aid it also haV Other- potential uses/sXich.'"as in ! "tht; fipld'of novl- ,a tion aids'. x *, *„ ,_ * . * , Comparing the'device wUh-'nrfii- ent .means of .electrical, power -«d/;-' velop'rneht, AEC' officials »sald\tjiP 4>/j ton Atlas "which''this" country recently put' into^orbu'^around the earth carried ^O'/.poun'ds ',of\.'bat-j teries"'which lasted., only ' 18 r The officials said j.th'e 'new - simply-,'weren't' "convinced" by the 'Tttfnbt that kint! of girl" pl6a. J( l!m'only.-15-riow-tout have .been playiftg ,the-field'so long that I'm borenL'witri iboys*. • Of 'course t 1 greWlbp^tod fast;^physically, men- tally'.an'd-emotionally but I ctift't help'that.- I've ,met only one boyl ,who"really l/iterest's me but I think he's heard.sortie of the tales that are still /circulating and v/e meet only'at. school'dances. ,My parents realize my, difficulties and they, think S I« should-be-dating ,one boy, in'stea'd of< many, '-^-Sheila- < ,, ( 1 ;Dea'r Sheila; • Yolir -letter,. iWhich •>I^h"ad:'tb/,cbnderise^was ^exception; ally well-,w?ltten;lfdr' i a.''gir'i, of •15, > ,| « « *iT «'rt« •* <*.'nil "tW/xti rtt» A 4h n^ ^/Ml t fl Pf> be' 6ulga r owri. There will be fine "friends in' your (future. From your Writing .1 gather that you re a very 'young '>giri. f Don't treat this 'experience as; a hurt but as a challenge "to"gb"out on" your own. DISTINCTIVE . . . " headline /' - • -' For ' ' 1959 FASHIONS — COIF. ' CURL A-COLOR' FOR YOU. «, „ BEAUTY SHOP TJEAN — .;EDITH — ; DIANE '. 204 'S. 'Main** -Pho. 7-3118 ,.. ( cari^well'ibelievfe that'you are , mentally-"* b'eyohd'/ybur year's. You , are* probably .bbred' wlth":'school Mrs. Ruth Davis Cathey ! Addresses Rotary Club At a regular luncheon of the Rotary Club Tuesday at the Broadway Hotel, Mrs. Ruth Davis Cathey delivered the addressj Dutchie Bright had charge of the program and was assisted toy 'J. T. McRae George Tanner County Agent in'troducad (Miss Sarah Jane McGill and Miss McGill' in- .Continued From Page" dhe often new ^plants are Frofp Moundville, you can toss a coin to decide what y.ou'U see next, time isn't any problem, motor the speaker. ~ Mrs, Cathey spent some ' time in Denmark as an International Foreign Youth (Exchange Student. This exchange is promoted by the Department of Agriculture. Mrs Cathey devoted some time t.elling of her observation and -experiences Baptist Nigh Also Is Accredited LITTLE ROCK (AP) — Baptis High School received state accredl talion yesterday and became elig ible for state funds along wit) Rancy High, but Baptist officials said they did not plan to ask for the money. Both schools, set up for student?; left without classes by Gov. Orval. E. Faitibus' school closing order 1 ', received top ratings from the state iducation Department. Officials of Raney High, accredited earlier in the week, indicated hoy would ask for state aid. Accredited schools attended by displaced .students are eligible for state funds under an -anti-integra^ tion law passed by a special-legislative session .last summer. Rancy High -has about 800 students, Baptist High about 366. Two other private schools, Trill- ity Interim Academy with 24 students and Anthony School with 40, have„ applied .for, state r.ccredita- tLon. ef of''the AEC.'s air.craft reactpr ision, said./the M Weight o'f:thi; I-L lime is/I i any prouitrin, niuu;i wi * j> ~* "««-.»«-.>-" — i -down to Greensboro to view thr while in Denmark visiting, at the rnWificeht Magnolia Grrve, flnrnl i home of farm families there. Her *» f '».__»" __J i 1 1_ _«_ _ f^f n • +nlV .itino -irtf/^t»m n \ 1\IO .. Ei'Tlrf \A/H G .\Uf»l beauty. Quite rooted" from the' leaf of another'fairyland" and ancestral home of a which has been placed in water, sand, soil, or vermiculite. (ground mica). As a rule, plants seem to do better in sterile ' soil, so Mrs; Arnold bakes the soil before using it. iThese "grown-up pie's" too.) produce beautiful plants, SpanishvAmerican War hero. Or, drive 1 bVe,r to E'utaw and see Rosemont, trie "Grand Mansion" of Alabama. Or your choioo cnn be Thorn-N hill,' ne'ar Demopolis, a nretentious in' contrast, ( , could ( g»nerate power for at' least, a'year. , i. ; ,, , The,test' model ^displayed ,at CM" White House'\v;ei«hs"-five pound*. ,'Col., Jack -Armstrong, deputy chief < division,, new power unlt*'.can. Y be cut- to about three pounds., . The! model cost $15,000 — exclu-, sive'of the fuel —-to produce. Armstrong said 'that on a bigg'er production bas|i' the cost 'could *c cut to about $200 for each unit. In reply, tbvj'que'stlons; the ,A'EC officialsjsaid .they believe' Russia also ifias" v developed a lightweisiht power-'generator,' but ,based probably on a different' principle. ...,, ,asj,well as<! friends.- You" r'e no challenge Ho meet',scho}'as- tic ally A or-socially.; Sincefyour .parents' ,'understand ' yoCii\ ''difficulties', I, suggest' that,they| consider ano-' ther school'' for- yoU, ^perhapsY-' a' bb'ardingr"'sch6ol',of high', scholastic achievement where/your -mental abilities'; wilb be. satisfied. Pick the profession ' 'you;*want to follow, work toward preparing for < it. There's a 'definite; 'need for intelli- women. 1 'Use* your energy for /FOWER MOWER .,-;', «'-'•»' .,';>.' : . —-LOWEST PRICE EN/ER — ^ $64.50 .V i ' - \fi\ ',* '••••. $5 .Down, 1 — $5 Month * . ; . L^',,19-'In., .21/4 HP WARD :SALES,OFFICE ; 212'S.f M'ain — > Hope, Ark. studying and let-dating wories rest, for,'a while. The''important thing is to change your environment which is doing you, no good at all".' If you'd like further information-oh education'al requirements, institutions, or vocations, write me •again,) enclosing ^a stamped, self- addressed envelope". ' Legal Notice Bandits Grab Pie Instead of Payroll NEW YORK "(AP)—T 4 wo sbandits got' their just!, dessert •„ Thursday, They jgrabbcd a cardboard, box thinking it was', a ' $3,000 - payroll. Instead it contained a custard, pie, Mechanics Gaston Martens of Fort Lee, N,'J,,,'.and, James Rayster ot,-,Manhattan< w'ere just^driv- }fl* up to the Fifth Avenue Coach Co'.' garage with the 'payroll. En Dear Dorothy >Dix: My best friend',' is a girl I've rbiite from the'- Bank, they had picked up the pie. , • 5 They were accosted* by twp armed' men. 'One -thug 'slugge'd Rayster with 1 a rubber * hose. \Thc other grabbed'the'box, ' . ; ' Policy cruising the Henry ' Hudson Parkway spotted a car- sidtj- swiping several ^cars. .Thqy gave chase an'd captured ', Francis ^f- mano, 2fef, and his brother,'' Jphn, MOTOROLA •i" ' * A-regular Motorola TV 1 has been operating continuously 1 since' March il8,'1958. A total of over 7200 'hours 'without any breakdown.- This 4 is equivalent to nearly 6 years of normal use. Motorola'* T,V, can be purchased only i at .Baker's Easy Pay Stores with a written "Lifetime Picture Tutfe Warranty. ^BAKER'S I, 1 EASY PAY STORES , 212 E. Second, Hope, Ark. talk -was informative.and was -wel received by the .Rotarians.' This exchange^ of foreign youths ii) -• to promote better understanding "and .better relationship with other t> nations. plantation home'whe're the old bell j Paul Buchanan was a visiting Another problem, which anyone who raises African violets • always has, is never to get them too wet but also . never let the roots .get too dry, Admittedly, that is a prpblem solved only by the trial-and-error method. A helpful hint or two for the beginher is to use rain water for the violets and to keep them in smaE pots. As House of the Confederacy with its has'been-run* every noon for more than aicentury. Save'a sunny day for sightseeing in "Montgomery, the state" capital, Under a Southern sun, the domed canitol on' Goat Hill plisteris in white splendor. Patterned after the National Capitol it ranks among the most' beautiful of the Greek Revival tfapitols. ,, Other hiehliehts; The First Rotarian from Magnolia, Qeonge Tanner had as his guest Jack Cavness and Miss Sflrah Jane Mo- Gill. John Teeter was a guest of Ed Smith. Horace Jones had as his guest Glen Rogers and John Caldwell, they increase in size.'divide them. It seemed a little strange, at first, to see Mrs, Arnold's collection resting in shallow trays of water. Then, it Myas .pointed out that the flowers were.,not recelv- ng any of the water, tt'was there merely to create humidity for these tropical plants. Florescent .ig'hts are used for more constant light thaw sun can provide, Thjs fine collection; of African violets in double or-single blooms of blue, pin,k, wh,i,te, Jayenden purple, and red show h.ow a pep son can bring June-to a home January. i lovely . furniture' which originally belonged to President and Mrs. Jefferson Davis, On your cirela back north- to" Birmingham CU.S, 3,1) be sure and stop in Prattviile at- u the }5-acre deer ranee, Started years r &ffo as a personal hobby it is>,i)se£ to raise deer for zoos and pai;ks.' Rev. J, H. Robertson and ruling elder Jim Nelson represented the local Presbyterian church at the Ouachita Presbyterian in El Dorado Tuesday held at the Westminister Presbyterian church there, Visiting Gets Full Protection Dep. Premier strode through Capitol Hne4 by unitormei to have lunch wjth. I, New Kansas Attraction Worthy of stoppin? off the new jgh'Speed Kansas Turnpike is a vis}i" <c Vo !|he beautiful University of *••--'-' qampus at Lawrence, Top now 'is the panorama of mamjrutls °t the Byche Museum of Na- HJstoyy, which has been reopened, {of public viewing after several years of work, A panorama 550 foe£ Jong and 15 Mrs. J. H, Bemis returned Tuesday from Glendale, Arizona where she was the guest of her daugh* ter, Mrs, Bob Pledger and family and midland, Tex., where she visited her daughter, Mrs. Bob, by Duke and family. t North." the .... SKATING (Located this side Dean's Truck Stop (Formerly Hilltop Caff) Monday thry Fridqy gt 7 g. CHildr^n's Session 'till 1V.3Q-Q. Ivenih^ Q90»n til erman and MQrgqret 0 ««m« Skating to 30 fe'et hjgh on the first floor ' Ufe-Vtke displays of In authentic settings. electronic eye activates when jrcu enter, turning on a soft light, <J a recording to the |>oenlx, Ariz. Phambe? 1 of ree prides itself that the 4eseH oasjg has everything in t^e v$x of recreation anyone cowW wish for. Put }ast week they were 9 }adv from the East asked th'ern to "please f«e ? nice room with cgb^ang to the b«3?Ji «is possible," Pqyl puehanan of Magnolia was a Tuesday visitor in PrescotV Miss Pernice .Daniel to Chicago, IU-, on Monday afte a visit with hep parents, Mr, am •Mrs, H. T*. " mot M.r. and Mrs. Walter .. . . ored to TexarHana Tuesday fo the 4ay. <Mrs, Joe Lee spent Monday ) Little Rock, Mrs. B. L- Chsdlgk returns Monday from Lake Charles, J where she visjied Mr. and % fiarry Ch^^ick and farnily. NOTICE OF SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN That in pursuance of the -authority and directions contained in the decretal order of the Chancery Court 'of Hempstcad County, Arkansas, made and entered on ( the '5th day of January, ,1959, in a ertain cause then pending therein etween Hope Federal Savings Si Assoc,ia'tibn, P),alntiff, and luby V. McFadden, et al Do- endants, the undersigned as Commissioner of said Court, will offer or sale at public vendue to the lighest bidder, at the front door or intrance to the Court House in the :ity of Hope, in Hempstead County, Arkansas, within the hours for'ju- dicial sales, on Monday, February 3, 1959, the following described real estate, to-wit: The West,Hall (W'/i) of Lqt Six (6)- in Block Sixty-two ^2) in the City 'of Hope, Arkansas, TER ( MS OF SALE! .On a credit of three morjths, the purchaser bong 1 required'to execute a bond as required by law and the decree 'of sai4 court in said cause with approved security, bearing interest at th'e rate of eight per cent per annum from, date o£ sale until paid, and,a lien being retained on the premises sold to secure the pay- o| -the purchase money, . Given unde.r my hand this 16th day pf January, 1959 You. the Merchant,... 1 MI J**- . , v '^ d, . *• *• , .)'''./»*. * L . You; advertise. RUSSELL, Comrrjjssioner 17, ?4, 1959' Legal Notice NQTIQg QF INTENTION TO To talk with people about your, merchandise? To keep your store x name before people as a -reminder df your services? To create ( st6re!traJ0Rc? Wliateyer your objiectivei ^our ; advertisingmessage must fee Exposed to a responsive audience to be prod^ctivl, o in Committee Pest Al|ord of tipnist who 4*feate(( 100. segregq- jtiQ A."' named to § D^rnocrayc t s p.ost today, The &etiofl oyei: AJ|ord's status TQ WHOM IT MAY CONCERN; A meeting of the BogF!* .of 81 of Spying Hill School Rjs . ;ft o| Hemp§^ a 4 County, was he}4 qt Spring Hijj County, Ar^an^as, o^ the lith. day o? January, 1959, a,<, the ho\»r of 7:30 9'?locH, P. M- Ail members. o| the Board h a 4 4»e notice oj the tjme an^ plg?e of saJ4 pieetjng, and the puypoge, ^p^eo|, an4 a quoripn Consisting o| the JQ{lowing members, Qarlan4 KW4, p, A- SP9ter, |ioj-ace phj^ps, Joe Raschke ad.<?pte4 3 r8a4ift| as loJjQWi'. 'That, this sphop.} gQar4. «i cofgajice wit^ y^e i "' Ast S3 ol fee Aptstoi ^ssembl/fll 19H7, Vfitt ,... ,., tion wlw fte st^^s ftqard si Iron* ft* (jui 1 dreulatioh audience? Welli our audieijce py to get a op>jpy of thef paper— that's an indication of voluntary response, 5 - . ' Just how responsive are the readers of ouy paper? Our A.B.O'^u&tfitt circulation figures will tell you how many copies are sold, where they are sold, how much readers pay, and a host of other information, f) gt live nunytes crat. e detf. ^ llis no 9JIiei4l re?eptlpn,by |lep to me$ retired, evt t a exceed, g that M W ta*»B«JfJ»t , sfpf», tb£ Soviet vjsjtpr jntq the named to a pem,o o,n the Sprvlcg BJOABB OF Spring No., cl/icjaj sjgn, 04 Ask to see a copy of bur latest A.B.C, report, ^Hf^ ^If" ^Hnmi^iPw

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