Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 17, 1959 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, January 17, 1959
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• • •• : -v££©SP'•''-.': ; v • •:" '•'. ^; 7f^m§M . If y6U 5 fail te get ydur £ta'r ,",/•... * 4 please telephone 7«3431 by, ' . ' *Z,°\ 6;30 p, m, and a speeiaUaffief-' - ' 5 ->"< i « , will deliver'your paper, ' * ,- ,&,,. WMtMv Rcporfi , o/M* Bowie "Knife re 1 ,-i ? ' 60TH YEAR:' VOL. 60 — NO* 81 - . Sta* of Heoe, 1894. frei* 17, 1*59 ' ; Mcmbtfi Tho Aisaelated P»«ii & Audit Bufftou ot Cireuf«fl6M - • i A**N«t'Nld Orel. « Mil. thdlrto A.-pt. 36, 1458 -- 3,468 •• PRICE Plane Crashes > In Ocean; Only One Survivor BUENOS AIRES (AP) — An Ar- jgefUitio ait-linor with 52 persons aboard crashed into < the, Atlantic Ocean Friday night,'cf£ thb ! seaside retort of Mar del Phita.' "Only one siirviver was lound, .'_. Almost lour hours after v lhe t vn- l *cation flight crashed a man was found ahvc p on the beach, his clothes burned 1 .'or ripped off. All others on the twin-engine plane apparently " perished. Only three bodies Were recovered in predawn darkness. Searchers who were hamperdd by stormy waters said, many of those' 1 in u the."plane 'presumably wore 1 trapped inside and drowned Among those on the passenger Tourist Surprised to Find itoliair>36» in Visit to 'Bt ,»*M'J!_l*< t »!t>l f-VI. Large Touch of . %-V# *** „ * '- * ^ !(,' ' g Haiti/# <&«M5 :M 23i' »if 1 IMliBe i ••- • - *>g* ^ v ->>TT~^^B TUSCUM&fAl •«4V & R36KI •y^ I K -^Juy^l/,' rw>v fc^W '> " lr rs bX* 1 --! J& /DESC W&TATE5 i!/j.V.tn .... "K,^ tf* tto v » Wf, ? ulw, .K**^ ViJ. i?|% Wi-' list were Eduardo Braun Memm- dcz, one ol Argentina's mosl fn- motis scientists, and-'Di'J Jose Mex- zadra, another well-known scicrj- list.- There was..no immediate CM*- firmation that they* actually ha'd been aboard. The plane belonged lo Austral Airlines, a new company known throughout the country for its penguin trademark because of flights to Argentina's cold" and bleak southland. _ j 1 1 The airliner was on a special summertime vacalion flight froin Buenos -Aires to Mar -del 'Plfita, 240 miles lo the south, and then to Bahia Bianca, another 2(jO miles west. It was coming in for a landing si Mar del Plata in windy' and rainy weather when it smashed mto the ocean about 150 y.arcl-- from'shore. The airline said that it carried 7 passengers and a crew of five. ^ Pair IncJicted on Charge of Fake Holdup HOT SPRINGS, Ark. (AP)— A .w/odcmj grand jui\x w h«6 indicted f a ifj young couple fin" 1 ' "embezzlement 'charges in connection with a fake holdup here recently, it was announced today. •Named in the indictments are Miss TD'Blla Foshee, 20, a . former messenger for the Arkansas National Bank here, and Bobby Ray Phillips, 21, her boy friend. Both are of Hot Springs. Each was charged with embezzlement -in the disappearance,, ,. of $368 in cash ; and $1,4,75-. .-in fj chocks last Nov. 17. "Miss " Foslie reported that two men .forced her ' %1 *%£) 1 / i?>?5*' ny%vTfW'-<4^>'>«* ^fP^xXfe ^fl*#CULCrtA#! V>-%V« 1 ' w , or T°.i'x, r«r ^*$ & & •'">; *&?%**: «i*^* .« Russian Envoy GonfeflWit President FiCl _.fjp\ li>£: ,, JW &g* _JJSw~ KSfe^ I'ii7f t -,<v*'- l :>i .,$* >> Jtf 8E .•*, J€*£ Mrcf* \ifa i-WDEGA- LfHV tTUSCALOOSA 1 HWlS^WOp-JliQOi KftftCABAAUSV C V°* *K«V V "''j^ to*--' 1 'J^iH ^Js^l-A* *'^^' ''SXLA'CAU'GAl V. g'CHEAHAl kf STATE! E p .9 OTV,« fro-i W &<m U, $m$$ •ROSEMpNT 'I;V' -**- SELMA> 10NTGOMERY? iwm rhfftJr Edit°r's Note: This Is the seventh in a series of suggested highway tour mapsswhich Hope Star wHl publish °n a weekly basis. The series wfll cover the South and Southwest. during the winter months, and the Northern sections in the "i spring.. This is excellent material to cut inlo an automobile 'as; she making bank deliveries and took the money from her. The next day • Phillips _,^Ji -^ viSx .*,, * «'i^'^g,^t%-4,il^^ >^ ^« 1 }, , Young Girl May Save Mother'sUfe To, Rule on Lending ,of State Money „ LITTLE ROCK (AP)'—The^r- Kansas Supreme Court will, be out and paste' up m/^^scraq- < !b' 0 bk' 1 'fo''ijffu£ur > e- reference yvhenr planning your vacation trip. By EDWARD COLLIER if a trip to Italy's ..sjiores socms -just.n bit "blue ,s-ky." 'for /your bud- feet, I then •, pl&n ''a'n- . "Italinn Tour' ! around' 'Alabama; Oddly enough, this American state offers. an astounding number of Old-World attractions. Start your Italian "Magic Circle"' .in Birmingham — largest city- in the state. Although nearly 4,800 miles removed, this bustling met rppolis definitely shows th° touch ; of sunny Italy. The Museum of Arts boasts a superb exhibit of 'Renaissance Paintings, including asked to rule whcth'er .. .,_._,_ agency ho_s the right tu lojui m'ori'ey arrested while spending a. $20 bill *at a store. Miss Foslice \f.c?s arrested the same day and', they told police they had faked the lioldup. ., ( ' Most of the ciish was recovered but Die checks were destroyed. , The grand jury also indjcted the pair in connection with the loss of $500 from a teller's'cage at the. bank NoV; 5. ,Tlie' shortage wflS ; turned up. during an'/inyeg'tigatipn w *"j, some'"of the; best art of Venice. And when you walk through the door of this splendid galllery, you arc ; transported magically to tho city of lagoons and canals. Mighty Vulcan Next drive to Vulcan Park where spectacularly'pos'edi atop Red Mountain is Birmingham's famed, Statue of Vulcan,' portraying the; blackr smith of Roman mythology — a 00-ton iron giant second in size only litlc, -Rirl* boarded an-'airlinor here lodny on a mission she doesn't understand in behalf ol a woman she can't remember. • ,,'Donna Mario Noe, 3, may be the spark that' tan renew the Strength'-and." save the life of a woman in Boston. The woman is her mother, Mrs. Lois Noe, 20. Mrs. Noe is to undergo brain, surgery soon at Boston General. Hospital. She.'has asked to see Donna Marie. |Si>-)teen moriths ago, her estranged husband, Albert Noe, 30, look Donna Marie,' presumably for a weekend. The 'father and daughter vanished. Mrs. Noe's mother, Mrs. Ruth Crowell, 50, said her daughter didn't: locale Ihem unlil earlier this month, when she learned Albert ha,d moved here and left the child with his brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. E'dward M. Noe. ' Mrs. Crowell fltw- here with two v That's the outcome of suit filed yesterday in Puiaski Chan eery Court by Frederick U. Anders, a Little Rock resident. Anders' suit challenges the right of the First Arkansas Develop ment Finance Corp. to loan $130,' 1)00 to the Scott County Industria Development Corp. for assistance 1 to the Scott County Milling Co The milling company is near Wai clron. The suit alleged that the 1957 lav which set up the corporation wa; unconstitutional, In successive steps the defend ants filed answer to the suit, Chan cellor Guy E, Williams upheld In 1 ey LARRY ALLEN* HAVANA, 1 -'; Cuba (AP)' — ,'Pidcl, Castro estimates n that 450, -persons Will die before the current ,Wav& of executions ends in Cuba." Already 205" persons have been repbitcd shot on chargos.bC crimes aga'fnsl the people durlnii tho die- tatbrship of Fulgcnclo .Batista, Cuba$ prisons recently held an eslU muted 5,000 to 0,000 more for trial on'"similar charges but some have been released and others given jail'terms. '• Castro nave Ids estimate In a cr&wd of about 10,000 in front of the. presidential palace 1'Mclay nifjhl. Ho called for a rally of halt p million persons in llavanh next Wednesday lo signify approval of the executions. , Tho Cuban people generally ihavo applauded the* trials and executions. Police broke up 200 poisons in front of a police station Friday demonstrating! lor lynching of one suspect, Tlio actions have arouccd sharp, 'criticism in the United Slalcs and other countries, however. Castro nvitcd foreign newsmen i.ncl dlp- onnls lo altend the trials to check heir fairness. Newspapers in Brazil, Peru; eufidor, Argentina and Costa ic'a have called for a hall lo the ilodshed. The Uruguayan representative to tho Uniled Nations appealed lo Provisional President Manuel Urrulia lo stop the kill>. Other Latin-American dolomites, at the U.N. reportedly ar« planning a similar appeal. U.S. Son. ; Wayno Morse (D-Orc) sm;- Reslod in Washington that Castro iiy-He U.N. observers to check the trip]'"and oK'-ecution methods. wne U.S. and Cuban businessmen and industrialists me paying ac|yaneo taxes lo hplo Ihe rovolu- tiqnary government, the New York Tjrnes reported. A dispatch from Havana, said-a treasury official es- Uiiniilcd. about three million dollars hsd been paid in advance in recent It was reported in Washington that career diplomat Philip A, Bonsai, presently U.S. ambassador to Bolivia, will be the ncsv American ambassador. '" Ahasth* ENTRANCE—The plush new Seriate Office Building in Washington has entrances like the one above. Forty lucky senators and Vice President Nixon will move in shortly when tho'build- ing is 'ready, for occupancy. Covering half a city block, tha building houses a senatorial dining room together with a 700- porson capacity cafeteria Cor staff members and visitors. Doesn't Worry Over Weather With an Indoor Garden airline tickets to Boston and a court order directing that Donna be returned to her mother's cus- ot the bogus robbery. Bank- Qffi^to.thp Statue of Liberty. Designed cials had written off the. shortage,; as an auditing mistake. '• . 'i" Miss Fosliee and Phillips a,re.: at liberty iincler $1,000 bond,s,' Trial is expected at the April ! term. : 'of the grand jury here, ' " t Weather THE WEATHER Et,SiWHERE By THE ASSQCIATEP High Uw'Pr Albany, cloudy 34 .!§.. ,fj. Albuciuerqwe, clear 43 38 Ancnhar«ge, eJeav 22 7 Atlanta, clear • 2 43 g-. Atlanta, clear '4 J2 Bismarqk, sn ow 0 -ti ,0} Boston, ploudy 51- 29 Buffalo, snp\y 30 . ( 48 .58 Chicago, clear .14. ,2 Cleveland, snow . ,2_IJ. P M Denver, cloudy 4 28. Des Moipos, clear 3 *5. Betroit, cloudy 29 9 4fi Fort Worth,, cjoudy 43, Helena, elear '42 : Inflianap.olis, clear 14 3 Kansas City, cloudy 21 n *$> Los Angeles, clear 81 5| Louisville, clear go 9 ,01 Memphis, cloudy • 28 19 Miami, clear 7Q 41? MUwaMke, clear ,11 -5 JVJpls.St. Paul, clear i ?H fifow Orleans, cloudy 46 30 ISow York, cloudy 43 U .21 pkluhoma City, dowdy Q, ?a Omaha, cloudy W^/Srt"'" * Phoenix, cloudy 6S) 4(j> Pitsburgh, snow 3,0 'I ' ,H »Purll«nd, Me., clear 48 g!) " Portland, Ore., cloudy 44 41 by the famed Italian sculptor, Giu- peppi Moretti, the mighty mythical god was cast of Birmingham pig, iron in local foundries. Vulcan, with his toroh-bearirjg hand high over he city, provides a magnificent view over this great steel making center; .of; the' South. '.'••< Continue through Homcwood up Shades Mountain, Op your . left, you'll see the sign "Vestavis"; this Circular building is patterned after the Terpple of Vesta in Rome. Inside yqu- will see a huge niural of Vesta 'a'n 8 her virgin' priestesses an.d. statues of her §evcn go^lesses. Thc> jjttle observatory near the' en- of the s lovely formal gardens, Sinclair Oil 'Offers 5% Increase Ike Ready to Save Budget With His Veto, WASHINGTON (AP)—President •Eisenhower today was reported . . „,-, , ! ready to make forceful use of his & do !!? " lo !."°"f! veto power if n,ces»ry to main (Hope Star Photo Engraving) of appeal to the state Supremo Court. js ;a roini? iur? of the T.e.mp.lo in Tivolj.' '•' "'" go, north from Birmingham woodlands cu. s. 31) to ;M'iraculousy, y.uu ayp in the heart of Jtaly, for on a Jand- s(?a.p:ed, . h^lsjde . p{ SI, ; Bf.rnayd'^, Cojjege cgrnpus is Rome it'sejf -^ Here, elustevp^ on a , : tract where a iiillside 4n four' .05 Rapid City, cloudy Richmond, clear St. Louis, clear Salt Lake Cily, cloudy San Piego, t'l<JU,d.> It! ,40 11 18 5 4-1 3) 77 50 54 Sun Francisco., 'cluudy 5(3 £eatU.Q, rijiji fifl clou,dy J6& _, ,.„ JB?» U'-,: rp •— ' - * ' — been ))ollow.ed out by hundreds of- s.h.ri,n,.es ' of the fainous ehurche.s, tourist .attractions of ' RoiVis.' Moire then J'O.O.OOQ visit : (hJs Qrotto each year. geautle? °f ppme Pla« to spend pj least two hours pla ",' »"":f r . h ,?$ said thal . KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP)—Sinclair Oil Co,, offered a five per cent wage increase Thursday night in an attempt lo settle an Jl-jnontb-old dispute with the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers Union, Unless agreement on a new con« tract is reached b'efore midnight Sjaturd.ay,, there is a possibility pf widespread strikes' in the oil industry. B. J. Schafer, vice president of the QCAW, djseJos.ed the company offer. Sinclair negotiators had no, pqrnmenl. Scha.fer said negotiations will continue while the union policy committee is polled by telephone. Sinclair's proposal amounts to laVa cents an hour. The union has asked nn hourly increase of £5 peats. Union members now earn an average of $2,71 an hour. The wage offer was the first made by Sinclp.ir sinw negotiations began last February. A Sin- here, wandering through tho flower-decked grounds and their miniature ponds and waterfalls, shadowed by huge flowenns shrubs and ness didn't justify y wage boost. Negtiatoiojis collapsed last Nov. 21 and wore rosuumod last Monday at the request of mediators. Castro Acting Like Another Dictator Now 9y JAMgS MARLOW Associated Press News Analyst WASHINGTON" (AP) — Fidel Castro, in power in Cuba only IB days, is already in a shouting match with the United Slates although his revolutionary government was given speedy diplomatic recognition by this country. Castro's Ions fight against the diclatorship of Fulgencio Batista reached its climax Jan, 1 when Batista fled, Castro's announced purpose in overthrowing Batista wns to restore democracy IQ Cuba. What he has actually imposed— at least tempora.rily-.-is' another dictatorship. His government has dismissed Cong i^e s s and nn- nounced it will rule iby decree for 18 months, after which elections can be held. JSfo observer in Washington ca.u say whether such delay is justi fled or not, But Castro's tactics since his viclory^-in approving mass execution by firing squads of Bytism followei-s and in his violent ;«t- tiicks on the United Stntps—raiso questions. Was his Jong fight against Batista simply thfit of a patriotic but emotional man who lacki-d the vision to plan Jonfi-range fui orderly government Or was ho practical enough to do such plaiJ- 50-fojji pines. The tiny reproducl-l su ' )ko notices filed against Sin Jons aj-e fashioned of concrute em- cl . air . and most ,yf „ 600 other oil feellished .with Alabama Florida segshells and bits 'of jewels, tile ^nd marble. , with \yhjch' the OCAW has con,trapls. Saturday, empire* ut midnight The Italian Qroup of replicas is ' Th -«'e' "as been 'no utriko cull, tlomina'tcd by a beautiful scale mo-' OCAW President^ O.^A Knight 'jflpj of St. Peter's Church in ««n C .|Wd he will decide when jn:! n ing angry outbursts against tho United Statef seemed prompted .ain Ihe. scunt surplus in the 77- jiUion-dollar budget ho will send o Congress Monday. The. message for fiscal 1980, which starls July 1, is cxpcclecl lo urge bipartisan support tor an anti-inflationary squeeze on feel- spending and closing! of lax loopholes. Eisenhower's target, administration sources have hinted, is to j cut onlays to a level slightly above 77 billion dollars. It is hoped Ihal revenues svill exceed Ihal amount, although the margin may be only 100 million dollars or less. There wiJl also be some bad fiscal news in Ihe message, officials conceded—a slightly higher deficil than was anticipated Cur the current budget year. Spending this year is expectfii to mount fairly close to 81 billion dollars, instead of the $79,200,000,000 estimated officially in September. Much of the increase is attributed lu Ihe proposed $1,400,000,000 increase in Uiis country's subscription to the International 'JVlobeftary Fund, which Eisen-, hower recommended last week, Revenues will have risen to moi'e than 08 billion dollars in< ot the 07 billion officially predicted. But when the ment year ends next Juno 30 deficit reportedly will exceed by .several hundred million dollars the earlier estimate of $12,200,000,000. Officials said mounting concern over tho depreciation of the dollar, coupled with concern lest this country eventually price itself out of >vor)(j markets, has reinforced the administration's decision Ui make a strong stand against deficit financing. Administration aides suggested Eisenhower will use tho carrot- and club technique to win cooper, f.tion from the Democratic: Con S'ress. By MARY ANITA UASETER iWith Iho varied extremes of weather which Southwest Arkansas has experienced lately, il isn'l surprising Ihal an outdoor garden is anything bul a thing ot beauty those clays, * 'Mrs. John H. Arnold does njt have that .w.oj'ry which weather brings, for hers is^an- indoor -garden of African violets. She has a'botil 100 different vaiclicd of which some 50 kinds are in bloom at the present time. This writer had no idea there wore so many varieties of this pretty, little flower until Iho NAACPAttack Laws to Be Heard Sat. By JOHN M, •>W!ASHMaTON (AP) \\ Mikoyan reached life * el his sp.eotatiular American, clay —• *a conference 'wit! dent Eisenhower. ', ' If the Soviet deputy/ prqtnU'ft brought any surprise proposal^ from Premie)' Nlklta Khrushchev^, such as'an outright, bid for tTsuM-i^ mil meeting or a concession'"'"' German ' issues, U.S.''" 'crffic agreed this was his momisht^tb*^ spring 11, '' '•'. **t rf'^J On the- U.S. side In the conference along with the ', President wore Secretary of State John 'Fqtf tor Dulles, Ambassador Llewellyn-^ Thompson, envoy lo .Moscow,, '*'" Livingston T. Merchant, secretary of stale tor al fairs, .,..,, Invited lo the While House with' Mikoyan.' were Soviet Ambassadiirj Mikhail RTonshikov and Mikoya'n's Interpreter, Olcg Troyanovsky.yft; Mlkoyim spent most t of * Friday,'ftf except for a luncheon with,T--"*"'*" Senalc Foreign Rotations "ComiV tee, in conference with Dullcs..a.._^ ,^ other top Slate "Department 'offl-^ olals. They covered subjects the Sovicl .-•--.,. -™ lo oust the Western "powerS*ff6rn.'i J ^ Berlin and create a "free c\\,y" A "'""'' West Berlin; UiS. "policy 1 ,ori, man reunification, and Soviet posols for a "Gorman pffadcMi'c,.-.,,,,, If , and disarmament Issues. ,tw,-..,_"! One ot the main things-'E' *"* bower wanted lo find out*; Mikoyan was 'jvhctticr thc^ government is 'seriously, intc in trying lo rcjacli agreements the West on* such major j sues as the' division* of. Gcrmahyv and mcasuics to bring the niioloac arms race under control. ' "Tf'/.Jn-, Only three clays ago JElscnnowjcv r i told icportcrs at* Ih'e^NaViona'l ^ Press Club the mosL'tliat' wouldSJ ho expoctecl from Mikoyan's Jn- jr? l fornial' vjslt 'twould be that* w'c'J would* try to *; get behind -, caclt^fg other's facial expressions..Mo* see t S'liat we're' rc?ajliy WffltingT'irt ,,p* If Dulles and his aides suecccd-;-, od in getting behind Uhe OS-yea?^ old Mikoyan's sometimes smilhi'g,' sometimes glum, countenance t in about five hours of meetings, Frit day, there was no official 1 word lo prove it. On the contrary,, such^S private indications as wore avjiil-• ' able from qualified sources'indi-' catod that during all this *talk Mikoyan had not come^up" Vfith^, the hoped-for—bul hardly* expect- ^ od—-indications of acceptable *cpm-; piorniso on ciitioal German' ques- LITTLE ROCK (AP) Two phases of the National Assn for the Advancement of Colored Pco- plo'.s attack on Arkansas laws will bo heard tomorrow in federal court here. At 9:30 a.m., U.S. District Jud«e John U. Miller will consider the splendor of Mrs, Arnold's co'llec-1 NAACP's request that three- by American criticism executions. of the He repeated charges — quickly denied by the State Department- that the United States provided arms and aid to Batista's defeats ed forces. But Castro went further meroly attackinj, American pol- dangled the carrot in his State of the Union message — hopfi that some tax relief may possible in fiscal 19CH if tne budget ling is held in 1960. The White House was n present ed as bvlieviny it will have support in the cwiidiny fampaigr from the lewc'ervhip of both p«i tie? in Congress. The two Tesij p,emocrat$, S e n a t e Mujority Lyndon Johnson ens . Speaker Sani Ruyburn frequently have taken » const-rvativ.i Jin.e on fiscal issues when soni,i-> of lh.eir fellow party i)a;V.e been u.r»ins .uew tion was designated as "only some of a large number of "types." Actually, there are many hundreds f kinds of African violets, and nore are being constantly de- eloped. And the names they possess are is .charming as the flowers themselves! For instance, in this part- cular collection, tho many 'svhite iolets include the large "Thunderhead," the small, clustered 'Sweet 10," and the ever popular 'White -Madonna." Names like "Pink Cushion," "Black 'Mfagic," and "Blue 3yes' are self-descriptive. What was the first of these violets from Africa to be introduced in this country? "Blue Boy," which is most familiar to tlie general public, was brought there in comparatively recent years and was the first of the Aifrican viojets in America. 'Mrs. Arnold didn't have to secure her first violets from as great; a distance us Africa, though. In fact, she did not have to leave the stale, Cor the African violets at Springdaje, Ark., are widely known as outstanding examples of flower culture. Since she began her collection, flowers have been secured from many sources, with New York, Pennsylvania, and Michigan be> ing the fartherest places which they have 'been obtained. When asked which was her favorite nf them ail. Mrs. Arnold said lhat she had none she would really call her very favorite 'because they were lil^e people. There was something individual about ouch one, §nd each seemed to have a personality that endeared itself tu her. judge federal panel be convened to rule on constitutionality of laws under which Gov. Orval IS. Faubus closed Little Rock's public high schools. At 10 a.m., Miller, Judge J. Smith Henley of Little Rock and Judge John B. San'born of St, Paul Minn., will hear Atty. Gen. Bruce Bennett's plea that federal action on four anti-NAACP laws be delayed iintil they have been tested in state courts. Wiley Bran Ion ot Pine Bluff will argue the NAACP side against the school closing law. The move s an opening barrage in the NA* ACP's bid to force reopening of the closed schools on an integrated basis through federal court action. Miller will decide on the basis of Branlpns' appeal, whether tho case wqrahts action by a three- judjge court. Under specific attack ere Acts 4 and 5 of tho August, 1958 special session of the Arkansas Legisla- Hire, •Act 4- authorized Faubus to close any school faced with integration a power he used Sept. 12 to shut Little Ruck's four public high schools. Act 5 .provides for transfer of slate funds to other sghools displaced students attend. Robert L. Carter of New York and George Howard Jr., of Pine Eluf£ will handle the NAACP case agginst the Bennett laws. They will base their c,isu on the allegation lluit Uie laws, also passed fjl last year's special session were drp.w-n to put the NAACP MUI of business in Arkansas. It is true that the blooms uf each variety are different, but in many Ccjses so are the leaves. This foliage is sometimes smooth or waxy, em'ly or very large. the twu-tonjwj flowers, tht- fuljage .can be in two colors, two. Whore OS the largest of Mrs. Arnold's violets measures I'M inches in <ji;i.nieler. another of her .children has leaves which are several in.cht's wide. Either the blooms or the leaves may luulv "ifro.ste.4," which adds to their Home Ground, Fruits to Be Discussed A scries of demonstrations f. taining lo homo grounds and-honysj iruils will be given at Ihe Southwest^ Branch Experiment Station east Hope on Tuesday afternoon, nry 20, anounced Extensiqn* Oliver L. Alams, The demonstra^ lions are. timed so that interested.^ individuals may participate in part of the-program desired^%«'V The schedule of events for day afternoon is as follows: 1;00 p. m. Observe pruned, trellis, and wir crops for rnuscadines, The ods are necessary for long ..„, ... , r heavy bearing vineyards, Tfye job/f : was started five years bgcl? '-'--'"-"••" the young vines, * , L-30 p, m. Control ot pine molh injury to pine: selecting..;-? mixing and applying spray when to apply, 2:00 p. on. How to plant prune an evergreen shrub,, control on shrubs, * l 2:30 p, m, Fertilizing'and agement of the lawn, a soil test for plant food, Hqvf to Delect and apply How to apply 2,4 D fpp trol. Fair Charged in Supermarket" PINE BLUFF, Aik. CAPi man and woman arrested jtj after $3,700 was taken *• from k supermarket here Monday* nij^. have been charged with robbery,- 4 The two were identified as S, Kessler, 41, of Hmesville, The laws restrict activities o£'?nd Janatta Craig, 45, pf such organizations us the NAACP and give the attorney general pu\V' er tu move against them. Pint et gart. LITTLE ROCK <AP>— Tho Uni- ', versity of Arkansas this weekend j will hold its first smdeni registration on the new technology panipus hvre winch houses Hie Institute of Technology the Graduate Center. Both s,vbuols are in the uld school uf Medicine building r.eijio.dele.d. svhieh lias been There is, npthing fa torn *P ssk he i,eel§ jpg then

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