Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 16, 1959 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 16, 1959
Page 6
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*V • -' *'•£*'?. • ?'» ; -.' „'.; ''-. : ^^^^^'^K^^W* ' V- HOP* ^^}^^:i^^m FLYIN'G'SAUCERS^tncreasedlnformo- 'flon oVthe si/n's energy processes could •explain'sightings of unidentified flying objects. If the rocket can establish the existence of unique particles of energy "and X-rays from the sun, "flying saucers" seen on earth may be shown up as only Unique atmospheric tricks of Solar origin. BIRTH OF THE MOON—If the moon is found to have a weak magnetic field it would support the theory that it was torn loose from the earth's Surface billions of years ago/ giving it only sparse iron deposits. High gravity would indicate larger,metal content and suggest it had-beginnings separate from earth, "EMPTY" SPACE—Recent rocket shots have indicated that space is riot entirely vacant, but has density. The theory that the planets Were formed from condensed gases may'gain support as Lunik and later devices reach out millions of miles, sending back a description of man's most challenging frontier—space. t_< Srd FMNif J*lilplt,tMffH,rl«, ""Mass at 10*180,.,', ,, ' A-L-ia:-. J .... . _. f .v.!<iHT'Hou&e ,»tal Faiih .arid Ave. C< Lady Rowe, Pastbr. •7)30 d,m, Radio Broadcast Kf4o"avm,, Sunday School Cia^bbrfi ftowe, Supt.' Jl a.-in. L Morning Worship 7:30 fl.m, fivenlng' Worship 'SefrrtOn by Pastor Wednesday 4 p,fn, Corner Club for Children 7!bO p.m. Prayer meeting add Bible Study. HO>e G08PEL TABERNACLE. 321 North Main Street R«V, W. C, Land, Pastor Sunday 9!45 a.m, Sunday School. 1'.' C, Cranford, Superintendent Trie Radio Bible Class, broadcas oVer Radio Station KXAR ( 10 a. m. Rev. W, C. Land is the teacher, 11 a. m. Morning Worship Sermon by the pastor 4 p.m. Orchestra Rehearsal •0:30 p.m. Senior and'} Junior Christ's Ambassadors. 7:30 p.m. Evangelistic Service Message by Pastor Tuesday 6:16 p.m. Orchestra-Rehearsal 7idO p.m. Choir Rehearsal Wednesday; 7:30 p.m. grayer Meeting Thursday 0:30 p.m. Boy Scout Troop 02 i*-«:el^3*^:".i YOU'RE ENTIRELY WELCOME-^Fairborn'Ohio. * tovvn/or 15,000 between'Springlleld anci Dayton, has,done away with- straggling welcome signs from varibus clubs at the outskirts of , the 1 , city. The Lloiis Club has erected'a scries ot signs like the 'above'which tump all.,the symbols together. . ' • ' v Cosm1c:mysteries;,whichVcan'be' solved SUN'STEMPERATURE —Some optical' SPACE FLIGHT-f-The belt of cosmic only partially by man's telescopes, may 'rneasurernents/eveal a surface tempera- radiation around the earth, first discov- ."-betunraveledjby the newest Soviet, ture oh the.sun of about 5,000 degrees, ered by American scientists, may be •> . fbcketr'Lunik:" Decoded messages from while others indicate millions of degrees, further investigated by the Soviet rocket the'outskirts of 'space could 'describe the Although signals from Lunik ceased instruments. Intense radiation could .'moon's gravity, heat of the sun and radi- while'the rocket was still far from the hamper future manned space travel, /ation-, in"*space—^expanding knowledge sun, it may hove recorded information Measurements of the moon's radioactiv-' on such controversial subjects as these: that will throw light on this question, ity also could assist in revealing its age. •Hi t ' ' •^ i Church Announcements * CHURCH ,,f I'-'joh'n-'H.'TMcCIanafian, 'Pastor"' T He'hnrWfiltlow,'' Minister of music ^i /J.' X 1 '- ' * > ^.Sunday*." v \' r ,"~»:30-avm. Sunday School ;'» { , -(^Hubert* Thl-ash Supt. \\ ', Ju,ia:50^armV Mornfcg Worship '• " V » . Serm"on V '-by pastor. . '4:45sp:m. Youth Choir followed vfl ^»,,-*. - - FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH William Ellia Harris, Pastor • Luther Hollamon, Organist Malcolm Porterfield, Church Sc n ool Superintendent 9:45 a.m. Church School with classes for all ages. 10:50 a.m. Morning Worship, Communion. The anthem, will be FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 701 South Main St. Rev. L. T. Lawrence O, O. Minister Sunday 5:30 a. m. Colfee Hour for Men's 'Bible Class 9:55 a.m. Sunday School Classes lor ail ages. Mr. Crit Stuart,. Jr. Supt. 9:55 a.m. Men's Bible Class The lesson will be taught by '• rw . , -/ ? VV>5<P? J mr Baptist Hour - KJ1AR t ,'- ?1 , J -"o:30* % p.*m. Training Union ^.""^.Leoh^Davls, Director ' 5 , ; " ,,7 : 45 « Evening Worship ^T Sermon vby the pastor. E<~> rtfr*. *t .:•' •' ! %> v ' , Monday '""£; " { 7.'*p.mV Sunday School Leader ,*•• * .""ship Clinic at^ Stamps " ; .t.;^ ";2 -p.m. '"WMS Circle Meetings .?}•' ',' Circle 1, Mrs. Leo Wray : ( \' t> '"'-Circle 2, Mrs. W. H. Gunter l .s '« r Circle 3, Mrs. Jewel Moore Jr. \, *» s 'X2ircle ,»4, Mrs. Joe Ridsr >Vw .""Cir.cle^ 5, 'Mrs. Gus Haynes ' r -->>/ Tuesday . H"* t f T 7<C' pirn ' Sunday School Leader »V ' '; ihip^ Clinic . "at ' Stamps | M , "f Wednesday!. '";->., l-i'" > ''fc'6:30*p.\pi5 l G, A: Sunbeams, R. v' y \ 'A "V •"-'*••'• ' !• '' ' ' " ^-) \ ' <, **fj*>r ^ *•$*'** "" " "** ** * * s-'W •', J ,Q;'45iSuhday'Scliool lesson taught "K r4y^br, ,McClariaffarit.' ."*~- ' ^r^S^sp" pjf'rn. r 1 Fellowship Hour ot i •"'-, prayer ''" *~ ' ' ' "Walk 'On" by Choir. > Harris will preach on "Doing The Truth" 5 p.m. p.m. Vesper Service, Mr, Harris will 'bring the message. "On Being Called By Grid," 6 p.m. Christian Youth Fellowship. Don Ogle's^ leader ST. MARK'S EPISCOPAL Rev. A. Webster Horstman Priest in Charge , Third Sunday a'f fc r Bpipha'iy 4 p.m. Evening Prayer and ser mon, ., . , , , : _8flo p.ni., Chancel Chou 1 Rehear • ' - 'uray i> , , " , ,7 Vp-'m'i: /Sunday School, Leader ship'^Cflnici at Stamps ' -^ -• - ' , .'^rnl^SUnday School Leader '§hip" Clinic, at Stamps , . »i * w T* 1 * *ust~" w ~ r-a »~, • j**n^ 1 *^*' - West Second' and Pine Street , «... -<«-rf,«r-.v.v ,.- Minister v 9', 45 . a^CbwcV.Sch^ol ' 'eeBrow-il" 1 •' Century ^ib}e 'Class , . "*,lQjap a.-^i,-Mornin,g Service ' " " etr Mpiqt Zion; '.Rejoice' P' H ,% ^ Miss.s^Brjja.yet^Nelle • MfjW |,'„;'"'" soloisV-^pl'lisTK -* J ' ££»£ Ser/nb/v "Restrfciive <Livin T«'>S,;?WS the.Abwfent Life'* by ^ FIRST PENTECOSTAL CHURCH Fourth and Ferguson atreets- Rey'. Lane, Pastor, erman' Elledge Supt, Sunday a:45 a.m, Sunday School iierman Elledge, ^Supt, 11 a.m, Morning Worship 11 a. m, Children Church 6:30 p.m. Pentecostal Conquer- r's. Mrs. Herman EUedge President. b:3U p.m. Junior Conquerpr's ervcie, Mrs. Pauline, Hudson, 'resident ' ' 6;30 p. m. Children's group — Mrs, Lucille Rowe in charge, 7; 30 Evangelistic Service Special singing, Wednesday 1 p, m. Prayer Meeting 7; 30 p. m. Bible Teaching Saturday 7:30 p, m. Evening Worship Everyone invited \ CHURCH OF CHRIST Walnut Street S, R. Tipton, Minister Ver Mmiste 5 of the wsc o{ Mr S Gordon Bayless Comer Boyett, President 'Dr. J. W. Branch, Pianist 9:55 a.m. Womenjs Bible Class The lesson will be taught by Mrs. Jim McKcnzie, Mrs. Hugh Reese, President Mrs. Arthur Wimmell, pianist 10:55 a.m. Morning Worship Anthem "'All Thy Works Praise Thee" Sermon "On The Edge." 5 ,p.m. Vesper Special music:. "Gonna Climb the Highest Mountain" Junior Choir Sermon "Victorious Christion Service," 6 ; .p.m.. PYF will meet for supper. Both Senior and' Pion'ee'r Fellowship will prepare for the Vesper service next Sunday, • Monday 7'p,m. Adult Choir Practice Tuesday 10 a.m. The Women of Church will have their regular inspirational meeting in ...the chapel of 'the church, Wednesday 4:30-6:30 Juniors will meet at the church. 7:30' p.m. Deacons will meet in Senior .Room. Saturday 10 a.m. Junior Choir Practice SOUTH SIDE ASSEMBLY '? South Fulton and' Park Drive '' Rev. S. Joseph Geno, Pastor •' Saturday t The Bible Club meets, at the home of J. E. Collums on Meh-bse Lane at 7 p.m. All club members read Daniel, chapter 11 Sunday Services: 9:45 a.m. Sunday School Carl Evans Supt. " t 11 a.m. Morning Worship, . ' '? Sermon by the Pastor 4:30 p.m. Orchestra Rehearsal 6:30 Young People'Service. Miss Kay Highfill, Pres. ' ' 7:30 p m.-Evangelistic Service. Sermon by the Pastor Tu e sday 6:45 p.m. Orchestra Rehearsal Wednesday 7:30 p.m. Mid Week Service Friday 7:30 p.m. Prayer Meeting." " CHRISTIAN SCIENCE AVe. 8. *nd ,North Elm Christian Science services are acid each Sunday morning at U in the new Woodmen ot the World Building. On Corner of Ave. B *nd North Elm. Sunday School at 0:3.0.- The | Apostle John's inspiring ac count joflth'c raising of Lazarus by Christ! iJesUs is featured in ., the lesson 1 , sermon entitled "Lu'c" The:Golden Text is from Psalms 118:14| 17 "The Lord is my strength and * soin, and is become my salvation . . . 'I shall not die. b'ut live .and declare the works of tne Lord." ' ! GARRETT MEMORIAL BAPTISTj, 300 North Ferguson "St. Eld. A. D. Livingston, Past°r .i Sunday 9 a.m. Rock ot" Ages Broadcast over KXAR, 9:50 a.m. Sunday School , Jewel Still, Superintendent j 11 a.m. Morning Worship, Sermon by the pastor, 0:30 p.m, Baptist Training Union 7:30 p. m. Evening Worship Monday 2 p.m. Senior W.M.A, Tuesday 7:30 .p.m. Cora Mae Auxiliary Wednesday 7 p.m. Teachers Meeting and Prayer Meeting. 7:45 p.m. Mid\vtek Service MT. ZION C.M-E. CHURCH Rey. J. S. Mcfadden, Pastor 9:45 a.m ; . Sunday' School J, L. Verge, SupeVintendent U a.ITU Morning'Worship 5 p.m'. Epworth League Mrs. Estella Smith, president 7; 30 p.m. Evening Worship Monday 5 p.mc Missionary Society 5 p.m. Youth Choir Rehearsal 7:30 p.m. Official Board Meeting Tuesday 7:30 p.m. -Senior Choir Rehear sal Wednesday 3:30 p.m. Stewardess Board Meeting Friday 7:30 p.m. Meeting • SOUTH SIDE MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. Norman Grant, Pastor Lewisville Highway 10 a.m. Sunday School Charles Sandifer, Superintendent 11 a.m. Morning Worship Service 6;30 p.m. Evening Service Thursday 7:30 p.m. Prayer 'Meeting Everyone is welcome here. "Let The Bible Speak" 8; 15 a.m. , 45 a, m. Bi!?l* Class ;4§ a. m, Morning Worship p.m,, Bible Class 7; 30 p, m. Evening W_Pr?blp Wednesday 7ip.rn, Mid Week Bible Class §|h and Qr*dy Q, H, Painter, i- m, I>bl? Sfhooi UNITY BAPTIST CHURCH Fifth and South Hervey Pastor, Eld, Bill Moor* Sunday 8; 25-8; 55 a. m. Unity Goipe Hour KXAR, 9;45 a, m, Sunday School Supt, Bro, Jesse McAd.am 11 a, m, Morning Worship 6:30 p, m. B, T. S. Steward's .Board •H^BHBT, MWfc ",i ,,- ~ * mK^mmmm^mm^im^m^mmm^m I I ^ ,a»««ii«i,»«»™ ' ETCHED INTO HISTORY—A skilled engraver at the^ederal | Mint in Munich, Germany, makes 1 castings for a series of, gold '.medallions' that will be issued at banks in commemoration of •the crowning of Pope John XXIII.,Using a special machine, the engraver moves a'stylus in his right hand along the etched portions of a large master die. A cutting tool, rear center, is " linked mechanically with the stylus. This cuts the reduced • design on a casting 1 that will produce the actual medallions, ij - ha United Stales has rCassUred West Germany that it'is standing bfi —-tot the'time being, at least ~ on" the policy of seekingi German reunification through free, all' Gcirman elections, -. Official statements, however, did not rule out the possibility of fiiturc revision of 'this policy. The-i West f German government of''Chancellor Konrad Adenauuf sought " more information after Secretary of State John Poster •Dulles: told ' a news conference that 'free elections Were the "naV Ural.method" but not the only possible Way of merging the two parts, of Germany into a single nation again, ' This was interpreted as meaning that the stand for free clec« tions might be modified if some other practical avenue to Unitica' t'ion opened up in prospective negotiations with the Soviet Union, It is Understood that various new ideas relating to the Gcrmaik problem are .under discussion iW* the State Department, even though all in the end could be discarded, West German Ambassador Wil- helrn GrcWc and Herbert Dittmann, top ranking emissary from the German Foreign Office, conferred with Dulles for an hour Wednesday. Grcwc then issued this statement, ' saying that it had 'Dulles' full approval: "The secretary rev aJfirmed that it is the policy W the United States government to seek 1 ''reunification of Germany through free elections." State Deportment press officer Lincoln White also issued a statement saying', "There is no change in the United States position of support for free elections as the best and -most logical method of achieving a true and workable reunification of Germany." The Soviets arc advocating #=| German settlement which wouM demilitarize and isiolate that nation as a buffer zone in central Europe. lAs Dulles had done earlier, President Eisenhower denounced the Soviet plan Wednesday and callod it "an exercise in futility." The Germans are to strong and active a people to accept such a status, he indicated- But he offered the Soviets "any assurance, any material moves £j> show that there is no danger from these (German) people and they wuld not insist on isolating nem." RISING STAR MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH' 700 Oak Street — Hope Mrs'. Lula" plflae«i Church Cler Rev. 'M. S. Rlley, Paitor' 9:45 a.m. \Sunday School Ul/a.nV, Morning 'Worship 6- pjn.» BTU Hour; • 7:30,p,m, Evening Worship . Monday , ' , 2;30 pirn. General Mission 7:30 p.m. Youth Choir Practice 7:30 p.m. ,Br6therhood Club Tuesday ' > •" * 7:30'p,m, Ushers'Board Meeting (Second and Fourth'Tuesday) 7;30' p,ih, Deaconess and Trustee Ladies (First and Third Tues,) Wednesday 7 p,m, .Mid-Week-Prayer Meeting 7:30 p;m, Church School Teachers Thursday > 7;30 p.m,'Senior Choir Practice 7;30 ,p.m, Mother Board Meeting (Second and Fouth Thursday) Friday -7:30 p,m, Gospel Chorus Prac tice (First and Third Frdiay) f Craton. Epps, Church- Treasurer H, L, Washington, Finance-Clerk BEBEE MEMORIAL C.M.E. t Rev. 5 W. T., Keys, Pastor 9:30 ia.m, Church School Mrs, [Annie Bell Yergcr, Supr, 10:<15 a.m. <Mor"lng Worship 6:30 'p.m. Young'Peo'ple's Meeting, Mrs. Mattie Sanders, Counselor. 7:30 i p.m. Evening Evangelistic Services ., Monday , 8 p.m., Official Board Meeting 3 p'.m. Missionary Circle No. 2 Tuesday '7:30 p,m. Usher Board Meeting '6 p',m,, Missionary Circle No. 1 7:30'p.jn, Missionary Circle No. 3 •Wednesday 7:30 !p,m, Prayer Meeting ' 7;3Q p.m.'Senior and Youth Choir Rehearsal Friday , 7,p,m. Fellowship Supper (1st jand, 3rd)' .Saturday. 3,'p',m. Children's Choir Roheai sal, ,;;'."' i • ( CHURCH OF GUD E, 8th IS- a'n<* f* el ! Streets ,R e ^, 'Jesse Graves, Pastor ( 1Q a,ir\' Sunday School, Joe E Monli Supt, 11 'a,m, Morning Worship 7; 45'p.m.' Evening Worship HURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST Elder' U. C. Washington, P.astor 7 p.m. Prayer Service 10:30 a.m, Sunday School /frs. Emma Lee Rcleford, Supt. 12 Morning /Worship 7 p.m. Y.P.W.W. Mrs; Lillie'Kimble, President 9 p.m. Evening -Worship • Tuesday , Friday -, - , , \ 7 p.m. Prayer Service BETHEL A'M.E'. CHURCH .. ' Rev. J', S .Morgan, Pastor- 9:'45 a.m, Sunday School,. W. M, Muldrbw, Superintendent 11 a,m. Morning Worship, 6:30 p.m. 'A.C.E. Lea'gue .-" ' , 7:30 p.m, Evening Worship 1 Monday} > . ,;-•;-; 7:30 p.m. Stewardess Board ,'ani Missionary Society - ; 7:30 p.m, Official Board 'Meeting Tuesday 7:30 p,m, Choir Rehearsal UONOKE BAPTIST CHURCH.' Rev, James E, Coby, Pastor 9:45 a,rn, Church School Mrs, Ella Robinson, Superinten dent, ll"a.m, Morning Worship 6:30 p.m., BTU Mrs, Louise Yerger, Directress 7; 30 p,m. Evening Worship Tuesday 5 p.m. Junior Choir Rehearsal 7:30 p.m. Senior Choir'Rehearsal Wednesday 6 p.m. Gospel Chorus Rehearsal 7:30 p.m. M'id Week Fellowship icrvice Saturday ( ~^ 4 p.m. Sunshine Band and Chfc* dren's Chorus Rehearsal Mrs. James E. Coby, Directresa HURCH OF GOD Elder 0. N. Dennis, Pastor 9:45 a.m. Sunday School Mrs. M'y t rtle Richardson, Supt. 11:30 a,m. Morning Worsnip 6:30 p.m. Y.P.W.W. Mrs. Clara Muldrow, Supervisor 7:30 p m. Evening Worship Monday <$$ 7:30 p,m, .Home & Foreign Mission Meeting Tuesday 7:30 p,m, Prayer Service Wednesday 6 p.m. Junior Church Thursday 7 p,m. Bible Band Friday 7;30 p.m. Pastor's Aid Board Meeting DAVIS CHAPEL CHURCH C? Rev, H. A. Davis, Pastor 9; 45 a, m, Sunday School Mrs, Odessa Campbell, Superintendent. 11 a, m. First and third Sun« days —Morning Worship, **. }. ,Ji,Y-P,S. Program Mrs,- Freddie ' •' 11:45 ai.m. Lord/5 §;§0 p.m. Young Peoples C}as? , B p.m. e^aes4« 7 p.m- Prayer to. gARRgTT Rey, f, B, Williams, 9:45 a.m. L, c. Wyatt, s^pe^inten(i?pt }} g.m. Morn}n§ Worship ijst ar»4 3r4 Qencral ^oys wilt Pte^se- ;iw>te change Qeprgii p.m. BTU , P4rectr 1 p.m. Gospel 4; 3^) p.rn. Missionary Cuple No 1 p.m. Missionary Circle No. i p.nx Missionary Circle NQ. 1 p.m. &ps,siQ$arjr Cjrcle NQ p.m. Cbolr Rfh,ea|f%J Praye f Ul Development I i i i I i f e € k f o m m i s s i o n $ « 4 H il I

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