Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 16, 1959 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 16, 1959
Page 2
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.,yi<C , i ' t%' ' - Itffr ' ; l UN* ^ , TV, 1 " 1 , ^;j ; x >; v/^^t'''"?V f u A e e e * A B . u A B e . A i iri^UVA S ' /'A* 'i~X> /^."v r - .-.>'- 1 ' " v T ' >' ! v '/ - •** '-^^f HOPS.STAR, HO;P;I, ARKANSAS iTv<nii, • lew Housing ifoTi'Oiible S.VSj.'By PftANK CORMIER J^AStntoftTON (Aft—President S3seiihoWei''S tiew hoitslntt bos-?. Mason, Will slen " the " middle of n Bias's tno\\* Shaping up between -with >a j little fighting red "blood in his veins" dsrnejhc^give and thko "jvi'th*, presenting a con- d.rov'e'rsifll- program* to ,a critical fCoHgress," That's the wny democ- ' ^ limef ccaitfov.eisy s . in , i'|*f4 x ^ ent of government' lioitsini; tprtSgrams "under Eisenhower's «*• |'f Orjs vtojhold idown {Spending Dcnv |p6'r,atlc critics -have ^proposed moic ^spending -for Housing. .Mason, AoW head *bf the Federal ousing Administration, was norr.- inated by.''Eisenhower to head tho pa'^t l *Ml6Using and Home Fi, _, KP ......... - The , 62-yoat-old ^Ma'Ss'ae'husetts Republican will |ch,&tige' ! *bttices as soon as the serfage,..!c'onfirms his 'nomination ./'The"; top HHPA post , is bema Ivacated'-by^Albert-M. Cole, who |&a'tae*:* i ft'<?p i lam' to' newsmen he .iKi^rp^iizf''*^ -11 "mA f/-, nli^s tins on Capitol . become an aluminum y*Sp- "<" "NOTICE S 8 iN v -fHE"PR"OBATE COURT OF "' 'HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, , ^ ,<A ARKANSAS ItlN ;THE % IylATTER OF tiraE'-ESTATE OF . _._ MAXWELL, r£tia'st..known address of decedent: f^%4j,Nprth Hamilton, Hope, Ar- l|^pite of. death: December 2, 1958 R ''"*~An instrument dated August 22, 9£9^waSjOn, the 15th day of Jan- iary,, 3.959, 'admitted to probate as *j4lth'e.-lastsNviU of the above named t, ,and the undersigned has executrix there^.^ -^ t,of'the probate of |tixe;;'Wjll ! 'ca'irrbe effected only by ^petition within the time j^-A'tey law. ~JpersonsJiaving.cla;ms against |g$lie<esta.te'jmust exhibit them, duly jy ey if led, cto. the undersi gned_ within ^sJJK^nonthsDfcom^the date^,of the Ifirst^publication of this notice, or jfVtfiey'*'sJiall be forever barred and &*jprecluded'ilrom any benefit in the EraS? t~ , I ,' ~ r *•' TWs *>notice" first published 16th '^Bay'of '^January, 1959. ,-A''>>f -*^s< - %t*>t 'ESTHBR MAXWELL < £ ^ THORNTON ~i .?;^ JExecu.trix-' w f • ."' 1003 West Avenue B, li ^"' Hope, Arkansas ^ Loool Notice .NOTICE f | 1 |v|IN\TaHE'-PROBAT.E COURT OF , STEAD COUNTY, R3-WV ^^'«3fc<% ARKANSAS MATTER OF OF ^V' deceased iBast'kri'oy;i\ ^address Of \decedent ''^"•>'SdfitH'fine Street, Hope, Ar . 1, 1958. Undersigned w.as anpointec st^a•^o^^ of the estate of th ,bpyg;nam,e? decedent on the 15t f Jtamicary, 1959,^ ief^ons ha vine- claims agajns ft'<?''Triu s ' t .'V»hibit .them, dul 'pdensigned wthi .'' the 'da4e of th > 0jst'p,i|bireKt|6f? of this notice, o * t |he^X"!j^vyll >3pt; forever,barred and i^p.c^de'd^trom any benefit in the v Vwilce^fJESt, published 16th *qf;Januarv. 1959, . >' SNOW -WILLIAMS 2%* '.Senator, Street, 'Texarkana, Arkansas Amerkan & Fdfcign Powec Co. has $300,000,000 stake in Cuban Electric Co, @IT&Tlifl$ $85,000,000 .investment in Cuban ^^ Telephone Co. • ^yPCuban-American Sugar Co, Habdrto HilWn Motel, owned by Cuban hotel , workers Union, Hilton investment is very small. ' _ 'Standard Oil Co. of NJ. httS "quits substantial" in- vestfnent in refinefy at Belot o< fcoj $ls ooo 000 in ,. e{inery nedl , Santiago, /(so lias 200 gas stations. f^ ^^'U,S, government-owned, . $100,000,000 refiticr/op. crated by National Lead Co. "W .:V?,MANZANILLq] v *' i '"' i' ' M i • i "*> 'W P$ ^B * i', "iV''*^"i'"''""''' v'f*^ -wSiwsi ' .'•.'''''ii/ljliif'' i *'" ii! ';•''!Wr$l '' i !' ;! ';iVi'^(d'-''''v i-i' 1 '- '''.'''.'ii' *T h '% •^^^•^^IMMMI^**!^ " * p ' „ GUANTANAMO BAY 4U.S. NAVAL STATION) 6wif& -JMcs, 6'ifffordJ , f "" rMeatlng Wds opened by* ,t Cifde -I'W ihp WMU of the i president, Mrs, Cart ttairympie, t j. ,-i rt K. «?ll ilt r^Li.a iiivL. i>« ri( *-.« A/trt^i ^ lirWn r^r44tn « *-rt *-i>11 «it Mi-i nM * "A U.S. FIRMS' STAKE IN CUBA—Despite rebel leader Fidel outstanding investments of African companies. Total U.S. Castro's avowed intention of nationalizing foieign .industries stake in Cuba is estimated tit %>ut ,774 million dollars, Inin Cuba, American investors seem optimistic regarding the eluding 28,5 million in .agriculture—largely sugar—51 million security of their island properties. Newsmop shows some in petroleum and 316 million in.public utilities. * * t * tt*-*ri "* First Sflptfst 6hurch met. on ay afternoon in the home of Mrs. lliffoid .Johnsdn .with 15 members resent. 4 , M'rs, Hotly (Butler, chairman, _alled the meeting 16 order and conducted the ibUslnoss, session, Miss Llllle fltilchei- gave the de- otional on "Thoughts For The Tew Year," (Mrs. Harrell Hines gave the introduction t<5 the no»V tudy book on "Ways of Witness- ng," The meeting was adjourned with prayer by -Mrs, W. R. Bur- .ett. IJUring the social hour the host- ess'served Russian tea, nuts and cookies. Meets At Church Christian' Womens .Fellowship of First ..Christian Church 'met Monday afternoon 'at the church with Mrs. Glenn, Orr hostcssi SUMMIT By MATT STUART (0 IMI by Malt Stuart. ' eiilntuuJ by NEA'Sctvlct, Inc. THE STORY: Many people re sent the return of Gil Yeager who rolled to a stop in front of th had been a fugitive until he was able to clear himself of a murder charge. Sheriff Klint Hyatt tells his deputy, OMIe .Ladd, that he will pursue a middle course, between Yeager and the cattle' combine. * Chapter V Lying back in George .Clyte's chair, Gil Yeager savored fully the unaccustomed luxury •'.of ;.a barber's ministrations. The , past houi he'd spent soaking in the tub in Clyte's back room, and ho was now dressed in ,clotts ( i>new and fresh from Patch Kelly's shelves. He went out into the brightness of mid-morning and had 'his 1 second good look r.t this town of Tuscaiora. Some life was onsjthe street There saddle mounts stood at the hitch rail of the Golden gave a mediation on ' "A Christian Needs Tor' Bd-Audited"based, Ort dKaplet Ii3,72rfd Cofinth..- ians and Ind in prayer. )Minulosf,of<,the, si'jm.ee.t- ing wore"read by tfte^ secretary, Mrs. Allen (5oe amUapproVfcd/ t *r l he treasurer, Mrs. 1'dm Be'mfs'g'aye n report and presented the budget for the year which was ndopled. On behalf of the WOC. Mrs.^T.' fc Logan commended Mrs. Ri P,> Harnby Jor hoi- long term of olfice since', 1041, with Ihc exception ot part of 4 one year, she has s"orVed as 'Histdrian. Mrs. Logan ,prdsent- ed 'M'rSi Hamlay With d "gift^of appreciation, ' ' .. Mrs S. 0, Lolgan Conducted the program v on the t&pic "The World Telling Us" based on the theme for the year "Ctossed Currents In Chr/stian Witness." Mrs. Tom Be— --- mis j ahd Mrs, t>; (L. Mc'Rae Jr. Homer Walker '.presided and the, presented a skit. Mrs. Log&n clos- • feldsr. Mh -anrfLMfs, fhetl Hatinlng "- ' -hfi VlsitbfS'In Pt. Smith afid Charleston, f,C< ft'*•'>,» { At >""f >• '>M'r»"|and JrffSi Carl dulpejjper of' feka'rkaria Were Sunday guests of her,* parents, Mr/ -and Mrs. J. A. Eagle. . | . "iMhr»nd'.'Mr's 1 , 'Howard Ouzts of . ShJeveport v/ere weekend guests In the,.home of t TVtr. and' Mrs. J. L.. Goa'.tfnd Mrs. Violet Coe, f^O.- 4,«'StenhensoH of -of Av- kadelphia Visited^ relatives and friends. Saturday, SP-arvd Mrs/Warren Kinney and Vickt Lee have gone to his new In fort iBragg, C.fs afler-rt < .Visit" With her parents, M»'» arid.Mrs., C,, A. Wynn, meeting Was opened with the CWF prayer. , ' The devotional was given by Mi's. J "W. Bradley on the theme "Widen Your, Hearts."^ The program on "Puerto Rico" was given by r Mrs Fratfk Davis. ' After ,the Ibcrte;c(Lction, coffee «nd cake,was served v by the hostess ,WOC Has"Genera| Meeting The,' w'qmen' of the iPrcsbytcrian Church met for the general meeting at'2,o'clock Moprlay afternoon ed the propram with an ancient pj;aybr. The, mcptin cd With prayer; by' ple. « ** !i Dairym- Mr. t and )Mrs, J OC.'j Web)>V £ Camdeh, were > -wc"eke*hd '^vi^itgrs. of Mr,.^&nd Mrs. I EdWard t ,iHubo > ard and Son Carlton Ray. Mrs. Hubbard is a daughter of the", r W.eb"bs'.* ;$ JPOWEfiMOWER — .LOWEST-PRICE EVER — , $64.50 /$S Down • 19 -Jn. -'$5 Month J 2W HP 'MONTGOMERY WARD . CATALOG .SALES ^OFFICE >212 S. Main ,— .Hope,.Ark. The'committee'onrrules^ of the- Oiiachita Presbvtery held li meeting at the First /Presbyterian Summit House Carrying a sma gupsack,' Laune Benedict crossed the hotel pordh and climbed to the buckboard- seat beside' her biothci Burko Benedict showed he gcr. For 'as I remember was a great one to play things peaceful and safe and sure" jA shoU, .terse .bitterness brqko ftom Laurie "Have we the light his sister a quick, fond glance. to c i lar gq anyone with playing "Have a good visit with Masgic i matters safe and sure" Spelle" I Burke" *r'eachcd 'over and pattu'l ' her hand. "You'll do to take plong. We've just got to play the cards dealt us the best svay we know how " in */ the , {Mediae' Memorial Room j church here Friday night. , Iflern- bers of the committee are^Rov. ,L T. Lawiencc of Hope; Rev. George Gunn of Arkadelphia, Rev, Preston Daniel Jr., Elder L. fT "Yes " The brevity ot the reply and the slightly •' subdued tone drew finoither glance 1 . "Nothing wrong, is there" 'No. I've some news, though. .Gil Yeager is back." About to kick, ; off the brake and urge his team to movement, Burke "Benedict suspended bolih mbvcis a'bruotly. "Gil Yeager 1 Heie — - on the prairie" Laurie nodded "It seems that Horn, while a single one "dozed I Shad Emmett has confessed to MORE THAN A MOUSER—When most hunters go after rab- , bits they take a v dog along, but the hunting companion of John _McCormack, 12/is his big cat, Nimrod.'The cat Ioyes-to,go along, ion an. all-afternoon hunt andjs-as go'od as most dogs when it" .comes.to retrieving wounded game., Jo~hn,lives on the outskirts •oiTincennes,Ind, ', * . Mental Patient Shoots, Kills His Parents SACRAJVIENTO- Calif. (AP) —A young man discharged ffbm 'n mental hospital 2',a months a§o told police he shot and killed hi* parents "because they made mf practice the accordion 8 or ' 10 hours a day " Shght, sandy-haired. David K Sandahl, 20, was booked on two before the glodCRpole Bar. Up street, Ollie Ladd came away from the courthouse '*and moved along as far as the Golden Horn, where he started to,' tmn in. Spying Yeager, he paused and stood starring. -For a' long half minute this dnik and unreadable situation held, b e f d'i?<e >Yoilie wheeled into the barroom, ' A thread of ' tension crawled "up Gil Yeager's spine, chilling, out some of his < new-found sense of well beeing. 'No man, he -reflected soberly, could be entirely sure of what was 'stirring in the murky recesses of 'Olhe Ladd's mind,n nor what Wild impulse might-govern his mood at any time. One thing, however, ' could be •surely counted on. Once Ollle'Ladd* hated," it was for all time, ' The relaxed ease faded frorn Yeager's' face and he 'crossed to Patch Kelly's-^ store. 'Patch -looked false witness at the trial, so Judge Carmody has declared all charges against Gil struck from the rec- Burke stared off a 1 o n t> the street for a moment "And now .Gil's back — a free man There's nothing .left here for him." , "There are the things he,' once had," Laurie said quickly" "If you mean lanee and cattle, where arc they" Burke asked, "I haven't seen a crittor packing Gil Yeaser's old iron in months and months, And right now there's a good 1,000, or 1,200 combine whitefaces longing Lazy Y grass "What hope could one man have of moving them o(f and regaining institution. He had entered the hospital in May, a' month after the family arrived from Pontiac. Mich. The father, Ew&ld L, Sandahl. 52, was a'production engineer employed at the Ae,ro-Jet ro'eket plant ar»d had worked on the , right. Or did you forget some- atomic bomb at Oak Ridge, Term. His wife, Elizabeth" Wa.e, was 55 A tralfic accident in which tlw son 1 was involved led to discovery him and down, » 'The clothes seem /,. to' fit all Gil Yeagcr, finished with the cleaning of his guns, was filling the lops' of his sunbelt with thn fat, yellow cartridges. At the sbUnd of Burke Benedict's measured, solid step at the store doorway he looked up, saw who was entering, then slid from the counter and stood guardedly watching 'Coming; from the outside brightness into the store's shadowy confines, neither Burke or Laurie Benedict were aware o; Yeager's presence. But on mo^ ing * nearer the counter, Laurie see.med to fool the intentness n' his regard, for she stooped shnr arid ,,met his glance with a swit turned' head. He touched his hit "Hello." Laurie " Burke swuns ground. • "Yeager!" He let it stand thn wav for a pioment, then added u milder tone, "Just henid yoi were back qn the prairie " A hint of the sardonic showc in Y t ea'ger's eyes, "Word doc possession Certainly not Gil Yca- travel, head high, flayed G with ' the stormiest qf glances. ,(Tp Be --Continued) Protect VIOBIN WHEAT GERM,OIL' HELPS HEART ACTION GIVES MORE STRENGTH • STAMINA • VIGOR . 8 Years University Experiments, 4001 Persons PROVED VioBm Oil improves,] heart action — increases endurance.''! Send for FREE bookfNo. 9 VIOBIN Monllcelto, Illlnoll Refuse ttihstltutes.'Only VloBin proved eftcclNe _ '" .MOTOROLA^ ' AfVegular/Motorola^TV has been op'erating'' continuously since March-IS/igBS. • A'-total of over 7200.;hoursf v without any breakdown.-' This,', is'.equivalent to ne'arlyj.6 years of,normal_use. i; * ft,, • i; c, * > ' •• >. s j OVER 7200 !*f f HOURS •, - ' > ,, Motorola, TV can^be purchased only'at Baker's Easy Pay Stores with a written/ Lifetime Picture 'Tube Warranty. BAKER'S EASY PAY STORES ,'212 E. Second, Hope, Ark. HOME LOAHS TITLE 1 (Home Improvement) • Conventional •. • '•^HA Build'— Buy — Repair,;—- Remodel — Refinance Ours \G a local institution,'owned ;and. operated 'by local people, and we're here,to.,help you'',w!th your loan problems. We have many facilities and>we - invite you'to use them. Fred O. Ellis Secretary • • • • ,209 S. Main St. Phone 7-4661 Hoot jtdtral •fav/norf 'f.lo»natioc<*tiori counts of suspicion of murder Thursday night: Sheriff's Capt. .Haro)d Gi^ei-in said Sapdahl admitted shooting .his . parents with a .22 revolver. He ' was discharged Noy. 1 from D'eWitt:' State' Hc-spi'tal, a rpental of the- bodies Wednesday., Sandahl fled on foot f after runinng hU .father's, .car jnto a d'tc.h; Tfie highway ipatrol trased the car to the gandahl residence, about 18 miles from Sacramento. The small irarne cottase was locjted. but "patrplmen. saw the body of ' the fathqr in the' livin;| roorru They forced their way inside - and' found the body qf Mr,s, Sandahl in a bedrobrri. '^ach had beep-shot in th'e'head, ' 'A motorist, William. Mabry, who 'J^ffw'Hhin m, 3 4ime" i }8 yoiir§ gt no- •< thma." "Nqt .forgotten, Patch, Just something' 1 '! ' had-to think abo\4, and'I've ^o'rjfe rny thinking, 'Wliat YOU , eat * on ''the eim'Tack'f , ,pun 'rack 1 ; •Lips pursed, "the storekeeper x conndered x h.irp- .soberly, , "Now if is my 'business to sell folks what they want (o buy, But just now, Gil Yeager, I'nq not sure T want Eoll. I'd not like ONLY BAKER'S IASY FAY STORI PARES TO GIVE A Lifetime PISTURI TUil WARRANTY vlfs A; Lew asy Pay Store seeing yoii jn,-trouble again," "Patch,-"' ssid Ye'age.r, comes to.me that the only \yay I could sta'y free 'of trouble ,ori 'Sii[p- mit. l^reiiril ^p^ld-'jjpejtp fyfajitlfy foo.t ir> my, hand -'and run. Well, I'ni 1 -'! hot' gbjhg^'to run-Tj*-^ didn't come back here,,t.o ^run,- .So^-l"et;3 have -a «nok' at thqse guns!" Patch Kelly /turn c"d up his hands, ,ierked rii? head toward tho •rack. "Your business," ^ Gil wound up ^vith a rifle and a six-gun",-8 'SRddje. b.bot for tb.e rifle and a bejt apd bolster fn'v the pistol Out in the "street a bupkboarcl No job's too to\igb. ^_^ SL Clievrolet truLclt lives near the Sandahl heard a police radio report, utes later 'Mabry notjced David hitchhiking, g'ave the yoi^h a 'lift and persuaded him to }et Wnri gall police. Asked why he killed, he replied "1 just couldn't take any more from them. My father made me practice the ac?pEd|Qn 8 qf fg hours a Jay, ."-'-' "I couldn't get out of the house, go out with, girls, play baj} pj aiy-s thing else." everywhere wu \&ok i«m'U ' TQU don't have tp haul sOrtou }oa.ds /insJ chevies like «h»t big J«ndpm ?«t of a.ptope cmarry befai'§ your {hat §t$}w nn4 pifkypi 3°^' § w>flsi4ere4 tough. The rough d«wn ««4 hnpfhim alt ejie8 SPJ3 ? e ^ eyeiy - we * ght Q ' as3t of rounh fobs ^^ PJffl't there |s where a w}io}? fl mvw ft*** flnnt u| 'J < as}?»| r oj'ce Cheyjes copies \}$ in. As &r bscjs w they go, a.-A-'/lfUJl U'MfilS (?Mt ««{ la ml il Chevrolet trucks tiave »lwftya been , ansi short on i ' - A ! 9 4 '* •• >"S > tiing. An4,BSWi. wjjh'bjg jtojhe ljj|e-slong',witb every Jiin4 i% h\$$\ '59, i,5e^a'b,u}ifc jntq mpre tnigM Sjo4 ra^^ste tbai} evep got, •1ST VIT «p TH1 IfST Chevrolet Task-Force 39 * V ( *) ChevrQlet dealer - flBBi iBPP aHIP ^^^pHH; ^BWIHI m» iBB ^^f

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