Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 15, 1959 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1959
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

^97,^5 to (AP) — A man £$M *O.P$ his wife after £heit s mart-tog* 'T^oke lip in n lip in n ' t-oligioM wris cap- t&ted ISSt .night u-htn he returned Jo, th<» scene of. the slaying, ' • Otto M. Jacobs, 62, of Memphis, *»«( ?? iae A when he waniiorcct |? a * k , to the 'curb sites whole po- he fired two ,38 oullctg ' Windshield of a parked ">lo hfsi cstrahgPd Wife, - X***' tfarnlcldc Capt, \V. W. Wilkiii- son saict the Jacobs had separated a, week ago after si, hitter a ' , , rVierVf ovet- her rb'ttsar'lo altehd dfurch rcgufany with lier ei-tion- vfct htisbahd. Wilkinson said Jaoob." wnn 00)1- ViRted of murdering a woman in 1921 and hnrt bc^h arrested on S6vei-fll charges since his rcloasf from prison, Including one of assault lo murder. "Fie had gotten converted and Home Fincince Head l§ Nomindfed WASHINGTON ap> — Normah P, Mason, n6w federal houslrig commissioner, was nominated to- Mrs. Jacobs had pone 'o her husband's house to pick up her personal belongings. Thuy nr/fitec* while Jacobs helped her puck clothing into cardboard boxes and -...„ lo be chiei of the Housing and Home finance AdnYmlWafltfh,* ' President 13fg~en"hoW&r picked Mas&n, 62'yeaN6M Kfeptibllcari,; to , stideoed Albert iM. whose , , , , y«..w.uvu uiiii uiuuuug inio cnrciooarci DOXOS and wanted (o. live a chi-istinn lite." load thorn into the borrowed car. sold Mrs. Jacobs' aon-in-law. Robert Downing. "She "'oliidn't help him or go to church with him and they argued. 1 guess he lost his head." Jacobs was charged with first degree murder. A witness said she hoard „„ say. "if you go, I'm going, loo." Gut Mrs. Jacobs locked tho efir door before her husband eoUkl open it and Started the) engine. "then hn backed away and started firing," said Mrs. H. 'P*. •if, -i -".-.—• The shootingi occurred after I Pnrks, a neighbor. . resignation /fortt the governments top hotisihg job was anahuncicd Tuesday, * Cole Is going into private Industry as executive Vice ptfcftlUeiil of Reynolds Aluminum " Service Corp., a Royhdtds Metal Co. sub- sidinry. tils job will be i6 develop the use of aluminum « in " construction, Mason has been commissioner of tho Federal Mousing Adhnirtistra- lion, biggest unit of FftMA, since 1034. He Is a legtil resident of Cholmsford, Mass. Mason's selection is subject to Senate confirmation. In his new Dies ildihg Firci * Pi^TSSl/ttGtt, > Pa, (Af), — A fireman, pfcfIsHed and " ah' hjiarl- rneht building was damaged darly today !H *a 'five which' officials said apparently rcslilted F frdfw rih job lie will get .$21,000, a year- Si.000 mo;re.,than ho received asf FIIA commissioner,' ' Mason !« ' a former chairman ' qt the' briard of investment of/ihe Central Savings ( Sank at Lowell," T\yfneo ' ' " j * Mass. / nahdylrtan-' *fld«; a ! woffittrf', f ctis« todi&H/' '\""?r s ,;jr>," ,v ( . ;• " CeteetlVes attested/Erhest-a^ Yet",.41, tind Ml&'XftiV ffiveh,^,49. fl '' <:nvn ciiner 01 sinning me Di.ize. flol-h wer6, h charggd-w,ith suspicion or felorty, . * ' Detectives 'fflS storied given by ,0oler and Miss . Owens indicated ^. -' Mecfl'thcm bUL c HHeif Basement ' while 'drjnkiiiK in ' " ' 'fislcr Was ciuotcd ,as t raying Miss 6<vchg' theew lighted matches-into a ^storage bin,'Miss Owens wld detectives '..Colcsv' had , been .tds&inj* rriatohc'9 around the basts* m'cn't.' ' '*'" r ', . ,*,„'.,, '•'"' '- Both /said ' they* attempted to town, - milel' ,- •-Fire* Chfet ('StcpheftvAdle'y ^e'stR itiftted damage-at $4(1,000.'" '-' ',*?' Y 'fhe dead: tivtitnan, Safiley O'M&lley, '34, was -trappdd' orf «lfie jsecorid - hoot ' and->. nvevcome hy smoke. T?horce'othei' firemeri'Were treated 'foe smoke- poiaorttng^amt injuries. -Four •"mfcr'e; were * Injured slightly- -In the "collision 1 . J off th'eir' truck and an auto-en«roulo to^he jlte.:,, 1 - WK... „.,.!.' V V^-,' ;X*' - fill 'be l&i Sf*>-&htil/TbOE r '"ii! ItHey , riarttcV SeHJ •""-^..GoKNJttS? (WAi-ln asdhehi pai^ft chflifrnan, < tjt 'a j i uujs'er,-'"' wh5*was-the 'CRistte'4 deSSfiil-'eandfdStc of''Sdhate Me titiblfbati 'libe'fals'for ilobr leads •said- He'has nonobjection lo*a pt-i poSaT.that- GOP • rflehlbcrs • Klnhin, jn 1060;pick the campaign dired ,tor,', ..,.;,,,,; - , : •• r The Kentucky senator .made • frlchi-'," KbWcVer,' ,that * ha ''regards, " "'sr'&g' the -likely choice. 6| , ' clas's 'it Ihisj'pYopoyi '' J 'approved,- ^, -'V ' 1 ' ' '. V';dSy received' ~t\ > ''_state" Education tiepartrriefit. „ -',,Supt. W. 1 C, Brasheal's said ,the |. , faci.ilty. oj; the- private^ all-w,hite I,/, v,. i'school.Was "dlef!n{teIy"plea3ea""alKl IV , r proud,that "our school has received -.the department's highest ftcdrcdi' wnen\a*ici^i£* appnea aid,\Vould be,made. " f T J ' "" 1 it '» ' X ' *Under , lACtx 6j any accredited S6h6ol that a||^jrftiy 'feeelve, Stfite -futi^s' on\carperleai5ltalbasia. for students.it accepts fi-om the closed tjfslrlcl - • The' ftanye school —, named, for. - : r. 1958. been inade to ot!ief| public schools it "j.)»y'"i!ii [jupus 01 ine cjosea [jiUJe tRock liigh schools^ have trans' nppliect-foiv allotrn^its. 'jv*^/ til now because -it^ijad hot been acci'edjtfttedi U.*. I ft* f i today niiltei-lty; 1 aiid lflA % ifid6,vper-' haps foiv geiidr&rohs7rilierfd f avlil be required to : coiihlcr tliC ' oc%- HomiC'|nililai-y growth t of com- -mtialsfn.'_' ; , J . ^ ,,- , ,' A hnrdet- than we have-become used to,"-he Said. t ] 6rcig'n s policy'Hal ,thn^ basis pur« pttses!" 1 To'^WocT?*hggvqssh'd force, to .promote hufnnh dignity nnc fi'cedojn, ahd t,to 'sllitnitnte .000. a, gbafs 1 art' iV, ybaijs, |ju ,-and 'Jpprnn said UlQ c kept f chows they,!...... ThAleelsfon to , the rttptd economic flhd iliirfi trial *5i'o-\vth of ,ned d1ili^'afict,U: SnVic'P.bio'd thfottgh torcf^d"Jnljii • ThS» tfnUcct - Stnto<! m\i&l? atnna m-rnfMn ,«the fnco of Cptftfetfftisil threat]! ,nhcf probings, he gnUli V Bnd u»u.y jti,'t(ru un u IJi^S'lL 0111 ^ lj S? r ^' Sfl W-' t '"Wfl* tlitf^^tr wlftffllk k - ThdAlJBA W Hstoffedbjtho iBitilfntf ^.ittftfe^ cKcb beUveoif LUflc fcoelc aStfNeiw"' "oi-kt' 1 • - ,-',,,., Tnsldnd ot relttfning the case'lo Court,' Dr. Trtyfor saltlt flit! boto'd Shoiifd4. ( rickilo«»l(Jfl(itJ wl1nt«hd vde- s|ribeds\!id*'Ul/5Mi'it,v in the fcftt' wJpri -on \\*hUo fftnd^.v Negro chfl- Worn alwK \Vm-k 'tor drtdlcate $. efltfltles.] 1 ^ ti\ ., , f<| '<'? - ""-- * * i"'* J-v tt-'- -..^J' / J .--^- ^ _J. J.i.jt O. .¥« tH (.D^-Arlf^ el mlUo's present illriettp''sof^ptll tiprnoci'fttic/ and- jfdu?"'/!* h l tiAajorily oil the gfpup ( \a{tl||ij| hhs been blpaKlaun fo^ IWb/yfafsB "would ' linmbdiataly t cast''" s^ptj ".cltin on Us functions' andr-reMtsa Vlirttvusl of JJLs' rccommenoatjroh| hs >boing «fe«^i ^K^« 1^ 4 .', *V» ; >nt. M.ry; - «**'-' r "^_ ** V -i *^ 1C' Campb $f, * , *.^»« f : f -^'-,-i , - BB f tiff '"V f Candied Yams BelQir 140! Atkins Brand Golden Corn .-r • -^ Dill Pickles Apple Butter Cider Vinegar Piet)mont Qt Pink Frozen Pkg. f ] %£: 37 c 49c 33c Pyre Vinegar No, 1 Brgnd Tin Yaewwm, Podwd Sdwards Hot) Hill ^ // J?fT J i® N i You'll be delighted'ot the-Way .sayjh,gs add up when.you regularly'shop,". SdFeyvjqy. You really "'pocket yo.u shop. Multiply these :sayin,gs:. ; by,th t e -number o-.trips,you make lA-a-year'and the result, is;a .s» Soups - Cream of Chicken, Chicken Noodle or Yeg. Beef Coldbropk Quality' , * 7'-» ? «- *•!* 5 "> T'^' l t b ,/* ,} M^fil •^ B*' l>? '^« , » V 1 >,.•..>,' !!?''>' &,w FT AiX^MJ ri I4i i" ,.sl 1^ - -,; ii J( - , i*«*, k' f ..•(•nv: r .fA i*'£i If . ^i WJ l^f 'X ,'l <*M>l»Bt«»nrj> WftHI'n' „.,'»- , '"••• 'i'iW'W.^A:"*: r. ^tmmmfo. s 1 ~ .difference/^becquseiour prices are always low. This'mean-s-you save every time )ntia-l,sum. . Pockebthe.dif.ference"..every"tirpe-you-shdp.at;Safeway. SKAOKED Welchade G ™ «5 ' Tins'*}) I FAT BACK or Seasoning $i Apple Juice French Fries ' ' ' * i « * PreS.eryeS" , Strawberry ' Lucky Leaf '„;... 2 9P S:39c C Save SHORTENING ROYAL SATIN 8c OFF Northern Quality PLAIN or SELF RISING ENRICHED ' KITCHEN CRART!QUALITY Cajjfgrnja Iceberg Turnips and Tops Cello Carrots 1 Nation's Bros. '. Country Maid or Morrell Palace Smoked, Picnic's Lovy, Low Priced So You Can,Pocket The Difference Lb. Mprrells Palqce Lb. Chuck U.S.D.A. Choice Beef Rogpd Bone 1 ^oast — Lb, 69c 59 U.S.D.A. Choice Lamb Cuts ^UgOLo^b^^ 73c f Ro MO c| Arm or|||ade Cut Chops Lb , .69c 99c • Lamb Breast Ttv 39c "^ • Uin"or Rjb Chops Shoulder or Roast L 1:, 55c Mrs, Wrighf Oven Ll3, ''t-- 'ii/j'/f./ 8-Oz, Tins 79 Save, 20c C Sav& 14c Aunt Jemimo White Cera Meal With lash f urchast Sot ewqy Y COLD IOND STAMPS Lb. C Save 40c 303 Tim $ I Save 16c NATION'S BROS. COUNTRY WHOLE HOG MRS. WRIGHTS BISCUITS — SERVED — FRIDAY and SATURDAY FREE at SAFEWAY ., Lb. Roll 5 c Save 13c '4,^ jj ;:^ Donate to the OF DIMES Coffee and Cookies will 6§ Served Thursday and Fridey at -« 1 5il Your Oanafien Will Help fjght rhe Three Major Crippling Di

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