Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 15, 1959 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1959
Page 7
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161»J» fcyMaH J CMHltM ^ NtA Unit*, $ THE SJOftV; - Cleared 6t a } murder charge, 611 Veager new^'i must reclaim his, ranch' prdpeN ty b Which is In the hands of a powerful combine. Chapter' IV Gil Yeager moved through the blaze ot a newly risen sun, A ntght o£ sound sleep, breaklast at the counter of the Elite warm under his bell, the good'taste of £ final cup of coffee lingering on His tongue along with the flavor of the day's first-cigarette —"all combined to give him, a-sense of well-being he hadn't known - ,in ' many, many months, >' , , • Patch Kelly, Just opening,, his store,threw a brief glance, thert hurriedly straightened, "Oil Yeager!" He looked anxiously up and down street. "Man —get out of sight!" Yeager grinned .at hint 1 .' "No <^ecd, Patch, hunks for the kind thought, though. I'll be around ,a little later to siaend some money with you." He went on, leaving Patch glaring and wondering. At the Golden Horn both doors Were latched back and a swamp- er wielded a busy broom about the entrance. Standing in the clear sunlight, watching this activity, * was a man in a dark suit, ..a slim Perfecto burning between lais teeth. No attention was paid Yeager until he was within a yard of passing. Then the cigar smoker's head lifted, showing a face pale and smooth and -expressionless. Also a pair of the blackets eyes Yeager had ever seen in a human. Obsidian glack, and* just as hard and unrevealing. For a long moment the flinty • scrutiny held, and Yeager felt*,he.was .bo- ffjng evaluated, catalogued and Also a pair of the blackest eyes slid aside and their owner was once again an entirely neutral and retiring figure. From the sharp angled shadow of the courthouse steps, Deputy Sheriff Ollie Ladd watched Gil Yeager approach. A formidable figure of a man, the deputy's regard was frankly hating. Meeting the look and knowing the thought behind it, Yeager paused and ''•gave, it back, stare for stare. He tipped his head. "Hyatt inside'.' "He's in there." Ollic Ladd'., grudging answer rolled cut thick and surly and guttural. Yeager looked him up and down. "Times been known to sweeten some things. Nnt yot though, eh Ollie" Ollie's broad and heavy lips lifted at one corner in something not far from a soundless snarl yond that, nothing. -•• - 'Suppose we go in":. Yeagci suggested. the door -beside him. He tramped shrugged and wheeled throug the dor beoside Mm. He trampor ponderously along the haliwaj and turned in at Hyatt's office Gil Yeager following. Klint Hyatt sat at his desk, chewing a ragged cigar, looking ,f as sour and indrawn as usual, fi '•~ J front of him Jay .a little pile o: currency and some few odd coins He met Yeagpr's glance briefly then indicated the mqhey, "Count it." •• "I intend to," Yeager showei hai'd, mocking grin. Yeager riffled.- through the-Cut* ency, then gathered up the feb*lns, rte by one. He' nodded. i "Four, hundred and fifty-five iQllars ahd 80'-cents. The exact amount, I'm surprised • you remembered so well, -I'm also surprised you hadn't spent this, months ago." Hyatt stirred restlessly, his vorcis running more thinly .nasal han ever, "I said—watch it! You can just :asy stir yourself up another jag >f trouble," . , " Apparently not -listening, Ye'ai ger wadded! tho currency into one •aggcd pocket and dumped the silver into another/ This done, lowever, he slapped a hard palm on the desk lop and leaned across t, and now there Was no lightness in 'his voice at all. , "You're the one to Watch it, lyatl! For you're not looking at the, same man you helped push around a year ago. That fellow Was an easy-going, trustful sort, different now, though. He's no onger one of the meek of the Jarth, no longer'a fool sheep, fat for the shearing!. Pay you to re member that, Hyatt." Straightening, he came around, stepped close to Ollie Ladd and jabbed a stiff forefinger against Ollie's burly chest. "You too, Ollie. I undcrstam you've been making strong talk of what you intended doing to me, should I ever show in these parts again. That wasn't wise For here I am and any time . might get the idea of callinj, you." He went out. - 'Ollie .iLadd 'began to cursq 1 heavily, but -Klint Hyatt ,flaggo him. to- silence again with *a curt hand.' ! , "No point in that. We just gof to take it and like *it," "You talked back' tough u Yeager just now," Ollic re minded. "You miss the point, Ollic. Be fore we look out for anybodj else, we look out for ourselves. This office is politics, which makes us politicians. And a smart politician knows when to swing one way, when to swing another. Also, which is even more important, when to hold the middle course until "he's sure which way the wind is really going to blow. For the present, at least, that's the course this office is taking. Right down (he middle!" For some little time Ollic Ladd considered this, scc.wl wrinkles fanning from the corners of his eyes. "Mcade B a s t i a'n and Duke Rpyole, maybe they won't like that," Ollie said.~4 ; " -- (To Be Continued) Court Asked to Review Conviction LITTLE ROCK (AP)—Attorneys for J.T. (Crimp) House asked the Arkansas ' Supreme Court ' yesterday to review the 24-year-old convicted slayer's case. House, a Negro of Lnkeview, sentenced to be electrocuted Jan. 23 for the bludgeon-slaying of Ernestine Colay, 18, a Negro of Oneida, last July 2U, He was found guilty of first degree murder by a Phillips County Circuit CiAir? jury. KEW VORK (Utt) L it's me srim look'*,VersUs the ibaro look In vening.fashions for spring. .Designer Ceil Chapman revives he cover : ttp fashions from the Gibsoit girl era for cbcktafl and dinner clothes, Designer Luis Es- ovez slashes neckline's so low that •svert his showroorn -models asked HI e^iuiv-'i/, ; v'«yr' Fashions of l4MElttMittHttKHHMtittMESiiaaEI^ fefC fjffeiectivcs.'htfefcIftrtd"^'fast ertc-r/at the fr'cjfU bf SOrtie' droiisds, off '• 1 gift vs, UPI Editor- (Miss , *VoWcs' 'hi blaek•. fiHtT whi)e tiornbtfislldfis ~ black,-, slim 1 'or < eormon *» •<plenled - skirts t-ot«et either shoK'ibfrnSl 6i' flbbi" length, tobrh with .while tucked lifidfi or chiffon bldtiscs, , ( „ , , The , blouses Jia^e, ihc 'high, tailored collars and ..the.'long, ctiftcd sleeves Initial of thoscr \voVrt b.y Illustrator Chnvles 'tfaha "CHbsoiVs' fashionable ladles at thorium ot the"' century, , '• •> Miss dhattWan Is' ono, ! of, the members of the couture group of the.Mew York iDrcss Institute previewing spring and summer clothes this week for visiting fuslv / ten BaiiorM-, • > ,, o \fisteve% oi'igifinlfy ', stfiedutett to • with •?• the v-g foufr * shortly ..before ,lhfc openings [ toe reasons, tmexpldlHed, ,,< , " Irt most collections, . the' fortg' and narrow.' evening i ; dre^s <sidnts (lid show frohrihe'lltsli, bouffant, E?i tcvcz Showed 'sUealh-Ilkc. normals with the skinny* look relieved .only by tin- attached' shoH ; cnpe at , Urn bnck.r-Fnjrtolis- for. making reveal- Ing clolhes, EstcVdz tills sensoii not only", jjlimged" 1 necklines nenrly to the waist .but also sill the side scams of some long for main up lo mUUhl&h, Short evening gowns otitnum ( v.ui V Ut \»lll!l£f fj t \^\\llft \J\.\ VI \ M I I I" bored long -ones m the Christian Dior collodion.. The flrm'y chieC t H SPECIALS FRIDAY & SATURDAY- JAN. 16- 17 Just Received — Straight 1 Car Load of that Good HAVOLIN MOTOR OIL - Save - Save CASE OF 24 QUARTS QUARTS ONLY . . , , , 29c TEXACOOIL CASE OF 24QTS, 5.95 4J5 QUARTS ONLY TEXAS STAR CASE OF 24QTS, 3.50 QUARTS ONLY , , , , , 17c GIANT SI2i WASHING POWDER CHICK THIS OUT! 53c BISCUITS CHICK THISS 6 Cam QUARTERS MARGARINE 2 31c PRINCE ALBERT - IQc "FRESH CAT AND IUFFMO FISH They §t§pt last nighfr in White River ^^^ ^^V ^^B -^^^^^<^^^^M ^^H ^HT^lHMIiMB'|HI HHI^HHBr GROCERY & MARKET :»' OK ,- jj a,u t 1 C it If ''Minded;, iffte»i Its • iiRn-vvuionju 'SllnOtfclte ^ f GuCbt^u Itfst, Mf s\Y«tts(om; eotfc-etlort in Pflrl«C« top-\vhlch the. haifso (rrtclU HpHflily'SiWes Its splnsliy, nelvs« maklfftf., numbers. The, OP « r I s spring eolIcHdost will bo shown llie press 'JnSVSO, '\'>^ > , • Mo'mliHos l orr tiic filw dnytlma clothes \vbra i 1 ? 16 1(1 Inches from the flooiV the Srinie-ns most New York, rriniutfh'clitrefs ni'd showing, nUhoiish-St. t.huVonl'wont ngnlnsl the ( PitrlS', trend' last foil tuid litiilled ski'rls us low ns U ahd is inches,, t Explains' Hemline Vai'lfttlon •A ,ne\vs'rdlensc on UvtfMow York collection; ox'nlalnocl tho hcmllno this way! t'tt must Be dmphnsfjsett that t»I- thotigh the gentJ-Hl trend of.fnsh* ton .tsv.vefy -, definitely, to loHgef itinfiths, the Jidtunl Idn^hs.vnfy'ta compliment the jiroportions of'spe« eiflc dresses «nd suits and afso tfte Wertt;efs,"' -. ' ,- -;" Skirls of some coektnil clothes were i-ottndcd and beil-sh h a n e d, rdhilnlscdnl tl the "new look 1 ' of I!W which Wade the house fiu motis. \VrtlslIlncs are slltthtly lilgh^ or Ihflh normiil, Designer Chnpninn revived hnc old-lime fdshlon. Designers Jadele Simpson and John Mora help nuikc the near season scent like old limes In oilier ways. Mrs, Simpson has brought back the classic i-edlngolo and lite coat dress. She shows tho rcdlngojcs or s H ebttftr,dksl,? sttfe, • Mnfilyn itrosscs.'.has' revived life jih'kitt Eind *thei'L flllCS* 111 tllS'CtilieMioft^G'f are raised .slightly at „ .,,.,... wfc EATS Personally .Guaranteed by Your Meat Manager/ r* ( I ' -* **•«•• (#•»<»*- rt* ^ 1M *«1, Jf*. t • J-*"n.n .1 ll_-...l ,„,.*»•*" * -«* m -„.- , ^T i —•' X-tra Trim Sirloin J /j^^^^j'/U.?,// ^ .,Vw - '' •> '- ; • _•-''* rr-lt." 'j>,,,„.,' Choice Quality Beef Freshore — U.S.D.A. Grade A Rfekr, Live \ f USCON, Arlzi- (/P) —'!>„..„«„„. Bernard Garmiro <Is helplrfgydl groups in n dress right "^"' filmed at schools. ; Gnrmlrd says most- folksiwH have brushes , with tho'la\0 ,'afc dressed shabbily —from tho ybtffig cst juvenile lo tho oldest crimtHflb 1 !, "We find that dirty people 6£M., have dirty minds," he added?,^;,^ What is X-tra Trim? Childs X-Tra Trim Beef 1 gives you more meat for your money . . , because 'if fakes a frimming before if's weighed and priced, You, don't pay for waste! And that's a big savings when you're buying steak. Notice that it's, free of excess fat ... the long end is cut off, ... even tho flat loin bone is removed to give you additional savings. Join the smart- shoppers to Childs and get far more good catin' meat for your money. X-TRA TRIM CHOICE QUALITY BEEF CHUCK ROAST Lb 49c CAPONETTE 4 to 6 Lb. Avg. BAKING CHICKEN u 45c WISCONSIN MILD 80z 33c 13i0z '55c X-tra Trim Fish Sticks %£: 35c Arm Roast Boneless Stew Meat u,. 65c Choice Quality — Full Cut or Swiss RoundSfeakTr u,. Sornerdale Frozen Food $1.00 SALE Whole kernel Quality X-tra Trim , Choice Quality X-tra Trim Rib Roast S£ 71h Lb 69c Rib Steaks Quality Controlled . ' Choice Quality X-tra Trim Ground Beef Lb 59c Boneless Chucktb 69c 25 LB. BAG U.S. No. 1 Red McClure Wedge Wedge Choice Quality X-tra Trim 5§c T Bone Steakm 95e Choice Quality X-tra Trim * 1^09 Rib Eye Steaks L b 2.29 Corn 7 10 Oz, Pkgs. $1 Baby Limas 5 ] ?£: $1 Green Peas 7 ££ $1 French Fries 7 ?£: $1 Cut Qkra 6 C z Fancy Canadian Rutabaga TURNIPS u, 5c , Exfra Larqe Pascal CELERY FRESHOBE CHUNK Krogo Shortening 3Ub.con7§..c Hygrqde Vienna Sawsgge 2 4C ?S 39*" Krcjft Dinnirs 2 ^| 3lc Appign Way Pizza Mix no* Fancy Winesap s*ik 15e APPLES 8 OZ. GLASS WARE Lb, No, i Can Set of Four lOc 35 Kroger Strawberry Preserves Kroger Blackberry 120z. Jors 120z. Jars Kroger Cherry Kroger P&ach Preserves 4 120?, $1 Jars «p 1 4 Kroger Saltwfs Alma Twrnip Greens Alma Spinach 2 No303 25c Alma Del Monte Pineapple ub,Box25c Juice 2' Del Monte Crushed No.30QCQn lOc Pineapple No.2can29c Pel Monte Sliced Pineapple N. Cans Alma Mixed Mustard NosoocenlOc Greens . NO. 300 cor, IQc While YQU Spend With S&H Green Stamps Di! Montt Tomato 14 Oz. Bottle

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