Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 15, 1959 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1959
Page 5
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Bird-Lite , I Motfflilftl "•;. .v t Ml? 4^i (pt) -, r uia\, - ,', S m&A spfd8tf „ >3 felted vessel 1 -> .rfivfni W-- .. , 8 ffite Sirigfng - 8 win artery '«> bird faet<mfeS 6 Sft»i$s eanWn « > (o m' fifelly . 7 New Zealand 12 AthehS 13 Native, metal assistant ,15 Fish trap,. in n rivet 1 16 Narrow Inlet Dish of FLASH GORDON The fltst'tfrtlted States circus was presented by.Rickctts ,§ in Philadelphia and New York City in thdjato 18th Century. Among the, spectators at some ' of its' performances was George WoShihgtoh. Marty ci'r-' ciises came.xittb feeing during the first part of the following century. t They traveled in •wagons. » The] ffrs.t' circus to travel by train was P. T. Barnum's, st,ar'drig in 1872, . CROWIN ( C'PAlNS-On July 4 we'll have as new-flag. But it won't be lon£ before M change's again. .Prospects lor Hawaiian statehood ; are godd. The 46-star design ,was chosen with an eye to the chtinge. One way-it could be done is: shown above—with the first line indented and the extra star adtied at the end of. the fourth row. '. j *) 18 Short poem 20 Uncloses 21 Swift • 24 Central 25 Scope" 26 Fuel ' , 44 Facility 2? AgainSl ','"" 45 Macaws 20 Things ctehe 4o Immature ""nocky -• fciliale' pinnacles '47 Tardy 31Cryo£ "49 Witeo^bircla - ' ...... w..i. ', bacphanals So Sharp . l belongs'to the 32 t la f dens 51.Lohcngriii'S''« family 34Satardtsk brido* ' ' , » Columbldae 40 Ni-W Guinea S2 Pace , - , ' 23 Notiin . v port" ' '54 Conducted i Cfilllffll s. *'WL»s»i ' ^ \J\Jl I • Ut WHULiUltJU American 24 Shnrp sound 4lShade;troe SSSclt-esJqem rodents* * '" v 33 Press ' 34 Era 35 Sheltered Inlet* 30 Tidy 37 Beverage , 38 Horse's gait 39 Italian astronomer (1504-1642) ' 41 facilitates 42 Obliterate^ 44 Bird of prey <J8Uses,tobaccd ' 53 Operatic solo 54 Meadow 50 Wale on the sMn 57 Seasoning •58 Hen product 59 majesty 60 Royal Italian family name ( Cl Female rabbit 62 Fillip TIZZ T.M R.j, U.9. P«t. OH. © (959 by NEA Strvit". Inc. j 4 » ALLEY OOP GUT COME, MY FRIEWD; vOu it-w MEAGER FAR6?X 06LISE ^ou MUST B6 HALP STARVEW I ; .— _ ,„ ' ' i "Don't you think we're overdoing this homework b'usi'-} , ness, Miss Jones? Mom's complaining Dad doesn't) have-time for his housework!" TIE PIE By Nadinc Seltzer By Kate Qsan £) 1959 by NEA Smla, Inc. T.M. Rug. U.S. Pal. 0(1. ALL BALLED UP—Balancing neatly on one leg, a crane tucks its head, among its leathers at a zoo in Clies'sthgton, England. Could be that the bird is shy, or else just doesn't like to be photographed. . • M. s. BATES District Manager PIONEER . a. WESTERN I- LIFE ' „ Phone: PRospect'7-4464 Hope, Arkansas BUY THE "Freshett Eggs In Town'* — From — ' HAROLD STEPHENS' Land-Q-Lqkes Farm 'Blevlni, ArK, V At Y«ur Favorite Urocer* Mcmoncis in „,„.„, Provides Sculptural geauty, ancj i.-^f 1 ^ 111 ! 16 "* Record if at Mod- Contacf Salesmen: Terrell Cornelius 7-251 3-^-7.2227 7-4618 'If it's all the same with you, let's skip the conversation^ I'm starved!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS STOP TM/nnJ US Pal. Oil. © Ilil lit HEA !je..ico. Inc. ftio/A'fS'ferteis- "—and a steak to go for Shultzl" SIDE GLANCES By Gajbraith CAPTAIN EASY IR YOU 60 THRU Tt'M SICK Of VOUK BLUFFIN' WJTH THI5 WURP6R, IF MtkEE WKS M&lM 1 , W YOU'LL 500U PIB VPAPER& WOULD 6E PULL lTSEC(?ETi BUT VOU THlSOUEROAV^ BLONDIE 0 ., \ DADDY/ MY WARDROBE- ISW'T UP TO PATE, AND . ,, 1VJI(1 , )/XI K J^ WAS WONDERlNcS ---j AN IN " ^ CREASED I MEMORY . . "P«rpet««|-Cir«) W Moo,, Ark. Why With Uss, Thon The Best? Buy SAW «» From -**• W.P.HULSEY Wsshingf^r?, Ark, Try These gn4 Y«>y Went Own Any Othf r ARE 16 STRICT ALIT/ IN I't-L HAVE- TO SEW THE •«» \ SLEEVES T.M,, BOH. u.s, p. <S )|S»>y NEA S.ryl,,, Inc. MQRTY NATURALLY 1 6Aiai'D BE TO IMPROV NEIGHPORHOORTHAT VYA6 "Now come in through the hall nnd try tp see it through the eyes of the Fortnightly Bridge Club!" ' >M AND HER BUDDIES IIIIIIII! S».S,r."' '•*!•*•- I VHKf^ BISS- 1 1 Wl liy MA B.rvlc « luc, T M R)g U S, P<t. Off HA 1 . AND I THOUGHT YOU DIDN'T LIKE CARROTS. 1 , "I DON'T/ ~^=^S^rf ^~,^T, 1/TOta PKli'ClLIA'S POP OUT OUR WAY BUT LOOK AT YOUR PLATE. 1 IT'S CLEAN ENOUGH TO PUT RIGMT IN THE CUPBOARD.' ,£-fc^ J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE Witb Major Hoople T^fl BY THE WAY, THI61<3 MY NEW APPRE66 ALL RIGHT, SO I SKIEAKEP ^/ OH, VOU CAM COUMT OM ' A PIECE Of JELLV BREAP TOO \ MB AS A FRIEMR ALL CLOSE ^O SUPPER TIME .'ARE \ EI&HT, BUT VOU'RE .YOU 60KJNA SQUEAL ON ME OR / VOUK OWM WORST / , ARE YOU A FKIEMP? W-y EMEMV/ I-TT--^ \ ^-r-^'B FACE VALUE John Deere PORTiR T- A. PpJ-ter, 95«oer 4 ife FlMW BAY sr NANCY'S HU$B/MJD ISN'T DEAD. HE CAME B LAST NlSHT, PAD/ ue&y cfiatttA WAYWI / J KMOW IT'S PIFFICPLT, ^ BUT YOU MUST BE HAPPY K>£ NAMCY, MEANWHILE I'M SORRV I'M THIS WAV, BAEWgy. C IF I AtAXf TH CLUCK LOOK AT THESE TIES BUY YES,I AM /WA30R AMOS 6/SRtvJABY MV NAME-15 OXFORD J, QUICKBU5H/1 AM RELATED, OM MN MOTHER'S •SIDE, SVMIN6TOM HOOPLE. OF LONDON '.-^ IF VOU AEE MIS NEPHEW, AS I BELIEVE ^ou ARe, WtAee DISTANT lMS/-^-SREET—> v. . A I THE MONOR OF WELCOMING TO HOOPLE

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