Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 15, 1959 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1959
Page 3
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thiicsday, January ( 15 ', Hope .Chapter 328 Order of the Eastern Star will have It's regular Reeling, Thursday, Jan. 15 at 7:30 P.m.- in'- the Masonic Hall There \vill bfe art Initiation. All members are Urged to attend. • ^r-^-.w.. Rose Garden Club vvm meet In the home of Mrs. C, If. Alison, Thursday, • Jan. 15 at 7 if.m, with Mrs. Otis Blaekwood and -Mrs. T.' W. Bui-son, as co- hostess. LAST TIME TONIGHT Feature Time^6:59 -9:08 STARTS FRIDAY BIG ACTION FEATURES PLUS ''Bowery Battalion — EXTRA LAFFS — • 3.STOOGES COMEDY • LEGHORN CARTOON Circle tfo. 5 of WSCS-of First Methodist Church will meet Mon« day, Jan. ,1S at 7:30 p, m. in the noine of Mrs. Vic .Henderson witn Ml-s. Catherine Jones as co-hostess. The .annual OBS banquet honor' ihg the worthy grand matron, Mary M'assey, will be held In the private ainmg room of the Diamond ,Caie Monday; Jan. ID at bidU p.m. with .hope, Bradley and Stamps as co-nosiesscs. \tmmedl- ateiy lollowing the banciuel a meeting wilt 'be neid in the Masonic Hail lickets lor the (banquet may oe purchased by contacting Miss JacK j/orler or Lena Maryman, The Hope Duplicate Bridge Club win meet Monday, Jan. ID at 7:30 p.m. m the nonie oi Mrs. J, M S. Kim Street, Oglesby PTA Meets In fccnooi Auditorium Tuesday Oglesby PTA met Tuesday nighl m une bcnool nucti tori tun. 'Hie meeting was called to order .by avivs. uoy Breeding,-president. Nesv ana ola business was discussed, une devotional was given by Miss Kamieen Broach. Earl Downs introduced the guest speaker, Dr. Dean Andrews of Southern Stale College, who spoke on 'Mental Health." Mrs. (Breeding presented Mrs, Frank Kln.g with 'a life membership to the PTA. The room count was won by Mrs, MdLnrty's 4th grade. Cloverleaf Hai-M8«tHly < ,CW*tty;Siaid»y'SdM)oi 'Class 4 the, GaweUi-Meftft&ial? tfbutlst ChUrch ifiet.tfiteadaSfr Jam- is-at 7i30 is, m. lav thsimguiat monthly hiceiu^^in the' home *6f Mi 1 , And Mfs, TAorii&S twck&tt',"- ' • * •'Mi's. j3aie f McKihney farougHt the devotional 6n ( , /'key to MatoV Christian-.IJMng, 1 '' iMKunas.ftuckelif president,' prei sided over the business meeting, after which coffee, 'soft drinks and cake-Were .served by the hostess, Mrs. Duckett, assisted by "Mrs, Edward Key, Jr. to nine mem- bei-s and one visitor. ' Victory 4-H Clllb 'Meets In Club' House The Victory ,4-H Club held its monthly meeting Jan. fc at 8 u, m, in the club house. The secretary appointed Cnn-oll Rowe to call the'meeting to order, title to the absent ot the president and vice-president. Se-jrotary, Sue I- tiller read the minutes and called the roll. Claudia McCorklo led the pledge to the Ameiican and 4-H flags. _ Barbara Barrong led the groue m singing the Club Song, "And When De Saints Go Matching in". Cynthia Harrison read the devotion, Mrs, William Schcmloy and Mrs. Roy Seewald, 4-H leaders gave a • - " -- •"•>• ""• demonstration on Decoration o£ Jlnm Glovcl ' ot Malvofn, and Mr. Vaccs. They plan to meet and! alld Mt ' s ' I>111 M cCnilon of Camdcn. HOMEMAKER of Tomorrow content winner at Bodcaw High School Is Nlta Shilttle, ' daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Smlttle. She received the-'' highest grade In the contest and her .paper will be entered In the state contest to name the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow. eluded these oui.-oMown guests: Dr. Dnvid Loonoy and iUigh Martin, both of To.varkana, Mrs, Wil- - * ------ ^ v- n.^wi, and! make vases un January 20 Mr. Sidney Cash gave 'a demonstration on electricity Visitors were: Mrs, Archie Smith, Mrs. John Kauffman, Mrs. Don Kauflmnn, Mr. and Mrs. Hobcrt r - and Mis - Refreshments of cookies and hot chocolate were' served to 27 present and -.sight senior leaders. Mrs. Syd Me Math Entertains Bridge Club One or the local / met Tuesday, Jan . 13 of Mrs. Syd McMatli, \ v ho a dried arrangement as the decoration , in her Jiving room Mrs. E. J. Whitman won the high score prize for the .afternoon and Mrs. Emmctl Thompson was second high. Assorted snacks and coffee were served toy the hostess. used Dsplicale Bridge Clui: Met at Diamond C;ife Master Point Night held by the Duplicate Bridge Club at the Diamond Cafe on January 12, resulted in the following couples winning: 1st, Jerry O'Neal and Sydney Me- Mnth; 2nd, Mr. and Mrs. John Hatley; 3rd; Mrs. J. M, Duffio and On Jnnunry 19, the Hope Uupli- cate Bridge Club will moot at 7:30 p. m. in the, homo of Mrs. J M Duffic, 1106 South Elm St. Mrs. John Wiggins-Hostess ' To '47 Friendship Club Mrs. John >Viggins was hostess to the '47 Friendship ,Club on Wednesday afternoon, Jan. H The meeting was opened wtih Hie iLoid's Prayer repeated in unison. Continuing the club's study of the .New Testament, Mrs, Wiggins read Matthew 24:1-18. It was the ibirlhdny celebration for a club member, Mrs/ Orville Oglcsby, who received a gift and best wishes. Mrs, Audrey Hunt was welcomed as a nesv member. The hostess served birthday cake and coffee to 10 (members'. John Cain Chapter of DAR Enjoys Wednesday Luncheon On Jan. M, v the John Cain Chapter of the DAR had a luncheon meeting at the Diamond Cafe with Mrs. Frank Johnson, Mrs, Hertberl Stephens of Bloving and Mrs. James'LaGrossa as hostesses. 'An attractive -arrangement of artificial roses and fruit in dovely •pink porcelain graced the serving table where the luncheon was enjoyed toy 16. New officers were elected to lake office in April, SAVE NOW! BIG SPECIAL BARGAINS IN EVERY DEPARTMENT ^THROUGHOUT THE STORE '\ FENNEY'I JANUARY BRAND NEW . . . SPECIAL PURCHASE! WOMEN'S BLOUSES 1.50 WOMEN'S AND GIRLS' OUT THEY GO! SWEATERS. .$2-$3-$4 DOUBLE BED SIZE! BETTER SPREADS un,*. $5 VALUE - P'LUSJ! Draw Dropes 5 J7 *J Pair 6 ONLY! Girls Surburban Coats ., $4 LARGE GROUP! WOMEN'S Cotton Drosses 1 DRASTICALLY OPPS BARGAIN TABLE MEN'S SLACKS $5^$7 Men's Sport Shirts N..I $2 HUNDREDS OF PRE-CUT PERCALE DRESS LENGTHS! Prints galore! Newest flor- als, goemetrics, qbstrqcts. All in sMnniest spring colors. All mqchine washable 80- square high-count cottop§, A fabulous buy! White, WiiK-IND FEATURE DOUBLE a£D SIZE: 81" x 99" SHEETS 9 Guaranteed 4 Years WJi^alJty! MiN ^ CHECK THiSI SIZiS! Redused - Rgmsining SUIT ST0CK1 Naw Prised $30 Rgg, J8 j 39 1 4Q 1,42 2111111 M I II Tifrifis Buysl Frig Aitgrotionsl ' ISU^J^'UJ,, 1 - Msn'§ Better BSltfis of lnl-y r All 6£ f ,Mrs,<,lftiui, Klfpschf 't'oglstl-dr, Mrs,, Wilbur • JoiiCs-' d£ f O2afl{ fits- 'IMrsrl.'.ChftHtfs Ijucke ' o{ librarian-/' *Mrst ' Belly • Dab' son <6f .GflMandf'. parllarriciUarlttn, Mi-s. ' Joim' Keek -bf , AslidoWti, .' • Mrs. k,, a',* Hamilton Entertains ,'Lthe Tuesday , Bridge Club , K," G, itlnmilton entertain* ed her 'Tuesday '.Bridge Club oh ' "" .,, . , Club guests'' , Included « Mrs, M. •M. iMcCloughan, Mrs, Tom Klnscr and 'Mrs. Herbert Burns. iHlglt score ijirlze , was Avon toy Mrs. iRob Jones. iMVs. MbClough- an won the >givme prize. , The hostess served a Saind plate and colfco, Coming and 'Going , Mi- nnd Mrs, W. It. "eustci" 1 Rogers, Ken and,DenJsc, left- lust week for Foreman, whore they will make their home, Mrs. Leo Hartsfleld left Wednesday morning for Dcnton, Tex., where she will bo with Jerry Williamson and son', iRandy, while Mrs. Williamson is hospitalised. Mr. and Mrs. v *Cartcr Johnson returned from Memphis, Term,, Tuesday where 'she has been a patient at the Baptist Memorial iicfit' Jbofodty, toix: €(181 yed'^l bhg'tiff dnlfng n'vci-y MI.VIV ^j v, ntll>adUyd >lo 'our office - >o or oce stnfft Outsidb of, the fact llnu ho was 'always t far6kc, nnd often borrowed jrtoiioy ..ft'otn 1 mo, hc-wns n charming oohtpaiiioh, We hatting 1 tt uiory, tiozy fric when suddeilly'a wife appeared on the scene; She liskcd mo to atop seeing her 'husband 'nnd told me she was .oJiptibllng her second child and that these ofMhu-i-ocord friendships Were >nfi t old story to her. When iDlcik was confronted by tooCh.oC us, , he spullorecl and stammered', said < he was really In love .with mo nnd nskec! for a,- divorce. This she rofilscdj M& afjnln hskdd mo to stop seeing him. 1 applied for n transfer, got 11,, find moved some distance a- wny. 'However In n short - tlhic I WHS recnllbd to the main otflce, Hospital for' the past week. Hospital' Notes Memorial ' Admitted.' Mrs, Maude Fore of llopc; .Snhclrfl Kay Curtis, Ri. J, Hope; Miss Murlene Faught.vJn. 2, Hope; Mrs. B." E. Greene, Pul- Dlsoharged: James lAylell, HI, , Mrs. Billy Joe Butler and jaby boy, Rt. 1 Hope; Mrs, Dee Cotleo and batoy'boy, Ht, 3 Jlop'o; Chester Whltlen, 'HI, 2 iHosslon. Mr, nnd Mrs. (Lloyd A, Turner, Ht. 1 Hope; announce the firvial Wore whore Dick worked. We ,took up w 161-c we 1 Joft off nnd ngnln-hls wife came to me hud told me to gal out>oC>the picture, t think she's trying to gel him ibaek through the children, They spent Clu-lstmiis with her tumily and he didn't oven gut n chimce to cnil me, tie hasn't mentioned the divorce for several' weeks. Should I,insist (hat he got it or wnlt? (My friends'sny I should force him to divorce his Wife, ~ Cundttce " iDoni- Cfindy,' With friends tike lluum you don't need enemies. Your ".friends" twill jet propel you into- trouble just for the fun' of seeing the' fireworks, A num may UiKe advantage oC an easy polling parly but .rarely docs he leave his .family tor the pelter. Why not bow out gracefully before Dick's wife makes more trouble for you than you're making yourself. Dcnr Dorothy Dlx; Docs anyone have a cure .for (borrowing neighbors? This couple [bouraws tools, household appli • I _ —-••-•»yvw 1 i.|iuiiu V\/V-ltJ( t 4WIIQV11VJLM tl |JJJJ1~ of a baiby girl, born Jan. IV 1059. | ancos and even food. The only my ' we tin..ft * is-ltf>ga over, an& session^ M\ 4he"'«eIIhb8?stft aftfts'oVer thfile"pests'Ibtit4 16' hlift their,feelings. -$H« olhdr. l pe&pfe ( done f ttnde! 1 -tfld Call'anyone help'this .._. 0 hood?, Many 'renders^ 1 haVc snmo problem and T ibc Interested i\t\-< g_. have Worked. Send in and Til print 'therm DISTINCTIVE , . i "Headline News" Far 1959 FASHIONS —COIF, CURL & COLOR FOR'YOU* DIANE'S BEAUTY SHOP ' V JEAN — EDITH — DIANE 204 S, Main Pho. 7-3118 John P. Cox Drug Co WE GIVE S&H GREEN STAMPS PHONE 7-4616 HOPE, ARK. ON SALE THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY YOUR FRIENDLY •89 c AnefrinAPC • 65 C Keller Lozenges One relieves pain and sniffles; other antibiotic for sore throat. Two famous cold fighters PEPSODENT Tooth Paste Giant Size and $1.00 Hair Brush REG. SIZE URTIDIOTIC 98 KILL THAT (OLD ^ 1. Hibitane Lozenges, powerful new discovery for sore throat — Pkg. 12 Alkaseltzer — 24 Our Pharmacist is proud to offer' the best, most modern prescription service. His stocks are fresh, complete. They include, the latest proved drugs available to the,' profession. Depend on ,our store for up-to-the-minute prescription service a/ways. DEPENDABLE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE C-L Cold Sore Lotion . Super Ana hist Nasal Sproy . ... I FORMULA 2O CREAM RINSE Hair Conditioner kAa.l« A « L._;^T_ LMM. . -t ^^^i t^^^k. .9*f 1C. Makes hair .'softer more manageable. 8-or. bottle Chapped Hands? , , . v Hillrose K for HAND CARE Handy Baytol With B-12and?it)ht •uenriol factors, 19 Geriatric^ Nutritional Formula Designed for mature (oiks I un ^l .ibli-i* wiih MJ l-Kt-.H $10.$8 Value! Aytinal , Vitamins and 'Minerals 1 1 Vitamins and 9, Minerals STICK itiEMATINIC TABLETS «i.\ ,*3 building of 100 V1TAIVIINS for tots! VITAMIN A Hew I PAN A PLUS Dentifrice i 19 7»oi,,,, Jb |ft« fflrfy Bactine Antiseptic 83 c bottle, tttllt 100 Bisodol MINTS Ola Vital Vitimin DROPS wi food with droppsr CODTiVCR OIL 1,gf Pint, PUin or Junior AYTINAL Vitamins & Miasnli 4 tiny jjje ,',. fcy( pgttnt! I" 25,000 unjw Bottle of 100 REG. $1,99 m 1 59 LIVER & IRON ?ft 14S $2.91 «* I Conccntrucc Bouli; uf BfO, OLAVITE-M VitjrnjnsSiMingrals- ~ VITAMIN 6 1QO ID 160?. LANOLIN PLUS HAIR SPRAY Fyll pint only ........................................... 14 Oz. SILICARE HAND LOTIQN by R,§vlon with dispenser, $3 00 ygiuf ........... ', ........ $2.?5 DpROTHY GRAY PRY SI^JN CLEANSER — Now only ........................ HELENA RUBINSTEIN'S ULTRA FEMININE HQRMQNg CREAM - §^ ' 99c $2.00 $1.25 $3.50 ANTISEPTIC -, 14

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