Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 15, 1959 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 15, 1959
Page 2
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" r "•'• " ' ' ' j ''' * ' '' IfKes^-Finds There Is Much jre^Hafcl ''Work Than Gldffior a Theatrical Career i; By HAL feoVLE 4feW YORK (AP)-Kvci yearn './..the glamorous life of , °" sta«o. srroM Mid tek-vi<.i«ii>, +15 million dollars in New Director CoMlnuecl i^rom' Page One, the tbtai worth of the state high* V^ay System has advanced front) 87.997 In 1917, whore thcio woi'ft paved rnftds, to rrkite than ----- 4 — t ..•»*...... n<«*»Litu in LI/111,1 i v iJiu VI iij v fell, 1,1 HJ 1(1 LU \'l () al , there is more hard work than j The estimated 44 million dollars ' per day for cohtfhcnt.il -.--.—. , i glamor in a IhcafJ'irai career. , to be spent in 1059 includes, 30' %'^VeJl, take it from Barbara Bell "When F first started," she- re- millions oh the intcrostntr system, "' il who has made a succor called. "T thought it would be all'eight mrllions on primary roads, , ftm — like appeai'ia.cr in ,1 hifilii2'^ millions on urban nishways tbunlif proposed ft beer tax to pay a >)f World FAT : OVERWEIGHT : Vl . I'.uW aVailabis t6 you for first time v; /.Without a doctor's prescription, our fSNlgW dr-ug called ODRINEX, You 'I , most lose ugly fat in 7 days or your "- ine invo the 'Korean conflict. ,, lti uumii would be at the rate of ti«c*d6jlm per day for continental sei'.v!n< and (wo dollars per,day for over seas duty. Broadening Those figures do Hot included "You have to treat yourself tike 9,310,000 which will be spent on an athtufe. You're'always in train- ..'the, Mississippi River bridge at in?. You have to save yourself for Helena, Contracts on this projects those hours on the stage or befoip}will be lot early this year on bids dtets', strenuous exercise, laxatives, .massage, or taking of, so-callftd re- 'du6ln^ candles, crackers or cook- les, or chewing gum. ODRINEX Is a tlriy, tablet and easily swallowed. °" you o£ every bit Parbn-a is the the noted designer, Noun. in B< 1 GecHes. Althoush Barbara enjoys Hollywood, she feels -i Brnarlway stjr opened last month. w-UK*; Bufyou simply don't ftave the mnv!c s *nr. . j' ilu ± ,r , S% Urge for extra portions because " A stage Mar. unlike n film flcath ot volcn, in ? |V.ObRIN EX depresses your appetite star, has privacv after she fin | Mataxas province. •!>,!< ahd'deoreases your.desire for fAnri. i«Vu><: hn,- /).,,.•? ,,.„,.>. n,,.—)„ ,1—.it Arivions Pcnm nr Continued From Page ot Volcn, in west One Cuba's * — • --•-—.- ..vp,, wwwfc. w ^WM. ix^\jci>i tw *- •«-' * . i'«o (y * i v tic ' u t H. [ Mlt: [ I'l $' Ant,l!?rr ea 1f, s vour " desi ''. e £»• «od. ishcs her day's vork People don't .> Autorn^tioally your Weight must bother-her •<"nme down^becatise-a^ your own ' Advices Prom Orionto province of unemployment tachofils v^?as sfufe' -- in a bill by* Rop, OayTe Winclsot of Pulnskl cojjhty, ''t-*d proposed payments of up to ,30 dollars weekly for a maximum^ ot SO weeks. The present maxlmunts are 20 dollars p week for 18 weeks. Two Pulaski county represent^- lives—Hlcnn F Wnilhcf and Mrs. Ootdon P, Gates—sponsored a bjll to curb dporators of motor sddtit- ers in Arkansas. It would make opciator's mandatory . prohibit issuance of such licenses to persons under 13. '' Taking the cue i;ivcn by pau- bus in his inaugural address Tita«day, thp House approved a rc'sb- lution calling for a joint , , ^ fivc-tormtr military men ut(on ™ iun 8 , Fm ' a ^ olnt coM- executed bv a fuin-' souad lttee to study Blld recommend ~' , ^-« ..w.vj,, iuoo*> \^?Li|-|U Uirc;^- , ,- ....v> i.vw ui.r i/\VJI J1JU, ( ,.-.-, ,. s> -w..j fat and live longer." ODRINEX I * al<e °" rn y shoes and bieathe ers °' Batista were exftuted at ,ls said on thls'GUARANTEE: You "The theater f<= in the theater. Irol g»m- .must,,lose .weight within-7 days or You don't have to take it home 'Estimates of those in jail await- *yOUr . mOttfiV ba£lf. Jtfet ratiifn *!-.« ) t,_ _ .. ..««• *...„! . .~ I j ^ ,i nnn i .. on ave o ae ome ^01....,.,.^ „! IMU.-I.- >n Jul i nw.m- -your.money back. Just, return the! with you" ' ing trial rose to between 4,000 and a^r^w'O^O&mNlx Barbarn - ^ is ha,c.-eved ami' MOO. as Castro's forces were still o.t^:oo m a n n^la?80 I d 0 wl?h^ to dress caa-(hunting perhaps 5.000 fug.Uve sol^y b»ck-uarant ««y m a skut and close fittin diers police and mrormors ac- 1955 property reassessment law 'Ihe governor called for n continuation of the law but minutes after he spoke.j a n.sum,ues 01 inose in jail await- j-iii n n, , i , t . -"•'"•"-•] " ing trial rose to between 4,000 and 1 ,,/" Cal , lm 1 lor , lfs outri S ht '^P 0 " 1 a nnn ..- i^_. < >_ <•_ _ -ti'i. " vas IIHlOClUCtCl In tha HOUSe. i flnven-haired, likes to dress cas- i hunting perhaps S.OOO fugitive sol .'money back^giraraiitee by!i uall y m a sk nt and close fitting diers. police and informers ae- ^r--v; P- Cox Dnig Store — Hope—j Mouse, open at t!i2 collar. She cused of carrying on the dielo- jMarl Orders Filled.'' >'; I usually wears neither lipstick nor tor's repression. " ' As yet. no trials or executions had been reported in Havana. Provisional President Manual Ur- rouee. "When I'm in a play." she ox- plained, "I get siok of looking in the mirror as I put on makeup." She is fond of outdoor sports, and looks like the outdoor type. One of the worst problems of the acting profession. Barbara said, is the endless waiting. "You can't just sit clown and do a job by yourself as a paintor does,' she continued "You have] to wait for so many people You ] i have to wait for the playwright, i 1 the producer,, the director, and tho public "But "There's a slim silhouette in your /as mlioductd m tha House. Rep. Jack Oakes of Woodruff County, sponsor of the study committee resolution, said one of the. objectives-of the gtoup would be to remove provsions of the law which work hardships on certain counties The resolution still must be approved in the Senate Before the study named. 'committee- can tie Continued From Page One strong Johnson backer, won a "" the Foreign U e- Other party c ° m ™«ee °" at roup there is one wonderful thing about acting. It. never really bores you.'' Barbara is a woman who isn't , y Sens. Albert Gore of Tennessee and Frank Laudche of Ohio. Sen. Eugene J. McCarthy of Minnesota, formerly a member of the House Ways . and Means Committee, won a place ; on the tax sure just where she hves She and J™"^' u '"? a pla " ' on . Ule tax ' her husband. Windsor Lewis, the ;™ !1 ?. ]lng Flna "ce Committee. Me-,--. ..= ..... ' | Cnrthy opposed .Johnson's rules • | compromise. Son. R. Vance Hartke of Indiana, who backed John^ son, and Sen Herman Talrnadge stage farm York: a 100-acre facm in County Gahvay, Ireland; and rifiht now director, have a in" Putnam County,. New indbw Break Mysfery Has £ .' »»i>i . .«- '' - <fU * '.SPRtfoOFtELD, ftHu, 1.. . "I'm, so hci'yous I'm jumping out of my rocking dhair at the slight- _ riEnt no\v --«-••.«** j. «.t 1111 tn 11,^ they are ciwellirfg in a"small house j of Ge - or g ! a. also won places on on the East Side in Manhattan j ~ In this menage they have two rutia's government continued to daughters) three turtles, two ham-1 give assurance that the- newsmen , sters, a miniature nvirmosel monkey, two golden retz'ievers, - a Maltese dog, two cars and; .20 fish would be furnished names of the accused and charges against them an'cl invited to "Watch the trials, "By the time I get them all foci | But the military courts in the > the morning,' 1 , 1 said-, Barbara, provinces appa,,rently were going Tt's time to start'preparing them i-Ehead -full steam without waitinjr lunch.", i for publicity. II: ._- ,2\a slim silhouette In your fUtUre/'and Borden's Skimmed 'Milk jpan help inake it come true. It's easy ten control' weight with this milk th$t cuts down the calories, yet assures you of all of milk's other healthful nourishment. Nosv you'll enjoy figure control, because you'll ^njoy the full, satisfying flavor of Borden's Skimmed Milk so much. When pounds perplex you, lighten your prob- Ifms with Harden § Skimmetl Milk. STARTING FRIDAY MORNING JAN. 16th AT 9:00 A, M. BARGAINS GALORE! BOOK & GIFT SHOP ELM & FRONT ST. HOPE.ARK, , .. * .f . «j , an end today .but a forecast ot widespread .walkouts Ihjhe oil in» duslry darkertddHhe labor bictut-«. Negotiators f^'thc Harvester Company and the striking United Auto Worker's have* reached ar. agreement on a! three year* con* Iraeti The union's'Harvester council meets Friday to vote on the terms and ratification appeared likely, ending the costly two- month strike, The wnlkout involved the I)!R farm implement lirm's 25 factories, transfer , points and depot-?, On the debit side of the lebor news, p, 'A. 'Knight, president of ihe Oil Chemical r.nd Atomic Workers, with a membership o£ 105,000 in the* oil industry, said widespread strikes srp likely lo develop early ricxl week. Knight's prediction fame as federal mediators in Kansas City re ported no progress in contract talks bolwon v lhe Sinclair Oil Co. and^ the union representing 6,500 of its worker^. Strike riaflccs which expire at midnight Saturday hove been filed with Sinclair ?nd most of the 000 individual .oil plants with which the union has contracts. 'The Sinclair contract is the only one negotiated on''a nationwide basis irf the oil industry by the union but it usually" sets the psit- tcrn for other contracts on a piant-by-plant! basis-, -The union has-asked for a wage hike of 25 cents an hour or 21 cents an hour plus fringe benefits. Sinclair has not offered a wage increase. The aVoragic wage' now, is 2.71 an hour. in other labor disputes, the nation's longest- strike--involves 13,Of)0 employes in seven plants of: the Pittsburgh -Plate Glass Co., Federal mediators arc meeting jn Philadelphia with representatives of the company • and the United Glass and Ceramic Workers Union in efforts to end the strike, which started last Oct. G. Seniority rights .and incentive pay are believed to be the major issuers in dispute. Wages are not involved. In Los Angeles, 1,000 supermarkets have .been closed since Jan, 1 by a strike-lockout. The strike is by the; Retail, Clerks Union and the lockout by "the Food Employers Council, representing the store operators, in retaliation. I The strike - lockout has idled 1.6,000 persons and has changed the shopping habits, of housewives. They do their marketing at 4,500 grocery '"stSres not affected bj[« the walkotif > "The clerks have 'demanded + wage benefit package totaling 82.5 cents hourly spread over a five- year contract, The employers ot- fered a 50-cent package offer. The clerks were paid $2.30 hourly under the old contract. In the Harvester settlement, a cornpany spokesman said the strike cost the union ab'out $2.600,000 in wages. A union spokesman estimated the UAW strike fund has paid about one million dollars weekly in strike benefits. The new contrpct calls for annual pay hikes of 6 cents an hour or 2'/2 per cent, whichever is greater. Wages under the old contract averagted $2.55. That is the reaction of Mil. Charles Popitieau, 80 - year - old gfflHdmother,' at whose homo 39 windows hat'e been, broken since a week ago Tuesday. 'Police investigated, found no evidence of lawbrcdkihg and withdrew. 'John C. Parker, a self-styled authority on poltegeist — noisy ghosts— stoppfad in. ;Hc said he wanted first to eliminate any possible 1 scientific explanation. Ife said ;he would 1 install a recording thermsmeter in' tne taaih- rotvm of the &H> story frame home. Three windows have been broken 'in the bathroom. Parker s«ld he wanted f to check the possibility that • temperature changes might have shattered the windows Mrs.. Papincau and her 13-year- old grandson, ,Wayne, have both said they heard strange thumping noises just before windows crashed, tTamos-tyl. Herrmann of Scaford, N.Y., whosVhome on Lona Island experienced, ' some unexplained bottle-top popphigs .about a year ago, told the Springfield, (Mass.) Union: * "The only thing to do is put your faith'in God and try to go on. 'Don't be frightened that the things'th'nt ?re happening may not be 'explainable. Try as much as possible, to control yourself and accept what is happening. Accept il as something being visited upon you." , . alt o£ two feltow .'Wurmen. v • - .Picket, lines were set tip' by the 1 striker's, -who , are memibefs ' of L&c'sl,^ of the Arnorfcah" feakcry arid Confectionery Workers 1&&& CfOJ, ' , * / I tfhe strikers Ifefl the ''faakerj' f abouti 2 a.m., after the riight pro-s ducndn had -beer, completed and delivery trucks had been dis\ patched. - - E. G, Murray, business , fepi'e> sentative for tho loc^l, '?aid the p corhpatty violated contract terms I by foleafsing the tw.o .workmen.' He Said the lajto# ti'oiisftCupd" a "lockout" and that the Qftibnrhad' '.nad«3 every effort to av61d a strike/ • " ^ Murray said arbitration Would be cohsidered by the union, if jtho tWO'ompioypg were reinstated,'iin- ddr^t6rms of tho contract, , Ci .» Roscoe Walker, sale^ manager for the baRefs/,^afdtJne"''eontfiift! fi&twe.«m tn-jj'.ufltefi''*hd End fii'mv h^fe|ft8*««M-\cf^,tJ*! said' tn> company hdpeds, the .' dfffcr*) fene&s >bistw 4 6e'h 'hiaflaggmeftC and ,foe« sUbhiitted »f6t- arfat'^ • *" Boket-s Walk Out at £1 Dorado EL DOR'ADO, Ark. (AP) — Thirty-four members ot a baker-5 union staged a walkout at Colonial Bakery here early today, apparently to protest thp recent lay- 2 BIG DAYS - LOWEST PRICE EVER,— $64,50 $5 Down — $5 Month" '19 - (n. , 2'AHP MONTGOMERY WARD CATALOG SALES'OFFICE 212 S. Main — Hope, Ark.' MOTOROLA -,, A regular Motorola TV has bean ..opiating ,c6«tiHu6Usly / slfide MafehMSr'1958/ A-t6tal of oV6i* 7206 hours, without any break* d6Wn. This Is equivalent ,to rteaHy 6 years"6f riorrvial use. ' - .,. ., , .. , Motorola TV can be purchased only at Baker's Easy Pay Stores with a written Lifetime Picture Tube Warranty,/ , v - > i •• EASY PAY STORES 212 E." Second, Hope," Ark'. Trained DEt/T/U' ASSISTANTS are needed, NOW-in dentists' offices and clinics. ^Thii spare time training will .not interfere with present fob ! or household duties. High School educatton''nof neceisary. ENJOY A SUBSTANTIAL, INCOME every jveek^ Training endoned - by Dentists, Gat full details. . SCHOOL OF DENTAL NURSING P." 0. Box 98,' Hope,' Ark. Ploaio tond FREE Bookfot, onliroly v/ilhout obligation/ c How I can Became a Denial Aisiilanl L.. Hope Star Hope, Ark. Jan. 14-15 Name „„ , /^gg Address J. City ond Stole , Occupation Phone Q Married D Single sp A stork only occasionally usesi trees for nesting purposes, But,' Europeans have found out that they will almost olways make a nest* against a cartwheel which is placet} standing up. this committee, Three strong , supporters of organized labor were, assigned ^s new members of the Labor Committee,' They were Sens. Joseph S, Clark Jr. of Pennsylvania, Jennings Randolph of West Virginia and Harrison A, Williams Jr, of New Jersey, Y.9M WANT TQ 5RY when you think how many tehen pbon.es— an,4 4on't have them. Jnstea4 o the baby «Hi4 dashing off to another roxro eveyy time t^ p}io»e rings, wouldn't it be easier to take calls right in the kitchen? l the baby §g $* eating while you taft, ^Jtcjien phones torn m beautiM eplojs oy 8tan4ard blapk. FOF color, there'§ a 0aU ^ telephone bysine^ *9KK««r TO MX Friday Saturday BIG ['Clearance SALE Continues • A Good Selection of Colors. 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