Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 15, 1959 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, January 15, 1959
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fe fe« N , •« l,., *? !*£V>;".; •a-'V, * i i t.M, / .(if % 'KI * *?•• ffSs.i> ' -i .A ' 'ti'viJ 1 * xA« Li ^—r ^--V ; f^lV.tpl^^ 1 ,• < *• • i v-? "'a-:','A^ife t iifc -* -•*"/, stfSC. ?V. tX-f ••< To CKy iufci^ ^J^y,^,^'^ £4tl' 4 >,*•,• * v -y, •' 4 ,v. ,~ * <','"-' ,r M ' -. £ * v ; < <- *• >r> -, / ' V '' ! >, -.' \ , ^ ' - *? > '> ^ -• -<K > . '.*• \ * 'fel W^V;' ri v^v''>•'"*•' ^ ' - v v' " ' -• •>. .' ;; - ^ ; ^ ^'^ -;,,,,- -v-. , . . ..*e%?#3 v."-r- ., :•" • "<.-•?.« ., •,'"' '' •» *" v - 1 ;, ' or^: "rf' V - ".• ", ' <V . ,'. N ' / A^ ,^1\> ' ^M^-'^L^.l'.Mmii&: |.%;|l:w«, t . will deliver * ia a special carnervVM <<>«i T^KTS youf ;#pfito, ;« -$ f f .T-'/uiTh S'M.'tiii*^ Per Weather See-Column at * This Page*' 60TH VEAR: VOL. 60 -^NO', 7$ ?; ,-*^, ., Pr*il. 19i7 H0PI; , THURSDAY, JANUARY 15, 1959 MehtttSf! tit* AuoelnltH Pmu A Audit BuJeau o( Av. N«» Paid Clril. ,4 mo*, cndln* Sjpl. 3d, ml PRICE 5e ddfrVl Shoot All of the Murderers, •<* , • - r Castro Orders By LARRY ALLEN' 1 HAVANA, Cuba (AP) — FrcSh dispatches today told of the execution of 10 more men by order of i evolutionary courts, boosting the reported toll to 195. * The rebel leader, Fidel Cas'tro, ''Said the executions will continue, regardless of world opinion about the summary justice accorded captive followers of ex-President Fulgencia Batista Who are ad judged major war criminals. "We have given orders to shool every one of these mUrdci'crs." Castro declared -Wednesday night. Some convicted prisoners ' arc getting' prison terms. A few are being freed. A tribunal at Santin- «fjo Wednesday provisionally freec five — three civilians and two mili tary men. Criticism mounted abroad of the hurried military trials and firing squad deaths. But the rebel chlcfl' tian, asked by newsmen if the executions would be stopped, replied: "''"I "No. To the contrary, f \vc have given orders to shool every one of these murderers. Arid if we have to battle world opinion to ^ftncte out justice, we are prepared to do it." Castro had scheduled a news .conference 'later in the evening, but called it off with word that he 'was ill. The nature of 'his illness was not disclosed, but th3 strenuous life he has led during the past two weeks was pr'pjbatoly tellin'g on him. Reports reaching Havana said 19 persons were put to death in Camagucy, 320 miles east of Ha- 4jvana, for political murders and tortures during the regime of the ousted dictator Fulgencio Batista', Five more executions, were,, reported from Manzamllo, in Oricntc province, where .eight others were shot Monday. Three 'former" Batista soldiers were .condemned to Continued on'Ps'ge Two IN SHARP CONTRAST — Soviet Deputy Premier Anastas I. Mikoyan examines a serving tray, complete,with capitalistic price tag, during a'visit to Macy's department-store as t he beg?n the New York phase of his U. S, tour, The high-ranking Russian's trip to Macy's was In sharp contt.-.st to the subway shopping tour of ''th'e 1 masses." Mikoyan was sped from hia nation's Park Avenue embassy behind a police motorcade to the store, and the doors of one of ths,world's largest capitalistic department stores opened to admit'Mikoyan before the public could enter. — NEA Telephoto rr ArkansonBuys Two Plantations GREENVlLtX Miss;, (API — iccll < Enrls. of BlylhtiVllld, Ark., its; 1 purchased'two plantations in Vashlrtglon ,Coilnly from L. C, ones. The two are Ihe Olterbum •'Imitation nt Grace and Btunbo 'imitation neat- Lcland. In another transaction^ Chester i. Kelcms of Steclc, Mo,, hns 'ought the Mctcalfe 'Plantation oar Chatham 'from T.. R. Pitt- "Han, l Several thousand acres ore In- olvcd In the transfers, No purchase figures Were announced, but it was reported that price of he three trocU, tolalod about one ntllion dollars,, Johnson Has Full Control of Party iafion Faubus Suffers Slight Setback on Police Bill f% 0* * • _f t Be Cited for By JACK BELL WASHINGTON (AP)—Sen. Lyndon B, Johnson (D-Tcx) held a Experiment Station report ' for 2-1-hours ending at 7 a, m, Thursday, High 68, Low -46; precipitation 1.57 inches; Total precipitation for year, 2.07 inches. ARKANSAS—Much colder tills afternoon and tonight with a few snow flurries likely north and central portions. ARK REGIONAL FORECAST: By THE ASSOCIATE DEPRESS Central, southeast an'd south • I west Arkansas: Cloudy to partly | cloudy this afternoon, tonight and. Friday. iMuch colder this aftor- non and tonight', High tor today cloudy this afternoon, tonight and Friday. Much colder this afternoon and tonight, High for today has already occurred low tonight mid to high 20s. v Northeast and northwest Arkan?a&! Cloudy to partly cloudy this afternoon, tonight and Friday, Much colder this afternoon and to. flight, a chance of snow flurries this' afternoon and tonight,^ High for today has already occurred; -low tonight, upper teens north tp mid 20s in south for northwest section, mid teens north to mid 20s south, for Arkansas valjey, BEGIN NEW TERMS — Chief Justice E. V, Holland, top right, swears in Colorado Gov. Steve McNIchols for a new four- year term. Bottom, center, Gov. Orval Faubus of Arkansas is administered th'e oath of office for a third term by Chief Justice Carlton Harris, — NEA Telephoto > taut rein today on the Senate party orgluilfea'llon. With Johnson in full command as majority leader, Democrats parceled out their committee as- slgnmenls 'Wednesday. Republicans arc expected to have their assignments completed in time for approval /by the Senate on Saturday. That'would permit oigamzi- lion of individual committees next week. } In anf agreement with Son. Styles Bridges of New Hampshire, chairman" of the GOP Policy Committed, the group gained uiu in|j- proval of enlarging some of the important Senate committees and revamping their party ratios 'o conform, swith the new lineup of 64 Democrats and 34 Republicans, Johnson's assignment of his party members appeared to reward, ( somc of the Democratic Ireshmerjl who supported his suc- cessluljtiorfort this week to com- promis'e t!i<? tight over the senate's •ffilibtistqr • rule. Ojie" of thesc,r| v Sen. Robert C. (•wo Appropriations and Banking, an. almost unprecedented attainment for a freshman. Sens, Thomas J. Dodd of Connecticut and Gale McGec of Wyoming, who supported Johnson's compromise, also drew Appropriations Committee assignments. The Appropriations Committee, which handles all of the money bills, was enlarged to 27 members, more than a fourth of the Senale's total of 98. Other Democrats added to tliu group included Sens. Alan Bible ,By,rcl of West J^r^jnla, got. miljor commiH6c places, on LITTLE ROCK (AP}—Gov, Or Vttl E. Faubus suffered a lcglsta< live rebuff .-today when tho Arkan sas Senate emasculated a bill designed to oust a member of Ihe Arkansas Slalc Police Commission, <• 'As introduced, the bill would have abolished the present seven- member commission and author- ised Faubus to appoint an entirely new commission of nine members, one from each of (he state police dlstricls and Ihe ninth at large. The senate voted 20 to 2, Ic amend the measure by postponing Ihe effective date uiitil Jan. i, 19(10, shortly after Hales seven year term* explics. Twelve senators were absent or clld not vol<> | Trie bill still awaits final action. | Two other East Arkansas scir alors opposed Boardcn by leading the move for amendment to Ihe bill. They are Sens. Charles F. Smith of West Memphis and Clarence Bell of Parkin, both -representing the senatorial districts in which Hale lives. II was Smith who successfully moved lo amend the bill. He and Bell yesterday hud blocked a ciis- lomnrily-roulino second reading of the measure. Smith and Bill charged the bill was aimed al Hale, and this was conceded by Bearden. Bell was appointed lo the commission by former Gov, Francis Cherry, whom Faubus defeated for a second-term nomination. Bearden (declared that, Hale had taken il on himself lo call out stale Iroooors lo sel up road blocks and thai ho had been in- slrumenlal in having a certain wrecking company used to haul nway vehicles involved in accidents. Hale is a well .known West Memphis lawyer. His' law partner, John A. Foglcman, ^currently is president of the Arkansas Bar Assn. Tho .police 1 - roorganix.nl.ion bill in Ihe Senate yesterday)" The other, introduced by Sen, ' Robert Har vcy of Swiflon, was designed, the author said, to lower, stale income Truck Accident Brings Death to 6 Persons PKNSACOLA, Fltt. (AP) — A Novj' vehicle lore Into a truck loaded with fro/en orange juice Wednesday. Six young enlisted men were killed, Throe others The-iNav'y men were ricllng In a carrynll wagon Similar lo a station which collided with the New Director of Arkansas Highways Is Stepping Into a Mighty Big Pair of Shoes By JOHN R. STA<RR LOUISIANA — Showers and ^•thunderstorms south portion this • afternoon much colder with lowest 28-38 interior by early Fri. day, c p n s i d e r a b I e ness through Friday, THg WEATHgR By TH cloudU PRS§ tevy-Pr. 31 33 T 51 3t 17 10 64 45 31 >§ 38 3P \\ 35 ,1? 44 81 46 33 LITTDE ROCK (AP) — R. B. Winfrey is stepping into a bi& pair of shoes. *Thc 00-year-old native ArUansan became acting director of Arkansas' Highway Department today, replacing (Herbert Eldridge, who resigned early this month under a political cloud, "Winfrey will have the benefit of Eldridge's advice until the latter steps down March 1. Whether ho will be made permanent director then is not clear, Taylor of Clarksville. Wallace was taxes of persons earning less than $10,000 n year and lo raise the- tax of those earning more than that amount. Harvey said the bill was his own idea and "f have designed it to stop some of the complaint; in the lower brackets." His formula would call for a ti^ rale of one per cent on the firs .fl.OOO dollars of not income; two truck at 'an Intersection about 1.2 miles west of Pcnsaeola. Stale trooper G. L. Hill said tho carryall ran a. slop sign on a secondary road, The truck driver, Robert Albaugh, 30, Lynnwood, Calif., was not hurt. The Navy said the nine men vorc members of a work parly vhich was returning from Barlu 'Mold, near Foley, Ala., lo thelc tation at Whiting Field, near Pen- incoln. Barin, recently deaclivnt- :d, and Whiting arc auxiliaries oC lie Pcnsaeola Naval Air 'Station The driver of Ihe Navy vchick vas killed. He was Richard A Snah, 20,- son of Joseph George Saah. of Silver Spring, Md. Tho Navy listed the olhi-v cloud is William M. Hammond, 18 son of William Hammond, Flora Park, Long Island, N.Y.; Micluiq. McMahon, 10, son of Mr. anc VIrs. Joseph J. McMahon, Mud son, Wis.; Frederick E. Bales, 18 !>on of Mr, and Mrs. Fredcricl Bales, Pasadena, Md,; Darcoy C Parolla, 18, son of Lucille Parella Cambridge, Md.;.,and Thomas J Ragsdalo, 18, soo of Mr, r.nd Mrs John A, Ragsclale, Gas City, Ind The. injured were identified .» Thomas 'Efllatlpy, 19, son of Mr and Mrs/ p',^ Hallcy, SI, Loiii Mo; Ch'Sl-lus'I. Trent, 10, son of Elix.utacth Trent, Kansas City, Mo.; and Chester B. Sulenskl, 13, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Sul- cnski, Nalrona, Pa. of Nevada, Estcs Kefauver of Ten-(per cent on the no.xl $1,000; thret nessco, A, S. Mike Monroney of Construction Begun on Magnolia Plant MAGNOLIA, Ark. (AP) — Con- It notion has begun on a three nillion dollar expansion of the Ar- umsas Louisiana Che m .1 e ill -or|),'s Hamilton Products exU'tie- Ion plant near here. The cxipnn.slon will «!ve (lie )laiil ample recovery facilities mcl boost recovery capacity of latural gas products. Work Is ex- jocted lo be completed by June. Refused Vote ListtoCivi' M ^i > ITV 5v c Uklnhomo and John Slennis of Mississippi. Sen. Frank Church of Idaho, a Continued on Page Two named by former Gov. Francis Cherry, Humors that the department would fall once more under political influene.e apparently have stemmed from Hie presence of a heavy majority . of Faubus appointees on the commission. The Mack - Blackwell amendment WHS written so that no governor would appoint a majority of eommissoin members. But the amendment leaned on Arkansas tradition that no governor ever wins a third term, a tradition Fau- HO Officers Attend a Training Meet Officers from 10 Home Demon- Padlocked Club Is Robbed of $500 HOT SPRINGS, 'Ark. (AP)—Police yestcrdr.y reported the theft of almost $500 from a night club recently padlocked as an alleged NLR Couple Electrocuted in Own Yard NORTH LITTLE ROCIC (APIA man and his wife w ere I'lcclroculed when a high tension power line fell on them in the Iront yard of their home- hen: during a violent thunderstorm early today. Killed were Mr. and Mrs, Roy Cochran. Coclmin, fill, was the owner cf two North Little Rock move theaters. His wife was nboul 40. neighbors said. The bodies were lying on the front steps of the C o c h r a n residence. They -wore found by firemen who were told by an unidentified caller that the house was on [ire, Firemen s:iid the bodies worn burning when they arrived but the house was .-•not. aflame. There was no one in the residence. Workers ttom the North Litln Rock Electric Department turned off-the electricity In the city-owned power line so the bodies could uo removed. Authorities said they could offer no explanation on how the accl dent occurred. Neighbors said Ihc only known furvivor is Cochran's daughter, Miss Judy Cochran who lives in Oklahoma. In 1U57 Cochran was named chairman of the Board of directors ol tho Motion Piclur< Theater Owners of Arkansas, Tea- nesee and Missisisppi. MONTGOMERY, Ala, (AP) U.S. Dlsl. Judge Frank M, ;john r i son Jr, today ordered Circuit Judge George C. Wallace cited'f oft criminal contempt of cotirti for/J Inlluro lo comply with an order lo^ produce voter registration records- to the Civil nights .Commission. ^ Justice (Department attorneys^ wei'c directed by Johnson to lute contempt proceedings us us possible, Johnson's action came after commission reported it was to inspect registration .records if Barbour and Bullock counties •'de- spile what il called "dilatory! tactics used by Wnl'tice In turning{4_ the records over lo grand juriesW ( In the two counties Inslcad- of lo - •' Ihe commission. The federal jurtgc ruled lhat although the purpose of his order to. Vulluco lo produce Ihe records ,| vas carried oul when tho Jgrand^ iirios allowed federal agents to' ook at them, the 30-year-old Ala-^ bania judge nevertheless mswor for his defiant action." , Grand juries of Bnrbour and,j Jullock counties — which Wallace^ Hirriedly empaneled this :md lo which he gave Ihe records-?-| —made the files available for spection. Wallace told the they could do what they wanlcd^lo' per cent on the next $2,000: fovn ™£ > 'spot linn nnni n,-, <hn nnvl £4 (Wl • fivn Rl1mUlln t S P° 1 ' ' per cent on the next $4,000; fivo per cent on the next $10,000, and six per cent on all income in cx-« cess of $18,000. Harvey said the stale would receive about the same rate of revenue as at present. The day saw legislative action completed on tsvo bills—those to pay the expenses of the House and Senate—but otherwise, act» ivity was restricted lo the introduction of a wide variety of bills, all of which were sent to comrnil- tees for recommendation, stration Clubs attended the of ft- Bolh houses received identical Detective Lt. John Howell said ho theft from the White Front lub occurred some time between Tan. 7, when the club was pad ockcd, and yesterday when an employe went lo pick up the club's noney and financial record*. However, Glenn Wallace, chair- bus upset in last summer's Demo- ,17 'Albany, rain Albucjuerque, clear Anchorage, cloudy Atlanta, rain iWBjsmarck, clear Boston, cloudy Buffalo, rain Chicago, cloudy Cleveland, rain Denver, snow 4<! 15 .P Des Moines, clear 46 13 Detroit, cloudy ^Q §5 «10 Fort Worth, clpudy 75 43 .31 Helena, pioudy §3 9 Jndianapolis, snow §3 33 .39 Kansas City. «ioucjy §? 29 ^Los AngP.ips. Cjpar 70 5? ^Louisville, rain 66 .51 -5.a Memphis, rain 6? §§ 'Miami, clear 74 59 Milwaulsee, cloudy •$ ?§ .-St. PeuJ, c]c;vr 41 ft Orleans, cloudy JQ 57 York, cipydy m 13 .01 " Aa City, mn 99 37 Qmaha, cleer 45. § Philudelphia. pluudy 4Q 33 Ph.oenis, gjeav 69 44 Pittsbur&h, min 5Q 4? -3.Q A Portland, Me,, .clpudy .3,ij g3 l fk Po.rfla.nd, Ai'.e., .elo,u,dy 45 ^apid Ciiy, clear " 3.3 lllchmon.d, .efeudy 4,8 man of Ihe 'Highway Commission, said "it's a possibility" that Ihe oleran of 23 years with Ihe Highway Department will gel the job. Winfrey, as mainlenanco en- ineei', has worked closely with SJdridge for the past year and a liajl. He says ho intends lo go'ntinuc on Highway Commission jolicy, and "I bojieve lhat policy will be kepi non-political," E^dridge has been highway Jirec'lor since rhe incicpendcnl highway Commission was estab- jsh§d in 1953 under the Mack- 81acHwell (Amendment. Figures show the department built 3,734 miles of new or resurfaced highways during lhat six years, compared to a lolal of 3,209 miles in tho 13 years Immediately the Mack - Blackwell fi N C,i,ty'. Dfego, clgifdy t ii 34 '83 53 tt, ,gi«Ady •'• ..... ••"• i| || 41 49 amendment. the department's program for the immediate future is even more ambitious. 'The -1950 program calls for a record expenditure of 4) million dplla.rs, more thyn twice the amount put into higwoys in 1952. The J95J8 tolal on contracted woj-k, 32 miljioji dollars, also was a regard. The Highway Commission plans to ask the 1959 General Assembly eratic primary. Actually, Fanbijis already had made his third and ma-jorily, ap» pointment shortly before (he eJeci tion, but not even his sternest critics alleged that tire man ho chose^Blackwell — would violate Uie spirit of the amendment he co-authored, Nor has there been any opon criticism over his choice of Tay? lor, Faubus has said rep.ealcdly that he would keep hands of£ thu conv and its policies. .resignation m a y have been caused by legislator's pressure. F.ldridgu. while catching little criticism for his skill as a road; builder, was not Known Jur ex- i'reme tact in liajidling members of the General Assembly, some of whom had been accustomed 1o gelling put road projects in pre- Eldriclge days. The Highway Departments record in six years under the Mack- Bloc-kwell Amendment is impros- cer's training meeting held at the Hempstead County Courthouse on Wednesday morning. Mrs, Ernest Graham, council president, discussed with all officers the possibility of the organization serving dinners to various organizations as a means of raising money for projects carried on toy HD organization. 'She stressed the importance of each club having at leasl one mornjber atlpnd Die State HD Council meeting lo be held.,at the University of Arkansas in Fayetleville Aug. ll-H. The .presidents and vice presidents were given instructions on presiding by M'rs, Graham. She also discussed the other 4uties of their specific office, Mrs. Lorraine B. Wylie, Home Demonstration Agent, conducted the training session for the secretaries and publicity chairmen. She stressed to the secretaries the importance of keeping accurate and pompiele minutes. To the publicity chairmen she pointed out the importance' of gelling their club re- porls in while it is news and the type of story to send in to the newspaper. The following allendgd the officers training meeting: Mrs. Sid Skinner, Mrs. D- iM. Collier, Cen- (.ervillej Mrs, }iaiph Halbert, Mrs. Oliver Rider, Mrs. Howard Buff- liinlon Club; 'Mrs. Ernest bills to authorize the Arkansas Rural Endowment Fund, Inc. to use approximately $1,800,000 In federal funds for rural development in the stale. The money would be transferred from the Arkansas Rural Rehabililaloin Corp. Rep Gerald Parlee of Stone Contipued on Page Two •Department figures show there were 10,033 miles of roads in the stale syslem as of Dec. 31, 1938, compared lo 0,992 miles gn Jan. 1, 1953. Thai's nol a significant increase miUlgjn dollar increase in mileage and most of it cams T h e us,er laxcs lu further sp.eed ! from the addition of so-pajjicd 5tatutu.es." t eommi?sjon fp.uj' apROJnlccs of C'.yv. K. Faubys — Harry Parkin Li,ttl,e Ro.cl$, Stale Son. of Pine Bluff ftyl the figures show miles o/ the 19.^3 total wjerp m wile* last year. 4,310 Presbyterian Homecoming February 1 A big Homecoming Day Celebra. tion will be held at the First 'Pres bytorian Church on Sunday, Feto, 1. Letters have 'gont> out lo all former mem'bers of the church whose addresses could be obtain ed, > The Homecoming Committee oj Robert 'M. Wilson, chairman, Mrs. J. p. Broyk-s, Vincent Foster and Mis§ Bessie Green is promoting this service. The Rev. William J. Fogjeman of Little Rock, Rt'gionu Director for Christian Education will be the morning speaker. Mrs Haskell Jones of Tuxarkana will assist the choirs. Instead of a Vesper service that afternoon i Graham, Mrs. 0- B. Hodnett of'i§ planed to have Open House anc Hopowell; (Mrs. J. L. Light. Mrs. j a social hour to enable old friend* 4. B, King. Mrs. Irvin Belts, Lib-, to meet together, erty Hill; Mrs. Otho Roberts, Mrs. , 'pie Homecoming Cek-brnUoi Virgil Huckabee, Mrs. Lylo Allen. ha? been planned to celebrate the M'elrose; Mrs. Floyd Pharris. uf five yeurs tliat the Prt'sbylcriai Racky MouAd; 'Mrs. Vernon Me- Church building has been us.pd. Murtrey, Mrs. ycrdo Powell, Mrs. 'The firsl service in the new syncl L.esiic 'iluckab.ee, Spring Hill; Mrs. uary was held on Sunday. Jan. 31, Roy Rogei'S, Mrs. Harold Sanford , 195f U is also to vdubraie the Displaced Pupils No Deduction LfTTLE ROCK (AP) — Money pent to put displaced Little Rock students in other schools cannot jo deducted from state income axes, the stole Revenue Department ruled yesterday. The ruling w»s made at the ro- queAt of 'Mrs, Jpe Brewer of Scott, chairman of the Women's Emergency Committee to Open Our Schools. The Internal Revenue Service, which was asked by Mrs. Brewer f the money could be deducted rom federal income tax, said the question was still under study, Area Meeting of officers Is Held Here Some 80 !nw enforcement officer from H four-county area met hero yesterday at Hcmpslcad Court house for u general training course on various problems. Represcntcc wore Miller, Clark, Nevada, Lafay* ette, Howard, and Hempstead counties. Chancellor James H. Pllkinton discussed the proper handling oC mental patients in having them admitted to institutions, Prosecutor Royce Weisenberger outlined procedure in taking statements; Circuit Judge Lyle Brown discussed court procedure. Capt. Alan R. Tcmpleton, Arkansas Stale Police, talked about investigations and Sgl, Howard Chandler discussed checks and handwriting. All Around Town By The Stqr Staff with the records, i ''•• Commission aigents were Wednesday night to have finished checking.the files,Jor ovjd,enccj.ok discrimination against prospective! Negro voters in the two Crural,'^ counties, " "' ,'Tj * Wallace's rebellious action was\ originally scheduled for hcnring»'J Wednesday, but Johnson granted,,' lederul attorneys n 24-hour delay.j Mentally III Subject of | PTA Meeting -,| Dr, Dean Andrews, Acedemloj Dean of Southern Stale College Magnolia, spoke al the Oglesby/j P. T. A. on Tuesday night i as his subject Mental Health. Dr. Andrews said thai Ihe seeds'-^ of Menial Illness are sown in childhood and are reaped in adullhpod;' ; _ which facl should make all people^ — parents, teachers and friends,>•_ .more conscious of the emotional-^ disturbances in our youth today,' V ' • U was stressed by Dr. Andrews..? that one of; the most necessary,'' weapons against menial illness4s/ the ability to read, which must "be __ taught in class rooms. Reading ia j| an escape for an emotional "djs-- turbed person, If a . child' canngl,. read well enough to keep \ip his or her classmates, there , soon be a discipline problem or another child will drop out of school,',£| Dr, Andrews pointed out that' whether we are ready for"it op not' the time is coming soon when* the schools will find themselves'in % program of grouping according 't» *fy Ihe different mental abilities, tout ,£| the immediate need is for reiTipdii|}^ work in our elementary schools! ""s^ Stalistics show thai one * out o{ ^ every Iwelve adulls is mentally il but when detected early illness can be cured, Annual re-port of work done in j for the entliv company during 1958 py the Arkansas Children's i 1958, ranking after a million dollar hospital at Little Rock was made public today by Miss Ruth Beall, superintendent, it was Disclosed, by Judge U. G- Garrett , , , three Hempslead children were treated a total of 2(5 days . . . the local patients were Martin Dale Findley, 5-days Lee Cheatham, Scott, one day Perry and Hempstead County contributes to the hospital's support, Policg .Chief Jack Brown an- nounee.d that A. C. Sinyard has been added to the police force . . , lie formerly worked for •pruner-Jvory Ha'idle Co. . , . hv 4llcn, .Cliff East i fact that tho indebtedness yn tljp or graded, while §11 but 1.993 miles were hard-8u,rl«9od by lh,o wwl of W58. The department estiinjles lhat . Shovcr Springs Club; 'Mrs. \V T. ' building has been rv'ducvd fJ'ojn Yunberry, iMrs. B. J. WynUu'U. §71,0,OQ U> $31,200 in thy past fiyu Mrs. Carl Hro\yn. Sweet Homo; • years. M,rs. Dejcter Alfovd, Mrs. Cecil Smith, M'rs. Elstun Willj* and Mrs. Jylw i^aulfnuui, Yictwy Family reunions have been planned for that day. Mijny families I from 0111 yi lu\\ n plan IM i, is the segond n,ew man for the department as Harvey Fullerlon joined the force yesterday . . . this gives the department a 12- man force. producer, H. L. Bailey of Little Rock . . . Mr. Bates also qualifies against for the Arkansas Leaders round table and the national quality award . . . both men represent the Insurance firm in this area. Tip to veterans you can make extra payments on GI hume mortages or can pay off the entire loan without any penalty charge . . . the extra payment must equal a mont'hs •payment. Diamond Cafe Cpffeifor Dimes Drive Thu Diamond Cafe and, Hope K wnnis Club will jointly sponsgi', u -| "Coffee" Tuesday, January ?7 wiyi ',1 yll proceeds going to the Ma.rch p| Dimes campaign, ^ Hours will be from 8 to U a, in* " and 1:30 to 5 p. m. Wjyes p| wanians will serve cake and Arkansas Stale Police report 41 Highway deaths in Arkansas during December . . . Hempstead had 12 wrevks with two deaths Howard, five wrecks and one dealh Lafayelte seven accident and Nevada three with no fatalities. V ins en I Foster pf Hope has been s B. MePherson. Hope, \yas named to serve on tlxe Realtoi-'s ssleeted as Pioneer Western Life Washiiiyluu Committee, it was an- l.ns.uran,ee .Compu,ny mitstanding I noun.eed by James M. Udall. pves- new nxan for 1958, P-j-esident Frank! jdenl of the National Association it' . . . Foster is y past president of S. ! ihe Arktinsus Real Estate Assoeia- has dis.elos.ed was also announced that M- of Hv-p.e was the Is'o. 'i man ies. The public is invHed and

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