Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 22, 1963 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 22, 1963
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH SATURDAY, JUNE 22, 1963 I)AVII> CRAJVE By Crete HELLO, MP5.VV1LCOX MR.WH.OOX. KERRY DRAKE By Alfred Andriola <?€T BACK", .r-O FOR YOUR SUN AND AN RAISE THAT CHARGE TO MURPER/ FLASH GORDON By Dan Barry CHEER UR E60N/ WE CAN REPAIR YOUR VEHICLE WHEN IT'S NOT GUARDED. I HAVE A REPAIR MANUAL, BUT WHAT A8OUT THE PARTS? RASH.' NOTHING VERY ALIEN ABOUT THE MATERIALS IN LA THE SHIP-BUT THE TCOWOLOGy IS FAR ME.' WHAT DOXXI MAKE OF IT, ZARKOV? WHILE ZARKOY TKtes TO /WAJJZE team's •TIMS-HOPPER*. THE Firrvfs-MM CONFERS WITH MS AOYANC£P-tNTELUG£NC£ F&IENOS., JOHNNY HAZARD By Frank Bobbins MACE PI5OII5E5 HIS VOICE,, 1 LISTEN, WE HAVE YOUR SON, -KIKI, ANP WE HOLC7 HIM FOR BIS RANSOM,// YOU WILL BE CONTACTED AGAIN IN A HALF HOUR.' UNTIL THEN TO NOTHING„, VO NOT CALL POLICE IF YOU WISH TO SEE KIKI ALIVE AGAIN,,, YOU THINK THIS BLUFF, CHECK THE BOY'S PEPROOM ANPSEEIPHE \S THERE,,, HAN6IN& UP, MINNA RACES TO KIKl'5 ROOM,,, I-IT'S TRUE,,, THEY HAVE HIM,' OH, MY POOR KIKU THE SMITH FAMILY PAt> TO GAVE. «aooc> Tbt Ccorf* M*afef%- AAea Vt^fce. fc^ /SFTE.R. x. BRING HVM H\<=, HE NVONTT By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith "SHa SIR BAGBY By R. and B. Hackney YOU KEEP A SECRET? THREE YEARS AGO I STOLE A SPOON FROM THE DINING-HALL- / FOR THREE YEARS I'VE BEEN PATIENTLY GRINDING IT DOWN ON THE STONE FLOOR- v '"AND I THOUGHT, RIGHT AFTER DINNER, tLLUSE IT/AT LAST I HAVE WHAT EVERV PP1SONEJ? DREAMS PROFESSOR PHUMBLE By Bill Yates I'D BETTER CHECK MY NEW LAUNCH THEORY THROUGH COGSWORTH TO SEE IF IT'LL WORK. NEVER MIND YOUR EDITORIAL OPINIONS' DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney r.-.4.— - LIVE BURSLAf?. 1 htr^rrr-- yousafdft! ' ...but why? "TOUT" A tipster, or one who soeks customers or votes, although today the expression usually refers to a racetrack character who'll always give you a sun thing, for a price. Of uncertain origin, H may go bock to the Anglo-Saxon "toten," to peep or look. BIG BKN BOLT By John Oallen Mnrphy =-4 NO. HAVE WU AV HELP PHONE I CAN YES, SIR. TWO TO VISITORS'^) FOUR. YOU GOT > 0/AY ^T THE <V PERMISSION ? PENITENTIARY THIC ISi W4RPEM > r MEEDH4M. &EM&OLT/ WHY WE'P BE HONOff- EPlFYOU'DPxWUS A VISIT, SOt I LITTLE EVE By Jolita RIVETS By George Sixta RIVETS- GO HOME/ WHEN I CANY TRUST YOU WITH UTTLE MEGAN LOU, OUT YOU GO/ THE BERKYS By Carl Grubert HM-M.....YOU HAVE A SAM SCHWARTZ, THE PLUMBER, TAPPING FOR A LEAK./ SAM SNEAD? TOUCH JUST LIKE SAM..- f PETE,.. STROKE HI, CHUCK/ HOW ABOUT A PUTTING HENRY By Carl Anderson TRUDY ® King F«atur« Syndicate, Inc . 1963. World riuhU reatrveA 8* /VVt l 'Hey, Picasso!" flkr£>fefc^ True LifeAdyentyresJ PEl_U(3Ht7 •••; l'i'>t.«t>,r, P'ESERT )S 7BZ. 6M£ TOADS ? JEEMIWSOV/ HUT NOT SO. HAVE SIMP'L.V dOME OUT OP TO WAJ-L-OW IN THE UFE-£j)V)N<3 By A. LEOKtJM Why Don't We Dream Every Js'iglit? Win The Brilannica Junior 15- volume encyclopedia for school and home. Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: Brenda Bull, 12, York, Pa. Do you ever sit around and just think of nothing? Your mind seems to be a "blank." What it means is that at this time you're not hungry, or cold, or uncomfortable, or worried about anything, or wishing for anything, or happy about anything. Well, when you go to sleep and this same situation exists —you're probably not going to have any dreams. Because dreaming is tho result of various things taking place in your body or mind. If you're sick or uncomfortable, hungry, cold, or very tired, you're likely to dreajn about something thai expresses that feeling — but in n "disguised" form. And ii you have any strong emotional feelings about anything, you're likely to express those emotions in dreams too. For example, if you're frightened about something, you may have a nightmare. If you're worried about somethig, or disappointed, or .eel very happy alwnit SMITH- event that took place (luring the day, Uiis feeling will he transformed into a dream. In other words, dreams are created by you to tell yourself something, or to express feelings that you may not have expressed when awake. In fact, sometimes t h c feelings or wishes you express in dreams are hidden so deep that when you're awake you don't know you have them, or don't allow them to come out. But when you're asleep you have almost no control over what you think or feel, and emotions and wishes may come out that never would otherwise. Most of us know this is true when it comes to "daydreams." A boy who is bored in school may daydream that he is out fishing or playing ball. A woman who is tired of housework may daydream that she is a famous actress leading an exciting life. In night dreaming, the same kind of thing may happen, except that we might hido our wishes with a kind of "disguise." There are people who have developed theories about such dreams and by interpreting them, claim they can understand what: really "bothers" us or makes us unhappy. So dreams are considered to have a useful purpose in our life. They often make us feel better, and may help us to understand ourselves. FUN TIME The Chuckle Box Visitor: Mow many people work j here? Employer: Oh, about one out oi ten! Gay Cross-Stitch Eye-appealing! Perk up plain linens with simple embroidery In gay colors. Cross-stitch that looks like ap- plique—pretty on towels, children's clothes, linen. Pattern 961: transfer 22 motifs 3x8% to inches. TMHy-Hvo cents tn coins for this pn'ttorn — add 15 cents for cai-h pattern for first-class mulling and special handling. Send lo Liuirn Wheeler, care of Alton Telegraph, (ifi, Nocdlecrnfl Dept., P. O. Box 101, Old Chelsea Station, New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly Pattern Number. Name Address and Zone. Newest rage—.smocked accessories plus 208 exciting needlecraft designs in our new 1963 Needlecraft Catalog — just out! Fashions, furnishings to crochet, knit, sew, weave, embroider, quilt. Plus free pattern. Send 25 cents now. Tops for Teens PRINTED PATTERN 4965 SIZES 10-16 Aunty: Well, Bobby, how do you like school? Bobby: Closed! CROSS WORD PU/ZLK Dwayne Meacham Jr., 9, Houston, Texas, wins n BriUmnica World Atlas for this original cross word pu/./lo. SPIK! your original cross word puzzle to "Cross Word Puzzle," Toll Mo, Why, and jdve your name, age, and address. ACROSS. 1. Concealed 6. Unrefined metal 7. Behold 2. 2,000 pounds 9. Number of men on baseball team 12. Virginia (abbr.) 14. Matters under discussion DOWN 1. High temperature 2. Metal 3. Blur; jeans 4. Twelfth letter 5. Negative 10. First woman 11. Third note of scale 13. While Win the Britannica World Atlas or Yearbook of Events. Send your riddles, jokes to: Riddles, Jokes, "Toll Me Why!" Today's winner is: Wendy Rickles, Worcester, Mass. Teens know the more tops the merrier the mix-match fun! Whip up this trio to go with skirts, slacks, shorts. Transfer included! Printed Pattern '1965: Teen Sizes 10, 12, 14, 16. Size 12 top style IV, yards 35-inch; middle 1%; lower ]H yards. Thirty-five cents, coins, for this pattern — add 15 cents for each pattern for first-class mailing and special handling. Send to Anne Adams, euro of tho Alton TeU-Kraph, 177, Pattern Dcpt., 243 W. I71h St., New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly Name, Address, Size and Style Number. Just out! 304 design ideas plus coupon tor free pattern— any one you choose in new Spring Summer Pattern Catalog. Send 50 cents now. Simple Definition? SALISBURY, Southern Rhodesia </T> — What would you expect if you asked a bartender for a tot of "a distillate produced solely by the distillation of wine derived from the fermented juice of grapes, by a pot .still of similar process, at a strength not exceeding JO degrees over proof?" Why, just a brandy. At least that's according to the customs and excise amendment bill appearing recently before the Rluxlesian Federal Parliament here. The bill gives new and presumably more precise definitions of brandy, gin and rum for excise purposes. STAMP BUSY NEW YORK ff — Terence Stamp, the young actor who won impressive reviews in his first film "Billy Budd," is to be busy on the stage in London and New York during the next two seasons. Stamp has the key role in "The Man From Thermopylae," a drama by Ada Kay that is being directed by Peter Coe. Production plans call for debut next spring in the West End, followed by a Broadway engagement in the fall of '64.

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