Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 14, 1959 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 14, 1959
Page 6
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1 ^v ' , 1 1 f ^ >( tf 'l i •. - '"%-,*:•' - MOM STAft, , ARKANSAS Preseott News „ „„ y Liens Club Guest *fa<, ";*,",'• •• ^AJsThero tecre 20 members and 1 guests present at the weekly meet- dgg of the Lions Club on Thursday hocin at the Broadway Hotel, * *' (Program chairman, Scldon tSlactoburrt introduced City Attorney Leroy Autrey of Texar- r ka*na, the guest speaker, who dis- 'cTlssed the proposed rate Inciease 1 ol the General Telephone Co . "(which operates in Preseott. , Zlhe hearing on the request by General Telephone Co. of the -: Southwest with headquarter at /San Angelo. Texas, opened last UVfonday, the company seeks a .'$422,481.84 annual sliding scales , hjkc in. rates contending rising costs have cut into its fair late , of return. ^ Preseott, Texarkana, Ark-and Texarkana, Texas oppose the ln- • crease. Elementary PTA Has Preseott Elementary Parent and Teacheis Association met at S;48 rn Thursday afternoon at the Eii> ment&ry School With the president M'rs. Dudley House, prcsid- O liKiwanians Have Tag Sale , -President Russell MoberK pie- sided at the dinner meeting of the Kiwanis Club on Thursday eve, ^ning at the Broadway Hotel. Jim * Nelson gave the invocation and ,' rJiano music was iplayed by Mrs. '"''Max Kitchen. '•'.Following the meeting the mem- . itjers canvassed the town selling , s souvemer city of Preseott tags Proceeds from the sale \\ ill be Used to ptu chase play ground and • ibaseball equipment. Plagued Day And riNight with Bladder ; Ibiscomf ort? - *" Unwise eating or drinking may tie a " "source of mild, bnt annoying bladder irn- 1 "tations — making you feel restless, tense, "and uncomfortable. And if restless nights, / -with nagging backache, headache or mus- ' ^cular aches and pains due to over-exertion, f.stiain or emotional upset, are adding to '.<• "• -your misery-don't wait-try Doan s Pills. t „» Doan's Pills act 3 ways for speedy re- 1 «lief. 1 — They have a soothing effect on f t Bladder irritations. 2 - A fast pain-i ehev- ,ing action on nagging tackache, head< nches, muscular aches and pains. 3 - A : ,' 'wondei fully mild diuretic action thru the kidneys, tending to .increase the output p£ , , ""the 15 miles'of kidney tubes. So, get the " i ''same happy lelief millions have enjoyed 1 "for over 60 years. New;- large, economy * ""size saves nioney. Get Doan's Fills today! r l'ne devotional was given by Mrs. Leonard Hart and prayer w;is offered by Rev. Ed Bannister. The minutes ot the previous meeting were read by the secretary, Airs. Watson Bucnanan and approved. ,Mrs. Aubroy Andersen gave the treasurers repoit. The president's m^nago was rend 'by Mrs. Altred UeBlack. Mrs. Bob Reynolds presented the buaget for the new year which was accepted by vote. The secretary read the minutes and the executive board liiat recommended that a lite mem'jerslup be award ed Mrs. S. U. Logan and it was accepted. u\us. Floyd Hubbard announced a study group would be held' ra 'jan. 10 di lu a.m at the school 1 on ' science in tne Elementary 1 actiooi and would oe led by Mis. lAemietll Lecibctier. Mrs. D. L. ivicRae Jr., program chairman, introauccd Mrs. Max jvitenen, county neaitn nurse, who spcK.e on "rleatth." bhe also showed a turn on tne challenge about ine diseases, polio, virus diseases, ! animus and birth detects in the liiueieit U tne 'iMartn o£ Dimes." I in tne room count the winners I .vere Mrs. Gann's 6th grade in the ! nui tn wing and mrs. Hart s tin grade in' tne south wing. Cuba Calls Half Continued Fr&m Page One • tnbhle said that unless thu ncW regime meted out "fast justice.'' he public would take the law into its own hands lo avenge the Ibr* tire and murdor of an csdmntcid 20,000 Cubans by Batista iioiico and soldiers. Tiials already had been sus' ixtidwi in Santiago, capital of .Jilenle province, whure Castro's movement and Batista's ropres* slon were centered, More than half the reported ex- editions have occurred in Ori- cnte, including the sivmlin!} of 71 persons in tsvo batches early Mbrt" day, which the spokesman con firmed. Reports of the executions aroused strong protests in the United States. One especially not cd in Havana was made by feui. Wayne Morse (D-Ore) in the Sen ate Monday. He called the executions blood baths that were 'not the way for the new regime to win free world support. The average Cuban appeared to approve the killings, however, and revolutionary leaders at first de fended their course "Why didn't the Americans at tack when the Batista governmen was executing people en mass an accompanied her home. Mrs. Imon Gee,,.Mrs'. Jim Van cey, Mrs. Homer Ward and Mrs C. G. Gordon motored to Texai kana Friday -for the day. Jr.-Sr. PTA Has Study Course A study course of the Junior- Senior PTA was held on Thursday afternoon at the Home Economics Cottage. Nfrs. Edward Bryson. chairman, of the PTA Parent .Education Committee, introduced Mrs. Max Kitchen who showed a film on "The Physical Aspects of Adolescence." Colfee and cookies were served during the afternoon. iMrs. Mettle Robinson has .re cently returned from Abilene, where she was the -guest of he son, Denton Robinson and familj Spring Hill Basketball Teams .• i , ^ 4 - . "' ' ;, 5,.* g »> '* ' •* xp', " -'• GIRLS basketball team st'Spflnc) Hill Includes, left to right; Linda Galloway 15; Sherry Collins 25; Johnnie Stark 31; Sharon Bachman 13,' Elma Nell Barnes 35; Front Row: Betty Marvel, 23J Betty Cox 21; Brehda Smith 11 and Betty Smith. Rebecca Ridllng was not present. • , Mrs. C. A. Wynn and Mrs. D. S. Jordan were' Ffiday visitors in Texarkana. ' Mrs. Florine Buchanan returned Friday from 'Magnolia 'where she has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Buchanan. Mr, Buchan- iM'r. and Mrs. Floyd Leverett and daughter, Amelia, of Hope were the guests ' Sunday of her parents,, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Davis. Mrs. L. 'A. Starnes of Dermott has been a guest in the .home of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Eagle. _ Group Refused Look at List Ala, (AF> — U,S, Civil Might Commission fcgGRts reportedly refused to look at voter registration records in BtillocK County today in a new clash of federal versus stale authority. ' 1'he BUllock County grand jury had ottered to lot tne commission Investigators see the rccorcu, bat Circuit solicitor U J iosecutor) Scy more Trammel! Said tney objcciud 10' the wording ol a granct jury report wnich upoivjd tnu records Legislature Sends Regards to Jonesboro leader, challenged statements ot Bctkiblican congressional leader's thai the new budget will show a 100-million-dollar surplus and that tax cuts may be possible in two ur three years. J-ie said such claims won't hold water. • Mansfield and other. Democrats Contend President Eisenhower plans to balance- a 77-billion-dollar budget by estimating revenues , al a tar higher level than they I arc likely to reach. Sen. Clair Engle CD-CalifJ said in a separate interview Congress will taKu a good look at what he ~-The Af kahsas, LepsiatUte yeslefday (ion- gratulaitid the city of rfonesboi'o and Craighead (JdUnty ort their centennial year, Both Were found' ed in 1&59. A House' concurrent resolution, introduced oy' Craighead Reps, John States and Norman \Vimpy, also congratulated ArKnnsa<* Stavo College* on Its 5Uth anniversary.^ The rcsoluiton. commended the pcopici ot oonesDOro and Craig' neaci County for the ''great pro- gioss they have made ih trade, agriculture and industry m recent years," It encouraged all Arkansans to join with the city, the "county and the,, college in celebrating then' anniversaries during the month of May, 1959. Resolution Against Assessment Program - LITTLE ROCK (AP) «- A re* solution opposing any change in the State's prdpetiy 'reassessment pro* gram was passed yesterday by the Arkansas Assessors Assn.'s erj, edutlvc and legislative commit tees. The group's action came aftp* C-ov, Orval E. Fmibus proposed that the Legislature extend the 1959 deadline for raising property assessments to 20 .per cent of mar 1 - kct value. A pending House bill would abolish the Assessment Coordination Department which has charge of.the program, said promises to be "pipe dream" budget, to be) submitted ty Eisenhower next Monday. I Sen. Eslcs Keiauvcr '(D-'fenn) to then Bids Taken on River Bank Work 1/ITTflL/E ROCK (AP)— The Pine Bluff Sand and Gravel Co,,was apparent low bidder yesterday on ri contracl for bunk stabilization work at Harris 13end and Hensuly Bar on the Arkansas River in Pulaski and Jefferson counties. The Pine Blutf company bid $30,933 on the project for the Little Rock 'District of the Army Corps c.i Engineers, said he is certain Congress is go ing to,vote all of the funris it believes are needed for delense whether it balances the budget or not. However, ol California, the assistant Repub lican leader,'said the Democrats were jumping) to conclusions without having the facts. "Anybody who denounces the A 2-'c and Mrs. Gaylon Wilson has arrived from Hutchinson, Kan. for a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wilson, before going to his new assignment. BOYS TEAM; Back row; Darrell Collins 55; Terrell Townsend 11; James Huckabee 99; Jimmy-. Sharman 44; Middle row; Gene M.ax- well 33: Rodney Tompkins 22 -and Virgil DeVenney; Front row; Lane Garner 66; Bobby Tompkins 33 and Dennis Townsend 77. THURS. MORNING 8:30 FINAL MARK DOWNS asked Castro in a speech to the Havana LioiiJ Club. By J0HN H. AVERILL AVASHINGTON (AP)—New congressional criticism was raised , today against the wave of execu- j Stales can keep under control the lions by Cuba's new revolutionary i problem of ris'p.u costs, government. The new regime, apparently taken aback by Ihe storm of criticism provoked in the United Continued From Page One By JACK BELL Sen. Thomas Kuchel inspection. Trammell was in Montgomery Jor a scheduled federal court hcai- 'ing to delermme whelher Circuit Judge George C. Wallace musl go lo jail for disobeying an order u lirodticc the records in Bullock anc .tsarbour counties. The hearing was postponed for 24 hours. The solicilor said he received telephone call from the Bullock grand jury loreman, Roy Holmos t Slone. JT.11 J UUUj YVIHJ wtiivi.tiiv>v.»J v--*- j^^^.-w. j — -,, -_--, _ _ President's budget in advance of'and from County Solicitor Rcihara studying it In detail simply con- vicls himself of political demagoguery," Kuchel said; "ff the budget isn't balanced it will be because the Democratic Congress' doesn't vole to keep it in balance.", Trammcll said they reported tne commission agents had protested against a sentence in the grand jury report which praised Wallace for, his defianl stand. WASHINGTON (AP) — Demo- siates and'elsewhere_by the firing trats assailed Ihe administration SWEATERS Values to $10.98 NOW 3.50 4.50 6. 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"It is regreltable lhat Caslro is executing these gentlemen without real Irials," said Sen. Homer Capehart (R-Ind). Capehart, a member of thp Senale Foreign Relations Committee and its' Lalin American Affairs subcommittee, told a reporter: '.'These (executions) a,ppfiar to be the actions of a dictator or someone demanding revenge. li. is a poor way to try to win support &nd confidence of the public." Another member of the same subcoinqullee, Sen. George Aiken (R-yt), said if the new- regime continues widespread executions it "can lose a greal deal of public support." 'Rep. Charles O. Porter (D-Ore), a specialist in Latin American afc> fairs, said Ihal considering Ihe number nf people involved in the revolution he,, doesn't regard thf executions as g "blood bath"-r-a term used Monday by Sen. Wayne Morse U>Ore),' However, Porter added; : 'i "The whole purpose of the rev- Qlution is gainsaid if they have 'Whblesale shootings without trials. They will forfeit the respect of the whole hemisphere ^ budget-balancing pledges and lax culling lalk loclay as part oC a liscal juggling act they said is aimed al fooling Ihe people. Sen. Mike Mansfield of Montana, assistant Senule Democratic We wish to take this opportunity to express our thanks for the flowers, cards and every other expression of sympathy extended to us during our recent sorrow. May God bless, each of you, The Family of I, H. Beuchamp Your high fashion flail speaks between th« lines when you use Montag's intriguing; Hew stationery. See it today and make your letters ' \s»y more on I Montag's Ward & Son Druggist • Courtesy •••Quality • Seivfce 102 West 2nd Phone 7-2292 SEE IT NOW! THE ALL-NEW $3.00 FINA TIPS DRESSES Vglyfsto$19,9§ $4.00 Jrs. and Reg. 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