Fort Worth Daily Gazette from Fort Worth, Texas on March 2, 1890 · Page 19
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Fort Worth Daily Gazette from Fort Worth, Texas · Page 19

Fort Worth, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 2, 1890
Page 19
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pro i sn r < yv paer 0AVOIDABLE fromFintFage A He believed that every country wis interested iu 5rfPrffJlJdS br Greens testimony to the readme Bna 3sl ittee likened Ibeioo1 j Mr Buruum repre astatfim of ialgvnthronIsm ttieirraph tfitn tbtV fRVOr of tlie postmaster < Mattl an uu1 nooir arrived > wnen it 3dPUrUeU KlNCAlD TALKS rhf Gazette frf vrrov March called this IP ° 1 the assailant in yesterdays tUdv As the Mr 1 Tour corre raoruiug upon Mr facts become known peuerally entertained that was unavoidable if Mr Taulbee pulled his ear Mr He did and also at saw J jmia puH me around tempts to Tdown by him e I have been ever since the 1001 a pension offi e scandal i n nf tlio I to blame forthat forthe lvZi Jn war nrinted here before I heard oi utUr J r M m to send tho it being of neW ini r tie pu it on the wire special Next 101 rri ui who is still in the newspapers n me to be on my cuard 1 s threatened and had said oo in e had Si to die or hould die Tnul at 13 a loaded cane I made it a point 5 e 1 bun as I did not wish a personal o 1 1 no had not previously oar 7 d J re and the threats he had made f my friend caused me Vrv careful I told him if be t0Xl to make a statement regarding J oRi < o story the columns of r were at SLLlnimselfofniyoffer The d ndant hn > many friends here allowed ahis morning to leave r l ras f gT0 n house in their company and most of Tied ly an officer spent fh v u lhe office of his lawyer He letinded by Senator Blackburn 7 rr ritative Caruth and Charles Mau a local attorney There are hts disposal He did rC stand to anuJ pr of people who ready and as soon as pi i ail to any amount Mr laolbees injuries are kuown it is will bo bailed r0 > that Mr Kincaid M jat ees injuries are not fatal and fffl n > tiB ball is still in the maxillary t t e physician thinks its presence necessarily dangerous thr wil not prove ous CIVIL SERVICE The investigation of the civil service comrrs in was continued today The stirred a perfect corott m < has up nun nist and Mr Ewart who intro dirpltbr resolution calling the iuvesti pafui should certainly be publicly and tLaiul for exposing the wayward flazraot niuise of power by the eomrais Ecc To Washington Post which real v inaugurated this investigation is mai n it pretty warm for the commis iraand Mr Ilcttou the editor gives it tin full i enelit of his trenchant pen Orator Call will imoeach the accuracy cf the stfucsranhio notes in the senate eYiticiis investigation committee regards the murder of Deputy Marshal baundtrs He will charse that the reporter la ld to catch the speakers remarks Ihis CailCbaudler controversy ti > cn zt < d onsiderable feeling and the eml i ml vet EJjraril Gay of Texas a S1200 clerk in th orlmance ofllce war department tasresgned WASHIXGTOX XOTES Wshin < iton March 1 une of the rcsjlts of the recent disastrous fire at Suretary Tracys house is the in trod uc t n rff re alarm boxes into the White Hruse xstvt b has heretofore been without adn au protection of this kind Rureselltative Peel of Arkansas from thii r 11 fee on Indian affairs today rri the house a bill providing for tL n i out < if lauds in severulty to tLugu iff Indians in the Indian Territory toryR R ntative McCreary of Kentucky tod v sauted in the house a resolu s Luting the president of the tuitnj siutis to communicate with that LJv > f tnt incompatible with the publio nttrtss auy correspondence had with V L v u Government regarding the e3b r ait in tho regular army of the Ic t i utes of Indian scouts for the Jric of pursuing hostile Indians in trr ra Is m the United States and Mex Sio a s nny correopondeuco in regard to i n i rc skI transfer of the Apache In daii i > conliued at Mount Vernon tari iS Ala to Fort Sill 1 T T > iu he room of the house cmnmit t r > dettioris today stood a ballot 5 i at wll figure in the debute on the Fathers ne ate election case next k Tt box is plainly and simply E = > of tn and looks like auy ordiuary hap ballot box but there ii a peculiarity alout it that appears ouly en i on inspection The slit whenin thfi 4 4lJts are placed is double so that a la ot if piaced iu one side slips into the ios 1 ut if placed in the other side slides cnpn rel down into the wat basket crcn u tioor The contestant Feath erstor cs > tts that twentvouo of these t xes Tt < used in one county at tha ectnn Arkansas The double orilico sth ir tan be readily takeu out lesmztte box honest iu uppearauce IXTuIAaIionaL AMERICAN CONFERENCE AsinsoioN March 1 The commit enjutentsnnd trade marks of tho tauriatinial Americau conference of hCi iir Jose S Decou delegate from Paraguay is chairman and Mr Andrew Carnegie and Mr Caldron of Colombia Wetneroi rs have reported tho follow Iori solutions hereas the international American ° cnrtrcn0 is of the opinion bat the treaties on literary and artsu property on patents and ont letrar celebrated by tho South Krn n mngrcssof Montevideo fully Ciratit aud protect the rights of prop Ky t imh are subject to the provisions l rem o aiueil wsolriii tliat the conference reoora ° i both to those governments of AC erica which accepted the proposition fccdm the couirress but could not r i ueiu its deliberations and to se uot invited thereto but who are Tresinted in this coneress that they EJve their adhesion to saidtreatieB KINCAID AND TAUtiBEE Siuvgton March l Mr Kincaid P sed rather a comfortable night sleepS but little however owins to the srere strain his nerves had undergone 0l after dinner Kincaid in company jthau effieer called at the office of his umn c Maurice Smith who is ar iiia to have his client admit Sl1 to ttai bail If possible Sev called dur c the afternoon to tender ball if ifel l Among them were Gen H V c ° Hon and Mr Wynne of the CmcmV uatl CommercialGazette and Col Ton Stamp of the army During the morning Mr Kincaid reoeived a largo number of telegrams from prominent people in Kentucky tendering legnl or other assistance Judge Durham of Danville Ky exFirst Comptroller of the Treasury James G Givena of Louisville and Col George M Davis also of Louisville all men of eminent legal ability offered their services A consultation over Mr Taulbee was held by Drs Bayne Adams and Fred ericks It was decided not to make any efforts to probe for the bullet for the present as it is apparently not doinir any barm in its present position The physicians reDorted a marked improvement lh Mr Taulbebs condition and his chances for recovery are cood Late this afternoon Mr Kincaid with his attorney appearedbefore Judge Miller of the police court aud waiving examination gave bond in the sum of 2000 toawnit the action of the grand jury Col Von Stamp becoming his security Several other persons were present ready to qualify iu whatever amount might be required but having received a messace from Dr Bayne to the effect that Taulbee was believed to be out of danger Judge Miller accepted Col Von Stamp as sole security on the sum named INTERNATIONAL SANITARY REGULATIONS Washington March 1 The pan American congress has adopted the report of the committee on the subject of sanitary regulations The report after discussing the question of sanitation as it effects nations recommends thB consideration of tho following propositions by the conference That taking the existing state of relations between the nations of America it is as practicable as it is advisable lor the promotion of those relations to establish perfect accord with respect to sanitary regulations that the greater part of the ports of South America on the Atlantic are guided and governed by decisions of the International convention of Rio de Janeiro of 18S7 that although it does not appear that the plans of the sanitary congress of Lima of 1889 havo passed into tho category of late national compacts it is to be hoped they will be accepted by the governments that participated in said congress because these plans were discussed and approved by medical men of acknowledged ability that the sanitary convention of Rio de Janeiro of 1887 and the draughts of the congress of Lima of 1889 agree in essential provisions to such an extent that it may be said they constitute one set of rules that if they were duly observed iu all America they would prevent under the circumstances tho conflict which usuully arises between the obligation to care for the public health and the principle of freedom of communication between the countries that the nations of Central and North America wore not represented either in the snnitary convention of Rio de Janeiro orthe congress of Lima but they might easily accept and apply to their respective ports on both oceans these sanitary regulations SEDGWICK POST A Second Lodge of the Grand Army Estab f limbed in Fort Worth Capt George A Knight has been in Fort Worth since Friday night for the purpose of locating in Fort Worth a second post of the Grand Army of the Republic he being assistant mustering officer of the depirtmeut of Texs and having received special order for thid duty from Gen A G Malloy department commander of Texas The result of his visit has been Sedgwick post Ko partment of Texas the 39 and officers have been elected organization of G A R de the following and installed Post commander Lyman P Goodell Senior vijecommauder Charles B Grabe Juuior vicecommander Spencer B Getts Chaplain James Morrison Officer of day George H Kimball Quartermaster John Noble Officer of guard William F Reming ton Surgpon P Woodard Adjutant T W Manchester Sergeantmajor George HT Clarke Quartermastersergeant Milton E Waileu Department delegates T A Wilkinson T W Mnnehebter alternate As will be seen from the number this is the thirtyninth post established in Texas Capt Knight goes direct to Austin from Fort Worth to establish au other post on Monday night making tho fortieth iu the state There are about three thousand members in Texas altogether In Fort Worth there are about one hundred members the Sedgwick post starting with a membership of thirtyone with a certainty of increase to fifty within a month This new post will be represented at the San Antonio encampment by Mr T A Wilkinson the department delegate The Teachers aieot yesterday morniug at publio school No 2 the association attendance Tarrant county teachers assembled with a good Professor J O Can non president in the chair The pro gramme was filled by Miss Mattie Clark of Mansfield with a discussion of language lessons Mrs L R Stauberry of Fort Worth with an illustration of tlie teaching of primary numbers in which she exercised a class from her school During the afternoon Col A J Chambers delivered an address on the history of tho state school fund of Texns which might have been listened to profitably by all Texans wheher teachers peasauts or pupils The address was concise statistical and valuable us a collection of useful information The teachers association is gaining in interest and with frequent recurrence of so good a programme as that of yesterday is bound to come to the front i i i 11 CONGRESS House Washington March 1 After the passage of a few private pension bills Mr Cutcheon of Michigan called up the Benate bill providing for an assistant secretary of war Passed yeas 126 nays 100 Mr Houk of Tennessee called up the contested election case of Featherstone vs Pate from the first district of Arkansas Crisp raised the question of consideration bat tho houso decided yeas 133 nays 123 to consider tie election case Tho opening speech in favor of the claims of tho contestans was made by Mr ISTeldrlnghaus of Missouri At the conclusion of MnNeidringhaus speech Mr Outhwaite of Ohio took the floor but in view or the Email attendance of members moved an adjournment which motion was agreed to year Hi nays 107 i Among the vot3C3 who cast their ballots at an election held last week at Eoxbnry Delaware county N Y waa Erl Gray who is reputed to bo 100 rears odV JBISMAECK ON TOP Continued from First Page the proceedings in the house of commons yesterday in relation to the Cleveland street scandal says the Liberals intend to protest against Laboucheres suspension in such a manner as to deter the chairman from again making suoh a ruling as that of yesterday The Star also accuses the government ot culpable remissness in enabling titled criminals to escape punishment for connection with the scandal The Pall Mall Gazette demands of Lord Salisbury the appointment of a commission of inquiry to decide who is to blame for tho escape of the criminals The Globe denounces Labouehere for his insolence and says his political tirade led him to endeavor to connect the government with a uauseoug scandal and to pose as hero and martyr The Conservative members of parliament intend to demand that Labouehere be compelled by the house to name hla authority for his statement in the house of commons last night regarding the conversation between Lord Salisbury and LieutGen Sir Dighton Probyn in relation to Lord Arthur Somersett It is reported that Sir Francis Knollys private secretary to the prince of Wales wa9 Mr Laboucheres informant Reported Lost London M roh 1 Adispatoh received here this morning states that the British steamer Quetta which sailed from Australian ports February 27 for London has been lost at sea The number of persous drowned is not known and a dispatch says a fearful number perished The Quetta waa a vessel of 2254 tons burthen lhe Quetta had twentyseven first class passengers and a crew numbering 112 She also bad mails for England Tho managers of the line to which the steamer belonged say thev do not believe the reuort that she has been lost Tho report of the loss of British steamer Guetta is confirmed at Lloyds Advices received state that 200 lives were lost The steamer struck a rock not shown on the chart at 9 oclock last night near Somerset in Torros straits at the northern extremity Knllot Returns Beulin Maroh 1 The result of the vote in seventeen of the districts in which reballots were necessary to elect members of the reichatag is known Returns from these districts show tho Socialists have gained six seats aud the Liberals five Up to G oclook this evening returns had been received from twentyfive districts in which second ballots were neo cessary Among th successful candidates in these districts are six Socialists six members of the Peoples party and four German Liberals 31 Constans Resigns Paris March 1 M Constans minister of the Interior has resigned Hi3 resignation was the result of a personal disagreement with M Tirard prime minster at to days ministerial council It is as yet unknown whether his decision to surrender his portfolio is final The cabinet will reassemble tonight to consider the situation Yonnc lancolna Condition London March 1 Master Abraham Lincoln passed a quiet night but there is no material change in his condition Up to this hour 4 p m there has been no change in the condition of the patient Despite his weakness hopes of his recover are still maintained Shipyard Carpenter Strike London March 1 The carpenters employed in nine shipyards on the Thames have struck for an increase of Gd per day iu their wages Tho End Probably Near Frecial to the Gazette Rome March 1 otwithstanding that the organs of the Vatican persistly deny that tho pope is seriously ill the truth has leaked out and occurrences of late point to the belief among hose who are well Informed that the death of Leo XIII is not far off The recent conclave received from the pope an intimation that hia death seemed near and that he desired to ro conmencl Cardinal Vanutelli as his successor His increasing debility under repeated epileptic attacks has caused the pope to make the nomination step which is not taken unless the end is believed to be near cakdinal gihbons BOOS Cardinal Gibbons book on Our Christian Heritage is greatly praised by tho clerical organs of the city The Montieur says These admrable American bishops seem to be near the discovery of the true formjla for the future recoastition of the societies which are now in course of transformation Indorses the Republican Party Topeka Kan March 1 The state executive committee of the Womens Christian Temperance Union have issned an address to the local unions of the state indorsing the Republican partys position on prohibition and urging the unions to support Republican candidates in the btate elections Thi3 is viewed as an expression of Kansas in favor of Mrs Foster against Miss Willard Latest Election Returns Berlin March 1 Returns have been received showing the election of sixty nine members as follows Conservatives 6 Imperialists 1 National Liberals 13 Centrists 7 German Liberals 22 Socialists 13 Guelpbs 1 Democrats G Caucns Nominee for Senator Des Moines Iowa March 1 At the joint Democratic caucus this evening S L Bestow the defeuted candidate on the Democratio tioket for lieutenantgov ernor last fall received the nomination for United States senator Comnnche Correspondence of the Gazette Comanche Tex Feb 27 A good rain fel last night followed by a cold north wind and tonight will be the coldest by far of the winter The thermometer stands at 20 deg and is rapidly falling District court will adjourn tomorrow Tho cise of the State vs Van Laneon five counts for theft of horse3 was compromised by his pleading guilty in two cases and receiving five years in each ease The case of tho State vs Dr Rogers for criminal abortion was dismissed by tho state after the examination of two of the principal witnesses tho girl refusing to testify aejainsthim though she swore he was the father of her child Rev B F Gassaway of Bosqueville has just closed a two weeks meeting at tho Methodist church and leaves for his home in tho morning He carries with him the prayers and best wishes of tho church here An epidemic of measles has taken possession of tho town since the grippo took its departure Brown Campbell Neely have just completed a mammoth warehouse near the southwest corner of the square It Is quite an imposing structure Several stone buildings will be built soon Row with Serious Fflects Lamar Mo March 1 Daring an entertainment which was held at the Short school twelve miles west of here lost night four men THE GAZETTE FORT WORTH TEXAS SUNDAY MARCH 2 became engaged in a quarrel Mrs Henry Short who was present fainted and died She was Bubject to heart disease Six received painful wounds in the course of the row which it is said was begun by tho threo Sweet brothers who had been drinking whisky Warrants have been issned bat np to 845 tonight no arrests have been made i BILLIARDS Schaefer and Elosson Flay the Last Game of the Series Chicago III March 1 Chiokering hall was packed to suffocation tonight at the meeting of Schaefer and Slosson who played the last game of the series with the fourteeninch balk line Neither had lost a game Slosson led off and scored 2 The Wizard failed to score In the second inning Siosson made a run of 135 The Wizard made his first two points in this inning In the third inning Slosson made two and Schaefer 109 Neither scored in the fourth inning In the fifth inning Slosson made six while Schaefer failed to score Each made seventeen in the next inning The seventh inning Slosson scored 20 and Schaefer 17 Schaefer missed a masse shot and threw off his dresscoat impatiently Slosson made 2 in the next inning and on his third shot made a miseue Schaefer followed with a run of 5 In the ninth inning Slosson made 12 and Schaefer failed to score Slosson opened the tenth Inning with a run of 43 while the Wizard made only 4 Slosson made 3 in the next inning and Sohaefet reduced his oupouents lead by a run of 45 In the twelfth inning Slosson made tree and missed a set up Suhaefer started out as if to make a big run with the balls together in the corner but was kissed out on the third shot In the nineteenth the score stood Slosson 309 Schaefer 22D In the twentyfourth inning Slosson made a run of thirtynine This gave him a load of 14G Schaefer made three on his last shot The ball3 froze in a corner and he failed to make another point Neither scored in the twentyfifth in inning In tho twentysixth inning Slosson scored two and Schaefer three a Hill Affecting Postofflce Clerks Washington March 1 The executive committee of the national association of postoffice clerks is in session in this city considering the recommendation of amendments to the classification bill to be submitted to the post mastergeneral Owing to the death of Secretary F A Schaefer tho proper computations of these recommendations have been somewhat delayed The committee have received the assurance that the bill now before congress providing for eight hourslabor and fifteen days vacation has a good prospect of becoming a law KilgoKO and the Worlds Fair Correspondence of the Gazette Washington Feb 27 Tho Chicago Inter Ocean thus speaks of pongressman Kilgore in its Washington dispatches concerning his attitude upon the Worlds fair bill Kijgore of Texas showed his hand early in the fight Hi3 record as an obstructionist in the last congress is well known He has never yet made a record for anything He too delights in destruction If ho could have his way in legislation the manufacturing centers of the North would bo converted into sterile wastes like th cactus plants of his own state Ho indicated his intention to be foremost in tho little band that is determined there shall be no fair But at the end of his fi st sentence he was warned that the man with the gavel wa3 not to be trifled with Mr Kilgore attempted to sus tain a parliamentary point by the statement that the Unite1 States government is going into the shov business in competition with Buffalo Bill Speaker Reed promptly called the gentleman to order with the words It seems to be hardly a parliamentary inquiry It is evident from the above quotation thatCh cago was so jealous of its position in the house legarding the Worlds fair that its papers resorted to personal vituperation and petty slings to whip every member in lino who had an opinion not in accordance with the Chicago idea This is not journalism nor is it good breeding Mr Kilgore can afford to stand upon tue record he has made in congress He is a conscientious fearless and independent man He is not an obstructionist in the general meaning of the term He Is desirous of legislat ng for the greatest good for the greatest number and he na3 always been consistent In his policy and vote upon all public measures If the Chicago Inter Ocean o r any other paper thinks it can hurt Buck Kilgore by innuendos and sarcastic slings it is very much mistaken The Firemen Meet The fire department met at the Central hal last night in regular monthly iession with a fair attendance The president and secretary wero both absent their places being filled by Dr J L Cooper in the chair and B M Rellly at tho secretarys desk A communication was read from President Jake Levy of the State firemens association regarding deficiency in the monument fund and asking any relief which the department might be able to grant A committee was given charge of the matter but it is safe to say 50 will bo gra tsd to help out the monument fund The question of taking stock in the Spring Palace came up and it was decided that fOO was the extent to which the department could afford to vo Several new members mado application and were admitted to membership The necessity for a new floor for tho central fire hall wa3 brought up and after long and loud discussion of the attitude of some members of the council toward the fire department and their dilatoriness < n granting the requests of the firemen it was agreed that the council should be petitioned to allow the department to put in the new floor and that the matter should be placed in the hands of the printing committee An Appropriate Course Pittsburg Dispatch The Louisiana lottery must never he allowed to acquire a habitation in any Republican state forcibly declares the Philadelphia Press As a means of prevention should not our contemporary give a little of its denunciatory eloquence to the Republican officeholders and lobbyists who have been trying to fasten that disgrace on one of the newest Republican Btates Wholesale Grocers to Remove Erecial to the Gaiette Waco Tex March 1 Tho wellknown wholesale grocera Cameron Castle3 Storery have sold out to J T Davi3 Tho old firm will go to New Orleans where they have purchased one of the largest houses in the South i A Petition to Congross St Soms Mo March 1 The German federation of labor of this city forwarded today a petition to the United States senate earnestly praying that body not to ratify the pending or any other extradition treaty with the emperor of Russia New French Minister Pabis March 1 M Bonrgeios has accepted the portfolio of minister of tho interior in place of M Constans resigned e Lincoln May Recover London March 1 Young Lincoln is recovering from the shock and other effects of the last operation All serious phases of the case are greatly mitigated today It is reported irom Rcmo that the popo during the illness of his brother Cardinal Pecci broke his vow not to leave the Vatican during the reign of tho house of Savoy and visited his brother at the Barbarini palace When the pope received jgews that Cardinal Pecci was at tho point of JBfch ho conld no longer restrain his affectioij Kd entered the cardinals coach and drove toflKi palace taking no precaution to disguis Bimself other than by holding a handkerchief to his face He returned to the Vatican quietly and unoTjscrved To be Given Every Two Thousandth Subscriber to the WEEKLY GAZETTE One Drawn by R A McCain Santa Anna Coleman Co Tex A Correction Corrected STOP THE RACKET Pakis Tex Feb 2 1S90 To the Gazette Paris Tex Feb 23 Tho redicnlous story framed by the reporter of the Fort Worth Gazette and shot across the wires to the principal papere in the United States is without an iota of truth In fact nothing uncommon has been found either in the shape of an old fort excavation or anything else of the kind m tho region indicated fifty miles west of Paris The report is without the semblance of probability and comes purely from the scenes where imagination holds forth the form of things un unknown As the foregoing was written by the correspondent of the Dallas News before the article appeared in TnE Gazette it shows that the writer did not know anything about the matter It was an apology for being scooped and being a novice in journalism and unacquainted with its amenities ho did not know what else to say No one here doubts the story in any particular and the correspondent of the News would have gladly sent it to his paper if he had known it It will be noticed that the item in the News says tho place is fifty miles northwest of Paris when it was stated in Tub Gazette that it was fifty miles northeast The following items from tho Dallas News are significant AIT OLD OLD STORY Blossom Tex Feb 25 The old fort story which is not new now at all probably took shape in this way Ten or fifteen years ago the remains of an old fort were said to be very distinct about three miles above tha mouth of the Brazos on Red river which fort was supposed to have been bult by a remnant of La Salles followers where they are said to havo emained for a year or two after his murder This is about twenty five miles a little west of north of Paris The change of the current of Red river has destroyed them in the last few years WHERE DID THEV GO Honey Grove Tex Feb 26 Those of an investigating turn of mind had their curiosity greatly aroused this morning by the suspicious maneuvers of three gentlemen all strangers here who came in on tho early morning train They were noncommittal and asked but few questions bat set about arranging for a trip in a methodical way and lost no time in executing their plans After engaging and paying in advance for a livery team and doxi lo seated hack for three days tho trio supplied themselves with an ax a pick and shouel and several other tools Driving to a grocery house they laid in about three days rations and immediately left the city on the road leading north Partes here interested in tho recent mineral discoveries in the country north think the silent trio are in search of this hidden wealth and will await developments with anxiety F H Gaines EXTENDS HER SYMPATHY New York though cast down Mav yet be a town Though dying she isnt quite dead But shes too near this city Tis really a pity To longer remain at the head Our grand celebration Will call from each nation The eminent persons of state As they haste from the Eastland New York can at least scan The crowds that come through our front gate Cnicago Herald It is not often the case passes his entiro life in which he was born but experience of Samuel Banley that a man the home in such was the a highly respected citizen of Porters Corners Saratoga county N Y who died recently aged ninetyone year3 The revolver caused more than one hundred deaths in England last year including murders suicides and accidents a lanre increase over the number for 1S88 Some of the English newspapers fear that this indicates an approach of cowboy manners A curious faot is that of the seventeen clerks In the senate of the oew state of Washington a majority nine are women and there is but one who carrieB Mrs before her name The same rule holds good with the house a majority of tho clerks being ledies The statue of Rev Mr Beeoher which is to be placed in Prospect Park Brooklyn is now being cast in bronze It Is to be of colossal proportions nine feet high and representing the great preacher in soft felt hat and cape MISCELLANEOUS CLIPPINGS A colored man has been nominated for burgess of Marietta Pa Spring poets are encouraged at Lancaster A literary society offers prizes Switzerland has called out all her armed forces for campaign exercises this year A wellinformed ta lor in New York advertises Pants for gents and trousers for gentlemen At the time tho libels against Mr Parnell were published the circulation of tho London Times was 60000 There is a dog in Brunswick Me who visits the corridor of the postoffice daily to warm his feet at the radiator Twentyfive hundred amateur photographers have taken out permits to use their cameras in Central park Kew York Two hundred women in Colby Kan have demanded of the council that the paint be removed from the windows of billiard halls The Socialist party of Germany numbers now nearly a million adherents not quite onefif tieth of the enipres population In the last thirty years the population of Turin the first capi rl of Italy has trippled and the city lias become a considerable manufacturing center John A Groves who is considered tUe peacn king of Maryland and who has SO acres of orchards says he has no fear of injury to the peach crop at present In a desperate encounter between a largo bald eagle and two dogs at Derwood Md for the possession of a piece of fresh beef the bird came off victorious A bill has ben introduced in tho Wyoming legislature to levy an annual tax of S2C0 upon every unmarried man in the territory over thirtyfive years of age The Italian foreign office has broken off diplomatic relations with the republic of Colomoia until a claimed indemnity of SoOOJO be paid to an outraged Italian subject Our French f iends seem to bo less alarmed than other foreign powers about tho allowing Uncle Sams tars to land on their shores Our sailors now drill every day on land at Villc franche The peculiar odor of Russia leather which makes it im i regnable to the ravages of insects arises from the employment of an oil obtained by the dry distillation of the bark of tho birch treeTho Tho Russian novernment has ordered tho Elanned great railway line across Siberia to be egun in May When the line is completed it is estimated that tho tour of the world in fifty days will be feasible A moiinment i3 to be erected to the late Prince Amadous King Humberts brother at Florence the citizens having subscribed tho money therefor to attest their gratitude to tho Savoy dynasty The imperial revenue of China is believed to be about 83000000 taels a year but it is estimated that at least twice this sum is collected the unaccounted for portion being absorbed by the provincial officials In Piedmont while a peasant was lately engaged digging the soil he discovered a deep hole in which were found buriedan immense collection of copper and bronze coins of the Roman republic and empire An American just returned from St Petersburg says there aro only fifteen citizens of this country resident in that city If the minister only had to entertain his countrymen he could lay up some of his salary At the opera house in Piacenza Italy a tenor was howled down by the official claque at the instigation of the manager Inadequate receipts induced the manager to resort to this measure as the only way of breaking hi3 contract with tho singer The rigid enforcement of the game laws in the state of Massachusetts will at no late day result in restocking the nearly devastated wcods which especially in tho region from Plymouth to the cape are magnificent Already deer are seen stalking about near Sandwich and in a few seasons quail and small game will again be plentiful It is believod that the use of smokeless powder by armies will result in making military operations much more difficult than they are now The absence of smoke and the reduced noise of the detonations will scarcely allow of marching by the sound of the cannon In order to get aa idea of the situation on a battlefield it will be necessary to examine it directly from some elevated point The family of Lyngos have long been famous as bandits in Greece The most renowned was the old chief who was killed in lbTO by his nephew who gained a reputation for daring bravery in the Peloponnesus almost equaL to that of his farfamed uncle He was captured however a few days ago and now awaits his fate behind prison bars of one of the villages which he often pillaged in days gone by Two barrels of fish entirely new in New York markets were received lately at tho Fnlton wholesale fish market from the Bermudas They looked a little like porgies and every one who bought them supposed they were porgiesthough four months ahead of tho season They were pinfish or Charleston bream These fish are usually so small off the South Carolina coast that they arenot used as food Off the Bermudas they grow large and fat A cannon even though a small one is not usually regarded as anecessary part of anex outfit Such a weapon has kowrt Elorers into northern Thibet by th ex dition which the late General Preivu v headed According to Russian reports tli scr = non is expected io serve the very pacific p rpc of determining the rate at which sound tr v s through rarefied air at heights of lJo 0 ft t a upward Like firearms made for the A i trade its chief function will be to make am and it has the unique distinction cf being a cannon with a purely scientific purpose An Indiana publisher of a weekly paper we t to his reward the other day This reward wn not heaven but a job in a bank at 2 a dav Ha had worked twentvoneyears as editor and publisher and had figured it np and fouud that ho had not averagedSl a day Tho Northern Arapahoes of the Indian Trrl tory are greatly excited over some mysterijs appearance seen by a portion of the tribt in t o Rocky mountains The medicine men an chief have become Imbued with the idea that tj3 Christian Savior has appeared to them Tho last venture that wo read of in the up of human hair is a fan valued at 5250 says Har er i Bazar Deft fingers must have fashioni th unique curiosity for what aopears to be cost lace fringing the sticks is in reality hamn hair baby curls like unto fairy thistledown w > doubt not yielding to the gentle wooing of sari mers softened breezes Tall building are not of modern origin In Edinburgh where houses standing on a d clivity were higher on ono side than the otht r one is said to have been fifteen stories aitcgeth r in height All however were burned down ir great fire which happened in 1700 after whici buildings of twelve stories in height were substituted A Cleveland artist says that a ganuine artist i very much like a singed cat He is better th a he looks In speaking of artists in general says that the artist of ability does not diifr i appearance from the ordinary man He sa that in Munich when the student begins to dr r from the antique he lets Imhalr grow Ion an 1 carries a paint box around with him When enters a more advanced class he cuts his h ir reasonably short and leaves tho paint box at home When he gets down to genuine palnth r he wears his hair in tho ordinary stylo an i dresses like the ordinary mortal The model of the monument intended ti a lorn tho tomb of the late Emperor Frederick III h 1 at length been finished by the sculptor Professor Begas and has been inspected by the emp ror and empress says the Studio It rep rescis the late sovereign in his wellknown cuirass cr uniform resting on the sarcophagus TLi shoulders aro draped in a wide mantle wh > the hands crossed on the breast clasp ono t3 victors laurels and the other the hilt of a sword whose scabbard is hidden by the palm cf peace The lower part of the body I cocred by the mantle The sides of the sarcophagi are adorned with reliefs representing tho blessings of peace aud war The paragraph in a New York evening pane announcing the sale of the stallion Ko the Ki rat Lexing on for S aOOO caused not a little Inquiry on the part of horsemen as to the identt of the horse but on tho other hand it was tn source of a great deal of amusement to telegraph operators or those who understand the M3r o alphabet Koisthe term used by eflhrc t telegraph operators to denote colon jnst cs si is the mark transmitted for a semiccloa The voung man who copied the dispatch announcing the sale of The King bravely pat dorr tho ko and tho copy reader gravely inserted it in the headline A Kalamazoo lumber dealer Is said to be felicitating himself on having beaten tne railroads He received a carload of lumber and naid freight thereon Not having unloaded it within the required seventytwo hour tho railroad charge d him demurrage which he refused to par Ko was told that he conld not have the lumber u til he paid the demurrage charge That did n t scare him He proceeded to break the seal ore a the car take oat and cart away his lumber T o railroad agents sued him for an unlawfjl seizure and the case went to court The re u t was that the law justified the dealer This goes to indicate that whon railroads charge demurra a under the name of car service they aro exceeding their legal righs in tho premises A partv of Germans and Hungarians who returned to New York from Brazil a few days aj state that they went out at tho solicitation of aa agent of the Brazilian government who pai i their passage and represented that a parcel cf land consisting of six acres wonle be given to each family also that a sum of money woul i za distributed every month until tho soil was in a fair state of cultivation These promises did ct materialse however Instead of bejing greet 1 by the sight of fertile lands and inviting cot a3 they were invitea to settle in a swamp with vi tuallv no protection against the elements To supplies were soon exhausted disease appeared and they decided to return to this country The story ot a widow of half a marriage nlghi is the sensation of the city of Brainard Mian Miss Lillie Dean daughter ofa widow and J Pulmer clerk of tho Northern Pacific were married on the afternoon of February 1 and after an evening Bpent in the usual felicitous manner with guests and friends the twain said goodnight and retired In a few minutes tha remaining guests were horrified to see the brido come living down stairs in her night attire with the cry that her husband was dead Dead 0 in a faint she said Rushing up stairs tfc cr cited guests found tho former bridegroom in bc l a corpse Hcartfailure or acuto fattv degena ation or the heart had been the probable causa The dead groom was from Freshcrton Oat where hi3 relatives reside Postmaster General Wanamaker is selling Phy taliafor the hair i g M JtJtS k If

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