Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on January 14, 1959 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 14, 1959
Page 3
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m't? Seeks Rice Consumption ' ' " janUdry Ms f "The '(Hope .douhcil' of 'Garden Clubs \yiil meet in 'the* home of Mrs.;Loyd;Kinard at 9!30 a.m. on Thtirsday, Jan. 15 '- •; . '•The. January, meeting of the £kt\^isey PTA will meet Thursday ttanj -is,at 2:30 ,p.mi In the school \auditoiilum. Mrs. Inez Turner will foe,,the guest speaker. Everyone Is fyrged to attend, , . " -I-, Hope Chapter 328 Order of the teastern Star will have it's regular meeting)" Thursday,' Jan. 15 at 7:30 R.m. in the i Masonic Hall There will.be an initiation,. All merWbers are urged to attend. Fraton' Rose Garden Club will meet in the, home of Mrs, C. II: (Wilson,, /Thursday, Jan, 15 al -,7 TDNITE&THUR. Feature Time' 6:59 - 9:08 WHAT BUMPS! WHAT LAUGHS! WHAT CURVES! WHAT A PICTURE p.m. and hostess'. Mrs. Otis- Blackwood T. ! W. flurson as eo- , . \VAsttiNGfOtf' f APf . liott to provide (of -inprdaSed non- sumption of Hcts by f th6 'armed forces and In federal hospitals mis been ihli-oduciid 'by -'Rep. E. 0, QathihEs (D-Ai'lO. ( . ,, , , His bill, similaf J to' one 'lie introduced last year bul>hteh fatl- Pd to pass, is tilmo'i) at increasing! rlco consumption. . Qathings snkl thnt a so'moMtat The Daffodil Garden Club will similar piogrsm is in effect now meet Thursday, Jan. 15 at' 1:30 p, for dairy products. m. in the home df .Mfs< Jewell Mobre, Jr., with Mrs. Don West- bfook as co-hostess. Monday, Jan. 19 . Circle No. 5 of WSCS of First Methodist Church will meet Mon- dayj Jan. 10 at 7:30 p, m. in the home of Mrs. Vic Henderson with Mrs. Catherine Jones as co-hostess. License Practical Nurses Meets 'at City Hall The license Practical Nurses met Tuesday night, January 13 for their monthly meeting in the court room ol City Hall. After a short business meeting The bill would not 1 interfere with normal channels of trndd. It wmild provide that applicable agencies, when '• . - - . , , ,< husband ctlrrio from -a brok« en Home' in Whidh? he "tiflett his mother being ovct\friettdly>>lth nten. J ' This< hal c colored .hfsi^Vhold life mnd 'he has 'becbme almost in> sanely, jealous of lino. ,• 'During ' the last v two years he's 'beeofnc ' much worse and the situation ,1s almost unbehraWe. \Vo" have six children t do all -my own work, make 'most, of the clothes for all'bf Us,' and When in need of above-normal'my only otltslde activity Is • at quantities of rice, obtain additional church' or school. Last' week we amounts from stirplus stocks of the government. ARcncies affected would be the Army, Na>'y, .Marine Corps, the various service academics ahd various foiloi'ul hospitals. val Taylor brought a challenging devotional concerning the Now Year, Mrs, Wcstbrook led in prayer after the devotional, • • A dessert plate was served to tlte following Mesdamcs, Van McMunn, John Hawkins, McDowell Turner Olin Overturf, Cecil O'Stocn, Orvai Taylor, (Bob GLACIER PARK COLOR CARTOON Reporter, Mrs. Orville Steadman. The meeting closed with prayer by Mrs. Revis. Woman's Society of Christian Service Met Monday Night Woman's Society of Chrisllajti Service of Methodist church met jointly, with Guild No. 1 * and 2 Monday night. Mrs. B. C. Hyatt played a selection of: organ music preceding thn meeting. The program was opened with the group singing, "Everlasting Life." A .prayer followed by the president. Mrs. J. C. Carlton. Circle count was' Won by Guild No. 1 Guild No. 1 had the first part or the program, Mrs. James McLarty, president introduced Miss Clarice Cannon, who gave a very inspiring devotional on "Hope". A trio composed of Mrs. Elmer Broym, Mrs. Garland Medders, Mrs., James Mcljarly sang, "Jesus of Man's Desire", by Back accompanied by Mrs. Hyatt. Guild No. 2 presented a play en- tilled, "Behold Your God", JVHss Mary Louise Copeland was narrator and those appearing were Mesdames, Hinton .Davis, Koyco 'Weisenberger and Reece Miller The meeting dismissed by the group repeating the benediction in unison. Social hour followed Iho meeting. West'brook. 'crs. conducted by Mrs. Clifton Ellis, the j *"',, "", 0 „ ™ e *™ r following officers were elecled for LcvcrcU and Pod Rog, 1959: President, Mrse. Sam Hevis, Vice-presidentr Mrs. J. L.. Lively, Sec/-Treasurcr, Mrs, Dwight iRidg- iLloyd Mrs. R, B, Moore Entertains Chapter AE of PEO Tuesday Chapter AE of PEO met Tuesday, Jan. 13 in the home of Mrs. R. B, Moore, with Mrs, >L. D. Springer >as co-hostess. A routine business session was .conducted by the president, Mrs. L, B. -Tooley. For the program. Mrs. ,E. ,P. O'Neal related interesting highlights of her recent trip to Tucson Ariz. Among Ihese was her selection as Grandmother of the Day on a Tucson TV program. . During the .refreshment hour, I'he 14 members of the chapter were served coffee, angel food cake and strawlberries. had a telephone call tor a Wong number, He insisted it <vas a man calling me and locked. the telephone In a box for a Week.' 1 , 'I could give hundreds of examples of equally unreasonable actions. Ive " tried in Vain to get him to a marriage counselor. This Is not only for myself ibul for th'o children, who are growing up In" a very unhealthy atmosphere, How can 1 make him understand what he is doing lo us? He's a fine .person two-thirds of the lime. — N, J. iDcnr N. J.: Jealousy of such magnitude cannot be cured as a do-it-yourself 'project. If your hus- iband lets this condition ;gct the better of him, he'll wreck your and tiho children's health, and ruin what could be a very, very, happy marriage. iHc has developed a phobia that can be reached only by a .psychologist or, p'sychia- trist. He should at least-' see a marriage counselor .with .' you. When jealousy becomes .an obsession, a'sVlt -lias with your husband, it demands iprofossional^hclp. Seeing handsome men in every wrong number is as -bad as seeing pink elephants on the culling. Try lo •get this point df view over dtirititf ohe of hfe "tflnc," periods, * Dear Dorothy bis; . 1 recently -hid n'iboy. who Is absolutely perfect In almost every thln'g, When 1 first met Kim he Was -going steady, * Later, -they broke up and' We; began, dating, Now he's going steady With 'the same girl again, Should 1 give Up or fight for, what il AVahU — Little Heartache. Ibear L. H,: You must have something less than 20-20 vision If you can't see the "No Tres- passlnV' sign on this perfect male. He's already taken, so ,get over your heartache ,ahd find a new hearth rob. Dear Dorothy iDix: ' !My parents arc from Italy and believe that a girl doesn't start dating until she is shopping for a husband, This ^hould be »l n- bout 19, I'm 15 now and have a big dance coming up at school. How can I gut my parents to lot me go? — Thelma. Dear Thelma: Arrange n meeting between your parents and a member of the .faculty. The teacher will point out social differences between schoolgirls here and the schoolgirls there, lit your folks arc given 'authoritative assurance about social customs, ihcludihg dating, they'll see things ; ih ; a different light — -I hope'. Dear Dorothy Oi.x: My 'boy friend won L come to the house because he says 'Mom does not like him, This isn't true. My mother has talked to his parents aellbh" la Inaugural-, address '-.began- Mo "jell, bolh houses of the Al'kntis.ls Lejj- IslfUurd \Vehl 'abdul t'oUline , tasks yo'sterda'y atterrtopti,- Two bills f total of $430,45!i lo. pay the 'expensed of the 62nd Gcilei-al Assembly Wore approved ^although, surprisingly, three, senators -Voted' against the upper chamber's appropriation. apparently they .objected lo a provision which will allow eaoh senator $720 In expuhsc money. The gbverhor'.s nntl-inlcgrnllon proposal tor a constitutional amendment setting up a' direct system of financial aid lo students won -the qualified .approval -of many legislators,, flop. Paul Van Dalsem of>Porry Cotinly, ti slntinch- backer of the Ftuibtis administration, said "I think il will be one of the amend- munis submltli'i! to lh« people," The Leulslature is (icrmlltod lo submit three popular vote. Sen. Dan While of For! such pronoun lit to Smith said he believed (ho plan has a good chance of passage "so long as he (Faubus) keeps It on a local and has mode sure he's a nice 'boy. I'm 14 and he's (17. — Emmy Dear Emmy: Most very young men are Inclined to think that girl friends' mothers are orges. Tell him you can't .date any more, unless he calls-'.for you ••n't homo and meets your parents. Mention some especially nice •'''thing a'boul 'your folks for reassurance. Iris Garden Club Meets With Mrs. J. W. Cunningham Mrs. J. W. Cunningham, assisted by Mrs. Lahroy Spates, entertained the Hope Iris Garden Clu'b on Jan. 13. During the business meeting presided over by 'Mrs. A. I A. Albnllon, .plans were completed for planting flowering shrubs , around Oglcsby School in February. The program on "Birds — The Friend lo Man" was presented 'by .Mrs. Billy Dan Jones. Each member brought an arrangement in the Japanese manner .and in judging them, Hirst .place was awarded to Mrs/ Sam Buukabee, Mrs. Claud Button was second and M'rs. Owen Wix, third. Mrs. Al'britton gave, an interesting demonstration' 'of Japanese foliage arrangements. 'I'he meeting was enjoyed by 12 members,' who were served cake, ice cream and peaches [or refreshment's. Send ytnir 'iprdblem lo Dorothy 'Dix. Be sure to: enclose a stamped, .self-addressed envelope, 'ami address her in care of [Hope Star; Stil Seft.'- ftfettetf Fines > fitutf ,-|«id lie -wouM -I!ke,,to know inore nb'bul the, plSh 1 ' bgfo^ ft 1 atnttimehl che^Wny 6f 'sloec Invns not 1« oft.thd preparnllon," One 'other doubt wag final tiy Rlvdr Rep, Marlon Crank of coliiuy, "1 think It will be a workable* plan," 'he snld, "hut doubt Hint It will survive nn it Hack In the fed* oral courts." Within mlmibs fitter the tfovV- nor's speech, Mil which he dnllod for a continuation of the slhlie's fifl properly reasflcssmen; p'ra* Rtam, the House received n' m- solution calling for n study of (he legislation by o joint cbmrtilllee, This was In sharp contrast to the opening day when otu of this f^lrst bills offered In the ttouse wrtst to kill the reassesnmeiu progrtim oul- ilyhl, Yustorday's resolution, iutro- rjucocl by Hep, Jack Onkcs of Woodruff County, snld the purpose was lo Iron out objectionable fen* lures of the measure. Five munvj bers would be named from each house of the r.o^lstuUiru to study and recommend chl.ngus In the reassessment program, 'Iho proposal wtis one of 10 Introduced In the llouxo, Including one by Van Dnlmtm to crontu a state tlcpaitmcnl of weights and mcasuies willi broad pollen and I'dgulntory powurs, Hep, Sleillng R. Cockrlll of PUUtskl County pr:iposod a fine of up to ?IOO anrl jail terms uo to 30 clays for iiolllicnl ciinclldales falling lo remove signs, bfllbo'ards and oilier outdoor nch'crllslhg with in 30 days aftor an election, In the Senate, baelccyu of a plan lo win "univoi'sity" status for Arkansas Stale CbUugu of Joneaboro hit a temporary snug. Sen. Fred . StaWurcl of Marked Tree Introduced a bill authorizing a change In the college's name to of slnlidiHif yoto the S6nFta'"dGcld~ed« to i>ef6> the 'bill to, """" on education, , , • P.ropnttenls 6t ihoinarhc' Will conic'UrLHtih ftb,6R " to present their pusllldn', t Inters hi n dinner,' tidv. is expected to attend, ,i tiiti Eiiii -l iiclo Is ,lho iJ'rcnch ,woL'di_. mctmlng between nets ol > a shoWi'i^ otliervvlse "intermission, originally-it was called,! memilng audiences could . ^ 'cni'i-y 6n conversations white "oi(V? orchestra played soft muslci • MOTOROLA A regular Motorola TV has been, operating coritlnuously since March ,18, 1958. -A total of.oyei 4 7200 hours Without ^any breakdown.. This Is equivalent ' to t nearly 6 years of normal use.' ' Motorola TV can be purchased only at Baker's Easy Pay Stores with,a written Lifetime Picture Tube Warranty. ' ( BAKER'S EASY PAY STORES 212 E. Second, Hope, Ark. ' LLL Sunday School Class Met With Mrs. Pod Rogers Nine members of the LLL Sunday School class of the First Baptist Church were entertained Tuesday night by Mrs. Pod Rogers. .Mrs. Bob Westbrook, class president, brought several items o£ importance before the class during the 'business portion of the meeting.' When all business matters had been discussed, Mrs. Or- WANTED: At Once! 500. WOMEN, Age 17-59 MARRIED OR SINGLE Trained DENTAL ASSISTANTS are needed NOW — in denllsls' officss and clinici. Tlii» spare lime training will no) interfere with present job or household duties. High School education not necessary. ENJOY A SUBSTANTIAL INCOME every week. Training endorsed by Pentists, Gel full details, SCHOOL OF DENTAL NURSING P,'O, Box 98, Hope, Ark. /.I '* If-';,' f|t«M'sini( FRfE Booklal, unlirely without obligation Haw I can Bicomt q Dental Assistant Nam..;,.,..,.,..,;.,., Addrtss ,.. <J!ly and Slol».., Hope Star Hope, Ark, Jain, 14«15 Personal Mention Friends will regret to leurn that Mrs. Charles H. Moxley will enter 'St. Vincent's Infirmary at Little Rock Sunday, whore she will undergo surgery Jan.. 21. Those wishing to send cards •should mail to Mrs. Helen Moxley 'Briggs, No. 8 Shannon Drive, "Little 'Rock, Ark. Hospital Notes Branch .Admitted; Mrs, Albert Powell, Patmos; Mrs. Vera Cornelius, Mrs. Roger Jones, Hope. Discharged: T. A. Smith, Hope; B, IL. Edwards, Hope; Mst. Rodney Watson, Hope; Mrs. Ansley Gilbert, Hope. M e moria| Admitted: Mrs. iHazol Reed, Rt, 1, Hope; Raymond McKnight of H.ope; Martha 'Flenory, Hope; Mrs, Lloyd A. Turner, <Rt. 1 Hope. Discharged: Homer Young, Jr., iHopo; Mrs, Quorgc Bickerstaff, Rt, 4, Hope; Jim Burke Rt.- 3 Hope C, JT. Martin, Rt. 1 Emmet Leroy Samuel, Rt. 3 Hope. Charles and 'Martha Plenory at if-fope announce the arrival of a 'ba/by boy, born Jan. 13, 1959. Mr. and Mrs. Nat. 0. Irnpson of Jfope announcu the arrival of a girl, born Jan. 13, 1959. 69 THURSDAY -5 p. m. to 8 p, m. Family Night Qonlinwes tp Qrew, If y?y hays net gni<?yed pn<? of awr Family Night §pe?iq|s then w§ simply ask that yen give it q trial, Regular Prise Family Night & Dwmplings (Like Mother Mad§) ,8S Yiflil|;«tl§ts (CKic;k§n Fried) ........... ................ 90 Ihrimp &0yster Plate (Crisp & Delicious) ... 1,25 TwrKsy Sandwich (With Giblet Gravy) ........ §i %diwmTian§ Sfeok ................... UO Siriain §tsak .............. ,79 .69 .98 L49 Us* Rails With 8Mtt§ri mi Frits Oaks Cafe & Gift Sho HIWAT & WHT H0FI, FALL AND WINTER MERCHANDISE IN ALL DEPART MENTS REDUCED FOR QUICK CLEARANCE MENS SUITS Selected from our Regular Stock Mansfield 4 Star Griffon MENS TOP COATS • All Wool Tweeds • Alligator Make $ MENS Famous Make Broken Sizes Values to ? 15,00 DOROTHY PERKINS PRODUCTS Price ,50 1 .00 Wf gther Utipn » 2.QO Crwm of gpsss 4 IM ?.00 Hormone ^regnt , l.QQ 2.00 Sho.mpoo . , , , , \M 1-09 Peadoroni LADIES ALL NYLON GOWNS 3.88 Reg, and Lengths Dress FAMOUS MAKE BRASSIERES Values to $5.00 2.00 CLOSE OUT SMALL LOT OF Childrens Wear Marked Down Cheap WOMEN'S SLEEPWEAR Long Sleeve Gowns and Pajamas '"'••'. Challi-Flannel • No Iron Cotton 2,00-2.99-3.88 LADIES SKIRTS WOOL and BLENDS 7,98 HOW 8.98 NOW 10.98 NOW 12.98 NOW 488 5.88 7.00 8.00 MEN'S FALL AND WINTER SPORT SHIRTS Sizes S - M - L, Te $7.95 To $5.00 2,88 MIN'S WiSTiRN JEANS .13$ Si?e§ 2,69 BOY'S SPORT SHIRTS 2..?§ Now fintire US Ngw on §gle 1. 1.29 LADIES' ROBES */• Price CHILDREN'S COATS All Wool Fabrics All Sizes REDUCED PIECE GOODS 45 Inch Fall Fabrics 88c Yd. LADIES COTTON BLQMSES Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve Values to $5.95 NOW 3.00 LADIES and SUB-TEEN SWEATERS Coat and Slip Over Styles Wool qnd Blends Were . , . $3,98 to $10.98 NOW 2.00 - 3.99 - 6.99 MIN'S FAMOUS MAKE DRESS SHIRTS Reg, gnd French Cuffs' Fancy Patterns -— All Sizes Values to $5.QO 2.44 MEN'S TIES All Silk Blends 2 For $1 MIN'S PUU OYiR SWEATERS Qrlpn ^r- ggnlpn * To $9.95 TQ $7.9§ 5.00 4.00 LAD5ES SHOES Ma rked Dow a Ada in, ' "" r V, . n . *^ .. Ladies &Childrens House Shoes 1 Alt SHOES WERE, NOW $ 5 ALL SHOES WERE $5 NOW ALL SHOES WIRE $3 NOW BAGS MAR^iB BS 1.00 - 2,00 iOYS 1 OXFORD! §,?§ — 6,95 — 7,95 NOW 3,00«3.50,4.00 Sixes 2] Jo 6

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